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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  December 29, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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year-old off life support as soon as tomorrow. good evening, i'm ann notarang time is running out, children's hospital, oakland, could take the 13-year-old off of life support as soon as tomorrow. good evening. news tonight, the clock is ticking down for the family to find another care facility for the brain dead teen. two hospitals backed out. now the family's only hope transferred to another facility in new york and they have until 5:00 tomorrow night to arrange that. after that time, children's hospital, oakland, can legally remove jahi from life support. >> it is a tragic situation. it is in the hands of the family. the judge made a decision tomorrow, 5:00 p.m. being the deadline. >> if the family chooses safe
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action that is within their right. i can not speculate on what actions they might take. >> the family attorney says he will seek a restraining order to prevent the hospital from pulling the plug. we will have more on the developing story if a live report tonight at 6:30. two people were hurt when a fire truck collided with a car in san francisco this morning. it happened near 5th and howard streets in the sounds of market neighborhood. this is the aftermath. one passenger in the mercedes was hurt. one of the firefighters was also taken to the hospital. their injuries are not life- threatening, the police are still investigating. when the driver appears to be at fault. >> the fire department is going to an emergency vehicle. they had their lights and sirens, on. the other vehicle, mercedes, going westbound on howard and apparently they failed to yield to the fire truck. >> no word on what kind of incident the firecrew was responding to when the crash
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occurred. >> an overnight shooting outside of a night club left one person dead. it happened near chosing time outside of the club of 1800 block jaho street. he was standing outside of the club when he was shot and killed. no arrests t is not clear if he was targeted. the police are asking witnesses to come forward. at least 16 people are dead after a suicide bomb set off -- bomber set off as massive explosion at a train station in southern russia. the simple security measure that stopped him from claiming more lives. >> reporter: a security camera captures a blast in southern russia. [sirens] >> reporter: the explosion killed more than a dozen people and seriously injured many more. investigators say a suicide bomber detonated the bomb just before reaching a metal detector in the entrance
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hallway. casualties would have been higher if he made it inside of the busy terminal where hundreds were waiting. >> nobody has claimed responsibility for the blast. it came several months after the leader called for new attacks against the targets. militants are threatening to disrupt the winter olympics set to begin in february in the resort town of sochi. planning the most extensive measures in place for a sporting event. it remains to be seen if they will be effective. >> among those killed, a policeman who moved toward the bomber to check id. the nation wide manhunt for a suspected cop killer and bank robber ended in the shootout with the police in phoenix. it started on monday when the suspect held up a bank that failed. then went to mississippi and robbed another bank. one officer was killed and another was hurt in a gunfight as the suspect escaped again.
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the police caught up to him again in phoenix where he robbed yet another bank. >> i heard boom, boom, boom, boom. >> the officer is trying to retreat and take cover. at that point, the detective drew his servicewomen and he fired with the suspect. >> the suspect died. nobody else was hurt. the suspect's name has not been released yet. from tougher gun regulations to newer rules on the road for texting teens. bringing hundreds of new laws to california. kpix-kelly had has some of the highlights. >> gun owners will see new regulations on lawn guns, rifles, shot guns, tracked. the department of justice will store the make, model and serial number of your gun. the laws fire up gun law owners. >> reporter: three are law- abiding citizens. not trying to beat the system or anything like that. just people who don't want to be trapped.
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>> for california's workers. more rights in 2014. july 1 starts the minimum wage bump to $9. $10 by 2016. and those in agriculture and landscaping will have required rest breaks working in the hot california son. for young drivers a crack down, teenagers can no longer text and drive. no exceptions, not even with hands free voice activated tech tpholg. only adult drivers can use that. >> when you are the under the age of 18 you need to learn how to drive first before you can introduce anything. >> reporter: one of the head- grabbing laws is transgender children in school. a lowing them to choose which rest room they would like to use and to play on the boys or girls sports teams. another law makes it it easier for transgender person to update their birth certificate following a sex change operation. just a sample of the hundreds
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of new laws facing californians in 2014. in san francisco, mark kelly, kpix-5. >> in all, the governor signed 805 bills in 2013. >> good morning america, roberts publicly acknowledged what her family, friends and coworkers have known for years. she is gay. she made the announcement today. vasing amber lane. she is from the bay area. she and roberts have been together for about 10 years. still to come, hope is on the horizon for a group of travelers froze nen place. at the south pole. why the dry weather is causing mass confusion that can not afford anymore setbacks. >> another record-breaking day today as far as temperatures are concerned. tomorrow, a 7th straight day? your pinpoint forecast, when the news continues
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spawn in north-bay streams. don knapp tells us: a "perft storm" of problems has led the lowest fish count in ye this time of the year salmon is making their junior tow -- journey to spawn in the bay. but this year the lowest numbers of the year.
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>> reporter: it is almost a tradition. a visit to the fish viewing area. >> the last one that i saw was like -- this big. >> and how big is the salmon? >> this. wouldn't that be something if you see a fish like that today? >> oh my god. >> in a good year, you might see them swimming and jumping their way upstream to where they were born. swimming around their nest where they will will spawn and die. but this dry air, the show has been delayed if not canceled. >> you did not see fish. are you disappointed? >> no. pretty enough out here that you see it coming. >> i would of like to have seen fish. i never seen the fish spawning before. so, it would have been nice. >> the number returning from the sea is one of the smallest in years. even though the water district has been releasing water from its dam. keeping the creek noing from here to the ocean. still, there are only a handful. >> i knew since the season i
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thought we would come up and take a look. the fact that you guys were here it was not a good sign. >> the shortage of water is only a part of the problem for the fish looking to fish upstream. the fish out of sea it may not smell at home. >> it takes a good rain and runoff to collect the a roma of the watershed that identifies the straoeplts. >> the water from the dam is not the same. >> so, they are imprinted on that signature, water quality signature and they knew that -- it is my own stream this is where i am going to go and spawn. >> they will release more water on the dam on new year's day. hopefully it will smell right waiting off shore for the chemical signal to and home. >> in mari in ne county, kpix- 5. >> research ship, it may soon be free. australian icebreaker, slowly
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but surely making its way towards the crabship. >> they have been stranded since christmas day. the ship ended up stuck in the ice as l. but ice now appears to be softening up a bit. >> they launched a helicopter. >> they are in the area to see what the best route will be for them to and through. >> almost seemed to be having a good time. the passengers include 22 crew and 52 tourists. they say they have enough food and supplies to last at least another couple of weeks. still to come, a behind-the- scenes look at the last minute rose parade preps. >> plus, why spider-man was throwing confetti all over times square tonight
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check it out. learning's fun now. yeah, back in our day, we didn't have u-verse high speed internet to play and learn online. all we had was that franklin fuzzypants. ah, the educational toy bear. remember when the battery went out? [ slow, deep voice ] give me your abc's. all i learned was a new definition of fear.
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i need some pudding. yeah, there's one left. [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible. city. spiderman helped conduct the annual "confetti test" at the hard just a rehearsal. the countdown to new year's eve is on. spider-man helped conduct the annual confetti tests at the hard rock cafe today. a ton of confetti will be released. the amazing spider-man is the official super hero of new year's eve. >> i had no idea. >> now we know. yes. surprised. >> yes. here on the west coast, the 125th tournament of rose bowl parade. >> we have a look at the last- minute preparations. >> reporter: 45 different
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floats showcased this year. under the seem theme, dream comes true. >> all of the materials on the parade float have to be natural. we are using seaweed right now to add to the leafs. >> reporter: they will be part of the float. >> our float this year is sunrise at the oasis. it is like a desert meets subtropical rainforest. we love nature and we wanted to show nature's bounty. >> reporter: the dole float will have real trees, water fall, wild animals and will be finished off with 40,000 hot pink roses. >> the ideas are endless. >> reporter: back to you. >> stanford will take on michigan state in the rose bowl. during the parade keep an eye out of lions club international, their float is going to be featuring concord park. we should look for that. >> east bay represents.
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>> absolutely. >> so, i was visiting my father in southern california. every time we saw a story for the rose bowl parade. he told me did i ever tell you about the time i worked on a float. >> no. dad, tell me again about the moose. >> the moose lodge? >> thank you. yes. >> one of your civic leaders there. hi, everybody, would you believe today, again, record warmth right here in the bay area. it was 68 degrees in oakland and also 68 degrees at the museum in oakland. 67 degrees at sfo. this is it. our kpix camera looking out towards the bay bridge. clear skies, winds are nonexistent at this hour. tumbling into the 50s and 60 degrees at this hour in san jose and also in oakland. all right. high and dry in your forecast for your monday. here is the look at your microclimate temperatures. average high, 60, the numbers
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tomorrow, averaging between 5- 10 degrees above normal for this time of the year. here is what we expect for the last couple of days in 2013, above normal temperatures near a record warmth. better air quality. yeah. no spare the air day for tomorrow for the first time, it will be 8 days. it will remain dry all of the way through the end of the year. sure, we have a storm track, sure we have precipitation to the north of us. we have high pressure that continues to encumpass the state. some clouds drift in the area. we will cloud up on new year's day minus the rain showers. here is how we are planning out your monday. a pair of 6 in monterey bay. 54 degrees in the southshore. boy, the snow pack, 22% right now. that is 80% lower than last year at this time. remember, a couple blizzards rolling through the area at christmas time? not the story this year. 54 degrees for your monday.
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if if you are traveling to the high sierra make sure some have the sunshine, dipping down to 14 degrees. cold enough to fire up the snow guns. tomorrow, if if you have any travel plans or anticipate anybody heading this way, 61 degrees at sfo. clear skies, no anticipation of airport delays. houston, 50s, same story, chicago, only in the teens, 39 degrees in new york city. tonight, overnight, lows into the 30s and 40s we will see freezing temperatures towards napa and sonoma. a frosty start to your monday as the high tops off in the 60s again across the board. so, today, we had temperatures close to 70 degrees. a couple degrees cooler for your monday. we will increase the cloud cover by tuesday. the numbers are still well above average for this time of the year. we are not looking at any kind of chances of rain. okay, brian, you got two people here with over 40 years of
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weather experience. how old are you any way? between the two. we are arm wrestling. a slight chance of showers january 10th. a slight chance of it. >> so far out. >> yes. it is. so crazy we are talking about the chance that far out. >> the 10th and the 12th. >> yes. nuts. >> yes. >> you have to wait that long to get anything. >> yes. he is the man. >> yes. you could. >> yes. go on. thank you. let's give him a chance. yes, in the weather, speaking of betting, a lot of wagering going on. now that the post season is upon us. it took 250 regular season games. we know now where the 49ers stand for the post season. going off against his former team in the desert. we will have the outcome of another game ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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...had play-off implication including arizona...the so, absolutely nothing ho- hum about this? >> nobody could be happier than the commissioner who resisted his schedule so the last week, 15th, 16th, 17th would mean something. they did. 13 of the 16 games in week 17 have playoff implications, including arizona. they needed a win against the 49ers to get into the tournament. sanfrancisco, playing for
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something, too. jim harbaugh's squad. came out in 1st quarter. here is palmer. and it is the pick by bowman. the nfl player of the year candidate, picked up where he left off last week. turned it into points. kaepernick, 10-0 like that. bold en's first game, back in arizona since playing there. here is the catch and a run after catch. 63 yards run to the 1. 6 balls, 106 yards in the 1st quarter alone. and on the very next play. he finds davis in the back of the end zone. kaepernick, 31 of 34. no interceptions. the cardinals responded with a 10-play. 88 yard drive in the 2nd. carson palmer to the back of the end zone. the lead is only 10 at the half. >> and when the san francisco offense stalled here came the cardinals. palmer, just throwing it up,
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and andre roberts comes down with it. and they tie the game at 17. closing seconds of the game. kaepernick, unbelievable catch for 29 yards. >> two seconds left on the clock for phil dawson. the kick is up and it is -- good. 49ers win 23-20. finish the season at 12 and 4. aaron rodgers,s back in the lineup against the bears. the winner, rodgers, fumbles the ball as he is hit from behind. everybody freezes. calls an incomplete pass. he picks it up. go, go, go,. he is going to go about in. scores the easy touchdown. packers by 3. the replay or he is hit as he throws. 4th quarter. packers down a point. cutler, marshall, now, brandon. what a terrific catch.
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bears are up by 8. here came rodgers, down a point going wide open. cobb. now, cobb gave the packer ace 5- point lead. they win. it 33-28. so, 49ers going to travel to lambeau field next weekend for the opening round of the playoffs, vegas says, 49ers an early 4.5 favorite to win it. it a rematch of week 1. the game was against san francisco and the 49ers won that one. the saints are waiting for the cowboys and eagles. but, however, the saints are going to be the traveling team. either the big "d" or philadelphia. a loss. hosting the broncos, securing a second straight 4-12 season. pryor getting his first start since week 10 and picked a bad
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day to face peyton manning, trying to lock up the number one seed in the afc. the broncos, record setting day for manning. four touchdown passes, the final, thomas, breaking drew brees single season yard record. denver became the highest scoring team in history. they win it 34-14. manning, 55 touchdown passes this season. now, miami and baltimore, they opened the door for big ben and the steelers. ben roethlisberger, going up top to patrick. and the dive in. pittsburgh beat cleveland, 20- 17. and so, the attention turned to kansas city chiefs. and, the san diego chargers. if the chiefs win, the steelerses are in. davis, runs it in. sapbsace city. with that 20, of the 22
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starters. taking the lead. this is tied now, 8 seconds left. the kickers, just missing the 41 yard field goal. the steelers, going at that one. as in overtime. nick, drained the 36 yard field goal. eventually it won the game. eliminated the steelers and the chargers are going to the post season winning by 27-24. so, the chiefs will be at the colts next week. chargers at the bengals. now, the time and date have not been set. but we know about that as far as the afc and the nfc. the war warriors and the jets. >> all right. thank you, vern. the "cbs evening news" is next. we will see you back here in half an hour. >> a news update on thanks for watching.
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test. >> jeff: tonight russian blast, a suicide bomber targets a train station leaving more than a dozen dent a month and a half before the sochi olympics. holly williams has our report. bitter cold temperatures settle in over the midwest. and a new storm is approaching this week. a nationwide manhunt is over. don dahler on the bank robber and suspected cop killer whose run ended in arizona. and they made history in world war ii but they ever quite made the history books. carter evans paying tribute to trail blazers. >> they can be astronauts, they can be pilots. and these women really paved the way for them. captioning sponsored by cbs


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