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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  December 30, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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and still can't find any rain. in fact, it is staying very dry. we'll talk about that coming up. >> caltrans is back in business this morning. so they are out there and they are on the bay bridge. it looks like from the incline out towards the island. so we'll tell you about lanes blocked. we could have a busy back-to- work commute. >> thank you. we begin with developing news now. the emotional fight to keep an oakland ageron a ventilator could come to an end today. as brian webb reports, jahi mcmath who was declared brain- dead could be taken off life support after 5:00 tonight. >> reporter: the clock is ticking on what's left of jahi mcmath's life with little left to stop it. >> 5:00 comes around, the ventilator will be removed. >> reporter: for two weeks the
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family held on to hope after the 13-year-old's tonsillectomy at oakland children's hospital went wrong leaving her brain- dead. they hoped another facility would come forward to care for her. it sparked a heated exchange between the hospital spokesman and family lawyer that went back and forth for nearly 10 minutes. >> she is brain-dead. brain death is not the same thing as death of the body. there are very different views on this, medical and religious views, published in the literature. it's not convenient for the hospital to deal with that but this hospital seems hell bent to stop her heartbeat. >> reporter: no facility came forward, leaving the family with few, if i any, options. at 5:00 monday evening the court order keeping jahi on a ventilator expires and along with it any hope the family might have had. >> there's no good way to end this story. there are no winners in the story. there are only a lot of sad
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people. >> reporter: brian webb, kpix 5. >> mcmath's family attorney says they are considering a restraining order to stop the hospital from removing the ventilator. the search continues for a shooter that killed a man outside a san francisco nightclub on post street in japantown on sunday morning. 36-year-old david guilford of modesto standing in a crowd outside was hit by gunfire. no arrests have been made and at this point it's not clear whether guilford was specifically targeted. police are asking witnesses now to step forward. two people including a firefighter were hurt when a mercedes collided with a fire truck in san francisco. it happened at fifth and howard streets in the south of market neighborhood yesterday. the fire truck was responding to a call at the time. the investigation in its early stages but police think the driver of the mercedes is at fault. >> the fire department was going to an emergency vehicle. they had their lights and sirens on. the other vehicle mercedes was
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going westbound on howard and apparently they failed to yield to the fire truck. there is no word on what kind of incident the truck was responding to at the time. the injured firefighter and a passenger in the car were taken to a hospital with nonlife- threatening injuries. firefighters in east oakland quickly brought a fire at this abandoned building under control. the fire started on the second floor of the two-story apartment building on west stardust place yesterday morning. no one was hurt and the cause is under investigation. dui crackdowns continue this week here in the bay area. officers have been out at checkpoints looking for drunk drivers for the past few weeks now. police say the holidays are an especially dangerous time to be driving on roads. >> a family of four last year in daly city three were killed at the hands of the drunk driver so we are doing everything we can to educate people and get the word out, make sure people are not on the streets drinking and driving. >> as of this weekend there were 142 drunk driving arrests,
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for the 15-day period in san mateo county. maximum enforcement continues through new year's. we're concerned with what we're going to wear on new year's eve. >> clothes would be a good start. you never know how people are going to start out the new year. [ laughter ] >> it is chilly in spots. hazy too skies mostly clear and it looks like it's going to stay that way all day longching high pressure overhead the temperatures are going to be warming up running very mild again. don't know if we'll see records today. we saw it in spots yesterday. it will be close. into the 60s in the valleys and bay low 60s at the coastline and sunshine for everyone. chilly temperatures, 29 degrees in santa rosa, 39 in san jose. and 43 in san francisco. this afternoon we are looking at 66 in livermore, 64 degrees in san jose and 65 degrees in
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oakland. all right. let's check your "kcbs traffic" with elizabeth. >> if you are heading back to work there is a lot of overnight roadwork out there no major accidents incidents quiet. nimitz northbound 880 a couple of lanes are blocked between marina and davis scheduled to wrap up at 6:00. asometimes they pick it up early. bay bridge toll plaza, it's midspan that we are seeing that roadwork. should be cleared in the next 25 minutes by 5 a.m. no delay at all in either direction. even with the overnight roadwork between oakland and san francisco, a little farther south here's a live look for silicon valley commuters westbound 237, at 4:37 looks good towards sunnyvale and in fact all of your drive times are still in the clear including that commute through the altamont pass and the livermore valley. those few days after christmas we did not see much traffic at all in those westbound lanes
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which is unusual so "holiday light." we'll wait to see what it looks like today with new year's. 880 looks good, eastshore freeway 18 minutes westbound from the carquinez bridge to the maze. we checked in with bart and so far all trains are on time. they have more than 20. that is your latest "kcbs traffic." michelle, frank, back to you guys. >> thank you. two suicide bombings in the same city in southern russia have killed more than 30 people in the past two days. the latest happened today on an electric bus. cbs reporter susan mcginnis says the attacks are prompting questions about the safety of the upcoming winter olympics in sochi. >> reporter: a burned-out shell is all that's left after a suicide bomber struck this bus in the russian city of volgagrad. dozens have died in two separate attacks in the past two days. sunday another suicide bomber detonated a device at the entrance to the train station.
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this woman left the volgagrad station just before the blast. satisfy said i saw people running, human flesh all around, shattered glass and broken doors. as to the first bombing, russian president vladimir putin ordered tighter security at the country's airports and train stations. security in russian is a major concern as the country prepares to host the winter olympics in sochi in february. putin has promised this will be the safest olympics games ever. but they are already a target. in july a chechnya leader called for more terrorist attacks and use maximum force to stop the games. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> the two explosive devices were similar indicating that the attacks on the bus and the train station are connected. so far no group has claimed responsibility. a russian ship is trapped in ice off antarctica and once again susan mcginnis tells us more than 70 people on board
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may soon be getting a break. >> reporter: a helicopter from the chinese ice breaker snow dragon flew over the stranded ship to get a closer look at the problem in frigid antarctica. >> check out the water to see how far the sea ice is. >> reporter: weather experts say the thick ice that trapped the research ship since christmas eve is beginning to crack by itself. and more help is expected soon from an australian ice breaker. the aurora aust ralis is more powerful. >> we'll see what may happen. >> reporter: while the rescue effort unholds 74 scientists, tourists and crew have been making the best of it. some have been sending video diaries back home over the internet to their loved ones. >> just saying hi to let you know we are going to be a little bit late. the ship is stuck in a lot of
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really heavy ice. >> reporter: the passengers hope to continue their expedition once the ship is free. susan mcginnis, cbs 2 news. >> some good news though am officials say the stuck vessel has plenty of food and supplies on board. former race car driver michael schumacher is in a medically-induced coma after a skiing accident in the french alps. he was rushed to the hospital yesterday and had immediate brain surgery. today doctors say they cannot predict the outcome. he suffered a head injury despite a helmet. fans have been flocking to the internet to wish him well. the 44-year-old retired last year from formula 1 racing. 4:39 on this monday now. changes coming that could be some good news for low income workers. where the minimum wage is about to take a bump. >> i would have liked to have seen some fish. i have never seen the fish spawning before. so it would have been nice. >> and where have all the salmon gone? what's behind the disappointment at a popular spot for fish watching in marin?
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workers. wendy gillette has a look at our money watch ts morning. (on cam) it's going to be a happy new year for more thaa a new minimum wage for 2 million workers. wendy gillette reports. >> reporter: it's going to be a happy new year for more than a million workers making minimum wage. they will get a pay raise in 13 states, most about 15 cents an hour but in new jersey it goes up a dollars to $8.25. washington state will have the highest minimum wage at $9.32. asian stocks were up this morning. japan's nikkei ended at its highest level in more than six years. on wall street another short week because of new year's. the dow ended down on friday, dropping 1 point. the nasdaq fell 10. the u.s. is exporting more cars and trucks than ever before. the detroit news says the number of u.s.-built vehicles shipped to other countries could hit 2 million this year. that's up from 1.8 million in 2012. almost half the exports go to mexico and canada.
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and if you dream of finding a treasure in your attic, listen to this discovery. the antiques road show says an english priest brought a painting to experts that he had purchased at an antique shop for $650. turns out the painting was by 17th century artist anthony van dyke and is worth more than $650,000. that's your moneywatch. for more log on to at the new york stock exchange, i'm wendy gillette. the obama administration says it saw a surge in sign-ups this month for health insurance but fell short of its goal. the number of people enrolling through the west point surpassed one million and experts say if add in the numbers from 14 states like california that are running their own websites, the number should be more than 2 million. but the original goal was to have 3.3 million people signed up by the end of the year. 4:43 now. just as power was coming back in the northeast after a holiday winter storm, another round of weather is moving in.
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as much as 10" of snow is expected to fall in places like vermont and new england today. this latest storm system is massive. it's expected to stretch from southern texas all the way up to the gulf of maine. a week ago a powerful ice storm knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of people in the upper midwest and the northeast. and the snow was too much for a canopy in a historic building in duluth, minnesota. it collapsed narrowly missing a person who was just walking under it. it people were inside the building for a wedding reception. some guests said the collapse felt like an earthquake but nobody was hurt but got a little work to do there in minnesota. >> just a bit. we want to know if the weather is going to be like tuesday night. >> tuesday night. that is the big night. i think it's going to be great. very much like it's been for the last month or so. no major changes in the forecast. we have some more nice weather. of course the other parts of the country getting pounded by some severe weather but we have high pressure building in across california. that is bringing with it
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unusually warm temperatures. we had some records yesterday. may get close today as those highs are going to be very mild into the afternoon. so mostly sunny a little hazy not a "spare the air" day though. and then sunny and dry weather right into the new year. then next week just maybe, just maybe, we could see some showers. right now, though, high pressure holds on, a couple of systems off the coastline. but those are going to scoot right over the top of the ridge. maybe we see a few high clouds. 55 sacramento. watch out traveling there this morning. 50s into the high country. and around the bay today, we'll find some very mild temperatures. 66 degrees in morgan hill. 65 in redwood city. and 63 degrees in half moon bay. 66 in livermore. 63 in walnut creek. and about 62 in vallejo. then inside the bay you're looking at temperatures mainly into the 60s and as we look out toward the new year, yup, more sunshine on the way. some warmer weather. in fact, staying dry right through the weekend too. all right. let's check your "kcbs traffic" with elizabeth. and it is all about the
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roadwork at 4:45 this morning. couple more days until the new year. and a lot of folks are taking some time off. but if you are traveling along the peninsula, this is what it looks like right now near hillsdale exit 101 northbound and southbound through san mateo and obviously everything as you can see there is moving at the speed limit. to our maps and other live traffic cameras, the roadwork this morning seeing it eastbound 80 going counter- commute on the eastshore freeway between hillsdale -- i'm sorry, right there through berkeley as you make your way closer towards willow in hercules. it is scheduled to wrap up in the next 15 minutes. so no delay fortunately in either direction of the eastshore freeway. nimitz east bay northbound 880 they have left lanes blocked between marina and davis until about 6:00. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, last couple commutes they have not had to turn on the metering lights at the toll plaza. we'll see what today has in store a little later but right now it's looking good across
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the span into the city. for silicon valley commuters this is 237 no delay past zanker road continuing towards 101 and sunnyvale. in fact, all your drive times once again still in the clear only 14 minutes now from the altamont pass, livermore valley and bart all mass transit on time. remember to tune to kcbs radio 740-am and 106.9-fm. that's traffic. back to you guys. the new year will bring hundreds of new laws here to the state of california from new ruse on the roads to tougher gun control. -- from new rules on the road to tougher gun control. kpix 5's mark kelly reports. >> remington 870. >> reporter: in 2014 gun owners will see you in regulations on long guns, handguns, rifles and shotguns will also be tracked. the department of justice will store the make, model and serial number of your gun. the law fired up gun owners. >> these are law-abiding citizens. these aren't people who are trying to beat the system or anything like that.
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they are just people who just don't want to be tracked. >> reporter: for california's workers, more rights in 2014. july 1 starts the minimum wage bump to $9. $10 by 2016. and those in agriculture and landscaping will have required rest breaks working in the hot california sun. for young drivers, a crackdown. teenagers can no longer text and drive. no exceptions. not even with hands-free voice- activated technology. only adult drivers can use that. >> when you're under 18, you need to learn how to drive first before you can introduce any distractions into your sort of sphere. >> reporter: one of the headline grabbing laws accommodates transgender children in public schools. it allows transgender students to choose which restroom they would like to use and whether to play on the boys or girls sports teams. another law makes it easier for transgender person to update a
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birth certificate following a sex change operation. just a sample of the hundreds of new laws facing californians in 2014. in san francisco, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> governor jerry brown signed 805 bills in law in 2013. starting today, cal fire is suspending all open burning in several counties. it's been a dry one this winter and the number of fires have almost doubled. alameda, contra costa, santa clara and san mateo are among those counties affected. campfires will be allowed only in designated campgrounds or with special permission on private property. and the dry weather is also affecting coho salmon. usually they are swimming upstream at this time of the year to spawn in north bay creeks. but as don knapp tells us a perfect storm of problems has led to the lowest fish count in years. >> reporter: it's almost a marin county holiday tradition, a viewing of the area.
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>> the last one i saw was like this big. >> reporter: how big is a cohoe salmon? >> this. >> reporter: wouldn't it be something to see one like that? in 2012 you might see them going to the tributaries where they were burning and swimming around the gravel nests where they will spawn and die but this dry year, the nature show has been delayed if not canceled. you didn't see any fish. are you disappointed? >> no. it's still coming. >> i would have like to see some fish. i have never seen it before so it would have been nice. >> reporter: the number of coho returning from the sea is one of the smallest in years even though the marin water district under state order has been releasing water from its dams keeping lagunitas creek flowing from here to the ocean. but there are still only a handledful of nests. >> i knew this was the season so we thought we would take a look but unfortunately the fact that you were here is not a good sign. >> reporter: the shortage of
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water is only the part of problem for fish swimming upstream. the other is how the water smells. to fish out at sea, it may not smell like home. it takes a good rain and runoff to collect a unique chemical aroma of a watershed that identifies the streams. water from the dam just isn't the same. >> so they are imprinted on that water quality signature and they knew that as a cue to say this is my home stream and this is where i'm going to spawn. >> reporter: they will release more water from the dam on new year's day and on the following two days. hopefully it will smell right to coho waiting offshore to the chemical signal to come home. in marin county, don knapp, kpix 5. 4:51. coming up, a tidal wave of flowers swamping southern california. a look behind the skies of rose parade preps. >> a bay area musician trying to win a chance to perform in a grammy week concert. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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happy new year! can you believe it? we are starting out very much the way we're ending unseasonably mild. temperatures expected 2014 to start out in the 60s. >> and so far mass transit a couple more workdays to go and everything so far looks good at bart, golden gate ferries, caltrain, ace, everything reporting no delay. we'll have a full "kcbs traffic" coming up. the floats are getting the final preps for the 125th tournament of roses parade in pasadena. stephanie simmons has a behind- the-scenes look. >> reporter: thousands of volunteers are putting finishing touches on the 45 different floats being
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showcased this year under the theme, dreams come true. >> so all of the materials on the parade floats have to be natural so we are using seaweed right now to add to the leaves. >> reporter: those leaves will then become part of an exotic scene designed by dole. the winner of the sweepstakes trophy for the last three years. >> our float this year is sunrise at the oasis. it's kind of like a desert meets tropical rain forest. at dole we love nature and we wanted to show nature's bounty. >> reporter: the dole float will display real mandarin trees, a waterfall, wild animals and will be finished off with 40,000 hot pink roses. >> the ideas are endless. >> reporter: stephanie simmons, kpix 5. >> and keep your eyes out for one float called matteo's dream. it's sponsored by the lion's club in east bay and honors a park in concord and, of course, after the big parade it's the big game. stanford will take on michigan state in the 100th rose bowl. >> should be exciting, right? >> absolutely. although i wish cal was there
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but -- >> well yeah. >> been there since 1959 and that's a sore subject. meanwhile, northern california woman is trying to win the gig of a lifetime. she is one of 40 finalists competing to perform during a grammy week concert. ♪[ music ] >> that's 21-year-old katie elkin of aptos. she characterized her music as folk indie. if she wins she will open for the band the neighborhood. >> i think it would be a really great experience then the connections that you can make through it, that would be great. it is kind of hard to get yourself noticed. it really is in l.a. it would be a big stepping stone. >> people choose the winner by voting on the grammy website and other social media sites. voting ends january 10. we are following some developing news overseas. two terror attacks in russia.
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what it means for security in the upcoming winter olympics. >> reporter: time is running out for 13-year-old jahi mcmath. the ventilator keeping her alive is scheduled to be removed today. we'll tell you what options the family has left.
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we need to be clear. brain death is not the same thing as death of the body. you're a very different view on this that are religious and medical views that are published in the literature. it is not convenient for the hospital to deal with that but this hospital seem hell bent to stop her heartbeat. >> the emotional fight to keep an oakland teenager on a ventilator could end today. >> a security camera captured the explosion that tore through volgograd train station. >> suicide bombings in russia kill more than 30 people in the past two days. >> doctors in france say they can't predict the outcome for legendary formula 1 racer michael schumacher in critical condition after a skiing accident in the alps.
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>> law-abiding citizens. these aren't people trying to beat the system or anything like that. they are just people who just don't want to be tracked. >> with the new year comes new laws. changes are coming for drivers and gun owners. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado >> it's jones with the touchdown grab! >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. good morning, it's monday, december 30. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. we have another holiday weekend. no rain in sight, i guess, right? >> can't see any rain just yet. good news though for new year's. looks like it will be nice. out the door hazy sunshine. these temperatures going to stay very mild. and above average again. maybe getting close to record territory in some spots into the 60s in the valleys, low 60s out toward the coastline and mid-60s and hazy inside the bay. out the door right now, hazy skies, clear to the coast. chilly in some of the interior valleys down to the freezing mark at 32 in concord, 36 in


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