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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  December 30, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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approaches to remove their ad daughter from a your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. it's the final hours for an oakland family as the deadline approaches to remove their brain-dead daughter from a ventilator. good afternoon, i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. at 5:00 today, doctors can legally take jahi mcmath off life support. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran reports from children's oakland hospital with a developing story that left a family with
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few options. >> reporter: michelle, the clock is ticking at this point and we know that the family is here spending what could be the final hours with jahi mcmath. running out of time and running out of options. >> -- >> at 5:00 today, the ventilator can be removed. barring any other legal action by the family. >> reporter: jahi mcmath's family is in the process of trying to move her to another hospital. they were turned down by two california facilities and are waiting to hear from a new york hospital hospital. >> she is deceased. no amount of hope or prayer can bring her back. >> reporter: last week an outside physician appointed by the court agreed with the hospital's diagnosis of brain death. we did reach out to the family and the family's attorney. we heard from jahi's uncle who says the family might be
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releasing a statement this afternoon so we'll just have to wait and see. as far as we know, we haven't gotten any new information from that side at this point. michelle, back to you. >> cate, does the family have any other options? >> reporter: last we her, michelle, the family's -- last we heard, michelle, the family's attorney was considering a restraining order against the hospital. without any confirmation, we don't know what the plan is today. >> so sad. cate caugiran live in oakland. thank you. two bombings in two days and more than 30 dead in russia and today the country's president is promising tighter security with the start of the winter olympics in sochi six weeks away. alfonso van marsh on why the site of the attacks has authorities concerned. >> reporter: a russian bomber shredded a bus in the russian city of volgograd. the second attack in as many days. officials say the attack killed or injured dozens of people. now there is fear of more terrorism ahead of february's
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winter olympics in sochi about 400 miles away. "i think that people here will tell you that no one feels safe. a lot has been promised for security. but little has been done," this man says. investigators say the bombers' explosives were similar to those used in another suicide bombing on sunday at the city's main railway station. at least 17 people died there. it is unclear who carried out the attacks. in july, chechen militants calling for an islamic state in russia threatened to attack civilian targets including the olympics. the double suicide bombings have security experts concerned. >> everyone now needs to be more concerned about the terrorist threat that has reached the russian heartland and is growing closer not only to the sochi olympics but also affecting the transportation hubs that are so important to the olympics. >> reporter: russian president vladimir putin is ordering increased security nationwide. the international olympic committee says it is confident of russian's ability to keep
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the games safe. alfonso van marsh, cbs news. >> officials say the attacks may be evidence that the militants are using the city as a transportation hub to show their reach outside the bases in russia's northern regions. california is ringing in the new year with a long list of new laws. among them, the department of justice will now store the make, model and serial numbers of your guns. also, starting july1, the minimum wage bumps to $9 an hour. and transgender students can now choose which bathrooms they would like to use and whether to play on the boys or girls sports teams. starting in two days recreational pot will be legal in colorado. it will be the first state to sell pot for recreation. 20 states including colorado already can sell medicinal marijuana. but the rules for selling recreational pot are a little different. it will cost more. only people 21 and older can buy it. and amounts are limited. the new year will also bring more mild temperatures
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and a rare event from mother nature. meteorologist lawrence karnow has a preview. >> we have been seeing those very warm temperatures. in fact, record-breaking temperatures the better part of the season so far. you know what? we're not going to end just there yet. we have high pressure sitting overhead. that is sending the jet stream well to the north. so the storm track is heading up to the pacific northwest. that means we're on the dry side of that. how dry? very dry. unusually dry. in fact, the driest on record dating to 1849. looks like we are going to end up dry and probably not going to see any big changes in the near future as we head into 2014. well, at least we are seeing some flooding from rains somewhere. mark kelly is live at oyster point where we are checking out the king tides. mark, are you seeing any flooding there? >> reporter: yeah, lawrence. definitely some flooding here this morning. let me show you right now it's at dock level the water here but earlier this morning employees at the marina say it was all the way up in the parking lot. here's the parking lot there. you can see see the ground is
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damp from that water earlier this morning. about 9:00 they said. of course, it's receded a good amount since then. so what's going on here? it's called a california king tide. here's king tide video from other years. basically, a king tide means extremes. conditions are just right for it this time of year when the sun and moon's gravity align. now, water could rise as high as 7 feet above sea level and get as low as more than a foot below sea level. the marina workers here at oyster point, they tell me they have seen it all. >> it gets up past up to the street there and, you know, you will deal with the saltwater on the cars and stuff like that that people are not knowing what they are doing driving through it and stuff. otherwise, just high. >> reporter: so king tides are ripe between now and january 2. but new year's day morning is actually expected to be the worst when we could see the
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tides as high as 7 feet above sea level. of course, if you see any of these california king tides in your neck of the woods, we want you to send us your pictures. go on to and submit them through there. now live at oyster point, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> thank you. an open burn ban take effect today. several counties are all affected. campfires will be allowed only in designated campgrounds or with special permission on private property. san francisco police are looking for witnesses in the deadly shooting of a modesto man. 36-year-old david gilford was standing outside a nightclub on post street early sunday when he was hit by gunfire. it's not clear whether he was targeted. so far, no arrests have been made. san jose is dealing with a record number of pedestrian and bicycle fatalities. police say 26 people have been died this year the highest since 1997. the victims range from 3 to 82. police say they have no
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explanation but the majority of the deaths were people hit at night outside the crosswalk. another court hearing is set for today over the accreditation of city college. city attorney dennis herrera is challenging the decision to pull ccsf's accreditation starting next july. herrera says the commission overstepped its bounds in deciding to pull accreditation. some 85,000 students attend the two-year school. bay area's mystery megamillionaire still holding out somewhere. ticket purchased at a san jose gift shop was one of two jackpot winners from the december 17 drawing. the lump sum payout worth $173 million. the other winner in georgia has already come forward to claim the cash. san jose ticketholder whoever that may be has up to a year to claim the monster prize. healthy living at a healthy price. >> how much is this place selling for? >> this unit is on the market for $50 million. >> $50 million. >> we'll show you what that small fortune buys you and why
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the seller says it's so critical for good health. >> and another set back in an effort to free a ship stuck in the ice near antarctica. why some would-be rescuers had to turn back. >> and beyonce's new release getting critical reviews. what she added to the track that upset families of the challenger disaster victims. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the s-and-p is on track to its' best year since 19- 97. wall street winding down the year in a mixed session. dow up, s&p down. nasdaq down, as well. s&p by the way on track to have its best year since 1997. new numbers out this noon showing pending home sales higher last month. it's a sign national sales are stabilizing after months of
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declines. rising prices and mortgage rates have slowed sales a bit. an apartment up for sale in new york city offers more than just great views. it offers great feelings. reporter paul newton introduces us to a man whose very pricy property that promotes healthy living. >> reporter: his condo may look retro but it's all about the future. terrified air, fullerred -- purified air, filtered water, vitamin california, posture perfect floors all part of the new way to design, build and live. >> we spend 92% of our time indoors, hopes, offices -- homes, offices and schools. we need to pay more attention to what these indoor structures are doing to the health of ourselves of the occupants of these buildings. >> reporter: in the morning, light therapy can help perk you up lower melatonin levels. >> giving you a little jump- start. >> absolutely. >> reporter: pebbled floors deliver reflexology. >> you have heated rounded stones that you have to walk over before you get in the shower in the morning. >> reporter: the floors throughout the house are spongy
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and easy on the back and joints. there is a state-of-the-art kitchen, even the counters prevent bacteria build-up. >> this will be the world's first well certified residence. >> reporter: al for a price. >> this unit is on the market for $50 million. >> reporter: it's 7900 square feet four bedrooms, four baths, a 2300-square-foot terrace, all appointed to a new standard of wellness, the floors, the lighting, the noise dampening, and even at premium prices, there has been keen interest from potential buyers. he says in a few decades, he doesn't want these so-called well features to be expensive or novel but the new standard for the way we living every live. paula newton, cbs nn, new york. >> $50 million. the company has some high- profile backers including former u.s. president bill clinto deepak chopra and
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leonardo dicaprio. >> who can afford it? rest of us not so lucky. the government's health insurance website has seen a surge in sign-ups this month but still short of the goal. more than 1 million people have enrolled through the federal website. if you add in the data from 14 states including here i california with their own websites the number is about 2 million but the original goal was 3.3 million sign up by the end of the year. bad weather has halted efforts to rescue a research team whose ship is stuff off antarctica. 74 people have been stranded for nearly a week now after strong winds packed ice against their vessel. and today high winds returned along with snow showers making it too dangerous for an australian icebreaker ship to continue its approach. that ship is nearly 20 miles away. a second icebreaker is much closer but it's also stuck in the ice. the passengers are in no danger. the crew says they have plenty of supplies. doctors treating former race car driver michael
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schumacher say they are taking his head injury hour by hour after a skiing accident. schumacher was skiing with his son in the french alps yesterday when he fell and hit his head on a rock. he was wearing a helmet and doctors say without it, he would have died. the 7-time formula 1 champion is in critical condition in a medically-induced coma following brain surgery. just after power was coming back to the northeast after the winter storm another round of weather is moving in. as much as 10" of snow will fall in parts of new england. this latest storm system is massive expected to stretch from southern texas to the gulf of maine. you may recall a week ago a powerful ice storm knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of people in the upper midwest and northeast. meanwhile, we're in the 60s and 70s. >> i'd like to sell them a little sunshine and trade for a little water. >> no kidding we need it. >> unfortunately, we are not getting the rain but the weather has been something else, lots of sunshine, hazy,
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let's get you out there right now. indeed, working on another nice day with near record-breaking temperatures couple of records going down this afternoon. a few high clouds cruising overhead, more overnight and into tomorrow. 59 degrees in livermore, 54 in san francisco and 56 degrees in into san francisco. heading throughout the afternoon, plenty of sunshine. the temperatures going to be very, very mild then tonight partly cloudy still a little chilly inland and then we'll stay dry right to the end of the year and into the new year. just maybe, just maybe, we'll see some showers as we head in toward next week. but right now that ridge of high pressure just too strong so really the storm track sending the systems over the top of this ridge to the pacific northwest while we stay dry with cloudy skies but no rain. around the state, 59 hazy sunshine into fresno, 63 monterey, high country into the
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50s. 63 degrees in ukiah an 60 eureka. temperatures around the bay mid- 60s in san jose near record there 66 morgan hill. 63 degrees mostly sunny skies in half moon bay. temperatures into the mid-60s into pleasanton today. about 64 in san ramon. 62 degrees in concord. inside the bay we'll keep things hazy and mild. 62 in san francisco. about 65 degrees in oakland. next couple of days, right into the new year, actually going to see a weak system slide through tomorrow only a few high clouds. then we'll warm up into the first day of the new year. getting near 70 degrees by thursday. and well, looking good as we head in toward the weekend. your forecast for the new year unseasonably mild temperatures into the 60s. staying high and dry and by the way, sunset tonight 5:00. sunrise tomorrow, 7:25. at least the days are getting longer. unfortunately no rain. >> i know. >> you handled that well. how did he do? >> how did we do? >> okay. >> studio audience. >> thumbs up.
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>> that's good. thanks. paying it forward becomes infectious. a chain of holiday good will that couldn't be broken. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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disaster in a new song. "flight controllers here log very carefully at the situa. obviously a major malfuncti" some nasa astronauts are calling beyonce insensitive over the use of the 1986 challenger disaster in a new song. >> looking very carefully at the situation. obviously a major malfunction." >> that's the actual nasa radio
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transmission seconds after the challenger exploded in january of 1986. beyonce says she used that line in her song to, quote, remind us that unexpected things happen and to appreciate every minute that you have with those who mean the most to you. she kicked cancer and now robin roberts has another announcement. the "good morning america" host has publicly announced she is gay. roberts mentioned her long-time partner amber lane in a facebook post about the one- year anniversary of her bout with cancer. lane is originally from the bay area. customers at a connecticut starbucks are taking paying it forward to a new level. the charitable gesture started the morning of christmas eve, hasn't stopped yet. the store reached more than 1,000 customers buying coffee for the next person in line. >> i thought it was very cool. yeah. she told me that there's like hundreds that have been going on now and asked me if i wanted
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to pay it forward for the guy behind me. i said absolutely. >> workers say since the first few drinks were free on christmas morning, customers decided to keep the good will going. we all need comfort food this time of year. stephanie and tony tantillo are cooking up flesh and flavorful cabbage. >> reporter: savoy cabbage and rigatoni. they make a great pasta. a little olive oil, salt and pepper and then too many and garlic. coming together so beautifully right here. >> perfect. >> i'm just going to add in another touch of pasta water. don't want it to burn. >> we are going to add the rigatoni that's going in there. it's cooked about 75% because it finishes cooking in the pan. >> that's right. >> so you don't want to cook it more because it will get mushy. you can add sausage or other protein. we are going to add grilled chicken. >> mushrooms. >> now we want to put oregano and red pepper flakes in.
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the cheese we finish off with is ricotta. >> we are not putting a lot of salt in it because this ricotta is salted. a little on top and that's it. beautiful. rigatoni savoy chicken. beautiful. thanks, dad. time to eat. >> it is. its lunch time. coastal california woman looking for a big break during grammy week. ♪[ music ] >> it is a contest that could help launch her music career, coming up. >> and a reminder, if you have a consumer problem or question, just call our hotline, 888-5- helps-u. volunteers are there right now. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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to say "i do" are setting o controversy. that a same-sex couple is set to make history at this year's rose parade. how their plans are setting off a firestorm of controversy, that and more at 5. and finally, it's a dream gig that a northern california woman needs your help to make come true. she is one of 40 finalist to perform during a grammy week concert. ♪[ music ] >> 21-year-old katie ekin of aptos characterizes her music as pop-folk-indie. if she wins she will open for the band "the neighborhood." >> i i think it would be a real really great experiences and the connections that you can make within great because it is
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hard to get yourself noticed in l.a. and i think that that would be a really big stepping stone. >> people choose the winner by voting on the grammy website and other social media sites. voting ends january 10 and you can watch the grammys right here on kpix 5 on sunday, january 26. good luck to katie. >> sounds good. >> does. >> sounds great. with the neighborhood, that's awesome. >> i don't have an idea what they sing. >> is that on your ipod? captions by: caption colorado
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>> ridge: [ sighs ] so, have you talked to katie? >> brooke: yes, of course. i mean, she was very hurt, so we're just taking -- >> ridge: i'm sorry to interrupt you. i-i got to ask you something. what is wrong with you? first bridget and now katie. it's your family. they trust you. they count on you. and they believe in you more than anyone else in the world. but you just take whatever you want whenever you want it... do


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