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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  December 30, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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should be this time of year. the lake hasn't been this low since the late '70s losing 1700-acre square feet a day, drastic measures may be on the horizon for the half million people who drink, bathe and water lawns from the lake's supply. >> our board will be considering a plan for implementing significant rationing if we don't get rain. >> reporter: in folsom mandatory 20% restrictions are now in place. residents forced to let green gas go brown and water houseplants very carefully. >> i'm very concerned because i have never gone through that. >> try to keep the trees alive. the lawn is the biggest water consumer. >> reporter: folsom lake is on track to reach the lowest levels ever. a lakebed so dry, it's picked for hidden treasure with you the true treasure of rain nowhere in sight. brian webb, kpix 5. >> there is still no rain in
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sight. brian hackney here with a pretty bleak outlook for us. >> high pressure is parked offshore. it's not going to move so the weather pattern is not going to change very much. this high persists over the next couple of weeks so the high won't move so the weather won't change. there are implications. today we're okay but i mean, look at the rain deficit. more than 2 feet below normal in santa rosa. san francisco at a foot and a half. and san jose a foot below average for the calendar year. it's not looking much better for the fiscal year of rain which began july 1. the other implication, the air quality tomorrow will be a "spare the air" for the north bay, santa clara valley where they will have unhealthful level every pollution. we'll have the forecast coming up. but it's not going to show anything in the way of rain anytime soon. >> thank you. fast-moving developments on the teen girl kent on a
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ventilator at children's -- teen girl kept on a ventilator at children's hospital oakland. a judge is allowing her to stay on the ventilator one more week. joe vazquez reports. >> reporter: a family is having a news conference with some members of the family right here outside children's hospita oakland. just before the deadline the judge extended the deadline until next week, january 7 at 5 p.m. the attorney christopher dolan says this family believe the child is alive and believe it's their decision what to do next. >> i think what's important for people to know is that this case is about jahi, but even more importantly, it's about choices and who gets to make these choices regarding your children and healthcare in this most intimate and fundamental choice where you live or die. is it the family who brought the child into the world or is it a hospital who may have made the mistake that has taken her
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life? so people are critical about the fact that we have been fighting for the choice to live. i just want people to know that i would fight just as hard if they were making the choice to take jahi off the ventilator. >> reporter: as of last night, the family insists they saw jahi move her legs. they insist she is alive. >> my daughter is breathing. [ crying ] >> she's moves. when i go in there and touch her she moves her whole body, her legs, her shoulders. how can you possibly say that my child is dead if she responds to my voice? >> speaking generally but not in specifics to the jahi mcmath case, yes, people who are on ventilators who are deceased can show signs of moving, but that is not a sign of life. >> reporter: 1-year-old jahi mcmath was declared brain death after complications from tonsil surgery this month. her family since fought a legal battle with the hospital as
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they are convinced she is still alive. after two experts testified before an alameda county judge last week that the child had no brain activity, the judge extended the restraining order effectively keeping the child on life support until 5:00 today. >> the torture i have for someone to tell you your child is going to die on december 30 at 5:00, as a parent who want to know the date and time that their child would die? that's what:i have been going through all day all week, thinking god help me because i do not december 30th at 5:00 to come because i do not want my child to be took off that ventilator. >> reporter: now, the family and the family attorneys say they consider this a victory this reprieve until next week. they say they are in contact with a facility in new york that would accept jahi. that they're still working with the hospital. the hospital says they have received a document from the court and that they will comply. they will hold off for another week. live in oakland, joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> obviously the emotions involved in this case very
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powerful ones. then there are the medical aspects which can be very confusing. so for some more expertise we spoke with david magnus, professor of pediatrics at stanford. also, the chair of the stanford center for biomedical ethics. today we asked him about the definition of death. >> it's very sad. it's tragic what's happened. but it is really important to understand that sadly, jahi has died. >> reporter: in fact, there are two ways in which a patient can be declared dead. either by circulatory criteria, meaning the heart has stopped, or by neurological criteria, meaning the brain has stopped. >> it sounds when we hear brain death that it's not real death or it's almost dead but not really death and that's not the case. >> reporter: and absolute brain death should not be confused with a coma or serious brain injury. >> this is not like many of the other cases of patients who have been comatose and some of whom have recovered, some not. those were cases of living
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patients with catastrophic brain injuries. it's really though critically important that the public be clear, this is not a terri schiavo case. this is not an end of life case. this is a patient whose end of life came and went. >> reporter: the role of patient medical care and the words used to describe medical equipment. >> when people see the lungs going up and down because of the ventilator and heart monitor that the heart is still beating it's hard not to think that this must still be a living patient. life support suggests that the patient is still alive. it's not really life support. it's ventilator support, they are continue to oxygenate organs and tissues of a body not of jahi. jahi has already died. >> reporter: finally there is the critical language doctors use when communicating with traumatized families. >> it's really important that the right words be used so that the family understands that this is not bad news, this is not a patient with a very poor
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prognosis. family is not asking for a medical miracle. they are asking for resurrection. the patient has already died and there is no recovering from that. >> the implications of all this of course are larger than one case. the medical and legal definitions of death have been established for 30 years now. up ending that would have catastrophic consequences including the loss of almost all organ donation. the san francisco intersection where a young bicyclist was killed now has some new safety measures. this is sixth and folsom where 24-year-old amelie was hit and killed by a truck in august. today crews added an improved bike lane on the spot where she was hit a few feet away from a christmas message left by her family. the city was already planning to add the so-called green carpet here but the job was expedited after this accident. san jose is ending 2013 on a grim milestone. it had the highest number of traffic deaths involving
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bicyclists and pedestrian in the bay area this year. 26 people were killed this year. that is the highest number since at least 1997. mark sayre reports. he has a look at what could be part of the problem. mark. >> reporter: well, the san jose police say there is not one single factor that is driving this alarming trend but they believe many. accidents could have been prevented. at vine and oak streets just east of downtown, a memorial still stands for 3-year-old elijah, the toddler riding in a stroller when a pickup truck ran over and killed the boy in the crosswalk. tony lives on the corner and was home at the time of the accident. >> it was horrible seeing a dead little kid, running the red like huge f-250 truck. it was horrible. >> reporter: he says he sees all sorts of bad driving behavior just outside of his front door, where elijah was killed. >> people drive recklessly, they don't care about other
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people until actually something happens to them or they do something to somebody else. >> those are numbers that we certainly don't want to see. >> reporter: officer morales says san jose police are very concerned about the trend and while there is no simple answer as to why, morales says in many cases, a lack of attention is partly to blame. >> with the advent, i guess, of cell phones, you can say that a lot of times people's inattention to the roadway plays a factor in some of these fatalities. you can also lay some of the onus on the pedestrians and the bicyclists. >> reporter: sometimes, the victims are not visible. they are riding the wrong way on the road or are not using a crosswalk. cyclist carbos barba says he -- cyclist carlos barba says he has seen fellow cyclists talking on the phone while riding but more often he feels it is the drivers not paying attention. >> it is dangerous. you have to be on your toes,
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definitely. >> reporter: san jose police say they are taking a close look at the numbers. they are going to take a look at whether anything else can be done, increasing patrols or enforcement action. they are asking everyone to be aware. mark sayre kpix 5. >> police have some safety tips. they say people should wear reflective clothing and carry a flashlight at night. checking bay area headlines, the search is on for whoever took an ambulance on a little joyride while paramedics were responding to an emergency call in daly city. they were treating a patient in a home at about midnight. that's when police say someone jumped into the ambulance and took off. they did find it in about five minutes. it was a couple blocks away with some small items missing. oakland police have a message for anyone thinking about firing off guns or fireworks on new year's eve. don't. they will be using shotspotter sensors to search for gunfire and other illegal activity. violators could face a $1,000 fine. muni will provide free service on new year's eve.
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it's going to offer rides starting at 8:00 tomorrow night through 5 a.m. on new year's day. minimum wage workers in two bay area cities have something to look forward to in the new year, bigger paychecks. starting wednesday, the base rate in san francisco will rise to $10.74 an hour. in san jose, it will go up to $10.15 an hour. the state minimum wage is also increasing to $9 an hour but not until the summer. bart workers could be collecting bonuses thanks to their new contract. the annual pay boost is tied to a boost in bart ridership. now, if it exceeds projections by at least 1% for the year, each worker would get $500. it could cost bart $750,000 total. after this year, workers could earn up to $1,000 in bonuses each year. meanwhile, apple's ceo tim cook has taken a pay cut. he docked himself $4 million in august when the company's stock was sinking. it worked out to be about a 10% cut. he still made a lot of money, though, more than a million
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dollars in salary alone, a $3 million bonus, and nearly $36 million in stock grants. the new year will usher in a historic change for the boy scouts. >> plus, how a precise alignment out in space is making for some spectacular sights at bay area beaches. >> more trouble at target. why some customers are now having a hard time making returns. >> coming up at 6:30, we are in the middle of a bay area population boom. now the question is, can we keep up with it? the answer that we received when we asked. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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insurance through the cover california website, don't ft to pay! r if you signed up for health insurance for the "covered california" website, don't forget to pay. people who enrolled for coverage starting january 1 need to pay by january 10. invoices should be going out this week from the insurance companies. but they say that if you need to see a doctor before that don't worry. >> if someone needs care in the beginning of january, they are going to get covered as long as
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they pay by january 10. that health plan will reimburse them for any care they received as long as they get in-network care. >> so far, about 400,000 californians have signed up. 25% of those folks did it over the past four days. bay waters will be lapping up a little more on the land this week. the natural phenomenon known as the king tides occurs when the sun, moon and earth are in a special alignment creating a stronger-than-normal gravitational pull. as a result, we could see flooding on many roadways because of the unusually high tide. >> it does get up past the street there and, you know, you'll deal with the saltwater on the cars and stuff like that, people not knowing what they are doing driving through it. otherwise just high. >> the tides on new year's day will be the highest at 7.1 feet above sea level. >> saltwater is going to soak into the ground. >> but 'tis the season. it's always this time of the year. it's because the earth is
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closest to the sun this time of the year. you get a bigger gravitational pull and it will have isaac newton here later to explain it. first clear skies around the bay area. the numbers are -- oh, that's right. i'm going to show you this. tomorrow the king tide, the high astronomical tied, 7.1 feet the highest of the year at 9:48. it will be matched again on new year's day an hour later but 7.1 feet tomorrow at 10 minutes to 10:00 so with that off-ramp from 101 going into mill valley on highway 1, actually, that always gets flooded and they close down the carpool, as well. that's a traditional place to flood this time of year. right now the numbers are in the low 50s for the bay area. 50 concord, 53 livermore. a few clouds but not much wind. calm in fremont. south-southeasterlies at redwood city. cooler at the coast today because of the southerly flow like we have in san rafael. inland though the winds are still out of the east so it was fairly there this time of the
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year. 8:00 chilly, low 50s for the most part. tomorrow, mid-60s again a few high clouds but otherwise looking mighty nice. we could use the rain. but all the wishing in the world is not bringing it. we have high clouds, looks like a mattress exploded out into the eastern specific riding over a ridge of high pressure. this high just stays in place so we'll be fair and mild the next couple of weeks. temperatures continue 5 to 10 degrees above average, sunny and warm area for the week. for the bay area nothing is changing. but it can change, latter january, february, we'll see what happens. there have been years when we start out really dry and end up wet. we'll just have to compose ourselves in patience. 39 san jose. 40 livermore. my grandmother told me that by the way. that's why it's sort of ingrained me my spine. 64 degrees oakland, 63 concord. for the rest of the bay area we'll look at 63 at santa rosa and 61 in the city. the extended forecast shows not much in the way of change just a few clouds from time to time but look inland we are going to
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be near 70 by friday. cool a little bit into the weekend but we are still about 5 degrees above average even by saturday and sunday. crazy. >> yeah. >> thanks. starting new year's day, the boy scouts of america will accept openly gay scouts. john ramos with more on the historic change. >> reporter: because when the boy scouts first began it was a wayen to rich the lives of all american boys. petaluma resident dave rice remembers when he was a 14-year- old scout in 1941. >> the program as carried out by many leaders and many troops made a tremendous impact on the lives of boys. >> reporter: he remained an active leidner scouting for 59 years until 1981 when a young man named tim curran was kicked out for being gay. rice had gay friends at work and felt the ban was based in ignorance. >> my wife said to plea, if you
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were in a professional position in scouting, you would have to be enforcing this exclusion. i realized at that point that that was wrong. >> reporter: so rice, who is featured in a documentary film called scouts honor, began speaking out against the ban founding a protest group called scouting for all. for years they joined a course of dissent against the policy until he got a letter excluding him from scouting as well in 1998. how did that feel? >> devastating. >> reporter: it was difficult to be removed from the organization to which he had devoted so much of his life but that made the victory even sweeter when, last spring, the national council lifted the ban on gay scouts effective this new year's day but rice still disagrees with the continuing ban on adult gay scout leaders. is this only half a victory? >> yes. only half a victory. i think that the change has to
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come. >> reporter: but rice feels that change has to be a change of heart not just policy. so he actually opposes the idea of forcing troops to accept gay scouts. he thinks the decision needs to be voluntary and he says it's already happening. >> it's something that has been growing slowly through the years as scout masters would say, well, i'm not excluding any gays from my troops. >> reporter: he says it has to happen to keep the organization going and says one of the main tenets of scout something showing respect for people with whom you may disagree. in petaluma, john ramos, kpix 5. >> he says if he has one big regret is his grandchildren weren't part of scouting because their mothers also disagreed with the ban on gay members. the u.s. government will start out the new year by making you change your light bulbs. we'll explain.
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plus -- [ censored ] it's -- >> a skier's gopro camera is rolling as he races to dig his brother out from under an avalanche. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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more fallout following the target credit card breach. e latest problem is with returns on purchases made w well, there's more fallout following the target credit card breach. the latest problems with returns on the purchases made with those now cancelled cards. on the consumerwatch, julie watts explains how one woman almost got kicked out of the store over the issue. >> i was very frustrated and i thought other people should know. >> reporter: this woman we'll call jo isn't concerned about the target credit card breach. she canceled her cards. rather, she is upset about how she was treated when she tried to return a few items she had purchased this target using her now canceled card. >> i thought that target would be able to give me a cash refund in light of what was going on with the credit cards. >> reporter: her returns amounted to about $27 but jo says after talking to two customer service reps a manager told her she was out of luck.
6:24 pm
>> he said there was nobody else i could speak to at that point. >> reporter: he offered her a gift card and when she insisted on a refund -- >> he told me i would have to leave the store and called his security guard over. and then he physically blocked me from walking through the store. >> reporter: she says she was so shaken up she left without her returns or more money and asked us to conceal her identity but what she didn't know and no one at target bothered to tell her is she could have had her purchases refunded to her card even though she didn't have it. >> they bridge the old and new accounts. >> reporter: they explain why you can't make purchases with the canceled card, but you can still use it for returns and any credit will appear on the replacement card. now, if you don't have a receipt, the retailer may have to physically scan your canceled card to pull up past purchases so hang on to it. but in jo's case she had her receipt so she didn't need her card. nobody even suggested that to her. when we accompanied jo back to the store, a different manager
6:25 pm
said she couldn't comment on how jo was treated the first time around but she apologized and happily agreed to refund jo jo's money. >> nice to meet you. >> reporter: but jo says she is still waiting for an apology from the first manager who had her escorted out over a $27 refund. target hasn't commented so it's not clear why under the circumstances they wouldn't just give her the $27 cash. but if you have a consumer problem, give us a call at or send us an email to better stock up on those 40 and 60-watt light bulbs while you can. they will be disappearing from store shelves. manufacturers will stop making the traditional incandescent bulbs on wednesday. the switchover is required by the government. people will have to find an energy-efficient alternative. and while these new bulbs may cost you a little more, you can expect them to last longer and use less power. here's another good reason to keep your cholesterol in
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check. could cut your risk of developing alzheimer's. a new study out of usc found patients with high levels of so- called bad cholesterol tend to have more harmful protein tangles in their brains. they are known as amyloid plaques. they are one of the hallmarks of alzheimer's. coming up in our next half hour, how a bay area population boom could come back to bite us. >> plus, another terror attack in russia is raising serious safety concerns ahead of the winter olympics. >> and caught on camera, a skier races to dig his brother out from under an avalanche. >> and a strange sight in central california. a massive and complex crop circle pops up out of nowhere. ,, ,,
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new workers.. is the bay ar becoming a victim of its own success? e down to when it comes to attracting new businesses and new workers, is the bay area becoming a victim of its own success? well, it may come down to something as simple as supply and demand. too many people and cities unable to keep up. linda yee is live in palo alto with the numbers. linda. >> reporter: liz, the census bureau just released the new numbers showing that california's population is growing faster than any other state in the country.
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so that is a good sign the economy is recovering. but the downside as you say, that means more traffic congestion, more housing demand. the bay area is a victim of its own prosperity. as painful as the commute is, it's a sign, jobs and people are back. but there's a price for prosperity. >> i have noticed the rent is impossible. >> we don't have enough school space. we don't have enough funding for schools. >> reporter: not too long ago a certain governor tried to hijack california businesses to texas. >> see why our low taxes sensible regulations and fair legal system are just thing to get your business moving to texas. >> reporter: it's not clear if any company took the bait. but the newest census report shows california is not only one of the country's most populous states, its growth is outpacing the national trend. in the bay area the biggest increase is in san jose. santa clara county leads the
6:31 pm
pack with a nearly 1.5% growth in population from 2011 to 2012. and despite the crime rate, uptown oakland is enjoying a resurgence with businesses and housing. but local governments are having trouble keeping up with the economic recovery. the association of bay area governments says housing remains a challenge but transportation issues are improving. >> you see the increasing number of bikes. you see the increasing number of buses, private shuttles and otherwise, major efforts in supporting transportation infrastructure in the major cities in the major corridors. >> reporter: sometimes that even backfires. recently protestors attacked a google bus in san francisco. people are angry at house new tech jobs are driving up rents. >> cities have to do a better job in planning and what they allow to come in and what -- if
6:32 pm
their infrastructure is not set then you have problems and they try to put band-aids on things and that doesn't work. >> reporter: so clearly, there is a lot of frustration out there. planners admit that this current population boom in california took them a little by surprise and came in much stronger than they had projected. there are certainly a lot of challenges ahead for bay area communities. live in palo alto, linda yee, kpix 5. google is launching a new operation. it is bringing google glass into the operating room. the university at alabama birmingham is testing it out. now, the idea is to make it easier for surgeons to work together even if they are thousands of miles apart. using google glass, the surgeon in the operating room can live stream his work to a colleague anywhere in the world who can then lend a virtual hand. >> with this technology, if i'm struggling, another surgeon is able to say, get your head in the game, let's do this, let's do this, and they are able to walk through it together so it's more of a safety net. >> the pilot program is
6:33 pm
expected to expand in the coming months. two trains collided in north dakota today sending a massive fireball into the air. one of the trains was carrying oil. as many as 10 tank cars burst into flames. some even exploded. now, no injuries were reported but people within a two-mile radius have been warned to stay inside as a precaution. there have been no claims of responsibility in two suicide bombings in russia that killed at least 30 people. cbs reporter alfonso van marsh says the attacks have russian security on high terror alert ahead of february's winter olympics. >> reporter: a russian bomber shredded a bus in the russian city of volgograd, the second attack in as many days. officials say the attack killed or injured dozens of people. now there's fear of more terrorism ahead of february's winter olympics in sochi about 400 miles away. i think that people here will tell you that no one feels safe, a lot has been promised for security but little has
6:34 pm
been done, this man says. investigators say the bombers' explosives were similar to those used in another suicide bombing on sunday at the city's main railway station. 17 people died there. it's unclear who carried out the attacks. in july, militants calling for an islamic state in russia threatened to attack civilian targets including the olympics. the double suicide bombings have security experts concerned. >> everyone now needs to be even more concerned about the terrorist threat that has reached the russian heartland and is growing closer not only to the sochi olympics but also affecting the transportation hubs that are so important to the olympics. >> reporter: russian president vladimir putin is ordering increased security nationwide. the international olympic committee says it is confident of russia's ability to keep the games safe. alfonso van marsh, cbs news. the doctors treating
6:35 pm
michael schumacher won't predict an outcome. the formula 1 retired driver is in a medically-induced coma following brain surge relationship. doctors are taking it hour by hour. he was skiing in the alps yesterday when he fell and hit his head on a rock. he was wearing a helmet. [ cursing ] >> that's an avalanche. >> a colorado skier jumped in action after his younger brother was caught in an avalanche. his gopro camera recorded it. edwin and davis were skiing on a backcountry trail in vail last week when edwin got caught up in the snow slide that he had actually caused. he was buried up to his head but his brother found him and dug him out. edwin escaped with only a knee injury. a blizzard kept rescuers from freeing a research ship stuck near antarctica for the last week. adriana diaz reports. >> reporter: thick ice and poor visibility forced and australian ice breaker to turn around before it could get to the russian ship that's been
6:36 pm
stuck in the ice near antarctica since christmas eve. rescue teams are hoping the weather will clear on tuesday so the australian ship can try again. a helicopter from a smaller chinese ship may also be used. >> the aurora australis can't get through the ice conditions, then we would use the helicopter from the chinese vessel to evacuate the passengers. >> reporter: the expedition leader says there is hope that a u.s. coast guard ship can come to the rescue. >> there is also the possibility that the american icebreaker polar star, which is four times the size of the aurora, is going to be in the area in the near future. and if that were to come into play, that would almost certainly get us out, as well. >> reporter: tourney says all 74 people aboard the ship are in good spirits and for now, they have heat and plenty of food. adriana diaz, cbs news. >> the u.s. considering icebreaker is almost 400 feet long and recently underwent a $60 million renovation. we're not dissuaded or
6:37 pm
discouraged. >> still to come, the first of its kind rose parade float that not everyone wants to see. >> and if you are planning to pop some champagne beside a roaring fire this new year's eve, you may have to make other plans. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:39 pm
but here in california, it wouldn't be new year s witht the rose parade. volunteers i certainly the times square ball drop may be flashy but here in california it wouldn't be new year's without the rose parade. volunteers are scrambling to put the finishing touches on the floats and campers are staking out their spots. melanie woodrow told us one float will make history. >> reporter: after danny popped "the question" to his boyfriend, he had one more. >> do you want to get married on a rose bowl float? >> reporter: did you ever imagine not only that you would get married but that you would get married in the tournament of roses parade? >> never. never. >> reporter: 12 years ago, the two men met in what each describes as love at first sight. >> we started talking and i recognized his accent and i said to him, you're from south africa. >> reporter: this was the couple's first look at their wedding venue, atop a giant wedding cake. aids healthcare foundation
6:40 pm
sponsored the float. >> i can't think of a better example of dreams coming true. >> reporter: now the couple will share their dream with the world. >> i have 80 million of your closest friends at your wedding. >> reporter: a day leclair's parents weren't sure they would ever see. >> extremely proud of both of them. very honored to have aubrey as a second son. >> very proud. >> reporter: there have been some backlash including calls to boycott the parade. >> we're not dissuaded or discouraged. we're absolutely grateful that we can be part of this conversation and really educate people. >> we're focused in love. we're standing in love. and that is why we're on top of this giant cake. >> reporter: dressed in their finest. >> we will both be in handsome ted baker suits. >> reporter: and beaming with pride. >> melanie woodrow reporting from l.a. the float will also feature a lesbian couple who have been together 42 years and legally married for five.
6:41 pm
i think it's someone playing a joke because i don't believe in aliens. >> still ahead, the search is on for whoever pulled this epic shall we say prank on a central coast california farm. >> wow, chualar in the news! that's rare. we have numbers mostly in the 50s around the bay area with clear skies no prospects for rain but, boy, do we have prospects for big tides tomorrow. we'll talk about that after a break. >> straight ahead in sports, roughly a fifth of all nfl head coaches have been let go. a prominent 49ers defender may miss the packers play-off game. and jim harbaugh today -- well, not exactly full disclosure. >> i'll keep you posted. >> we'll sort it all out in about 10 minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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appeared over the weekend in monterey county, just outsi salinas. it takes up about cre on a farm in all right. you decide. an elaborate crop circle mysteriously appeared outside of salinas in monterey county over the weekend. it takes up an acre on a farm in the town of chualar. the monterey county sheriff's office says it has no reports of strange activities in the area. how did it get there? don't know.
6:45 pm
forget about cozying up to a fire this new year's eve. another "spare the air" is declared tomorrow. don ford says it's a rough season for local firewood sellers. reporter: it stacked up to the sky and it's for sale. firewood lots of it. bruce works here. >> i'm the owner. yeah. i have been doing this since the '70s. >> reporter: he says, the holiday season is normally when folks who have fireplaces burn wood. but not this year. >> there is a few years where we used to sell 5,000 cords a year. yeah. it's a lot less now. >> reporter: he says his business has been cut in half. he laid people off. and he may have to axe more. he blamed regulations. >> there's a lot of factors but the biggest one is the air quality concerns. >> reporter: this haze is natural not due to smoke but the air quality district issued a record 23 "spare the air" alerts for this season since last month.
6:46 pm
during these alerts, you are not allowed to burn wood in a fireplace. restaurants are allowed to burn wood. and they now make up half of his business. he also sells these wrapped bundles to state parks and private campsites. he has to deliver 250 by tomorrow morning. just before christmas he delivered 2,000 bundles to bay area stores. he is a wood connoisseur. oak, almond, walnut, and cherry. >> on a cold night you want white oak to burn all night. walnut makes a quick hot fire. almond is really hard. the restaurants like this wood. it flavors food in unique ways. >> reporter: says who? >> says the chefs. >> reporter: you can burn any and all of this tonight. today is not a "spare the air" day. tomorrow, however, is. in richmond, don ford, kpix 5.
6:47 pm
if the chef says it you have to believe the chef. >> it's true. >> the only thing is we are getting this poor air quality because of the high pressure we are getting offshore winds, of course it has something to do with burning firewood. it's because the winds take the foul air from the central valley and sweep it to the shoreline. it's one of the reasons we have such clear air for a metropolitan area when we have our sea breeze. we take our air and move it to fresno. it's that simple. right now, outside we are looking at numbers mostly in the 50s. we have, yeah, fair skies really. fair means if you did fair on a test, you go, eh, you get a c. fair skies mean okay there's some clouds and there's some sun, not now. there's some moon. 50 degrees concord. 55 santa rosa. tomorrow fair skies and readings in the mid-60s above average and those king tides come in tomorrow. the highest tied of the year
6:48 pm
7.1 feet at 9:48 tomorrow morning and then an unusually low tide that corresponds with that at about 4:30 tomorrow afternoon. that's the highest height tide of this year, highest high tide of 2014 will be on wednesday when we match the 7.1 feet. here's how it looks. that high pressure is abeam san francisco. and as long as that high puts a cap on pollutants, the air quality suffers, as well. that massive high just wouldn't move so our weather forecast is just not going to change. the numbers vary a little day to day. the cloud cover changes a little bit from day to day but no big changes for the next two weeks. we stay high and dry and have above average temperatures. here's how it looks for northern california. we have clouds, sacramento got some clouds, sfo clouds tomorrow. we have partly cloudy skies and 60 degrees. chicago forecast high of 16. new york just a 37-degree temperature. back at home overnight lows tonight 35 degrees at santa rosa, clouds moderate temperatures a little bit. won't be as chilly as it would be with clear skies so 39
6:49 pm
tonight in san jose. and 34 out at fairfield. forecast highs numbers about five to 10 degrees above average. livermore 65. usually 55. there should be a real bite in the air by now and there's just not. 65 degrees at morgan hill tomorrow. 61 at fremont. and 60 degrees in hayward. 62 by the shoreline at pacifica. east bay more mid-60s. antioch chillier than that close to the strait. 61 degrees. 63 napa. up in the north bay we'll be looking at numbers in the mid- to low-60s. 62 at stinson beach and 64 in sausalito. 61 in san francisco. santa rosa 63 degrees. now, the all-important extended forecast. do things change much? not really. a few clouds from time to time. temperatures remain in the upper 60s inland and the mid- 60s around the bay. low 60s by the coast. and as we look into the weekend, we are going to be looking at mostly sunny skies and temperatures remaining in the low 60s. at this point, we usually say that's the weather.
6:50 pm
but there's one more number. it's going to be 9, 9 degrees, at green bay when the 49ers play the green bay packers on sunday. that's weather. sports is next.
6:51 pm
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6:53 pm
hottest team the. nfl up top and why not? it's play-off talk now. 49ers winners of the last six, maybe the hottest team going, in the nfc. some of these wins like yesterday in arizona have been done on guts and not convincing. but jim harbaugh was borrowing philosophy for that. >> mr. al davis would say just win. sometimes it was just win, baby. >> just win now. >> i didn't have a full understanding of what it meant, but i do now. >> and they will need that mantra again on sunday in green bay where the temperatures you saw brian's report, supposed to be 9 degrees at kickoff. that's with the wind chill. harbaugh grew up in the cold and was on the bears' '89 team which lost the nfc championship game in chicago in frigid conditions. he was a fountain of conversation about that game today. >> you remember the bears, the weather -- they thought the
6:54 pm
weather was to their advantage? >> i remember the game. >> the numbers? >> i don't remember if we thought it was an advantage. >> surprised at all that the 49ers a west coast warm weather team was able to play the way they did? >> no. [ pause ] >> oh, yeah. harbaugh's mood says it all. it's play-off time. had thers -- 49ers slight favorite at lambeau field. kickoff 1:40 our time. carlos rogers has an injured right hamstring. he did it at some point in yesterday's win at the cardinals. we don't know the results of an mri today, but his status for sunday is uncertain. the 49ers brought back and signed cornerback parish koch who had been with seattle. after a second straight four win season, head coach dennis allen sounds cautiously optimistic about remaining in oakland with the raiders. >> i been given indication that i'll be back. i wouldn't say there's been any
6:55 pm
guarantees made. but, uhm, i have, uhm, -- i'm moving forward in that direction. i fully anticipate and expect to be the coach of the football team. >> allen met with players today before they cleaned out their lockers. one guy who everyone wants back is rashad jennings. the runningback will become a free agent if the raiders don't lock him up long term. >> i'm going to go home hug and kiss on mom, dad, family, have me a good time, find a funny book to read. i'm about to be rashad. i'm about to be a great old time, find some silly socks to buy and chill for a while. at the time of business, we'll let that take care of itself. >> have a good off season in lynchburg, virginia. dennis allen might have his job but there are 5 head coaches looking for work. >> you're fired. >> okay. >> go. >> all right. >> please, no, i cannot be fired! i'm fired! >> you're fired!!
6:56 pm
>> black monday is the term. it was pretty dark again. mike shanahan let go by the redskins after a 13 loss season. jim schwartz out as lions coach. leslie frasier let go by the vikings. greg shiu ano out at tampa bay and yesterday the browns fired bob chud sin ski after just one season. if you were busy taking down the tree this weekend, here's what you missed. everybody on hand. >> sweep on espn. >> asleep on espn. >> johnson had to nudge him to wake him up. unbelievable. >> rams defensive lineman kendall had a bad day hit an official in the face was ejected and heckled by the seahawks crowd. >> it's chris bosh with a game winner in portland. hockey a goal deflected off your face.
6:57 pm
that's new jersey's travis sajak to beat the islanders. oh, man. bizarre in chicago. everybody stops thinking incompletion by green bay. no whistle. so jamal boykin picked it up off the turf and ran for the touchdown! that's a gift. and former cal star marvin jones a one-handed catch as cincinnati beats the ravens at home. cincinnati unbeaten at home all year. just some of the plays of the weekend that you might have missed. >> a lot of people crushed by that cowboys loss. >> oh, yeah. >> crushed by that game last night. >> good one though. >> three straight 8-8 seasons in big d. >> down thep doesn't sound right. >> thanks. >> see you at 11:00. aren't you sweet! ed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive.
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joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how you folks doing today? thank you all very much. thank you very much. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey, and, boy, we got a good one for you today. from miami, florida, home of the world-champion miami heat, it's the hodges family. and from san francisco, california--that's the runner-up for the super bowl 49ers-- it's the low family. everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash and a shot of driving out of here in a brand-new ford fusion. let's go. give me whitnie, give me regina. let's go. ["family feud" theme plays] ladies, top 8 answers are on


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