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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  December 31, 2013 1:35am-2:11am PST

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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight, craig ♪ >> meow meow meow [laughter] craig: are you sure you want to do this, man? geoff: ok. craig: don't open your mouth or you'll set your pants on fire. if i had a nickel for every time i said that. [laughter]
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well, i've -- i stopped smoking about 15 years ago. i started a little bit again tonight and i've stopped again. [laughter] geoff: oh, thank god. that was awful. craig: yeah, no, it felt like a good idea. now i feel violently ill. geoff: oh, if i had a nickel for every time i heard that. craig: good night, everybody. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the busiest part this is kpix5 news. hin is where it all >> tonight this is what's left after a high speed chase through some of the busiest parts of san francisco. >> sharon chan is live. >> reporter: here's the scene as the suspect's car crashed across the street from the park police station at frederick. the crash ended after a high speed chase this evening into several neighborhoods from the bayview into potrero and ingleside districts. it finally crashed into a barrier meant for skateboarders. at one point the suspect's car rammed a private vehicle. police earlier had thought the suspect was going to ram the police patrol car as well. one officer fired shots at the suspect's car and hit the car.
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they say it started tonight in the bayview. >> this incident started in the bayview district, officer went up to a car to take on a person of interest. he made some movement consistent with having contraband or a weapon in the vehicle. the suspect then took off, pursuit followed. >> reporter: officers say tonight the suspect is in custody. he suffered nonlife threatening injuries. the pursuing officer was injured but we aren't sure how. officers are not sure whether or not the suspect had a gun. of course, there are multiple crime scenes throughout the city as a result. live in san francisco sharon chin, kpix5. tonight andrea andrea
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andria borba at children's hospital. >> reporter: jahi mcmath's mother got the notice from the judge that they had at least another week with her. >> i'm not trying to hold onto a corpse. that is a live girl in there. >> reporter: at 4:00 with an hour to spare before jahi mcmath's ventilator was to be turned off inside children's hospital oakland an alameda county judge gave her family a reproof until january 7th. >> today -- reprieve until january 7th. >> today was a really hard day for me. i felt like my daughter was on death row. >> reporter: that alameda county restraining order was filed with a separate filing in federal court of nearly 100 pages of documents and video that according to her family shows a brain dead jahi responding to her mother's voice. >> i believe my daughter is alive. i don't care what they say. she's moving and if you go in her room with her chair and talk to her and they respond to you and move, you are going to
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believe that your child is alive. >> reporter: attorney christopher dolan says the family has found a facility that will take the 13-year-old in new york state, but they need children's hospital to play ball. >> what we're hoping is that when the facility is locked in, this hospital will do the procedure or let someone come in and do the procedure. what baffles me is they say that jahi is dead, but they won't give us her body of. >> reporter: the procedures are breathing and feeding tubes necessary for the teen to be moved. children's hospital refused saying they won't perform procedures on dead people. >> my daughter is alive. she's warm and i go in there and let her know all the time it may be a small victory, only got two more days. >> reporter: jahi's family says they have secured an air ambulance to transport her here from oakland to that facility in new york. that air ambulance would have a doctor on board with jah oh that ventilator the entire time -- jahi on that ventilator the
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entire time. children's hospital said they haven't heard from that facility and the battle continues. >> obviously this is a very emotional case and the medical aspects are very complex as well. earlier i talked to a biomedical ethicist at standard. he said by circulatory meaning the heart has stopped or by neurological criteria meaning the brain has stopped functioning are the two ways a person is declared dead. >> sometimes we hear brain death and that is not the case. this is not like many other cases of patients who have been comatose and some recovered and some did not. those are patients of living patients with catastrophic brain injury. it's critically important that the public be clear. this is not an end of life case. this is a patient whose end of life already came and went. >> jah hi a tonsillectomy three
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weeks ago. after surgery she went into cardiac arrest and never regained consciousness. three days later doctors declared her brain dead and the legal battle began. two deadly terrorist attacks in two days just weeks before the olympics. russia says the athletes will be safe, but some worry this is just the beginning. volgograd's main railway station was hit first, the moment the bomb went off caught by a security camera. then less than 24 hours later another bomb blew up a bus. no one has claimed responsibility for the attacks, but the main suspects are islamic militants from chechnya, part of the war torn and unstable caucuses. they want to stop the winter olympics due to begin in february in southern russia. this fall when russian president vladimir putin lit the olympic torch, he promised the safest games ever in spite of a terrorist threat which had come in a videotaped message in
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july. chechnyan rebel leaders called on fighters to prevent the olympics taking place on what he called muslim land. since then the kremlin has beefed up security across the country, but survivors of today's bombings say they're not reassured. as this man said no one standing here would tell you they fool safe. -- feel safe. just an hour's plane ride away construction is still going on for games due to start in six weeks. never have the modern olympics been staged so close to an area with an active insurgency and a history of terrorist attacks. so all countries are worried. that's why the u.s. national security council today reiterated that it was offering its full support to the russian government to prepare for these games. elizabeth palmer, cbs news, london. >> russia says it will have more than 70,000 russian police and troops at the winter games. hundreds of people have
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been ordered to evacuate tonight because of this, an explosion that sent this fireball shooting into the sky in north dakota. it started when a mile long train carrying crude oil derailed outside fargo. as many as 10 cars caught fire blanketing a nearby town in black smoke. because of the possibility of more explosions, firefighters are just going to allow that fire to burn itself out. no one was hurt. cal fire doesn't want to see any fires. there's a ban on all outdoor burning in most of the bay area. campfires will be allowed in designated camp grounds or with special permission on private property. brian, we have another spare the air day on tap for tomorrow, too. we do indeed, mr. martin, unhealthful air levels. so as a result tuesday no burning in fireplaces. it's the central part of the bay area just moderate air quality, but the north and south bay be a problem beginning tuesday. so it's another spare the air
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day all because of high pressure that is over the eastern pacific and that high pressure is trapping pollutants. offshore winds are bringing poor air quality from the central valley to the bay area. it's a combination of a lot of things, also the fact we drive a lot of cars in the bay area. it continues very dry. we'll have the forecast coming up in a few minutes. it is so dry george warren shows us one of the california's long lost secrets was just revealed. >> reporter: folsom lake reveals it's secret, that nearly 60 years ago lake water flooded what was left of the gold rush town of mormon island, portions of which have emerged as the water level drops. >> it's a shame that the lake is this low, but it really is interesting to see.
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>> we've been talking about coming down here for years and the lake keeps getting lower, so we figured this would be a good time to check it out. >> reporter: it appears visitors have largely respected the state park's pro licks against scavenging. recovered artifacts have been neatly placed on stones and tree stumps. the good weather and break from school has turned the dry lake bed into a popular family field trip. >> we wanted to show the kids because we've been here on boats and had fun water skiing and everything but never seen it like this. it's a little eerie to be honest. you have to see it with your own eyes. >> reporter: who knows what more folsom lakes that to reveal. >> the lake will likely drop more in the coming weeks to a level not seen since the dam was built in the 1950s. d debate. stacey er went to an expe was it a shark or a dolphin? >> a shadowy figure is created a heating debate. stacy butler went to an expert
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to solve the mystery behind the southern california beach photo bomber. >> reporter: the moment this heart stopping snapshot off manhattan beach went viral facebook blew up with posts. some experts wrote everywhere knows this is a dolphin. -- everyone knows this is a dolphin. others were convinced it is a juvenile great white shark 10 to 12 feet long. the answer? >> the great thing about science is it's always great for us to disagree. it's hard to always be absolutely certain. that picture from a distance it looks like it's either one. >> reporter: we asked aquarium of the pacific's marine biologist dave bader to settle the debate once and for all. he says sharks have two triangle dorsal fins and a vertical tail. the image shows just one dorsal fin and an image that looks like that of a dolphin. >> it's hard to say if that's a second dorsal fbi. it doesn't look like it. -- dorsal fin.
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it doesn't look like it. this pectoral fin looks more dolphiny and this nose is inconclusive. >> reporter: the water is curved further distorting the image. the manhattan beach mom who took the picture was watching her sons play in the surf. her daughter told us she saw pods of dolphins in the area before she snapped the photo. >> white sharks hunting small fish in the same areas as the dolphins are and places like manhattan beach are places where dolphins and sharks can both find food. >> so sharks in southern california tend to be younger than 18 months old. >> experts say adults are more likely to be found near san francisco. >> there you go. well, more problems at target, why this woman was escorted from the store when she tried to return what she bought with one of those canceled credit cards. >> if it's so dry, why are we
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call or click today. that's about to go into eff. beginning on wednesday, the state will know exactly what kind of weapons pe there's a run on long guns right now in california because of a law that's about to go into effect. beginning wednesday the state will know what kind of weapons people have. it used to destroy the information after five days. gun dealers will have to register long gun purchases with the state. business has been brisk at 1 shop in san carlos. >> they know their driver's license information, their basic information is passed on to the government. the government knows that they have one long gun, but they just don't like the idea of them knowing exactly what they have in their possession. >> police say the new law will help track down guns used in crimes. it's bad enough target customers' credit cards were hacked, but one woman tells julie watts she got kicked out of the store trying to make a return. >> i was very frustrated and i thought other people should
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know. >> reporter: this woman we'll call jo isn't concerned about the target credit card breach. she canceled her cards. rather she's upset about how she was treated when she tried to return a few items she purchased at this target using her now canceled card. >> i thought that target would be able to give me a cash refund in light of what was going on with the credit cards of. >> reporter: her returns only amounted to about 27 bucks, but after talking to two customer service reps a manager told her she was out of luck. >> he said there was nobody else i could speak to. >> reporter: he offered her a gift card. when she insisted on a refund -- >> he told me i had to leave the store and called his security guard over and physically blocked me from walking through the store. >> reporter: she said she was so shaken up she left without her returns or money and asked us to conceal her identity, but what jo didn't know and no one bothered to tell her is that she could have had her purchases refunded back to her card even though she no long her it. >> your card issuer will do what's called bridging the old
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account with the new account. >> reporter: while you can't make purchases with the canceled card, you can still use it for returns. any credit will appear on the replacement card. when we accompanied jo back to the store, a different manager said she couldn't comment on how jo was treated the first time around but apologized and happily agreed to refund the money, but jo says she's still waiting for an apology from the first manager who had her escorted out over a $27 refund. >> target has not returned our phone calls, so it's unclear why that first manager wouldn't just give jo a refund. an incredible refund caught on camera. a colorado skier jumped into action after his younger brother was caught in an avalanche. his go pro camera recorded the whole thing. the brothers were skiing on a backcountry trail in vail last week. 1 got caught up in the snow slide he actually caused. he was buried up to his head.
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his brother dug him out. had he hurt his knee but is okay -- he hurt his knee but is okay. the bay area could see flooding in the next few days. sharon chin on the ting tide's phenomenon. >> reporter: at -- king tide's phenomenon. >> reporter: when you're at the bryant's wharf you can keep track of the tide which is around 4 feet above sea level, but in a matter of hours at high tide it will soar to more than 7 feet. >> that's big. >> reporter: hoover chan walks along the sausalito pier at low tide tonight. he said his boat in brisbane is ready for the king tide. >> make sure your dock lines are good and protect your boat. >> reporter: about once a year the sun, moon and earth a line to create a strong gravitational pull. oyster point marine workers experienced flooding from the start of the king tide this
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morning. >> it gets up past up to the street there. you'll deal with the saltwater on the cars. >> reporter: the king tides are expected to sweep in more than 7 feet above sea level tuesday and wednesday morning and fall to about 1 1/2 feet below sea level later in the day. some scientists are forecasting a 1 to 2-foot permanent rise in sea level in several decades. so san francisco bay is asking the public to share photographs of the king tides for planning. >> with sea level rise and climate change the next 30, 40 years, we might actually be looking at tides that are normally this high. >> reporter: if you miss it this time, the king tides are expected to return the last three days in january. >> it is kind of hard to believe we're so dry but yet the king tide is going to flood things. it's the first look we'll have at flooding in a heck of a long time. it is one of the things that happens every year at this time when the earth is as close as
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it gets all year to the sun. it's kind of funny it's winter and because of being closest to the sun you get a stronger pull and high tides. outside right now clear skies, 40 degrees in concord, san jose 45, santa rosa 37 and tomorrow fair skies which means some high clouds and sun but temperatures still in the mid- 60s and tomorrow the high tides peak at 9:48 a.m., 7.1 feet above mean lower tides and then correspondingly we get a really low tide minus 1 1/2 feet below the average low tide. those are pretty big extremes. we'll hit them again at the high tides of the year, wednesday the same. new year's eve looks good, great night for fireworks, midnight temperature 49 degrees tomorrow night. we're getting some high clouds, no rain. high pressure persists in the eastern pacific and the long range models show that high pressure hanging in through the weekend. so we get another warm day
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tomorrow, clear and chilly tonight and no rain in sight through the early going in 2014, so stay tuned on that. heading out of the bay area, high and dry through most of the state, 68 in redding and 50 degrees at yosemite. overnight lows tonight santa rosa down to 35, oakland 40, san jose 39, about 10 degrees above average in the east bay. for the south bay morgan hill tops out at 65, palo alto 65, 62 at pittsburg, 60 degrees at brentwood, a lot of sun tomorrow, a few high clouds, some low clouds along the shoreline. up in the north bay santa rosa hit 63 degrees. extended forecast high and dry the rest of the week, inland numbers remain in the mid-60s and as we peer ahead into next weekend, 63 degrees and the forecast high of 9, 9 degrees when the 49ers take on the green bay packers.
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0-5 beyonce is being blasted for using an audio clip of the 1986 challenger explosion in her new song excel. >> you're looking very carefully at the situation. obviously a major malfunction. >> that is the actual nasa radio transmission seconds after the challenger exploded
2:02 am
killing seven crew members. family members are calling on beyonce to remove the clip. some fans don't agree. mbers it, it's an honor to them." beyonce says she used that uote: "remind us >> honestly it doesn't offend me personally. if anything, it's more educating. >> when people even remember the challenger disaster, it's a credit to those people that died. the fact that beyonce remembers it is an honor to them. >> beyonce said she used that line in her song to remind us that unexpected things happen and to appreciate of minute. -- of -- every minute. big game coming up. >> just get on the coach and get ready, coming up at for mentioned 9ers will be ,,,,
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♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ ♪ ♪ you got that medley crunch ♪ go! go! buzz! ♪ go! go! go! buzz! ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ ♪ clusters, flakes ♪ that medley crunch, crunch! ♪ clusters, flakes ♪ that medley crunch, crunch! go! ♪ ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ ♪ hey! you got that medley crunch ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ on his right hamstring, his
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or sunday's play football business up top, 49ers corner back carlos rodgers had an mri today on his right hamstring, status for sunday's playoff game in green bay is unknown. on the other side of the bay all signs point to dennis allen staying on at least one more year as raiders head coach. here's the notable free agent list, you want them? pay them. running back darren mcfadden and rashad jennings and ageless charles woodson says he has plenty of game left in the tank. he's 37. >> felt good. i'm moving around out there well all year long, don't fool around. made a bunch of tackles, didn't get my hands on no balls. i don't like not getting my hands on the ball, playing a bunch of snaps. i still feel great, so my plan is to keep on pushing. >> reporter: you want to be part of the future here? >> absolutely. redskins.. jim schwartz in detroit. les you're fired!
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>> it's black monday. mike shanahan was let go by the redskins. jim schwartz in detroit, leslie frazier adios for the vikings, greg schiano gone and the browns fired their coach after one season. basketball, sacramento based grant high school picked a holiday tournament for a showcase. first they had to figure out socal. off the turnover here's brown to olivier. able tv live grant wins it 61-58 in the tournament. olivier is the tournament mvp averaging 20 points per game. tonight's top five, if you're going to deliver a memorable television live shot, kids, do it like the utah reporter. >> reporter: i have cross- country skis. so give us some base. okay. ike >> you all right?
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>> no. 4, how do you want a retiring mack brown? like this with a texas longhorns band. texas lost the alamo bowl game to oregon 30-7. no. 3 check the reporter on this hard check. just an ordinary chicago/l.a. game. no. 2, allen and he's going to duke next year, yeah! jumps over four guys. no. 1, champion baptist college first points of the game closer to 44-1 after 15 minutes. when it was all said and done, southern beat baptist 116-12. >> oh, ouch. >> that's not an error. that was the actual score. >> march madness is closing in on us, isn't it? >> and they started off ,,,,,,,,
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tomorrow morning at 4-30.
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