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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  January 7, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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the u-s -- much of the country is experiencing record-breaking temperature and we' punishing cold continues to grip the u.s.. much of the country is experiencing record-breaking temperatures and we're even feeling the impact right here in the bay area. good afternoon everyone, i'm michelle griego. frank is on assignment. we'll have more on the dangerous cold in just a moment. but first, the coast guard is trying to find a cruise ship crew member who went overboard
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near hawaii. the man was last seen monday night as the grand princess headed from san francisco to hilo. kpix 5's cate caugurian explains what happened. >> reporter: the grand princess turned its luxury cruise into a rescue mission. the cruise liner's sister ship the star princess and a cargo ship are scouring the waters for a missing 35-year-old filipino crew member. >> this occurred approximately 1,000 miles northeast of the place. >> reporter: tuesday morning a search plane was launched from barber's point. the coast guard in hawaii said they got the call around 12:20. the grand princess is now three days into a 15 day round trip cruise to hilo. thousands of passengers on board were confined to their cabins as staff took a head count. dr. russell darnell's wife and two children are on board. >> my wife and son and daughter were actually providing extra eyes last night. they stayed up all night just
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looking out to see if they could see something. >> reporter: as for how the man got off board that's still a mystery. representatives say he jumped intentionally. but the coast guard says they're not investigating this as a suicide. and right now it's only speculation. dr. darnell says his family was told the cruise will continue. however, in order to accommodate for the search efforts, the itinerary will be adjusted. in hayward, cate caugurian, kpix 5. the grand princess is a grand class cruise ship owned by princess cruises. it's scheduled to return to san francisco on january 19th. right now every state in the country except hawaii has at least one area where the temperature is below freezing. as alison harmelin reports, the so-called polar vortex responsible for all those subzero temps is affecting 187 million americans today. >> reporter: it's the coldest day in new york's central park since 1896. the temperature dropped the 5 degrees if -- to 5 degrees
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breaking a 118-year-old record. powerful winds make it feel well below zero. the teeth chattering cold forced this runner to cut the job in half. >> i was shooting for five. i put my nike app asked me to do but i told it no today. >> longening for the dog day -- longing for the dog days of summer. >> i have to brave the cold no matter what. >> reporter: the massive arctic air may have caused a water main to burst in elizabeth, new jersey. the blast was a rude awakening for new yorkers who were enjoying unseasonably warm 50- degree temperatures just yesterday. in illinois, snow drifts and sheets of ice stopped three amtrak trains an the way to chicago. stranded passengers ended up taking buses to their destinations. this car was caught on camera in chicago. atlanta is anything but hot ran that. it was just six degrees there this morning with a windchill
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of minus 10. windchill warnings are in effect as far south as florida. airlines canceled 1800 flights and delayed hundreds more. alison harmelin, kpix 5. >> and lawrence karnow has been tagging the polar vortex and how long before it's gone? >> they are right in the midst of it right now and usually the vortex is confined to the poles. this year though the cold air managed to sag to the south and it's dipping way down to the south. cold temperatures and record- breaking cold even in the deep south. these temperatures are something else. these highs expected for today. 34 degrees even in new orleans. 27 in memphis. 25 degrees in atlanta. 12 degrees in cincinnati. and 7 degrees in pittsburgh. very cold air today. changing though coming tomorrow. and it looks like that cold air will begin to retreat and the temperatures are going to improve and we're still talking 27 degrees in new york city. and about 18 degrees in
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detroit. the good news is it looks like that cold polar air and the polar vortex going to retreat further to the north. michelle? >> sounds good for people out in the country now. trammers into and out of the bay area are dealing with delays and cancellations. this was a live look right now at sfo. kpix 5's mark kelly joins us from there with the numbers and how some passengers are adjusting to the backlog. mark? >> reporter: well, michelle, the number of cancellations are definitely down from yesterday. nearly cut in half in fact. airlines are at this point are just trying to get everything back and working order. as for passengers, well, they emerged from these last couple of days with a whole bunch of war stories. this is what happens when hundreds of flights get canceled throwing airlines into a tail spin. unclaimed bags lined the baggage claim section in terminal three. >> last time i saw my luggage
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was in chicago when we rechecked it. it took three days ago. four days. four days ago. >> reporter: passengers show up crossing their fingers that their bag is somewhere in this mess. >> one of our bags arrived saturday night. the other did not. >> reporter: airport spokesperson doug yagel has seen claim this filled after other big storms. and gives this advice. >> the airlines have very sophisticated methods to track where baggage is located. want to make sure you know where it is before you come on o the airport. >> reporter: if you're supposed to fly out today you also want to check your flight status before showing up at the airport. today 18 flights mostly to the midwest and northeast are still canceled. while some airlines are back up and running, all jet blue's flights out of sfo are on time. that's not the case for everyone. >> it's a matter of airlines getting their operation back on track and getting their schedules reset. getting pilots and flight attendants and airplanes all matched up together. in order to run a normal schedule. >> reporter: doug says today
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should be the last of the cancellations. amid the chaos, at least some are keeping an upbeat mood. >> pretty much of a mess in the airports but everybody's been really nice. >> reporter: at the san jose airport, only two canceled flights today. both of those connecting to chicago. hopefully everything back to normal though by tomorrow. live at sfo, mark kelly. kpix 5. >> yeah. all right mark thank you. oakland airport just one canceled flight today. a southwest flight from ontario. today a bill to restore benefits for the long-term unemployed passed a key test in the u.s. senate. enough republicans joined democrats and a vote to advance the legislation. the bill extends emergency federal unemployment checks for three months for people who have been out of work for at least half a year. the cost would be $6.5 billion. >> historically, government has stepped up when the private sector cannot or will not and in this case we know it's absolutely essential. >> this administration's
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proposed solution is just a slap another band-aid from washington on it and call it a day. >> many republicans want democrats to find a way to pay for any extension. 1.3million americans lost their benefits late last month. another 1.9 million could lose benefits by the end of june. u.s. stock markets are looking to reverse a slow start to the year. the dow is up triple digits today can taking a live look at the big board right now. you can see the dow is up about 116 points. and an elementary school in hayward was evacuated today because of a gas leak. it happened at about 8:00 this morning at colonial acres elementary school in unincorporated hayward. firefighters found the leak and tried to stop it but it continued to seep. a crew from pge and came in and was able to -- pg&e came in and was cable to cap the leak by 8:45. a top lawmaker in sacramento plans to release details on funding preschools statewide. senate president pro tem darrell steinberg wants to
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expand the existing program aimed at children who turn 5 years old too many in the year to attend kindergarten. advocates say kids who attend pre-k do better in school later on. this afternoon more allegations to a civil rights lawsuit. the 13-year-old was shot and killed in santa rosa in october by a sheriff's deputy who mistook the boy's toy gun for an ak-47. the additional allegations concern a pattern of behavior by that deputy erick gelhaus. they have now paid $225,000 in overtime for officers to monitor protest against the shooting. a target security guard is getting credited for helping end a girl's kidnapping ordeal. she gave antioch police vital information about the suspect. police say roxanna ramirez spotted david douglas in the pittsburg store friday morning. he was acting so strangely she wrote down his license plate
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number. >> he was pacing back and forth and he was changing his clothes in the apartment. started messing arnold with the backpack and at one point he was sitting in the car and like shaking his steering wheel. >> when ramirez herd about the alert friday night she called police with that license number. a short time later, officers found douglas with the girl at the antioch marina. douglas admitted with the bay area news group that he kidnapped the young girl. achinesses national faces charges for allegedly setting the chinese consulate in san francisco on fire. it happened on new year's day. the fbi says 39-year-old yan feng turned himself in two days later. he claimed he heard voices in chinese leading him to believe the consulate was involved. elsewhere in the bay area, police in antioch are looking for thieves who burglarized the same home twice. the homeowner says they broke into her car in pittsburg on christmas eve and stole her garage door opener. that same day they used it to enter the house and steal
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electronics and jewelry while someone was in the shower. then last week, the woman's daughter was home when the burglars returned. a car chase ends with a violent crash at a pittsburg car dealership. it started yesterday when police tried to pull over a car on highway 4. officers suspected the car may have been stolen. the driver a wanted parolee took off and didn't stop until she slammed into two other cars. the driver and her passenger were hurt but should recover. televisions are getting bigger and better and now they're also becoming bendable. check out these new shape shifting concepts that samsung and lg are introducing at this year's consumer electronics show in las vegas. tv screens can switch from flat to curved with a remote control. other trends at the show, ultrahigh definition and 4 k technology which basically means tvs with higher resolutions. nearly a year after a hot air balloon crash killed 19 people in egypt, we finally know why the balloon came crashing down.
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in southern egypt last febr. egyptian fact-fin we now know what caused this deadly hot air balloon accident in southern egypt last february. an egyptian fact finding committee says a faulty fuel delivery system caught fire severely burning the balloon operator. 19 people were killed the committee issued recommendations to factories and plan operators in the -- balloon operators in the country to help. the russian and chinese ships that became stranded at
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sea near antarctica last week have now broken free according to chinese state media. a chinese ice breaker reported becoming trapped friday. a day after rescuing those on board a russian research ship that became stuck on christmas eve. chinese state media reports today the ice breaker was able to make a 100-degree turn which split the ice and opened up the channel of water. iraq's defense ministry says an air strike today killed 25 al-qaeda mill at that particular times. the latest -- militants. the latest strike comes amid fierce fighting in a battle for control of two cities. fallujah and ramadi. they have overrun police stations and taken control of key areas. the iraqi military has been deploying tanks and forces. lindsey vonn says the knee is not in good enough shape for olympic skiing and she's going to skip next month's games in sochi. she will have surgery on the
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right knee soon. she won two gold medallals in vancouver and injured her knee last february and regeared it in november. -- reinjured it in november. she suffered a sprain last month in france. sunday is just around the corner and that's when the niners take on the carolina panthers in the second round of the playoffs. the team for now is back in santa clara and there coach jim harbaugh is. he called plane ride home a happy flight. >> got the video of the games. and just -- just sitting there. you know just me. and all i needed now was a cup of coffee and i just happy as i could possibly be. >> harbaugh says sunday's win against the packers meant a lot to his players. and host happy for them. now the team is getting ready to head to charlotte and kickoff is at 10:05 sunday morning. the packers matches the highest
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game. it was the most watched telecast since last year's super bowl and we want to see your niner pride. click on the link on our website at great game too. right? >> bunch of great games actually all the games were really good this time. >> no kidding and this weekend should be even better. >> should be very very exciting. hey outside we're seeing at least some clouds. >> okay. >> not much in the way of rain. we could see some rain here soon. out the door we go we've got the high clouds streaming overhead. looks like those clouds will continue to move on by throughout the day today. and probably overnight tonight. we'll see some lingering clouds. still a little bit cool if you're headed outside. live look over the city of san francisco. the transamerica building and yeah the temperatures slow to warm up and that's because of that cloud cover. 54 degrees in san francisco. 56 right now in san jose and 55 degrees in oakland. as we head throughout the afternoon, though, we'll squeeze in some sunshine in- between the clouds but the temperatures going to be a little bit cooler today. tonight partly cloudy. not as cold. but there are some more storms
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on the horizon. and chance we could see a couple of rain drops maybe as early as thursday. i think a better chance will come on saturday. so with that in minds we've got a flat ridge of high pressure that's allowing the clouds to stream across the skies today. most of the energy is moving up into the moist. we're dry for now and we could have an isolated sprinkle at least north of the golden gate bridge. temperatures around the state mainly in the 60s in the central valley. and 58 and partly cloudy in the monterey bay. computer models showing you a lot of passing clouds. but watch what happens as we get into thursday. 4:00 a.m., here's your cold front diving into the bay area. a chance of some showers again. doesn't look like much but we'll take anything we can get. then that sweeps on by and friday we go the over way. then back into the possibility of some rain as we head in towards saturday. so we've got some changes in the works. today we're going to see highs of about 63-degrees in san jose. 61 in fremont. 59 degrees and cooler with a sea breeze kicking in pacifica. east bay temperatures up into the 60s as well. and then as you head inside the
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bay you'll see a mix of sunshine and a few clouds. and those numbers going to be cooler. 62 in san leandro and about 60 into san francisco. looking out over the next couple of days and at least a chance of a few showers slight chance on thursday. i think a better chance will come on saturday. then it looks like we turn to some dry and unusually warm weather on sunday and monday and by the way, sunset time 5:07 tonight. sunrise 7:25. but at least we've got a couple of rain drops to talk about. i mean it has been nothing for quite a while. >> i know we need it bad. all right lawrence thank you. a new hampshire girl learns why you should never try to imitate the movies. the hard lesson coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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eat fresh and stay healthy. a girl in new hampshire learned the lard way that -- hard way that touching your tongue to a frozen flag pole is a really bad idea. maddy had the notion to do it with no suggestion or daring from anyone else. she was curious to see what would happen. thinking her tongue would come right off. but it didn't. and a nerve-wracking experience ensued. >> i was like -- did i seriously just do that to myself? like -- did i really just do that? >> she tried to pull her tongue off of it as soon as it stuck -- happened. and that's what made it bleed. >> oh boy. maddie was stuck to the pole for a full 15 minutes before being freed and then taken to an emergency room. she's a little sore but otherwise is expected to be okay. i don't think she'll be doing that again anytime soon. well, just walking outside in the midwest is unbearable for most people right now. but one teenager in minnesota is sleeping in the cold. why he set up camp in his backyard next. >> and a reminder if you have a
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consumer problem or question, call our hotline. 8885 help 2 volunteers -- 888-5- helps-u. volunteers are there right now. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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but one bay area school nurs being called a hero. how her school nurse jobs are disappearing around the country due to budget cuts but one bay area school nurse is being called a hero. how the training saved a student's live. that story and more coming up at 5:00. while millions of people struggle to stay warm during
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the winter storm, this minnesota teen is keeping cozy in his family's backyard. he built a snow cave out of pvc pipes and wood and wears about six layers. just to stay warm. he says it started out as a fun thing over the summer and hopes to make it a full year of sleeping outside and he's now trying to figure out how to use the adventure to raise money for charities. what do you think? >> i think it's going to be all melting away and better do it very quickly. >> very quickly? >> all going away. >> have a great afternoon. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ]
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