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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  January 23, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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watching. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. see you at 6:00. captions by: caption colorado turns into an epidemic. every one of the lower 48 sees temperatures below freezing. >> we have not had these numbers ever, as far as frostbite injuries. >> pelley: we'll have the latest forecast. "goodfellas," the real life sequel. bob orr on the arrest in one of the biggest robberies in u.s. history. tonight, for the first time, a state senator viciously attacked by his own son explains how the mental health care system fails. >> it's clear the system failed. it's clear that it failed gus, it killed gus. >> pelley: and elaine quijano with two jersey girls who will be rooting for seattle in the super bowl. for a very special reason. >> just try your best. i have faith in you. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.
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>> pelley: good evening. this is our western edition. in much of the country tonight it's warmer inside the fringe than outside the front door. have a look. across the upper states the lows today were preceded by minus signs. the deep freeze reached deep in the heart of texas with lows in the low 30s. more than 241 million americans saw it below freezing today. in indiana, let's have a look at this for a moment. there was a pileup involving at least seven tractor-trailer rigs. one person was killed in this accident. this part of i-94, 60 miles from chicago, is going to be closed for a while. ferries crossing between new york and new jersey had to navigate through ice on the hudson. jamie yuccas of our cbs station wcco is in one of the coldest places-- minneapolis. jamie? >> reporter: scott, it reached
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six degrees below zero for a high temperature today with a windchill of minus 10. this cold isn't just a nuisance, it's a danger. minnesota is on track for its coldest winter in 33 years. in the last 24 hours, ice and whiteout conditions have caused nearly 400 crashes across the state. classes were canceled at more than 500 school districts to protect students from frostbite as they traveled to and from school. dr. ryan fey is a surgeon at a minneapolis frostbite center. >> when you're talking about ambient temperatures 20 below, windchill temperatures around 30 to 50 below, within just a few minutes we're talking about the on set of frostbite. >> reporter: this hospital has seen a record number of patients with symptoms such as blackened fingers, ears and toes. >> i was over 80 in december alone. we're on track for at least that again in january. we're talking about below-knee amputations, through-the-foot
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amputations, taking off fingers and toes, hands. >> pelley: windchill warnings and advisories are now in effect in 26 states. any moisture quickly freezes roads. as a result, there have been at least two major pileups on different interstates today. 50% of the great lakes is now frozen. this satellite photo shows nearly all of lake erie is covered in ice. it's too cold to create the conditions that lead to the lake effect snow common this time of year, a welcome break in parts of ohio and upstate new york. minneapolis should be 40 degrees warmer tomorrow, but, scott, we don't plan to get used to it. next week we're expected to get another blast of extreme cold. >> pelley: negative 36 in international falls, minnesota, today. jamie, thanks very much. i'm afraid we can't offer much relief. on saturday more snow will blow through the northeast and that will be followed by another mass of arctic air which will lock in for a few days and, out in the
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west, the pressure is high and the sky will stay dry. tay dry. we wondered why the cold is so persistent so we turned to eric fisher, chief meteorologist at our station wbz. eric, what's going on? >> well, scott, one thing we look at when we try to forecast these things are teleconnections. one of those is the arctic oscillation, nothing new, it's always there, just in different phases. when it's in the positive phase you have strong winds around the poles. that bottles up the extreme cold air. when it goes into a negative phase those winds slow down like we've seen recently and that allows for the jet stream to wobble, taking a big dip across the eastern united states. it doesn't always have to be over the united states, it just happens to be at this time creating such cold conditions. meanwhile, across the west, warm and dry. scott, so dry that if it doesn't rain in sacramento before the end of this month, it will be the first january ever recorded without a drop of rain. >> pelley: and so when will it get warmer back east? >> i was trying to see some of
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these changes ahead. as we head toward the end of january and the start of february they're showing signs the jet stream is going to change its shape, bring an increased chance of storminess to the west and much-needed relief across the southeast and the east. eric, thanks as always. the extreme weather has taken a toll on travel, of course. more than 35,000 flights have been canceled so far this month. that's more than the past two januaries combined. kennedy airport in new york was the scene of a daring robbery many years ago that resulted in a surprising arrest today. justice correspondent bob orr reports that the f.b.i. collared an alleged mobster in connection with the heist that inspired a movie. >> reporter: it was an arrest 35 years in the making. vincent asaro, a reputed captain in the bonanno mob family was charged today with a catalog of crimes: racketeering, extortion,
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murder and robbery. not just any robbery but the brazen 1978 heist at the lufthansa offices at new york's kennedy airport. prosecutors say asaro was a lookout who helped thieves make off with $6 million in cash and jewelry. officials said gunman broke in and rounded up eight lufthansa employees. >> they handcuffed them and forced them to open the security room, safe or whatever you want to call it. >> reporter: prosecutors say asaro was part of a hold up crew by james burke. burke, known as jimmy the gent was portrayed by robert de niro in "goodfellas" a movie built around the lufthansa heist. >> are you stupid or what? did you hear what i said? don't buy anything, don't get anything, nothing big. what's the matter with you? >> reporter: jimmy burke died in prison in 1996 while serving time on a murder rap. over the years, other lufthansa conspirators were killed and only one airline employee was ever convicted in the case.
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most of the stolen loot is still missing. but for years, asaro has been under suspicion. a search at jimmy burke's former home in queens turned up partial human remains from a murder that led back to asaro. and prosecutors say asaro implicated himself in the lufthansa holdup in taped conversations with f.b.i. informants. in february, the 2011, asaro apparently complained he never got his full share of the robbery proceeds. his lawyer said asaro is innocent. he was in court with four other alleged mobsters, all arrested this morning for various crimes dating back to the '60s, scott. one of those charged is thomas di fiore currently to be part of the bonanno crime family not in prison. >> pelley: bob orr in our washington newsroom. bob, thank you very much. today the pentagon said the u.s. and russia are discussing security at the sochi olympics.
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the games will be held near a region where islamic terrorists have fought for independence from russia. dean reynolds reports that some americans have already decided that sochi is not for them-- including a family with an emotional tie to the winter games. games. >> reporter: how many kids do you have? >> five. >> reporter: in wisconsin, bob suter was looking forward to seeing his son play for the u.s. olympic hockey team but concerns about security in sochi are keeping him home. >> everything is security, security, and, you know, it's just too bad that it takes away from the athletics and the sports and stuff. >> reporter: his son ryan suter is a star defenseman for the minnesota wild in the national hockey league and will play for team u.s.a. but ryan made it clear that he preferred his wife, his two children, and his parents stay away. >> it's definitely a concern. i look forward to going to the olympics and being part of it. you hear all these stories about different things and it's
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definitely a concern. >> reporter: is there something that is lost because of that? >> it just makes it maybe not as fun that you have to worry now days. >> reporter: ryan suter's minnesota teammate zach parise has already told his family to skip sochi. >> it's nervew >> reporter: bob suter was member of the u.s. team in 1980 which memorably defeated the russian favorites in the game that came to be known as the miracle on ice. today at the ice rink he runs in middleton, wisconsin, he said he's sorry there will be no reunion with his old russian foes. >> it would have been nice to see them but another time. >> reporter: now, scott, bob suter says that if team u.s.a. and his son are poised to win the gold medal in sochi he might reconsider his decision to stay home. >> pelley: and the games are due to start february 7. dean, thanks very much. at the world economic forum in
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davos, switzerland today, iran's president turned on the charm with an appeal for foreign investment. the door opened a tiny bit this week after iran froze its nuclear enrichment program and the u.s. and western allies rolled back some of the sanctions that have devastated the iranian economy. margaret brennan is in davos for us tonight. us tonight. >> reporter: at this summit high in the swiss alps, this year's top draw was iran's president hassan rouhani. he told a packed hall that his country was open for business and he said that iran's economy had the potential to be among the top ten in the world as long as the west eased crippling economic sanctions. using words like "moderation" and "prudence," he touted investment opportunities and iran's vast oil fields. he also reassured the audience that tehran would abide by the terms of the deal to freeze its nuclear program for six months. "i strongly and clearly declare" he said "that nuclear weapons
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have no place in our security strategy." hours later, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, also at the forum, warned that iran had only changed words, not deeds. it didn't stop rouhani. this trip was about drumming up new business. he held several private meets with major oil firms. rouhani may only get that business if the nuclear deal holds. right now, it's temporary. the white house warned anyone considering doing business with iran that it will punish them if they violate the remaining sanctions while it takes the next six months to test whether iran is building a nuclear weapon. >> pelley: margaret brennan in davos, switzerland for us tonight. margaret, thanks. the pentagon has discovered a gap in the defenses of washington, d.c. and it's about to test a solution. but david martin reports depending on your point of view the solution is either vital for national security or a threat to american privacy. >> reporter: starting this fall, two of these blimps will float at 10,000 feet over the army's aberdeen proving ground in
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maryland in an attempt to develop a defense for the nation's capital against cruise missiles fired from ships offshore. russia already has a large arsenal of cruise missiles-- essentially low-flying unmanned aircraft-- and other countries like iran are developing them. as it stands today, we have practically zero capability to detect it, much less defend against it, one military officer said of the cruise missile threat. the balloons carry radars that can search for hundreds of miles to detect the launch of a cruise missile and relay the data to interceptor missile which have been positioned around washington since 9/11. but those same blimps can be outfitted with radars capable of tracking vehicles on the ground and with cameras that can watch people-- much like blimps already do at u.s. bases in afghanistan and along the border with mexico. that would give government the ability to follow american citizens as they go about their daily lives. officials insist they have no plans to put cameras on the
5:43 pm
blimps. but christopher calabrese of the a.c.l.u. points out there's no law against it. >> right now there are no rules. there's nothing that bars us from having high-powered cameras monitoring our every public movement. >> pelley: blimps are an old- fashioned technology, but this is a modern-day dilemma, much like the controversy over n.s.a. eavesdropping. government efforts to make americans safer also have the potential to invade their privacy. >> pelley: david martin at the pentagon tonight. david, thank you. a state senator who was attacked by his son says the mental health system failed them. justin bieber took off in a lamborghini and landed in jail. and one of america's most active volcanoes is at it again-- when the "cbs evening news" continues. complete your degree and prepare for a new career with devry university's merit-based career catalyst scholarship. apply by february 28th
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5:47 pm
gus was a great kid. he was a perfect son. it's clear the system failed. it's clear that it failed gus. it killed gus. >> reporter: gus deeds was a talented musician, on the dean's list at the college of william & mary but after he turned 21 he became delusional and was diagnosed as bipolar. last november, his father was worried that gus would kill himself so deeds got a court order and sheriffs deputies to take gus to an emergency room. there calls went out to find an open bed in a psychiatric hospital. because of a state law designed to protect patients, that court order would expire in six hours. and if you didn't find a hospital bed in six hours, gus was coming home. >> he was coming home. and i was concerned that if he came home there was going to be a crisis. >> pelley: no bed was found. there was no place to go but home. >> i didn't know what was going to happen. but the next morning, you know,
5:48 pm
i felt like there'd be a confrontation but i had no reason to think there'd be violence. i got ready for work and i went out to the barn to feed the horses and gus was coming across the yard and he was -- i said "hey, bud, how'd you sleep?" he said "fine." i turned my back and -- i turned my back and he was just on me. >> pelley: he attacked you. >> twice. he got me twice. >> pelley: but the attack continued. there were ten wounds in all. a neighbor found deeds and as he was being taken to a hospital, gus deeds shot himself to death. creigh deeds has returned to the virginia senate. he's introduced bills to extend the length of emergency court orders to 24 hours and create a computer database to list instantly every open psychiatric bed statewide. deeds full interview will be
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5:52 pm
was fired accidentally. there was a terrible tragedy there canada today. overnight fire tore through an old-age home in quebec killing at least three people, but 30 others are missing and feared dead. nearly all used wheelchairs or walkers making it next to impossible to escape. the building almost entirely made of wood was destroyed. the cause of the fire is not known. canadian-born singer justin bieber was arrested in miami beach early this morning after the police say they caught him drag racing in a lamborghini. bieber is 19. the charges include d.u.i. and resisting arrest. he could get up to six months in prison. bieber is free tonight on $2,500 bail. remember the '70s? well, have a look at a real lava lamp. this is the kilauea volcano in hawaii the, a lava lake at the summit is churning, bubbles of molten rock have been coming to the surface and bursting.
5:53 pm
kilauea's last major eruption was five years ago. a football star has a message for kids like riley and erin-- and they have a message for him. that story is next. ♪ don't miss a step... ♪ nothing's missed with tena twist... ♪ ♪ don't miss a beat... ♪ nothing's missed with tena twist... ♪ because fearless protection for the unexpected leak gave you a new outlook, we've given fearless protection a whole new look. ♪ nothing's missed with tena twist... ♪ brighter, fresher and full of life. just like you. ♪ don't miss a beat nothing's missed with tena twist ♪ presenting the fresh, new face of fearless protection. arriving this spring... learn more at ♪ nothing's missed with tena twist... ♪ [ chicken caws ]
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bay area next weather talent appears at wx center with generic pinpoint filling monitor then we take special >> pelley: finally tonight, for football fans the super bowl is, of course, entertaining, at times exciting and for some young kids when denver plays seattle it will be down right inspirational. here's elaine quijano. >> reporter: nine-year-old twins riley and erin kovalcik were born with a genetic condition that left them partially deaf. last week, they saw a t.v. commercial featuring seahawks derrick coleman. >> they told me it couldn't be done, but i've been deaf since i was 3 so i didn't listen. >> reporter: what did you think when you saw that commercial? >> i thought it was very touching because -- i didn't think there was any athlete that could actually play that could be exactly hearing impaired like me and erin. like, i mean, seriously. i saw the battery commercial, i
5:57 pm
remember him saying he was bullied and i was like, what? how is he a football player? he's very strong but how does he let them do that? >> reporter: riley herself was picked on in school and was told not to play sports. >> this is soccer. >> reporter: a warning she ignored. after the seahawks won last weekend riley picked up a pencil. "dear my inspiration derrick coleman. i know how you feel, i also have hearing aids. just try your best, i have faith in you." >> reporter: their father jake tweeted a picture hoping coleman would see it. >> i just wanted him to know how much he is doing for deaf kids and little kids and all kids with disabilities. i mean, it doesn't matter that you're deaf, it doesn't matter that you may have some other disability, you can be exceptional, too. >> reporter: that night, the seahawks retweeted the letter. it's been shared and pretweeted 2,700 times. coleman was a star at u.c.l.a. but went undrafted and had to fight for an n.f.l. tryout.
5:58 pm
now he's super bowl bound. last week, coleman spoke to our bill whitaker about his message to disabled kids. >> and let them know that i did what i wanted to do so you can do it, too, you know? no matter what the obstacles are, you can always achieve what you wanted to do. >> repor the girls have one more message for their inspiration. >> good luck in the super bowl and go seahawks! >> reporter: elaine quijano, cbs news, flanders, new jersey. >> pelley: and that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night. captio nsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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warning about railway disas and tanker cars carrying cr >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda marie macdonald troubles on the rail with tankers cars carrying crude but will dire predictions derail shipments bound for bay area refineries? good evening, i'm juliette goodrich in for elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. this is a story first record by kpix 5. potentially dangerous shipments of crude oil coming to the east bay. now, the concerns are so serious, the feds are now sounding the alarm. new at 6:00 christin ayers on how to could affect at least two bay area cities. >> reporter: there have already been four major crashes of some of these trains carrying crude in north america and now in an unprecedented move federal investigators in both the united states and canada are
6:00 pm
saying these trains need tighter regulations before disaster strikes again. a runaway train derailed along the u.s.-canada border in july and explodes. 47 people died in an inferno fueled by what's called [ indiscernible ] shale a highly flammable fracked oil the train was carrying. today the national transportation safety board investigating the accident released a report saying the amount of crude shipped by rail across the united states has spiked 443% since 2005. and to keep accidents like this one from happening again something has to change. or else major loss of life, property damage and environmental consequences can occur. [ protests ] >> reporter: perhaps nowhere is that more clear than in the bay area refinery town. pittsburg residents are fighting to keep a company called wes-pac energy from bringing more than 200,000 barrels a day of the same oi


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