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tv   KPIX 5 News Saturday Morning Edition  CBS  January 25, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PST

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a teac this morning on kpix 5 a car takes off half a house in a crash. a teacher from a bay area elementary school arrested for putting pot in a pot luck dish. plus the bay area musicians hoping to win big on grammy night. it is 7:00, saturday morning, january 25thanks for joining us. >> i'm mark kelly. let's get things started with a look at our forecast. >> it's a cool start to our saturday morning, partly cloudy out there and we're going to see those clouds hanging around throughout the day. temperatures 43 right now in concord, 52 in san francisco, 46 down in san jose. we're going to see those cloudy conditions continue, the mild temperatures as well as another spare the air day, the 30th so far this season.
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staying warm, we're going to see things cooling down later on next week. we'll talk about the seven day forecast in a few minutes. developing overnight a car loses control and slams into two homes in antioch. witnesses say the car was speeding when it crashed into the corner of the first house. check out the damage there. a part of the wall is no longer there. the car then flipped, struck the second home and landed upside down on its front yard. the woman inside that home slept through the entire ordeal. >> she has dementia and she doesn't sleep so she takes sleeping pills and i walked in there and checked to see if she was okay. i asked her if she was okay and she said yes and went right back to sleep. >> before hitting the second home, the car took out a pg& e power box. that knocked out power in the area for a bit. police do not suspect the driver was under the in plus of drugs or alcohol. they say speeding was the cause of the accident.
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no major injuries were reported. well an elementary school teacher is now facing poisoning charges. >> kpix5 andrea borba has details on what the woman is acused of doing that landed her in jail. >> reporter: the trouble began on november 21 at a party involving several from matthew turner elementary. it was a pot luck. after the party several of the 20 people there began feeling ill, seriously ill. >> one of the party goers was rushed to the hospital with severe reactions, she was hospitalized. the very next morning another party goer was taken to the hospital because she continued to feel like she was under the influence of something she wasn't sure exactly what it was. >> hospital blood tests confirm the presence of thc, the active ingredient in marijuana and it wasn't just the holiday party goers who ate the food. >> one of the attendees took
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some of the food home and their 15 year old juvenile ingested this food and game ill. >> that's when a police investigation began and the person who brought the allegedly laced dish was identified as 47 year old theresa badger, an elementary school teacher. witnesses told detectives after the party badger admitted to them she put pot in the dish. her neighbors say the charges, three felony counts of poisoning, don't fit the woman and mother they know. >> what i'm hearing from you guys is totally out of character. theresa is about as she's kind, she's a dedicated teacher. she's someone who keeps to herself. >> the police department is not commenting on exactly what item badger may have brought to that party saying they still have people to interview in this investigation. kpix 5. >> badger did not speak with arresting officers about the alleged poisoning.
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she's been booked into the county jail. there may not be a video record of the events leading up to the accidental shooting that left a bart police officer dead. according to the san francisco chronicle officers on scene were not wearing their lapel cameras or did not have them turned on. bart patrol officers have had the cameras since last summer and they are trained to use them in any enforcement action. >> if you capture some event or an object on video and it's a system that can't be tampered with, it's in also refutable what you see. >> plain clothes detectives are not required to wear the cameras but uniformed officers are. at least two officers in uniform were on scene during tuesdays search in dublin. tom smith was killed by friendly fire. other headlines this morning a 14 year old oakland boy wanted in the murder of his sister is still on the run. police say the teen shot and killed 17 year old justice toliver over an argument about laundry. neighbors say they heard two or three shots from the families
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chinatown apartment. surveillance cameras recorded the boy leaving the complex. one person is in the hospital after a car jumped a sidewalk and smashed into a bus shelter in san francisco. this happened at about 10:00 p.m. last night at 30th and mission streets. the victim suffered serious injuries. there's no word on what caused the driver to lose control. flu related deaths are on the rise in the bay area. three more were reported in santa clara and alameda counties yesterday. there were 50 more confirmed flu deaths in people under the age of 65 throughout the state, as of last week. so far 33 people in the bay area have died from the flu. 95 in the state of california. last flu season the state had 106 deaths. there's a new controversy relating to the eastern span of the bay bridge. a whistle blower is accusing caltrans of brushing aside safety concerns during construction. mike morgan, an engineering geologist told state lawmakers his supervisors covered up structural problems. in a report, commissioned by the state senate, a project
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official reportedly told an engineer not to document concerns but to voice them instead. caltrans says this adds up to a difference of opinion, not a cover up. >> after it was discovered, it quickly became apparent to me that the problem was being kept secret and ignored or covered up. >> i have no evidence or no reason to believe that there was any coercion or anything like that and bullying to make determinations. >> well caltrans says the bay bridge is structurally safe and the quality was not compromised. there will be another senate hearing next month. that one dealing with possible reforms for caltrans. new details on high speed rail. governor brown told the state supreme court to clear the way for the projects financing. the brown administration asked the high court yesterday to overturn two lower court rulings. those decisions blocked the state from selling more than $8 billion in voter approved bonds, and required a revised financing plan. the governor says the rulings
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will delay construction and could hurt other voter approved projects in the future. musics biggest night, the 56th annual grammy awards happen this sunday and you can watch right here on kpix5. frank malaco shows us a bay area group that really knows how to pull strings could get a grammy win. >> reporter: outside this oakland home crews are tearing up the street. that's why it's hard to believe inside this is going on. >> this is not your mothers chamber music. we go pretty hard core on a lot of the stuff we play. >> from jazz, rock, funk, blues, they play everything, but classical music. now, one of the two compositions the groups rehearsing could bring home grammy gold both nominated for best instrumental. >> i should play the lottery because what are the odds of pulling one grammy nomination, it's phenomenal.
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>> yeah, i think the really cool pieces that are very different. >> one work titled california pitchers was composed by a renouned big band leader gordon goodwin. with this, the quartet swings. >> right from the beginning, that's a big band. that's the horn section, you know? >> the second nominated work is written by six time grammy winner vince mendosa. >> i get to start the whole piece with what could be akin to a funk guitar meeting the strings. that's the piece. >> called funky diversion it's down right funky. >> mendoza in particular is different from anything i've ever played. >> only five works are nominated for best instrumental so the odds are in their favor but winning isn't as important as just sharing the vibe. >> we really wanted to bring
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new music from the west coast to the rest of the world. >> kpix 5. >> [applause] >> and there is some buzz around another grammy nominated musician from the bay area. >> laura sullivan from belmont is making a name for herself in the new age genre. well that song is from sullivan's grammy nominated album loves river. sullivan and her husband produced the album from their home studio. >> this is my seventh album release and just thrilled to be honored with this nomination. it's just very very exciting. >> so the grammies start at 8:00 tomorrow night, our own betty yu will be on the red carpet and behind the scenes. you can watch her live reports here on kpix5, and you can check out all of betty's pictures from the big show on our website, no snow in the sierra
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taking a toll on tahoe businesses. how the summer like winter weather is prompting people to change their travel plans. an interesting new exhibit at the san francisco zoo is not about the animals. what bay area animal lovers are waiting to get the dirty school on animal poop, up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back. 12 minutes after 7:00 a live look at downtown san jose. partly cloudy but it should be a pretty nice saturday ahead. looking to the ama super cross event going on at odotco colosseum all day long with the big race at 7:00, partly cloudy and 65 degrees. well developing news in the ukraine, anti-government riots are spreading all across the country. crisis escalated this week when two activists were shot dead. the opposition says they were killed by riot police. the government denies that claim and accuses protesters of capturing two police officers. both people are angry over the governments decision to shun the european union forecloser ties to russia. happening today, a small
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bomb goes off in cairo as egyptions mark the third anniversary of the up rising that toppled long time president's regime. no one was hurt in todays explosion but people are realing in the aftermath of four bombings yesterday that killed six, so despite attack supporters of the military- backed government and growing islamic insurgents were out protesting on the streets today. starting today the san francisco zoo is going to great lengths to explain the dirty truth. it's called the scoop on poop. a new exhibit that goes into the benefits of waste, yes we're talking animal waste. >> poop trivia, poop games, you're going to learn how animals use poop to build hopes and houses, how it's used by us. we've been using poop for centuries to fertilize our crops and we make things out of it. you'll learn all of this when you come to scoop on poop, the science of what gets left behind. >> the idea of the exhibit came
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from the kids who officials tell us questions about waste are the most often asked at the zoo. a big dog show happens today and tomorrow at the palace, the golden gate kennel club dog show starts this morning at 8:30. more than 1500 dogs will take part covering about 135 different breeds. judging goes on throughout the weekend along with dog dancing and a dog fashion show. >> that's always fun to watch. well willet hoe is hurting without snow, the wine country is having a great winter. >> kpix 5 shows us why nappa wine makers are saying cheers to the warm weather. >> reporter: if you're a glass half full kind of person you'll love how this story goes down. >> 75 something like that? and it's very strange. >> they are in nappa celebrating their anniversary. normally they choose tahoe. not this year. >> we love to go up there this time of year but there's not enough snow if you want to go and play. >> here are snapshots from the sierra today. if you like open slopes, it was
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a good day, but the only snow was man made. that's not good enough for this couple from sacramento. >> since it's nice enough this time of year-- >> no snow means that people are more likely to come here than they might be otherwise. >> overall nappa is seeing nearly 25% more visitors than last winter. january is supposed to be slow around here. >> normally, some of our staff get a little board sometimes. >> you won't see wine ares complaining. >> it's great, so much fun having people in here. >> this weekend it will look like a different season in wine country, and with the warm temperatures, it will feel like one too. >> beautiful and sunny, [laughter] >> perfect, yes. >> just perfect. >> the only thing missing will be the fruit on the vines. >> so wine makers are happy today but some told me that they're worried about how the dry weather might affect next years wine. in nappa, kpix5. >> nice assignment, ryan. 15 minutes after 7:00, our
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current conditions, chilly out there and partly cloudy skies, upper 40s, lower 50s in most spots of the bay area and today we are going to be warming up into the mid 60s, low 70s, another day of unseasonably mild temperatures. we are going to stay dry and warm throughout the rest of the next week, taking a look at your seven day forecast. the possibility of a cool down though toward the end of the week and we may, we may see the possibility of a shower at this time next week so we have our fingers crossed for that. >> start the countdown. well most everyone can download an app, but can you create one? kristin airs shows us a group of young girls in oakland can and they're getting high profile support. >> reporter: like most 9-year- old girls, they love dolls. >> it shows the condition, the price. >> but unlike most kids her age, butterfield created an app for doll lovers like herself.
7:17 am
it's called doll finder. >> you can like sell and buy doll products. >> butterfield is a member of black girls code. in oakland non-profit that teaches young african american girls how to build websites and create apps and computer games. like the one rebecca taylor made. >> a game about a guy named larry. >> it's the brainchild of electrical engineering kimberly brian. >> we like to think of ourselves as the girl scouts of technology. >> she did the research and found out black women receive only about 3% of bachelors degrees in computer science. >> we hope to really be able to tap into changing the ratio for women of color and really making a difference in what the face of technology looks like. >> in two years the non-profit has taken off. there are branches all over the country and one in south africa. >> some of the girls apps are already available on sites like google play. i just downloaded doll finder and the news keeps getting
7:18 am
better. black girls code just one microsoft prestigious price for $50,000. the money will allow brian to hire more staff and buy laptops and tablets for the girls to learn on and hope that they will pursue tech careers, that seems to be working. >> i want to be a computer science engineer. in the future i can be an entrepreneur. >> i would like to make an ipad but i think that's too hard, because i'm only 11, so-- >> in oakland, kristin airs, kpix5. >> brian's ultimate goal is to reach 1 million girls of color by the year 2040. in just two years she's already reached 2500. i can't believe i did it. >> [applause] >> graduation is even more special considering the tremendous obsticles she faced along the way. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,, the great american novel.
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big wave contest yesterday. well the mavericks came and they were intimidating even for twiggy, the south african won the big wave contest yesterday. mavericks organizers say the waves were up to 40 feet tall. >> the waves are pretty big. they're a couple 20 footers i'd say but every time you're about to get to your feet, it just looks undoable. it looked like there's no way you're going to make it and you know what, i saw guys going on waves in the semifinals that was just outrageous. >> and not a bad price.
7:22 am
twiggy takes home $12,000 for coming in first place. >> that is so scar it. they are risking their lives out there. for a closer look at the city that hosts mavericks robert a gonzalez has a report from half moon bay. >> part off our weekly feature called where is roberta highlighting unique places all around the area. >> reporter: welcome to half moon bay. a wayne, coastal town where a little over 13,000 people are lucky enough to call it home. it is world renouned for its pumpkin festival and its mavericks surf contest. >> big big big big big, bigger than big. >> but half moon bay is also known for its long stretches of serene shoreline. >> oh, i always come out here, come down here two or three mornings a week and walk. >> and great food. >> fresh season crab and fish. it's every day. >> residents of this charming community live a lifestyle that many think no longer exists in california. neighbors care about each
7:23 am
other, and there is a real sense of community. >> everybody knows everybody. i mean, i've lived down here since 1966, so these guys here were little kids. >> sure the building swells want to lay awake at night. >> they're pounding the last two or three nights it's just pounding and taken me awhile to figure out what the noise is. >> but it is the mild winter weather that's causing an uptick in business and this historic city in san mateo county. >> it's actually helping the fish so the fishermen can sell all the fish they catch so yeah it's a lot more tourist which is really helping out half moon bay. >> any fears for the lack of rain? >> this is god's country, yes. can't believe it. you feel sad about it. >> that was robert a gonzalez reporting. for more on half moon bay and where robert a should go next visit our website at and look for where's robert a. well most of our students rising above are growing up without their parents.
7:24 am
it almost happened to nancy pume. in high school she was told she would lose her mother, a single parent but now four years and a college diploma later it's a different story. >> reporter: watch the home video very carefully to see nancy fong break new ground. she joins her brother as the first in their family to graduate from college. >> i'm super proud of myself. i can't believe i did it. >> with a degree in business management. her family and her students rising above mentors at her side. >> it means that i'm changing my family history, i'm creating new paths and new footsteps for whoever is going to come after me. >> it's a long ways from the nervous little girl we first met at san rafael high back in 2009. >> first school was a safe place for me and then it just started going to be my home. >> she's in and out of my room constantly. >> her father fought in the vietnam war with the americans,
7:25 am
but the fighting for him continued at home here. finally, he left, and the money problems started. >> my mom couldn't speak english, she didn't know how to read, she barely could get a job. >> her mom worked late into the night. then when nancy was in high school, her mother developed cervical cancer. >> the doctors told me that she had six months to a year to live and that i should probably spend as much time as possible with her before she actually like passed away. >> the teachers at school created her safety net. >> five or six adults just became immediately focused on figuring out exactly what was going on with her, getting her as much help as we possibly could. >> nancy went to work to help pay the bills. and she learned a big lesson. >> it's okay to have people reach out to you. it's okay. >> you reach out if you need help. it's okay if you cry. >> the good news is nancy's mom
7:26 am
is in remission. she was able to watch nancy graduate. >> she was just so happy. she was screaming and shouting when i was walking the stage. this is something that back then, a few years ago i didn't think would be possible. i didn't think that this would actually, like it would actually come to this day. >> nancy is interested marketing, but her first job out of college is at the newest target store in san rafael, running the starbucks restaurant. wendy takuda, for kpix5. >> well this years students rising above well help send 100 bay area kids to college. >> if you want to help more kids like nancy go to college go to our web page, for students rising above and look for the section called get involved. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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well, you know. i'm anne makovec. (first w welcome back. it's just about 7:30 on this saturday morning. good morning. i'm mark kelly. >> looks like it's going to be another mild day around the bay area. >> let's get things started with a live look on our roof top camera, a picture of the bay bridge partly cloudy and chilly in some spots, 40s lower 50s for the most part, oakland 50, san francisco 51, san jose 46. here is our headlines, here is what you could expect later on on your saturday partly cloudy day, mild afternoon, it is a spare the air day meaning it's
7:30 am
illegal to burn. our 30th one this winter season. staying warm for now but we have a surprise in store for the next seven days so stay tuned. new this morning a car slams into two homes in antioch causing major damage. witnesses say the car was speeding when it crashed into the corner of the first house, check out that damage. part of the wall no longer there, so the car then flipped, hit the second home and landed upside down in its front yard. the woman that was inside that home actually slept through the entire ordeal. >> she has dementia and she doesn't sleep, so she takes sleeping pills and i walked in there and checked to see if she was okay, and asked her if she was okay and she said yes and went right back to sleep. >> wow i guess that's kind of good. before hitting the second home the car took out a pg& e power box that knocked out power in the area for a bit. police do not think the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol but they say
7:31 am
speed was the cause of that accident. no major injuries were reported. well developing in benetia, an elementary school teacher in serious trouble for bringing allegedly a pot-laced dish to a pot luck. 47 year old theresa badger brought the dish to a holiday party held back in november, for teachers from matthew turner elementary. well after the party several of the 20 people there began feeling ill. hospital blood tests confirmed the presence of thc, the active ingredient in marijuana. badger was arrested yesterday. her neighbors shocked. >> what i'm hearing from you guys is totally out of character. theresa is about as kind, she's a dedicated teacher. she's someone who keeps to herself. >> they weren't with the only ones that got sick. someone at the party took food home and a 15 year old became ill after eating the allegedly laced food. badger is facing three felony counts of poisoning.
7:32 am
there may be no video record of what lead up to the accidental shooting that left a bart police officer dead. the san francisco chronicle reports officers on scene weren't wearing their lapel cameras or didn't have them turned on. brian web has that story. >> reporter: when one bart officer shot and killed another bart officer this week, other officers on scene should have been recording video of what happened. >> saw it as what was or was not captured, again i would have to defer to the alameda county sheriffs department who is conducting that investigation. >> bart patrol officers have been equipped with these cameras since last summer, trained to use them during any enforcement actions including searches like the one that ended with bart sargent tom smith killed by friendly fire. >> if you capture some events or an object on video and it's in a system that can't be tampered with, it's irrefutable what you see. >> pain clothes detectives are not required to wear the cameras but uniformed officers
7:33 am
are, at least two officers in uniform were on scene during tuesday's search. >> my personnel trained for these type of scenarios and what they did, how they approach that apartment is in accordance with our training. >> but if reports are right and no video exists, it raises a red flag for oakland attorney john burris. he represented oscar grant's family after the infamous shooting. >> when a camera is supposed to be on and it's not on you have to wonder about why it wasn't on, and it also unfortuntely eliminates a quasi piece of evidence. >> brian web, kpix5. >> bart officers began using body cameras in large part because of that deadly shooting at the fruitdale station five years ago. we're learning more about a man killed by a cal train this week in santa clara. he was a good samaritan trying to save someone else. san jose mercury news reports
7:34 am
35 year old film schultz was on the tracks trying to pull another man up. investigators say that man did not want to leave leading both men to get hit by the train. schultz died in the second victim remains in the hospital. schultz was a marketer. u.s. athletes, coaches and officials are being warned to watch what they wear. russia has increased security in sochi because of the threat of terrorists attacks and olympic committee from several countries have received threats by e-mail this past week. so now the state department is warning people not to wear clothes that have usa logos on them. away from the o limb p pick venues at least. >> to be clear, we generally give this kind of guidance around big international events particularly if there is some kind of threat like we see here. >> the games start in less than two weeks and during them, american athletes will be under the watchful eye of u.s. security officials. new this morning, pope francis is thinking about visiting the u.s. next year. sources at the vatican say it's
7:35 am
not official but the religious leader is looking to make a trip in september of 2015. the primary motive for this visit would be the eighth edition of the world meeting of families and that the an event held every three years in various parts of the world. here is a story you'll see only on kpix5. one group has a new recommendation to stop the spread of hiv. >> they want the city of san francisco to start handing out crack pipes. now the health department was looking into it and told joe vasquez started asking questions. >> reporter: hayley harris, 28 years old, says she is a crack/cocaine addict, a group considered at high risk for spreading hiv. >> i have friends that have hiv and most of the conversations they have is i don't care, you know, and i'm going to die anyway. >> could handing out clean crack pipes make a difference in that attitude? >> it may seem counterintuitive but it's a great program. >> laura thomas is a member of the hiv prevention and planning council, a group made a formal recommendation to san
7:36 am
francisco's health department asking the city to consider a program to distribute free crack pipes to crack addicts. how will it work? well it's not exactly like the needle exchange programs which are universally accepted as a means to prevent the direct spread of hiv crack pipes are different. you can't get hiv from sharing crack pipes. harris says giving them out for free as is being done on a trial basis in seattle and in several cities in canada is more than outreach effort. >> once you can bring people into your program, make them feel respected, taken care of, then they're more likely to want to come back and want to get on hiv meds. >> meds which have recently been proven not to just treat hiv but prevent the spread of the disease. >> insane. i think it's an insane idea. >> armeet dillon is charm of the san francisco republican party. >> i'm concerned the message we're sending to these vulnerable people is we give up, here is free crack pipes. who knows, next year it's free
7:37 am
crack. >> kpix5. >> well health department officials originally told kpix the city was just exploring the program, but then we got this statement from mayor ed lee's office,, "mayor lee is not wear of this exploration and is not supportive. there are many other hiv interventions that could and should be explored before ever considering this." barbara garcia, the cities health director went a step further saying that recommendation has not come to me and i'm telling you that if it did, i would say absolutely no. we are not going to distribute crack pipes. the death of a patient is leading to big changes in safety and security procedures at san francisco general hospital. lynn spalding disappeared on september 21 and her body was found more than two weeks later in a stairwell in the hospital. now the hospitals new safety plan includes more thorough searches and alarms in those stairwells. the changes were checked out by federal officials this week. happening today, free flu
7:38 am
shots by the solano county public health department. you can get the vaccine at the kroc center health fair. that starts at 11 this morning. now today and tomorrow are the final two days of restaurant week in oakland being participating restaurants offer fixed price menus of 20, 30 and $40. we have reviews of the top eating spots, just go to and click on eye on the bay. well new video showing the drag race police say got justin bieber in trouble and why some cops on his case face punishment. buyer beware, a cable offer does not live up to its promotion, until consumer watch got on the case, coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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one peninsula mother f raising a teenager can be challenging, especially if that teen is in crisis. >> one peninsula mother found a way to help parents get through the tough times. kate kelly brings us the story of this weeks jefferson award winner. >> i was heart broken. >> reporter: colleen is talking about the first time she came to a willows in the wind meeting. her then 13-year-old son had become out of control and she just sent him to a therapeutic boarding school. she needed support and found it
7:42 am
here, among parents who shared similar experiences. >> do you feel like you're the only one going through this, and you feel like you really are totally alone. >> janet reo co-founded willows in the wind almost seven years ago after her daughter needed to be sent away to school. she found there were very few free resources to help parents with teens in crisis. >> it could be flat out behavioral, it could be mental health, bipolar, depression. it could be for many reasons but it alec walls the same thing. you have a child that's in danger and you have to do something. >> what does it mean to have a child that's out of control? >> it's not a replacement for professional help. willows is about parents helping parents, whether it's finding the right program or helping them prepare for a childs return to the family. janet and herbal volunteer board have been there. >> they've all gone through it and all have graduates and all come out the other side. everybody has their own struggles and our kids do too. >> once a month parents can drop into free meetings in los
7:43 am
alto. it's a chance to connect and as one mother jeep it fer describes? >> i came and it's like oh, i didn't feel o loan, i felt supported, i felt like there are resources. >> working out of the family marketing office in south san francisco janet talks to parents daily and so her daughter is now a thriving adult, janet continues to share life lesson she says made her family stronger. >> that's what my hope is for every parent that it could be a positive experience and that's what we strive for in terms of helping. >> so for helping parents cope with the challenges of a child in crisis, this week jefferson award in the bay area goes to janet reo. kate kelly, kpix5. >> this year willows in the wind is raising money to offer a scholarship to families to help with the cost of professional help. help us find local people who have done extraordinary volunteerism or community service, you can nominate someone online at our website and you can watch our half
7:44 am
hour jefferson award special that airs this saturday, tonight, 7:00 p.m., right here on kpix5. well justin bieber has now left miami beach destination unknown. the pop star waited for his screaming fans as he left his hotel and headed for the airport. he was arrested this week on charges of dui driving with an expired license and resisting arrest, and three officers have been suspended for involvement in an earlier incident giving him an unauthorized escort from the same airport on monday. and he may have won the drag race that landed him in jail. this is home surveillance video. it shows a yellow car believed to be justin bieber's racing with other cars at 60 miles an hour in a 30 zone, and look whose catching up at the tail end, a police car chasing it and about fire other cars. facebook coo cheryl sandberg's book lien in could soon be a hollywood movie.
7:45 am
lien in examines double standards for men and women in the workforce. as for sony pictures this is the city of second facebook related project behind the 2011 social network movie, which was a real box office hit. >> let's take a look at our weekend weather this morning, some of the current temperatures out there right now, 46 in san rafael, san francisco 51, mountain view 47, fairfield 48. later on today, we could expect highs of 72 in santa rosa, pacifica 65, 69 in san jose, 69 also in oakland and over the next seven days, partly cloudy, a few more clouds this week than last, mild through mid next week, it's going to end with more of a cooling trend and we could, could in the next seven days have the possibility of some showers. >> wouldn't that be nice. whether it is a credit card or cable tv, companies often offer those special promotions to entice you to sign up. >> do they ever but when directv did not deliver one
7:46 am
eastbay viewer called us on the consumer watch. >> reporter: dave whitbeck likes tv, and he likes to travel. >> happened to be a frequent traveler. >> so when he saw this directv promotion offering 30,000 united miles to new customers who switch over from another service, he called up to enroll. >> i specifically said that i'm coming over to directv specifically because of the miles. >> but one month later, dave got a let down. >> they told me that unfortuntely, you called the wrong number when you signed up so we cannot give you your miles. >> and he's not the only one. we found similar complaints online from people who say they didn't get their miles from directv either. >> if you called the right number that would have been the companies time to tell him, you've called the wrong number. >> norma garcia of consumer union says most promotions do require customers to jump through a fair number of hoops. >> make sure that you keep
7:47 am
notes about everything you've done to satisfy the conditions. >> but dave was sure he had. >> i called the number on the promotion. >> he says he was then transferred several times. so, after a few more calls to directv he contacted consumer watch and we reached out to directv. the company still contended dave called the wrong number, but after reviewing recordings of his calls, it's now acknowledges their representatives did tell him he qualified for the deal. a deal that may depend not on the number you called but on the one you reach. >> directv has now agreed to give him a 30,000 miles but notes, calling correct promotional number is important because all agents do not have access to all of the offers. and remember, if you have a consumer complaint give us a call 888-5 helps you. oh, the red tape. well here is a question, how does super bowl monday sound to you? the proposed plan if mother nature doesn't cooperate. good morning everybody. coming up in sports the ladies
7:48 am
take center court both stanford and cal in action and the warriors were home to face minnesota. this came down to the last second shot. we'll have highlights coming up in sports. ,,,,,,,,
7:49 am
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this would be great if we got the day off from work. how does super bowl monday sound to you or super bowl friday? >> i think people will be calling in sick under that circumstance. this year we could have it as the football first. the weather is threatening the game. the super bowl will be held in an open air stadium in a very chilly east rutherford new jersey but there is a chance bad weather could make that game unplayable that day so the nfl is having to plan ahead. the league has a plan in place that could move the game up to friday or slide it back to monday. stay tuned. >> and seattle seahawks cornerback richard sherman will have to pay big bucks for his behavior during last weekends game. sherman was fined $7800 for
7:51 am
unsportsmanlike conduct and taunting in the final minute of the nfc championship game against the 49ers so he was flagged after he made a choking gesture toward the niners bench after deflecting a pass intended for michael crabtree. someone tell the warriors home is supposed to be home sweet home after losing monday night to the pacers. they were pushed to a last second shot by minnesota last night. the first game after being named an all-star starter, t- wolves were untown, fourth quarter curriex with one of the 15 assists, warriors up 109- 108. 15 seconds and the w still up by one, kevin love to martin who buries a jumper with eight seconds left to the corner and the t-wolves were up by one. last chance for the warriors and they get this one to harrison barns, right there, but barns misses the jump shot as time expires, timberwolves hang on and win it 121-120. >> the fourth ranked stanford
7:52 am
women facing ucla game was close in the first half but the cardinal pulled away in the final 20 minutes. the lay-in, up the inbound pass stanford wins 72-55. the 19th ranked lady bears hosting usc lead bias many as 11 early but in the second half they could not stop usc's crook. she had 34 trojans with the upset 77-70 bears are five and two in pac12 play. >> okay that's a look at sports. have a great day. so what do you think? take a look at the uniforms that u.s. athletes will wear at the opening ceremony of the winter olympics in sochi, russia. they were designed tie ralph lauren but how fashionable they are is still open for debate. i think they look kind of dorky. >> i like them. i actually saw someone wearing them yesterday, they had them on one of the shows and seeing them on somebody they looked a little better than the picture. >> okay, well hopefully, because yeah, i don't know. they are a little busy too. but we're showing the pride.
7:53 am
>> [laughter] so pasadena couple has no idea a bear had been following them, what happens next, we'll tell you after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,
7:54 am
trending this morning..... justin biebe so here are a look at the stories trending this morning, justin bieber, the singer left miami where he faces drunk driving charges. also lady gaga, she's trending and she's coming to the defense of him by tweeting her followers to support the singer, and li& a, the number
7:55 am
four seed captured her first australian open title, wal- mart, the store is laying off 2300 sam's club workers and dennis rodman, may have violated federal law by visiting north korea. follow us on twitter at cbs. >> this is so weird. >> always in trouble. >> all that north korea stuff. >> give it a rest. okay tomorrow on kpix5 this morning, reaction to governor browns state of the state address. >> because this was a campaign rollout. i mean he was basically saying experience matters, continuity matters, fiscal responsibility matters, and let's not talk about that other stuff that can get in the way of re-election. >> so is the governor hinting at his re-election? he's all but said he's going to run again. we're still waiting on that announcement. our political insiders weigh in on what was not said in his state of the state address, that is tomorrow morning on kpix5 at 7:30, phil matiere
7:56 am
will be here. we have a lot to discuss tomorrow. let's take one last look at our weather before we part, right now 67 in san francisco, 72 in santa rosa, 69 in valejo. it is a spare the air day so no burning. now we've got mid 60s to low 700s today but over next seven days going to be dry, going to be relatively warm, until we get to the middle of next week. then those clouds are really going to start rolling in, and there's a chance we could see, now this is seven days out so still a little early but we could see showers later on in the week but all-in all dry until then. >> it eventually has to happen. i was talking with our weekday morning weather guy and he says there's this ridge holding off the rain and it is going to be moving out sooner rather than later hopefully within the next week. we will see that happening. we could see things around here but maybe just wishful thinking. >> i think you are. >> oklahoma. a simple trip out to their
7:57 am
car gave some tourists in pasadena a scare of their lives. >> yeah, bob and irene didn't think to be on their guard in this neighborhood so they never noticed the bear following them. well a few seconds later, bob frantically returned trying to get into safety. >> i closed the door and i looked, a bear! i dove up the steps. >> bob how scared were you? >> you just see a bear, i've never encountered a bear. >> [laughter] just having a good time. don't think he abandoned irene. she was safe inside the car. bob got grazed on just his leg there but he is doing okay. >> sounds like enough to send bob back to ireland. >> i love his accent. okay, thanks for joining us this morning and again, join us tomorrow morning at 7:30. we're here with phil and in the meantime enjoy your saturday. >> bye-bye. ,,,,
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