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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  January 30, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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fuel leaking from the plane. now, about 30 minutes ago, airport crews attached a line to the plane and then pulled it off the fence. a few minutes after that the plane was being towed back to the hangar area. no real visible damage to the plane that we could tell. joining us now for more on what happened, eric peterson is on the line the assistant director of the reid-hillview airport. sir, thank you for joining us this evening. did the plane overshoot the runway or somehow skid off the runway? >> the plane lost its brakes on the landing roll on the runway. without any brakes he had a hard time stopping. >> did the pilot radio that there was any kind of trouble? >> he was not aware that there was trouble until he was on the ground. >> and can you tell us about who was on the plane and who walked away from the accident? >> well, what i know is there were two people at the controls, both licensed pilots. and there were two passengers
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on the plane. there were no injuries. damage was relatively light. the airplane hit the fence. but the fence can be repaired. the airplane looks like it can be repaired. the liquid that you spoke of turned out to be the hydraulic fluid which is why the brakes failed. >> any danger of fire at any time? >> no danger of fire. the leak itself was actually quite small. but brakes are a high pressure system and just a little bit of a leak and you completely lose braking. >> mr. peterson, this is ken bastida. i go back, you know, to the late '80s, early '90s where there were a whole slew of problems with this airport. this is right in the middle of a residential area. it's got streets around it. there have been incidents where aircraft have gone into homes. we're going back a few years, granted. but how has the airport been able to coexist with so many people living around it? well? >> i think the pilot community has been cautious in how they
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operate out of the airport. >> and by that, what do you mean? >> well, this is not an area that has lots of high risk takers. the people who operate here are cognizant of the fact that we're in the middle of a neighborhood and behave accordingly. >> okay. general aviation airport and a lot of small planes, private own, things like that. just stuck in an area of a lot of homes. is it something that pilots take extra precaution ongoing in and out? >> certainly in my conversations with the pilot community at this location, they do take extra precautions. like i said, we just don't have the risk takers that you sometimes see at other locations. >> all right. eric peterson at reid-hillview. again, two people walk away from a rough landing at the airport. it's on the eastern side of san jose. the plane stopped by an airport fence. and we heard that no one was hurt on the ground and the
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plane winds up being towed back to the hangar. also in the news tonight, a blast of winter finally smacking the sierra but far from enough to put a dent in our drought. kpix 5's andria borba joins us now live from donner summit, where, yeah, it ha been snowing. >> reporter: all day we have been getting snow on the summit. but take a look at the donner summit sign behind me. on the typical year, you wouldn't see the sign at all from this rest area or interstate 80. this is yuba began on january 30 at 5500 feet when there's barely enough snow on the ground to resemble a frosted oatmeal cookie you don't need official measurements to know how bad the drought is. all along 80 snowplows roamed with their blades up not enough snow to scrape off the asphalt. today, word from the state department of water resources
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the 8" of snow last night on donner summit is historically bad. >> that was not nearly enough to make a dent in the drought. >> reporter: the official snow survey happens this afternoon along highway 50 in el dorado county. the statewide snowpack a mere 12% of normal. >> the next worst winter snow measurement at this date was 21%. and that was back in 1991 to 1963. >> reporter: the river should be raging but instead the water is moving along at typical july levels. >> these first storms are just being absorbed into the dry ground. and the runoff isn't happening. >> reporter: now, speaking with state climatologists they tell kpix 5 it would take storm after storm after storm like the one we had up here last night, the one we're expecting, a little bit of snow from up here tonight, to get us anywhere near average normal levels for snowfall for the state of california.
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they say that the snow survey they are going to take in april will be the true test of how bad things are going to get here in the golden state. live on donner summit, andria borba, kpix 5. >> thank you. the streets got soggy in san jose overnight. the splash of rain providing some much-needed moisture in the parched bay area. san jose recording about .10" today. paul deanno is with other mobile weather in san anselmo. we are hoping to squeeze a little more rain out of this system. right? >> reporter: man, i know a lot of folks woke up this morning looked outside and the sun was already out. they said that's it?! that's all we're getting? and the answer temporarily was yes. on average, about .10" of rainfall although, thankfully, in place like san anselmo, marin county, we are seeing the next low pressure system moving through. we are not done with the showers yet. there will be some showers moving through especially in the north bay this evening but not enough to stop from us having the driest january ever. with the lack of rainfall in
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san francisco overnight only .03" for the whole month, .06" of rainfall will beat the record set back in 1920 right after the end of world war i where we had .26" rainfall. the driest year on record last year, driest january on record this january and the drought mess is worse. we are in the worst stage of drought an exceptional drought in portions of southern santa clara county and also santa cruz county so the drought is getting worse despite the rain this morning. more rain coming up in the seven-day forecast. we we'll talk about that coming up. our drought is so severe right now that several bay area community are actually at risk of running out of water in two to three months. didn't take long, did it? state officials are now making plans if in fact that does happen, allen martin is here to explain the governor's strategy to help communities that could run dry. it just to be a few months. >> reporter: could is the operative board.
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the governor met with water managers in southern california today discussing solutions to help the struggling northern california. in an urgent meeting governor brown discussed an unprecedented statewide concern. water. the lack of it. >> make no mistake, this drought is a big wake-up call and a reminder that we do depend on natural systems. >> reporter: more than a dozen southern california water officials met with the governor to talk about a drought problem so critical, it could require federal assistance. >> i spoke to president obama yesterday by telephone. he pledged his support to help california. >> reporter: in a statement, the white house says the president, quote, reinforced his commitment to providing the necessary federal support to the state and local efforts. the governor says, don't brush your teeth more than you have to. don't flush more than you have to. and turn the water off when you're shaving or brushing your teeth. the metropolitan water district
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of southern california is declaring a regional water supply alert asking all californians to voluntarily reduce water use by 20%. >> we need water. we are going to have to get water. and the first source is to not waste it. >> reporter: the governor also discussed with the board doubling its already $20 million conservation rebate to $40 million furthering incentives for water reduction. while northern california is starting to see the first signs of wet weather, the governor says it's still the part of the state that's hurting the most. and if necessary, he says he is considering transferring water from southern california. >> we have a problem. as governor, i'm responsible for the whole state. so i'm going to do my best to unite the state. >> reporter: it might seem odd that southern california doesn't see the need to impose water cutbacks just yet. apparently, years of conservation and its ability to get water from the colorado river as well as northern california has been able to boost reserves down there but
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if things continue to look bad here less likely anybody is going to want to export water down south. >> that would take another hour to discuss north and the water wars in this state. i'm looking at 17 communities statewide that could run out of water in the next few months. >> reporter: most of those are smaller communities. but certainly the water officials in the state say if the drought continues, we don't conserve more water on a bigger scale, that list could definitely grow meaning more and more people will be impact in the state. >> short showers, don't water the grass. don't flush. >> we have done it before. we can do it again. >> thank you, allen. this week's weather did nothing for the reservoirs. check out just how long they have gotten at new at 6:00 an internet cafe that generated hundreds of complaints is shutting down. as da lin reports, the city of san francisco says it's become a magnet for crime. da. >> reporter: liz, neighbors say this internet cafe has been a
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public nuisance ever since it moved into the excelsior district about a year ago. about a dozen customers are inside. in a settlement with the city, the owner has agreed to close it within 60 days. neighbors say this internet cafe attracts all kinds of people including a lot of shady characters. >> at all hours of the night, i just did not feel safe. >> reporter: in just the first year of operation, san francisco police responded to calls for service at net stop more than 200 times. >> there were definitely people in and out of there at 2 a.m., yelling, getting in fights. i can't tell you how many times i have seen police out here. >> reporter: neighbors complained about fights, burglaries, and drugs. >> the boys and girls club is right around the corner! >> reporter: this woman has lived in the neighborhood for 30 years. she is glad net stop is shutting down and can't set up shop in san francisco for the next five years. >> i'm just so thrilled that
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finally something is being done. >> reporter: this person lives above the business. >> i'm not going to miss it. it will definitely be quieter up in my house. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: customers at net stop say it's unfair to close this place. they say this is not gambling, rather they're playing games to win prizes. >> i don't think it's right. i don't think it's right. and i don't think a lot of people will think it's right. >> reporter: in a settlement it san francisco city attorney, the software company figure 8 also agrees to pull its software out of california. >> one software company moves out another will move in. we won't take our foot off the gas. if you violate the law we'll stop it. >> reporter: neighbors say it's a good start and hope other internet cafes will get the message. >> eventually i hope that it's going to discontinue in the whole city. it's not something that should be happening. gambling should be in the casino, not in your neighborhood. >> reporter: there's another internet cafe about four blocks down that way. neighbors are hoping the city
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will now go after those guys. live in san francisco, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> net stop's attorney told da lin that agreeing to shut down doesn't mean the owner admits to any wrongdoing. he says the business owner decided to shut down because he doesn't want to challenge the city government. checking other bay area headlines tonight a manhunt in milpitas came up short this afternoon. officers and their k-9 units went door to door searching for at least one suspect who may have been armed near marilyn and north abel street. no word what the suspect was wanted for. search ended about an hour ago. two other suspects, though, were arrested. in downtown san jose, federal agents, law enforcement agencies and k-9 units raided a tattoo parlor this morning and found what appeared to be crystal meth, marijuana, knives and guns at a tattoo shop. the fbi says it was a hub of operations for a subset of the
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sereno gang. 20 people were arrested. michelle obama in the bay area raising money for democrats. first stop at cotogna in the financial district around the block. a huge motorcade pulled up but the first lady was out of sight. tickets started at $10,000. she then moved on to a reception at one lightsdorf. tomorrow she will be at a fundraiser hosted by nancy pelosi at the fairmont. coming up how bay area firefighters came to the rescue of a dog in distress. >> how a popular bay area-based coffee brand just received a huge jolt and we ask, could this be the next starbucks? >> and why a consumer group says most californians are paying more for car insurance because a few drivers are getting special treatment.
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willing to wait for. now the oakland-based "blue bottle xpanding.. thanks to new tonight it's high-end coffee that customers are
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willing to wait for. now blue bottle coffee is expanding thanks to a generous financial jolt. kpix 5 reporter ryan takeo got a taste of why the company is so popular. ryan. >> reporter: hi, liz. it's 6:16 at night so there's not much crowd here but on the weekends and during the mornings, there is a line around the corner sometimes. sometimes, people wait as much as 30 minutes. the coffee better be good. the buzz is building over what oakland-based blue bottle coffee is brewing up. >> it's like a science project and they are making the coffee. are you kidding? its great. >> reporter: it seemed to draw particular clientele, techies like paul who love attention to detail and are willing to wait. >> normally, the world moves fast. people are always in a rush to get everywhere. but at blue bottle it slows things down. >> reporter: the coffee drips take at least a couple of minutes. paul ordered the siphon. >> took about 15 minutes to prepare one cup of coffee. it was awesome, excellent. >> reporter: with so many tech workers drawn to blue bottle it's no shock some of the big
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silicon valley names like cofounders from instagram and twitter are now investing $25 million in the company. blue bottle plans to add locations. right now it only has 11. >> it's expensive. there's only a few locations. its kind of exclusive. you have to know about it. >> reporter: this consumer psychologist says the company is like a cult. you have to know about it find locations in alleyways where there are no real signs. >> they will tell you it's the coffee which is pretty delicious. but it's not just the coffee. it's the allure. >> reporter: she warns, growing too fast could threaten some of that allure. >> i think if it became really mainstream something everybody knew about it would lose some of the allure. >> reporter: blue bottle may have to find the balance to keep the lines out the door. >> if they don't have the authentic coffee that we have here it won't be the same experience. >> reporter: blue bottle says it's using the money to scale the business and ensure quality control. they are hot onstar bucks' heels as far as locations go.
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only 19,785 locations to go. to catch starbucks. live in san francisco, i'm ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> they are catching them, they're catching them. well, blue bottle coffee has already signed a half dozen leases for new locations. one of those is in palo alto. new report out there says caltrans is stuck in the past. an independent review says the agency is acting too much as a highway department not a mobility department. it also says that caltrans management practices are out of date. the department needs an overhaul top to bottom. the report point out california's highways are ranked 48th nationwide as far as pavement condition. it says the agency looks at new construction rather than fixing the old problems. it had nothing to say about the old bay bridge. chopper 5 overhead as crews worked on demolishing the upper deck of the bay bridge. they are removing the section
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that was part of the infamous "s" curve. it's expected to take six weeks to take that down. demolition of the rest of the span could take three years to complete. a group wants the state's insurance commissioner to stop something it claims hurts most californians. they are upset certain workers get a discount on auto insurance. and they told cbs reporter randy paige everyone else is paying a higher price as a result. >> reporter: under state law companies must base their rates on three factors, your driving record, the number of miles you drive and your years of driving experience. should you get a special price break because you belong to a professional organization? a consumer group is asking the state insurance commissioner to answer no. >> he must act -- >> reporter: consumer watchdog founder harvey rosenfield is calling on the state insurance commissioner to bar auto insurance companies from providing price breaks to
6:20 pm
people because they belong to professional organizations or to other so-called elite memberships referred to as affinity groups. >> if you attended a college or have a prestigious profession like a doctor or lawyer, these, quote, affinity groups are getting special premium benefits from the insurance companies. >> reporter: rosenfield says consumers who don't belong to these affinity groups are charged more for their car insurance in order to make up the difference. >> so as it turns out, it's middle income and low income people who don't have fancy jobs or didn't get a fancy education who end up subsidizing the rich folks who get these special breaks. and that is illegal in california. >> reporter: insurance commissioner dave jones is responding today with a written statement which says in part, the department will consider the petition when received.
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>> if he reject this petition and refuses to take action our only other option is to sue the commissioner. >> the commissioner has 30 days to respond to the petition. let's check in with paul deanno out there who is doing his little rain dance trying to make it happen again tonight, huh, buddy? >> just a little bit more. >> reporter: if dancing would help, maybe we would try it. just not live on television. tell you what, there are a few spots around the bay area where you know you're going to see flooding as soon as heavy rainfall begins. this exact spot in san anselmo in maren county is one of those spots. this is bridge street. that's the bridge. there's a creek down there. and its almost nothing in san anselmo creek right now despite the fact it rained a little this morning. we need more. there are parts of marin county that are down 30 inches of rainfall compared to normal since january of last year. here's a look at hi-def doppler radar. an encouraging sign. those of you watching us in sonoma county, lake county,
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mendocino county and marin county, you will pick up the brunt of another wave of low pressure moving through. a few showers will add a little to the totals but we didn't get much. mount hamilton took the cake and even that was less than .25" of rainfall. other rainfall totals: a tenth in san jose, concord, livermore. milpitas .08. san francisco .03" downtown. so we'll be living in the driest january ever with those rainfall totals not that impressive. overnight tonight, with the few showers moving through temperatures primarily in the 40s including concord at 40, san jose 42. oakland 45. napa down to 38. quick check of the satellite review another wave of low pressure is moving through as we speak. that means it will be breezy at times tonight. it also will be showery tonight. but once again not really adding much to our rainfall totals. then another chance of showers coming up on sunday as an area of low pressure passes to our west. highs tomorrow close to average right around 60 degrees.
6:23 pm
we'll hit 60 in fairfield. san rafael 60. oakland 60 tomorrow. weekend forecast and the seven- day forecast. saturday dry. showers primarily along the coast coming up on sunday. i wish i had different news for you. i don't. it's going to be dry monday, tuesday, wednesday thursday of next week partly to mostly sunny skies not as warm but it will be completely dry. so, guys, we are looking for rainfall. we are hoping for rainfall. ken is even encouraging dancing for rainfall. right now, i don't see it for next several days. so ken, maybe if you start dancings, something might change. >> dancing, praying, beg,yeah, whatever it takes. >> we're begging and pleading. not yet. >> thank you. coming up chinatown decked out on this lunar new year's eve. coming up the symbolism of seafood and citrus. >> and why a school district is being grilled for how it serves breakfast to its students. ,,,,,,,,,,
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save up to $500 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get a sealy queen set for just $399. even get 3 years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. keep more presidents in your wallet. sleep train's presidents' day sale is on now. ross the bay area are ge ready to ring in the year oe horse. asian communities all across the bay area getting ready to ring in the year of
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the horse. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran learned about some of the important traditions relating to the lunar new year. reporter: san francisco's chinatown all decked out. grant street, the epicenter for tomorrow's lunar new year celebration. >> happy new year. >> "gung hay fat choy." >> reporter: a couple things we learned will lunar new year, tradition is important. >> we are old generation. we try to keep the younger generation to honor and keep on going for the chinese tradition. >> reporter: just like any good holiday, it's all about the food. >> cook a lot of food. >> have a nice meal. family get together. >> tonight, they will eat a lot of meet all those things and then on the new year day they don't eat meat at all. >> reporter: the symbolism behind each dish in san francisco's richmond
6:27 pm
neighborhood. people were stocking upping on oranges and fish. >> long line and wealth. >> chinese new year good luck. >> reporter: flowers symbolize rebirth and growth and red seen on decorations means good luck. >> better and better each year. >> plentiful and you have your family and everything is happy. >> reporter: unlike american new year it's celebrated over 15 days ending on valentine's day. in chinatown, cate caugiran, kpix 5. coming up in the next half hour, far from your typical rescue mission, how bay area firefighters saved a pooch in peril. >> why a school district is feeling the heat over students eating breakfast. >> and why congress says outlet stores are deceiving customers. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, ,,,,
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a woman and her pet had to pulled out of a burning mobe home. now at 6:30, a home on fire the special effort to save a dog in distress. a woman and her pet had to be pulled out of a burning mobile home. fire started about 11:00 this morning near highway 237 in san jose. len ramirez was there as the firefighters tried to save the dog's life. >> there you go.
6:31 pm
>> actually started waking up. >> reporter: the 3-year-old spaniel was barely breathing when firefighters rescued him from inside this burning mobile home. they had just rescued his master a 58-year-old woman who lives in the home with her two dogs. she was also on the floor overcome by the smoke. >> when they found the victim and pulled them out they were unconscious, unresponsive and as far -- and performed cpr outside but right now they are in critical condition. >> reporter: the dog, named perry mason, was fitted with a special animal respirator on his nose to help him breathe. >> just like we have air breathing masks for humans, we have special cones for dogs. so we hook it up to the same system that we have put them on oxygen and we bag -- we -- bag valve mask, we breathe air into them. >> reporter: both dogs were with the woman in the house this morning. but perry mason's sister, nancy drew, somehow managed to escape and ran to a neighbor's when the fire started and was saved. >> she is just really upset not used to being away from her
6:32 pm
brother. >> reporter: nancy hillbun has been a caregiver for the woman who has been sick and had just been over at her house about an hour before the fire started. >> i walk her and perry mason every morning brother and sister, and i left a little at 10 and everything was fine. so i don't know what happened. >> reporter: firefighters got the call at 11:01 a.m. after the home was up in smoke. >> not much flame but a lot of smoke. we got some of the children out of the adjacent house to the left of it because there were infants there so we didn't want them smelling the smoke. brought them this way a little bit. >> reporter: it was a dangerous situation for everyone involved including firefighters. a san jose firefighter was injured during the rescue. but he has been treated and released from the hospital. len ramirez, kpix 5. >> the animal respirators were a gift from a private donor to the san jose fire department. hard charging california congressman is calling it quits. >> it's clear to me that you
6:33 pm
don't want to answer our questions because isn't it true that you have served your life in bp? you've only recently become the ceo but haven't you been in this business most of your professional life? >> that's just a taste of what it was like going up against representative henry waxman. he was an advocate for con upper protection and famous for his grilling of the tobacco industry execs. 74-year-old said he won't seek re-election. waxman has been in congress for 40 years. roughly one in four new college grads in california is underemployed. according to the latest census figures, more and more young adults in the state are working as waiters and waitresses with a college degree. it's part a trend that picked up around 2007 during the economic downturn. school district in southern california is feeding its students free breakfast in the classroom. amy johnson shows us the program is drawing a backlash
6:34 pm
from dozens of parents. >> reporter: breakfast in the classroom as shown in this l.a. unified school district video is being implemented in elementary school and middle school during three years. >> while children are eating, i usually play a story. >> a story of [ non-english language ] >> okay. >> reporter: so far, 500 schools are serving free breakfast in class. >> i do believe they should be fed. i don't know necessarily if it should be during school time in the classroom. >> reporter: laurie is a mother of two students at riverside drive elementary school in sherman oaks where the breakfast in the classroom program will be phased in, in april. >> i think the teachers should teach and not cleaning up. >> reporter: she isn't alone. plenty of parents we spoke with are opposed for a variety of reasons including allergies, special diets and overeating. >> that's a time for them to learn. so i don't think we should be cutting any more class time. >> in terms of saying that it takes away instruction time the state superintendent has said it is instruction time. >> reporter: david is the
6:35 pm
director of food services for l.a. usd. >> 80% of our children qualify for the free and reduced price meal which means they are living below the poverty level. >> reporter: the district says attendance is up and tardies are down at the schools where breakfast is served in class. >> i know we already feed in the cafeteria before school starts so i'm not sure what was wrong with that program. why isn't it left to the school at their discretion? individual schools to say we need that or we don't need that program. so you're not wasting money or resources or food. >> reporter: although the schools nor the teachers can opt out of the breakfast in class program, the district says they will not force any of the students to actually eat the food. in sherman oaks, amy johnson, kpix 5. >> the breakfast in the classroom initiative is the first of its kind program in the nation. still ahead, congress warning customers looking for a great deal on high-end clothes coming up in tonight's consumerwatch, why it's calling for a federal investigation into outlet stores.
6:36 pm
>> and how a bay area poodle rescued from the brink of death didn't have to go far to find her new owner. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:38 pm
selling six popular models heated seats. ie toyota telling its dealers to stop selling six popular models with heated seats. on the consumerwatch, julie watts explains it's due to a possible fire hazard. that's not where you want a fire. >> reporter: definitely not. apparently the fabric doesn't comply with u.s. flammability standards and there is a concern that the fabric could catch fire since the seats are heated. there is no recall but toyota has ordered dealers to stop selling certain camry, avalon, siena and tacoma models from the 2013 and 2014 model years. 2014 corollas and tundras are also on the list. no fires or injuries have been reported. well, they advertise great deals on high-end merchandise that is either slightly damaged
6:39 pm
or overstocked. but congress is asking for a federal investigation into outlet stores across the u.s. for potentially misleading marketing practices. now, analysts estimate about 85% of the merchandise sold at outlet stores are actually lower quality items manufactured specifically for those outlets. and they are cute ironic hipster and make for great holiday pictures but over 200,000 pacifiers like the one my daughter is modeling here are being recalled due it a choking hazard. now, no injuries have been reported but there are concerns that the moustache, panic and volume buttons can fall off these chill baby pacifiers manufactured by fred and friends. babies should stop using them and parents can return them for a $12 refund. the company recalled over 50,000 rattles last year due to choking hazards and last week, playtex recalled over 1.5 million pacifier holders for that same reason. and remember, if you have a consumer problem, give us a
6:40 pm
call 888-5-helps-u. >> take that pacifier away you're going to hear about it. >> reporter: i would replace it with one that doesn't have a problem. [ laughter ] >> thanks, julie. up next, how a bay area poodle rescued from the brink of death is beginning a brand- new chapter in her life. >> rivalry night at oracle arena! what the warriors are saying about their friends from the south. the los angeles clippers. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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rescued last month... hundrs of animal lovers lined-u that badly injured poodle found at a dump has a new home tonight. since she was rescued last month hundreds of people lined up to adopt her. john ramos on why the lucky owner was chosen. >> reporter: it wasn't exactly media day at the super bowl but it was close. and the star of this show is definitely the comeback player of the year. >> i saw pictures of her and, uhm, there was just such a miracle to see that she had made it through. >> reporter: gem as she is now called is the tiny apricot poodle who was stuffed in a plastic bag and thrown into a
6:44 pm
recycling bin. a sorter at san francisco's recology recycling plant spotted her coming down the conveyor belt and saved her and after some care for her injuries, today gem got a new home. >> it's a miracle that she is alive. there's -- if i think about it, uhm, there's really no way i can. >> reporter: more than 250 people asked to adopt her and there was supposed to be a lottery. but today, patricia was named the new owner. she works in the community relations department at, you guessed it, recology. >> we thought it was -- it made a lot of sense. patricia had a letter of support from her supervisor saying she would be able to bring gem to work with her and from one of the rescuers, greg foster, had also put in a letter saying it would be really meaningful for them. >> everyone's really excited and happy. i mean, she is part of the family now. >> reporter: so, okay, the fix was in on this one. but the folks at the shelter are suckers for a happy ending. and besides, there are plenty of others at the shelter looking for a home. you never know what stories
6:45 pm
they may have to tell. in san francisco, john ramos, kpix 5. >> and one more quick note about this story. a worker at the plant says with the system they use to process incoming material it's possible that gem spent days or weeks before she was discovered there. >> wow. it's an honor roll ceremony one southern california 7th grader will never forget. a marine sergeant coming home from afghanistan two months early and surprises his daughter during her school's awards assembly. man, that's an award. the school's principal, the district, family all worked hard to keep it a secret. they were overcome with emotion. >> i was concentrating on her reaction. i hope she hugs me at least. i hope she doesn't break down too embarrassed.
6:46 pm
>> happy. >> that wasn't all. he later surprised his son and ran up and gave dad a huge hug. one guy out there fighting the elements is our meteorologist paul deanno live in san anselmo. what's going on with the radar. >> reporter: that radar is thankfully getting more active. but i wish we saw more rainfall overnight and earlier today. on average, the bay area got about .10" of rainfall over the past 4 hours. we may add to that coming up this evening as kpix 5 hi-def doppler radar is showing more showers moving into the north bay and i think that everybody will see another round of showers this evening and overnight tonight under cloudy skies but we need a lot more. it's better than nothing. it cut the allergens out of the air. so there's some good news but this is only .02" of rain and that's it. a winter weather advisory for the north and central sierra there, good for the ski resorts and for the snowpack. we likely will see from 2" to
6:47 pm
6" of new snowfall overnight tonight and early tomorrow before things clear out. take a look at the view from space. our satellite view shows that next wave of low pressure moving through, i know most of the rain fell overnight. some of you were already sunny and sunny throughout the day. we have another wave of low pressure moving through this evening and that will be the catalyst for the showers. overnight tonight starting to get breezy so winds 10 to 15 miles an hour. gusts to 23 miles an hour at sfo so hold on to your hat if you are out this evening and consider bringing the umbrella. another chance of rainfall on sunday as a cutoff area of low pressure passes by to the west. what to expect for tonight and beyond? showers coming back tonight on and off throughout the night perhaps early tomorrow morning if you are out and about really early. we are dry for much of the day tomorrow. we are dry on saturday. but it won't be as warm. we are not talking 70s anymore. we are talking about highs around 60. seasonal temperatures. and that next shower chance will be on sunday. mainly at the coast. let's get right to the extended forecast if we can. getting to the seven-day after
6:48 pm
highs tomorrow right around 60 degrees. looking through the weekend and for the first half of next week that one chance of rain coming up on sunday with showers at the coast. then much of next week mainly dry with highs in the low to mid-60s. this is not a drought-helping seven-day forecast. live from san anselmo. paul deanno. sports is next.
6:49 pm
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6:51 pm
all right. we have our sports report right now coming up and vern glenn is standing by over at big basketball game. >> big game. warriors and clippers, right, vern. >> reporter: you got it. coming up at 7:30. and man, let the fireworks begin with this one. we begin with news about david lee, who is not going to the all-star game as a member of the western conference. dwight howard, lamarcus aldridge and dirk novitzky were named frontcourt reserves earlier this afternoon. tough one for david lee, who is averaging almost a double- double averaging 19 points per game. but of significance is the battle of the night. it is the los angeles clippers and it is a bitter, bitter rivalry. golden state has lost six of
6:52 pm
nine to fall five games behind the pacific division rivals. >> never know with us. you know, i think we'll be okay. i think it's a national tv game so we'll get up for it. we have to keep our consistency consistency. we're up and down like a yo-yo at the moment and we need to get some steadiness in our game. >> reporter: yeah. these two teams don't like each other as the cliche says. but it is nothing compared to the seahawks and the 49ers. of course, when i mention seahawks, you got to talk about richard sherman. and sherman, you know about that post-game rant after the nfc championship game. he had a little more -- he added a little more fuel to the fire today. colin kaepernick had words of his own for sherman in the biglele and the seahawks. >> to me it was ridiculous but
6:53 pm
if that's what you need to do to make yourself feel like a better player, you have to tell everyone i'm the best corner in the league, go ahead and tell 'em. people forget that he went for 100 on sherman the year before and if that's something you need to do, go right ahead. we're going to come out and play football against you next year. >> do you want seattle to win even though they are in your division? at least you can say we lost to the super bowl champ on do you not want them to win? >> not a chance. [ laughter ] >> that's kaepernick's longest soundbyte of the year. sherman moved on from the crabtree attention and on to walter payton saying the future hall of fame -- peyton manning saying the future hall of famer gets away with a lot of dust thrown and the legion of chances will have its chances on sunday. >> i believe it to be true, as well. they say he is a smart player. i think that's, uhm, i think that's a real reach what he is
6:54 pm
saying there. i do throw ducks. i have thrown a lot of yards and touchdowns ducks and so i'm actually quite proud of it. marshawn lynch, may not like talking to the media, but he sure is honest. check out his response when he was asked about seahawks o line coach and former raider head coach tom cable. >> i knew about him was he punched people. that's my type of person. >> cute business here. you have seen the commercial by now of kaepernick's blocking out the noise with the headphones? on the other side of the bay, raiders wide receiver rod streiter is ready for his own endorsement deal. >> would you like to buy some cookies? it's for the puppy. ♪[ music ]
6:55 pm
♪[ music ] ♪you can tell everybody i'm the man i'm the man ♪ >> let me tag this by this. eli the ape in salt lake city today. all right? he picked the last six super bowl winners. today he picked the seattle seahawks. for from that to the game behind the game. coming up on sunday, how in the world are some of those effects projected for your viewing pleasure? have a look. see the yellow first down marker? >> basically you see me selecting color. >> reporter: it originated hereby in 1998 and has been
6:56 pm
woven into how we watch football. what is this company that had an eye in the sky technology with use of vectors to make the 2013 america's cup user and viewer-friendly. this is the vector and it snaps up. >> reporter: that same technology is used in auto racing. remember the glowing puck in the nhl? it lasted a couple of years. it all comes from sports vision headquartered in chicago but here in mountain view, it's where the magic happens. it's what you would think the nerve center of a videogame would look like. they have come a long way from creating the yellow first down marker and the blue line of scrimmage you will see in the super bowl. >> we're part of that and known as that the yellow line guys but there's so much more to it than the yellow line. the bubble that you see over the cars in motorsports are just a few of our more noteworthy things. >> here we have our own little
6:57 pm
makeshift helmets technology on just so that we're just always trying stuff. >> we're looking at both corners and motions. >> reporter: very big on baseball. because that sport generates so much data used by teams and fans. but sport vision now doesn't want to just give information. they want to give you the back story. >> we saw years ago an opportunity to show the fans what they can't see, it was it a first down, was it a strike? you couldn't see the puck. let's make it glow. >> reporter: christine anderson and the sport vision crew got it going on. that's it from oracle. back to you. highlights coming up. captions by: caption colorado call or click today.
6:58 pm
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