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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  February 1, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> we are tracking a chance of showers for your sunday. the bay area spots that might get wet. >> making it more expensive to sip a soda. one city's new push to cash in on the sugary drinks. >> and how some apps could be putting your private health information at risk. good evening, i'm brian hackney. >> and i'm ann notarangelo. there is a couple in napa connected to the death of a four-year-old daughter. they were last seen carrying luggage out of kruger's apartment. they went inside and found the little girl dead. they say there were signs of foul play. right now, kruger and warner are just wanted for questioning. it happened again.
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a pedestrian hit in san francisco has life threating injuries. happened a little before 7:00 p.m. on hudson avenue. about a block south of young blood coleman playground. the driver stayed at the scene and the cause of the crash is under investigation. san francisco may be on the task of taxing sodas like the idea put in place last year in new york city. those behind the proposal say it is not just about bringing in more money. brian webb has more. >> reporter: two cents announced on sugary drinks, almost a quarter a can. the old fashioned soda fountain is alive and well, but the idea of a soda tax is falling flat with customers like chris miles. >> i don't know if they are
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taxes that would help the situation at all. >> reporter: sodas have changed a lot over the years and so have the people drinking them. two-thirds of americans are now considered overweight or obese with one out of eight now saddled with type two diabetes. >> the approach is similar to the approach with tobacco taxes. >> reporter: scott weiner came up with the plan. it could range an estimated $31 million for fitness programs. he says he is ready for a fight. >> we will never be able to go dollar for dollar. they have unending resources. but we will raise enough money to get our message out. >> reporter: back at the soda fountain, the owner says a soda tax leaves her with a sour taste and thinks health is more about education than taxation.
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>> education would help these people eat properly. it seems, i'm not sure if there is the answer the that. >> and for chris miles and family, it is all about moderation. soda, ice cream, and taxes too. brian webb, kpix5. >> if the proposal gets past the supervisors it will go to the voters on the november ballot. the drought is having people seek the help of a higher power. muslims prayed for rain today. organizers called upon people of all faith to come together to help end the drought. >> and dead on cue l are showers forecast to come into the bay area tomorrow. they are not showing up on the kpix5 doppler yet, but they wouldn't because it is still well offshore. we will increase clouds tonight and then showers will move from north to south tomorrow. and as you look live at the airport, you can see we have
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mostly clear skies. after that, things get a little bit wet. we will forecast what happens in the week ahead in ten minutes. men time, the drought has gotten so bad the department of water resources will not be funneling a drop from the reservoirs to local districts this year. that is unprecedented news. the trivalley is among the areas that will be hardest hit and don knapp has the communities that could really suffer. >> reporter: irrigation water continues to flow in this office park. drought reality has not sunk in yet. but these residents are about to feel some drought pain. 80% of the trivalley's water usually comes from the state and that has now been cut to zero. >> it is drastic. it will be a severe hardship to the community we serve. >> reporter: jill is the general manager of zone 7, the district that is contracted to bring sierra water here. she says they have been saving walter for a drought year.
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dried up as it is, the reservoir may still be their safety net. >> from last yearlings we tried to conserve what water we could. that water is currently being transferred to the extent possible into lake del val. they are pumping into the lake and it will be available locally. >> reporter: what is happening in the trivalley's drought and loss of state water is being repeated in districts across california. >> we have 17 water agencies across the state in danger of running out of drinking waters. >> reporter: though water agencies like zone 7 may have unused allocations due them, the drought may cut that short too if the delta water gets too salty to drink. >> we have enough water, enough well capacity to serve all the public health and safety needs of the country. >> reporter: residents will be asked to cut back water use
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some 20%. maybe more if rain or snow doesn't arrive soon. don knapp, kpix5. >> a population increase in the trivalley has strained the water supply. you can see the number of people in dublin has more than tripled in 1980 and pleasanton has triple their population. napa valley wine makers are hoping it will change too. cane vineyards usually looks like this, but look at this year. it is dry and brown. >> how much rain do you usually get? >> about 60 inches of rain. >> how much did you get this year? >> about development. >> how concerned are you we are actually walking on the bed of your reservoir right now? >> i'm very concerned. >> how full should it be this time of the year? >> we would be underwater. >> well if there is no more rain, the vineyards will have to survive on wells and recycled water. as the drought continues, we are adding resources online
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kpix5/drought for some advice on how to conserve water. the city of dayless thinking about pulling the plug on pge. it began an effort to create its own electric utility. the city council says customers could save 20% on the utility. they are already in talks with pge, but they are not saying much. the utility released a statement saying pge leadership has met with staff messes from the city of davis to help meet the city's energy goals which are a priority to the council. davis hope to have its own utility company up and runs within three years. >> from superexperience so supernightmare. a lot of fans trying to get their taste of the superbowl today left disappointed. a 13-block stretch of broadway serving as superbowl boulevard became so overcrowded it had to be shut down. tomorrow, metlife stadium may be the most secure place in
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the u.s. 80,000 people are going to pack the stadium. getting in will be like going through airport security. in the sky, black hawk helicopters and military jets will enforce a no-fly zone. >> the challenge there is moving them and keeping them safe. the focus there is get the people identified, get them properly identified with their tickets, make sure they get from point a to point b. >> 4,000 officers from more than 100 agencies will be at metlife stadium tomorrow. >> tomorrow, it will all be about football, but today at at&t field, baseball was on the brain. thousands poured in around the ballpark for the giants annual fan fest. >> reporter: at&t park taken over. baseball fans lined up for hours to see their heros for just a moment and they are not shy about who they like.
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>> posey. >> he is my man. he is beautiful. wonderful. >> how long would you wait in line to see hunter pence? >> two hours. i think i would wait two hours. >> reporter: and many did just that to snatch an autograph or pose with a picture at the plate. others like norman mall wanted just a moment to test drive his favorite seat in the house. the dugout. >> i actually got to sit with bruce boche. yeah. it was a very cool day. >> reporter: few the players, all the love is resparry cool. >> it is fun to be able to interact with the fans. it is the feeling of getting back with baseball. >> reporter: when it comes to being into baseball, the hernandez family certainly steals the show. they take home the award for creativity. >> i just want romo to sign my ring. >> reporter: fan fest feels different than a home game. no opposing team, no scoreboard
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or hanging on the edge of your seat. just pure giants pride and of course, a gut prediction or two of how the new season is going the play out. >> i think they are going to do very well because they have kept a lot of key people. >> we picked up hudson and we picked up morris. we are going to do great. >> reporter: at at&t park, mark kelly, kpix5. a lunar new year's celebration in san jose today. this is the colorful vietnamese festival. the goal is to promote the vietnamese culture. one man has been waiting 19 years to become a u.s. citizen and he is still waiting but tonight, he can legally practice law in california. steve lars takes us to the swearing in ceremony at the capital. >> reporter: this sets the
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stage for sergio garcia's dream come true. the undocumented immigrant sworn in as a lawyer. darryl steinberg was there for support as well. >> we are sod glad. >> reporter: the state legislature made it legal for undocumented immigrants to practice law and they passed this landmark ruling in january. >> fix our broken immigration system. >> reporter: last week, the president called for full immigration reform. >> we hope to have it fixed this year. the time for talking and the time for a lot of nice speeches is over. the time for action is now. >> reporter: these are pictures of garcia and his siblings as children. he spent a lot of time in california and mexico until the age of 17 when his father moved him here permanently. that was 1995. 19 years later, the paper work is still pending. >> most of us get tired to wait
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two hours at the dmv. imagine waiting 19 years. >> reporter: garcia is still waiting to be a legal u.s. citizen. his wait to practice law here is over. >> and based on the federal backlog, it could be 2019 before garcia is granted legal residency. more than just a way to get around, a new look at the old bay bridge and how ground breaking it was. most people don't want everyone knowing how much they weigh. these apps might be putting your private info for all the world to see. ,,,,,,,,,,
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at san francisco's de young museum honors the bay bridg
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an archite >> you know it as a way to get across the bay, but an exhibit at the museum honor it is bay bridge as an architect masterpiece taking the depression by storm. the highlight of the exhibit, photographs of the bridge by the newcomer peter stackpole. >> the work speaks for itself. they are magnificent photographs and you can really see, you know, the danger inherent in a project like this. it is just remarkable what he did to be up there at these heights and just how inherently brave he must have been to go ahead and take a lot of these pictures. >> reporter: and the exhibit runs through june 8 >> and they built it in three years on time. tesla has a few showrooms in the bay area, but none in
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contra costa county. they plan to open a 3,000 square foot showroom in the next few months at broadway plaza. they don't have traditional dealerships with cars people can drive off the lot, but there will be a few available for test driving. have you played angry birds or used google maps lately? it could be spies have been tracking you through these leaky apps. even workout apps could put your private health information at risk. >> reporter: kpix5 executive kela is a health fanatic and a techie. these keep her healthy. every bite she eats. >> and i don't have to write it down. it tracks it automatically. >> reporter: but it turns out the apps are not the only ones
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tracking your data, more than a third of all apps are sharing our selling your health information. >> that is way too invasive. >> it is my information. it shouldn't be sold. >> if most consumers knew what was going on, they would be really scared about using those apps. >> reporter: consumer health information is big business and the law surrounding health app data the murky at best. they found day that is often shared via unincrypted networks sharing sensitive and embarrassing data and it is not protected leaving your information up for sale to the highest widower no expiration in diet. >> there is the use of the data today and there is what happens potentially in the future. >> reporter: currently, it is sold to advertisers but imagine some day googling your name and finding your weight or worse.
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what if insurerrers or employers had access to your blood pressure, cholesterol, that time of the month? sound farfetched? so did employers checking your credit score a few years ago. >> four flights of scares flamed. >> reporter: sheila says she is not concerned. she chooses paid apps and assumes anything she does share probably won't remain private. >> private. >> it doesn't have any information i don't give it. >> reporter: now paid apps generally have better privacy policies than free ones but read them carefully and assume any information you provide is shared. julie watts, kpix5. well skiers and snow boarders are saying finally after much needed snow fell this week. they are racing up to the sierra this weekend to enjoy the powder with clear blue skies. the slopes are packed. well, we are on board on
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the clear blue skies with the sierra. for us it will be a different story. clouds after midnight will spread across the north bay. as you look to the airport, the numbers right now, mostly in the 40s in the bay area. 42 in concord. 44 at oakland. you have 37 in santa rosa which will get to below freezing. san francisco is at 4 # degrees. let get a look at this little guy spinning off the california oregon border. it is just a little system. it is not going to spread much. we will get some showers tomorrow. it will be classic north to south fashion. the only thing is this low is probably going to hang parallel to the california coastline instead of barreling inland. the result is we are going to get more rain along the coast than inland. it wouldn't be a surprise if we didn't get any rain in the trivalley area. we probably will, but i wouldn't be surprised if we didn't. that slow is too far to the west. after the shot of showers tomorrow, we will get dry
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weather returning again on monday. so expect overcast skies starting out tomorrow morning in the north bay and some showers spreading south. this gives you a good idea. this is around sunrise. a dose of showers widely scattered. a few spots will come down pretty good. then we clear out on monday. so it will be brief, quick, and not nearly enough to do anything. showers on sunday, then, the week ahead looks clear and dry and we get more rain in the bay area late next weekend and that system at this far removed looks like it will be more robust than is systems rolling in tomorrow. it would be better news if we got rain this week. after tomorrow, we start out with mostly cloudy skies and showers moving across the bay area in the afternoon. and they will be out of there by tomorrow night. it will be brief, come down good. and thunderstorms offshore and this is on the heels of the driest january on record. 1920, it was the previous low. but we only picked up six-
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hundredths of an inch in january. santa rosa is down to 30. 31 at napa. for tomorrow, almost everyone will be in the mid 50s . out in the east bay, cloud tomorrow, maybe a few showers, not much. 56 at walnut creek. north bay will get wet. 56 in petaluma. lit be doing more than geting the dust wet up at clear lake. extended forecast, more sunshine on monday. bad news. dry weather for the week ahead. as we get into next weekend, we will cloud up saturday, maybe more rain next sunday. ann? >> all right, thank you very much. all right, andrea here filling in for vern. >> reporter: they may still be partying in berkeley. we will tell you why next in sports. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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was when jason kidd was on e squad in 19-94. they had a chance tonight... to hand t is. >> the last time the cal bears beat the top ranked team in the country, it was a while. it came down in the final seconds tied at 58. justin cobb. fade away jumper is good. cal takes out the number one team in the country in arizona and hands them their first loss of the year. 60-58 is the final in that game. while peyton man sergeant focused on winning the lombardi trophy, he picked up some valuable hardware. he wins the most valuable player of the year. he led his team to the best record in the afc. he had 49 out of the 50 first place votes. he also won the associated press' offensive player of the
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year award. earlier today, peyton and the broncos and the seattle seahawks went through their final walk throughs before superbowl 48. john elway made five trips to the big game. peyton manning will be playing in his third championship game. the seahawks only have one player with any superbowl experience. but joe montana believes the seahawks have to win tomorrow. they just have to get to peyton manning which is easier said than done. >> they will keep peyton ton sideline just enough that he doesn't go crazy on them. and their key, i think, is don't let him be comfortable in the pocket. if you can let him shift a hair, he is very accurate. he will put it there. but if you make him move and instead of throwing it right here, he is throwing it right here. now you have a better chance of making a play. >> the nfl hall of fame didn't
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leave gray guy hanging this time. she the first punter to be inducted into canton. a six-time all pro, al davis took him in the first round in 1973 and he won three superbowls in his 13-year career. joining guy in this year's class, michael strayhand, derrick brook, and andre reed. well still to come in sports, the sharks look to knock out of off the defending stanley cup champs. that is coming up after the break. ,,,,,,,,
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>> turning to hockey now, scoring has been a problem of late for the sharks. they have only one goal in their last three games. hunter pence. black hawk fans making their presence felt. when joe pavelski makes it 1-0 sharks. but a minute later, chicago ties it up. it is batted out of midair for the goal. we go to a shoot-out where the sharks could not be stopped. first it is joe pavelski, patrick marleau, and then joe thornton. they snap their three-game
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losing streak. this afternoon, up five in the second half. pal with the lay up. part of a huge day for the stanford big man. late in the game, he steps outside. shoots the three, and hits it. he hit two of them. and had a game-high. 28 points. stanford goes onto win it 76-70 over arizona state. brian sabian. on the run in the second half, on the finish, usf down only a point. trying to keep up with the toping toes. sam dour jr. , too strong. the dawns fall to the zags75- 65. brad waldo and saint mary's could not hold a lead. they get blown out. tyler hawes was hitting everything. 84-71. in the madden bowl
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superbowl simulation. matt prater kicked the field goal. so another least in the video goals, the broncos beat the seahawks. we will see if that holds true. >> what do you think? >> i think the broncos are going to win it. they have the better offense and it will be interesting toasty if richard sherman will have the last word. >> thank you very much. >> back in a minute. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we'll see you back here tomw night at five-thirty. news >> that's it for us. >> broncos, broncos and? >> whatever you say. >> we will see you back here. that was good i like that. goodnight. ,,,,
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