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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  March 3, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. good afternoon everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm brian hackney. frank has the day off. we're going to begin with breaking news. in san francisco two left lanes of southbound 101 are still shut down by police activity. a driver involved in a slow speed chase across the bay bridge ended near the caesar
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chavez exit. a van was involved in a workplace dispute in fairfield. he was finally pulled over but traffic remains a mess. a look at the traffic computer shows southbound lanes are backed up on to the bay bridge. two lanes are still closed as police investigated. a live picture showing the slow traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza. usually at noon it is smooth sailing. as you can see from this picture, not today. more of the fallout from that slow speed chase. we're getting word the southbound lanes on 101 are open. we'll keep an eye on it. a sad day on a middle school campus in the east bay. 14-year-old jenna betty is being mourned after she was killed on the train tracks while trying to retrieve her cell phone. it happened near old orchard and howell roads at 5:00 yesterday afternoon. classmates are honoring jenna
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in a very special way. >> yes they are, i spoke a close family friend who says this is absolutely devastating to the family. they say jenna was such a bright and energetic young woman and now that liveliness is lost but will always be remembered. >> a daughter, a friend, a student, and a terrible loss for a martinez community and family. >> i really can't put it in words to be honest. it's really hard, you know, on a personal level. >> jonathan eagen was 8th 8th grader jenna betty's principal and for her few years at elementary school. she was a revered athlete and loved by all who knew her. >> jenna was a vivacious beautiful young lady who was always smiling and had lots of friends. she was a very popular girl. >> jenna's reach evident on social media. hundreds of tweets were dedicated to honoring her memory. students asking one another to wear pink at school today with the hashtag pink for jenna. and parents also took part showing their support for
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jenna's family while holding their children close. >> this is a community that wraps its arm around each other to provide support and care and we know that they will do that. there will be an outpouring of love and assistance in every way possible. >> investigates say sunday evening jenna and a friend were near a set of train tracks at old orchard and howe in her neighborhood. as the train approached they moved away but a family friend tells kpix 5 jenna ran back to grab her cell phone. the family friend who did not want to go on camera says the train created a vacuum that succeed her in and ultimately took her life. the superintendent says there are grief counselors on stand by for educators and students. in martinez cate caugurian, kpix 5. a pedestrian has been killed in fremont. the woman was in the crosswalk when it happened. she was hit on washington boulevard near olive about 6 a.m. police say a 49-year-old man in a corvette hit her. he told the officers he heard a noise. he thought it was a bird, but
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then he saw the body in the road. he is cooperating with officers. new details about another accident in the same area this morning, a head-on head-on collision that's left a little girl fighting for her life. kpix 5's anne makovec on why police say her injuries were aid avoidable. >> it was just after midnight when a 33-year-old mother in this honda civic crossed the center line of osgood road and hit this camry head on n. backseat her 4-year-old daughter in a car seat that wasn't secured. >> the car seat basically flew from one side of the vehicle to the other, and the child likely hit her head on impact. >> the little girl was taken to children's hospital with critical head injuries. the mother was seriously injured but is expected to survive as is the 30-year-old man who was driving the camry. but police say both drivers may eventually face charges of dui.
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>> the male driver made a statement that he had been drinking earlier and then they smelled alcohol on the female driver. >> they won't know how much until toxicology reports come in. the mother could also face charges of child endangerment or neglect because of the car seat not being properly secured. in fremont, anne makovec kpix 5. police had osgood road shut down for six and a half hours as they continued their investigation. happening today another powerful winter storm pummeling the east coast. much of the federal government is shut down. 10 inches of snow is expected to fall in the nation's capital, and people up and down the east coast will share in the misery. >> i feel like all the seasons are having an identity crisis. they're just all lopsided. >> you could wear shorts around d. c. it was that warm. >> icy roads have caused hundreds of accidents in arkansas, oklahoma, and texas. temperatures will stay below freezing in dallas through tomorrow, and back on the east coast at flights
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are canceled. a live look now at sfo where the snowstorm has caused numerous flights from the east coast to sfo to be canceled. at least eight flights from philadelphia and eight flights from jfk airport in new york have been canceled, and there's also one cancellation from washington d. c. and one from newark new jersey, and departures have not been affected so far. we've got more wet weather headed our way. let's get the latest from meteorologist lawrence karnow. >> just a couple light showers outside. that is all about to change. our high-def doppler radar is tracking the storm system and we're starting to see a little more moisture showing up outside. most of the focus has been just to the north as we've seen scattered light showers headed in their direction. it looks like things are about to change. a pretty good cell making its way near concord and into fairfield. just along the coastline beginning to see this batch of green beginning to show up on our doppler radar. we've got more rain going to become widespread throughout
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the afternoon. in fact, i think for the commute a very wet commute ride on the way home. be prepared for that. very wet roadways on the way and more to come. very unsettled weather too. we'll have more of that in a couple of minutes. >> all right lawrence. thank you. remember, you can watch the storm's arrival by logging on to and click on weather. police are looking for a 93- year-old san rafael man missing since wednesday. robert davis was last seen driving away from marin joe's restaurant. officers and volunteers put up fliers around downtown san rafael. davis is 5-foot 7, 139 pounds with gray share and gray eyes and was driving a 2001 toyota cam camry. those e-cigarettes may lose their special status in san francisco. supervisor eric morrow wants them to be treated the same as the real thing. that means restrictions where they can be smoked and they can't be sold to kids younger than 18. the proposed legislation will go before a committee on
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thursday. facebook's plan to pay for a police officer to be stationed near its memo park headquarter could be decided tomorrow. the men low city council will vote on the offer to pay $200,000 to hire an officer. facebook has committed to paying for it for at least three years and possibly five. from the white house to the kremlin, the escalation of tensioned to that has washington issuing a warning. >> hikers listen up, deadline you need to know about before you head to yosemite. >> the oscar nominated gorgeously empowering song let it go. >> and one of oscar night's worst performances creating quite the buzz the day after. how social media is having a field day with john john travolta's introduction. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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situation in the ukraine...
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dow plummetted after well they're always worried about something, in this case the situation in the ukraine has wall street nervous enough so that the dow has plummeted about 170 points. strong words from washington about the situation in the ukraine after russia issued an ultimatum. the white house warned the kremlin to back off. armed standoffs are taking place at several military bases across the crimean region. russian troop haves taken over the area after ukraine's pro russian president was ousted last week. so far the troops have met with almost no resistance. the obama administration calls the invasion an incredible act of aggression but says a military response is not an option. instead, the u.s. and its allies are threatening vladimir putin with canceled trade deals
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and economic sanctions. former cia deputy director says president obama's credibility is at stake. >> the things that we've done already are pretty weak and putin will see them as weak. the only thing that vladimir putin understands is tough. >> officials here at the united nations are looking at options to stop the crisis from escalating. the deputy secretary general to the u. n. was sent to ukraine last night to assess the situation. the secretary of state john kerry will meet with members of ukraine's new government in the capital city of kiev tomorrow. the obama administration says it is ready to work with other countries to provide support for ukraine's broken economy. alexis christoforous cbs news. >> on a cross country trip to raise awareness about the crisis in his homeland. he's a performer for cirque du soleil and he stopped by last hour to talk with phil matier. >> you don't see the future. you don't see the forward thinking. you don't know what's going to
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happen next day. >> the help ukraine project has a web site to raise funds for ukranian people fighting for political reform. a popular bay area park is closed to visitors this midday. they have close and area of point rays national seashore to protect seal pups. visitors are being asked to stay at least 100 yards away. now is the time to apply for a permit. only 300 hikers are allowed to use the mountain's metal safety cables each day. permits are issued as part of a lottery so you can apply at any time and still have a chance to stand atop the dome. just don't do it when there's a lightning storm. >> i've heard of people dying up there during electrical storms. that's one of those things i want to do. >> so you would do it. >> i would love to climb it. >> i don't want to be hit by a lightning bolt. around the bay area looking like we've got some showers on the increase as we head towards
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the afternoon the, and it looks like it's going to be widespread late in the day. we have some of that showing up on our high-def doppler radar and some pockets and downpours beginning to pop u. we're going to see those more widespread. in toward the concord area you're seeing a downpour there but you've got more off the coastline and that is going to become more widespread in the latter part of the day. here comes the rain again. it's going to be not a huge storm, just a nice gentle soaker outside. we have mostly cloudy skies. those clouds beginning to thicken up just a bit. the temperatures running generally in the 50s outside. i think by the afternoon still going to sneak in a couple of 60s out there. it will take some time for the rain to work in from the south bay. rain spreading the through the south through the afternoon. it looks like tomorrow maybe some showers to begin with and then maybe a couple more systems headed our way. so we've got the flat ridge here and all that moisture running right over the top of it right now. the jet stream focusing in towards the bay area. that will get things going in the afternoon and keep things
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unsettled throughout the night tonight and into tomorrow. you'll find 50s and 60s in the central valley. some rain in sacramento this afternoon. showers also into lake tahoe and yosemite. timing things out, the commute looks pretty we wet around the bay area. looks like that will pass through, leftover showers everily tomorrow morning. the better part of tomorrow just some partly cloudy skies and dry weather. temperature-wise we're going to see some 50s and 60s into the south bay. those numbers in the 60s into the east bay. as you head inside the bay it will be about 61 degrees in alameda and 61 in san francisco. your sunset time for tonight is going to be at 6:05. sunset at 6:37. the next few days, more needed rain coming our way. looks like showers possibly again wednesday night into thursday. we'll expect wet. >> the selfie seen around the world literally. howellen set a record during the oscars. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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land o'lakes sauté express meal starter, with herbs, spices, butter and olive oil. it's one step, no prep, for endless possibilities! sauté express®. in the dairy aisle. british director steve mc-q became the first black dire to win the film industry's highest honor in hollywood made history last night. >> steve mcqueen became the first black director to win the film's industry highest honor in 86 years of the oscars. the heart wrenching drama 12 years a slave won best picture honors. kate blanchett was named best actress and matthew mcconaughey
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won best actor for playing an aids patient in dallas buyers club. john travolta got some unwanted attention for flubbing frozen theme song singer adeena menzol's name. >> the gorgeously empowering song let it go from the oscar winning animated winning frozen, please welcome the wickedly talented. >> i was wondering at that moment what? he wasn't even close. no one had any clue what he said and twitter's reaction was just as confused. gets are like adele dazeem. a name which now has its own twitter account. probably has thousands of followers. the song won for best song. and another oscar moment being blamed for breaking twitter, at least temporarily. hostellen degeneres wanted to break a record. she snapped a picture of herself and then tweeting it. the picture was re-tweeted more than 2 million times, another
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giant step for mankind. kpix 5 is proud to sponsor the cbs bay area local spelling bee, and today about 50 students all over the bay area are finding out if they will compete to represent our region in the scrips national spelling bee. sharon chin on the road toward the prize. >> anca -- >> may i have the definition. >> tens of thousands of students faced off in their schools. >> next is the word software. >> software s-o-f-t-w-a-r-e. , software. >> they narrowed the contest to best in the class, grade and school. each time a nail biter. >> m-r-e-m-o-r-a. >> i'm sorry. that is incorrect. the correct spelling is r-e-m-o- r-a. >> nicholas hanson took second in the campbell school district.
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>> i knew the word but then i started with an m for who knows why. >> but as the top speller at rolling hills middle school, he did advance with about 150 other school winners to the written spelling bee held more than a week ago at lawrence hall of science. >> encourage. this word is from french. it is a verb. >> today they're finding out if they ranked among the top 50 in the written bee. those students move on. >> if i don't beat them it won't be the end of the world, there's always next year. if i do beat them i'll be really proud of myself. >> the top 50 will come here to the kpix studios on saturday march 15th to compete in an oral bee. from there the top winner will go to the scrips national spelling bee near washington d. c. sharon chin, kpix 5. effort. >> in the spirit of the spelling bee we're going to have our own competition for the next two weeks. you'll notice a bead of perspiration breaking out on michelle griego forehead. every morning we're going to test the anchor team with a
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word of the day. >> i'm seriously a little nervous. >> i'm a pretty good speller. >> are you ready? >> yes, go ahead. >> the word this midday is from latin, quorom. >> use it in a sentence hurry. >> there are not enough members present at the school board meeting to constitute a quorom. >> okay. q-u-o-r-u-m. >> is it om? >> you're right. >> okay nicely done. you are three for three today young lady. i get a round of applause. three for three. >> how about eggplant. oh, i'm sorry. that's the next word we have. in p-a-s-t-a. pasta. >> stephanie and tony tantillo say what michelle. >> they say try some eggplant. >> beautiful basil and pasta.
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a great combination. very simple and always delicious. now we have the eggplant sauteeing in extra virgin olive oil. it's always going to soak a lot of oil. put it in the hot oil. >> it will get a good crust on the outside. >> a lot of tips. >> is that enough basil. >> that's a perfect amount. >> a couple more. okay. >> it smells so good. now with the pasta a, little bit of pasta water. mix that in. >> and now we're going to season this. some pepper. >> look at the oil here and the basil is infusing with the oil. that's all you need as a sauce. >> and just a little bit of parsley. >> mm-hmm. >> no tomatoes on this, huh? >> no tomatoes. >> and so simple to make. >> love it. >> look at that, a little pyramid of pasta and eggplant and basil. thank you bella. >> great colors. >> beautiful colors. >> enjoy. bye bye. >> still ahead, a mother's instinct saves the day. we'll show you how. ,,
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one of the best things about is that millions of people will qualify for financial assistance. for example, if you're a single person making less than $46,000 a year,
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or a family of four, earning up to $94,200, you may be eligible for premium assistance. the lower your annual income, the greater financial assistance you will receive. get answers, and get covered. find out if you're eligible and enroll now. at how they could cause serious harm to coming up at 5, new concerns about those white noise machines, how they could cause serious harm to a child's hearing. that story and more coming up at 5. and finally a hungry raccoon learned the hard way don't mess with momma bird. >> check out this night vision video from an eagle cam. the bald eagle was ink baiting
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her eggs when a raccoon tries to snatch the eggs from the nest. the eagle was able to fend it off and go back to a peaceful night of resting. the eggs appear to be okay, but the surprise to me is they have eagle cams in pennsylvania. >> i know. but you would not want to get a stare down from a bald eagle. >> i have that stare. >> you have? >> and i've learned my lesson. stay away. >> were you trying to take egg. >> no. >> did she beat you with her wings. >> have a great afternoon everyone. >> e-a-g-l-e.
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[ cellphone rings ] >> ridge: hey. how's it going? >> brooke: it's good to hear your voice. >> ridge: how's paris? >> brooke: too many miles away from you. i miss you. last night would've been our wedding night. >> ridge: but hope needed you in paris. >> brooke: i still don't know why that was so important. but you know what? wyatt surprised her. he was on the plane. and i'm sure they can handle everything all by themselves. i can't wait to see you. and i'm gonna come home as soon as possible, and then we can start our life together.


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