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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  March 3, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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against russia. our phil matier did some checking today. if that happens, it could have a serious impact on the bay area economy, especially in high-tech. >> we are examining a whole series of steps, economic, diplomatic, that will isolate russia. >> this is a very dangerous moment right now. could lead to real conflict. >> one response could be economic sanctions. but as former u.s. ambassador to russia tellses, sanctions will not hit russia. they could hit us as well. >> there are billions of dollars of russian investmentings in the united states right now. it creates -- investments in the united states right now. >> how extensive is russian investment in our area. >> i think we should measure in the billions. i don't know exactly the amount. >> let's talk about the economics for a bit. if there are sanctions, how would that effect, for example, tech industries here in california that's working
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with russia? >> very directly. the governments of the united states decide to sanction russian companies, that will create problems for the business deals and investments that they have here. at the same time, putin and his friends have asset. there is russian money in american bank accounts. some of it are russian government officials. so we have levers available today to put pressure on russia that we didn't 30 or 40 years ago. >> getting russia's volatile president to think clearly, hour, may be a challenge. >> he says president putin wants to see ukraine in what he calls the russian's sphere of influence. the west, including the obama administration want ukraine to be independent and free. all i can do is hope that more pragmatic minds in moscow will prevail. >> that remains to be seen. but it duds underscore that the world has changed.
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the cold war has thawed: capitalist in and out of the soviet union. a good deal of it coming here to california. a couple years ago, sicsc pledged to russia. so the tech industry is investing plus getting money from russia, so those economic sanctions we used to talk about so freely, they could kick us right wac here. >> it is an interesting concept. now we're in such a global economy that normally we, 10, 20 years ago would let russia take it. now, our economy is so intertwined with theirs and vice versa. >> exactly. >> you might make the argument that economic sanctions would put a little pressure on russia, though. >> it would. the reverse is true as well. they also have billions of dollars, including some high officials in bank accounts. and some of them are right here in the usa. so this could get personal. >> yeah. these guy escorted don't get along. phil, thank you for that. a student from stanford has family in crimea. we were there when she was able
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to talk to her mother today via skype. >> cat is studying neuroscience at stanford. but tonight, she's using computer science to connect with family in crimea. >> my mother has heard there's a planned bombing at 1:00 a.m. so she is really hopeful that we're going to see each other again. >> cat's mom is so scared she's asking we not show her face, use her voice or even tell you her last name. >> everybody is carrying a weapon. they're traveling in huge trucks and tanks. all kinds of military equipment i have never seen before and wish that i would never see again? as world leader escorted exchange heated words over the growing crisis, a mother and daughter say a quiet good-bye. >> i was saying good-bye to her. she was basically saying i really hope that we talk again. >> social media gets through
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one way or tore. cat keeps in touch with her family everyday using skype. police are investigating a possible hate crime at a contra costa middle school. a transgender student from hercules middle school was reportedly assaulted in a bathroom. it happened this morning in the boy's bathroom on the high school side of the joint campus. it involves a student who is biological female but identifies as a male. the student says he was leaving the path room when three i woulder boys shoved him in a handicap stall and physically and sexually assaulted him. police are investigating it as a sexual assault and a hate crime. the student was taken to a local hospital. we have a crew on scene gathering more information. we will bring you a live report later on in the hour. the other story we are following right now, the rain. this is a live look outside in dublin. drivers dealing with rain on think evening commute. paul deanno show us our high
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def doppler radar. paul. >> reporter: the yellow is the heavier rainfall. timing for the evening commute, it is pretty soggy. roads like highway 4 between concord and antioch, martinez, vallejo, interstate 80 out toward fairfield. i-80 back toward oakland and emeryville and richmond right over san francisco we are seeing heavier showers. light to moderate rain continues on 580 through the trivalley and 680 through san ramon and walnut creek. the rain has moved in and there is nothing to block it. for so long, we were talking about that locking ridge of high pressure. gone. not here now. as waves of moisture keep moving across, there is no reason why they won't come here. they have come here. rain pushing to the south. if you're watching from san jose saying where is the rain? it will be to you soon. it will be a slow commute thiefening. also, tomorrow -- this evening. this is the first of three different rain chances coming up this week. we will talk about the other
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two in about so minutes. >> paul, thank you. train has moved out of southern california, but the clean up is just beginning. cbs reporter jeff nguyen. >> reporter: this used to sit so feet from the ground. now, you can tell it is no longer regulation height. all of this because mud came flowing down from that hillside. the homeowner tells us there was mud coming to noint here. all that took out a fence that you could sit along this wall here. the mud kept on going. it cascaded down into the second portion of this backyard right here. now, since yesterday, this ship loader here came through and cleaned out some of the mud. as you can see, this is the line that the ship loader has taken. and, even now, after two days, it is still about waste deep in most of this backyard. the estimate is that there was
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about 600-tons of dirt down here. another 2,000 up there. so, the estimate now is that it will take another three to four days to clean this all out. jeffrey nguyen, kpix 5. >> unbelievable. you can track the rain any time on our website new at 6:00, things quickly went from bad to worse for one bay area man whose car was stolen. somebody told his suv right out of the walmart parking lot in gilroy. police later found it in san jose. kpix 5 reporter don ford tells us about their grim discovery inside that vehicle. >> i was parked right over in this row here. >> early sunday morning last week, michael mcvay and his dog came to this shopping center in gilroy. >> i went in and i was also going to get her some food. >> it was a cool day, so he left her in the suv with the windows slightly down. when he returned, his path finder was gone. it was stolen with peco inside.
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>> i have had her over 15 years. >> michael isn't married. never had kids. now, his constant companion of 15 years is missing. four days later, the san jose police found the suv. when they opened the back door, the dog was inside dead. michael's friend is devastated, too. >> ice hard to imagine. it really is hard to imagine having it end that way. it's just -- it's not supposed to end that way. >> the parking lot is covered with cameras. nearly a dozen may have recorded the theft. this surveillance photo shows the man police believe stole the car and left peco to die. >> if i could get my hands on him, it wouldn't be fun, at least for them. >> in gilroy, don ford, kpix 5. apple wants to make it easier for drivers to use iphones in cars. new technology will be introduced call canned car play. apple is working with car
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makers ferrari, mercedez benz and volvo. the system will let you plug in iphones in the car and use maps or make phone calls. it works with voice command or by touching a dash board screen. bay area headlines. a slow speed chase caused traffic troubles on the bay bridge before it ended with an arrest in san francisco this morning. officers stopped this truck in the inside lane of highway 101 this morning. truck driver ran away, but was quickly captured. officers say 46-year-old hector fuentes stole the truck from his now former employer in fairfield. a woman was hit and killed this morning by a driver in fremont. 49-year-old driver pulled over when he heard something hit his car. he told police he thought it was a bird until he saw a body in the roadway. the woman was crossing washington boulevard around 6:00 when she was hit. the driver is cooperating with police. 4-year-old girl in critical condition tonight after a possible drunk driving crash in
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fremont. this happened about midnight. her mother was driving when she crossed the center line and hit a car head on. girl was in the backseat in a car seat that was not secured properly. according to police, they say the woman smelled like alcohol at the scene. and, the other driver admitted to drinking alcohol before driving as well. both could be facing dui charges. >> everyone was crying. it was really depressioning. a school in mourning after a bay area teen was kill bid a train. why the popular eighth grader went back on the track as the train approached. why twitter head quarters in san francisco will look like it got invaded by lumber jacks. >> the old school system is like the titanic. it is almost impossible to change course. how vandalism has become the poster child for bay area schools hoping to transform.
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her home. it happened near old orchard martinez teen ager being remembered tonight after she was killed by a freight train near her home. this happened near old orchard last night. kpix 5 reporter ann notarangelo with the investigation and how the community is responding. ann. >> reporter: ken, everyone i spoke with today seem to be in a state of shock. they kept asking how could this happen to glen betty. >> this is a -- jena betty. ed to they wore pink to honor 14-year-old jena betty. >> everyone was crying and it was really depressing. >> parent are also huggedder that children a little longer, and betty's principal was close to tears. >> can't put it in words, to be honest. it's rally hard, you know, on a personal level. >> -- really hard, you know, on a personal level. >> the teen was on railroad
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tracks with her boyfriend. a spokesperson said the crew saw them and sound the horn. the pair got off the tracks at first. betty's mom posted on facebook. she dropped her phone and went back to retrieve it. she department judge the approach and the train creates a vacuum, we were told, and it sucks you in. a spokesperson for the railroad told us there is no suction from an on coming train, but someone could get pulled under by it. the investigation sundays way, but that's not the community's focus. >> i know the kids are going to have a tremendous outpouring for jena in many different ways. >> many of her classmates have under the out in droves to social media to express their grief. the school has an un-- turned up in droves to social media to express their grief. >> we're not wanting to necessarily go out and drum up a lot of social media about the situation. we want to be sensitive to the family. >> the vivacious girl with a beautiful small is gone much too soon. >> in every class that she was in, there was a box that you
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could write letters or notes to her. it was sitting at her desk. >> reporter: as stunning as this tragedy sounds, there is an organization called operation lifesaver. it is a group that goes around to kids trying to educate students about the dangers of these train track. i asked the superintendent if this group had been to this district at all. she said no, and she admitted maybe it's time for them to come. in martinez, ann notarangelo kpix 5. >> the district has a crisis team in place and is providing grief counselors for students and teachers. by the way, you may remember last year, a student at this very same school was injured in the boston marathon bomb and the community rallied around him and is hoping to do the same for jena's family. twitter employees will soon have a pretty interesting place to take their lunch breaks. nineteenth century log cabin. the high-tech giant is installing low tech log cabins outside its san francisco head quarters to serve as dining
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rooms. they're designed to have a more intimate touch to break up the impersonal work space. the cabins were salvaged from ranches in montana and should be in place in a few weeks. sheriff is serging for marijuana growers who have been stealing water as california suffers through this historic draught. the sheriff says some pot growers tapped into open irrigation canals or even drill their own illegal wells. others tap into their neighbor's water tanks and bury the pipe. sheriff says the water is being used for illegal marijuana, not the medicinal kind. any grow attempting to steal water will be punished. >> we're now becoming the water police. we're going to arrest people for grand theft. it is not petty theft. it is friand theft of natural resource -- grant theft of natural resources. >> the sheriff believe thieves will use up to 5 million gallons a day in the fall. speaking of water, the good news is we err getting more of it in a nice, steady pattern.
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>> reporter: we've been hoping for this all winter long. guess what? we're nit. we're here. rained yesterday. rained friday. rained last wednesday. raining tonight. it will continue to rain on and off all week long. here is a look at your radar which is lit up with the exception of the south bay. san jose, you're waiting for the rainfall. you'll get it. not there yet, but it's raining just about every where else. right in the urban core, oakland, san bruno, and mill valley. we are looking at that being the heaviest rainfall right now. couple million people driving around. there acceptly will impact the evening commute. if you look offshore there is plenty more rain to move through. it is not as intense as what we saw last week. i do not expect any widespread flooding, but things will certainly be slowed down on the road. why has it changed: we had a very significant change. as soon as february hit we went
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from no rainfall to about 20% above normal for the month of february. right now, march is starting off soggy. it is because of the ridge of high pressure. this is the guy that gave us no rainfall in november, december, clan. all it did was move. now it is down to our state of texas. rather than locking everything and sending it up to can dark it is now kind of directing stuff. follow the moisture all the way back, i think you can see honolulu right there. this is tropical moisture coming hawaii if you were to fly you probably wouldn't leave the clouds. there would be clouds the whole time because that ridge is steering all the moisture into the bay area. rain tonight. rain overnight. it will be wrapped up by the morning hours tomorrow. but roads will still be wet. then, we get a break. but the storms, the train tracks are still in the atmosphere. the next storms that mauve through will be in the bay area. that is on thursday. we get a couple more days of a break. next storm that mauves in will be on sunday. we get more rainfall. we get rain tonight. we get rain on thursday. we also get rain on sunday.
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perfect pattern for us. it will be mild and humid all week long even when it is not raining, it will stay pretty cloudy. highs tomorrow, pair of 6s. fewover night showers in napa. rain is done by sunrise. san rafael, you're 66. couple days of break. mid up toker 60s on tuesday, wednesday. more rain on thursday. if you're fan of the sunshine, you'll get it on friday and sample highs around 70. pretty warm, too. on sunday another chance of rain. here is the truth. we're not going to end this draught this year. it just takes too much rain. what we can do, we can take big brought and make ate tiny draught. >> yeah. >> i think we are well on our way to make this a smaller draught. still a problem. not going to two away. but we're doing the best we can and trying to eliminate it. >> any time we get rain, it is a bad thing. >> reporter: it is and we got some -- good thing. >> reporter: it is and it is a
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elementary got quite a treat today. the vice president of the california ociation read them a students at san jose's bagbe elementary got quite a treat today. the vice president of the teacher's association read them a book called the day the crayon quit. this is one of many schools across the nation today participating in the 17th annual read across america event. it highlights literacy and celebrates the joy of reading. it is a little rare here in the bay area, frustrated teachers trying to take control back from the school district. last week, comix broke the story about dosier high school. the teacher escorted wanting a charter school. we learned they got their information and help from a school nearby. ryan takeo with an update on
6:23 pm
their charter conversion >> we were basically going against district. we were risking a lot. >> and trying to run the school themselves. >> it is testment to level of frustration people felt here. >> i am a senior. >> these students didn't like the high school when the mount diablo school district ran things. they say there were more fights, more graffiti and the teachers had enough. they wanted to run the school their way. not what they call a one-size- fits-all district approach. now, the state funds the school directly. >> the old school system is almost impossible to change course. the charter schools are more like speedboats. you can react and respond to kids' needs. >> clayton valley's new chapter of the charter school needs shiny new equipment in chemistry class. then there is the 1,000 wait list to get in ex- year. the school might have to expand.
6:24 pm
they kept the mascot. they ditch the district. and now they are giving pointers. >> we looked closely at clayton valley high school. >> all right, guys. welcome. >> teachers at dosi er asked clayton value len ramirez for help, navigating the roadblocks. >> make sure you're the doing for the right reasons. and don't expect it to be easy. >> clayton valley fought their school district, appealed to the emailing case office, and then resigned their school from scratch all in less than a year. dosier won't even have that kind of time, so delay will need help. in concord, ryan takeo kpix 5. >> coming up in our next half hour. coming up in our next half hour, thousands of russian troops invading crimea. ukraine could be on the verge of blood bath. >> so warm front. so amazing. whey she is saying such unexpected things after a gunman opened fire inside her bay area restaurant. and, a beach other eggs.
6:25 pm
why a -- beef over eggs. why new law inr is not going over easy. ,,
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der student was p tonight, police are
6:28 pm
investigate -- tonight, police are vaulting a possible hate crime at a -- investigating a possible hate crime at a contra costa school. kpix 5's ryan takeo is live in hercules with the details. ryan. >> reporter: one thing that we just learned within the last half hour was the victim went through a sex assault evidence kit over at the hospital. now, police are looking for three males believed to be 16over 17 years old. the victim is a 15-year-old transgender student worn a female, identified as a male. now, the latest that we know is that the student chose to go into the boys bathroom here on campus and that when leaving, he was confronted by three male students, and the report is that he was pushed into the handicap stall, which physically and sexually assaulted in that stall in the
6:29 pm
boy's bathroom. the suspects have not. arrested yet. there are three of them age 16 or 17. the student is at the hospital. now, police are investigating this as a hate crime, and also as a sex assault. now, this comes just a few weeks into a new state law where students are allowed -- students who are transgender are allowed to choose which bathroom they go into. also, part of that law is that the student cannot choose which sports teams that person would play on. we will continue to stay here. in the last half hour, we just gathered more information from police. we'll continue to bring that to you. coming up in just a couple of hours, we err going to talk to the school board president and get his reaction to that. live in hercules, ryan takeo kpix 5. there are reports that the russian military is warning
6:30 pm
ukraine troops to surrender or face assault. united states and its allies warningr russia of costly consequences if it doesn't back off >> russian troops who invaded crannies vital crimea region over the weekend have reportedly set a deadline telling ukraine troops to surrender by tonight or face a military attack. but similar actions have passed without shots being fired in the past. at least 5,000 additional russian troops have joined the 15,000 stationed in the region since the crisis began last week. russia says it took control of crimea to protect russians who live there after crannies russian president wasouted last month. president obama discuss the craigslist sis with israel's prime minister today. >> over time this will be a costly proposition for russia. >> the u.s. as allies are threatening russian president putin with economic sanctions.
6:31 pm
>> reporter: here at the united nations, the security council held its third emergency meating on the crisis in ukraine since friday. >> there is a way out. that is through direct and made dialog by russia with the government of ukraine, the immediate pullback of russia's military forces. the restoration of ukraine territorial integrity and the urgent deployment of human rights monitors. >> russia has veto power to lock any security council action condemning its invasion. putin showing no science of backing down to international pressure, watched russian troops engage in military exercises today. cbs news, the united nations. >> investors don't like what's going on in the ukraine. there was a sell off in world markets today, include canning in the united states. the dow, nasdaq, s&p all trading lower because of the crisis there. tonight, a newark woman is accused of brutally attacking her mother with a hammer. 57-year-old cindy burly called police yesterday claiming she assaulted her mother.
6:32 pm
when police arrived to the home, they found a 75-year-old woman beaten and bleeding from the head. neighbors say cindy seamed nice and they are shocked by the news. >> her daughter seemed nice, time. they are always out here. family is -- too. they are always out here. really nice family. i have no idea what has gone on. >> cindy has been arrested for suspicion of attempted murder. her mother is in the hospital in critical condition with multiple skull fractures. san rafael business owner getting an outpouring of support after an upsetting incident. a man was shot in front of witnesses inside pastures rant yesterday -- saturday.
6:33 pm
john ramos tells us that the owner may have no reason to worry about the establishment's future. >> she is very fearful, still. very terrified. she sees it in her head over and over again. >> maria morea owns this restaurant. she was here saturday when a gunman entered and shot a customer three times. morea opened the restaurant seven months ago to support her seven kid escorted. but building the restaurant has been a slow process. >> we thought wow, it might get shore. we might have to close down because no one will want to come in here. >> today at lump, first time customers be-- lunch, first time customers began showing up to show their support. >> pa's restaurant had nothing to do with a tragedy that occurred in a crime. >> your business becomes your family. it is your home. to have something like that happen in your home is pretty upsetting. >> i am here to defend not just this restaurant and its own, but my community. >> they say some regular customers didn't show up today. they are hoping in timetable return. but for now t new guests are take up the slang raising spirits. >> how does it feel -- slack and raising spirits. >> so overwhelming. so b. so amazing and just makes
6:34 pm
me want to cry. i cried all morning. yeah. >> if you just count the people here, the lunch hour looked kind of average. but if you're counting hearts, this place was full. in san rafael, john ramos, kpix 5. >> san rafael police say the shooting victim's condition has been upgraded to serious but guarded. officers have not released his name. another major winter storm took aim at the east coast today reaching as far south as the carolinas. school was canceled. buses are halted and the federal government has shut down as people honker down inside. most states have seen about six to eight inches involve snow in this latest storm. the east coast storm is slowing things down at sfo. five departures and 20 arrivals have been canceled just today. backlash over a bird friendly law. why california faces a legal threat over a plan to protect hens. e how bay area students are trying to sell the road to
6:35 pm
6:36 pm
6:37 pm
in this home, eggs are everything they're cracked o be. "all my favorite things basically have eggs, like cookies" the kids love 'em. "fried eggs and stuff like " - - and their parents love e new an starting next year all eggs from the state have to come from hens with plenty of room to stand up, turn around and flap their wings. but some legal threats may scramble the efforts. >> in this home, eggs are everything they're cracked up to be. >> i like plenty of eggs. >> the kids love them. and their parents love the new animal welfare laws aimed at protecting the hens that lay them. these laws require the birds have enough room to lie down, stand up, turn around, and fully extend their wings. >> straightforward. >> some believe the new california egg laws are about to get scrambled in a big flock of lawsuits. >> it is high time that the california egg industry got on board. >> i think my wife would love that if the judge threw them in jail. no, i don't think they will get thrown in jail. >> a second law passed by state lawmakers requires all shell eggs sold in the state, no
6:38 pm
matter where they're produced, comply with prop 2. the u.s. egg industry is putting a lot of its eggs into this basket. enriched cages as seen live on line from this hen cam enriched cages are roomier and often come equipped with metal permings and scratch areas. how-- perches. >> it all comes down to the size of the cage and the number of of hens placed in it. >> the humane society, the main backer of of prop 2 says california egg producers should just dump the cage. >> there is no question that cage-free systems would be compliant with proposition 2. california egg producers know that. they just don't want to do it. >> we'll be ready. >> arnie runs this farm in petaluma where they process and package a million eggs a day. he has already converted older
6:39 pm
barns to organic cage-free operation. but he also plans to shell out millions of dollars to build four to five brand new barns, all stocked with enriched cages. as to whether they're pass plaster with the humane society. >> it passes my muster, okay? i have to pay the bills. >> but the threat is not just from within the state. missouri easter yen is also squawk -- attorney yen is suing california claiming the new egg laws violate the commerce clause of the u.s. constitution. one in three eggs laid in missouri's battery cages is sold here. >>e. back in the kitchen, they say you can't stand the heat, sell your eggs somewhere else. >> we have made the decision as californians to eat healthy and for our animals to be healthier and live in a better environment. i think we need to stick to our guns. >> prop 2 passed with 63% of the vote. more californians voted for prop 2 than for any other initiative in state history. as for the missouri lawsuit, a
6:40 pm
spokesperson for california's attorney general declined to comment beyond that the ag got the lawsuit. the case will be heard in fresno. all right. how do you spell success? the bay area students vying for the national spelling bee. plus, we put our kpix 5 anchors to the test. >> all right. >> reporter: how do you spell rain. that's an easy one. r-a-i-n. concord, walnut creek. look at the rainfall. it is getting pretty soggy out there. we'll talk about when the rain will make a return, after this round. that's coming up. are the 49ers players tired of jim harbaugh. >> when i heard about it, i kind of laughed. >> not their best receiver who is coming back. jimmy tries to come back, too, starting today.
6:41 pm
and, a huge come back for a local golfer. excited yet? you will be. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:43 pm
spelling bee. today about 50 students all over the bay aa are finding out if they will coe to represent our region in the scripps national spelling b.
6:44 pm
sharon chin on the road towd the prize. this years kpix 5 is proud to sponsor the cbs bay area local spelling bee. today, about 50 students all over the bay area are finding out if they will compete to represent our region in the script national spelling bee. char on chin on the road toward the big prize. >> a-c-a. >> articulation. >> i ask you not to talk to your neighbors. >> may have the definition in. >> tense of thousands compete. >> next is the word software. >> software s-o-f-t w-a-r-e soft fair. >> they narrow the contest to best in the class, grade and school. each time a nail biter. >> m-r-e-m-o-r-e. >> i'm sorry. that is incorrect.
6:45 pm
the correct spelling is r-e-m-o- r-a. >> nicholas hansen talk check in. >> i knew the word, but then i started with an m. i don't know why. >> but as the top special at rolling hills middle school, he did advance with about 150 other school winners to the written spelling bee held more than a week ago. >> encourage. this word is from french. it is a verb. >> today, they're finding out if they ranked among the top 50 in the written bee. those students move on. >> if i don't do it, there won't be the end of the world. there's always next year. if i do beat them, i will be really proud of myself. >> the top 40 will come to the kpix studios to compete in an orlando bee f. there the top win already two to the script national spelling bee near washington, d.c. share on chin, kpix 5. >> so in the spirit of spelling week we're going to have our own little competition for the next two weeks leading up to the bees every night. you look a little nervous. we will have our own word of the day. are you ready are also ken. >> i'm ready, liz. l-i-z, liz. >> very good. you won.
6:46 pm
>> give me the word. >> all right. your word of the day is macrocosm. >> hmm. macrocosm. >> would you like to know the definition? >> may i have the definition? >> a complex regarded as a whole world in itself. >> macrocosm. >> m-a-c-r-o-c-o-s-m. >> are you sure? >> s? yes.
6:47 pm
macrocosm. >> are you sure? yay. well done. >> whoa. and i speld it wrong -- spelled it wrong on my paper. >> very well. >> never ask an adult to do something a sixth grader could do like that. >> so, your turn tomorrow. we're going to do this for a couple of weeks and find out how tough these words are. >> they are very difficult. these kids do a lot of reserge, a lot of studying. we have -- research, a lot of studying. now we have scene some things that may make you question the bay area spelling abilityings like this highway sign that went -- ability, like this highway sign that went up last year. it's not milipitas. >> and then there is this. this misspelled seen at one of the detours in san francisco two careers ago. so, have you seen any other misspelled sign escorted around the bay area? we'd like to see them. take a picture and post it to our facebook page. make sure to let us know where
6:48 pm
you saw it. >> gives you a senseover being under pressure. >> uh-huh. >> these are young people. >> the pressure of standing up in front of their peers, parents and teachers. like the kid said, it's not tend of the world. >> yeah. >> they work so hard. and you have to really be able to conaccept trait -- concentrate, too. >> the best will be right here in our studio. >> reporter: very nice. rain is a nice one. rain, sun, very simple. here is what we have going. more of the rain. live look outside. upper 50s for you. raining in san francisco. 58degrees. santa rosa holding steady at 54. wet on the approach to bay bridge. light to moderate rain. basically we have gone from light to moderate rain in the city. in the north bay, you're getting a bit of a break. the heaviest rain is going inland. all the way north through san ramon. alamo, almost to concord: out toward discovery bay.
6:49 pm
bethel island getting heavier showers. oakland, seeing heavier showers. will be raining throughout the evening. this is exactly what we needed a month and two days ago. top of february, bad. 16% of average rainfall for the water year. much better now. not anywhere close to normal, but a lot better. we needed to more rain to the rain bucket. by april, our average rainfall is below 2 inches. by april, we will kind of transition to the summer tame stuff. overnight, low 50s. warm, humid. 52 for you in fremont. this rim of high pressure that blocked us for so many months is now being our ally once again. it is down to the south. things go clockwise around high pressure. moisture approaches from the west. goes up and over the ridge. in this case, up and over the ridge right into your backyard. it has been raining out there. rained for you yesterday. it is raping outside right now. we have more rain overnight
6:50 pm
tonight. we get a bit of a break. ridge not moving, the next time we do have a low pressure area passing by, we get it again. thursday, we get it again on sunday. this is aeneas pattern to continue toed a to these rainfall totals. how much rain? by lunchtime tomorrow, santa rosa, three quarter offs an inch. quarter of inch for san francisco. less toward the south bit. san jose, likely less than .10 of an inch. but better than zero. 66 for conford tomorrow. san jose 66. warm humid. rain done by sunrise tomorrow. also dry on bit. but here comes the next round on rain on thursday. then we get couple sunny days. highs around 70 on friday and saturday. sunshine. third round of rain for the week will be on sunday. three times it will rain this week. one time, dennis is getting ready. he has the sports next. ,,
6:51 pm
hales corners, wisconsin. nice pass by alyson dudek. can she hang on to that spot? and she does!
6:52 pm
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super bowl, ravens coach jo harbaugh called jim with a proposal..we'll trade you o star receiver because we c't afford to keep him.. one year ago just after beating his brother in the superbowl. ravens coach called harbaugh with a proposal. >> we did give up a draft choice for him. paying him a lot of money, but definitely think he is worth
6:54 pm
every penny. >> harbaugh's left said it all. the bolden deal was a steal. today, the 49ers have resigned bolden to a two year deal reportedly worth $15 million with nine million guaranteed. bolden led san francisco last season with catches, yards, and touchdowns. meanwhile, the latest fallout. unnamed sources said harbaugh's actions, quote, wearing thin among key players in the locker room. safe to say that bold season not one of those player -- bolden is not one of those players. >> at this time of year people grab at whatever. the football season is not herings but they will take whatever they can and run with it. a lot of it is farfetched. when i did hear about it, kind of laughed because it was exactly that. i don't think anybody in our locker room has an issue with coach harbaugh. >> texas lead tim linscum might
6:55 pm
want to save this for the regular season. he is back. as you predicted in your visit to the sports department this afternoon. coleman hoping to make the team as an extra outfielder. that will help. giants lose, though, to the padres 7-2. name the pac-12 player of the week. ready for this? a record newspaper times. she scored 69 points in the fourth ranked stanford wins and even helped the young new reporter with her first intersaw. >> how is it having mecca here tonight? >> it's all right. she's okay. i don't know. it was great having my sister here. >> herty points, 11 rebound. >> let me take this from you real quick. how is it to watch your sister play for the first time this year. >> it is quite special i must say. >> without the sarcasm. >> i think right now i'm actually losing in this intersaw. i am note supposed to let the
6:56 pm
interviewe diver so i will get back to you. >> they can both get their own talk show. here are the plays of the weekend. thirsty but he wasn't expecting a soda flown his face. down goes frasier. good thing he didn't supersize that. >> henry department need his putter this weekend -- didn't need his putter. saturday, hold out for an eagle. he never saw it two in. yesterday, henry pitched in from off the green -- henley pitched in from off the green. how about the lpga in singapore. kramer needed just to get it close to two putt. that would continue the match. or, she could win it with an eagle. the pleasanton native goes with option b. rolling in a 75- footer. first one in four years. butler goes into the crowd to make the save. then, does a test to make sure he doesn't fall behind. he runs through before finding
6:57 pm
a new empty seats and he is back on the court before unit. penguins -- before you know it. >> markgasol from half court from his first three pointer of the season. good timing. that was nice. david parsons one upped him. the junior nails it from three quarters of the court to win the game. that is the game winner for the irish to advance to the semi finals. they haven't done that great against miti this year. but, hey, they advance. len ramirez bronx can i have a live update, please? 61points so far tonight for lebron james against charlotte. >> wow. so much for the man to man. >> how do you spell lebron. >> m-a-c-r-o-c-o-s-m i got it now. i got it. >> see you at 11:00. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: thank you for coming. heh heh heh! hey, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey, and you know what? we got a real good one for you today. returning for their second day, from indianapolis, indiana, it's the shaheed family. and from pittsburg, california, it's the coniglio family. heh heh! everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash and a shot at driving out of here in a head-turning ford fusion right there, folks. good luck to everybody. let's play "feud," everybody. give me jasmin, give me salvatore. let's go. ["family feud" theme plays]


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