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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  March 4, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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fabricated that entire incident. >> reporter: in response, the hercules school board says they are going to hold an emergency meeting on safety safety come this thursday at 9:00 a.m. they still may have that because of some recent trouble at the school. after that teen, though, he could face charges for this false report. that is the latest here in hercules. juliette goodrich kpix 5. >> julia, quickly. any word on why the teen would have made up the story? >> reporter: no reasoning at this point. we just got this information. i'm sure we're going to be in touch with some students. president of the school board is here. we will ask him some of those tough questions. >> thank you, julia. in about an now and a half a martinez community will hold a memorial for a popular eighth fridayer who died over the weekend. a memorial is in place on the railroad tracks where jena betty was struck and killed --
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bette was killed on sunday. it includes all pink, her favorite color. on facebook her mother says jena dropped her phone on the tracks and went back to retruth. a woman accused of beating her elderly woman in the head will now face murder charges. the woman died last night. a family member says the mother and daughter got into an argument just before they talk cruz also new at 1:00, a last ditch effort from a high school basketball power house to make it to the playoffs. kpix 5 reporter ryan takeo on the mistake that cost them their season and hope, i guess, for a miracle that they could pull off. ryan. >> reporter: that's right, allen. this is a girl's basketball team.
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here is a look at their trophy from last career. they have a lot of trophy, not just in girl's basketball, but it is a very successful program. as we walk into the gym, you can see right over there all the championship titles for this program. now, it was a scheduling error. a mistake by the coach that cost them a playoff spot. the team played too many games. one more game than they are allowed under athletics rules. so, they are not allowed in sectionals, which is a playoff system involving east bay schools. there is another tournament, though, that has not started yet involving the best teams in northern california. ed to, the team held a -- today the team held a press conference pleading to be allowed into that tournament. >> if it all works out we will be able to fill full our goal which was to get to the state championship. >> the girls have done what they're supposed to. they shouldn't be punished for a technical mistake. >> reporter: coming up at 6 can, you'll hear from the coach who made that mistake. what he's now saying about the error and why the group who cut the team's season short is not making any apologies for their
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decision. live in oakland, ryan takeo kpix 5. russian president putin spoke publicly today about the crisis in ukraine. it was enough to ease at least some of the tension there. putin says he had no intentions of fighting the ukrainian people but reserves the right to protect ethnic russians. russia also agree withed to a special meeting tomorrow at nato head quarters. at the same time, russian test fired a ballistic missile. the ken bastida is here with more on how the u.s. is bring up the pressure on russia. >> reporter: just hours after the russian president said he would use force as a last optionings secretary state john kerry landed in the ukrainian capital. he is there to show support for the crease knolled ship. both kerry and president obama took turns harming away on russia for what they are calling an invasion. >> just hours after russian soldiers fired warning shots during a stand offwith unarmed ukrainian troops in crimea,
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president obama accused russia of violating international law. >> president putin seems to have a different set of lawyers making a different set of interpretation escorted. but i don't think that's fooling anybody. >> the white house are going wac and forth over russia's occupation to the southeastern ukrainian rejoin. in his first extended comments since his troops seized crimea, russian president putin insist they were installed in a coo. says russia will take all measures to protect citizens if asked. secretary of state john kerry pushed back. >> i think it is clear that russia has been working hard to create a pretext for being able to invade further. >> secretary kerry visited the memorial to dozens of civilians killed during street protests at ousted president
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yanukkovych. kerry presented an aid packet to help the government. >> everybody took a deep breath today. tensions did go down just a bit. president obama said he is still making calls, though, to international leaders to deescalate the situation further. also, weigh sanctions against russia if necessary. putin shrugged off threats of sanctions. he also insists ousted ukrainian president did yanukkovych is still ukraine's elected leader. that's really where it is right now. it is a popular government that is already in place. we will see how it plays out. >> toe to toe. stocks were back from yesterday's deep decline. the s&p closed at a record high up 28 points. the dow and nasdaq recovered more than yesterday's losses. bay area headlines. fremont police are looking for
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thieves who stole a lottery machine from a lucky store. california scratchers machine was found a few blocks a way and a few hours after the saturday break in. the cash was gone but some lottery tickets were still inside. a search is on for a man who sexually assaulted a woman in fremont. she was walking along the regional trail near deep creek. police describe the man in his ofs wearing a blue shirt and basketball shorts. driver lost control on wet muni tracks today. that vehicle crashed into a poll. this is right in front of everett middle school. the driver, we're told, was not hurt. another gray day around the bay area. a live look here at san francisco. the skies are dry now, but chief meteorologist paul deanno says more rain is on the way. >> reporter: yeah. we will be keeping the clouds around. right now, kpix 5 high def doppler is completely dry, but
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things will be changing as soon as tomorrow because basically storm track, those train tracks in the atmosphere mother nature lays down usually wrapping around the high pressure, they are still aimed right at us. we're basically between storm systems: a few showers a couple hours to our north. want to check in with our draught report card because we're not back to normal yet, but we are heading in the right direction. snow pack over the past week is up 9% to 9%. our reservoirs, the three biggest are up 2% over the past week. rainfall, thanks to all the rain we got last wednesday and last friday are now back to iv% of normal which is a 12% improvement over the past week. so, all the arrows are going up, that means we err going in the right direction. we will talk about how much rain will fall with this next rain chance. we will have that all in the 7 day coming up. >> we like the trend. thanks, paul. a bay area travel agency suddenly goes belly up leaving tickets worthless. what travelers can do when they
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are left shortchanged. facebook goes futuristic. >> they will push themselves more than in a free play setting. a work out trend known for pushing adults to their limit, now cross fits for kids is catching on, but is that too extreme. uncle go one,two,one,two,one [uncle]thistwo,one.cotch,okay? [niece]okay! [uncle]okay? [niece]one,two three,four,five,six,seven,eight!
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[uncle laughing] okay,we go the other way,okay? [niece]one,two,three,four,five, six,seven! [uncle laughs]there's ten spaces,you want to try again? [uncle]yeah? and many of their customers discovering the tickets they bought there are worthless. consumerwatch reporter julie watts is outside one of the agencies in millbrae. all four of these travel agencies, including the one behind me, catered to the asian commun. tonight -- police in san four bay area travel agencies have suddenly closed upshot. >> many of their customers say the tights they bought are worthless. consumer watts reporter julie watts is there at one of the agency's now. >> reporter: this agency is one of four across three bay area counties all catering to the asian community and all posting signs like this stating the offices are now closed. san francisco police tell us this evening they have already received more than a dozen complaints and are turning them over to fraud units. >> customers of the muse travel in san francisco's china town
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are not amused. they put a synod the business calling it shameless, saying the company tyke their money but never purchased their airline tickets. >> it is a terrible situation. >> consumer action representative says his group has received numerous complaints about the travel company and three others operate bid the same ownerrere under different names. >> these tickets were tickets to hong kong, china or oh places in asia. >> they say most customers were required to pay cash so they didn't have credit card
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protection. >> in california, there is something called the travel consumer restitution corporation. >> the organization is supposed to issue refund to california consumers whose travel agents two belly up, close up shop or just don't live up to their end of the par gain. a ray of hope for these disappointed -- bargain. a ray of hope for these disputed customers. >> reporter: we reached out to the president of these now closed travel agencies and received no response. but judging the signs posted on his doors, they are directing people to file a claim with the tcrc. we posted a link on our website. that is watch. >> julie, check the reputation of the travel agency. but no cash. if you paid with cash, you have no recourse, really. >> reporter: right. some agencies will give you a discould want if you pay by cash or check, so you have to consider that. certainly, credit cards are the best way to go.
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>> protect yourself. >> reporter: uh-huh. >> julie, thanks. a piece of history slated for the scrapyard. new, new plans to recycle the old bay bridge into a place you can actually rent. how about a selfie show down. bay area police trying to give ellen a run for her money. ,,
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damaged dozens of townhomesn new jersey. video taken from a car shows a home engd in flames. the blast happened in a suburb near trenton after a contractor damaged a gas line. neighbors say it felt like a bomb. at least 55 townhomes -- were damaged.
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7 utility workers were injured in the blast. a spike in crime in san rafael... has police there forced to make a trade-off. kpix five's john ramos reports--- the department wl be redeploying some of its officers to deal with the increased violence. (video from sat.) people in rafael are still shocked by brazen, targeted just a damaged gasoline. neighbors say it felt like a dominican republic. at least 11 town homes were damage -- like a bomb. at least a 55 homes were damage. increased violence. >> people in san rafael are still shocked by the brazen targeted shooting of a man in pa's restaurant early saturday morning. the san rafael police are now warning that it seems to be part of an alarming trend.
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>> we have experienced an extraordinary increase in violent, serious crimes in san rafael. really going back over the last 12 months. >> in that timing there have been 10 shootings and seven stabbings in what is generally considered to be a small, quiet town. >> you really notice the change? >> oh, absolutely. >> if it continues to happen, i don't see how it will stop. >> police say a lot of the crime happen as this area known as the canal. they acknowledge there are gains here and say officers will be shifted to focus on these neighborhoods. but that means taking officers out of downtown where they have been addressing the problem of a growing homeless population. anthony williams frequents the canal area and says violence there is an accepted fact of life. >> people do things and they do it just to do it. doesn't mean anything else about it. they just do it. >> that seems like that's something that is pretty hard to put a stop to. >> you can't. >> police say they will try, but there is no hiding from our
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national epidemic of violence, not even in a small, quiet town. in san rafael, john ramos kpix 5. >> san rafael police say they have the option of calling in assistance from the marin county sheriff's office in necessary. there may be new life for scraps from the old eastern span of the old bay bridge. they want to preserve the memory by building a house. they say it could be a monument to the people who worked on the bridge, including those who died. he also says part of the oh cofriendly building -- ecofriendly building could be an apartment for represent. facebook is in negotiations to buy titan aerospace for $60 million. the drones can be used as satellite to expand internet access. it is all part of mark zuckerberg's dream to bring affordable internet access to
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everyone. radio shack might have given you tim presentation it was rebranding itself when it ran this ad during the super bowl. >> the 80s called. they want their store back. >> a month later, it's announcing the closing of as many as 1100 stores. radioshack kind of took it on the chin last year. holiday sales slumped. the company lost $400 million. experts say radio shack needs to shift how it does business if it wants to survive. >> they are going to have to boost their on line presence and offer something that can actually compete with amazon which, at this point, if they are trying to do that now, they are a little bit too late. >> there are about 4,000 stores nationwide. radio shack not saying which ones they plan to pull the plug on. it is mardi gras in the big easy. here is a live look at the fat tuesday festivities. the weather is cooler and wetter than most years for mardi gras with temperatures near freezing. but it's notaeum penning any spirits -- not dampening any spirits. of course, it is just not mardi gras without the bead and crazy
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clothes. the last big party ends tonight at midnight before lent stars. >> even they can't get face weather. >> i know. >> what a winter when mardi gras is 38 degrees, you know something is a little bit off. it has been a warm winter. for a while it was a dry winter. things are getting so much better. i heard a few folks ask where is the sunshine?
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wow. we had it like 80 straight days. now we're missing it. another great shot from the pyramid looking out toward the golden gate. just a few showers, but really it was a dry day. temperatures in the low 60s. san jose 62. santa rosa, 62. concord 61 degrees at buchanan airport. downtown san francisco 60 degrees. as i mentioned, a few light showers. if you are watching north of santa rosa, don't be surprised if you get a spring or two throughout evening. otherwise-- sprinkle or two throughout the evening. when you're cloudy, you stay warm at night. when you're cloudy and humid, you get this. mid 50s for over night low. two thirds of the country will not get this for a high tomorrow. concord 54. san francisco 55. napa 52. san jose 54 degrees. please remember, that sunrise time will be much different because we are springing forward this weekend. saturday night. with all lose an hour of sleep. the sun will be up until about 7:00 at night starting sunday
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night. let's talk weather now. we have this ridge of high pressure which is down to the south allowing the storm track to stay pretty close. that's why we staid cloudy today despite the fact we didn't have a trigger to give us showers. this l, the low pressure is a trigger that will arrive in the form of a cold front. more rain moving in. obviously, some showers in the north bay about this time tomorrow. but all of us get the rainfall tomorrow night. thursday is looking like a soggy day f. you have been wondering where the sunshine is, that ridge nudges just far enough to the north back toward us. that friday and will be sunny and mild with overnight lows in the 50s. afternoon highs will likely make it to 70s. that will be for friday and saturday before our next rain chance mauves in on sunday. tomorrow, cloudy, again. looks like it's going to rain, but it will be a dry day. rain does move in wednesday night. it will last throughout the day on thursday. if you err looking for that sunshine, hold on for two more days. it's back for you on friday.
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highs tomorrow, check out these temperatures. close to 70 without sunshine. concord 68. san jose 68. vallejo 67. napa 66. thursday, looking pretty soggy. about a quarter overage of rain. friday we hit 70. saturday, sunny and low 70s near the bay. another rain chance. sunday it looks like we will have another widespread rain event with hays in the 60s before we -- highs in the mid 60s before we dry out next week. balance. ice all about balance. we had way too little rain. way too much sunshine, compared to normal. now we err getting a forecast if you want the sun, you have a couple days. you want train, we have a couple days. if we do this the next few weeks, we will be 50 to 60e 60% of normal. >> great. bad turn around. >> reporter: big one. >> thanks. it is a ballet of the
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selfies. >> -- battle of the selfies. >> yeah. bay area police department going head to head with hollywood's biggest stars. ellen broke a twitter record more than million retweets. now redwood city police having a little fun with their own selfie. they tweeted help us beat hollywood with the #best public safety pic ever. all right. they have a little ways to go. it's been retweeted about hundred times, but it just started. >> they err on their -- they're on their way. cross fit is expanding to kids and raising some health concerns. pa
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like a gun at the student's . the teacher saw it a so-year-old ohio boy suspended for pointing the finger at another student. it was the way he did it. he pointed his finger like a gun at the stopt's head. the teacher saw it, immediate -- student's head. the teacher saw it. immediately pull the boy from school. administrator says it violated school rules. the boy's father says the punishment doesn't fit the crime. >> i understand the sensitivity at schools now days with guns and stuff, but this wasn't a toy gun. it wasn't a look-a-like gun.
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it was his hand. >> the boy says he is sorry. says he was just playing around and he now realizes his joke wasn't funny. it's an intense work out that has a huge following with adults. now, kids are getting in on the cross fit action. kids as young as five are flocking to cross fit gyms in la and doing things like exercises, swats, and lifts. although jim says it is a version of the adult classes, it is not too dangerous or too much for the little ones. >> it is a high repetition of a weight they can handle which starts to get into the card owe side. it is functional movements. they learn how to use their body as efficiently as possible. >> i first heard about cross fit and tried it, i'm thinking this exercising is a lot of work but it's really fun. >> the american academy of pediatrics says research shows it is safe for kids to start light weight lifting at age eight. some doctors disagree. they say kids bones, muscles and tendons are still maturing and they may be pushing their
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bodies too hard. >> well, they are up off the couch. >> that's true. now for a look at what's i had on the cbs evening news. >> -- ahead on the cbs evening news. >> scott pelly is in new york. >> we're going to be covering the super power crisis after crimea putin talked to today after what's next. elizabeth palmer is covering the russian invasion. david martin will have new details on today's missile watch. plus, gm's chief has ordered changes following a cbs news investigation into deaths linked to massive recall of cars. all of that tonight on the cbs evening news at 1:30 right after kpix 5 news. ,,,,,,[ sports announcer ] here's another one, alyson dudek.
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[ dad ] looks pretty good, right? [ girl ] yeah. [ male announcer ] switch to u-verse and add a wireless receiver today. ♪ so much crime, not enough police.. and frustrated bay area communities are fed uph in fear. tonight ken bastida in the kpix 5 newsroom. new at 6:00, so much crime. not enough police. frustrated bay area communities are fed up in living with fear. tonight, the biggest boom ever in one kind of technology that's turning more citizens into crime fighters. and, a new twist in the story of the buried treasure. how the $10 million discovery could be traced to a bay area heist more than a hundred years ago. historians are highly skeptical. the intrigue continues, allen and liz. >> lots of back stories on that one. all right, ken. thanks. cbs evening news with scott pelly, up next. >> remember, the latest always
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on our website see you in of minutes. 30 minutes. elizabeth palmer on the invasion. david martin on the launch of an icbm. margaret brennan is with secretary kerry. g.m.'s chief orders changes following a cbs news investigation into cars with a deadly defect. jeff glor reports. jim reid fought overseas, only to face a battle at home. >> it kind of made me question, you know, myself a little bit. first time in a long time that i had to do that. >> pelley: mark strassman on vets fighting for jobs. and a couple unearth millions in gold coins, but will the government let them cash in? bill whitaker reports. >> this is buried treasure,


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