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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  March 4, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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perhaps that camera may be one of the reasons why. that is three cam s that the neighborhood band together to buy for the neighborhood. it may be part of a video explosion in fremont. >> this house was well forwarded in more ways than one. when a prowler came in he couldn't break in, and a high def in addition surveillance recorded his face and suv. the photos turned what would have been a dead-in burglary case into a high profile investigation. >> everybody is talking about video surveillance cameras. >> the fremont police department says private i video surveillance is surging with people banding together to set up camera systems that can help catch the bad guys. >> it is because of the success that some of our residents in fremont have had. >> 15 months ago neighbors chipped in to buy this camera system which captures every car that comes into the neighborhood with a shot like this. it feeds into their lab tops,
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tablets and smart phones. the new kind of neighborhood watch. >> we were getting a break in every month or. so last 15 minutes we have only had one. that was last month and the person was caught, mainly because of the surveillance cameras that we have >> crime is still out of control. people are trying to take their own responsibility. >> chuck wall is a former san jose cop who now runs a private security company with his son brian who remotely monitor his house with a high end system. he says having the evidence makes or breaks the typical burglary case. >> unless there is an injury or weapon involved, they don't have the time. those cases are just filed away. but with a photograph, that increases the chances of your property being returned and the suspect being arrested. >> reporter: police here in fremont say that crimes have to be prioritized. if there is a video surveillance that does bring it to the top of the list. they have to prioritize the cases that they feel are most
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solvable. hen you -- with video evidence like that, it is a help. len ramirez kpix 5. community activist plan to speak out against a proposed city wide surveillance program. city council expected to approve construction of the city do main awareness center. it is a hub that would integrate public and private cameras to keep watch over the city. new tonight, there is some growing fear about potential trouble caused by techies wearing those blog l glasses. case in point, you will find this in a san francisco neighborhood. the willows said it doesn't want its customers being recorded so it is banning google glass. this comes days after a woman posted this video online. she said she was attacked at a bar because she was wearing google glass. san francisco police are investigating that case. san francisco could soon ban plastic water bottles on public property. today, the board of supervisors unanimously agreed to ban the
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sell of plastic water bottles under 21 fluid ounces sold on public property or at city events. it would not effect bolts sold in stores or else where -- bottles sold in stores or else where. national headlines, but it turns out a transgender student's claim of being attacked in a hercules high school bathroom was all a hoax. kpix 5's julia gad rich with how the story -- goodrich with how the story fell apart once the investigation began. juliette. >> reporter: ken, there was stepped up security here. students were thinking that their fellow students were going to bay rested because police were looking for three potential suspects. and, then late this afternoon, the transgender teen recanted his entire story and said he estimate all up. the 15-year-old transgender said he was physically and sexually assaulted in the boy's bathroom yesterday. hercules pd immediately start 0 an investigation. today, there was stepped up police presence on campus. all day today, students thought
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classmates were going to be arrested and police were going to make arrest at any time. well, that at no time happen. the teen recant 0 his story. hercules pd say, quote, as the investigation continued, officers were up able to substantiate the facts of the victim's statement, including the time frame of the incident and the lack of physical injuries to the victim's head, face, and hands. just a few minutes ago, school board president ramsey reacted to latest developments. >> -- yes. it is a cry for help. we need to be supportive and compassion n. we have to find out what is going on in the home. was this a cry for help? we don't want to minimize that. >> reporter: the school president says this doesn't take away from the fact that the school kneads surveillance cameras. as for the filing the false
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report, the student could face charges. the school board president said he is just glad nobody was arrested. the students could have faced a lifetime -- a lot of false accusations from students. that is the latest here from hercules, i am juliette goodrich kpix 5. >> the school district had scheduled an emergency meeting for thursday. we are told that it is still on despite today's developments. a. woman accused of beating her mother with a hammer now faces murder charges. newark police say this woman attacked her noter at her home on saturday. the woman died last night. a family member says the two got into an argument just before the attack. extra security tarting tonight at the san jose sharks games. the enhanced measures will continue through the rest of the season and into the the --
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playoffs. was it too good to be true? well, a northern california couple stumbled across buried gold coins worth millions of dollars. there is now speculation the coins could have been stolen. kpix 5's allen martin is here with this latest twist. >> oh, it is a twist. it's become known as the saddle ridge whore, named after the property where it was found. just like the coins themselves that is now worth the $10 million, some people weren't going to take this story at face value. >> more often than not, the secret behind buried treasure is more difficult to unearth than the bounty itself. pirates used to say dead men tell no tales. whoever buried 14s can full of fold coins has long since died and isn't talking. but that's not stopping the rest of us. >> nothing resonates like this. this is burr rid treasure, something that we all fan taco bell size about that we could
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possibly do. >> kegan is brokering is coins for the couple who found them on their property. since their find became public, the public has gone digging for clues as to where the coins came from. >> probably taken from the bank. many of them just put into the can right soon afterwards. >> the bank or a northern california historian has come up with this article from 1900 describing the theft of $30,000 in gold coins from the san francisco mint. the thief, none other than the mint's chief clerk walter dimmick. ted was slim, but after a four- week trial, dimmick was convicted of stealing 1500 gold coins, almost the exact number recently found. but dimmick's loot, the six bag of joins, never found. so those must be the stolen gold coins, right?
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don kagan says no. >> you have to understand the mint was a factory that produced coins from the gold that people would give them. they melt down the gold issue them. kagan says some of the coins had been in circulation. if the coins had been directly stolen from the mint, they would not have been. the mint says they have no information linking the coins to any thefts at any u.s. mint facility. the fbi tells me it is not investigating at this point. >> does this mean the couple still gets to cash in, then? >> reporter: it would appear so. but if it turn out that the coins were government property and stolen from the government, i guess all bets are off. the couple could end up with just a finder's fee. >> i have a solution for this, though. the couple pays the federal government back the 30,000 it lost. that's what it was worth. that's what the federal government is out. they pay back the 30,000 that they lost and keep the rest. >> keep the rest.
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>> the government is not going to be out mount if they sell all of these gold coins because of taxes. they will get money in taxes. >> there you go. >> all right. thanks, allen. they paid a no for worthless airline tickets -- a thousand dollars of worthless airlines tickets. not out of the draught woods yet, but tonight, see the dramatic difference in the reservoirs in the wake of the recent rain. >> reporter: a gorgeous sunset outside. look at this right there. the sun is finally out after a day of cloud cover. that is the time lapse from berkeley. let's go live outside right now. we have ourselves a gorgeous shot there. rain back in the forecast soon. find out when, coming up. and, heart broken. student athletes crying foul. why a dominant bay area basketball team is eliminated from the playoffs because of a simple mistake off the court. ,,
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utilities commission. they y being new at 6:00, state auditors coming down hard on the public utilities commission. they say rate payers are not being protected from unfair hikes on gas and electric bills. the puc is supposed to keep tabs on the accounts of the state's big utilities, including pge. auditors say the puc has done shoty oversight. it is not clear if that means rate payers are being overcharged. p uc is promising to make changes to improve its other sight. >> a new push to put a stop on the new high speed rail procorrect in california. secretary of state said of points can begin collecting petition signatures. a measure aimed at preventing the sell of bonds improved by voters. it would also prevent the state from getting into anymore debt or anymore contracts for the high speed rail project. >> here is a twist for you. no mandatory water rationing
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for one bay area community. there has been enough rain over the last month at marin municipal water district. they say forced cutbacks will not be necessary. kpix 5's don ford on the dramatic turn around. >> it has been a very good month for rainfall in marin county. >> in the last four weeks, we have had 21 inches of rain. arming for this time period is nine inches. so well above average. >> well above average indeed. for the first time since december 20/12, the reservoir is full. 100% full. so full it's spilling over. the excess water isn't really excess. it flows down here tool pipe reservoir. a month ago, alpine was less than half full. now, it's expected to top its spillway too in the next 24 hours. >> with all the rain that we have had, our reservoir took on 63% of average to 88% of
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average for this date. so it looks like mandatory rationing is off the table for our customers. >> the second largest reservoir in marin is necasio. it had a dramatic rise from less than half full until now, nearly 70%. still below normal but better. charles coon lives nearby and fishes the lake often. he says even with all the new water, some things are still the same. >> how is the fishing so far? >> i haven't caught a dag'gone. not sure what it is. we will have to find a secret spot after we're done with this. >> all right. we'll do that. >> draught isn't over by a long shot. but. >> things are great we are in much better shape than we were a few months ago. >> who would have ever thought we would see this next year. next week, supposed to be a little more rain. in marin county, don ford kpix 5. in the south bay, the water levels at the reservoirs are
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well short of where they should be. one look at lexington reservoir and you can tell we need much more rain there. the recent storms have bumped up capacity by 3% since the start of the year. another reservoir also struggling. it is several feet below where it should be in march. santa clara water district says last year at this time the reservoirs were at 49% capacity. right now, they are at 36%. but in the south bay it is a little bit different. >> yeah. >> baa you have water filling up the aquafor. >> not everyone reservoirs are created equal. some get snow melt. you won't see that until the springtime we like seeing them full. >> absolutely. how about that? >> reporter: cloudy day. looked like rainfall. no. didn't get it. what you're getting is an awesome shot of the key from the south bit. our san jose camera, gorgeous post-sunset picture there. our high running in the mid to
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upper 60s despite the lack of sunshine. san jose 68. oakland 67. san rafael you hit 65. concord 62. san francisco 61. couple sprinkles passing by in the far north bay up toward clear lake. we will stay rain free for about the next 24 hours. how does that draught look? this is average of the entire bay area. i have been updating this every week. on the right is the improvement or downward trend. everything pointing up. snow packs 39%. in a vacuum you would say wow, that is really bad. but we were down 15%. we're up 9% just in the past week. reservoirs, a 2% improvement over the past week. rainfall as the percentage for the water year is up 12%. we are doing so much better. not there yet. if it stopped raining we would still be in a pickle. but we are doing much better than we were doing five weeks ago. ridge of high pressure in a good place. way down to the south, steering
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storms. it is not matter of whether the storm will get here or not, it will it's just a matter of when the next one is coming. dry day throughout the day torment rain moves in tomorrow night. now thursday is looking wet. also, sunday is looking wet. right in between them, nice days to get outside. nice sunny warm day to get out and enyou one of your neighborhood parks. high pressure returns back to us. friday and saturday, highs around 70 degrees with sunshine. how much rain from this next weather system in well, not that much, but every little bit counts in the north bay. santa rosa about .8 to a quarter of an inch. speaking of san jose tomorrow, pretty cloudy day. still mild. 68. livermore 69. fairfield, vacaville, upper 60s. san francisco 68. thursday, 10:00 gift thursday is the day that will be -- soggy. friday, dry and warm. saturday, we're dry and warm. more rain on sunday. next week is trending much trier. we're just going to talk about
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the rain, enyou the rain. we were beg and pleading and saying wow, it is going to rain one time. in the past couple weeks, we were on a pretty nice run. >> we deserve an award for like most improved. >> let's see if we can get a couple ribbons, put them on. like we did anything. >> you're welcome. string of travel agencies here if the bay area have suddenly closed up shop. some of their customers are now complaining that we were sold expensive tickets that turned out to be completely worthless. consume r. watts reporter julie watts is outside one of those agencies. julie. >> reporter: yeah. this is one of four travel agencies across three bay area counties. all catering to the asian community. all posting signs like this tonight stating the offices are now closed. tonight, san francisco police and san mateo county sheriff both confirmed they received complaints. san francisco is turning them over to the fraud unit.
6:19 pm
>> . >> customers of amused travel in san francisco's china town is not amused. they put a sign up calling it shameless saying the company took their money but never purchased their airline ticket escorted. something these customers say they discovered when they got to the airport. >> in california, there is something called the restitution corporation. the organization funded by licensed travel agencies is supposed to issue refunds to
6:20 pm
california consumers when travel agencies go belly up, close up shop or just don't live up to that i remembered of the bargain. >> we will post a link to the travel consumer restitution corporation on our website. that's watch. ken. game over for a bay area basketball team. the simple mistake has ended the season in frustration. and, from a mafia-style shooting to a spike in stabbing. how a normally tranquil bay area city is making a sudden surge in violence. [ sports announcer ] here's another one, alyson dudek.
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title.. unless they get a br beater. kpix 5 reporter ryan takeo s us: it's no a basketball team can't defend their title unless they get a buzzer beater.
6:23 pm
kpix 5's ryan takeo says a paperwork is what happened. >> they have won the east bay sectionals five years in a row. they all want it this year. they played one more game than athletic rules allow, though. the coach says it's his mistake. >> i'm hurting because i see my kids hurting and feeling guilty i let down 13 of my children. those are my kids and i feel horrible for it. the students, i know this is extremely difficult, but they have exceeded the number. >> the sections commissioner says he had a competitive advantage by playing that extra game. they were kept from playing
6:24 pm
sectionals, and the commissioner wants to make sure they are out of the upcoming state tournament, too. >> you can't just pick and choose on gaven day what it is you're going to follow and not follow. so my obligation is to be as consistent as possible. >> today, the team held a press conference pleading to get in the state tournament. they are circulating a petition to let them bang toe the court. >> the girls have done what they are supposed to. they shouldn't be personned for a technical mistake. >> it will be up to state athletics leaders to make a final call and time is running out. >> if it all works out, we will be able to fulfill our goal which we created at the beginning of the season, to get to the state championship. >> so, the next step for parents and for the players is to take this petition to sacramento to try and sway the state high school athletic escorted officials. live in oakland, ryan takeo kpix 5. >> the state group that
6:25 pm
oversees high school athletics will make a decision sound. coming up in our next half hour, a public defender on the other side of the law. how she's accused of cashing in on her grandmother's death. from a restaurant shooting to stabbings and beatings. how a normally peaceful bay area city is battling a sudden spike in crime. . and, how you might be to rent out an apartment made out of scrap medal from the old bay bridge. ,,,,,,,,
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fearing - what could be - a called 'tremendous explosion'... tonight california's congressional delegation weighs in on ine. fearing what could be a so- called tremendous explosion. tonight, california's congressional delegation weighs in on the crisis in ukraine. russian president putin spoke publicly today on the crisis in the country. it was enough to ease some of the tension, but as craig boss sell tells us, international pressure -- boswell tells us international pressure is mounting. >> just hours after russian soldiers fired warning shots during a stand off with unarmed
6:29 pm
ukrainian troops, president obama had a new warning. >> president putin has a different set of lawyers making a different seventy interpretations, i think. i don't think that is fooling anybody. >> the white house and putin are going back and forth. in the first extend comment since his troops seized crimea, rush president putin encysted crannies acting president one install the a coo and says russia will take all measures to protect the rights to russian speaking citizens if asked. secretary of state john kerry pushed back. >> i think it is clear that russia has been working hard to create a pretext for being able to invade further. >> president obama says he will continue to make calls to international leaders to deescalate the situation as his administration weighs sanctions against russia. >> this is not something we are seeking to do. this is something russia's choices may force us to do.
6:30 pm
>> secretary kerry visited the memorials of dozens of sicilians killed during street protest that ousted president yanukkovych. president proposed a billion dollar u.s. aid package to help the ukrainian government. >> they insist ousted ukrainian president remains teachers collected leader. investors seam to think the worst of the crisis in the ukraine may be over. stocks roared back from yesterday's deep declines. s&p closed up record high up 28 points. the dow, the nasdaq, both recovering more than yesterday's losses. a spike in crime in san rafael has police there forced to make a tradeoff. kpix 5's john ramos reports the department will be redeploying some of its officers to deal with the increased violence. >> people in san rafael are still shocked by the brazen targeted shooting of a man in
6:31 pm
pa's restaurant early saturday morning. but san rafael police are now warning that it seems to be part of an aalmosting trend. >> we have -- alarming trend. >> we have experienced an extraordinary increase in violent serious crimes in san rafael going back over the last 12 months. >> in that time, there have been so shootings and seven stabbings in what is generally considered to be a small quiet town. >> very beginning of 2011, we're really living under different situations. >> and you really notice the change? >> absolutely. will continue to happen. i don't see how it will stop. >> police say a lot of the crime happens in this area known as the canal. they acknowledge there are gangs here and say officers will be shifted to focus on these neighborhoods. but that manes taking officers out of downtown where they have been addressing the problems of a growing homeless population. anthony williams frequents the canal area and says violence is an accepted fact of life there. >> people do things just to do
6:32 pm
it. it is not -- it doesn't mean anything else about it. that just do it. >> that seems like something that's pretty hard to put a stop to. >> you can be. >> police say they will try, but there is no hiding from our national epidemic of violence, not even in what small, quiet town. in san rafael, john ramos comix. >> in addition to rea-- comix. >> san rafael police say they have the option of calling in assistance from the marin county sheriff's office if necessary. bay area headlines. fremont police are looking for burglars who stole a lottery machine from a grocery store. the california scratchers machine was found a few locks away from this lucky's on mission boulevard a few hours after the break in. cash was gone but lottery tickets were still inside. the search is on for a man who sexually assaulted a woman. the victim says that a manned from her from behind while she was walking along alameda creek regional trail near deep creek on sunday afternoon.
6:33 pm
police describe the man as a person in his 30s wearing a blue shirt and basketball shorts. in southern california, a public defender find escorted herself in need of a lawyer tonight. she is accused of cashing in more than $100,000 worth of her dead grandmother's social security checks. cbs reporter tom wait went into her house looking for answers. >> is it not true? >> denials today at the home of a woman accused of ripping off social security. court documents say owens, a county public defender devised a scheme to take almost $130,000 know social security checks after her grandmother died. >> i don't have any comments at this time. i can't talk about it right now. >> federal agents came here to owens' home after investigations showed her dead grandmother's social security account was active and connectedded to this address. investigators ultimately
6:34 pm
interviewed owens who allegedly claimed she did not realize she was taking the social security money. she thought she was cashing out va benefits from another relative. as for how she spent the money, the investigator said during the scheme that lasted from 2000 to 2012, she used the money to take care of her grandmother's final expenses. to take care of another family member who suffered from alzheimer and for her own needs such as rent, and utility 83s. owens also told the investigator i don't want to go to jail. i don't want my career destroyed. i'm happy it's done with. i have had lots of sleepless nights over this. we tried to get her side of the story, but the man in front of her home would not let us talk to her. >> i have answered your question. >> that's right. i just told you i can't. >> according to the u.s. attorney's office, owens has pleaded guilty. she now faces up to 20 years in prison. sentencing is scheduled for june 2nd. i am tom wait kpix 5. >> today, the los angeles city
6:35 pm
council unanimously voted to ban e-cigarette use if public places. it applies to beaches and parks where tobacco smoking is also restricted. the battery-powered devices have been marketed as smoking cessation aids. they enable to people to inhale the vapor. it is a $1.000000000 product. >> this product is not safe. all the young people are smoking it. it is approved electronic gadget that appeals to them. they like it because it is a novelty. it is addicting them to nicotine. >> vapor lounges in stores will be exempt from the ban. e-cigarette cruised for theatrical purposes will also be allowed. facebook is setting us sights on drones. the social net work is in negotiations to buy titan
6:36 pm
aerospace for $60 million. cbs 4 it is a company that makes solar powered drones that can fly for five years without landing. they can be used add atmosphere economic sanctions satellites to expand internet access. it is all part of mark zuckerberg's dream to bring affordable interaccreditation -- internet access to everyone. fat tuesday festivities in full swing in new orleans louisiana. it is a little colder and wetter than usual, but that is not stopping thousands of people from hitting the streets for the big parades. all the fun. all the drinking. this year's mardi gras theme is let the good times roll. today is the last day. lent begins tomorrow with ash wednesday. you can find the best places to indulge on fat tuesday before lent on our facebook page. thinking about a weekend get away is this how you can stay in an apartment made out of the old bay bridge.
6:37 pm
and, why these bay area runners veered off the race path to say thank you to this 95-year-old bystander. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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cutting-edge technology plao close more than a thousand stores. as kpix-5's cate cauguiran tells us... radi ing to stay a retail chain once known for cutting edge technology plans to close more than a thousand stores. kpix 5's kate cogeron tells us radio shack is struggling to stay relevant. >> in this super bowl ad it looked like radio shack knew what was coming. >> the '80s called. they want their store back. >> the major retail store said it is closing 1100 of its stores. >> it's time for a new radio shack. >> everything has changed. all shopping is done online. >> now days you don't really see it. it's more of the bigger stores. it is the fry's electronics and those guys. >> experts say this isn't the first tame we have seen it happen to a brick and mortar store. it won't be the last.
6:40 pm
radio shack's sales fell 19% in the last quarter. so this so-called new radio shack is going to have to shape up or shack out. >> they are going to have to boost their online presence and offer something that can actually compete with amazon which, at this point, if they are trying to do that now, they are a little bit too late. >> not only are big box stores competing with online deal and free shipping, but they also have the additional cost of staffing stores and paying for the store itself. >> the future of this business could be something that really embraces the show rooming part of it where really these stores just have the products that people can come in and play with. and if they want to order them, they have to go online. >> when i was a little kid, radio shack was kind of the place to two. so, yeah, it has been a staple for a long time. but, yeah, it's business and that's kind of how life is. >> radio shack hasn't said how many jobs will be lost in the closing or what stores they noon shut down. in mountain view, kate cogeron kpix 5. >> radio shack has not
6:41 pm
responded to our request for comment tonight closures. there may be new life for parts of the old eastern span of the old bay bridge. a local tech businessman wants to preserve the memory of the structure by building a house. he says it could be a monument to the people who worked on the bridge, including those who tide building it. he also says part of the ecofriendly building could be an air bnb apartment available for rent. >> that would be no neat to stay there. >> weird, yeah. >> cool. the weekend bay area rays turns into a spontaneous show of appreciation. why these runners took a slight detour to shake this man's hand. weather-wise, looked like it was going to rain today. didn't. a little bit of drizzle this morning, but otherwise we staid dry. there is more rain on the way. as a matter of fact, there are two weather makers coming over the next couple days. find out which days you'll need the umbrella, coming up. i'm dennis o'donnell.
6:42 pm
coming up, the warriors take on the best team in the nba. we've got john madden's latest reaction on the 49ers. >> railly don't think there is anything there. we will tell you about one olympic story you did not hear about. >> the olympic experience was what i hoped for and more. >> gold medal sports cast, straight ahead. ,,,, here in philadelphia you can access a philly cheesesteak anytime, day or night. just like you can access geico anytime, day or night. there is only one way to celebrate this unique similarity. witness the cheesesteak shuffle. ♪ cheesesteak, cheesesteak ♪
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spontaneous tribute to a world war ii veteran in san jose has turned viral. 9-year-old joe bell cheered on runners in this race honoring fallen soldier on sunday. then, the runners started cheering for bell l run by one they strayed off the street to give him a hand shake to thank him for his service to our rights fur. this career, kpix 5 is proud to sponsor the local spelling bee. a lot of noise on the internet about this. check out our facebook page. the spirit of the spelling bee. we will have our own little competition for the next couple weeks leading up to the beam every night, we will have our -- bee. every night, we will have our own word of the they.
6:46 pm
tonight i spelled a word. tonight, you are spelling a word. i have a word here that was picked out by our judges. >> oh, no. >> liz, if you're ready, the word is travesty. >> travesty. okay. >> dennis? >> dennis. >> she needs no help from the audience. >> can you use it in a sentence, please. >> yes, i can. you don't spell travesty escortedty correctly, it will be a travesty. >> do you want the country of origin? >> i would actually. thank you. >> it is from latin. >> well that explains everything. >> travesty. go. >> travesty t-r-a-v-e-s-t-y
6:47 pm
travesty. >> judges. >> survey says [applause] >> yes. >> that's not the ocean. that's applause. >> very good. >> one down. all right. to test your skills, go on facebook and like our page. then, you can test your spelling ability. just look for a word of the day in the news feed. >> very well done. >> thank you. >> you were stressing out a little bit about this. >> oh, man. my parents were so worried. i told them we were doing this and they were like oh, no. >> when the sports guy and weather guy was yelling oh, no, travesty. >> well, these are the words the kids in the spelling bee will be spelling. >> you guys are so smart. >> two for two. >> ken 1 for 1. you, 1 for 1. >> reporter: weather time, we have some rain in the forecast, once again. what a gorgeous sunset we had. we still have a little bit of color of the sunset.
6:48 pm
looking life over san jose. we will talk about your current temperatures outside. things are getting pretty dark pretty quickly. next week, remember we are springing forward. starting sunday, sunsets after 7:30. san francisco checking in at 59. santa rosa 60. it doesn't feel that warm around here. 6:45 at night, mardi gras new orleans right now 38 degrees. we continue to have a very mild winter, especially compared to the rest of the country. we're scanning the skies with high def doppler. we are coming updraw. by this tame in the evening, the rain could be moving into the north bay. 40s for lows. napa 52. san francisco 5. sunrise 6 a. the sup is coming upper -- 6:35. sun rise will be once again after 7:00. high pressure exactly where we want it. if it is down to the south, storms hit the rim, go up and
6:49 pm
over the ridge and look where they are going. right into the bay area. will continue to happen over the next couple storms. we get a flansing blow. that will leak about a quarter of an inch of rainfall. rain coming back tomorrow night. your thursday will also be soggy outside. we get a break, though. actually a few folks asked me today, when is the sun coming back. well, the answer is friday. it will stick around on saturday. since we err starting the days off in the 50s, i will bump things up into the low 70s. our next rain chance is coming up on sunday. if you like sunshine, we have that for you. rain, we have that as well. tomorrow dry. rain will be here tomorrow night and also thursday. sunshine back for friday with those highs up around 70. although tomorrow, even when it's cloudy we will be close to 70. concord 68. san jose 68. cupertino 68. san mateo 68.
6:50 pm
walnut creek, santa cruz ramon, 68. alameda 67. petaluma 64. north of pete lieu ma, you will see rain tomorrow afternoon. soggy thursday. then we get the sunshine. 70s on friday and saturday. soggy again on sunday before we dry things out with hays back up around 70 for next week. a nice little balance in that 7 day forecast. we have sports, the warriors, big game tonight, dennis has it next.
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
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friday warriors have 18 road wins. that's forty best in the nba. again, the indiana pacers are 29-3 at home. a perfect 10-0 on tuesday. that line is clearly drawn at the field house. third quarter, the circus shot. part of a three point play to give the pacers the lead. hill was the only indiana starter not in double figures. final seconds. tied at 96, folks. thompson, turn around. .6 of a second left. 16 of his 35 came in the fourth. last chance. you are no reggie miller, my friend. golden state pulls off a huge road win over the best team in
6:54 pm
the league. jim harbaugh told sports illustrated he has never had to be the highest coach in the league or have more pow r. in the organization. today, hall of fame r. john madden weighed in on kzbs and shot down the report of harbaugh wearing out his welcome with the players. >> i rally don't think there is anything there. if there were, you know, that's a wrong time. i mean, if the players and jim harbaugh, you know, was wearing thin, should have been reported and seen and observed during the season. to be honest, the players worry about themselves, performing well and playing well and not getting injured. that's their number one priortism always has been. always will be. >> madison bumgarner, linscum have a combined e.r.a. he did get his first hit of the
6:55 pm
cactus league. they lost to the cubbies. jeso hit his first. majority of athletes came home empty handed. while one did not medal, he held something far better than gold. >> the olympic experience was far more than i hoped for and more. >> fresh off the plane from the sochi olympics, 26-year-old nevada native recently fulfilled his olympic dream. just not with team usa. the allen martin pain skier was one of four members of the armenian grew up in the u.s. he grew up in a family of ethnic
6:56 pm
armenians. his father put him on the ski slope just as he was learning to walk. >> couldn't talk -- went to tahoe until i was 18. went to the ncaa team. >> his hopes faded away hen he crashed on the slopes of utah in 2006. but his olympic dream never waiverred. >> i always believed that i was -- waiverred. i always believe i was of the caliber. yeah, i had a lot of ups and downs and struggles throughout, especially after that injury in 2006. i never doubted myself. i knew if i worked hard enough and had the right training, the right situation, i could get there. >> he took one year off of his medical studies in philadelphia to train. and, although he didn't medal, his experience came full circle when he was chosen to be the armenian flag bearer during the closing ceremony. >> i kind of had to sit alone, take a moment by myself and
6:57 pm
take all in that i had been selected to be a flag bearer. it was amazing to be out there with all the other athletes holding their country's flags. to be in the middle of that stadium, the words can't describe it, honestly. i'm getting chills right now talking about it. >> there is a guy who epitomizes, i think, the olympic experience. i think so many times we place so much emphasis on whether somebody medals or didn't. it is really about the experience. him getting there and representing his country and being able to carry the flag. >> we saw that locally with some of our athletes. >> yeah. those are the stories that really catch your emotions, right? >> absolutely. >> for news throughout the evening, the latest always on our website >> our next newscast on cable channel 12. you can see us right back here tonight at 11:00. get a free quote at
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