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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  March 6, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. intrigue, part mystery equals the google barge. this is a live look.
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it is no longer in the san francisco bay. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. the google barge snuck out of bay waters overnight and several hours later, it landed in its new home at the port of stockton. google telling kpix 5 they were tired of all the attention the barge was getting out on the bay so off it goes. >> cate caugiran with more on the big move that stockton is hoping will be a big boost for the city. >> reporter: yes, they certainly will, frank and michelle. now, kpix 5 was the first to break the news that stockton would be the barge's new home. it arrived at 10:00 this morning. as many in the bay area were sleeping, our cameras caught the barge on its way out of the bay area to stockton, where port officials say it will be for the next six months. >> anytime you put the name stockton and google in the same sentence, it's get to be good. >> reporter: while we reported it for last week, he said he got the official call confirming the port's newest tenant at 2:00 this morning. under the agreement, the port would house google at the
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standard dockage fee of about $10,000 a month. after the mysterious barge was spotted in the bay, kpix 5 uncovered information that the unfinished floating structure is expected to be a floating showroom for the tech giant. sources have told kpix 5 the barge will have elaborate showrooms and even a party deck. for months, the barge was docked at treasure island until state officials said google did not have the proper permits. he says barge construction is nothing new at stockton's port. others often do work on barges there. the area is restricted, something the secretive google may prefer over a public marina. >> we have $1 billion worth of cargo that crosses our docks every year. so we're fairly well known. we do business with more than 55 countries and we don't tax anybody. >> reporter: we reached out to google for a statement. a google spokesman said, quote, it's been a busy six months for our barge and it's grown tired of all the attention, so we're moving it to stockton, where it can have a break, enjoy the
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city as delicious asparagus, and warmer climate, and get a bit of rest before its next chapter." despite the move, google's permit battle is not over. if google decides to return the barge to san francisco, they still need that permit. >> thank you. it is worth noting the port of stockton is also a big part of the new bay bridge was built. >> for everything you want to know about the google barge from our first report to design documents, click on today's story on take a look at this huge tree that came down in a redwood city neighborhood this morning. it happened on vera avenue between hudson and king streets. the tree knocked out power in the area for a while. no homes were damaged. and no one was hurt. >> some other news now, a 7th grade teacher is in custody in contra costa county. ronald guinto was under investigation for alleged sexual abuse in connection with the making waves middle school
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in richmond where he previously worked. police say he got another job at another campus in richmond. he was arrested yesterday morning at mira vista school in his classroom. parents wonder why a background check didn't reveal that guinto was being investigated. >> any criminal investigation is confidential so we weren't aware of it. >> that allegations include 11 counts of lewd act against a minor. his bail is $1.4 million. two hours ago, president obama condemned a measure by pro russian lawmakers to hold a public vote on whether to leave ukraine and become part of russia. the obama administration is banning visas and ordering financial sanctions for russian and ukranian officials who undermine ukraine's new government. the latest tactics to pressure russia to remove its troops from ukraine's crimea peninsula. ♪[ music ] >> the proposed referendum on the future of crimea would violate the ukranian
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constitution and violate international law. any discussion about the future of ukraine must include the legitimate government of ukraine. >> this comes as secretary of state john kerry is in rome pursuing a diplomatic solution. and the european union today suspended talks with russia on a wide-ranging economic pact as punishment for the incursion into ukraine. being accused of setting fire to another teen aboard an ac transit bus, the teen waved his right to a preliminary hearing today. 16-year-old richard thomas is charged as an adult with aggravated mayhem and felony assault. there's also a hate crime clause because the victim describes himself as having no gender and wearing a skirt at the time of the incident last november. the light display on the bay bridge will be turned off to mark its first anniversary today. all 25,000 l.e.d. lights will be blown out for just 10 minutes tonight at 7:00. after that the world's largest light sculpture will remain on for at least another year. but there is a big push now to
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keep the lights flickering for a decade more. a new nordstrom rack opened on fifth and market in san francisco. the opening ceremony included music, food and folks in line. the discount store handed out $100 gift cards and one lucky shopper won $1,000 shopping spree at the store. the seattle-based retailer offers discounted name brand items. the new store is nordstrom rack's 142nd location. a world war ii veteran from san jose who has become an internet sensation is getting another honor. [ applause ] >> thank you. >> you're doing a good job. >> the 95-year-old, joe bell made national news this week after he dressed in uniform to watch runners during a weekend road race in his rose garden neighborhood. the video of runners stopping to greet him continues to be a big hit. and now he is getting a trading card. this is a look right now at joe bell's card courtesy of the san jose giants, a team in
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baseball's california league. >> i was surprised. and then all this commotion now. that was last week, how many days. >> he's great. many people want joe to know that his service is appreciated and they also are aware that fewer and fewer world war ii veterans are still alive. >> you go, joe. 95 still going strong. one woman fights to keep her head above water for 15 hours on a sinking boat off the monterey coast. the chance encounter that saved her life. >> it's being called a crisis. pedestrian deaths on san francisco city streets. coming up, what the city plans to do about it in the long term and right now. >> hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the kpix 5 weather center. did you hear it last night?! we had some thunderstorms outside! it was crazy and some heavy rain. we're not done with the rain just yet. we'll explain coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,, ,, ,,
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francisco. as anne makovec re g a the number of pedestrian deaths so far this year has surpassed the number of homicides in san francisco. as anne makovec reports the city is starting a program called walk first, taking a serious approach to a crisis. >> reporter: three people are hit while walking on san francisco streets every day and last year, 21 people were killed. >> we are tired of saying we're sorry. we're not going to do that anymore in this city. >> reporter: today mayor lee announced walk first, an initiative to throw some $17 million at reengineering the city's most dangerous intersections. the police department will ramp up traffic enforcement as an awareness campaign kicks off in three languages. >> we were all raised to look both ways before we crossed the street. now i would ask you to look both ways and make eye contact
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with the driver nearest your intersection before you venture across the street. >> reporter: the money is an advance on a $50 million transportation bond set for the november ballot. starting now, it will bring new lighting, better paint jobs and curb extensions to the 6% of city roads that the 60% of pedestrian accidents happen on. >> it's preventable. every one of these deaths, every one of these serious injuries, is preventable. >> reporter: walk first is a step toward vision zero. that is the city's goal of zero pedestrian fatalities within 10 years which the board of supervisors is discussing today. in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> the mayor says the city spends $17 million a year treating pedestrian injuries. happening today oakland mayor jean quan delivers her state of the city address. the mayor will tackle some top issues the city is facing such as public safety and economic
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development. quan is also expected to tout a decline in gun violence last year. the address is at 7:00 at city hall. a woman who set sail near monterey survived a night on the water that could have killed her. lucky lady. she had problems with her raft out on monterey bay on tuesday night and was lucky to have been rescued a couple of miles off lover's point off pacific grove. two fishermen spotted the 45- year-old san diego woman after she spent tuesday night adrift with her sinking raft. the coast guard says her engine fell off and then it punctured the raft. rescue crew got her to the hospital and gave her credit for helping to save herself. >> this woman survived on her own all night, probably a very lonely psychologically stressful situation to be out there but she maintained the will to survive and the fact that she had a life jacket on helped ensure her survival. >> the woman now being treated for hypothermia and is expected to be out of the hospital very soon. roberta gonzales and the mobile weather lab are keeping
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on eye on traffic not that there's much now but we're learning how our bad traffic stacks up against cities around the world. >> reporter: yes, michelle. the traffic was pretty bad this morning because we did have some very slick roadways earlier this morning. and you couple that one the normal day-to-day congestion, you can have a pretty bad morning commute. now, as far as we're concerned right now, we are combining a little bit of weather and traffic together at this hour. it is 63 degrees in the oakland hills. the winds have been picking up but still under 5 miles per hour. and the relative humidity still a little muggy at 65%. as we take a look out from the oakland hills here just outside the oakland zoo, we're looking in the direction of coliseum, we see partly sunny conditions. we're starting to see some partial clearing of the skies. as far as the road condition that michelle was alluding to, we're looking at 580 and that's moving smoothly, as well. but that's not always the case. in fact, reading a forbes magazine article that was just
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released yesterday, it places three california cities in the top 10 in the entire country as far as the worst traffic congestion is concerned. that's right, los angeles tops the list. coming in number 3, big drum roll, san francisco. and coming in number 7 happens to be san jose. we do have that morning grind as far as the evening commute is concerned always backed up, as well. in fact, globally, san francisco tops off in the top 10 for the worst commutes across the entire world. now, if you want to know more about weather and traffic together all you have to do is visit us online at reporting for mobile weather in the oakland hills roberta gonzales, kpix 5. >> aren't you glad you don't live in brussels? >> no kidding. third in the country and 10th in the world? >> aren't you glad we come in at 3 a.m.? >> no traffic. >> nobody out there. >> i say that every morning i wake up. [ laughter ] >> i bet you do. [ laughter ] we had some rainfall overnight. we even had some thunderstorms out there.
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that is settling down a little bit now. still, some scattered showers a real possibility. in fact, we have been tracking that with our hi-def doppler radar into the afternoon. there's a slight chance you could see some more widely scattered showers. we are seeing some of that just north of vallejo right now and toward the livermore valley. otherwise, we are expecting some partly cloudy skies around the bay area this afternoon. so out the door we go. rainfall totals looking impressive in spots. mount tam almost 2" of rain from that storm system almost an inch in ben lomond over a third in fremont, over a third in san francisco. and just a drop in the bucket once you get to san jose. still, the temperatures outside right now are warming up nicely with a couple of clouds rolling on through. a lot of 60s popping up again. i think in the next couple of days likely to see a couple of 70s make a return. but throughout the day, still a slight chance of a few showers to the north. clouds overnight and patchy fog and then looks like another chance of rain late in the weekend chance of showers as we get into sunday night and into monday. so for today, a chance of a
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couple of raindrops moving on through. otherwise, you will just see some passing clouds. it looks like around the state we'll see some numbers in the 60s and 70s in the central valley. still some showers in far northern california. computer models picking up on the this pretty well right now. some scattered showers showing up in the north bay then looks like we'll start to dry things out patchy fog overnight tonight and into early tomorrow morning. but then looks like some much better weather ahead. in fact, these temperatures looking nice into the afternoon today 68 morgan hill. near 70 in brentwood. 66 oakland. 63 san francisco. next couple of days, we are going to watch more sunshine return maybe some mid-70s as we get into saturday. sunday chance of showers developing late. and don't forget, guys, you have to spring ahead this weekend. roll the clocks forward. you get more daylight. i'm thinking we lose an hour. >> my alarm goes off at 2:15. >> you my friend will be at work at 2:00. >> are you ready for this.
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>> let's do it. >> we have been telling you all week long that kpix 5 is proud to sponsor the cbs bay area local spelling bee which we'll stream live on our website on march 15. pretty cool. so it is time for our word of the day. >> by the way, can i make this mention? >> yes. >> i did go one for two this morning on the morning show. i got one word right. >> and you got collegiate wrong but that's okay. [ laughter ] >> just to be positive. >> i have fait in you. >> annihilation. >> oh, my god. >> annihilation. >> you have 30 seconds. the nation is building a missile defense shield to prevent nuclear annihilation. great sentence. >> this is a tough word. >> i'm going to start with an a. is that a good start? >> yes. >> n. >> lawrence, don't cheat for him. [ laughter ] >> lawrence is trying to tell him the answer. >> a-mn-i -- i don't know.
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anilation. >> that's what i'm going with. >> it's wrong. >> look at. >> i knew it needed some more stuff in there. >> you missed it. >> well, that's okay. because i'm going to know how to spell that from now on. >> really? how do you spell it? >> i would have never gotten it. all right. >> okay. to test your own spelling skills and to do much better than yours truly search kpix 5 cbs on facebook and "like" our page. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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when she learned that the bay area is a hub for sex trafficking, an east bay woman dedicated her creative art skills to help young women who have been exploited. award winning reporter kate kelly has this week's jefferson award recipient. reporter: according to the fbi, the bay area is one of the nation's hubs in sex trafficking. and most of those victims girls, 11 to 18 years old, caught in a world of abuse, trauma and exploitation. >> i started learning more about the issue and said, how can i use my skill set to make a difference in the healing in this population. >> reporter: and amy lynch teaches mindful movement as one way to heal. >> notice your breath. >> reporter: amy started the nonprofit "arm of care" which stands for art, recreation and movement. she partners with bay area agencies that serve sexually exploited youth.
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we can't show you the faces of the teenagers she helps but we were allowed to attend the free classes she gives to staff caregivers who work on the front lines. >> working with sexually exploited youth is very stressful. >> reporter: jackie is a case manager at the alameda based service program for sexually exploited youth. the technique she learns in amy's class not only helps her, it helps with her clients. >> they are either kind of shut down or they have a lot of anger. that's how they're expressing their trauma. >> there's so many layers of emotions that happen when you've been traumatized and so sometimes the movement work helps to unlayer the emotions that get stored or built up in the body. >> reporter: in addition to classes like these, amy's "arm of care" brings therapeutic art to abuse survivors. >> we said just draw how you feel. >> she wrote cold and violated and angry. she just started weeping. >> reporter: heidi holm is an art teacher who volunteers with
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amy. >> this is a book that one of the girls made. this is the darkness. >> reporter: art books the girls make from recycled jeans offer a hopeful message. >> anything can be made new, anything be it damaged or not. you can rewrite the story. >> that's what inspires me, beautiful. it's watching healing happen, watching someone get well. breathe while you move. >> reporter: so for using her professional talent in the creative arts to help heal young girls who have been sexually exploited, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to amy lynch. kate kelly, kpix 5. coming up is barbie creating barriers for young girls? why playing with dolls could be playing with careers. coming up. ♪
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out of his debt.. by blamine casino! that s coming up tonight at 5:00 a man blows a half million bucks gambling invasion and now trying to get out of the debt by blaming the casino. that and more at 5:00. finally, girls who play with barbie dolls could have a limited view of their career choices. researchers have some young girls play with barbie or mrs. potato head. then they ask the girls about possible careers. results showgirls who played with barbie thought they were capable of fewer jobs than
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boys. and those are mrs. potato head thought their job options were equal to boys. so we asked you on facebook, is barbie influencing the career options for girls? sound off on our kpix 5 page. look for the story in the feed. >> there are career barbies though. so i don't know. >> there's a anchor barbie. >> i have a tv barbie. >> news anchor barbie. >> she loves it, my daughter has one. >> i love it. have a great afternoon. >> i have to go read a dictionary. >> annihilation!
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>> ridge: the key works. >> katie: what are you doing here? i thought we agreed that you were gonna stay away today. >> ridge: is someone here? >> katie: no. i just figured you'd show up since i always seem to get involved with men who don't follow direction. my son's the same way. >> ridge: mm-hmm. good morning. >> katie: it is now. >> ridge: do you know when brooke is getting in? >> katie: and if you're wondering what i'm gonna say to her when she does am i.


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