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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  March 6, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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private equity firm that's behind this takeover called cerberus capital management. it will have to clear regulators. many details are unknown. this transaction is expected to close in the fourth quarter of this year. live at safeway headquarters in pleasanton, i'm mark sayre, kpix 5. >> safeway is big. it is the second largest supermarket chain in north america and it is the 11th largest retailer in the country. safeway as also going to have to do more to ensure customers aren't overcharged. the supermarket chain today agreed to pay more than $2 million to settle a civil case prompted by a kpix 5 investigation. back in 2012, we uncovered a higher-than-average rate of overcharges as well as failures to reimburse safeway customers. [ indiscernible ] >> why should we believe that safeway will actually change its ways this time? >> it's two parts. making sure that they are punished for their past deeds
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but making sure that going forward, there is enough bite in the judgment to make it stick. >> now, the settlement also requires safeway to take significant measures to ensure price accuracy including better signage and training for employees for how to reimburse overcharged customers and hiring a third party auditor. it was moving day for google's mysterious barge. since the highly secretive project couldn't be completed on treasure island, it will resume here. the barge is now parked at the port of stockton for at least the next six months. it made the 80-mile trip from the bay up the delta to the port this morning. the journey took hours and it arrived about 10:30. kpix 5's allen martin first broke the google barge story and tonight there is a new chapter to it, allen. >> reporter: ken, up until about 3:00 this afternoon i was on that side of the river. about 60 feet away from the barge. certainly the closest i have been in the months of covering
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that thing. but then security kind of had enough and they kicked us out but not before i was able to tweet a picture of it calling it my great white whale. there's a reason to follow me on twitter. but as we first reported, stockton was always going to be its destination and after a 7.5- hour trip up river, well, now here it is. reporter: unless google could cover the barge with harry potter's cloak of invisibility, there was no way to slip it away undetected from its dock at treasure island even under the cover of darkness. as kpix 5 first confirmed a week and a half ago, it was headed to its new home in stockton. >> anytime you put the name "stockton" and google in the same sentence, it's got to be good. >> reporter: particularly for stockton. as chopper 5 followed its progress up river, 80 miles from san francisco, it was moving out of reach of the jurisdiction of the bay conservation and development commission. bcdc said google lacked the proper permits to build the barge. official word at the port of
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stockton was, we didn't know the barge was coming until 2:00 this morning. >> and it's not unusual for many people to look at port facilities and not necessarily disclose what their project is. i'm fairly certain that probably happened in this case. >> reporter: really? well, somebody had enough notice to have this welcome banner made and put up before the barge's arrival. forewarned or not, the port's happy to add google to its list of clients. google's statement about the relocation did allow the company to place tongue firmly in cheek saying, our barge has growing tired of all the attention. so we are moving it to stockton where it can have a break, enjoy the city's delicious asparagus and warmer climate." well, the asparagus festival folks certainly very happy about that mention, the delta's favorite vegetable as a matter of fact. they remind me, oh, come on up for the asparagus festival the end of april and take a look at the barge. >> yeah.
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i see that you're across the san joaquin river now from the great white whale. >> reporter: yup. >> what are they going to do to keep other people away from it? >> reporter: security is tight. here at this port, just like all the major ports in the united states, after 9/11, security got very, very tight. we needed clearance and then we needed a police escort to get that 60 feet away from the barge. and then like i said they gaffed us some time there and -- gave us some time there and kicked us out. the public will not be allowed. where we're standing here is private property, a country club nice enough to let the news crews do their reports today but they are not going to allow the public here. i suppose if you had a boat you could cruise up and down the channel. but word hasn't gotten out yet so i haven't seen many boats go up and down, ken. >> all right. you still have time to play nine and get back. we'll see you when you get back. >> reporter: thanks. >> all right, allen, thanks. you can see more renderings of what the barge is supposed to look like when done and watch it pull into stockton by going to it is featured at the top of
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the page. the 16-year-old oakland boy accused of setting fire to another teen on an ac transit bus is headed to trial. richard thomas waved his right to a -- waived his right to a preliminary hearing today. he is charged as an adult with aggravated mayhem. thomas also faces assault and hate crime clauses. back in november, thomas allegedly used a lighter to set 18-year-old luke fleischman's skirt on fire as he sat on a bus. a 7th grade teacher was arrested on multiple child sex charges. ronald guinto was hired at mira vista school while he was under investigation for molesting students at making waves academy in richmond. police now say the potential number of victims in this case is six. all of them are boys ranging in ages from 11 to 13. don knapp on the investigation and how guinto was able to first get hired in the first
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place. reporter: that's right, elizabeth. the rest of guinto suggests serious problems in the way school districts can protect kids. the suspected child molester was already under investigation at making waves academy at the time that the west contra costa school district mira vista school wanted to hire him and in fact did hire him. >> there was no call made to making waves when he came back. so there was no quote, unquote reference check-up. >> reporter: because, says school district president charles ramsey, guinto had been working with the school district as a substitute for years. >> as a matter of fact, we believe that it wouldn't have been useful to have called making waves because we had a long history with them. >> reporter: he was fingerprinted just like parent volunteers and thousands of others who interact with children in the district. nothing turned up. and says ramsey, there was no way to know if guinto was under investigation at the time he was hired. he says he will introduce new policies and procedures on wednesday. >> to ensure that no matter who it is, whether it's a rehire or
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new hire or some with long- standing in the community, that we always do reference checks. >> reporter: richmond police say most of the alleged encounters with children took place off site or on outings or field trips, suggesting a close call in this case. >> this teacher had a planned field trip to yosemite with these students at mira vista coming up just in a couple of weeks. just thank god that that didn't happen. >> reporter: richmond police say there is no mechanism in place to let all school districts know that an employee in one school district may be under investigation for a child sexual assault case. reporting live in richmond, don knapp, kpix 5. >> police say there may be more victims and if so they are hoping they come forward as the investigation continues. teenaged driver was killed in this nasty wreck this morning along highway 24 in lafayette. the car badly mangled as you can see. chp says the driver drifted out of his lane and slammed into a traffic sign. the car wound up down an
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embankment. investigators say that driver may have been speeding. this huge tree knocked out power to a neighborhood in redwood city this morning. it happened on vera avenue between hudson and king. no homes were damaged. no injuries. crews spent most of the day cutting it apart. the crisis in ukraine has deepened with leaders in crimea scheduling a vote to break away. the region along the black sea is the hotspot in this international dispute. president obama called the referendum a violation of international law. >> any discussion about the future of ukraine must include the legitimate government of ukraine. in 2014, we are well beyond the days when borders can be redrawn over the heads of democratic leaders. >> the vote to separate is scheduled for march 16. the united states has responded
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with sanctions against russia and opponent of the ukraine government. european union suspended talks with moscow and imposed sanctions, as well. he lost big in vegas but one california man says it's all the casino's fault. how he is trying to dodge his debt and it just might be legal. >> from housing to crime, oakland's mayor is big on promises but how well has she delivered? reality check ahead of tonight's state of the city. >> and good evening to you, meteorologist paul deanno. we took the mobile weather lab out to mount diablo. it is so green, it is so beautiful out here. what a difference a month makes. we'll talk about the prospects for rain and for the weekend and beyond coming up in your forecast in about 10 minutes. >> flight attendants were all ladies and -- >> the note said she would be better off having babies than flying a plane. a pilot gets her payback against a rude passenger. ,,
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,, i want you to know stuff i want you to be kind. i want you to be smart. super smart. i want one thing in a doctor. to speak my language. i don't want you to look at the chart before you say hi...david. quiero que me hagas sentir segura. i want you to be awesome. that's the doctor i want. at kaiser permanente, we want you to choose the doctor that's right for you. find your perfect match at and thrive. in the first part of 19-76,e young women were found stabd
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to death in unty. in a new details on a cold case serial murder from 38 years ago. in the first part of 1976, five young women were found stabbed to death in san mateo county. in a press conference today, the fbi announced a new connection to those cases. to a nursing student who was killed in reno around the same time. the fbi believes the suspect in the san mateo cases was an accomplice in the reno case. >> the main purpose here is to ask everybody to kind of reach back in their memories to 1976 and if there was anything unusual about a neighbor, potentially an individual that lived in this area that traveled to reno, uhm, back and forth had business there, we are just trying to jog people's memories and potentially get some information from the public. >> all the victims were around 19 or 20 years old. many had car problems around the time they were killed. a disruptive passenger forced a flight headed to
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sacramento to make an emergency landing. sharon rogers was allegedly making gang signs praising jesus and demanding alcohol. the flight from seattle landed in oregon tuesday where rogers was promptly arrested. he told investigators he smoked purple hash before the flight but did not feel high. one of canada's major airlines is standing by a veteran pilot who became the target of a sexist note left on a napkin. it was left on a passenger's seat after a flight from calgary to victoria. it reads, quote, the cockpit of an airliner is no place for a woman. a woman being a mother is the most honored. i wish westjet would tell me a fair lady is at the helm so i could book another flight" > the flight attendants were all ladies and all of us had our mouths open and in shock. we really didn't know what to say. i also had a gentleman flying with me and he felt the same way. i mean, we were all in shock. >> westjet said in a statement it's proud of the
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professionalism, the skills and expertise of its pilots and disappointed about the note. a pilot posted a response on facebook and said she hopes her experience inspires people. a gambler said what happened in vegas wasn't his fault. how he is trying to get out of paying the tab. >> did the oscars bail on batkid? how a hollywood star is making amends to the bay area's favorite superhero. ,,
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giving the mayor a report cd romises she made l oakland mayor jean quan delivers her state of the city address tonight but before she does, we're giving the mayor a report card on promises she made last year. kpix 5's da lin on her grades. >> why don't you just hire new officers. >> reporter: during last year's state of the city address mayor quan focused heavily on public safety specifically hiring more cops. a year later the number is flat. >> our net gain of officers from one year ago today is 4. we have added only 4 police in a year. >> reporter: quan delivered on the promise of a reduction in homicides. the murder rate was down 28%. but robberies and auto theft went up. >> in my neighborhood and throughout parts of east oakland we're on our knees when it comes to public safety. >> reporter: the mayor also talked about getting big
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companies like pandora and restaurants to set up shop in oakland. while new shops and restaurants have helped revitalize uptown and downtown, some businesses have said recently they are moving out because of the high crime. >> i hope it gets better, you know, but we won't be around to see it get better because we'll be out of here as soon as we can. >> reporter: tonight, mayor quan will focus on crime, jobs and housing. she says oakland is on pace to build 7500 new units bringing 10,000 people into oakland, families and techies from san francisco and silicon valley. while some worry the plan will backfire and push out the low income native oaklanders, the mayor says not so. >> when we build here, we don't necessarily have to tear down something and push people out. so we have a lot more land and space. >> reporter: in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> the mayor's speech tonight will be under even more scrutiny this time around because she is up for re-
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election in november. san francisco leaders have launched a program called walk first. it's an effort to reduce the number of auto/pedestrian accidents which the city is calling a crisis. the number of pedestrians' deaths in the city this year is more than the number of homicides. the new initiative includes $17 million to reengineer dangerous intersections and ramp up traffic enforcement. >> we are tired of saying we're sorry. we're not going to do that anymore in this city. >> we were all raised to look both ways before we cross the street. now i would ask you to look both ways and make eye contact with the driver nearest your intersection before you ventura cross the street. >> more than half of san francisco's pedestrian auto accidents happen on six% of the city's roads. the walk first campaign will be promoted in three languages. other bay area headlines. more court filings in san jose's push to build a downtown ballpark for the oakland a's. the city has been trying for
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years and has resorted to a lawsuit. it asked an appeals court to revisit major league baseball's exemption from antitrust laws and the city also wants an answer as to why baseball has taken so long in deciding the a's' future. the artistic light display on the bay bridge will be turned off in less than two hours all 25,000 l.e.d. lights going dark for 10 minutes at 7:00 to mark the first anniversary. after that, the world's largest light sculpture will remain on for at least another year. california businessman is suing a las vegas casino after he lost half a million dollars while gambling. his defense? he was blackout drunk. the lawsuit claims the downtown grand loaned him money, served him drinks, when he was clearly intoxicated, which is against nevada law. he gambled for 17 straight hours and had at least 20 drinks in that time. he had been invited by a casino host that he knew. >> playing on credit is out of
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the ordinary for mr. johnson in the first place. drinking to the point of intoxication is out of the ordinary for mr. johnston. as the downtown grand host we believe should have known over his years of experience with mr. johnson. >> the man is also seeking damages to the casino for sullying his name. the game control board is investigating. paul deanno is live near mount diablo this evening where it is a picture-perfect day thanks to the rain. >> reporter: what a beautiful evening it is outside the day after an evening or overnight rainfall, which included thunderstorms as you know last night. just makes for a wonderful day and we certainly had that today. i was out here a month ago and it looked like august. it was brown. there was no green anywhere. but it is absolutely amazing the difference that one month can make as we had a little bit above normal rainfall in february. march started off wet. look at the hills. it's just fantastic out here.
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it looks like it should. we are still well below rainfall levels. but it looks great. the birds are singing. the hills are green. and things are looking a lot more normal. the cows are singing as well, or trying to. [ cows lowing. ] >> it's a nice sight out here with green grass growing because we have had the rainfall. speaking of rain, how much did we get last night with those isolated thunderstorms? mount tam add another 2" to the 21" of rainfall you had in february. fremont about a third of an inch. san francisco a little more than that, as well. concord one-third of an inch. mount diablo about .25" of rainfall. now, the south bay only saw .02" in san jose. kpix 5 hi-def doppler is tracking a few isolated showers not around mount diablo. we are talking about north sonoma county. due north of st. helena if you get caught in the shower it will be heavy for a few minutes. we're dry elsewhere throughout the bay area. overnight tonight lows will be in the 40s. a little cooler than the past couple nights because we have clear skies. we have lost that blanket of
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cloud cover. san jose 48. concord 45. oakland 48. coastline around 50. that low pressure system that gave us rainfall last night is now moving away and a very large ridge of high pressure is now building in. what that means for you, tomorrow, we keep the sunshine. it will be warmer. and on saturday, it will be warmer still with the coast being the exception. what to expect? it will be partly cloudy overnight the clearest night in a while. there will be fog especially along the coast. sunny and warmer friday and saturday. and there's some rain in the forecast but only one chance of rain that will be late in the weekend on sunday evening. your highs tomorrow back to the 70s in napa and fairfield. upper 60s for you in san jose and santa rosa. oakland 67. mountain view 68 degrees. here's your exclusive extended forecast. couple of degrees warmer saturday. mid-70s inland upper 60s near the bay low 60s at the coast. there will be a few showers sunday evening and sunday night. i am not predicting thunderstorms. monday we clear things out with highs in the 60s. tuesday, wednesday and thursday, 70s away from the
5:22 pm
water with mainly sunny skies. back out here live, we are on northgate road. there's a great shot of mount diablo so much greener than it has been recently. and i'll tell you what, even though there's not that much rain in the forecast, we are looking at some very pleasant weather, not hot, not cold, a little bit of rainfall, things are looking good weather-wise for the next several days. live outside of mount diablo, back to you. >> cows love it, too, you hear it? >> they're cheering. >> reporter: cows are thrilled. they have been moo-ing all over the joint since we got here. >> tell them we said hi. thanks, paul. an atm heist caught on camera check it out. thieves used a forklift to steal this atm from a credit union in texas. [ laughter ] >> forklift picked up the atm and after briefly dropping it, towed it away. police are still searching for them. there is a happy ending after sort of an oscar snub. batkid was reportedly cut from the oscars. five-year-old miles scott aka batkid was supposed to appear
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in a segment with spider-man star andrew garfield at sunday's academy awards. but at the last minute the segment was canceled. according to the "new york post," page 6, that's because garfield didn't like his lineses. it wasn't a total loss, though. the next day garfield joined miles and his family at disneyland. >> there you go. this spontaneous salute captivated the country. the special honor for the world war ii vet who has become a viral video star. ,,
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've been telling first it was a viral internet video and now a baseball card. [ applause ] >> thank you for your service. >> thank you. >> god bless. >> you're doing a good job. >> we have been telling you about 95-year-old world war ii veteran joe bell. more than a million people have watched this video of him wearing his uniform and greeting runners outside his san jose home. now the minor league san jose giants are honoring bell with a baseball trading card. it's part of a set created for
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the team's upcoming military appreciation day. >> i was surprised! and then all this commotion now. how many days is it? that was last week! >> yeah. fewer and fewer world war ii vets are still with us. and people around the u.s., they want joe to know his service was very much appreciated. >> here's video you're going to want to see over and over again. a soldier coming back from serving overseas was greeted with a hero's welcome and a daughter he is meeting for the very first time. the sacramento couple got the pregnancy news the same week daniel was leaving for afghanistan. daniel's wife vanessa has been waiting for this day since their fourth daughter was born a couple of months ago. her shirt even reads, i waited my whole life to meet you, daddy. >> she is remarkable. they say the families are the unsung heroes, you know? because we go and we do our thing and, you know, they are
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the ones who have to make the big adjustments. >> daniel says his first message to his daughter was, i love you. we'll be right back. ,,,, [dad] [laughs] [boy] mom! [mom] yes? [boy] whoa,whoa,whoa... [mom and dad] [laughing] [boy] whoa,whoa,whoa... [mom] you've got two left feet,boo.
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involving tanker cars carryg crude. her wake up call for the bay area. new at 6:00 a story we have been following. tanker cars carrying crude oil, a wake-up call for the bay area. >> and in a bay area city known for violence and drugs, how photography unlocks a surprising secret about teenagers and how they truly feel about adults. >> thank you for watching. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next.
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captions by: caption colorado >> pelley: sexual assault in the military. >> pelley: sexual assault in the military. the army's top prosecutor for sex crimes is accused of sexual assault himself while the senate today votes on a major change in how the pentagon tries sex cases. nancy cordes and david martin are on the story. ukraine moves toward a breakup. elizabeth palmer and charlie d'agata on a nation tearing in two. is marijuana effective for children with seizures? barry petersen speaks to parents who are convinced. and as the west struggles with the worst drought in years, one scientist finds disturbing evidence of how long it could last. >> droughts can last over a decade. and in some cases, they can last over a century. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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