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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  March 10, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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more, now >> 11 months since a well- executed sniper attack knocked out transformers and threatened to black out power, security at the substation near san jose and hundreds of other stations as well, doesn't appear to have changed very much. and while fbi director said this of the attack. >> those are things we take incredibly serious and want to make sure people understand that we will not stop to figure out who does that kind of thing. >> the fact is, simple chain link fences are protection, leaving hundreds of transformers open as targets. and nate senator hill to require increase canned security by next year (there was a concert effort around the country or around the west within the friday that we have in knocking out a number grid that we have in knocking out a number of substations. we could be without power for a
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long time. >> pge says they will do more. >> installing enhanced intruder detection systems, more lighting and cameras. >> almost a year later, however, much of the plans are still maybing their way through. >> local permitting, environmental impact reports. >> meanwhile, consumer groups are worried that in the wake of the explosion, rate payers are already being asked to help pay for billions in safety improvements for gas lines. and substation security for electricity will mineverren higher rates. >> right now, the sky is the limit. -- even higher rates. >> right now, the sky is the limit. there is only so much money to two around w. have to choose -- go around. >> i think we have to look more importantly at what would the cost be if we didn't have
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electricity for six months. what would that to do our life kyle -- life style and quality of life. >> reporter: there is only so much to go around. the natural gas line problem will be billions. but if we're going to have four- story start beefing up security, you can see it is a pretty easy shot. it will cost as well. it will be a question of priorities and where we want to put our money and our safety. >> money has to come from somewhere, as you said. >> it's coming from us. >> thank you. new at 6:00, phillip 66 is being fined more than 230,000 dover numerous air pollution violations in the b. air quality management officials say the settlement covers 19 violations from 2008 and 2009. some of that's include failing to take flare gas -- of those include failing to take flare
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gas samples. company reps say they disclosed most of the violations and worked quickly to fix them. the california draught and a tale of two states. in the north, more than a dozen water districts with mandatory restrictions. the south, very little talk of shortages. as alex plains, that has a lot of people talking storage. >> reporter: the folks down south are congratulating themselves for faring pretty well during this draught emergency. but like all things, water in californiaings solutions are rarely that simple or cheap. >> it is a very key part of water operations for contra costa water district. >> under rolling hills that are finally turning deep green, you will find water cooler for half a million people. >> it aulois us to pump water. we store it and are able to
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release water to blend when delta water quality is starting to decline. >> built in the '90s, it was expanded in 2012. a decision that's giving the district a little more breathe room this year. >> our customers are actually seeing the benefit investment they need and helping others during the draught. >> it's exactly the kind of investment that is now paying off in southern california. >> parts of southern california have built some modest additional storage in the last decade or so. they spent quite a bit of money doing that. without a doubt, that has provide them with a buffer. >> professor with the pacific institute says while those storage investments have paid off t south has also been deliver add few lucky breaks. >> they have had the luxury of sources of water that have been left constrained by the current draught for camp 8, the colorado river source is --
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carp example, the colorado river source. >> so, while storage chem. >> at a time when we would be filling the reservoir early, we were using resources from the reservoir to blend. >> it's important to remember that storage capacity is worstless if there's nothing to store. >> in the long run, new storage is not going to be california's water solution. it will be better management of the water we already have, more efficient use of the water we're already using and better management of the storage that we've already built. >> reporter: case in point, drinking water is managed by the water agency, but for flood control, water is released by the army core of engineers. when we visited that lake in early february, it was down to about a 90 day of supply because the core of engineers followed its play book. earlier this year it released water based on a formula for how much rain we might get. and everybody knows we didn't get the rain. if it weren't for what they built in the '80s, the draught
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would be a lot worse for that part of the bay area. >> so, the south may be paying a little more attention to this sort of thing? >> more or less. they really had a rough time from '87 to '91 f. that, they started building and planning. but there is no sing answer. storage, agriculture use. a lot of factors that we need to think about looking decades down the road. >> all right, allen. thank you. and to track our diminished reservoir levels, head to stwrz the next america's cup may be a worldwide event with a final race being held in honolulu. there was talk of san francisco hosting the event again, but oracle founder says his new vision involves staging them all over the world with the main event in hawaii. the idea is to attract a wider audience. he says there is still a lot of work to do before his new vision for the competition becomes reality. some people in palo alto
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say a new grocery store sign has got to go. kpix 5's len ramirez tells us. it is key for one business' survival. len. >> reporter: that's right, elizabeth. the city council gave this location and grocery out let a little, some would say, a lot of wiggle room when it comes to street sign size. this has been a fail location time after time. the question for the neighborhood is when is going big too big. >> the sign isn't that big, at least on first glance. >> the sign, its' narrow enough. >> but after getting a better look, palo alto resident told us grocery out let's new marquee has got to go. >> it's way too big. i would make it a little bit smaller and maybe change the colors so it blends in more where the neighborhood. >> in palo altoings more so
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than just about anywhere, size matters when it comes to commercial street signs. >> they have their own views of what the city should look like. >> work crews have been busy getting the store ready for customers, but it's the sign that's created the most bit. it iceberg than is usually allowed, dwarfing the -- it's bigger than is usually allowed. this one is 91 square feet. >> grocery out let says big branding she is specially important for this location because there have been three other grocery stores that have failed here. and, with all the work going in, grocery out let does not want to be number four. >> a company spokesperson toll us the sign was modified several times during a six- month review process that included public meetings. >> the size of the sign we believe is going to be important for the success of
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that store. >> one man who lives within walking distance of the store says complaints are over blown. >> it is the world we live in today. it's not like the old days. i came from an ohio small town. we had to have signs to get business. i guess today is different. >> reporter: so, neighbors may be split over the size of the sign. one thing many will agree upon is this part of the palo alto needs a discount grocery store. there are many high end grocery stores around the area, but none that would kateer to the low income people that live in this part of palo alto. len ramirez, kpix 5. >> the store's grand opening is set for saturday, april 5th. california is cracking down on truancy. today, state attorney general harris joined with some education leaders and lawmakers to help schools deal with what she calls a crisis. and it's not just about teenagers. >> up to 40% of the chronically truant students were elementary school students who in some
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cases were missing up to 80 days of a school year. >> harris says truancy is a financial drain on economic productivity, tax revenues and the criminal justice system. the bills announced today will help school districts keep better track of student attendance. kpix 5 reporter ann notarangelo on expanded possibilities for community colleges. >> we're hoping it takes effect. >> students in contaco bell costa county's -- contra costa want to be competitive with other four-year schools. however, without degrees, their chances of employment significantly drop. >> there is quite a few roadblocks we're facing right now. >> cal state nursing programs
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are impacted and for profit schools are too expensive. what they want is something california community college escorted don't offer. state senator hill is the coauthor of a bill that would allow community colleges to offer limited bachelor degrees. >> you get the opportunity at the community college. also, what is important is community colleges are located almost every where. >> if his bill passes, they could offer bas in technical programming like nursing and programming. >> we were thinking we could offer this degrees even atlasesser cost than csu. >> but what about that old saying you get what you pay for? >> there is no doubt in my find that the quality of the education would be as good if not better. >> the nursing program director says the community colleges would offer online classes. in the end, tax payers would see their money go further. >> you see the value of what this could do, and you see the
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need for it, and it's impossible not to fashion it. >> community colleges were once pseudo as a last result. they-- once viewed as a last resort. ann notarangelo kpix 5. >> 21 states already allow community colleges to offer bachelor degrees. extracting invisible benefits from sewage. we learned how bay area scientists are redefining the meaning of waste not, want not. suspect shoved to the ground after a bay area police officer is shot. tonight t key piece of evidence that's missing and how cops are changing their story. well, the pressure is up and the heat is on this could for the bay area. the question is, how hot will it get? first, ken has another question. yeah r. you still adjusting to the time change? how the transition to they light savings is causing some tempers to spring forward.
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and turn it into energy. kp reporter, ryan takeo shows what's helping fuel an easty water treatment facility -- stor only on 5. there is an innovative idea being developed to take the waste out of waste water and turn it into energy. kpix 5's ryan takeo has more. the story you'll see only on 5. >> this anti okay water treatment plant is a laboratory. >> there are lot of nutrients that come to us. >> the waste water is nasty. but he believes some good will come from it. >> we're looking for ways to become sustainable. ways that we the grab all of the energy out of the waste water and cruise it. >> nitrogen is an ammonia which naturally occurs in urine. >> the problem is when it gets discharged into a water body, it causes a dead zone. >> this is the answer. the new process is being tested
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in the plant's basement. >> we're converting the ammonia and waste water. >> stanford researcher create the process. it pumps ox general into this tub of waste water. you probably know the gas' other applications like laughing gas at the dentist. >> i have two fingers. >> good. >> a race car driver's secret weapon. >> lift off. >> and rocket fuel. >> we were using rockets that use green house g converted it to harmless air and recovered energy from it. >> for now t process is limited to water treatment plant's basement. but there are high hopes for it to help power and lower the plant's environmental impact. >> that is not done anywhere
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else in the world. >> in antioch, ryan takeo kpix 5. >> that is a lot considering the plant treats 1 million gallonsover waste water everyday. nearly two dozen aftershocks have rocked northern california after last night's 6. 9 earthquake. it hit 04 miles off the coast overcure' candle stick. the largest after-- eureka. no damage or injuries have been reported. >> didn't feel the shaking here. >> some people swore they did. >> really? >> have a few viewers. >> it's possible. >> reporter: it is a big one. the one was well offshore is the difference. never theless, eureka gets big quakes offshore.
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they got one last night. beautiful day in the bay area. if time lapse that our ace producer wilson walker shot this for us. it is gorgeous. you can see the mountain in the distance. just a beautiful day in the bay area. isn't that nice? bring you back to the roof cam and show you the numbers in the bay area. 67 in concord. oakland 66. san francisco at 62. santa rosa 66 degrees. at 8:00, it will be a beautiful night in the bay area. temperatures will be upper 50s, low 60s. tomorrow afternoon, we have sunshine all over the place. temperatures will be near 70 degrees inland. 67 around the bit. high pressure is -- in the bay. high pressure is just offshore. we will look for sunny skies all week. temperatures by this weekend reach 80 degrees. so that really turns the corner on the season. we left winter behind.
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looks like we're in for warm weather for a while. it is leaving us with pretty bleak numbers. right now, even with the recent rains we had in february and in the early going this march, we're still well below average. only a third to 45% of average. there is not a drop of rain in sight. sunny all week. a little bit of a warming trend. temperatures will reach 80s. this weekend in the warmest spots, inland. mostly in the 40s tonight. south bay, 72 in oakland. 70 in fairfield. we will be looking for numbers to really warm up so we will be in the 80-degree range this weekend on saturday and sunday. ken. >> summer in one week. people around you may be moving a little slower today. as john ramos reports, the time shift can have an impact on
6:20 pm
productivity. >> there is a theory that if you could speed time up, objects around you would appear to slow down. that was happening all around the bay aread to. >> if it wasn't for my iphone, i would have been late. >> the first work day after the daylight savings time change was a jarring experience for the lunch crowd in walnut creek. springing forward made a lot of people wish they could fall back into bed. >> everything shoots up an hour. so you're late to everything or you're authority adjusted too much. >> i woke up at 5:00 in the morning. i wanted to sleep in. >> it hurts my eyes when they turn on the light. i barely wake up. >> a lot of people barely waked up today. >> basically it is like throwing a monkey wrench into the operation of your rhythm. >> at sleep clinics like this, people spend the night hooked up to sensors that record their
6:21 pm
sleep patterns. nater consults for large companies like ghoul to explain the impact on productivity of a sleep-deprived work force. >> would it be fair to say that today is probably not the most productive they in america? >> that is probably a fair statement. not only today, but studies have shown about a week, plus or minus a few days after the daylight saving time occurs, people are still adjusting. >> if you can't handle that, you could do what these guys did and retire. >> you ever miss having to get up at a certain time in the morning? >> no, i don't. not at all. >> well, thank you for contributing so much to society. you picked the wrong guy. >> in walnut creek, john ramos kpix 5. >> the sleep consultant says companies can expect employees to work a little slower and spend a little bit more time browsing the internet. some schools avoid testing students for several weeks after the time change. coming up, the suspects are
6:22 pm
caught, but a crucial piece of evidence is missing. why there's so much confusion and uncertainty about the shooting of a bay area police officer. e how the mystery of the missing malaysia airlines credit is raising a red flag after aviation technology. ,,,,,,,,
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but tonight, authorities are still trying to figure o a san francisco police officer shot in the middle of a fight with a suspect. but tonight, authorities are still trying to figure out who pull the trigger. in san francisco's mission district, it happened on saturday. kpix 5 reporter mark sayer with why no one has been charged in the shooting that put an officer in the hospital. mark. >> reporter: well, elizabeth, what happened is one key piece of evidence is missing, and that is the bullet that passed through this officer's arm. the police chief said without it it may be very difficult to
6:25 pm
determine exactly what happened. >> officer adam shaw is assigned to the mission district station and underwent surgery for the bullet wound in his left bicep. >> adam is in good spirits. >> the man who allegedly startd this series of events which led to the shooting of officer shaw was arrested early sunday mornening at a gas station just off highway 101 in san jose. this security video shows 50- year-old san francisco resident and a female companion being pulled out of car and tackled to the ground. chp and other officers chased him at high speed from richmond to danville and onto san jose. but when he was taken into custody, he only had ammunition but no gun in his possession. >> but at least as of right now, we are not charging the suspect with shooting the officer because we have no evidence of that. >> it all started at about 2:45 in the afternoon when san
6:26 pm
francisco police received a 911 call about what police say was malicious mischief in the mission. the suspect confronted the officer and officer shaw was shot before he took off. but unless detectives can find the built, there is no way to know who shot officer shaw. >> as far as whether we will ever know definitively whether the shot came from his partner, until we can recover the round that went through his arm and match it to the partner's gun we don't know that. >> reporter: now, police say the suspect was arrested in this case and does have a prior criminal history. once again, because that built has not been found, right now he is only being charged with being a prohibited person in possession of ammunition. reporting live from the hall of justice, i am mark sayer kpix 5. >> the chief says fellow officers respond quickly to help their injured colleague. one even used a radio cord to
6:27 pm
stop the bleeding. the u.s. sending more help to try to find the missing malaysia airlines jet. the sneaky way a guy in the drive through turned this bay area mcdonald's into a crime scene. and, why your cell phone might be causing your children to act more silly. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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ma now at 6:30, missing without a trace. tonight, the mysterious disappearance of malaysia flight 370 puts the spotlight on aviation technology. search efforts are intensifying tonight. crews expanded the search to include a larger portion of the gulf of thailand between malaysia and vietnam. more than 70 ships and aircraft are now involved. an ibm executive from texas is one of the three americans on board. he and his girlfriend were about to move to malaysia. >> i often felt like it was just too perfect. >> you met this guy, fell in love with him. >> and you're almost 50. he just turned 50.
6:31 pm
you find the love of your life, you know. how could fate have allowed him to come into my life only to take him away again? >> as for the debean oil found in the water, they ended up not being from the airline. the flight was headed to beijing. many of the answers in the case will come from the plane's black boxes. allen martin is following that part of the story. >> reporter: that is fueling the call to take those black boxes out of the plane and put them on the ground. >> the search has expanded. yet, still no evidence and no black boxes. >> know wreckage having been found, having not found the recorders yet, all things should still be on the table. >> aviation consultant and the man who pulled off the miracle over the hudson says the plane's black boxes are the
6:32 pm
only thing that will answer everyone's questions about what happened. >> we don't know yet how complex or ambiguous the situation is this group may have faced. >> the black box should still be sending a signal to help locate them. yet, when the flight mysteriously crashed in 2009, the boxes weren't found for nearly two years. now, there is a renewed call for taking the boxes out of the aircraft and sending the information electronically to the airline. national safety chairman for the airline pilots association says modern planes are already in constant contact with the ground. >> even if the pilots aren't talking, the systems in the airplanes are sending signals to the satellites back to the company so they know how it is operating. >> proponents of plaque box say the same technology that allows passengers to have wifiand television could be used in reverse to transmit black box
6:33 pm
info from the plane to tear line. sullinberger says they down load messages for reliability reasons. >> the technology is similar to what they are proposing. it could be done on newer airplanes relatively easily. >> reporter: so far the best reason the technology hasn't been implemented seems to be expense. there are roughly 20,000 commercial planes in use. to retrofit them all would, without question, be very costly. >> yeah. we're talking about a couple things. what caused it to go down. >> reporter: right. >> first, where is it. >> reporter: yeah. >> and it's great it is talking to the found, but it is not helping them -- ground, but that is not helping them find it. >> reporter: but if they had the plaque box on the ground, they might be able to pinpoint where it is and what happened. >> technology is always increasing, so makes sense. >> reporter: yeah. >> allen, thank you. three fires in fry hospital were the work of an arsonist.
6:34 pm
it happened in the warm springs neighborhood. one at a school, one near the school and another at warm springs park. most damage was at a portable classroom. fire crews arrived in time to keep that fire from spreading. >> always feel a sense of frustration and anger when we have anything that happens that is hurt. to children. >> the children displaced by the classroom fire will be temporarily moved to another part of the campus. other bay area headline tonight. for the second time in two months, workers from a tesoro refinery were injured. they were exposed to sulfuric acid. they were wearing proat this time clothing at the time. heighth will be okay. last-- they will be okay. last month, a couple workers suffered burns at that refinery. a man who was in what shoot out in oakland in 2010 was
6:35 pm
convicted today. a jury found byron williams guilty on four counts of attempt murder. williams told police he was on his way to kill people at two liberal groups in san francisco. he faces life in prison. a man with some sticky fingers got away with some cash from a north bay mcdonald's. this happened after closing time at a restaurant on lakeville street in pete lieu -- petaluma. as kpix 5's don ford tells us, the story is not so much that it happened it's how it happened. >> this mcdonald's is clean, modern. and last night, it was robbed. robbed? really? who for a minute believes mcdonald's has money in the register. and who doesn't understand all these fast food places are just full of security cameras? well, this guy. while the staff was cleaning up, he pried open the take out window, somehow opened the cash
6:36 pm
edge stern allegedly stole $200. >> -- cash register and allegedly stole $200. ed to, you can bet that at closing tonight, they will clean out the register before they clean up the store. >> yes. thank you so much. >> petaluma police are not amused. they say he can be charged with felony burglary, a crime that, if he already has a criminal record, could land him in jail for a few years. all over a couple hundred bucks. >> why would anybody be so stupid? >> some folks are amused. most are unimpressed. >> yeah. why would you just go for 200 bucks? come on. >> they also know how to hide themselveses from the cameras, if they've scoped this place out -- themselves from the cameras, if they have scoped the place out. >> well, not this guy. police say, depending on his circumstances, he may end up getting help instead of jail time. kpix 5 don ford.
6:37 pm
>> the employees were busy cleaning the restaurant in another part when that theft happened. coming up, why your cell phone could be to blame for your kids' bad behavior. . >> it was cool how he let me shoot the ball. it was not that he got the ball, but who gave it to him that make this is such an incredible show of sportsmanship. ,, ,,,, ,,,,,,
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but on the consumerwatch, j watts tells us a new study s found that many parents are paying more attention to thr phone, than their kids. distracted parenting... is under the microscope a new y in the journal pediatrics t microscope a new study in the journal pediatrics takea look at the role smartphones play the parent-child relationship. the researchers observed parents at fast fo restaurants. of the 55 studied... 40 used a mobile device during the meal. 16 throughout the entire me. and three adults gave a deve to the children to keep them occupied. the study found
6:40 pm
when a parent became engrosd with the device... they tend to snap at their kids. and the kids acted out for attention. they seemed to be more engad in the device than with the children they cared for." bt to thoe moment of inteactio kids brains are wired to len from those. until now conversations abo screen time have been focusd on children using the phone. this study is one of the fit to point to a paretnt's nee- to limit their own screen time... when thier kids are around. it seems credit card compai are finally getting serious about more secure cads follg the recent slew of retail breeches. mastercard and visa have fo a new industry group - inte to beef up credit card secu. it will focus on the best wo adapt the chip and pin cred card technology already use europe. it long been more secure than the traditl magnetic strips we use here. and... if you're not a fan clipping coupons... you can still save at the grocery store... by slightly alteri your shopping habits. starty
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shopping the perimeter of t store... the produce ..meat and dairy sections. experts say avoiding the mi aisles of pre- packaged snacks... cuts dow impulse buys... thus saving money. when comparing the ps - look for the the unit pri- the price per pound.. per ounce... or per pint. and while buying in bulk can be a great way to save... be sure to check the expiration dates. if you don't eat it all your wasti money and food. and everyone knows you shou never shop hungry.. but if will-power's not your thing. consider ordering online and having your groceries deliv. many say it's easier to stio the essentials that way. if have a consumer problem, ca our hotline at (888)5 helps. julie, thank you. it's one of the classiest as of sportsmanship we've ever seen.
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how a high school basketball team made an opponent's dre come true. (((weather tease))) (((weatr tease))) (((weather tease))) " " talk about a class act: [ sports announcer ] here's another one, alyson dudek.
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hales corners, wisconsin. nice pass by alyson dudek.
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,,,,,,,,ale announcer ] switch to u-verse and add a wireless receiver today. helped an autistic teen on e opposing team score biggest ga talk about a class act. southern california basketball player helped an autistic teen on the posing team score in the
6:46 pm
biggest game of his life. bo howell played in nine games, never scored in a single bucket until the final seconds of this championship game. an opposing player actually handed him the ball more than once until he finally knocked it in the bucket. >> i didn't know his condition. i thought he has probably never scored in his life. i just felt in my heart to give him the ball. >> it was cool how he gave me the ball to let me shoot it. >>b's team did end up winning the title. >> that's great. >> so he helped out. >> as we have been telling you, kpix 5 is proud to sponsor the local spelling beam so it -- bee. so it is time for our word of the day. >> oh, boy. not my forte. >> elizabeth, this is your word of the day. >> uh-huh.
6:47 pm
uh-huh. >> perceived. >> uh-huh. perceived. >> okay. i don't need the definition. but i'm curious. what is the country of origin? >> originally latin. this word went through french before it became english. >> wow. yeah. >> perceived. it's verb. would you like it in a sentence? >> sure. i love to hear your sentences. >> through the mist, she perceived the house. are you ready? >> yes. first letter p. >> good.
6:48 pm
>> e-r-c-e-i-v-e-d perceived. >> is that your final answer? >> yes. >> will you go. >> the spelling bee streams live on our website this saturday at 10:00 a.m. >> brian, you're going to be involved, right? >> i'll be judging. >> was it okay? >> it was okay. >> it was great. >> lots of little tricks. >> there are, indeed. >> reporter: reminds me of our weather forecast. this week is a slam dunk. we will be get warm and temperatures approaching 80 degrees by the weekend. showers earlier this morning. numbers now, mostly in the 60s. still fairly warm. 66degrees in san jose. santa rosa, it's nice as well. so if you're heading out around the bay area, it looks nice.
6:49 pm
temperatures in the upper 50s along the coast. low 60s inland. tomorrow afternoon, we will be warming to the near 70-degree range. sunny skies. in fact, it looks like it will be sunny all the way through the weekend. early part of the next week. no more rain in sight. even though march, it is springtime and it can come down. that earthquake in eureka, 50 miles off and still 6.8. very close to earthquake we had in 1989. the difference is it wasn't in the metropolitan area. earthquakes are like real estate, location, location, location. in eureka, it was 50 miles away. the triple junction where they have both the san an andreas fault. as it looks new york city everything is okay up there. sky is clear. the high pressure bounce back. as it does, it really puts the
6:50 pm
pressure on the bay area. so if the temperatures do reach the 80s by the weekend, we will be in near record territory. just a degree a day and we will be in the 80s by next weekend. sfo italics sunny. winds in the west 25 miles an hour. overnight low, 49. la looks pretty good. 75degrees. snow in denver. 46. overnight lows tonight, upper 40s, low 50s. for tomorrow, the numbers come in pretty much in the low 70s to upper 60s. 68 for san mateo. morgan hill, 72. east bay is looking good. temperatures in the upper 60s. same for the north bay. 68 for mill valley. 72 at ken field. for us, sunshine as far ahead as we look. look what happened by saturday and sunday. we will be in the low 80s inland. first time in a while. so, expect the pressure to be
6:51 pm
on and temperatures to come up. that's weather. sports, next.
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so yso you can happily let the grlife get in the way, while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel banking for the life you have investing for the life you want chase. so you can
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since he swung the bat, or a press conference. well, barry bond arrived at
6:54 pm
giants camp. it has been several years since he swung a bat or held a press conference. >> for give me if i'm squinting. it has been seven careers. >> he loves it, though. bobs will be hitting instructor for the next seven days. 5949, he is slimmer, trimmer e exchanging his baseball bat for a bicycle these days. but i think this is day for bonds to improve his image, admitting one of his biggest regrets was not having a better relationship with the media. this week, it was all about helping and blending in with the giants. >> i think they did pretty good without me. they won two world championships. i don't think i will put a whole lot. i can help you do a little better than what you already are. but i don't know how much i can do that. i just want to get through seven days.
6:55 pm
that is my answer. i got to get through these seven days. i don't know if i'm good enough these days. >> he made it no secret he wants in the hall of fame. the 49ers will reportedly release starting quarterback to free up cap space. he was due to make 6.6 million this season. rogers had two years remaining on his four-year $31 million deal. scary moment in dallas just a few homes ago. star forward collapsed on the bench and was immediately taken to a local hospital where he is reportedly in stable condition. according to the star's team doctor, he was conscious and aware of where he was. he even asked to get back in the game. it was postponed. the iowa state women were eliminated from the big 12 tourment leaving one reporter to question their efforts. that did not gofer well with the head coach. >> i -- go over well with their head coach. >> i don't want to hear lack of effort. you want to say this team is
6:56 pm
coached bad, you run bad plays, they made mistakes. you can write anything you want. you don't say lack of effort about my team. you understand me? >> yes. >> they guard 0 us great. we made mistakes. the team was poorly coached coming out of half time. don't say anything about lack of effort about my team, ever. ever. they have bust their hope all year. all year. >> covered that topic pretty well. years ago, know walnut creek -- noah got gets to watch his son play for the chicago bulls. >> oh. yes. yes. oh. yes. >> that's his son. lebron and jimmy butler get tangled up. i think butler tried to roll him over and show him the
6:57 pm
likes, as we used to say in my wrestling days. chicago made miami tap out in overtime. the a's in the cactus league. a diving catch. angels in the out field. ken, you did not know that. >> i did know that. he played thebngos, too. >> he did -- the bongos. >> he did? >> where am i here? the deep three at the buzzer. the cyclones would go on to win in overtime. >> you could just female march madness, huh? >> -- feel march madness, huh. >> yeah. looks good. >> good stuff. >> all right. see you at 11:00.
6:58 pm
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