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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  March 12, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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large piece of heavy equipment that's knocking down what's left of this structure to prevent it from falling on the street. here it goes as we're live now. you can see this huge section beginning to fall! it's exactly what they were afraid of, an uncontrolled fall. they controlled it with a hydraulic arm and got that precipice, that rim only held up by the scaffolding to come down in a controlled way so nobody would get hurt. obviously, the big here is to keep it from hitting any of the buildings and there's not much room on these streets. the operator of that hydraulic arm is a fairly skilled person and was able to bring down that one section. there's still another section that could come down at any time. this was supposed to house 180 new condominiums but now crews are starting to tear down what they have spent months building up. the worry is that it could collapse at any moment. as we just showed you.
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that's what they're working tonight to try to prevent. many of the walls have already fallen inward. tonight as we say this heavy equipment continues to try to control the collapse. they are going to go back up again here. we probably should stay for just a moment with this shot. liz, you can see how this arm is just articulated off of a tractorred vehicle. he is going to back up now. i think they are going to take a deep breath and assess the situation. in the meantime, we want to start our team coverage tonight with phil matier and a fire that's struck at the absolute worst possible moment. phil. >> reporter: all right. it's interesting as we are seeing now how dangerous this building is. and fighting this blaze was equally dangerous. the san francisco firefighters had one thing in their favor. they got lucky. here's the story. >> luck was on our side yesterday. >> that's the fastest i have seen a fire spread in my career. >> reporter: firefighter steve mcgwire was one of the first to arrive at the blaze that experts say hit at the worst
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possible time during the building's construction. >> it's all exposed wood construction. there was no sheetrock or no sprinkler system. >> it's basically a tinderbox. it went up really quickly. >> reporter: so quickly, in fact that maguire's crew had to abandon their rig in the middle of the street. >> the windows pops and the sprinkler heads in that building started to activate so water and glass were coming down on us, too. our tiller operator actually tommy the turkey murphy, he -- his face actually started to blister. >> reporter: and heat was just part of the problem. >> the building leaned and collapsed in certain areas. >> we have a collapse in the rear of the building. copy? >> reporter: the one big break that fire crews got was that the wind, which had been blowing strongly all day, died down for a few crucial hours as they battled the blaze. otherwise, the blaze could have spread to neighboring buildings that are under construction, as
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well. >> a lot of things could have happened. this building right behind us under construction, it did start to catch. we caught that very quickly. our crews. >> if the wind had been coming this way, this building could have gone up as well? >> absolutely. >> then it just keeps spreading from site to site. >> absolutely. >> reporter: figure it's going to take about 2 to 2.5 days to take the building down to the fourth floor where the concrete starts. they want to try to preserve that. as for the cause, the preliminary information appears to be that they were welding on the site and something went wrong. crews were there -- construction crews were still there. they phoned it in. that's where it stands right now. it appears that welds were the start. as for what we're going to see in the next couple of days, well, there's going to be a lot more of this. the building developer isn't saying anything except for they are looking into what happened. and they are going to proceed as quickly and as safely as they can. ken, back to you.
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>> all right, phil. thank you for that. a short time ago, the crews started their demolition, they are continuing to work on this corner that forces northwest. and this is 4th and china basin where that articulating arm -- it's a big hydraulic arm -- is going up and grabbing chunks of that building and pull it away. we had a very large piece and a second piece now beginning to fall inward, which is exactly what they want. we saw the fire isn't completely out. we caught a glimpse of some flames feral deep within the twisted metal and rubble left from the main conflagration last night. another reason crews have been continually hitting this thing with water, since yesterday, in fact, the water has never been turned off, truck 12 moved in to relieve truck 2 and they will be taking over some of the aerial activities, just amazing to watch this building come apart because it's all being controlled right now by the demolition experts. they are exceedingly careful not to let this thing tip back into the street and hit some of
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the adjacent buildings. it's just very delicate, very precise work. and it's amazing to just sit here and kind of watch the situation unfold. firefighters had a number of critical elements on their side yesterday. they had light winds and just one fire. but as brian hackney explains, this is also a great example of how things could very easily have spun out of control. brian. >> reporter: well, ken, let me ask you this. if instead of one fire, what if there were two fires or five or 60? sound crazy? not in a place where this city has gone up in flames before and it's just waiting to go up in flames again. this time last night, people around the bay watched a dramatic example of just how hot one inferno can burn and how much it takes to bring it under control. >> we were really lucky. but the crews were also very
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aggressive. >> reporter: it took half the city's active duty force to keep the fire from spreading. and in san francisco, fire should grab everybody's attention. how big a conflagration hazard is san francisco? >> it's the greatest in north america and it's probably the second or third largest in the world. after tokyo and a couple of other japanese cities. >> why. >> because of the density of fuel. >> reporter: in 2006 we spoke with an urban fire expert. that year, the centennial anniversary of the 1906 earthquake and fire, he released a report warning about the dangers of san francisco's very dense and combustible housing stock. >> 90% of the buildings in san francisco are wood framed. and the inner parts of the city, russian hill, nob hill, south of market, mission, noe valley and so on. it's exactly what it was in 1905. >> reporter: it's incredible but in 1906, the city had 585 on duty personnel. today, far less.
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the number stand at about 330. and while modern firefighting equipment provides advantages, all it would take is a second major fire to stretch the force thin. that was the scenario firefighters feared back in '89 when the loma prieta earthquake sparked that massive fire at beach and divisadero. a fire so big, they almost decided to write off the entire neighborhood. >> there was no wind. very, very lucky that night. it should have all gone up. >> reporter: even the city's own emergency plans spells out the grim reality of a major disaster. as one of the planning assumptions receipts, quote, equipment, personnel and supplies in the immediate vicinity of a major event will likely be quickly expended. so imagine that mission bay fire which required half the city force burning in 60 different city neighborhoods at the same time. if it happens, pray for rain. >> it all depends on wind speed
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and humidity. and depending on those factors, those fires will probably grow so fast that the entire fire department would not be able to control one of those fires. >> reporter: why do we mention 60 fires? that's a low estimate of the number of ignitions expected after a 1906 sized quake. as we saw yesterday, the city can fight one big fire. there is no way it can fight the number of fires that will happen after a major quake. ken? >> yeah, such a scary scenario, brian. you're right. the city was and has been destroyed by fire several times in the past. and it's a scenario that absolutely shakes the fire department to the core. they know what the potential is here. this is one example of what can happen in just a few minutes. thanks for that report. i want to show you just how much water has been poured into the building. this continues -- the bottom two floors are concrete.
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as we zoom in, have robert go in there, you can see waterfalls coming off this building. this is that's right built up in the interior as they try to douse the rest of the heat and flames we saw visibly inside not too long ago. across the street from the fire, residents were forced to evacuate. you can see why. a lot of this building is very unstable. they didn't want people here while the fire was trying to be fought. many of these folks are not allowed to stay overnight at the strata apartments once again. and kpix 5 reporter ryan takeo talked to one woman who saw the project go up in flames and now she worries she may be out of a job. ryan. >> reporter: yeah. there are dozens of these workers who started work on this project months ago, ken. it was supposed to start and open later this year. well, we know that's not going to happen. and now those who helped build this building up and watched it burn now worry about what's next. >> it was really -- i knew it
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was my building right away. >> reporter: pam was an electrician. she left work like normal yesterday afternoon. now she wonders how much longer she will officially work here. she expects she will have to file for unemployment. [ sigh ] >> i liked that job. >> reporter: pierre leduc works here too. he owns the furniture store across the street. he watched helplessly as the inturn no raged burning feet away from his store. today the store is still standing. he credits the firefighting strategy called a water curtain. >> they shoot the water up and it creates a water curtain right in fronted of my store to protect it from the -- right in front of my store to protect it. that saved my store. >> reporter: the car out front didn't fare, as well. the whole driver's side melted and part of it was destroyed. the heat cracked and broke dozens of windows in the area. we were there after he checked out his 7th floor unit.
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>> that's crazy looking. >> yeah. this is pretty intense this window here. the whole thing could have blown out. >> reporter: considering what these two saw right across the street yesterday, it's no wonder they're feeling so grateful today. >> means a lot to you? >> yeah, it does mean a lot to me. i don't know what to say. thank you so much. i mean, they saved my life. >> reporter: those store owners and the residents can go in and get their things. they have a couple of minutes to do that but they can't stay here tonight. >> i don't blame them because of what we just saw a few minutes ago. we want to replay that ryan. take a look at this video we shot about 15 minutes ago. actually live on the air when a big portion of this building what was left of the perimeter came down and it came down in a controlled way. you can imagine if this thing teetered across the road. it could potentially have damaged or even injured people in the adjacent buildings here. that was exactly what they were trying to avoid.
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so they have come out here with a huge articulating arm. it's a hydraulic arm on tractored vehicle. they try to shove it back inside at the same time trying to gingerly try to pull some of the entangled scaffolding out of the way and prevent it from falling into the roadway uncontrolled. liz will have more on the fire out here at mission bay including some really frantic 911 calls. when you hear that's, it will make the hair stand up on the back of your neck. also, how this fire could almost cripple this up and coming mission bay neighborhood. this is a central piece of housing for san francisco, 360 units in total, about 180 in this structure right now lost because of the fire. and, of course, more of your viewer photos. we appreciate it every time you sent us photos of breaking news. we cherish those and have those on our website. those can be seen and you can
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also upload there on liz, back to you for now. we'll have more coming up. >> all right, great work out there. thank you, ken. we'll see you then. is the city cracking down on air b and b? why hundreds of bay area homeowners renting out their places may be breaking the law. why a city that got rid of red light cameras is being ordered not to pay the provider. ,,
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vacation rentals. julie watts explains why if you're your house on sites a warning sent to a san francisco homeowner may put a damper on the cottage industry of vacation rent it's. julie watts explains why if you're renting your house on sites like air b and b you may be breaking the law. >> reporter: san francisco the see by the bay and one of the most popular with tens of thousands of hopes for rent.
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>> this is our primary residence. we're retired so we thought it would be a creative way to help with fixed income. >> reporter: she said she and her husband occasionally rent out their san francisco home while they are away on vacation providing a much-needed supplemental income. >> it helps us keep up. >> reporter: until they got this notice of violation from the planning department. turns out what they are doing is illegal. >> i was in shock! just shocked! >> reporter: their neighborhood along with most of san francisco isn't zoned for short term rentals. so the san francisco planning department is threatening a penalty of up to $250 each day they continue to list their homes. >> the vacation market is super lucrative in san francisco. landlords recognize it. >> reporter: a tenants right attorney is among many who believe short term rentals are responsible for a shortage of long-term rentals and ultimately higher rents. >> they can get $200 in rent on
6:17 pm
air bnb why rent to a long-term tenant under rent control when you can make a better return in a few days? >> reporter: they are living in their house and the not otherwise renting it and even paying the city a 14% hotel tax and income tax. >> it's revenue for us and revenue for the city and state and so on. >> reporter: but tenants rights groups call on the city to sue those violating zoning laws which applies to nearly every short-term rental in the city. the planning commission insists it isn't cracking down and is only singling out deborah and her husband because it received a complaint. >> we are more than happy to follow a process. >> reporter: but deborah points out there is no process that legally allows anyone in san francisco to rent out nearly any house on any of the sites. and apparently, all it takes is a single complaint to put any short-term rental out of business. now, the planning department has issued nearly 100 similar violations in the past two years for short-term rentals
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which is anything under a month. oddly, this contradicts a resolution signed by the mayor's office agreeing to tax and regulate short-term rentals instead of pushing the industry underground which, unfortunately, is likely what's going to happen if it's illegal to rent your house short term >> thank you. brian, back to the fire in mission bay. we keep talking about how lucky we were that it didn't break out. three hours later. >> if we had had -- you know it got windy last night. if we had those winds that we had at 10:00 at night at 5:00 in the afternoon it would have been a totally different story. we lucked out there. on the morning of the 1906 quake, they also had light winds and look what happened there. i mean, it was the fire that destroyed the city. even with light winds. as we look now toward the golden gate bridge, winds are still a factor tonight. but they are edging out from northeast to northerlies and by tomorrow they will be northwesterly. that's a more moist direction. so these dry winds we have had the past 24 hours will begin to ease up even as they remain
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gusty for the next few hours. boy, it's warm. 77 degrees at this hour in san jose. and we're looking at wind out of the north down in san jose and northeasterlies right around oakland and out in san ramon and in the east bay but you can see the shift is beginning to trend toward the north. and that signals a change out in the pacific. overnight lows we are going to be looking at mid-40s for the most part. sunrise tomorrow morning at 7:24 a.m. and here's what's happening. high pressure that's been out there, coupled with low pressure heading into southern california, provides this perfect corridor for these offshore winds, a dry direction, and with a fairly sizable pressure difference it's just like a topographic map. you get tightly spaced contours on a map you know it's going to be steep and you get tightly spaced contours on an atmospheric map same thing high gets close to a low the wind blow but this low is going to fill in. high pressure will build and we'll get offshore winds for the next 12 hours off and on. that will be it. by tomorrow they will be gone. tomorrow we'll be looking for readings mostly in the mid-70s in the bay area.
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73 degrees at livermore. 74 at concord. 65 over at pacifica. in the extended forecast, we are warming slowly between now and the weekend. if we had those offshore winds all week it would be hotter than this. it's hot enough. low 80s by saturday and sunday. next chance of rain is coming in on tuesday. so we'll cool things off. it's not going to be a big rainmaker but it will be enough to get the ground wet. >> it's great. beautiful weekend and we need more rain. >> you're not complaining? >> no. >> good. [ laughter ] >> thank you. they cost drivers millions of dollars. tonight why one bay area city is slamming the brakes on red light cameras. >> and how the construction fire exposes how a neighborhood has been booming in the shadows. ,, ,,,,,,
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that's more mattresses than you can shake a bone at. ♪ mattress discounters save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.ould yep, everybody knows that. well, did you know the ancient pyramids were actually a mistake? uh-oh. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. car ran the not paying works proper wages. and now ing several citi it's a black eye for a red light camera company. it's accused of not paying workers proper wages. and now the state is ordering several cities not to pay the company. but kpix 5 reporter don knapp says that's not why a north bay city just put the brakes on their program. >> reporter: after five years
6:23 pm
and nearly three-quarters of a million dollars, san rafael is ending its experiment with red light cameras. >> that's great news. >> reporter: chris is obviously delighted. >> i don't think they are really impacting how people are behaving anyway. >> reporter: that's pretty much what san rafael city leaders are saying. >> we didn't find that over a period of time that in fact they effectively reduced the violations. >> reporter: the idea says the san rafael mayor was to reduce accidents but after an initial reduction they leveled off. and those fighting traffic tickets were costing the city money. >> and then if someone challenged the red light ticket, that officer then does have to go to traffic court and in some cases that might be overtime. >> reporter: the cost-benefit ratio was not working to the city's advantage. >> there are attorneys that are making a living out of defending the violators. >> reporter: san rafael is only the latest city across the nation to dump its red light cameras. los angeles quit its program in 2011. 7 states ban the cameras altogether. san francisco has cameras in 25 intersections and no plans to
6:24 pm
turn them off. the city claims cameras help reduce accidents 40 to 50%. and in 2012 brought in $300,000 more than they cost to operate. but whatever the pluses or minuses, some drivers aren't sorry to see them go. >> that's all we need, people texting and running red lights. >> reporter: don knapp, kpix 5. >> several bay area communities are ending their red light camera programs including belmont and hayward. i'm ken bastida live at mission bay. coming up, we'll play back for you the frantic 911 calls as fire crews race to put out this fire and how this big fire will affect this mission bay neighborhood for months to come. >> what could be the first trace of the missing malaysia airlines jet. >> the years of roadblocks leading up to the transformation. how this aging bay area waterfront is in for a billion- dollar face-lift. ,,,,,,,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. here it goes. as we're live now, you can see this -- beginning to fall. [ yelling ] >> that's exactly what they were afraid of.
6:28 pm
>> that's what happened at the top of the hour here at 4th and china basin as they were taking down a section of the building. we are live on the air when that happened. and you saw what we saw. this came down and it came down in a controlled way which is exactly what the construction engineers and fire departments wanted to have happen here to take the perimeter of this which is actually being supported by very flimsy and now scaffolding and not much else behind it because the interior of the building has been completely gutted. you can see other sections beginning to come off tonight, as well. the fire department has never left. they are still here. and they are continuing to pump water on this and they have told us within the last few minutes that they will stay here for the next several days to make sure that these hot spots which could be smoldering and going off inside that building for quite a number of days, may be a week or more before anybody can go safely inside what's left of this
6:29 pm
building to begin to take a look at what may have caused this fire. at one point, we are told that fully half of the city's on- duty firefighters were actually battling this fire. tonight, the dispatch recordings are giving us a better idea of what it was like on the front lines. take a listen. >> four stories fully engulfed. >> starting to move farther down the block. >> moving units off 4th street. >> driver 28 engine, i need more water volume! >> we're abandoning this street here. get all the rigs you can off the street now. you're not going to stop it with what we got here. >> get out! move! >> this is command, we have units reporting in from the fifth alarm. >> please be advised from a visual over here, the highest point fourth and mission is heavily involved and going to collapse into itself. >> driver engine 7, if you can give us more pressure, we'll take it. >> we have a collapse in the
6:30 pm
rear side of the building. copy? >> reporter: yeah. pretty amazing when you listen to those. you really get a sense of the severity of this fire and how fire was getting every available engine and truck on this thing to try to put it down and their response really is what saved this neighborhood. as we look at another piece of equipment that is coming in, this is a little bit different than the articulating arm that was basically banging up against the perimeter. this has a jaw on the end of it so it's probably going to go in and start grabbing chunks and pulling those back so they don't fall into the street willy-nilly. unless you actually work down and, and a lot of people do at the ucsf complex or work in the area, mission bay is not an area you're familiar with. it's certainly not a tourist destination in san francisco and it's not accurate to call it a new neighborhood. it's more like a brand-new city. >> right now it isn't much to
6:31 pm
look at just 300 acres of old warehouses and vacant lots much of it an eyesore. but if a $4 billion development deal gets the green light planners say the mission bay project could be key to san francisco's economic future. >> reporter: that was 1998. this is now. >> it's a hollywood movie set. it's totally changed. it's not like the old san francisco. >> reporter: it all happened just like that. >> overnight. overnight. >> reporter: in a city determined to boost its housing stock and expand its population, mission bay is a mind bending example of the results. an almost science fiction landscape of modern architecture from glass towers to parking lots. everything is at some phase of the construction process and what's finished looks and even smells brand-new. >> it does look like it was built like yesterday. >> reporter: the other thing
6:32 pm
you can't help but notice is what isn't here. >> it's a ghost town right now because no one's in it. >> reporter: while there is some life around the ucsf campus, mission bay feels a lot like a brand-new city that's already been deserted. gaze down the long blocks of 3rd street and chances are you'll see -- >> nobody. >> reporter: the solution to that problem is exactly what burned last night. more than 1,000 units of housing are supposed to be the enzyme that activates this area and a chunk of that was just incinerated. >> seems a little quiet down here like a ghost town today. >> reporter: you know, liz, we talked about the importance of new housing in san francisco. a lot of the housing that was supposed to go up here in this particular structure was going to be affordable housing. about 30% of it was going for market rate for sure but a lower and more affordable rate for people just starting out. a lot of young people moving
6:33 pm
into san francisco right now. some of them have the means, some don't. but housing as we you will know, we have done this story time and time again, is critical in the city not just in this neighborhood. this is a beautiful place. it really is. it truly is as you walk along and see some of these buildings. there is, you know, going to be another structure built here and it's going to be incredible when it's done. it's just going to take a few months. we'll be back with more updates before the end of the newscast and show you how the deconstruction of what's left of this building continues. >> it's amazing the work they are doing right now. all right. thank you. as the fire quickly spread so did images of the inferno on social media. former kpix 5 staffer shows us how far the fire could be seen around the bay and here's a photo from one of our viewers who posted it on our facebook page. may have caught of the fire. upload them to our facebookr twitter pages. a chinese satellite might we would like to see any images
6:34 pm
you have the fire. upload them to facebook or twitter. a chinese satellite might have spotted the wreckage of a missing malaysia airlines plane. these pictures were taken one day after the airplane vanish on its way to beijing. the red arrow points to three objects floating in the water south of vietnam. the pieces are said to be quite large and would be in the area where the plane might have gone down. so far the five-day search has turned up nothing. the vision for this face is a vibrant waterfront neighborhood. how the makeover is modeled after another successful bay area transformation. >> and it was a field of teams in one east bay city. how one man is keeping a thriving kids program in full swing. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:35 pm
6:36 pm
starting tomorrow on a branw neighborhood. kpix reportern takeo on how the city is heg developers hit the ground running. the oakland waterfront is getting a huge makeover starting tomorrow on a brand- new neighborhood.
6:37 pm
kpix 5 reporter ryan takeo on how the city is helping developers hit the ground running. >> reporter: these 1994 views show what the brooklyn basin used to be. a bustling industrial strip along the oakland he isture wayry. >> this has been in industrial use over 100 years. >> reporter: now the wear and tear is evident but this stretch is about to get a billion-dollar face-lift. a development group will break ground this week. >> the unique thing about brooklyn basin is the park, water views, proximity of downtown. >> reporter: the area will have 5 high-rises with 3100 housing units a shopping center and parks. the problem is, this process takes a lot of time. the brooklyn basin developers started this process 13 years ago. ever since, it's been years of time-consuming studies in meetings. >> but it's been a long time coming since 2001 is when we started planning this. >> what does the public sector do to help the private sector.
6:38 pm
>> reporter: the city is putting together neighborhood meetings for the developers. and filing paperwork for permits. >> he so they don't have to spend 12, 18, 24 months developing an end entitlement when the market's ready. we want to be ready. >> reporter: city leaders believe oakland is poised for 7500 housing units in the next decade. this map shows 15 projects already on the drawing board. the brooklyn basin's 3100 units is a good start even if developers are breaking ground a decade later than they would have liked. in oakland, ryan takeo, kpix 5. it's my top favorite. >> making it possible for kids to step up to the plate. >> i want them to be able to say that this was one their most rewarding experiences in the foundation of their future. >> why this little league president is in a league of his own. >> he is what baseball is all about. >> coming up next. >> let's hear it for the rangers. >> talking about baseball weather, as we go out and look
6:39 pm
at mount diablo live, we have mostly clear skies. and temperatures still in the 70s. it will get warmer than that by the weekend. stay tuned for the forecast. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, so far the denver broncos are the big winners in nfl free agency but what about your raiders? >> you don't need old tired guys. >> just how good are the golden state warriors? >> i think they're much more focused on this task at hand. >> one on one with the logo coming up. ,,,,,,,, [dad] [laughs]
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and one man stood out as the m-v-p. that's most valuable president. it was a celebration for a little league opening day in alameda and one man stood out as the mvp. that's most valuable president. sharon chin has this week's jefferson award winner. >> reporter: that mvp is ron matthews. his tireless work allows 1,000 kids to play ball. >> let's hear it for the alameda little league! >> reporter: whether he is rallying a crowd -- >> and he wants everybody to know that he is back! [ applause and cheers ]
6:43 pm
>> michael! [ applause ] ! >> reporter: or cheering on a leukemia survivor, ron matthews is a giant in alameda little league according to parents like summer marin. >> he is always here. >> wow. let's hear it for the rangers on the every. >> reporter: and league president for 14 years he is creating unforgettable opportunities for 4 to 12-year- olds like anthony. >> hitting is my top favorite. >> reporter: and sage marin. >> i get all the [ indiscernible ] catches, pop flies. >> reporter: ron's first joined the board 20 years ago when his son played ball. his goal? >> winning should be secondary to good sportsmanship and teaching things like respect for others. >> reporter: sheila edwards' sons learned team work. >> big thing is they learn not to put other people down. >> reporter: parents and volunteers know he demands their respect too. >> if you are not in little league for the benefit of the
6:44 pm
kids, then he will let you know that, you know, you don't need to come back. >> reporter: he is involved in just about every detail of little league including cleaning the field. >> he umpires, mentors. >> he is what alameda baseball is all about. >> reporter: under ron's leadership board members say participation has tripled to 1,000 kids. >> go, go! >> reporter: and revenue has grown from sponsorships of all 68 teams, ad banners and snack sales. 400 players have received scholarships so no one get turned away because they can't pay the $125 registration fee. >> i want them to be able to say that this was one of their most rewarding experiences in the foundation of their futures. >> reporter: so for 20 years of leadership in alameda's little league, this week's jefferson award winner goes to ron matthews. >> he is working to bring the
6:45 pm
little legal challenger division so challenged kids can play. they building a field for special needs kids at the park and registration could begin this year. >> he is involved in a number of other community programs, rights. >> reporter: that's right. he is known all over alameda. pop warner football, world tournament baseball and the boys & girls club and i have to ask him, when does he sleep? >> never. >> reporter: he didn't answer. >> that's not his priority. >> reporter: good guy. >> absolutely. thank you. you can nominate your local hero for a jefferson award online at all right. so as we have been telling you, kpix 5 is proud to sponsor the cbs bay area local spelling bee so it's time for our word. day. frank and michelle have been doing this in the morning. >> yes. >> and they are trying to beat us so they specifically asked that i give ken this next spelling word but he is out at the fire site. >> ken would be out in the
6:46 pm
field. >> so right. you're filling in. i have to warn you. it is one of those words that when you talk about spelling bee and trying to test somebody, you pick a challenging word and this is one of those words. [ laughter ] >> can't wait. >> this is tough because it's not something you would spell every day. all right. so your word is -- [ indiscernible ] [ laughter ] >> the naming of the thing by a vocal sound of it like buzz. >> like cat and porcupine?
6:47 pm
onomatopaoeia. >> onomatopaoeia. okay. >> this is a really tough one. >> can you pronounce it carefully? >> onomatopaoeia. >> okay. o-n-o-m-a-t-o-p-there's something weird that happens at the end of it. >> on-n-m-a-t-o-p-o-e-i-a? >> that looks right. >> awesome! >> got it it! awesome, well done. > take that, michelle griego! >> onomatopaoeia! >> that's impressive. it sounds weird. you did great. well done, sir. >> well, considering that frank screwed up stucco. [ laughter ] >> hard words. it's hard we don't spell every day. we have the benefit of spell
6:48 pm
check. it's not easy. you did great. >> it streams live on our website, the spelling bee, this saturday this saturday at 10 a.m. our master speller brian hackney also a master meteorologist! with more on the weather, here he is. well done! >> the last time i'm sitting in here during the week! [ laughter ] >> we should have warned you. clear skies right now. those winds that were such a factor yesterday and it eased up a little bit and they are going to ease in the dry direction from easterly to northwest more typical. over to sutro, the best looking picture you can get on television is an uncompressed signal from that antenna into your antenna in a hi-def set. you will never see a better picture and it's free! oakland 75. livermore 73. san francisco 73 right now. san jose 74. and as we look at the goes west satellite, high pressure is still offshore. with that big pressure
6:49 pm
difference between the high and the low, the low in southern california, we're still seeing those winds kicking up. offshore winds for the next eight hours or so, they will ease up overnight. and you can see on the futurecast for the winds that in general these go from being around the 10- to 15-mile-an- hour range down to not much by sunrise tomorrow and then this is tomorrow afternoon it looks like they will kick up a little bit. they will be from the sea breeze direction and they are more moiso we'll expect clear skies tonight a breezy evening tonight. tomorrow nice less wind on thursday good beach day too and highs near 80 degrees this weekend. here's how it looks for tomorrow. we are about 10 degrees above average in parts of the bay area. that will continue with union city at 72. 75 at morgan hill. 75 for morgan hill. i thought this was easy. [ laughter ] >> out in the east bay the numbers in the mid-70s. 73 pittsburg. 73 brentwood and pleasanton. 73 for livermore. up in the north bay we are going to be looking for numbers
6:50 pm
to mostly be in the low 70s.70 mill valley and san rafael. cooler at bodega bay 65. ukiah still mid-70s. as we look ahead, we'll be seeing numbers begin to creep up toward 80. record territory at least. and the numbers will be then easing off next week. on monday we'll begin to increase clouds late leading to a chance of a few sprinkles on tuesday. and then wednesday partly cloudy skies. weekend looks great. enjoy it. that's weather. sports is coming up. ,,
6:51 pm
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million dollars to sign two offensive lineman on the fit day of free agency...not exy the move that are gonna sell season tickets .. the raiders spent over $70 million to sign two offensive linemen in the first day of free agency. not exactly the move that's going to sell a lot of season tickets. but it's the right direction according to former head coach john madden. >> they have to build a team of. and to build a team you need younger guys, building blocks. you don't need old tired guys that are trying to steal a year or two. >> the 49ers have re-signed eric wright to a one-year deal. the former archbishop reardon star appeared in 7 games last
6:54 pm
season one interception but should take on a bigger role with the release of cornerback carlos rogers. ♪[ music ] money money money ♪ >> marcus weir wasn't out of work very long. he signed a three-year $33 million deal one day after being released by the cowboys, with the broncos. in total denver spent over $100 million to try to improve their defense. what does it mean? with those moves, denver's odds to win the super bowl dropped from 9:1 to 6:1. the 49ers and seahawks are at 9:2 to win super bowl 49 and if you want to make money there are your raiders at 75:1. wow. the warriors will take the five-game winning strike to los angeles tonight to face a hotter team. the clippers have won eight street. jordan crawford led golden state last night with 19 points. and they blew out the mavericks. the latest is a huge turnaround
6:55 pm
for a bench that was 29th in scoring for the first half of the season but since the all- star break the second unit is averaging 39 points a game. who better to ask how far this team can go than the logo himself, jerry west. jerry, you've done it all as a player, coach, architect, gm. you know what a championship contender looks like. have the warriors reached that possibility? >> first of all, i think we better worry about the season. we have a difficult schedule. we have a lot of teams vying to get into the play-offs. we have a capable team. the one thing i have seen in improvement is the fact we are not turning the ball over, which really hurts our team. everybody looks at miami as the team to beat. the competition in the west is ridiculous. so we are hopeful we can get into a position where we can play really well and more importantly make a statement in the play-offs. >> reporter: you mentioned the
6:56 pm
turnover issue that was one steph curry averaging 4 a game the most in the nba but he looked again turning it over once in phoenix the other night. has that part of his game improved? >> i think it has but also i think the addition of steve blake really helped him, takes him off the ball some. steve does not turn the ball over and it's kind of solidified our second unit so we take the pressure off some people that maybe are not quite capable of doing those things yet at this point in their career. >> one thing golden state has been able to do is they win close games especially on the road in indiana, miami. they figure out how to close out those, you know, close games. how significant is that and have you noticed that? >> well, as i say, we were losing them all earlier in the year. i think that's been a big improvement for us here of late. i do think at this time of the year, teams who are trying to make a statement going forward, i think they are much more focused on the task in hand.
6:57 pm
you don't need a walnut cracker if you know mohammed rashid. he set a new world record by smashing 155 walnuts at a festival in pakistan. as you might expect, this is not exactly a sought-after world record. the previous held by an american was just 44 walnuts. that's obviously using your head. [ laughter ] >> all of you in walnut creek don't get any ideas. [ laughter ] >> thank you, i'll be here all week. >> thanks for laughing at that joke, elizabeth. >> it was pretty good. jerry west a total class act. >> absolutely. >> thank you. let's check in one last time with ken bastida. he is live in mission bay. ken. >> reporter: yeah. liz, i want to show you what's going on here. there's a lot less of this building than there was fire on top. we'll have more coming up at 11. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: you did it. you finally did it, man. 20,000. how are you folks? thank y'all for coming. thank you very much. hey, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey, and you know what? we got a good one for you today. i love this. they're returning for the third day. what a great family. with a total $20,795, from fort lauderdale, florida, it's the hatcher family, and from, uh-oh, right here, atlanta, georgia, it's the scott family. >> yeah! hey! hey, hey! >> ow ow ow ow ow ow ow! steve: well, hey, everybody is here trying to win theirself a lot of cash and possibly a shot at driving out of here in a fuel-efficient ford fusion right


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