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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  March 13, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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happy friday eve! >> we have some great weather coming our way. minor changes in the forecast. we have seen a little bit of i patchy fog moving in along the coastline. we'll talk about that and the rest of the forecast coming up. >> and pretty much just overnight roadwork right now, south bay. northbound 280 the northbound highway 17 connector ramp remains shut down until about 6:00. so we'll talk all about your overnight roadwork still in labors coming up. >> thank you. this morning, firefighters making sure the monster fire in san francisco's mission bay doesn't do any more damage. the way to do that is tear it down. joe vazquez reports, heavy equipment is doing just that. reporter: demolition crews were hard at work knocking down the burned building so it doesn't fall on its own and hurt somebody. >> we are still worried about structural collapse. so the demolition company was able to come in and take a lot of that material and most all
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the hazard area and push it back into the building. on the closest corner here, you see some fell out into the street. so what that basically does is remove the hazard of a collapse. >> reporter: as you can see, the fire is still alive inside the property. it will be a while before the smoldering finally goes out. but it's a much different scene was when this apartment complex under construction was burning high into the sky. two firefighters had minor injuries, it turns out. one of them, we learned, was at the top of one of the these ladders face to face with the flames. he didn't report his injuries until hours later. as for the cause of the fire, it's too early but construction contractors have told investigators they were working until about 3:30 in the afternoon. >> we have preliminary reports going on that there was some welding going on at the end of the day yesterday in the area of where this fire might have started. but at this point, it's still
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inconclusive. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix 5. well, that fire burned so hot it melted a car and blew out windows in apartment buildings across the street. kpix 5's christin ayers got a close-up look at what else that heat did. reporter: on the fifth floor of the strata apartment complex, damage from the fire is everywhere. these units got the worst of it. doors crumpled after firefighters kicked them in. windows fragmented by intense heat. workers gave us exclusive roof access to the building across the street from where this fire started and from here, you can get a glimpse of the size and scope of this fire. just look at all of that twisted metal and collapsed wood smoldering in the sun. this is what firefighters have been contending with for hours today. if we take a short walk over here you can see what workers are here working on. there's broken glass on the ground and you can see one of the windows that shattered. in the halls maintenance crews moved from unit to unit boarding up windows. >> it's going to be hard to fix
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some of these doors. >> reporter: and patching up broken locks. tenants who live further from the rubble saw their apartments for the first time since the fire broke out. >> i'm touched. there's no damage. no water damage or smoke damage in my apartment. so i was really lucky. >> reporter: colleen wilson came home just to pack up her belongings. her employer was housing her here temporarily and now she may stay in a hotel. other tenants like seth came home for good. >> talking to residents and talk to people that work here, it seems like we can stay. >> reporter: firefighters confirmed that most people in both the strata and venue complexes can return home. but there are still many who cannot. christin ayers, kpix 5. >> you can find more video and viewer photos online at 7 people have now died from a gas explosion in new york. a gas leak triggered the blast which leveled two five-story buildings. this is in harlem. nothing left but a big pile of rubble there. someone reported smelling gas about 15 minutes prior, but it
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was just too late. amateur video showing the intense flames of the explosion. the explosion trapped some neighbors inside their homes. >> had to take him out and jam the locks open until my neighbor came. after we got out everybody started evacuating saying evacuate, evacuate, the building is coming down next door! >> officials say some part of the debris piles are inaccessible because of a sinkhole caused by an underground water main break below. tenants said they complained to the landlord about strong gas smells in the last few weeks. the gas department has no record of reports of gas odors or leaks at that site. winds have calmed down. >> good. >> quite a bit. >> yeah, we had that strong offshore wind the last couple of days. doesn't look like we'll see that today. in any event, we're seeing a little bit of a sea breeze along the coastline just enough to have patchy fog there. changes in the works, slightly cooler at the coastline but still a very nice day outside.
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still 60s toward the coastline. mostly sunny skies. inside the bay sunshine and temperatures in the 70s and mid- 70s in the valleys. so some beautiful weather ahead here as we start out on what looks like not as blustery day as we have had over the past couple of days. temperatures are in the 40s and the 50s. as we look toward the afternoon, still some very, very nice temperatures. 75 degrees in san jose. 72 in oakland. and about 68 in san francisco. let's check the roads with elizabeth. a lot of me may be heading to the bay bridge toll plaza and like usual, for this time of the morning they still have the left lanes blocked approaching the incline. no delays between oakland and san francisco. on the bridge, the left lane is closed until 5:00 incline to treasure island. same thing in the south bay where we are just seeing overnight roadwork northbound 280 to northbound 880 actually. there's that connector ramp closed until 6:00. the drive through livermore looks pleasant as you can see from that drive time. they picked up the overnight
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roadwork. for a while the westbound 580 to new york northbound 680 connector were closed that's closed. checking bart, so far all trains with more than 20 right now on time. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." a u.s. supreme court justice has refused to block enforcement of a sunnyvale law on high capacity gun magazines. measure c bans possession of magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds. it passed with 67% of the vote last november. and finally it took effect last week. yesterday, justice anthony kennedy rejected a request from the nra for an emergency stay. nra says it will press forward with a challenge in the ninth circuit court of appeals. police have a warning for parents. don't let what happened to one kid happen to yours. a 16-year-old mountain view boy was found unconscious on the stevens creek trail. it looks like he took a synthetic drug called "doc."
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it's a hallucinogen similar to lsd and he was taken to the hospital and is expected to recover. >> we think our kids are safe in the school. but we don't know how big this situation is. it's very dangerous with these drug dealers everywhere. >> police are working with the school to get the word out about the dangers of "doc." today ukraine's new prime minister speaks to the united nations security council. the prime minister meeting with the president at the white house yesterday. mr. obama blasted sunday's scheduled referendum on whether crimea will join russia which has taken control of the region. prime minister is expected to tell the security council the referendum is illegal. secretary of state john kerry meanwhile also met with the prime minister. tomorrow he will meet with russia's prime minister in an effort to stop sunday's referendum. searchers have come up empty in the hunt for that missing plane and it may have flown hours off course without a working transponder. malaysia's aviation chief says
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no debris was found at a spot seen on chinese satellite images. u.s. investigators now believe the plane continued flying for 4 hours after losing contact with air traffic controllers. but malaysia's acting defense minister says this is incorrect. search crews are chasing down every possible clue. cbs reporter clarissa ward with the latest developments on where the search may move. reporter: it is still unclear which way the aircraft was heading when it vanished. malaysia's air force chief says a radar signal was picked up over the malacca strait hundreds of miles from last contact with the missing jetliner. but it has not been confirmed that this was flight 370. >> there is the possibility that [ indiscernible ] but we are not sure whether it is the same aircraft. >> reporter: one of the focal points of the search is the straits of malacca, one of the busiest shipping chances in the
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world. this strait runs the whole way down the west coast of malaysia which is the opposite side of the country from where the search first started and some 350 miles from where the plane lost contact which gives you a sense of just how vast this search area has become. but there was another development today that could lead investigators in a different direction. a new zealand oil rig worker sent an email sailing he had seen a plane breaking up off the southeastern coast of vietnam. the vietnamese navy is now searching that area. in beijing today, malaysian government officials told relatives that the last words of the captain to air traffic control indicated nothing was wrong. but with no trace of the jet, the words did nothing to calm waiting friends and families. >> that was clarissa ward reporting. we now know the pilot's last words to air traffic control were, all right, good night. time now is 4:39.
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mother nature wreaks havoc on commuters in the midwest. the tragic aftermath when these big rigs tried to weather the storm on a busy turnpike. >> and one bay area neighborhood fed up with crime is not mincing their words. their message to people who are up to no good, when we come back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,, [phones rings]
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with citi popmoney it's easy to send money to just about anyone, anytime. visit your local branch or to learn more. at least a half dozen big rs crashed into each other... s lay well, another winter storm caused a massive deadly pile-up on the ohio turnpike. half dozen big rigs crashed into each other here. 18-wheelers lay mangled on the turnpike there. one after the other. the pile-up involved 50 vehicles in all. three people were killed and a state trooper was seriously injured. between six to eight inches of snow fell in cleveland and the northeast ohio area yesterday. >> that is quite the pile-up there. don't have to deal with anything like that around here. >> no. boy, these last few day, i mean, with the exception of the wind, i mean, it has been spectacular weather. today we are going to get rid of the wind. we're going to see a lot of sunshine, a little cooler at the coastline. we're picking up a little bit
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of a sea breeze bringing the temperatures down there. but otherwise we are looking at some great weather ahead. starting out mostly clear with just a couple of patches of fog along the coastline. throughout the day today, plenty of sunshine and again, some warm temperatures inside the bay and the valleys. a little cooler out toward the coastline. and then even warmer, maybe some record-breaking temperatures, over the weekend. high pressure still in control. but starting to flatten out just a little bit. that low that has been kicking down to the south, that's going to start to move eastward i think over the next 24 hours so the winds, well, it's going to slacken quite a bit. so today just a gentle afternoon breeze nothing too gusty out there. temperatures around the state 70s in the central valley almost 880 degrees in sacramento today. 70 into monterey bay and 77 in fresno. starting out with just a patch or two of fog this morning. then watch what happens as we get in toward the latter part of the evening here. some fog begins to gather along the coastline and then we start out with a little more fog early on tomorrow morning. so we'll keep the temperatures down a little bit the next couple of days but after that, high pressure builds in and we
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warm up. 75 degrees expected in san jose, 76 in morgan hill. that will be one. warmer spots. 72 degrees in san ramon. 71 in vallejo. a lot of 60s and 70s inside the bay. looking out over the next couple of days, plenty of sunshine. just slightly cooler. saturday and sunday we could see some record-breaking temperatures the numbers up in the 80s in the warmest spots then maybe some rain toward the middle of next week. >> back to winter again. all right. thank you, lawrence. out the door we go. bay bridge toll plaza, no delays so far at the toll plaza. not until you reach the incline you will find lanes blocked for the next 10 or 15 minutes. our news crews are watching breaking news in san francisco's outer mission neighborhood. there's been some police activity reports of a shooting in alemany boulevard and farragut avenue so that intersection is shut down. alemany is closed after farragut while the investigation continues. basically avoid that area. the excelsior outer mission neighborhood. here's a live look at some of
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your other bridges. this is the san mateo bridge westbound 92 still looks very quiet. obviously out of hayward. same thing from the other direction heading into the east bay from the peninsula. in the south bay so far sensors aren't picking up much slowing but that connector ramp from northbound 280 to northbound 17 remains closed. caltrans tells us until about 6:00. so that's one of the our longer stretches of running roadwork in the south bay. nimitz freeway everything is free and clear so far as you pass downtown oakland and the macarthur maze. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. >> thank you, liz. people living in an east bay community are just fed up with crime. and now they are sending a direct message to criminals. kpix 5's andria borba with how a handwritten sign is uniting a community. reporter: it seems near the corner of joan and la vista in concord, everyone has a story of burglary, robbery or vandalism. >> we have had mail stolen from neighbors. >> reporter: what was taken in the robbery? >> a tv and some jewelry.
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>> reporter: even 15-year-old georgie robles. his home was robbed. >> it felt really sad that someone invaded our privacy. that really shouldn't happen. >> reporter: the neighborhood is fedup and feels the problems are come from nearby markham park and they have something to say about those problems. signs stapled to telephone poles say it all. hey, dirt bags casing our neighborhood, we're watching you. no one seems to know who put the signs up. >> obviously, it was somebody that got robbed. >> reporter: they have already been graffitid with the words, i agree. residents are forming a neighborhood watch and putting up security cameras. >> i did see somebody suspicious walking around a couple of weeks ago on a sunday morning. >> reporter: as for the not so harsh language on the signs, pastor chuck mckenny whose church has also been victimized, well, he has a theory. >> probably somebody that's a little older than the dirt bags they're worried about. [ laughter ] >> using the phrase that's gone
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out of favor. >> reporter: in concord, andria borba, kpix 5. >> uc-san francisco is alerting almost 10,000 people that some of their personal information may have fallen into the hands of thieves. the school says computers were stolen in january from the family medical center. people who had social security numbers on file are offered credit monitoring. everyone else is receiving a letter. a convicted killer involved in the infamous manson family murders has been granted parole. here's bruce davis smiling in his new mugshot on the right. it was taken yesterday. this is the third time he has been recommended for parole. but as crystal cruz reports, it doesn't mean he will walk free just yet. >> reporter: in 1969, the manson family helter skelter reign of terror left a trail of bodies including that of pregnant actress sharon tate. bruce davis spent more than 40 years in prison for his role in two other manson murders. but it was tate's sister, deborah, who was right there standing up for the victims and
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trying to keep davis behind bars. >> it's clear that he is no longer a risk of danger. >> reporter: attorney michael beckman is hopeful his client will soon be a free man. davis has been granted parole but governor jerry brown could still veto it. >> well, i'm not going to speculate about what governor brown is going to do. he is overwhelmingly rehabilitated and he is overwhelmingly qualified and the commissioners were pretty clear about that. >> reporter: davis has been paroled twice in the past but remains in prison because last year, brown reversed the board's decision. governor arnold schwarzenegger did the same in 2010. tate's sister told me over the phone that she doesn't believe davis is a changed man and described him as a narcissist. she encourages her supporters to write to the governor asking him to veto davis' parole. >> if davis is released from prison, his attorney says his client is looking at transitional living homes in l.a. or right here in san francisco.
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time now is 4:48. there's only 10 of them left in the world. why a bay area city is threatening to chop down this endangered tree. >> a picture can be worth 1,000 words but one photo project out of california was enough to get the white house's attention. what it will mean for california's majestic coastline. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a little change in the big direction, big change in the weather. temperatures cooling down near the coastline patchy fog inside the bay. we'll find plenty of sunshine 70s mountain view. 75 campbell. 75 san jose. 76 degrees in gilroy. east bay temperatures very nice
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against this afternoon. about 73 livermore, 76 brentwood, 72 degrees in danville. inside the bay, we'll feel a little bit of a sea breeze kicking in, still about 71 degrees in berkeley. and a beautiful afternoon in the north bay, 73 degrees in santa rosa, the sea breeze kicking in toward the afternoon. how about 66 degrees in the sunset? checking the roads as lawrence mentioned it's not quite as windy out there, no wind advisories in effect and they also picked up the overnight roadwork a little ahead of schedule through the livermore valley on westbound 580 so the drive times 14 minutes between the altamont pass and 680. "kcbs traffic" update coming up. a very rare tree in the bay area could soon be on the chopping block. it's in sonoma county where kpix 5's john ramos reports progress may spell the demise of this scientific treasure. reporter: in the north bay up to of cotati right near this railroad crossing is a redwood tree that the new rail authority says is too close to the tracks. >> and we're now faced with the
4:53 am
task of complying with federal safety clearances which require that tree -- that that tree can no longer remain in the right of way. >> reporter: but it turns out this isn't just any redwood. an arborist who studied albino redwood trees says this tree is actually incredibly rare, perhaps one of only 10 in the world. the yellowed branches are actually an albino trait coming from a second set of genes. now the tree that everybody thought was sick has suddenly become precious. >> so if we have to say good- bye to the tree today, we'll say good-bye, hug the tree. [ laughter ] >> now i know how special it is, i really don't want it to go away. >> reporter: the train authority says it has to go to make room for tracks to the new station being built across the street. they have offered to plant 20 new redwoods and save clippings from the old one. but some want to see if the tree can just be moved. >> if it can be saved, why not try? >> reporter: this historian
4:54 am
says folks are just now discovering there is a celebrity in their midst. >> they aren't outraged yet. but if they find out it's really going, then they might be because this is a claim to fame for a little town that doesn't have too many claims to fame. >> reporter: the railroad says the tree is on their property and has to go. they say you can't stand in the way of progress. but in cotati it seems, you can't even stand next to it. john ramos, kpix 5. >> city engineers are looking for a place in cotati where the tree could be relocated but no one knows if it's possible to move a 50-foot redwood. president obama added more of california's majestic coastline to a national monument this week that ensures it will be preserved and protected. cbs reporter bill whitaker shows us the grassroots movement started with one photographer's photos. reporter: bob wick's photos do more than describe this new addition to the california coastal national monument. they take you there. >> just the most spectacular
4:55 am
peeps of coastline you can imagine. rocky headlands, about 75 or 100 feet high, just incredibly pristine tidepools down below. >> reporter: a wilderness specialist moonlights as an amateur photographer. his powerful images propelled a 2.5-year grassroots campaign to protect this rugged stretch of mendocino county coastline. >> my photos played a role in that people who weren't visually aware of how spectacular this coastline was could get a feel for it. these big 20-foot swells coming off the pacific and they just explode on the rocks, where the wave wash is going back into the ocean and it's cascading off of the rocks, so it looks like waterfalls. >> reporter: when not at his desk in sacramento, wick lost showing off the public's crown jewels like these rugged rocks off los angeles. but what he lost best is to trek deep into our public lands
4:56 am
to capture the wild remote beauty few of us are fortunate to see. he has taken tens of thousands of pictures over the last 26 years. these 1,665 newly added acres in mendocino are the first piece of this national monument actually to be onshore. the rest is comprised of the rocks and small islands dotting the coast from mexico to oregon. bill whitaker, cbs news, los angeles. it is 4:56. coming up, where in the world is daniel andreas san diego? some new hope in the search for the man suspected of two bay area bombings more than a decade ago. >> reporter: windows are boarded up and doors are locked. some mission bay residents still not allowed back in their homes after that massive construction fire. we have an inside look at the damage to the apartment feet away from the flames. ,,,,
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we have preliminary reports there was welding going on at
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the end of the day yesterday in the area of where this fire might have started. but at this point, it's still inconclusive. >> the only way to make sure the monster fire that tore through a san francisco construction site doesn't do any more damage is to tear it down piece by piece. >> the heat of the fire so intense, it actually melted the whole left side of that car, blew out windows in apartment buildings across the street. >> it was so powerful, you heard the boom and then it rocked the whole apartment. >> at least six people are dead after a gas leak triggered a blast in new york city. search crews are still looking for the missing this morning. >> i saw all these people like -- it was terrifying. >> a car plowed into a crowd of people at the south by southwest festival in austin, texas killing at least 2 people. this morning, the driver is in custody. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado your realtime captioner is linda macdonald.
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good morning. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. nearly 5:00. if you liked yesterday's weather, think you're going to love today, too, right? >> i think so. a little less wind around the bay area so not as gusty out there. in fact, winds are calm this morning. out the door, a little bit of a sea breeze at the coastline. we have seen patchy fog along the san mateo county coast. we are going to squeeze in sunny skies into the afternoon and some very nice weather. in fact, 70s inside the bay, mid-70s in some of the valleys and 60s toward the coastline. i think as we look outdoors right now, skies are mostly clear. temperatures in the 40s and the 50s. a little cooler than yesterday. and then as we look toward the afternoon, enjoying that sunshine, a little more of a sea breeze will bring the temperature down to 65 degrees in pacifica but 73 degrees in redwood city and about 75 degrees in san jose. let's check the roads with elizabeth. yeah. as you said, it is not as windy to start off on your morning drive yesterday. our cameras have all calmed down. they were dag


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