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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  March 13, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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at 6:00. the inferno that engulfed a construction project in san francisco's mission bay was so big that firefighters couldn't rely on just the normal fire hydrants. kpix 5 reporter ryan takeo tells us they had to tap into a high pressure water tank hidden up in the hills. ryan. >> reporter: these are the formal white fire hydrants tied into our water supply but not enough to fight a big fire like tuesday's. firefighters say that they would have run out of water if they used that so they called in backups. as the apartments burned 90 fire engines and trucks needed water to fight the fire. san francisco fire didn't use many of the normal white hydrants. they used the ones that are color coded with higher water pressure and come from here. the twin peaks reservoir is the city's emergency backup supply. these two tanks can hold more
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than 10 million gallons. the system is more than a century old built after the 1906 earthquake. >> that's why this was put in place. it's ingenious how it works of the it's completely on gravity. >> reporter: the reservoir is hidden near the tourist lookout and in the shadow of sutro tower. >> we were lucky on tuesday because the high pressure hydrants were located a block away. >> reporter: firefighters used four high pressure hydrants for the mission bay blaze. crews had to run hoses winding around other nearby construction sites. >> the only difference with this system there aren't as many hydrants around so we might a longer hose lead depending on the area of the city. >> reporter: there are parts of the city that don't have any high pressure hydrants. >> it's the san francisco that didn't exist in 1913. >> reporter: whatever is to the west of twin peaks only gets water from underground tanks but not the water from here. the city's public works department is asking voters to approve a $400 million bond measure so it can improve and expand the system. they point to its help in
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tuesday's fire as a prime example. >> would the fire have spread beyond the original place of origin? that source of water was critically important. >> reporter: so in this area in the lower part of below the financial district, you have the blue tops, the regular white tops. but when you have the blue tops, you have a lot of that gravity working to pull down that water. so much pressure in fact that they have to actually ease back on the throttle. live in san francisco, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> good thing they had it for sure. here's something you don't hear about very often. this fire truck is on scene fighting the massive flames on tuesday and portions of it melted down. the lights on top of the truck were disfigured from the intense radiant heat we are talking with along with a few other areas of the truck that took heat damage. it's not too bad. firefighters expect the truck to be on the streets after repairs tomorrow.
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kpix 5 reporter juliette goodrich with a look at how even begin to figure out how this fire started. >> reporter: it's quite a task. then putting out hot spots all day. they say the danger is far from over. it's been a tricky operation trying to stabilize the pile of rubble. the demolition is full speed ahead. crews knocking down the mission bay structure piece by piece to prevent collapse a scene much different than tuesday's five- alarm inferno. >> folks, we have a collapse in the rear of the building side of the building. copy? >> reporter: tracking down the cause of the fire will be a daunting task. >> the interior is all collapsed and imploded on itself as well as being damaged extensively by fire. so finding cause will be
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tricky. i mean to physically walk up to it and look at it. >> reporter: firefighters are still waiting for clearance to safely go inside the charred structure. the 170-unit apartment complex was at the same stage as the emmy apartment complex in emeryville. brad mooney is project manager for scm construction. >> we have five levels of wood above two levels of concrete. >> reporter: while their project is 60% complete, they are at a very vulnerable and risky stage like mission bay. >> at this point, fire rating systems aren't installed completely so there's a lot of exposed wood and there's a lot of exposed areas that allow oxygen to fuel that fire which is exactly what happened in the city. >> reporter: they yellow sheathing acts as a layer of protection. the mission bay project had green sheathing and you can see where it didn't burn. in the mission bay complex there was no sprinkler and fire suppression. fire departments may start requiring that on future projects. as for the firefighter high up on the ladder, he suffered
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second-degree burns to his hands and face. >> feeling better today. he is definitely very heroic, definitely stayed at his post and his position to, you know, keep this fire contained to the buildings of origin and protecting the buildings around it. so he did a fantastic job. >> reporter: so all the rubble is contained now. that's what they were doing today to keep away the danger from it collapsing into the street. speaking of street, you can see. street sweeper right there. i'm told within the next hour or so, 4th street should be reopened again. it hasn't happened yet but i'm told it should open fairly quickly. as for all of those homeowners and apartment renters that were displaced the night of the fire and thereafter, all of them have been able to return back home. >> that's the best news of all. all right, juliette goodrich live from mission bay, thank you. kpix 5 has learned people in the bay area and beyond are
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getting random checks for thousands of dollars. they are coming from stanford. but no one at stanford seems to know how its happening. only on 5, kpix 5's len ramirez is on campus to sort out the mystery. len. >> reporter: well, it is a big mystery. we're talking about a mystery involving stanford university a southern california title company and dozens of people around our area who are receiving checks for thousands of dollars apparently all at random. the package arrived by fedex delivery sent to stella miranda of san pablo with a return address saying it was shown by the stanford university math department. inside was a check to her in the amount of $2,850 with the memo pay to the bearer. miranda, who didn't want to be on camera, did a double-take. >> i was really shocked because i don't know anyone at stanford, had no kind of connection to them ever. so it was a big surprise.
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and my daughter and i were laughing. who would do something like this? >> reporter: miranda still doesn't know. apparently neither does the stanford math department. miranda called the department and was told others had received similar packages. >> stanford to my surprise said they had gotten 25 to 30 other emails and that they had still not reported it. >> reporter: stanford did call university police who launched an investigation into what may be a hacking case. in another twist, the actual checks are not from a stanford account. they are from a southern california title company called title 365. the company told us the checks are not real and the case is under investigation by their legal department. the university declined an interview request but a spokesman said, quote, we do not have any information about how or why these mailings were sent using the department's fedex account and we are not aware of any similar case occurring elsewhere on campus" > there really is no privacy anywhere. >> reporter: one computer science student said he is not surprised this could happen even at a place like stanford. >> shows how vulnerable our
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information is. it doesn't matter where you are. >> reporter: apparently, people around the area are getting these checks. miss meranda, the person bee talked to this morning, said she received the check had no thoughts of trying to cash it. she called stanford and her next call was to the contra costa sheriff's department to try to turn the check in. reporting live at stanford, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> anyone who receives one of the checks should call university police. new at 6:00 another setback in the search for a permanent new oakland police chief. right now, shawn whent is the interim chief. the recruiting firm heading up the search has been disqualified reportedly they have been denying equal benefits to the gay employees. oakland has been without a full- time chief since last may when howard jordan retired. new tonight california is cracking down on manufacturers that sell products known to contain toxic chemicals. today state leaders announced a
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list of chemicals they want to eliminate from products. they say those chemicals found in items like children's bedding and paint strippers can cause cancer. >> so we're tucking our children into bed when we're going around the house making home repairs we want to think that somebody else made sure the products we're using are safe. >> now california is threatening manufacturers to get rid of them or risk being banned from the state. facebook's ceo has taken complaints about government surveillance to the top. mark zuckerberg called president obama to vent frustration over what he says is long lasting damage from spying programs. on his facebook page, zuckerberg also said he is confused and frustrated by reports of the program. two men due in court tomorrow accuse of making and selling a large amount of explosives. san francisco police arrested
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two men this month after an undercover operation. police say more than 600 explosives were found in the suspects's homes. a crash on the caltrain tracks today in san francisco just moments after a woman escaped this suv. a witness says the suv driver turned on the tracks and got stuck in the gravel. a cracked window is all it took to shut down a block in san francisco's financial district. there was a risk of glass falling from a cracked window on the 17th floor of the building on battery street. the glass was finally fixed this afternoon. today police and community volunteers started distributing thousands of flyers to warn people about home burglaries in san leandro. thieves posing as utility or other workers have pulled off three heists in recent months. officers say the criminals mainly target the elderly. water in a crack in a road the biggest fear in this
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bustling bay area neighborhood. >> backlash over a multi- million dollar beautification project. why critics say it's nothing but a filthy hazard. >> and good thursday evening to you. meteorologist paul deanno on a fantastic day to get outside. i know we need the rainfall, but blue skies sure are nice. i'll tell you what, we'll be talking about how long this sunny weather is going to stick around in your seven-day forecast coming up. >> and how the water supply for farmers is being crippled by a tiny little fish.
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back to our top story. the clash between students and police on city college campus. da lin is live on campus where students refuse to leave. da. >> reporter: that's right, liz. [ inaudible ] 20 students inside the administration building. another 10 to 15 of them locked
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up inside. [ loud chanting in the background ] >> police officer are watching. they are demanding that the special trustee to step down. the protest got rowdy around 12:30. let's take a look at the video that was shot by student protestors they posted it on youtube around 12:30 this afternoon. a lot of shoving and pushing. a lot of confrontation between the two groups [ loud screaming in the background ] >> students were accusing officers of pepper spraying them in the face. they are calling these officers [ indiscernible ] excessive force. but the main point they say they want to get across is they want the special trustee as to step down because they feel like he is not doing a good job flighting to keep the school's accreditation. >> didn't help us fight the accreditation committee at all so what he has done nobody
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really knows. all we know is he tried to increase the salaries of the top administrators. cut classes, take away teachers that are not full time. [ inaudible ] [ loud background noise ] new at 6:00, today a federal appeals court voted to approve protections for a tiny threatened fish in the delta. this means that farmers won't be getting the water deliveries they were hoping for.
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a plan to restrict water deliveries from the sacramento san joaquin delta to central and southern california was upheld in order to protect the delta smelt a tiny endangered fish. the delivery restrictions are major losses for growers who rely on the delta to irrigate their crops. san francisco's efforts to clean up the neighborhood has not gotten the response the city was hoping for. kpix 5 reporter john ramos shows us the new additions that community members are calling dangerous. >> this area was nice before they came in. >> reporter: last year the city of san francisco began a long delayed beautification project on about five blocks of balboa street. but many here aren't too thrilled with the results. it all centers around these raise the planter boxes cut into the sidewalk. >> you can't even walk to your business. when the people put out garbage cans and everything, there's nowhere to walk. >> reporter: they stretch all
6:17 pm
the way down the block turning what was once a wide sidewalk into a narrow one. the city says it's intended to help blind people locate them easily but neighbors say they just collect weeds, dog poop and garbage. >> somebody eventually is going to stumble. you know? >> reporter: liability is a concern. as local business owners say people are already tripping on the ankle high planters. one woman demonstrated how easy it would be to stumble when feeding a parking meter. >> a woman had to actually go out in the street to get her baby carriage around it. >> reporter: josephine finley and her husband own the hockey haven bar. they say the planter out front is a hazard to their customers and obstacle to delivery people but mostly people talk about how they look. >> they are building it like a cemetery plot. it's not beautiful at all. >> reporter: despite heated public meetings, so far the city is standing by the design.
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only mayor lee can make a change now. in san francisco, john ramos, kpix 5. >> even though the boxes were built last summer, they are still empty. the city says planting will be started next week and finish by the end of the month. our meteorologist paul deanno is at the marina for what's going to be a beautiful sunset. >> it's an hour later than it was this time last week but it is a beautiful day leading to a beautiful sunset. lots of folks out here enjoy the nice sunshiny weather with highs approaching 80 degrees away from the water. sea breeze kicking in at 4:00 dropped temperatures down by 10 degrees. still gorgeous outside. here's a look at the bay bridge. there's the beautiful city of san francisco across the bay. look at these highs. 79 in san rafael. not a record. redwood city 78. not a record. oakland, you tied a record 78 degrees. concord 78. san jose 77. san francisco before that sea breeze kicked in and knocked things down by 10 to 12
6:19 pm
degrees, you hit a high of 72. a lot of stuff going on when it comes to st. patrick's day over the weekend. we have the parade in san francisco on saturday, perfect. sunshine, 73 degrees. we have celebrations all weekend long in dublin. get it, dublin, ireland, dublin, california. saturday and sunday, sunny and warm with temperatures in the mid- to upper 70s. satellite, we have the storm track remaining well to the north which means all the rainfall all the active weather will stay about 1,000 miles to our north, that's seattle, that's vancouver, that's not us. high pressure continues to build in which will be stronger and closer to us over the next couple of days meaning the sunny warm weather is going to get sunnier and warmer as we approach the weekend. these are your friday highs. fairfield 75. concord 73. fremont 70. some of you may be a step back temperature-wise as the onshore flow gets stronger but we're basically just setting the stage for a very warm weekend. check out saturday and sunday. 80s inland, mid-70s near the bay, 60s at the coastline.
6:20 pm
monday and tuesday cooler and sunny. then on wednesday and thursday, we have a slight chance of showers. we'll be cooler with mainly cloudy skies. changes coming as we head toward the middle of next week but all in all very warm over the weekend. lots of sunshine, if you are a fan of getting outside in this weather i think you will love the weekend. a fan of rain not the best but looking cooler and cloudier middle of next week. live in berkeley, got to do the weather outside today, paul deanno, back to you. >> thank you. bay area residents have made it clear that they have seen how fracked crude oil can explode when trains carrying derail and they don't want it here but we discovered one such railyard is already operating in our midst. the kinder-morgan terminal in richmond started bringing in 100-car unit trains of bakken crude last september. though other proposed rail terminals in pittsburg and benicia are on hold awaiting environmental impact reports, this one apparently managed to
6:21 pm
fly under the radar. >> gasoline gets transferred every, single day and bakken crude is very like crude. it's very similar to gasoline. this would not be something that would be a significant concern to us. >> the kinder-morgan terminal is on burlington northern railroad property so it's only regulated by the federal railroad administration. the city of richmond says it has no say. we'll have more on this story coming up tonight at 11. coming up, hundreds of thousands of people in the bay area expected to face mandatory water cuts starting tonight. why the water district is accused of making empty threats. >> and as water spews out of the street, what's the real fear tonight in this busy bay area neighborhood?
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6:24 pm
san francisco. water started bubbling up near the stockton tunnel. cruz are racing to fix it. da lin with what started the mess. >> of time a muni bus goes by you're caught besides. >> makes you a little nervous. >> a little bit. it might create a sinkhole. >> there it goes. see in every time the bus goes by. >> reporter: construction crews are working fast to keep a sinkhole from opening up. the sf puc says a 4" pipe ruptured at the entrance of the stockton tunnel. they believe age caused the break. >> a lot of the older water pipes are 60, 70, 80 years old this one dating back to 1914 might be one of the oldest. >> reporter: the city is updating its aging infrastructure by replacing 15 miles of water and sewer pipes a year. the break is not causing any major water service interruptions but nearby businesses feel the pain. >> slow no business now.
6:25 pm
>> reporter: customers -- >> no customers, quiet. not good. >> reporter: traffic to the stockton tunnel is shut down so crews can replace the pipe. while that's taking place, above ground 60 feet below stockton streets construction crews are digging a tunnel for the central subway project. workers say the water main break had nothing to do with the tunneling. they say they should be ain't finish the work and re-open the streets around 8:00. in san francisco, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> people are being asked to avoid the area around the stockton tunnel. traffic is a mess because of streets being closed off. coming up in the next half hour, the growing severity of our water emergency. where hundreds of thousands of people in the bay area are expected to face mandatory cuts
6:26 pm
starting tonight. >> more than a war over minimum wage, how mcdonald's restaurants in the bay area are accused of stealing money. >> and why there's a lawsuit over the size of beer.
6:27 pm
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now at 6:30 hundreds of thousands of people in the bay area expected to face mandatory water cuts beginning tonight. leaders at the alameda county water district are making a decision at this hour on whether to declare a water emergency. kpix 5 reporter don ford says mandatory restrictions could lead to some serious penalties. >> reporter: the alameda county water district serves fremont, newark and union city and with more than 330,000 customers it has a unique problem on its hands. >> we treat water from the delta from the state water project. that is water from the delta. they have cut off our supply this year. >> reporter: 40% of the district's water supply gone. the district will vote tonight to consider a water shortage emergency. >> we are looking for an overall 20% reduction in water use in order to be able to continue to meet demand. >> reporter: if approved, a mandatory reduction some ways to save are reduced lawn watering, washing sidewalks,
6:30 pm
driveways and other hard surfaces could be banned and drought-tolerant plants would be encouraged. >> it's been very dry around here as well. >> reporter: the district is walking the talk, too. they have stopped their own landscaping. bare dirt will stay until the drought is over. >> probably have a quarter million trees here. >> reporter: michael andrade is the nursery manager for four winds growers. a large commercial operation already using a state-of-the- art emitter irrigation system. cutting 20% more will be tough. >> it's possible. i don't know 20% but we could try. i mean, that's --that's all we can do. >> reporter: there are three levels of enforcements. level i is a written warning. level ii is a verbal warning. and then there's level iii. if the water district finds someone who is a chronic
6:31 pm
distribute water waster, is a potential of cutting their water off. in fremont, don ford, kpix 5. >> we are a month away from planting season. farmers have no idea how much water they are getting. rice harvest could be lower and fewer jobs will be available. in small towns the lack of water hurts everyone. >> all that money shrinks, it hurts everybody all the way from the chemical guys the cropduster, the mills, you know, all down the line. >> federal projections will be out next month giving farmers a better idea of what they can plant around june. harvest comes in the fall at which point we may see increased prices for rice. some mcdonald's employees from the bay area are waging a legal war against the restaurant. workers from fremont and oakland have filed a lawsuit claiming the fast food chain didn't pay them for all the hours worked and changed pay records. mcdonald's faces similar claims in other states including
6:32 pm
forcing workers to buy their own uniforms. the company says it is reviewing the allegations. wall street had its worst day in over a month. concerns over tensions in ukraine and an economic slowdown in china sent stocks down. the dow was down 231 its fourth straight losing session. more than 40 bay area bands are at the south by southwest festival to perform this weekend. this week a drunk driver killed two people in the crowd. around 12:30 this morning victim were sitting on the sidewalk and lying on the pavement across three blocks. music film and tech festival. at least 23 other people were hurt when the suspect drove through barricades during a police chase. festival officials say they won't let the evil and careless acts. one man ruin the celebration of life and music. the mystery surrounding the disappearance of the malaysia airlines plane deepened today. investigators now think the
6:33 pm
flight might have flown for up to four hours after losing contact. this is because it kept transmitting data about its engines. if true the plane could have wound up going down in the indian ocean. so far there are no signs of the wreckage. an 8th victim has been pulled from the rubble of apartment buildings in new york city this evening. rescue workers are using dogs and thermal detection gear to search for additional victims of yesterday's explosion. it was caused by a gas leak leaving more than 60 people injured, some missing. they are trying to find out what caused the leak and if it has to do with aging pipes. how a brewing battle is creating a lot of buzz in tonight's consumerwatch. >> some star bay area spellers not even studying, the creative ways these students are getting ready for the bee.
6:34 pm
6:35 pm
6:36 pm
they are colorful and soft and look like candies on toys. but laundry and other things can be deadly. new industry guidelines may finally reduce the risk. >> reporter: there were more than 10,000 cases last year alone of kids exposed to the highly concentrated detergent in those pods. now, some cases resulted in severe burns to the skin like this. and at least one child died after biting into a colorful laundry packet. parents have calling on the industry to alter the design to reduce temptation for kids and today, the american cleaning institute has taken the first steps releasing new voluntary guidelines including reducing visibility of the pods with opaque packaging that will hide them from view, reducing accessibility with more secure packaging that discourages or delays kids opening it. it also outlines new warning labels. amazon has increased the
6:37 pm
price of prime by $20. the subscription service which includes free two-day shipping, access to free shows and free ebooks, will now cost $99 a year. if you sign up for a year you can look in the $79 a year for another year. this is first price increase since 2005. the beer vendors at boise century link arena have been serving two sizes of beer and fans just had the sobering realization. fans are pouring the smaller $4, 16-ounce cup of beer into a taller $7.20-ounce cup and it fills it up. the president of the arena says they are going to be buying bigger 24-ounce cups. the fans are filing a class action lawsuit. if you have a consumer problem, call us at 888-5-helps- u. >> need any more beer at those hockey games?
6:38 pm
>> clearly they do if they're sober enough to figure that out. >> don't cheat the customer. that's what it comes down to. >> thank you. we just pick out random words. >> ditching the traditional strategy for success. >> i did not study at all. >> coming up, the creative ways to prepare for the spelling bee. >> do you make money? >> yes. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, a big day for the oakland raiders. they pounce on the nfl free agent market with two new players. >> i got to get used to the traffic around here. >> march madness comes early in a game for cal and a wild finish in new york. and a goaltender's comeback from a severed nerve. >> i don't want to see that happen to anybody. >> sports straight ahead.
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hey. hey. so you won't miss a minute of march madness. call now to get a u-verse bundle for the same great price for 2 years. guaranteed. this year kpix 5 will host the cbs bay area local spelling bee right here in our studios on saturday march 15. 50 top spellers will compete for a single spot to represent the bay area in the scripps national spelling bee.
6:42 pm
the bee is almost a nine decade tradition. it's the super bowl for spellers. and as sharon chin shows us, students have come up with some surprising ways to study. . [ spelling ] >> reporter: she won the campbell school district spelling bee. >> i did not study at all. >> reporter: anna says she relied on her habit of looking up unfamiliar words on her dictionary phone app. >> i have been reading harder books and challenging myself with scientific words and i just feel like that helped me a lot. >> reporter: many start with a spelling bee study list of 300 words some of them move on to the merriam-webster spelling site with 1,000 words divided into section by language of origin. 11-year-old nicholas reads and posts new words on his bedroom door. the day before the regional bee last month his mother took time off work to drill him on spelling lists for several
6:43 pm
hours. >> we just pick out random words and -- [ spelling ] >> reporter: and nancy got creative. >> kind of motivated by upon any. so, you know, we got out the coin jar and we said, if it was a difficult word, he would get up to like 4 cents if correct but if he missed a difficult word he had to give back a penny. >> reporter: the campbell 7th grader advanced to compete in the national bee. >> to make money? >> yes. >> how much? >> $6. >> reporter: then there's evan from danville a harvard junior. he won the national spelling bee in 2007 after reading the dictionary with his mother jennifer. >> 12 pages a day. we would write down the words that i did not know in notebooks.
6:44 pm
>> over two years we did go through the dictionary twice. >> reporter: but evan said he didn't do it to beat people. >> it was to beat the dictionary. >> reporter: a strategy for success. sharon chin, kpix 5. >> i remember that kid evan. i remember when he won t he says there's an art in figuring out what words not to study. okay. like words with spaces, hyphens or apostrophes. those words are rarely if ever given. so, liz. >> oh, no. >> given what you know about the words that we will not be giving you today, are you ready for your word? >> boy. >> it's not boy. >> the word is rhinocerous. >> can you give me the country of origin. >> sure. the word is from greek. it's a noun.
6:45 pm
it's in webster's third page 1947 column 2. that's where you'll find the word rhinocerous. you know what it is. >> i'm ready to spell it. r-h-i-n-o-c-e-r-o-s. >> is that your final answer? >> that is my final answer. [ applause ] >> oh, whew! >> the crowd goes wild! rhinoceros! any of various large powerful herbivores, thick skinned mammals with one or two heavy up right horns on the snout and
6:46 pm
liz cook gets it right. >> thank goodness. the spelling bee streams live on our website at this saturday at 10 a.m. >> yeah. paul, i had no doubt she was going to ace that one. it was a little touch and go in the beginning but she got it. >> the last couple letters -- wasn't sure about. >> we work with smart people. you guys nail just about every one. even muumuu! if you can nail muumuu -- everything else is gravy after that. what a nice evening out here but the bay area has so many microclimates there is no wind away from the water today but there is if you're on the shores of san francisco bay like we are here at the berkeley marina and at the coastline we have a sea breeze a sign that spring is almost here. that's a fish pier. berkeley, mount tamof in the background and mainly sunny skies. what a find day to spend the afternoon outdoors.
6:47 pm
san francisco after a high of 72 with a sea breeze you dropped to 62 in the city right now. overnight tonight near 50 near the water, 49 oakland, 50 san francisco. but you're warmer during the day santa rosa, you'll be colder at night down to 40 overnight tonight. could see some 30s in the far north bay. redwood city 46. san jose 46 degrees. satellite review, storm track is there. it's still very active and it's nowhere close to us. it remains to the north. kicked up to the north by a strong area of high pressure that if anything over the next couple of days will get closer and stronger and it will build in shooting up our temperatures even further. we're talking 80s over the weekend away from the water. futurecast does show absolutely positively not a single drop of rainfall but what it also shows is a slight increase in cloud cover tomorrow especially along the coastline. so watch out for some morning fog, morning cloud cover at the coast. aside from that, we are high and we are dry. what to expect, low clouds returning tonight especially near the water. a beautiful friday to get
6:48 pm
outside once again. milder temperatures tomorrow. we stay in the 70s both near the bay and inland. over the weekend, this will be the warmest two days, good timing, mother nature. saturday and sunday and a lot of kids doing baseball practice, softball practice, might be sweating, highs in the 80s inland. it will be a warm weekend. tomorrow friday look at the microclimates, morgan hill at 75. half moon bay you are at 65. san mateo hitting 70. pleasant hill 73. antioch 76. but cooler in dublin, low 70s for you. 71. sausalito upper 60s. daly city with that morning fog high of 61. napa away from the water especially up to yountville 70s up there. great weekend to head up north into mendocino or lake county toward fort bragg. your extended forecast calling for mild weather tomorrow, some morning clouds along the coast and saturday and sunday 80s inland, 70s near the bay, 60s at the coast. some changes toward next week the onshore flow gets stronger we'll be cloudy and cooler with highs in the 60s and one chance
6:49 pm
of rain that is next wednesday with highs in the mid- to upper 60s. live in berkeley, sunshine this evening, a later sunset, and beautiful weather, right into and through your weekend. we have sports coming up next. stick around. female announcer: during sleep train's big gift event get a $200 best buy gift card with purchase of selected mattress sets. or, get 24-months interest-free financing. female announcer: what will you get during the big gift event at sleep train? ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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dennis has good news forayeders fans. >> every good football team starts with an offensive line so they have work to do but they are heading in the right direction. last night they voided a deal with roger saffold because he failed a physical. today they beefed up the defense. 31-year-old justin tuck signs a two-year deal with a reported $11 million for the defensive end. he had 11 sacks with the giants last year and apparently gave them a chance to match the raiders' off but they declined, degree there. after tuck was signed the raiders late this afternoon get former steeler linebacker lamarr woodley who was released by pittsburgh earlier this week. the 7-year veteran gets a two-
6:53 pm
year deal worth $12 million. he had five sacks last season and is a childhood friend of a warriors forward. >> he was probably one of the first guys you contacted. >> he said you have to sign here. you have to sign here. he started recruiting yesterday so after today, hang out and get something to eat. >> it's funny dre mar green nobody used to like coming to the warriors. now the warriors are recruiting other players to play in oakland. if you have signed up for the bracket challenge on the kpix 5 website, you can probably leave the cal bears off your list of picks. they are headed into hibernation. bears down 4 pac-12 tournament justin drives the length of the floor to lead two-point. colorado's player was fouled made the first but missed the second so he has to sink it to give the tie and force overtime and it didn't happen. cal is out. so probably their chances of
6:54 pm
making the big dance are gone, as well. villanova against seton hall in a thriller. >> it's a setback for the win, got it! >> got it. the hall's sterling gibbs with a buzzer beater to knock nova out of the big east tournaments. this is a stunner! probably killing their chance of getting the top seed in the big dance. it looked like in the east that's where they were going to be. speaking of the tournament, have i mentioned yet there is a bracket challenge on the website? [ laughter ] >> you can sign up for it. and compare your picks against ours. alex between the pipes for the sharks in columbus. san jose clinging to a one goal lead in the third and james wisniewski buries the equalizing goal and there you have it, the sharks go on to win 4-3 in a shootout. so chalk one up for him again. as a backup goalie he has opened up eyes with 10 wins
6:55 pm
this season. it wasn't long ago he was struggling to walk much less make a kick save. >> 50/50 the doctors said whether he is going to play again. >> reporter: words like that would make any athletes numb. for alex he was numb in mind and body. >> play a lot in a game where scrum in the net and a lot of bodies around. >> stalock is hurt. stalock is hurt. >> reporter: it happened playing for the worcester sharks. he was on his stomach when an opponent stepped on his leg severing a nerve. >> it almost felt like your arm fell asleep. it was similar to that. how heavy the foot felt. >> reporter: the doctors reattached the nerve and set off the slow process of waiting for the feeling to return to his legs. sharks goaltender coach wayne thomas remembers worrying about stalock's quality of life much less his career. >> there was a chance he would play again.
6:56 pm
but there is also a chance that he wouldn't have full use of his lower left leg and foot again. >> who knows. it happens for a reason. i really think that time really helped me as a goalie. >> reporter: a little less than the year after the injury occurred stalock was back on the ice with the hope of returning to san jose. the sharks were betting that he would. >> i think it showed how much this organization really does care when, you know, they sign me to a contract not knowing if i play a single game the next year. >> reporter: today is one of the league's top reserve goalies never comfortably numb. >> i do catch myself now watching games and stuff when it happens around there's whistles and scraps, i just -- i seen it a few times now where skates are getting awfully close to the goalie's legs and it's scary and, you know, i don't want to see it happen to anybody. de la salle reached 600 wins faster than any coach in
6:57 pm
state history. he didn't add to that. lincoln at kezar. the hoop and the 7 point lead and king with the floater the mustangs stun two time state champion they beat de la salle 54-47. everybody been telling us we shouldn't be in here that we're jokes. i just told you. we just shocking the world. >> it's not often that a team like de la salle could come into san francisco. san francisco public school teams always struggle against the teams outside this city. >> school pride. interesting. >> great for lincoln. >> awesome. >> for news throughout the evening the latest is always on our website >> get your brackets ready. start setting it up. >> how do you spell potato?
6:58 pm
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