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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  March 17, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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it is stabilizing people and perhaps they are not seen that they could only rent as an option but afford to get something to control. >> it is also good politics where the median sales price is 9 $25,000 and the middle class feels like they are squeezed out. >> people can't get afford to get in because of the down payments are too high. >> and unlike other loans the city's $200,000 won't go on the monthly payments. no payment during the time you own the house but whether you refinance or sell, we get a share of the appreciation, you get the other part of the share. >> not everyone however can qualify. for example, a family of four can't make more than $120,000 a year. a couple that is looking to qualify can't make over 93 thousand dollars a year between them. and the income limit for single is is $81,000 a year. and even with the city help,
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lowering homes will still cost 600 to $700,000. which begs the question, will the expanded program really make a difference? >> it doesn't but it is stuck in the right direction. >> a good step for grace whose husband is a banquet manager and between them they have $60,000 a year. >> i can't get a house because it is too expensive. >> $200,000 can help a lot. in the valley and maybe other places where housing is not quite as expensive it could help. >> where are you hoping to buy. >> i really wanted to buy in this district but i can't afford it but as long as it is a good neighborhood i am fine with it. >> and that will be a challenge, however, because if there is one thing we know,
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every part of san francisco, the rates are just going higher and higher. we are here in the hills and 20 to 30 years ago this was a working class area. now homes on this street go for $1.7 million and that's not going to be helped by too many loans. >> it is incredible the home prices. we have seen this before, home prices go up and they go down and they go up and then they go down. what happens when they dip down again and folks want to sell, is the city looking at this as a good investment? >> reporter: yes can i asked the mayor about that, what happens if there is a slip again because like you said it is a rollercoaster, and he looked at me and said i have a feeling it is going to come out ahead no matter what because $200,000 it will go up at least that. they will stand to make money because they will get a piece of the new price and you can bet your bottom dollar it is more than what they are asking
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today. >> all right, phil, thank you. car dealerships continue to test aim at general motors. ohio the latest to consider the direct sales model. in our exclusive survey poll, we asked if you favor tesla's sales approach, 81 says tesla should be allowed to sell directly to customers and continue to bypass dealerships and what happen when is your car needs repairs? tesla founders have been critical of dealerships and their service departments. >> unfortunately they make a lot on service. >> there is software updates instead of taking it to the manufacturer. there is no parts like air filters or fuel pumps that
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reiterate regular maintenance. >> electric cars are by design fewer parts. >> brad says that the software updates are not popular with dealerships because they threaten their business model. >> they are a cash cow in the form of check engine light, nothing goes off, cha shank. >> dealerships fixing cars is big business. >> we take care of them. >> in this service group servicing is half of their business. dell grand down played tessa's service model being a threat. >> who knows about this. >> his mechanics have become retooled in technology. >> these are expensive moving computers. >> dell grand says one day the conventional model will change and fixes will be done remotely and for now you should leave it
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to the pros. >> the era of the service department is ever going to go away in the near future. >> if you develop a trust at your dealership, by all means continue to go there. it means that they can't rest on their laurals. >> owners pay about $600 a year for a service contract that covers software upgradings as well as inspections. there is a hot new trend in silicon valley real estate. luxury asian shopping malls. four new projects are being developed in fremont, san jose and campbell and it is more than 400 million-dollars worth of investment. we will tell you what is driving the trend. >> reporter: it is a big demographic change and that change is about to see here in mill pedos as the businesses that you see behind me will be torn down in favor of one of the latest trends, the asian
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shopping mall. san jose grand century mall was one of the first and it attracts people from the bay area. >> first of all we meet our people and the cull we bring it from vietnam and a lot of vietnamese food. >> we love it. >> the formula of bringing the taste and style of the asian homeland to america is growing into a significant trends in silicon valley. nancy of the economic office says it is part of the demographic shift. san jose's population is 35% asian with nearby cities closer to 50%. but she says the money behind the malls come from asia itself. >> global money is coming into united states in terms of investment as a safe haven and so california in particular but other parts of the country are benefiting from that foreign investment. >> nor than 400 million-dollars is being in investigatinged in the south bay including vietnam
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in san jose for one hundred million dollars. the globe mall in fremont is worth 200 million and the mall in mel pedos is worth one hundred million and a 16 million-dollar renovation of cooper village. >> it brings them back to home. >> the architect and chamber of commerce board member gary wong says that it sur rounds a mall by the big box center that will be demolished. they have a lot of livelihood inside of the mall and similar to the style in hong kong or some of the singapore places like that where there is a lot of activity as all one place and that's what the asian community is. kind of used to. >> one of the other interesting things about the mall that will be coming here is that it will be run something like a condominium complex, there won't be one big opener, there will be many individual owners of individual stores and many
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of those people will be taking on their own investments. but since this mall is in the neighborhood of the new levi stadium, it is looking like a pretty good investment already. the asian theme trend is not only in shopping malls and supermarkets are opening at an average of two a year. >> yahoo stock soaring. the chinese e commerce group is officially headed towards an ipo. yahoo's shares could be worth several billion dollars. ala babba announced plans to list stock on a u.s. exchange today. yahoo stock closed up four percent, $39 and 11 cents. state democrats are abandoning an attempt to repeal prop 209, the voter approved band on affirmative action. focused on college admission. john fer ez says he does not have another support in his own
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party. statener yi was concerned about the impact on enroll numbers for asian americans. an important milestone for california, one million californiaians have signed up for health insurance. as julie reports, just because they are signed up doesn't mean they can see a doctor yet. >> from too few doctors to missing insurance cards, we have been reporting and heard from hundreds of bay area enrollees that can't use the new insurance. well now it seems small businesses are running into the same problem. >> i just would like to go to the doctor when i need to. >> but when bree that asked not to show her face on camera went to see a doctor. there is no record of the coverage and all of the coworkers in the same boat. >> we paid each month and none of my employees have cards. we can't go get healthcare. >> three months since paul enrolled his employees in insurance.
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and like many of the complaints we have heard from individuals who purchased insurance on the exchange, small business owners are finding their checks have been cashed but employees don't have access to insurance. >> if i call the number they don't talk to me. >> but the agency admits the consumer watch is not the only one with problems. the portal was shut down two months after it opened on california's web site but small businesses now forced to sign up mail or broker are still reporting problems. while it won't reveal how many complaints it receives, it attributings them to changes to an application like adding an employee or dependent. covered california believes it now has fixed the problem and says "a new process is already resulting in better efficiency and accuracy "meanwhile paul's employees are now enrolled and should receive their long- awaited insurance cards this week. costly delay for paul that has been paying for coverage that
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they haven't been able to use. >> close to $12,000. >> mad that i could have taken it out of the windows and my employees would be the same place today. >> coverage california have not indicated how many of the enrollees have received insurance cards are been able to find a doctor. open enrollment ends on march 31st and after that, you won't be able to switch insureds if you later find out it is not what you expected or your doctor is accepting the insurance. >> i understand his frustration but is that really true. he has paid out a bunch of money and one of his employees get hit by a car and taken to the hospital they will figure out the insurance. >> you would hope in many cases that the insurers are saying we will cover you. and they will be reimbursed. the employees are going to the doctor now and saying i need to see you and the doctor says i am not touching you until i have insurance. >> or drive 50 miles or whatever. >> this is kizer though.
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>> julie, thank you. stepping on the brakes and wasting taxpayer money, why school buses that cost millions of dollars are doing nothing but collecting dust. >> a bay area family in mourning after a mother is killed. the unusual hit and run case that did not happen on the road. onshore flow got stronger. what a beautiful day from the south bay, everywhere throughout the bay area. here is a live look tonight. a little bit of fog creeping in. will we keep the sunshine winning streak going? your seven-day forecast updated and next. and corrosive water off of the west coast threatening the food chain causing millions of
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scallops to melt.
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school buses costing 2
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million dollar stuck in a parking lot collecting dust. 31 buses entered last year in stockton but why are they not being used. the district says buying them instead of contracting out the work would save $700,000 a year but now new leadership is not so sure. >> we aren't sure if it is saving or not. it may be but we are not sure it is anywhere near to the 700,000 either. >> the district will continue to contract out the bus service through the end of the school year can they will reevaluate the plan during the summer. >> a homeless man is behind bars tonight accused of stabbing a teen to death during a fight in a bay area park. 24-year-old harp is suspected of killing 16-year-old diaz from san jose. police found the suspect near john d morgan park in campbell around 8:30 has night. they say he was injured and looked like he was in a fight
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by the baseball field. todd had several injuries on him that were indicative of him being involved in a physical altercation. while we were investigating that, we received a call from valley medical center, the er that a 16-year-old juvenile male that was brought in with a stab wound. and in the course of our investigation we determined that the juvenile was stabbed. >> the teen died from his injuries. a make-shift memorial has been set up in the park for him. bay area scientists worried about what is in the water along the california coast. they are keeping it especially a close watch on what is happening to shellfish. >> reporter: the pacific ocean along the west coast is carefully studied by scientists at the bay marine laboratory. they are concerned about increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the sea water. >> carbon dioxide is absorbed in the ocean which is good but it is changing the chemistry of
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the ocean. >> reporter: it is becoming more carbonated and more acidic. scientists say that car carbon dioxide levels have changed before but it is different now. >> we don't think that anything like this has occurred in the last 350 million years and it is a massive change and it is happening so quickly is the problem. >> marine biologists are studying the effect on marine life. >> we have a cold future ocean in this box. >> these small blocks called lace crawls live on kelp and they are being subjected to co2 and temperature. both fish and shellfish are sensitive to changes. >> it leaves the shellfish to
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acidity. >> the lab says they have had problems on the coast. >> there is several large oysters off the oregon trail that have had changed. >> there's katie the ocean on the real changing conditions. at the marine laboratory, kpix a. >> >> creased carbon dioxide levels are being noticed all over the world. a lot of people at the beaches today to enjoy the beautiful weather. >> it snowed 11-inches in washington d.c. >> just the thought of it. it didn't make any sense. >> the tale of two winters, crazy how bad it has been. all of the cold and the rain and for us, st. patrick's day and like every other winter day is unwinter like. beautiful shot here towards mount diablo and cooler outside, i hope you didn't
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complain, your friends in dc almost got a foot of snow. >> gil roy, 70, napa and fremont 72 and the cooler spots today and san francisco was 64 and daily city 64 and some video to show you out and about enjoying the day in lascatas. better to get outside today. kpix5, doppler showing nothing there. the radar is working and we are not coming up with much rain. >> for the month of march after a nice wet february after what we needed for the drought march is disappointing, san francisco is disappointing, less than 3/4 of an inch of rainfall. we could use more and i'm about to show you why we are absolutely positively not going to get a drop for the next week. that ridge of high pressure is back. this time of year it usually builds back in our direction and starting to really trail off coming to rainfall for the rainy season and now that ridge
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that is supposed to be here will be here for the next several days. blocking all of the storms to the north and a dry and mile west flow that you got outside which you will continue to have. the pacific ocean northwest, the third wettest year ever. there are plenty of storms but they can't make it here because of the blocking ridge of high pressure. highs tomorrow, very comfortable. oakland 70, conord 71 and santa rosa 71 and call a friend back east and ask them how the snow shoveling is going. friday and saturday we are still mild over the week, sunny and dry and there is a chance that we may see some showers next week. there is no chance of a drop of rainfall for the next seven days. need the rain? what we are getting is what everybody else wants which is sunny and mile. >> so strange to look at the pictures back east. it doesn't make any sense. >> you would think it was two months ago but it was the same
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day. >> crazy. >> some of the bay area's most popular parks will provide upgraded access to visitors with disabilities. under a new landmark settlement announced today at the golden gate area will have more wheelchair access to trailers and lettering on signs. the park service attracts more than 13 million visitors each year. well there will be no encore, the concert on mount tam this year, last year the tam jam was the first major rock concert on the mountain in almost fifty years. state park called the sold out event a success but this year it was organizers who backed out. >> coming up, the clues in a deadly hit-and-run. and why the scene of the crash makes this case so unusual. and for the first time, since this inferno torched a bay complex, and now the first
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signs of life.
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a mother of five run over and killed on a sidewalk in con orbed. hit last night while working on willow pass road. kpix5 julie ridge wood talked with the victim's parents to the driver that took off. >> loved by everybody, if you talk to everybody, they om have good things to say. >> her mother was killed walking along willow pass road and 5th street. the driver sped off. 46-year-old yolando had five children and a grandson. they all showed up to the scene today in disbelief. >> just one of those people that people cared for and looked out for and for this out of the blue accident to happen is taken us for a whirlwind.
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>> police say yolando was walking with the shopping cart when she was hit. leo heard the crash outside of his bedroom window. >> it was a boom and a big crash like metal on metal. >> the hit-and-run driver ran through the doctor's office signs. some of the parts scattered on the sidewalk. police say the truck is a 1988 to 1994 chevy silverado pickup that would have suffered front- end damage. >> it was described as white and possibly two tone but nobody could identify the second color that we have come up with is that based on manufacture standards the car or the truck would be white over a light tan or a light blue. >> yolando's children have a message to the person that took their mother's life. >> turn yourself in, you know? if you didn't -- if you weren't drinking you didn't do anything
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wrong. obviously it is tragic but we want to find closure. >> this happened three years ago and barriers were put up after a car drove through an office window but in this case the driver didn't take off. as for the victim yolando was living on the street from time to time but her family was always there to help and now they are asking for the public's health to track down the hit-and-run driver. >> this crash is being blame on a driver checking his cell phone. he was checking a text message on highway 12 right before he smashed into the back of that toyota. the crash killed two women from santa rosa and the driver is set to be in court on friday. coming up in our next half hour, the burning questions that still remain nearly a week after this inferno and amid all
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of the destruction, the first signs of life. earthquake, we are having an earthquake. >> news reporters dunking for cover after the quake shook los angeles. and in the midst of our drought, we asked why drinking water is used to clean bay area
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streets. the 2014 kia is sleeker and more sophisticated. it has available features like heated seats. an entertainment system. power folding mirrors and so much more. plus it receives an overall
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five star crash rating from nitsa. >> lease it for 170 a month. at 6: 6:30 the first signs of life after destruction. the cleanup has been slow and steady. san francisco's mission bay neighborhood, streets are starting to open back up and so are area businesses. kpix5 reporter brian web talked to a store owner that dodged a major bullet last week. >> and here is the sign, literally a sign of how hot things were during the fire from a store across the street. it is wrinkled and warped and this hangs on the inside of the door. as for an update on the fire investigation, well today nobody was saying anything. >> construction crews continue to tear down what took months to build up.
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>> it is fast. one hundred and something units. >> i'm sad. >> the custom furniture store across the street opened three days before the fire and was spared. he credits the san francisco fire department but he knows the new neighborhood took a big hit. >> do you think that this will set things back for you. >> i know so. >> the huge 172 unit housing complex, the quarter billion dollars worth was set to open later this year. it appeared that is not going to happen. the cleanup alone first projected to take only a few days seems to have a long way to go. >> there is tons of other units going up and markets are coming in. so i think things are still progressing. >> and for the first day since the five alarm fire, the neighborhood has come back to
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life. 4th street back open to cars, sidewalks semicrowded with walkers and pierre's furniture store back opened for business. >> i was really happy. >> you are back in business. >> back in business and hopefully people will come. >> so i contacted the fire department, property owners and construction company today and nobody had a comment. we still don't know how the fire started or when this 6th story complex might be complete. live in san francisco, brian web, kpix5. >> 150 firefighters battled the fire and used ninety pieces of equipment. a man is accused of helping al qaeda. arrested last night in washington state. near the canadian border. hoe to the complaint he was near the border with the intent of traveling to iraq to help the terrorist organization. his family is shocked by the
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arrest. >> he made bad choices but not a terrorist, he is not evil. he doesn't do mane things. i just believe that he got mixed up in the wrong crowd. >> he made his initial appearance today in federal court. bay area headlines, this union pacific freight train killed a man walking on the tracks in berkeley this morning. that crash closed several streets in the area near the berkeley border for several hours. >> inside the charred home in san jose investigators found dozens of marijuana plants. firefighters think illegal wiring of the pot sparked the flier. three people inside the home escaped and they could face charges of electricity theft. the 4.4 effort cake that shook the los angeles area today is the biggest in the region in 20 years. it happened around 6:30 in the morning and centered near infeeno in the santa monica
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mountains. a lot of people felt it from bakersville to san diego. talk about shocking, the morning anchor team on our sister station cbs2 got a surprise on the set when the ground started to move. at the 76 station in andseena it caught maria off guard, she held onto the counter when the earth moved. >> i thought it was like a car smashing into the station or something. it was shaking. and the windows and i was like what is going on? it is -- and i'm by myself. it was frightening. >> just east on ventura boulevard at studio city there was security cameras capturing the dust flying across the lens. the owner is not used to this because she grew up in florida where she said hurricanes are less scary because they are predictable. >> this is my first experience with an earthquake. i knew it was when it was
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shaking but all i could think about was getting my things from the wall so i was trying to get those down. i didn't know. i was just in my apartment and just trying to like -- i didn't want anything to fall. >> at the beverage company in sherman oaks and this fridge was tipped over and 80 bottles or more broken. >> some somehow some bottles did not get broken. >> some of the shelves have came and that's why the bottles fell. the floor is sticky, the owner says he has not tallied up how much he lost because there is no point because his insurance company will not cover it anyway. in sherman oaks, kpix5. >> the quake didn't cause any major damage. investigators putting extra scrutiny on the two pilots at malaysia flight that was
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missing for a week. the ceo says the copilots spoke the last words from the cockpit on march 8th, he told ground control "all right, good night. around that time a transmitter was turned off raising the suspicion that the plane was deliberately flown thousands of miles off course. >> it seems that somebody took control of this aircraft and flew it for sometime after the communication systems were turned off. >> the details still a little foggy as to when exactly the second communication system was disabled. more than two dozen countries involved in the search effort. ukraine's president says he will not accept the annexation of crimea. alfonzo van marsh on the u.s. and open are fighting back with new sanctions against russia. >> a day after crimma people voted to split from the ukraine
6:37 pm
mainland, president obama called the referendum illegal and announced sanctions against russia. >> we are imposing sanctions on specific individuals responsible fob undermining the solve tenty and integrity of ukraine. there's consequences. >> the you said has sanctions on 7 government officials. european leaders met in russia to impose their own sanctions on crimma leaders. >> and we are doing this on the international law. russian troops in local troops took over weeks ago. the united nations says there is no violations against them. president obama says the door to diplomacy is open but warns they will take steps if they do
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not stand die. >> u.s. will determine its open destiny. >> vice president joe biden is headed to eastern -- europe to discuss the crisis. there is ballots in crimea were premarked to support the split from ukraine. >> stocks are i higher, the dow and s&p are up because the u.s. factories is the biggest in six months. critics call it a waste of pristine drinking water. during the drought how millions of gallons of water are being sprayed on trees. >> and why you may not have to look at expiration dates to
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know that the food inside your
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fridge is good. we're being asked to do our begs to save water during the
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drought but as kpix5 reporter shows us water is being used to wash down streets and buildings. >> reporter: the city of san francisco operates a fleet of street sweepers to keep the streets clean but the problem is they use a lot of water. >> because of the drought that we are experiencing in california. there is water usage cut by 7%. >> reporter: public works uses more than 90 million gallons of potable water but they can't stop watering trees so they are using reclaimed water from the treatment plant in the bay view. the trucks hold more than 3000 gallons and the plan is for the sweepers to start the day here filling up with recycled water. >> there is two or three loads of water a day. if we can get one of those recycle the water we will be
6:42 pm
saving a lot. >> normally the trucks refill at fire hydrants but they have a different fitting so the sweepers will be retrofitted to hook up with the treatment plant. it seems strange to be washing sidewalks with drinking water but with areas with street people and no public restrooms frankly things can get rough. >> we need less urine. >> we don't think it will be a huge challenge but with a couple city agencies working on it, it will take a little bit of time to sort it out. >> the drought is causing problems for every city in california. but it is also making people think about how to use water more wisely the way they should have been using it. in san francisco, john ramos. kpix5. >> some cities say they use drinkable water for cleanup and landscaping because it is airborne and possible that some of it could get in people's
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mouths. how do you know if those leftovers in your fridge are still good? the expiration date and the sniff test, the new color coded tool. we like to color code things and keep things easy on the radar, yellow, red, heavy radar. coming up dry, when will that change. we will have the forecast next. devastating news for the a's number one pitcher. >> whether someone goes down and gets hurt, we don't want that to happen. >> someone did get hurt and bad. i am part irish but i don't feel lucky. >> women are not a number one seed and the raiders get a number one spot. >> why can't you borrow money from a leprechaun. they are always coming up
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okay the rule of thumb for spoiled food is trust your nose
6:47 pm
but that can turn your stomach. new technology means you won't even have to open the package to tell if the food is gone bad. kegs about the size of a kernel of corn change color to show how fresh it is. scientists say that it has come up with the smart keg to keep people from throwing out valuable food that is still good. we all know why we use it. >> milk for instance, i will smell it and i don't want to smell rotten milk. >> i like this because i never go by the expiration date. >> chinese inventor is trying to sell it to food companies here. there you go. >> one day you wake up and it is not a pleasant experience. >> 2007 is om a couple of years ago. >> you like to live life on the edge. >> i have had milk a month
6:48 pm
over and perfect. >> bionic milk and it is milk. >> ken is here to talk about it. something is working. well it is shaking the expiration dates and this weather is not going to expire but giving and giving and giving. look at the clouds and i don't see any either. that is the touchdown in the bay bridge looking towards emeryville and oakland. high and dry and we will be staying dry for a while. this air is pleasant for the next several days. i am trying to get my computer to start but it is not starting, here we go. i like that picture. we showed it 30 seconds. let's go to the next breath. this is mount diablo. temperatures outside. oakland 64. santa rosa still 70 degrees and san francisco cooling down to 59 degrees. here is a look at the overnight low. on napa you will drop town to 45 and free month 44. close to the waters to be in
6:49 pm
the 50s. green bay winter. what little bit we had, spring begins this week. thursday morning, 9:57 a.m. that is when spring begins. although a spring-like weather pattern has been with us since november. now what we typically see in spring is exactly what is behind me. high pressure to the west and blocking most, if not all but most of the storms to the north and going to the pacific northwest and british columbia. the problem is that we had that in december and january. it went away in february and we got rainfall and now mid march back and it will be here all week, blocking ridge and storms up and over to portland and u jean and bellingham and seattle. we are high and dry, all of that rainfall and it has been a lot of rainfall, they are having the third wettest mark ever in the northwest. none for us. we will stay dry but it is very pleasant for you and your family. limited cloud cover, i think the most clouds is what we had this morning. it will be sunny from start to
6:50 pm
finish for many of us. and the rainfall will be to the north. average highs in the low to mid 60s. in the mid 60s to low 70s. above normal including 71 for san jose. morgan hill, another day in the 70s, palo alto 70 and hayward beautiful, 68. from concord to pleasant ton 70s. cooler at the coast, santa rosa 71 and sane helena. 73degrees tomorrow. tuesday pleasant and wednesday, thursday and friday, same thing and next weekend, we stay sunny, highs around 70-degree and not a drop of rain for the next week.
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man, no luck of the irish for the a's they lost their ace in the rotation. that was the beginning. >> the injury bug is the achilles heel. that's just bad luck, isn't it? >> thanks dana. >> jarrett parker from opening day starter to out for the finish. the 25-year-old is set to undergo tommy john surgery for the second time in his young career. parker will be on the disabled list by aj griffin shut down
6:54 pm
with a sore elbow and today scott kasmere scratched with stiffness. tom malone and chavez will take the spot of parker and griffin. >> we have that depth, like two to three to four guys. filling one slot and whether someone goes down and someone gets hurt. obviously we don't want that to happen. but stuff like that does happen. >> >> and some good news for oakland, the raiders have sign the chance jones to a three- year deal worth reported $11 million. the san jose native led the league with 14 touchdowns in 2012 and oakland agreed to a deal with offensive line man
6:55 pm
kevin booth, they are busy. never i rope a four leaf clover because you don't want to press your luck. sanford women did not get your selection for monday. >> i am part irish but i don't feel lucky. >> for the first time in 2009, sanford is not a number one sing. >> number two despite 29 and three. >> and they'll open up with 15th seed against iowa and hearing their name never gets old. >> i didn't get any sleep i was so excited. i am a senior and getting old. and it was a fun moment to see the freshmen excited and to finally figure out who we are playing. i just want to play. we haven't played in awhile. lindsey gotling, they won't have it easy in the final four and bears head to waco texas taking on fordam with baylor on their home floor.
6:56 pm
how can you tell if an irish man is having a good time? doubling over with laughter and you will too after seeing the bracket challenge. log onto and see if you can beat him. >> what do you call an irish man trying to control his life? a bachelor. >> chris, wearing green. a buzzer but the excitement would not last as long as being married to kim kardashian. going over chris bosch. beverly and houston come down to earth after losing in miami. tied with three holes to go. john sandin takes the list at the valspar championship. keep your eyes on number two. wesley matthews that nearly fell down. nothing lucky about that.
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and the leprechaun's grandfather is the head coach of st. joseph, phil martelli, do you think apple drops far from the tree? the 4-year-old mimics his every move, during the atlanta 10 championship. >> that is great stuff. >> it is perfect. we will be here all week. >> yes, i am going home and having some green and corn beef that my wife saved for me and i asked how she got it green and she said i don't know. >> so what did you do over the weekend? eat an elephant. we will have that story at 11. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: hey, how y'all doing? how you doing? thank you very much. thank you. thank you very much. thank you very much. hey, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. you know what? like always, we got another good one for you today. from miami, florida, it's the taylor family. >> ♪ we ready we ready ♪ steve: and-- >> ♪ we ready we ready we ready ♪ steve: yeah. gonna be a problem over there today, folks. from indianapolis, it's the rust family. yeah. everybody is here trying to win theirself a lot of cash and a shot of driving out of here with a fuel-efficient ford


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