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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  March 19, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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the deputy has been identified as ricky dell [ indiscernible ] he has 16 years with the mendocino county sheriff's department. the suspect was found dead of suicide. news tonight in the bay area casino wars. river rock is running dry as many gamblers are opting for the new graton resort 30 minutes to the south. that's where da lin is standing by tonight. graton seems to be holding all the cards here. no pun intended. >> reporter: yeah, ken. well, if there is a casino war graton is winning the battle ever since it opened last year. the small casinos around here have been feeling the effects. >> reporter: in a game of poker graton casino is holding the better hand a newer facility chipping away at its rival river rock casino just 30 miles north. >> when we arrived, it was almost like we had rented out
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the casino for a party. you could get almost anything you wanted. >> reporter: folks leaving river rock this afternoon says it was empty inside the tent- like structure. >> there were three cars in the parking lot when we got here and you could virtually not see anyone else playing. >> reporter: river rock declined to talk to us but its gaming chairman commissioner says revenue is down at least 30%. some say more like 45%. a ten-year bus driver for river rock invites me on the bulls. he says people used to fight over these seats. now he is lucky if the bus is 10% full. >> a huge drop in employees and a huge major drop it customers. >> reporter: in fact, about 100 workers have left river rock to go work at graton. a slots supervisor at river rock says many of those workers live closer to the new casino. >> there's a lot of options for
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people to go other places so, you know, graton has impacted us a little bit. >> a hit. >> reporter: many people say it's hard for river rock and other smaller casinos to compete. >> they are going to have to just make it a better place to come to. right now, it's not going to make it. >> graton has a lot more to offer, great food, a lot more machines. >> reporter: things are so bad over at river rock that some workers say some smaller projects have either been delayed or canceled some of those expansion projects. live here at rohnert park, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> casino wars. river rock was doing well before graton opened up last year. last time it publicly reported its revenue was in 2010 and it made $124 million that year. an update tonight on the petaluma slaughterhouse a story we have been following here at kpix 5. federal officials have just dealt a financial blow to some of the bay area's top
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grassfed beef ranchers ordering a complete ban on the sale of their meat. our betty yu has the story and you'll only see it right here on kpix 5. >> reporter: we just got word from federal officials in washington, d.c. late this afternoon and it's not good news for grassfed beef ranchers caught in the middle of this massive beef recall. bill nye man got a letter today from the usda. he has been ordered not to sell at least $300,000 worth of high- end grassfed beef. that meat has been on hold for months since rancho feeding corporation shut down its petaluma processing plant. that plant is now under criminal investigation because of charges it processed diseased animals. >> come, cattle! >> reporter: he and a number of other organic beach ranchers process their meat at the same slaughterhouse. he says he has the paperwork to prove his meat is safe. but the usda's letter says it
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cannot ensure his product wasn't contaminated. >> the impact of that is something we probably won't survive. >> reporter: some of the bay area's top organic beef ranchers were caught up in the recall of millions of pounds of meat processed at the petaluma plant. the usda's letter says it does not have the authority to offer any sort of compensation. they say this is discouraging and they may sue the usda. betty yu, kpix 5. >> the neimanns say rancho feeding corporation can't afford to reimburse them. marin sun farms a popular producer of grassfed beef products is purchasing the now shuttered petaluma slaughterhouse. new at 6:00 trains rolling into the bay area carrying highly explosive fracked oil. we have been telling you about this for weeks. and it looks like the state is coming up short when it comes to backup safety plans in case something goes wrong. kpix 5 reporter phil matier was at a sacramento hearing today
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asking our lawmakers those hard questions. phil? >> reporter: that's right. and now we're in rodeo with a refinery in our backdrop. before we used to get our oil over the ocean in big tankers. now it's coming in by rail with an estimated 200,000 carloads expected to be coming into the state by 2016. question is, are we ready for it? take a listen. are we prepared. > no. we have a lot of work to do. >> reporter: that was the reaction of bay area lawmakers after a 2.5-hour hearing on the growing safety concerns that have been brought on by the surge in rail shipments of crude oil to local refineries. >> contra costa county has nine oil refineries in it according to the information at this hearing, they're already unloading crude oil from trains in richmond. >> reporter: the question is whether the current regulations are strong enough to prevent the disaster like the train explosion in quebec that killed
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47 people in july or the derailments in alabama and north dakota. >> so those are questions that have to be answered at the federal level. and we're not just sitting by idly. >> reporter: the good news, overall safety records of u.s. railways are pretty good. >> we move a lot of hazardous materials not only in california but around the country. so well over 99% of the time, those shipments arrive without any incident. >> reporter: but if something does go wrong it could be real trouble. for example, the oil spill from the cosco busan was deal with 1.5 tankers of crude oil. a full crude oil train could carry 2.7 million gallons. if that were to spill or catch fire -- >> i'm very concerned by the charts that you gave us on preparedness. >> reporter: it could be especially tough for local fire departments who would be the
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first to respond. >> fire departments have either closed fire stations, bonded them out, reduced the number of personnel on ship. >> there's a potential for a very serious problem and disastrous problem. >> reporter: now, one solution they are looking at is the idea of putting a fee on the crude as it comes into the refineries as a way to get the money for better backup but ken, as you know, when it comes to fees or taxes on gasoline, california public can be very, very skeptical about that and that's going to be a tough one for the lawmakers to call. >> for sure, phil. and the thing that bothers me the most about this story is when i hear people say, no offense to the woman there, you know, it's a federal problem. well, they can't do anything about it. it's a federal problem. but it is not a federal problem when something happens. then it becomes a local issue and a local emergency maybe. >> reporter: and that's exactly what the hearing was today about, the question is, we know who has the responsibility. but who has to do the work and as you said it's going to be
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whoever has to respond to that 911 call whenever something happens and that is the locals. >> you got that right. all right, phil matier in rodeo, thank you, phil. it's being called the granddaddy of office projects in san jose. now the mystery is who is moving in. the city approved the complex which will go right near the airport at the intersection of 101 and 880. len ramirez on just how big this development is going to be. reporter: this is the land here in north san jose 20 acres enough for 10 seven story buildings double the size of facebook's campus and large enough for 10,000 workers but which mystery company will be moving in? mayor chuck reed knows but isn't saying. >> i can't tell you who the company x is but there is a company behind the project that's not a spec building. it's 2 million feet of office space the largest deal we have done in san jose since the internet boom went bust and one of the largest in the history of the city.
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>> reporter: the developer isn't saying either. the property has been owned for years by piri ariing aga the development deal already approved by the city council. expect a big announcement soon. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. just lethal injection showed up for today's hewlett- packard shareholders -- jesse jackson showed up four today's hewlett-packard shareholders' meetings. a civil rights heavy hitter showed up for hewlett-packard's shareholder meeting today demanding diversity. jesse jackson led a delegation of the rainbow-push coalition. the group says hp has a poor track record when it comes to hiring minorities. jackson says the issue goes far beyond just hp when it comes to tech companies. >> to address the gap between the rich and poor. we looked at the records and the too many zeros around board of directors and employees. >> well, hp is countering that saying about half its leadership team and board of directors are minorities and women and its ceo is meg whitman. another bay area county
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could soon be asked to cut back on water use. in about half hour, the contra costa water district board will consider a voluntary 15% cut. it would affect 250,000 customers in central contra costa county. the board will also consider a ban on watering lawns during the day. hundreds of farm workers rallied outside fresno city hall today voicing concerns about water allotments. farmers will get no irrigation water delivered from federal or state water projects this year. they are calling for changes in federal environmental laws and construction of new reservoirs. the house of natural resources committee was meeting inside the capital about the state's drought prices. why california faces a severe shortage of doctors. >> how wikipedia could get 21st century students to do some old school homework. >> good evening to you. the 6:10 sailing of the golden gate ferry is just about to
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head back to san francisco. can the weather get any nicer? 73 degrees in sausalito. do we stay warm? do we stay sunny? do we stay dry? or is rain in the forecast? i'll answer those things for you coming up in about 8 minutes. >> and how dangerous wildfires can be sparked by golf clubs. ,,,,
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emerged as a castro valley n was charged with killing his wife. feng m new tonight, grisly details emerged as a castro valley man was charged with killing his wife. he was arraigned on a murder charge there afternoon. he is in a jumpsuit standing up there. the alameda county district attorney's office says his wife's body was found in a bedroom closet. she had been shot twice. the sheriff's department says it had been to the couple's home several times for domestic
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violence calls. san francisco moving forward with its expanded ban on electronic cigarettes. the city's board of supervisors unanimously voted today to ban the use of ecigarettes at all bars, restaurants and businesses. additionally, sellers will have to get a special permit. and the products cannot be sold at pharmacies or other places where tobacco sales are banned. city leaders say the goal is to limit children's use of the product. this friday is not just march madness. it's match day. it's when graduating medical students find out where they will do their residency training. but linda yee says there's a problem when it comes to the doctors the most in demand. primary care physicians. >> reporter: ucsf medical student elyse taylor doesn't look like a linebacker, but she is about to get drafted. >> i'm feeling a little bit nervous about friday but also really excited about it. >> reporter: on friday, taylor finds out what medical center picked her for residency
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training. her interest, primary care. >> i am just absolutely so excited to be able to go take care of patients out in the community. >> reporter: taylor wants to stay in california and that's good news. residents who train here are more likely to stay here. but there's a huge problem. >> we have a crisis in california in the nation. >> reporter: the doctor says there's a severe shortage. more students want to be higher paid specialists and there are fewer residency programs for primary care physicians. >> we haven't done say was' a nation and as a state have as to invest in where the need is greatest and right now that is clearly in primary care. >> reporter: only 34% of physicians practice primary care in california. and with obamacare, unless changes are made the situation is expected to worsen. taylor already sees a shortage where doctors are stretched very thin. >> even now working in clinics very often we have 15- or 20- minute appointments and that's just not enough time to be able to give patients the care that
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they need and deserve. >> reporter: federal, state and private funds pay for residencies but funding has been frozen for years. that's got to change. >> so that we actually create more training positions in primary care instead of just continually adding more specialists. >> reporter: taylor knows she is competing with other students for a very small number of spots. >> surprising. >> reporter: linda yee, kpix 5. >> state lawmakers are now considering a bill that will boost that number and funding for primary care residency spots. it's sponsored by the california medical association. want to get out to paul deanno who is, well, you know, got the sort of prime assignment today. out there in sausalito got the city over his shoulder. i don't know what's in the right-hand side. >> reporter: is that san francisco? i never knew. oh. tell you what, sometimes you draw the short stick and you get sent out in the rain which i've done many times in my career and sometimes on a sunny day in the mid-70s you say let's do the weather from sausalito and here's the reason
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why. people from all around the world visit here to take a look at a view that we here in the bay area could enjoy any day we want and some lucky folks call sausalito home and get to look at this view just about every day. it's fantastic although as a weatherman i enjoy watching that finger of fog come right through the golden gate and kind of separate us from san francisco. but nonetheless, it is a gorgeous day outside. this is san jose in the background and san jose, you were the warm spot today at 76 degrees. fremont 76. oakland 75. san bruno you hit 73. san rafael 73. san francisco 72 degrees. it doesn't feel like we're switching from winter to spring. it has felt like spring all winter long but officially, spring begins tomorrow at 9:57 a.m. local time just before 10:00. we say good-bye winter and hello spring. spring-like weather is with us because that big ridge of high pressure sitting off to our west takes the jet stream, sends it up to the north. that's been a problem for seattle. they have had too much range. portland, too. we could use some of that rainfall but with the ridge not
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moving our weather is not going to be changing. we'll get cloudier tomorrow so high, thin cloud cover that moved through today. we'll be dry because the ridge won't be moving for several days. highs tomorrow close to today. fremont 74. livermore 75. oakland 73, mountain view 73, and san francisco tomorrow 6 degrees. extended forecast, we are cooler friday and through the weekend but still really nice weather to get outside, kids maybe have baseball practice over the weekend or maybe their first game. a-okay weather-wise. we cloud up on monday and then on tuesday, we are looking at highs in the mid-60s with showers finally moving back to the forecast. they will be here next tuesday. maybe you have been out to sausalito and seen this gentleman and his dog? they have been here for 30 years. i have seen them several times of. that's the diamond dog getting a pet from a visitor right now. just another one of those beautiful sights an eclectic but gorgeous sausalito on a sunny 73-degree day. it's so nice i can't even talk. we'll have more on the forecast
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at 6:45. >> we're speechless. just gorgeous. thank you. >> reporter: it is nice, yeah. tonight the big man on campus at uc-berkeley says he is having to turn down media requests from across the land because he simply can't handle them all. this is him. kevin gorman, 22 years old. and a recent uc-berkeley grad. more importantly, he is the school's new wikipedian in residence. he is helping other students wiki. believe it or not, it could mean sending students back to basics. >> it's very common now for undergraduates to write an entire term paper without ever setting foot in a physical library. >> reporter: if you grew up using the card catalog or maybe a set of encyclopedias, where do you think you would start now if you had to write a history paper? >> wikipedia and go to the source cited at the end of the wikipedia page. >> reporter: but before we talk
6:20 pm
21st century education, let's skip back a few hundred years to what you might call wikipedia in beta. >> the 18th century imagined they could produce a compilation of all human knowledge. that's what the great people in the enlightenment thought they could do. now the wikipedia is stunning. >> increasingly academia along with other parts of the culture sector are realizing that wikipedia is simply too big and too widely used to ignore. >> reporter: as wick median in residence, his job isn't to get students reading the site but creating it. so instead of a traditional paper, students are asked to ar authorize a pick media article. -- to author a wikipedia article. that would be going to the
6:21 pm
library, finding sources and mastering a subject. [ very low whispering ] >> reporter: and there's another benefit to producing work that's not on a stack of printed pages. >> instead of writing for an audience to themselves and whoever grades their paper, they are writing for an audience of perhaps 200 or 200,000. >> reporter: another sign that academic times are changing and so are attitudes or crowd sourced information. >> gut reaction as wikipedia, oh, no, is definitely something that has been fading significantly over time. >> just like we're learning more about privacy and plagiarism. we are just having to rethink these kind of issues in this new world but we'll get there. >> wikipedian in residence. what was a cell phone when i was in college?
6:22 pm
550million people use wikipedia every month. gorman's position is grant funded through 2015. practically barren instead of bustling. how the notion of if build it they will come never happened at some bay area transit villages. >> and how golf clubs could actually ignite wildfires. ,,,,,,,,
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don't think of it as danger. e-lee) shows it's no secret that golf can be a humbling game. [ laughter ] >> but most of us don't think of it as a dangerous one. a particular type of golf club is sparking concern. >> reporter: golfers have a new hazard on the course. a study by this professor at uc irvine points to a type of golf club. >> i have two hybrids but they
6:25 pm
are also titanium-based, titanium on the sole and the face. >> reporter: they are the culprit it generating significant sparks even igniting golf course fires when striking as this demonstration shows rocks. >> even west, fairways and tee boxes are well irrigated. the risk isn't so high there. in the drier rough areas where they don't irrigate, there's a potential for clubs that have titanium on the sole to spark and then ignite a fire. >> when you have this amount of heat over 3,000 degrees, the amount of sparks and in this dry vegetation, especially in the drought that we're having, it could rapidly cause a fire to grow and go up a hill towards the homes. >> reporter: so what's a golfer to do? move a ball that lands in the rough and prepare for the tongue lashing from the rest of the foursome? are you concerned? >> no. it's such a rare event. the most time i have ever seen a spark is with a driver and there's no -- there might be some sand there that caused a
6:26 pm
little bit of spark. look get at the tee boxes, the grass is about this high. >> researchers say titanium- coated clubs were the likely culprit in several small fires at orange county golf courses over the past few years. >> probably have a belter chance of guys with cigars put them down on the ground. yeah. coming up in the next half hour, empty storefronts instead of bustling businesses. how a grand vision for bay area transit villages hasn't gone according to plan. >> frustration boiling over for families of the missing malaysia airlines passengers. what sources say about the computers of the pilots. >> reporter: still ahead, they used to be a delicacy but now lobsters have gone mainstream. coming up tonight on the consumerwatch, why and why it may not last. ,,,,,,,,
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came to you. only on 5: one east bay now at 6:30 instead of going in a car or mass transit to go to work, imagine if your work came to you. one east bay economic group tells our ann notarangelo solving the bay area's urban planning challenges may require
6:30 pm
a big change of direction. reporter: nearly four years after avalon walnut creek was built near the pleasant hill bart station, the apartments are rented but businesses are not moving in. the contra costa economic partnership says that's because people here have a different mindset and don't embrace the urban model. >> we're not valuing that when we think about planning from a perspective what's right for san francisco or the silicon valley or oakland. >> reporter: people come to contra costa and the tri-valley for open space and affordable single-family homes. but that forces them to endure a marathon commute to their jobs. a recent study shows 77% of the people who are in computer and electrical manufacturing commute out of the region. >> we're talking about building housing at transit stations when people are making decisions every day to live somewhere else so there is a disconnect in our regional thinking. >> reporter: he says employers need to move to the people reducing commute hours and greenhouse gases. that flies in the face of plan bay area, a mandate approved last year by the association of bay area governments known as abag.
6:31 pm
>> plan bay area is an attempt to work with cities about building high quality urban neighborhoods close to transit that service these employment areas. >> reporter: cities that embrace high density housing will get more taxpayer money. >> so far they have just focused on where people should be living. they haven't focused on where the jobs are going to be. and that's because the public sector has very little control over where the jobs should be. employers decide where they should be. that's the market. >> reporter: contra costa leaders are trying to change the perception that this is a bedroom community and boost the employment opportunities here. abag says that's a good idea but it may be difficult to make happen. in contra costa, ann notarangelo, kpix 5. >> east bay leaders are not giving up. they point to san francisco businesses that headed east in the 1980s. they say the welcome mat is out again. back out to the breaking news out of mendocino county where a sheriff's deputy was
6:32 pm
shot and killed during a shootout with an armed suspect around noon today. that gunman later fled the scene. sheriff's deputies and chp officers closed down parts of highway 1 near fort bragg as they searched for him. at one point, a helicopter and chp plane were involved in the search. the mendocino county sheriff says he was shot in the rural area of cleone. the gunman was reportedly wanted for an earlier carjacking near eugene, oregon. the deputy last been identified as ricky del fiorentino. he had 16 years with the mendocino sheriff department. he was once a wrestling coach at the fort bragg high school and once spent time at the fort bragg police department. the santa rosa "pressdemocrat" identified the suspect.
6:33 pm
the suspect allegedly killed himself. the only suspect of a stabbing death of a 16-year-old in campbell is walking free. todd tharp was released from jail. he stabbed ivan diaz but the santa clara county d.a.'s office didn't file charges after evidence the claim of self-defense. the fight broke out under night at a park in campbell. tharp said he was attacked by diaz and several other people. after tharp was knocked to the ground, he swung at his attackers with a knife. diaz was stabbed and died monday from his injuries. other bay area headlights, you saw a big plume of smoke in mountain view today, this is it. a fire that began in the garage of a house spread quickly to the house next door. both were heavily damaged. no injuries. police are looking for the suspect who stabbed a man to death near the vta tracks in downtown san jose. just before 3:00 this morning, someone found the victim lying
6:34 pm
on the ground and called 911. this is the city as second homicide of the week, 10th this year. there was a dramatic scene before the press briefing of the missing malaysian jet. angry family members accused the government of hiding information. seth doane with how the government reacted. [ screaming ] >> reporter: a chinese woman apparently the relative of a passenger was dragged by security kicking and screaming from the press briefing room today. just before, along with other relatives, they had held up a banner that accused the malaysian government of withholding information. the acting transport minister addressed the chaos at the briefing. >> how to manage emotions and how to appease the families. >> reporter: today the malaysian authorities said data had been deleted back in february from the flight simulator confiscated during the search of the pilot's
6:35 pm
house. >> some data has been deleted from the simulator and forensic work to retrieve it is ongoing. >> reporter: sources say an initial review of the pilot and copilot's seized personal computers and emails revealed no evidence of any hijacking plans or plot. you can certainly feel those tensions rising. of course, earlier in the week, family members of passengers threatened a hunger strike in passengers and earlier of course there were those scenes of chaos here all underlying the family's search and need for answers. seth doane, cbs news, kuala lumpur, malaysia. >> australian officials said today that they cut their search area in the southern indian ocean by half using new analysis of the plane's likely fuel consumption. long considered a culinary luxury, why we are starting to
6:36 pm
see affordable lobster everywhere. . >> reporter: helping students falling behind in the abcs. >> this is something we can fix. >> reporter: how a bay area woman is leveling the literacy playing field. >> it's not magic. you can do it. >> coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,
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6:38 pm
occasions. apparently... not anymore. on the consumerwatch, julie watts s us: lobster lobster used to be reserved for special occasions. apparently not anymore. on the consumerwatch, julie watts shows us lobster trucks and restaurants in the bay area are serving up the shellfish like it was hamburger. reporter: you might expect to see them here, but here or here? >> yeah, there's quite a bit. i see it at restaurants and in the paper too. >> reporter: lobster used to be a delicacy but now it seems to be popping up everywhere. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: walmart is selling
6:39 pm
it. and even inexpensive chains like quizno's have added lobster to the menu. wonder why? >> we have had record production now for the last three years in a row. >> reporter: pacific coast federation of fisherman says warmer waters off the coast of maine and nova scotia combined with a decrease in cod, the natural predator, led to a glut to the tune of more than 100 million pounds of lobster each year. and as you might expect, as the supply has gone up, the cost has come down. >> couple years ago the price was a dollar a pound for fishermen. >> reporter: cheaper lobster changed consumer habits. restaurants that once only served lobster whole began chopping it up and using the previously pricy shellfish as a common ingredient. >> lobster bisque. >> reporter: this seems to be coming to an end. folks at nick's lighthouse says their cost has gone up and experts say it's just the beginning.
6:40 pm
>> we make with spicy garlic, garlic butter. >> reporter: in addition to seasonal changes, the recent trade agreement with europe will send our lobster overseas meaning supply will continue to go down --and you know what that means. >> get it before the prices go up. >> reporter: the folks here at new england lobster say year to year so far their places are stable and they too are planning to branch out. they currently supply high-end restaurants like boulevard, but they are going to be reaching out to more mainstream restaurants like bj's and elephant bar. on consumerwatch, julie watts, kpix 5. how to help kids have successful lives. get them reading early on how an east bay woman is helping kids become superstars in literacy. >> and good wednesday evening to you. meteorologist paul deanno. mobile weather tonight in sausalito we are setting the stage for a fantastic sunset throughout the entire bay area. it's the perfect weather, folks. is it going to stick around for
6:41 pm
your weekend? the answer and more of that gorgeous view coming up. >> straight ahead in sports, the president weighs in on his ncaa tournament pick. >> i think they are the right ones. >> the boys from san luis obispo make the big time. >> basketball team hated me because i didn't want to play. >> and a real san francisco giant. i'll explain in 10 minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:44 pm
graders can read at their g level. that puts them at only about a third of american fourth graders can read at their grade level. that puts them at serious risk for dropping out of high school. one east buy woman is working to turn those numbers around. kate kelly introduces us to this week's jefferson award winner. >> reporter: carla koren is a successful financial advisor at morgan stanley in oakland but when she is not reading numbers in financial reports, she is passionate about the abcs. >> what's that word? >> try. >> reporter: carla helped
6:45 pm
create the nonprofit super stars literacy. an in-class and after-school reading program for k through second graders in low-income communities. >> these children we serve come into kindergarten probably three years behind. a child who lives in a more affluent or even middle class neighborhood. why? this is something we can fix. >> reporter: to level the playing field, superstars literacy offers extended learning time in schools. classroom teachers refer kids who need extra help. >> the only way to move the dial with education is to start young. the younger you start, the easier it is to make a change. the investment is so much less when you're starting with k-1- 2. >> reporter: it started with a partnership at one elementary school in oakland and thanks to a grant from americorps, super stars now has 28 teachers in seven schools helping over 400 children. harder elementary is one of three schools in hayward that partners with super stars literacy program. here you're going to find kids who are getting extra help not
6:46 pm
only in the classroom but every day after school for two to three hours. >> i like [ indiscernible ] because i'm learning more english. >> i like it because -- >> what two letters make this sound? >> reporter: asra is one of the americorps teachers. >> i think extra exposure to english is very helpful for them to gain that concrete reading base to thrive later in their lives. >> reporter: carla hose to expand to more schools -- hopes to expand to more schools because it's working. >> the second grade started at the middle of kindergarten in development and now already a grade ahead in just six months. it's not magic. you can do it. >> reporter: so for giving young students the literacy tools they need to succeed in life, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to carla koren. kate kelly, kpix 5. >> and carla tells kate that there's a recent survey out that shows about 22,000 bay area children could benefit from super stars literacy.
6:47 pm
so the nonprofit plans to expand. and you can nominate your local hero for a jefferson award online at boy, paul. mother nature sure gave us a gorgeous day today. you probably picked one of the best places in the bay area to enjoy it. it's stunning. >> the only thing messing up the shot is me. a great view from sausalito back toward san francisco in case you don't think this is a world class destination over the past 10 minutes. we have spoken with folks from china and jordan and germany and they agree the weather was nice with a high of 73. gorgeous day, gorgeous view with high, thin cirrus cloud cover out there we are going to set the stage for a fantastic sunset coming up about 30 minutes from right now. these are your current temperatures. now, mind you, back east they are still in the 20s and 30s. there's still snow on the ground. it is still very much winter east of the rockies. for us, the final evening of
6:48 pm
winter it is 72 degrees in oakland. it is 72 in santa rosa. 71 in san jose. livermore 74. and san francisco 65 degrees. overnight tonight, with mainly clear skies we'll cool off once again to the mid-40s for new vallejo, concord and livermore. upper 40s for fremont, mountain view and 51 your low tonight or tomorrow morning for san francisco. weak ridge of high pressure but strong enough to keep that storm track to keep that jet stream up to the north, still very active weather but missing the bay area because of that ridge shoving the storm track that path of least resistance to the north. as the front passes by to the north we'll have filtered sunshine again a little cloudier but certainly staying dry. and futurecast paints that picture. you can see the cloud cover increasing as we roll through time and roll through your thursday but nowhere close to the bay area do we see even a drop of rainfall. it will stay north of the california oregon border and that's going to be the case for at least the next five or six days. clear and cloud cover overnight, mixture of sun and clouds tomorrow with zero
6:49 pm
rainfall until next week but i'm looking at long-range computer models and it paints a cloudier, cooler and somewhat wetter picture middle of next week so in the drought we could use some rain. there is some coming. highs tomorrow beautiful day in morgan hill and gilroy mid-70s, fremont 74. cooler at the coast, half moon bay 66 degrees. pittsburg high tomorrow 73. pleasanton 75. benicia 71. petaluma 72. san leandro 70. 73 sonoma. far north bay ukiah mendocino county low 70s, windsor 73. couple of degrees cooler sunny on friday weekend gorgeous to get out 60s at the bay, 70s inland. changes on monday in the form of clouds. we'll see some changes on tuesday in the form of showers. scattered showers will be out there on tuesday and wednesday. so the pattern is changing next week but i'll tell you what, it is a gorgeous, gorgeous night in sausalito. we are live with filtered sunshine and a sunset that's going to be to die for coming up in 30 minutes. that's your forecast. vern has sports coming up next. ,, the great american novel.
6:50 pm
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...somewhere, john madden is proud. his cal-poly mustang only playing div-1 ball for0 years... ...knocking at thea urnament college basketball, why not? somewhere john madden is proud. his cal-poly mustangs playing in the ncaa tournament knocking
6:53 pm
at the tournament door! record of 13-19, and they were all fired up for this game dayton, ohio against texas southern. look at this move by david waumbaugh down the baseline. man wish i had hops like that. cal-poly led by as many as 16 in the second half. give me a chris everly jumper, thank you. that's adager. he had 19. the mustangs won 81-69 and draw number one seed wichita state in the second round in st. louis. guess who else is flying to st. louis tomorrow. >> you're looking at him. >> the tournament begins tomorrow here on kpix 5 with ohio state and dayton getting things started. kpix 5 will finish a long day with arizona state and texas special edition of game day follows with dennis and dan, i'll be covering stanford, new mexico, on friday. like texas and taxes in the
6:54 pm
holiday season i should say it happens every year, president obama and his ncaa tournament bracket. since he has been in office he picked just one national champion correctly. it was weighing on his mind today. ♪[ music ] >> rayburn reservoir when buffet offered $1 billion for the perfect break -- warren buffett offered $1 billion for the perfect bracket. >> michelle might want new shoes. i have michigan state all the way. it's been a while since there's a 1-1 and he knows how to motivate folks and how to coach. so my pick, michigan state. bring it home for me. it's been a while since i won my pool. >> all right. now, president obama picked michigan state florida, arizona and louisville. what are your picks?
6:55 pm
put yours against ours at of local interest, president obama has the stanford women a second seed going to the final four. their latest music video just dropped. ♪[ music ] >> just called nerds the second song they worked on. the last was nerd city kid in 2012. ♪[ music ] [ rap ] >> it's a celebration of stanford the culture of stanford and being a nerd. >> the president obama had a boom box on his shoulder so it was a fun thing. i tell people it was my senior thesis. >> how do we follow that up? if size matters then the giants baseball team has it all covered with a fella enjoy the
6:56 pm
view from almost 7 feet. what's 6'7" and throws hard? two words, cameron lowe. have you always been the tallest guy? >> uhm, i was the tallest guy in my high school since the second half of my sophomore year. basketball team hated me because i didn't want to play. >> reporter: coach must have been walking away sulking. >> he had choice wards for me at time. >> reporter: it's all about baseball. he is the tallest player in the giants organization. southern california native is well traveled the last 10 years. rangers, japanese league, some success with the brewers. then the mariners cubs and braves all in 2013. >> kind of a rough one last year it was all around the plate and had to do a little soul searching and kind of go back to the drawing board reinvent myself in a few ways, add and subtract a couple of things. >> reporter: the reliever would like to be known as a hard
6:57 pm
throwing right-hander giving up three runs in five appearances this spring but the 32-year-old is best known recently as drawing a near perfect resemblance to former golden state warrior and talk show host tom toll sig alert. >> i heard that before i got over here. >> same dome, same facial features. it will be like looking in a mirror. >> i have a similar voice, too, i've heard. >> i'm not kidding. when i saw this guy, why did tom tolvert throw on a giants uniform? his wingspan 6'10". >> legs must give him a lot of power. >> awesome. >> check the latest news and weather are always on our website, ,,,,,,
6:58 pm
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