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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  March 24, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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the darkness. the darkness. i just saw the darkness. that's all i could see. >> more bodies are found in washington after a weekend mud slide washes away dozens of homes. this morning, authorities say there are still people unaccounted for. new clues in the search for malaysia airlines flight 370. an air search team locates debris in the indian ocean that could be linked to the missing jetliner. >> high dribble. takes to the rim. goes to the left. iowa stays on top. >> and the sweet 16 is set. after a wild weekend of basketball, some unlikely teams find themselves two victories away from the final four. captioning funded by cbs d by cbs this is the "cbs morning news" for monday, march 24th, 2014. good morning.
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good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. well, rescue and recovery operations are expected to continue this morning in northern washington state after a landslide described as a massive wall of mud and debris killed at least eight people. washington's governor describes the scene about 55 miles north of seattle as a square mile of total devastation. it's believed at least 18 other are missing. the landslide hit saturday morning. in some areas the mud is 60 feet deep. bigad shaban has our report. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: rescue crews found more bodies late sunday in the mess of mud and sludge left behind by saturday's huge landslide. many others are still missing. >> i'm disappointed to tell you that after searching a very large area of that debris field on foot, we didn't find anybody alive. there was no sign of life. >> reporter: searchers worked
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carefully sunday combing through muck that was up to 60 feet deep in some areas. the mud is unstable with the consistency of quicksand. the slide destroyed a town 60 the slide destroyed at least 30 homes in the tiny town of oh sew, washington, about 60 miles north of seattle. >> this devastation in that area reminded me very much of the devastation i saw when i was in mount st. helens 34 years ago. >> reporter: officials say the wall of rocks, trees, and sludge came without warning. although there had been rainfall heavy in the recent weeks. >> the slide came across the development and the road and the trees with where part of the river is now pooling. >> reporter: there is still fear of flooding. residents are warned they may have to evacuate quickly. bigad shaban, cbs news, arlington, washington. now some bad news for search and rescue crews.
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more rain is forecasted in northern washington tomorrow. meteorologist eric fisher of our boston station wbz has more on the volatile weather patterns in the west and another snowstorm bearing down on the east coast. >> we have a flash flood watch out for snohomish county and flood warning. you have all this debris from the mud slide itself. it's in the way of that river. eventually that debris is going to let go and the expected flooding is far as downstream arlington. the weather service here says they're not expecting catastrophic flooding but they want everybody in a safe spot and everyone can be in a safe place when the flooding releases. the seattle area, nearly 14 inches of rain in just the past two months, and that's more than double what they would normally expect during that time frame. so all of that water on top of a dry period, usually the ground gets a little more unstable and unfortunately the conditions get more dangerous.
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a sad story outside of seattle. the other side of the story is the cold in the east. it's all across the map. it's a frigid monday. a big storm is going to develop here on the east coast. the question with it, how close to the coastline is it going to be? it appears it will be a little too far east for widespread major impact. light snow is possible, especially the 95 corridor all the way down to north carolina. the biggest potential for impact, boston toward cape code, nantucket, and martha's vineyard. blizzard conditions not out of the question there. i'm eric fisher for cbs news. >> this morning possible debris from the missing malaysian airliner has been spotted by a crew of a chinese search plane. the debris was located in today's search area, a region 1,500 miles off australian's west coast. a chinese satellite first picked up the debris over the weekend. holly williams is in perth, australia, where the search is being conducted.
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good morning, holly. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. one of the cruise said several white objects, quite large, was discovered in the indian ocean giving a grimmer outlook in this international effort to find out what happened the malaysia flight 370 when it disappeared more than two weeks ago. other planes will be dispatched to that section of ocean and the chinese ice breaker the snow dragon will be there tomorrow. up until now the only incredible images were grainy images that showed debris in the airy 1,500 miles off of australia's west coast. one of those objects appears to be up to 18 feet long. this is the first time the chinese search planes have taken part in the operation here. they're joining a fleet of civilian and military craft. now, a chinese government spokesman stressed today that there is no certainty that the objects spotted are part of the
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missing boeing 77 p 7, and going forward it seems like the search will continue to be hampered by strong weather conditions. anne-marie? >> thank you very much. a malaysian airline flight was actually forced to make an emergency landing this morning because of failing generator. the airbus 330 with 271 passengers on board was headed from kuala lumpur to seoul, south korea. it landed safely in hong kong. and now to the crisis in crimea. leaders of the g-7 nations are holding an emergency meeting today in the netherlands. president obama arrived this morning as the group tries to develop a unified response to the russian invasion. today russia continues to consolidate its takeover of crimea, seizing one of the last military posts still flying the crimea flag. tara mergener is in washington. tara, good morning. >> good morning, anne-marie. reports are they stormed a base early this morning.
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meanwhile russia continues to mass thousands of troops on the border with ukraine, a move that worries nato's top military commander. the latest ukrainian bass that's fallen to russia is home to one of the elite military units. the russian flag is now flying over 189 military facilities in crimea. while ukrainian government is calling for the release of an air force commander being held after his base was stormed on saturday. in one of the major cities in eastern ukraine yesterday, some 5,000 people called for a vote on secession and joining russia, similar to the one taken in crimea. both the u.s. and european union have imposed sanctions targeting vladimir putin's closist ae isi
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allies. >> it certainly rocked the stock market in russia for a few days and weeks and they might continue to. >> i think we need to do more with sanctions including sanctions the entire financial sectors of the russian economy as well as looking at the energy sectors. >> meanwhile republicans in congress want the administration to send small arms and other military equipment to aid ukraine, and former republican presidential nominee mitt romney says president obama has been naive and shown faulty judgment when it comes to russia. >> not having anticipated russia's intentions, the president wasn't able to shape the kinds of events that may have been able to prevent the kinds of circumstances you're seeing in ukraine. >> and gathering a consensus on how to move forward in today's g-7 won't be easy. european leaders are reluctant to join harsh economic sanctions because teir economies are so intertwined with russia's. anne-marie? >> tara mergener in washington. thank you, tara. well, coming up on the "morning news," oil spill cleanup. an oil spill stretches for miles
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and your immune system. now there's new glucerna advance with three benefits in one. [ male announcer ] new glucerna advance. from the brand doctors recommend most. . cleanup work resumes this morning in the cleanup work resumes this morning in the waters off texas. thousands of gallons of oil spilled into the houston ship canal. when barge struck a ship saturday. the accident isn't only a threat to wildlife. as manuel bojorquez reports it's also disrupted shipping in one of the busiest waterways in the world. >> reporter: the leaking barge had nearly a million gallons of marine fuel oil on board when the accident happened, but only one of the barge's oil tanks sprung a leak. crews have drained the oil from the damaged barge and they're towing it to a nearby shipyard. >> the oil is continuing move. we've got, i believe, over 60,000 feet of boom that's out there protecting environmentally
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sensitive areas as well as containing the oil and trying to get it into places where we can recover it. >> reporter: now the focus is on skimming the thick sticky oil off of the shoreline. oil residue has already been spotted 12 miles away from the accident scene in the gulf of mexico. it's too soon for investigators to say what caused the accident, but there was fog in the area when the ships collided, so visibility could have been a factor. the cleanup operation has shipping traffic at a standstill. more than 60 vessels, including three cruise ships, are waiting to pass through the area where the accident happened. the coast guard plans to let those ships pass through one at a time, but there's no word yet on when the channel where the spill happened will reopen to all traffic. the first of those cruise ships will head here to the port of galveston. there is still no word on exactly when it will arrive. manuel bojorquez, cbs news, galveston, texas.
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in sports now, if you tune in to the ncaa tournament for upsets and maybe dramatic finishes, you have not been disappointed this year, especially on sunday. in the game that had both features number one seed wichita state, the shockers had not suffered a defeat since last year's final four, but kentucky overcomes a halftime deficit and a last-second three-pointer comes up short for wichita state. kentucky notches the upset in the 78-76 win. wichita state finishes the season with 35 wins, but some question whether the small conference team actually deserved a top seed in the tournament. >> i know what's in my heart. i know what i saw. i thought i saw a very high level basketball game between two incredibly gifted teams that one team won by one play, one basket, two points.
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and to take anything away from what these young men have done all season long and more importantly how they've done it, if they want to do that, so be it. good for them. >> kentucky will face instate rival louisville in the sweet 16. and the two other number one seeds in action sunday faired better than wichita state. virginia ties a school record with its 30th win of the season. the cavaliers beat memphis, 78-60. they move on to the sweet 16 for the first time since 1995, where they will face michigan state. and the top seed in the west is moving on as well. arizona handles gonzaga from start to finish with an 84-61 performance. the wildcats will take on san diego state in the next round. and a bizarre ending between iowa state and north carolina. iowa state's deandre kane scores with 1.6 left on the clock to give his team a two-point lead, and as north carolina tries to move the ball up the court, the
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officials don't see coach roy williams signaling for a time-out. the clock spires before the time-out is charged, and after a lengthy review, iowa state wins, 95-83. after the game, williams refused to blame the officials. >> they went to the monitor. they realized the operator started the clock late so there should not have been any time left when they made the observation. let's not lay this on the officials. >> iowa state advances to the sweet 16 for the first time in 2000. they will meet uconn. kansas is the second seed to go home from the tournament. tenth seeded sanford comes up with a win to send the jayhawks packing. sanford takes on dayton in the sweet 16. dayton's pretty excited after advancing to the next round on saturday night. after upsetting syracuse, school
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president dan curran joined students in a celebration. they picked him up, carried him around campus, chanting his name. it starts with dayton/stanford right here on cbs this thursday night at 7:15 p.m. eastern. when we return, reinventing the mall. we will show you how developers are luring people back to the once popular shopping centers. once popular shopping centers. you eat activia everyday? ♪ ♪ activia helps regulate your digestive system. because when your tummy smiles, you smile too! activia. feeling good starts from the inside.
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mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition in charge™. search for gunman is leading police. bay area residents are fearl of the danger that could be rolling into town. why an to transport highly- explose fracked oil...has lawmakers scrambling. nothing but mud and debris behind... the search for survivors of this devastati landslide... join us for kpix 5 news this morning... beginning at 4:3
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,,,,,, here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. the iconic american mall may be facing extinction. as more shopping moves online, many of the countries' 1,200 malls are going under.
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mark strassmann takes a look at the changing landscape of american retailing. >> reporter: the woodville mall is coming down. the retailing fixture in toledo, ohio, since 1969 closed three years ago. the roof fell in. first on its allure to customers and then on the decaying structure itself. >> it was condemned. it was unsafe. >> reporter: the classic american mall with its chain stores and food courts began a golden age of retailing in the 1950s. thatt that era is over. no new enclosed mall has been built since 2006. >> how many do you think will be around in ten years, 20 years? >> probably 50% of them will be gone. >> reporter: robin lewis is the author of "the new rules of retail." >> what you're saying is for some of the malls to survive, it can't be cookie-cutter anymore. >> no, it cannot.
4:22 am
you've got to give them a reason for there to be an effort to go there. there has to be something going on. >> reporter: this is plaza fiesta. it was a once struggling regional mall. it's now a mexican town square. 280 mostly family stores and more for the city's booming hispanic population. jose transformed plaza fiesta and nine other dying malls across the country, all of which cater to hispanic communities. >> they will spend a lot more money, right? the whole family will eat. and then they'll buy their shoes. they'll do their dentistry because we have dental offices. they'll go and do their medical and they'll go do their groceries. so it's one-stop shopping in every sense of the word. >> reporter: he says all struggling malls need to learn who their local customers are and what they want and cookie-cutter malls like woodville will keep crumbling. mark strassmann, cbs news, atlanta. well, coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," an update from arlington, washington, on the
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it's love, your way. here's another look at this morning's top stories. crews continue to search for victims of massive landslide north of seattle. a wall of mud and debris up to 60 feet deep killed at least eight people and destroyed 30 homes. recent heavy rainfall is blamed, and a flash flood watch is in effect for this afternoon. and a ship is headed to the location where a chinese plane spotted possible debris from the missing airliner. they have been combing the massive area. the u.s. is sending a black box locater. bad weather threatens the effort. in taiwan the police cleared government offices of protesters this morning. officials say dozens of protesters were arrested and more than a hundred injured in the confrontation. the student-led group is angry about a controversial deal with china. they fear too close ties with beijing could pave the way for
4:26 am
china to take over taiwan. in southern california golfers are being warned about a serious hazard on the gulf course. players in drought-stricken areas could start a fire. teri okita shows us how that can happen. >> reporter: before they range out of control, most wildfires start with a single spark. >> cigars, cigarettes. >> reporter: but they thought this could be a culprit. they were baffled at what started two fires and then -- >> we found the smoking guns. two separate golfers were using the exact same golf club, a hybrid titanium 3 iron. >> reporter: the theory is this golf club hitting rocks sparking a fire in mission viejo and another one in 2010. but it wasn't quite mystery
4:27 am
solved when the idea was presented to the top brass. >> some of our chiefs and top fire investigators were laughing at us. they could not believe it. >> reporter: just in case they conducted a study at uc irvine. >> i was still skeptical. >> reporter: that is, until they began testing. >> it's pretty dramatic. i mean it's like a fourth of july. >> you can see there are a lot of rocks below. >> reporter: yeah, there are. one of the fires started right here, sobering news for golfers. >> i certainly recognize it could be a danger now. >> reporter: like chris mears. if his ball winds up here, the fire department is willing to give him a break. >> if they need to move the ball, they should do the right thing and move the ball away from the rocks. >> reporter: purists say that's a one-stroke penalty, so the danger poses a dilemma. do you think your buddies would let you take a mulligan? >> maybe not for that reason. >> reporter: a gentlemen's game only goes so far. teri okita, cbs news, mission viejo, california. coming up after your local
4:28 am
news on "cbs this morning," we will go to arlington, washington, for an update on the search for mud slide victims and see what triggered that slide. plus, a new look at the link between stress and fertility problems. and the war over tennessee whiskey. that's the "cbs morning news" for this monday. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. -- captions by vitac --
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. live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix 5 news. good morning everyone. it's monday, march 24th. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. 4:30 is your time. where did the weekend go. let's ask lawrence.
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>> i slept right through it. hey guys, we have major changes in weather this week. looks like return of wintry weather. storms lining up off the coastline. we'll talk about that coming up. and we have a good start osteo far to the bay bridge -- start so far to the bay bridge commute. road work in both directions. more monday traffic in a few minutes! good to be here. thank for having me. we begin with developing news. the man hunt is on in san francisco for a drive by shooter who opened fire on a group of people in the tenderloin district. 7 people were hit. it happened around 9 at turk and taylor streets. witnesses tell kpix 5, a car pulled up and passenger hopped out and started fire. >> pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. i saw the shooters shoot a bunch of people. they were running. they were scattering and i saw people fall. >>


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