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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  March 24, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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obvious and prominent. >> the orange landscape is the upside to the draught conditions on mount diablo. but for the hikers and bicyclist who cruise this as their playground, there is a down side. >> we neglected to bring any water with us, foolishly. >> francis who trains on the water knows to bring water but is used to refilling often. ed to, his refill stations were few and far between. >> i will bring two next time. i will be prepared next time. >> the main part of mount diablo's water supply relies on rainfall collected in underground springs. this year, they have gotten only 8 inches of rain. >> the springs are down to trickle. they have turned off almost all the faucets. they have replaced path rooms with port-a-potties. >> state parks are being asked to reduce by 20%. they are taking more drastic steps on mount diablo which doesn't seem to phase the
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regulars. >> it is not convenient, but it is something. better than nothing. >> we understand because there's no water. even the critters are coming down for water. >> when humans p find water these days, it is a bit like striking gold. >> were you surprised when you pulled upped to ain't said water here? >> absolutely. are you guys not surprised? >> yeah. it has been closed a while. >> reporter: water restrictions are already paying off. they have seen a 50% reduction. those who live up here on the mountain, the satisfy members, they are taking cuts as well. paul says we are about to get a stretch of wet weather. that's good luck, paul. >> reporter: yeah. it is good news. and what a change. many of you hit the 80s today. livermore close to 80. foster city 74.
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richmond sunshine. 68degrees. way such an abrupt change? huge area of low pressure off to the west not blocked by a ridge of high pressure. the ridge is finally moving out. that will allow something else to move in, a significant prolonged pattern change. we will go through future cast. rainfall into the north bay tomorrow morning. raping in oakland, san francisco and san bruno no by 11:00. rain moves steadily into the bay area by tomorrow afternoon. it will be a wet commute as early as tomorrow morning in the north bay. we will all get rain tomorrow. this will be the begins of a pretty prolonged wet weather pattern. we could use every drop. we will talk about how much and how long, coming up. >> paul, we will see you then. oakland police admit officers are stopping and searching african americans at a far higher rate than any other racial group. a new department report shoeblacks comprise 28% of oakland's population, but they
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accounted for 62% of the stops police made. the report was order 0 as a part of a mandated department reform. central valley teenager being called a hero. he died after saving his girlfriend from an on coming train. they were on their way to a school dance friday in marysville. the two 16-year-olds were walking on the tracks. witnesses say a train came barreling down on them while their backs were turned. at the last moment, moore pushed his friend off the tracks. he was struck and killed. she was grazed by the train and is recovering at a local hospital. >> every indication that we have at this point is they were unaware the train was approaching. the train was blasting his emergency horn excessively. >> the accident happened near a crowded park. many people rushed over to try and save the two. witnesses say the teens seemed
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to be completely unaware that a train was coming. cal ran is under fire for project that -- cal tran is under fair for a project. >> normally, this path would be filled with buy cig list trying to get a ride in before sunset. but not now because just up ahead they have closed it down almost as soon as they opened it. here is the story. >> since the bay bridge opened on labor days thousands of bicyclist and walkers have enjoyed the view from the span's bike path. but after only seven months, the entrance to that bike path that cost newspaper and a half million dollars to build is already being ripped out and replaced. >> why did we spend that money just to tate down? >> the thought was the -- tear
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it down. >> there was high demand. >> as it turns out, par of the ole bridge was in the way. >> they had to build a detour or a temporary connector to get people on the bridge. >> and it didn't come cheap. in fact, the cost of the temporary entrance came to about $47,000 a day. >> this is the thing we had to do in order to open it for everybody. we knew it would cost money. we knew it was temporary. it was really just about making it open for everyone. it was about doing it all at one time. >> now, remember, opening on time was a big deal for the bridge, especially after all the cost overrun. not to mention the $30 million bolt disaster that threatened to delay the opening for months. >> how much pressure was on to get the bike path open. >> the original plan for the bay bridge did not have the bicyclist path there. bike advocates thought it was the right thing to do. that was really the reason for
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it. >> what happens with all the railings and everything like that? seems like a waste. >> that, we are hopeful, given to the park district or perhaps the state parks. >> nothing on the bay bridge is cheap, as relearned. do anything out there, it costs a lot of money. >> reporter: now, they hope to have the new pathway in and up and running in the next 10 days, weather permitting. as you know, rain is coming up so we will see. i hope they get it done. at this price, they ought to. phil matier, kpix 5. >> meantime, the demolition work on the old eastern bay bridge span is speeding up. views from the water show holes in places where the road was. crews will soon start demolishing more of the super structure in the middle of the bridge. by this time next month you will be seeing a good sized fan in the old bridge. tonight, people are discussing a controversial plan to role highly explosive fracked oil through the bay area. the plan brings jobs and money
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to the city. but as christin ayers tells us, not everyone is happy. >> reporter: in talking to people there about how they feel, a lot of them oppose this project. tonight, they will get to ask valero what kind they plan to pass through. so far they have been relatively vague about its plans to bring 70,000-barrels of crude a day through town, but scientists say they have convincing evidence that the crew valero will process is either canadian tar sand, the heaviest, dirtiest out there or north dakotabkin, which is flammable and has caused catastrophic and deadly explosions recently in quebec and the united states. >> when you start to remine those heavier, dirtier crude oil, all that pollution comes out into the community. we are really increasing the
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impact these refineries bring in these dirtier crews. >> so what do valero and union pacific railroad have to say about this? well, there was a railroad official passing out this safety record today touting their safety record k similar preasesi, but tonight for the first time we will get chance to -- impressive, but tonight we will get to talk to them about what they plan on bringing here. live in veneia, christin ayers. a medical break through in the battle against valley fever. a group of doctors in fresno found way to diagnose is deadly fun gal disease through dna text. that would allow patients to start getting treatment almost immediately. before this, the diagnosis could take weeks. there is still no cure for the disease, but doctors say with early detection they can keep the symptoms in check.
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facing a spike in violent crashes and a crippling staff shortage. thousand a bay area police department is overhauling its lament law enforcement tactic. we asked the uc president what happened four-story the plan to freeze it for now. the real estate road project why thousands of bay area homes may never be built because of owls. ,,,,,,,,
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call now to get a u-verse bundle for the same great price for 2 years. guaranteed. gang investigation ever in n mateo county. it's called: operation sunny day. the year-long crack-down has swept up sixteen suspects. they've been indicted for murder, attempted murder, conspiracy, armed robbery. it was called "operation suy day" because that's code wo used by gang members when a murder was committed. "(26:57) ..."indeed it is a sunny day because these 16 member felong that have read ty are in custo police are calling it operation sunny day for a crack
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town in bang members. >> it is a sunny day today because these 16 gang member felons that have wreaked such havoc in our community are in custody. >> police say most of the defendants are connected to a fang based in east palo alto. police in one bay area city have had it with bad drivers. kpix 5 reporter john ramos tells us it is so bad they are restructuring their whole department to get more officers out on the road. >> walnut creek didn't have a lot of vie -- doesn't have a lot of violent crime. when you hear complaints about crime here, it usually sounds like this. >> people run red lights here loot. >> about two and a half years ago, because of budget reductions, the motor unit was disbanded. city wide, only 3500 traffic citations were written last year compared to nearly 10,000
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in 2010. and that has had an impact on places like this busy road ignacio valley road. >> citizens started noticing we weren't around. violations and starts started to increase. >> police management says retirement, injuries and competition from other police agencies have made it hard to maintain staffing levels. but now the cops are back with a popular new police chief and several food academy classes. the department is once again at full strength. >> there is lot to be said for moral. people are very excited about the new leadership. excited about the new schedule. >> officers will work three 12 and a half hour shifts per week and be responsible for specific areas of the city with special imfavorites sis on downtown. various specialty units will be restored, including the motor unit with four motorcycle officers by summer. it has been a channeling time
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for mastaba police departments, but things seem to be turning around here. >> there are always hurdles. it's fun under the new leadership and the momentum we're going. it's a great city. good place to work. >> in wall mutt creek, john ramos, kpix 5. >> police tell us the restructuring comes at know additional cost to tax payers. netflix's shares cropped today due to a possible partnership between apple and comcast. that is the biggest decline since october. the rumor fueling the drop, apple wants to deliver comcast television through an apple tv set top box. it plans to have it for sell by christmas. a burrowing owl colony is creating quite a slap other a dublin housing development. the city has already approve the project. the plan calls for 2,000 homes to be on the site just north of
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the station. activist have now sue the city to stop it. they say there isn't a food plan to deal with the owls that already live there. it is one of the last known -- good plan to deal with the owls. they are not endangered right now. the developer has promised to build a new habitat for the bird. paul deanno standing by. he says this weather has been for the birds lately. now the birds will love it. the ducks will love it. >> reporter: yeah. we need the rainfall. birds will be singing. this was a good balance because four weeks we had not a drop of rain and it will last a while now. several days of rainfall beginning tomorrow. i know you're looking outside. not a clue this is coming, but it is. here the a look from dublin. things nice and green up there now. burr we need more rainfall to keep it that way. mother nature providing this week. nothing right now. high def doppler is dry.
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as soon as this blocking ridge of high pressure moves, it can't block anything from us anymore. so whatever is out in the pacific will come here. here is the ridge of high pressure already on its way out. by tomorrow, it exits stage right and low pressure fronts and storms and rainfall. much need rainfall will make it here. we have rain moving in tomorrow morning for the forth bay. all of us get it tomorrow afternoon. now, don't focus on the low pressure icon, watch the arrows. we will zoom things out. the train tracks in the atmosphere. the storm track is aimed right at northern california. that will not move because the ridge of high pressure is not coming back. once they are right over top of us, car after car, after car, of rainfall, if you will. storm after storm will finally be able to make it here. there is one day over the next week where i don't think we will see any rain. that will be thursday. by sunday night, over the next week, we will see about an inch
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to inch and a half of rainfall. less in the south bay. north bay will get two to three inches of rainfall. much more as you head toward fort bragg. so, rain is coming. it will add up to a nice, significant total. san rafael tomorrow, 62. livermore 64. mountain view, 64. look at this forecast. what a change. rain wednesday. tiny little break on thursday. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: rainfall. lot of you have emailed me. a wash out, no. but will rain impact your outdoor plans? absolutely. >> you said for some reason everyone is coming to your office for this weekend and not any other weekend. >> reporter: yeah. >> what's going on?
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>> never fails. you plan for something and it never rains. the weekend you want to do something, it rains. thank you. appreciate that. >> reporter: you're welcome. >> thanks. desperate to find clues in the missing mal plane. as uc students face foible possible tuition hikes, we -- face possible tuition hikes, we ask the school's president about her plan to freeze tuition. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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p of neighbors i social media bringing new meaning to the term neighborhood watch. a group of neighbors recently created a face back page to fight back against crime and help victims. it's already getting results. they say the page helped them collect money to replace scooters and skate boards stolen from the children of a recently deployed soldier. >> we talked to the little bit. he said the skate board was his remembrance of his dad and he really misses him right now.
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>> so far, the waterman neighborhood watch has over 1,000 members. governor brown has got a ton of campaign cash for his rewe collection, nearly $20 million so far. and that's way more than his republican competitors. for example, former treasury official has raised one and a half million dollars. some uc students are frustrate the price of tuition may go up again. not just because they might have to pay more. the new uc president wanted to freeze tuition hikes there next school year. cbs reporter rob mcalister own why that promise is looking a little shaky. >> university of california college students were told their tuition would remain flat. but that is exactly what may soon be happening. >> that's really terrible. >> uc davis students like byron say they barely make ends meet. >> for me, i have a son.
6:22 pm
i really rely on lower tuition, especially this year. so, to kind of break that promise to students i think is awful. >> the governor has proposed $142 million more per year for the schools but only tuition remains flat. but what happens if tuition rises? we got answers. >> the money that is increased in the budget is predicated on the fact that both uc and csu keep their levels flat. >> they say it is too early to know if there will be an we vernal tuition hike. >> we will let the numbers float around. i will say, our intent is to hold the freeze as long as we can. >> students say it makes them nervous to think n't higher tuition and it would mean more debt when they graduate. >> if they increase it, i have to start thinking if i can pay those loan. >> that $140 million assistance from the state is still not
6:23 pm
guaranteed. it does need approval from the senate as well as the asemi my. >> the governor wants tuition to stay where it is at least until 2071. coming up in -- 2017. coming up, anguish after hearing of the fate of the missing mal plane. how technology in the bay area is playing a crucial role in the search for crews. >> i have trouble talking about it. the agonizing wait for a father whose son is missing after this deadly mud slide in washington state. how fire extinguishers have become poe at the present time weapons for bay area taggers who use extinguishers. ,,,,,, the great american novel.
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so you can happily let life get in the way,
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while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel banking for the life you have investing for the life you want chase. so you can
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miss ane. now at 6:30, horror and disbelief following the most definitive news credit about the missing mall airlines plane. that plane still has not been found more than two weeks after it disappeared. but as allen martin reports, for the first time, family members of the 239 people on board have word on its fate. that's tough to take. >> really hard day. >> malaysian executives say they are convinced based on new at slight information that the flight crashed in the indian
6:27 pm
ocean off australia. authorities say the flight ended in the waters of the south indian ocean with no survivors. all 239 people lost. >> it's been 17 days. they simply just give us this result. how can people bear this. >> the possible fate of the flight came from a definitive statement by the malaysian prime minister. >> it is therefore with deep sadness and regret that i must inform you that according to this new data, flight mh 370 ended in the southern indian ocean. >> a spokesperson says they met and called most family members before sending them this text message before the prime minister spoke. there was screaming, cursing and crying. some so distraught they had to be wheeled out of the meeting
6:28 pm
on emergency beds. after 17 days of hope, the raw pay of the moment -- pain of the moment setting in. official says they have a lead. they spotted two objects in the key search area. one of them is a gray or green circular object. tore, an orange rectangular object. answers were givenned to, but the mystery remains. >> so what caused that crash? investigators say there is still a range of possibilities. terrorism, pilot suicide, mechanical failure. none of those have been ruled out at this time. >> amazing. >> they can't get their hands on anything to have it analyzed, but that will come. >> hope so. allen, thank you for that. kpix 5's mark sayer shows us how satellite technology is helping crews search for that missing plane. mark. >> reporter: a five-year-old company already has a high resolution satellite in other bit. just as soon as the company
6:29 pm
heard about the missing jet, it began having its satellite taking high resolution images in the area. >> it was just last year that the mountain view based sky box launched the first of 24 planned satellites. it is the first commercial satellite to be able to take real time high def in addition video from space as well as still images. this is the company cofounder. >> for the last few weeks we have been testing our first satellite one to take a number of images and video throughout the search region from the indian ocean to the south china sea. >> show says the decision to direct the satellite to photograph the search area was an easy one. >> we have been working with a number of experts and analysts to look through the images to find any clues. >> while the company is not releasing the current imannals it is taking in the search area, you can see in these recent samples the type of resolution that is possible.
6:30 pm
cars can be seen moving through the streets of big cities and planes coming in for landing at airports. while the company is primarily focused on data collection, it is the real time capabilities of these satellites that makes them particularly useful in search and rescue missions. many other commercial images can be days old. >> and when there is a natural disaster and you need an image today, that doesn't suffice. it's very difficult to get that if you're not a government entity. >> reporter: sky box is analyze some of these images on its own. others are being sent to outside experts. sky box says if it finds anything, it will release those images to the public and also immediately to the rescue teams in australia. i am mark sayer, kpix 5. >> several other commercial satellite companies are participating in the search effort. developing news out of washington state where hopes of finding anymore survivors from
6:31 pm
this weekend's massive mud slide is waning. tonight, the death toll is up to 14 with more than 100 people still unaccounted for. two of the missing have family here in california. cbs reporter derek shore spoke with a father in yellow county who is waiting to hear from his missing son. >> i have trouble talking about it. >> a particle of emotions trying to hold on to the chance his son, a navy commander, better known as johnny is alive. >> good lord willing they'll find him. i hope. >> but that hope, he admits, is being tested with every passing moment. the dedicated service member and his wife chris are among the more than 100 missing in the mud slide north of seattle. at least eight people have died. >> every hour that goes by, it defies reason that anybody could survive that long underneath that mud. i'm hoping they will find him in one of the hospitals.
6:32 pm
they just didn't record it. >> they let my other two sons come close enough to see where the house used to be but there ain't nothing there. they won't let them too close. >> it is making it tough to get to the area, the mud. leaving a worried father still coping with his wife's death months back. >> and now no happens. >> and, now a navy commander and his wife dedicated to service are missing. as john waits, he shuttles asking rescuers for one thing. >> don't give up. keep looking. keep looking, whether they find my son alive or not, i'm sure there is people still alife there. everybody needs closure. >> late thiefening, searchers may have found john's uniform but still no sign of -- evening, searchers may have found john's uniform, but still no sign of him or his wife.
6:33 pm
the navy initiated new testing after finding elevated levels of what was called site 12. other bay area headlines. mourners are gathered at san francisco's park right now. it is the spot where police shot and killed 28-year-old niedo friday night. officers say they were forced to fire after niedo pointed a gun at them. his friends claim he was carrying a taser. police are now planning town hall meeting to discuss this shooting. it is set for 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. witnesses say a fame of dice may have sparked a shooting last night. gunfire struck seven people. so far, nobody's been arrested. police are checking if surveillance can offer any clues. another bay area county could soon place limits on where people can smoke icigarettes. tomorrow, lawmakers in santa
6:34 pm
clara county are set to vote on the use of the inhalers in the same places where regular cigarettes are currently not permitted. san francisco passed simmer sure last week. the state is shooting down a video that made the rounds on the internet that appeared to show elevated radiation levels at northern california beaches. all of it supposedly traced to anded nuclear reactors at the fukushima plant in japan. well, the california department of public health hassish shawed its final report on the matter -- issued its final report. it concludes the radiation occurs from natural elements in the sand and does not pose a threat to human health. fire extinguishers in the wrong hands. and, how atm machines are getting high-tech upgrades. ,, ,, ,,,,,,,,
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today. the u.s. and six other world powers voted tok russia out -- until moscow changes course. the group also canceled the upcoming g-8
6:37 pm
the group of eight shrunk by one. the group cancel the up coming g 8 economic summit that was scheduled for sochi russia. it is what president obama warned about after russia took over. leaders of the remaining seven nations will meet in brussels instead. minnesota suspected of 14509ing at police officers in los angeles is dead tonight after a four-hour long standoff. police responded to a do mess stick -- domestic call this morning. one female male officer was caught and hit in the arm with gunfire. the suspect was held inside the house until a s.w.a.t. team member came and found him dead. police are not sure how he tied. the injured officer will be okay. taggers in the south bay have figured out how to make their art eaven uglier. they are using super soakers and fire extinguishers to super size their scrawl.
6:38 pm
it is called drip tagging. they are doing with watered down house paint. >> they don't put themselveses in harm's danger. they can tag from the ground level. they can get it up 23 feet high so people can see it out on the street is what they really want. >> as you might expect, drip tagging can also be loot more difficult and expensive to clean up. a news photographer on the scene of car crash ended up catching a couple of other crashes on camera this morning in sacramento. the first collision sends a truck slamming into the divider. then, another car rear ended. that car careens into the open door. the first car slamming it shut. luckily, no serious injuries were reported. a lot of los angeles commuters have to wait before they can say honey i am home. the reason is, this honey spill on the northbound 605. the sticky mess happened when truck flipped over about 2:00
6:39 pm
this afternoon. two lanes just reopened. no word on when third lane will open up. still ahead, when is the last time you set footed in a bank? coming up, how new atm technology could make it practically obsolete. most of the time when there is a big pattern change coming, you see a sign of it the day before. i don't see it either. not cloud in the sky, but guess what, things are changing significantly as soon as tomorrow. details and how long we will stay wet, coming up. i'm dennis o'donnell. what's the difference between mohammed ali and stanford? could richie incognito be coming to the raiders. i have fever and the only
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big changes may be coming ta bank near you! on the consumerwach julie w
6:43 pm
tells us atm mac mark it off just a little bit. big changes may be coming to a bank near you. >> on the consumer watch, screwly watts tells us atms may be getting an upgrade. >> reporter: 03% of americans say they haven't set foot in a bank in six months according to a new survey. customers are looking for better hours, more convenience, and that is leading too new technology like this. >> hi. >> select atms are now offering videoconferencing with tellers and call centers. they can reportedly handle 95% of typical bank transactions. both regional and big banks are text out the atm technologies and other tools may also allow atm to interact smart phones, giving you cash in the time it takes to stamp a picture. >> to take your mobile phone and prestage a transaction own mobile and then be able to go up to the atm and very quickly finish that transaction, that has great benefits for speed.
6:44 pm
>> and, the banks experts says this is just the beginning. other new technologies will soon allow you to do everything from sending money to friends to paying bills in person after hours. veterans rye zone is being accused to push customers to switch to its internet voice packages instead of fixing its land lines. an emergency petition was filed against them today. they are asking the california public utilities commission to force verizon to repair its land lines. verizon calls the charges false. they say nobody is forced to switch. critics argue internet services on fiber networks are more vulnerable to power out annals in natural disasters. walmart is testing a new app called savings catcher. you take your receipt home and enter the information. the app checks to see if the items were sold cheaper else
6:45 pm
where. if so, you get a get card for the difference in price. walmart says it takes the work out of finding the best deal, but critics warn, like most reward programs, you do trade a bit of privacy for the best price. julie watts, kpix 5. paul holds a lot of power in our newsroom right now because they want to know what's going on. >> reporter: nobody told me. >> nice going. >> reporter: yeah, right? >> yeah. the weekend i have something plans and paul says it will rain. >> reporter: can't ask me if it will rain. 362 days a year and the answer is usually no. >> now, i got six days of rain in the forecast. >> that's true. >> reporter: really? will it rain? yes. >> yes. >> reporter: everybody has a weekend where they have the plans. this weekend will be ken's. it will be wet out there. come up with a plan b. sorry, ken. look how nice it is tonight. live picture. nothing but clear skies. why is this changing? well, it is changing because we
6:46 pm
need the rainfall. big pattern changes as soon as tomorrow. livermore, 76 right now. san jose at 73. santa rosa, 72. cooler in the city. san francisco 61. you certainly are getting the influence of the ocean. san bruno currently 65 degrees. nothing on the radar. trillion not be anything for the next several hours because am zooming things now. nothing as far north as ukiah and fort bragg. so, what will be changing? rain around here. snow in the mountains great news for our snow pack. we could use as much as p we can get. 4500 and above, up to eight by thursday. above 5500 feet, 24 inches. two new feet of snow lot slight chance of thunderstorm coming up tomorrow night. the process is something that has not happened much at all all winter long. it is so simple. this moves out. this moves in. this guy has been stub important has been here since november with the exception of
6:47 pm
a couple weeks in february we have had a blocking ridge of high pressure off our west coast keeping everything well up north. this tame, though, it is finally moving out allowing this guy to move in. big area of low pressure. the first of many. that will be moving in giving us a pretty wet pattern all through ken's plans this weekend. >> great. >> reporter: you're welcome, ken. we have a cold front tomorrow. rain in the north bay tomorrow. rain for all of us. storm track is there. it is not changing. right into northern california. lots of rainfall on and off for the next week. we will be staying soggy for a while likely until next monday. there is only one try day out of the next seven. the first wave of rainfall gets here tomorrow. will not be sunny and warm like it was today. even a slight chance of a thunderstorm tuesday night early wednesday morning. normal highs in the low to mid 60s. it will feel so chilly tomorrow, but we are just cooling back to normal.
6:48 pm
san jose wet. 64. coupe tee know 64. redwood city, 63. -- couper coupe -- rain by lunchtime in berkeley tomorrow. cloverdale, you will get rain before sunrise tomorrow. high 66 degrees. soggy on wednesday. that one dry day will be thursday but not terribly sunny. friday, wet. saturday, wet. sunday, monday, wet. >> thanks, paul. >> reporter: i'm here for you, ken. he wants it to rain all the time. now he's got the rain. can't make everybody happy. that's why i have a job. we've got sports, next.
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6:51 pm
elite 8 in the ncaa tournamt is life is pretty food last week. >> we were debate whether we should send glen to stanford. brian says don't send him because stanford will lose their first game. >> i said i don't think so. >> yeah. >> and they won. >> surprised a lot of people. >> including me. >> they didn't surprise one guy. you're about to find out who that is. in the last 25 years, the only school in the bay area to reach the elite eight is stanford.
6:52 pm
they will try to get back there in memphis on thursday. the cardinals were back in the bay area this afternoon preparing for the dayton. this is johnny's first tournament in his six years as head coach. the win over kansas was the great. his seniors remember it wasn't always this good. >> we have been through as a squad so much adversity the. the first season we were just bad. we have come so far. it is even better having gone through that. >> that is the moment that you kind of dream of when you're in the backyard. >> uh-huh. >> as a little kid. for it to happen to us, it's surreal. >> uh-huh. >> it shock the world, but we shocked us. >> no respect. that is the story of our lives. >> no respect for anybody. we were the only tv station to send a crew to cover the
6:53 pm
cardinals. stanford is among the teams of the worst odds at 120-1. dayton, the team they will play has the worst odds on 150-0. that's impossible. uconn, station state, ucla -- san diego state, ucla round out the top five. the only guy who piked them, kpix 5 amist -- picked them, kpix 5's analyst. >> i like stanford in this game. >> wow? >> i like them. >> is what what you said when you walked into the sports office two hours ago? >> yeah. i did. >> thank god juliette is here so we don't have to listen to julia float. >> not bad. >> she is leading the kpix bracket challenge. >> pretty impressive. >> she is red hot. teammates the riot act
6:54 pm
before the lady cardinals second round game against florida state. stanford trail early but samuelson shot them right back in it. they led by 16 at the break i. wouldn't be a highlight without shane. 21 for her on 8 of 11 shooting. sanford wins. they return home to host either florida or penn state in the sweet 16. in with the new, out with the old. or, in the raiders' case, in with the old, out with the young. after signing 32-year-old quarterback matt schaub, 24- year-old pryor wants out of oakland. he wants to either be traded or released so he can try and start with another team. pryor lost his job last year to undraft quarterback. he threw seven touchdowns and 11 interceptions. just gets crazier for oakland. former dolphins offensive lineman is still looking for work after being released by
6:55 pm
miami following the bully scandal. now, today, raiders owner mark taste told reporters that he would think about signing the lineman. while he's still out of a job, bully victim john than martin is apparently fitting in nicely with the 49ers. head coach harbaugh says he is not interested in talking about what happened in miami. >> no. didn't ask him anything. told him i didn't want to know anything. unless he wants to share it with me, this is a new opportunity. this is like the etch a sketch. if you want to take it and flush it, i'm all for it. giants, a week away from opening the season. ryan doesn't look ready. facing the angels, loaded double down the line. two runs score. vogelsong has aloud 19 runs in 19 innings this spring. giants lose 11-4. 2 a's lost to the ranger -- the a's lost to
6:56 pm
the rangers. if you were open spending all your -- were spending allayer weekend checking out the back wees on, you may have missed some things. >> celebrations are perfect. look at the goalie of all things. manchesteruated. could have been -- manchester united. zamora scores the easiest goal of his career. his name is quick for a reason. denied on a quick club save.
6:57 pm
>> you want cow bell. >> what he said was i got a fever. and the only prescription is more cow bells. >> anyway. that is a sanford band member what has gone viral. his name is alex chang. he is an engineering student and he is like the biggest star on the internet right now. >> you love stanford, don't you? >> absolutely. they are going to the pig eight. >> thanks for watching. news always on thanks for watching. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:58 pm
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