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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  March 25, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> efficient way to deliver water. >> reporter: tim says he was more than surprised when he received a letter notifying him that his family farm in morgan hill would lose all of its public water supplies. >> we just thought it was kind of harsh to just cut us off. >> reporter: this 300 acres of garlic is irrigated using untreated water from the santa clara water district. there's a drip irrigation system to deliver the water with 98% efficiency. but due to the district's need to save every drop to purify and send to muni cipal customers, he and 100 other customers will lose their supply. >> everyone is nervous. what's next? we can't grow anything without water. >> reporter: this is where the farm gets its water supply from the santa clara valley water district. come may 1 that water supply goes away. >> this impacts everyone. >> reporter: marty grimes with the santa clara valley water
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district says customers like kiala with contracts to allow shutoffs. >> it's an interruptible supply and they understand that in their permits but it doesn't make it easier if you're suddenly without water. >> reporter: it also provides water to san jose and half dozen other cities at the wholesale level. those water utilities have been formally notified that only 80% of requested water deliveries will be met this year. >> what most of them can do is turn to ground water and that's why we're hoping that the community will respond to our call for conservation. >> the utilities not receiving amount of water may get it from a different provider or get it from ground water but they hope customers will conserve. mark sayre, kpix 5. some rain is starting to fall today and this is just the
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start of what looks to be the longest stretch of rain we have seen so far this year. paul deanno shows us where it's wet now on our hi-def doppler radar. >> reporter: it's the south bay where we saw in a story done, morgan hill getting some rainfall. that farm, it's rain there is right now. south bay will be san jose up 680 up 880 up toward fremont almost to livermore and dublin getting some showers right now. that yellow is a steady rainfall. we'll take every little bit we're going to get and we're going to get a lot over the next several days. farther north includes san mateo county, san francisco, marin, sonoma county. we are dry. but we were wet earlier today. that line of rainfall slicing through between lunchtime and 2:00 now pushing to the east. that's not it. that's just the beginning. now the storm track is right over us right over northern california. that blocking ridge of high pressure is no more. so this is just the beginning of the rainfall. quarter inof for you in andrew bogut. clearlake about one-fifth inch much less towards san bruno and hayward. the weather headlines, the next round moves in as soon as
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tonight. it will be soggy again tomorrow. soggy for the morning commute. risk of thunderstorms and hail tomorrow. so getting unstable out there. we'll talk about how long the wet stretch of weather will last in about 10 minutes. new at 6:00 facebook is spending $2 billion to jump into the world of virtual reality. silicon valley giant is buying okulus. it makes a gaming headset that responds to head movements. last month facebook bought messaging service "whatsapp" for $19 billion. state lawmakers are backing off a plan to force chefs to wear gloves. chefs are required to wear gloves urged a new law set to be enforced this summer. bartenders are supposed to wear them, as well. today a committee voted to appeal and revisit that regulation before enforcement starts. regulators say bare-handed chefs are more at risk of
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spreading food-borne illness. chefs argue gloves are restrictive and wasteful. a maker of fruit flavored alcohol drinks will change the marketing campaign so it doesn't appeal to children part of a deal between four loko the san francisco city attorney and 19 other states. four loko says it won't promote its drinks on college campuses or show underaged drinkers in its ads. and the company also agreed to pay $400,000 to settle the case. a bay area woman is found guilty of running a fake university. suzanne su ran what she called a christian higher education institution out of this building in pleasanton. international students would pay $2,700 a semester to attend. they were allowed into the u.s. on student visas. they were allowed to get jobs. prosecutors say su netted more than $5 million from the
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operation. she used the money to buy real estate and a mercedes-benz. the biggest change in education in 30 years is a reality in one east bay school district. kpix 5 reporter ann notarangelo talked with some students who are among the first to take the new "common core" test. >> it seemed harder than the star test. >> it was easier than i expected. >> reporter: these sixth graders are among the first to get a look at the new "common core" standards test. more importantly, it's a chance for the teachers and administrators to evaluate the test computer program and see how the children react. >> i want to make sure the kids are comfortable and that the teaching they have alliance with the way they are tested now. >> reporter: san ramon unified will spend the next few weeks testing the test. "common core" is a set of nationwide standards designed to educate students to be better critical thinkers. students will be graded on the standards next year. so far, they seem comfortable
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with it. >> click on the sentence that best describes either what the topic was or what the other paragraph was saying. >> reporter: they also like the idea of using technology. >> it's a lot easier to learn it when i can actually listen to it and also read it. >> reporter: "common core" has its critics uniting conservatives and liberals who don't like how it's implemented or call it a federal takeover of schools. this principal says it's critical this goes right. >> we have to have a really good launch and i think this year the gift of being able to test the test is invaluable. >> reporter: they are learned today there are glitches in the computer program. >> whatever happens this year, we'll fix it. >> reporter: they expect more bumps ahead. in fact, they still don't know how portions of the test will be graded. but if "common core" accomplishes its mission, this will be a generation of "problem solvers" who can face those challenges.
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in danville, ann notarangelo, kpix 5. >> 45 states have adopted "common core" but just yesterday, indiana's governor opted out of the curriculum. he says standards should be set at the state and local levels. if you would like to look at sample questions, go to and click on "links and numbers." after sexual assaults are reported, not all the rape kits are tested but now lawmakers in sacramento have moved a step closer to reducing the backlog concerning rape kit testing. reporter bob mcallister has the story. >> reporter: rape kits allow crime labs to match an unknown attacker to a database of convicted criminals but thousands and thousands of these kits in california are not being tested at all. >> my kit sat for 9.5 years while the man that assaulted me was a nationwide crime spree. >> reporter: the bill making its way through the capital would aim to put more criminals away sooner by requiring them to be tested within 30 days.
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>> to test just foreign y chromosome because they are looking for the y chromosome that would be associated with the perpetrator. >> reporter: some of these cases are stalled without testing this assemblywoman says that needs to change because the case could tie the attacker to another unsolved case. >> oftentimes feels we know who the assailant was, we'll solve it quickly, why do we need to go and analyze this evidence? >> reporter: a lack of financial resources is also a reason the kits sit in the lab. the california sheriff's association is not against the testing but does have concerns about the tight timetable to process the kits. >> the concern is mandating unworkable time frames that -- that don't allow for flexibility in terms of local priorities on what needs to be tested it when. >> reporter: there are even concerns by sheriff's departments that the backlog of these rape kits won't dwindle if crime labs have to process every, single new kit. natasha says it's a chance the state should take. >> it's sending a message to
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the people of california saying we care about your safety. we want you to be safe and sending a message to criminals saying you are not allowed to get away with this. >> reporter: in sacramento, rob mcallister, kpix 5. >> assemblywoman skinner says when new york city adopted changes like those in her bill, the arrest rate for sexual assaults went from 40% to 70%. trying to escape police. a driver kills a motorcyclist and then runs away. how a bay area fast food worker provided the key clue in the manhunt. >> how a $2 million trail lets you see one of the bay area's most spectacular views like never before. >> a high school basketball team from the bay area headed to the state championship. how the hoops legacy runs in the family. ,,,,,,,,,,
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[doorbell rings] hey. hey. what's this? it's u-verse live tv. with at&t u-verse... you can watch live tv from your device. hey. hey. anywhere in your home. [doorbell rings] hey. hey. so you won't miss a minute of ncaa march madness. call now to get a u-verse bundle for the same great price for 2 years. guaranteed. that killed a motorcyclist
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fremont early this morning. at deadly crash - a manipulate any cooper -- mini cooper crashed and killed a motorcyclist this morning. debris from the crash scattered at fremont boulevard and decoto road near a taco bell. police got a call from one of the workers there right before the crash. >> the employee says the customer in the drive-through was belligerent trying to pay for items with medical cards. >> kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran on the chain of events after that fast food stop. >> it's just never wise to get behind the wheel if you have been drinking. >> reporter: investigators say speed is a factor. alcohol another factor. and the suspect 23-year-old alexander alexander yohn is facing charges. a motorcyclist was driving on decoto road through this intersection as the suspect zoomed through hitting the victim here throwing the victim and the motorcycle hundreds of yards past the bank before the
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suspect crashed into the pole. in fact, it was only after officers arrested yohn for crashing did they hear about the fatal collision. passersby flagged them down letting them know about the motorcyclist. officers say yohn tried to run but he was caught when he tried to jump a fence. fremont police say if it weren't for the taco bell employee, yohn might have gotten away. >> had they not, you know, we would have come down here and found all of this, you know, maybe the suspect would have taken off and gotten over that fence and we would be now looking for a suspect. >> reporter: fremont police say friends and family have been here throughout the morning. however, they did not want to talk to the media. as far as the investigation, the next step would be to gather surveillance video from nearby businesses so they can reconstruct what happened. reporting from fremont, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> police say the suspect is from emeryville. the name of the victim hasn't been released yet. a burglary suspect busted in san mateo county after flirting with the bartender.
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it's a case of boy meets girl, gives her his number, and ends up on a date with the cops. police arrested 31-year-old saturday night through tricky detective work and a cell phone. an employee says that she saw the suspect stealing stuff from this indian restaurant early saturday morning. she recognized him from earlier that day. when he flirted with her, he gave her his contact information, she told police who were able to lure him to a bar through a text message. that's our safety tip of the week, if you going to flirt, don't burgle. if you are going to burgle, don't flirt. >> reporter: he is in the san mateo county jail on commercial burglary, possession of stolen property and drug charges. sharks won a victory today in federal court. shark fins which are used primarily to make shark fin soup part of chinese culture.
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but a new law in california bans the sale, possession and distribution. chinatown groups challenged the law and filed a lawsuit in federal court. but today, a u.s. district court judge dismissed their case saying the plaintiffs offered no proof the ban is unconstitutional. the groups are now considering whether they will appeal. the bay area's newest trail is opening in just a couple of days. you'll recognize the name, allen martin is here with a preview. >> yeah. a little glimpse into what the future holds for us. >> reporter: the ribbon-cutting is thursday for a notorious stretch of highway 1 that's now closed to cars. thanks to two new tunnels, devil's slide has been reborn for cyclists, hikers, even horseback riders. a little paint, a little bending of the handrails, a last run for the front-end loader, now the new devil's slide trail all 1.3 miles of it is about ready to go. >> there's no place like it in the world.
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so i think we're pretty lucky. >> reporter: don has been volunteering with san mateo county for about a year. he says there's no place quite like devil's slide. and now people will get to see it like never before. >> it's pretty amazing, the wildlife and the geology here and the beautiful views. it's really pretty spectacular. >> reporter: when the new tunnel south of pacifica opened 11 months ago and replace the the infamous section of highway one called devil's slide it created a unique opportunity. >> this was the road and 30 years ago, i understand when folks first started talking about a tunnel, at devil's slide, people started talking about, well what would we do with the old road? >> reporter: the idea of a new coastside trail was born. you're not going to have access to all the remotes spots of devil's slide, for example a lot of people would love to climb the stars to the top of the hill. that's an historic site part of our coastal defense system up until 1949. so that's off limits. but what you do have access to gives you a view like this.
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and with the views may very welcome some questions about things such as pedro rock. >> the why is a rock striped like than? why is it sticking straight up in the air? why is it striped like that? was it the floor of a sea? what made it pop up like that? >> reporter: you need to go see for yourself and they will give you the answers down there. >> devil's slide. i learned to drive on devil's slide road. >> i took my driving test. >> there's a song the last ride on devil's slide. >> everybody was scared, we climbed into the car and that was the end of that. i made it [ laughter ] >> you mentioned $2 million to build it? >> there is of course the budget to maintain it. i'm told that there is a half million dollars a year budgeted by the county to maintain it because part of that they had to buy heavy caltrans type of earth moving equipment. it is after all called devil's slide. the county has no illusions the slides will stop just because the traffic moved over and going through the tunnel. so the rocks will be there. >> skill scares me when i think about it.
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>> me, too. that's how you learned? okay. [ laughter ] >> have you seen him drive? >> allen, thank you. all right. some slick roadways after today. and tomorrow and i don't know, you tell us. >> anybody else shocked that ken passed ? [ laughter ] >> got his license? >> yes. >> scared enough, just get out of here. yeah. it's going to be rough driving for the next couple of days. we have some rain out there but we could use every drop. it's been a very, very dry year but now we're getting into a wetter pattern. here's the radar south bay. you have been left out from a lot of the rainfall over the past couple of months but you just had a round of heavier rain move through san jose, campbell, los gatos. now exiting milpitas in the 680 corridor, this may get you out toward livermore. livermore, pleasanton and dublin you may see some heavier showers. i'll zoom out to show you that the peninsula and the north bay mainly dry. but we have had some rain in the south bay over the past hour and that rain has been steady. you see the drops on our san jose camera. highs today so much cooler than
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we have been recently. san jose only 67. you're the warm spot. fremont, livermore, you hit 65 with afternoon rainfall. redwood city 63. oakland 63. san jose 60 degrees. there's a very interesting setup in the atmosphere now. it is the exact opposite, the opposite of what we have had the entire winter. now that high pressure is supposed to be building in, it's now over the four corners toward new mexico and colorado allowing what should have happened in the winter to now happen in the spring. that's a big area of low pressure up to our north feeding storms in. it's the opposite year for 2014. now that low pressure is here, now that the storm track has been laid downright over top of northern california, the front that moved through today is the trailblazer. everything behind the trailblazer now has nice easy path right into the bay area. the next system will get here tomorrow, slight chance of a thunderstorm, tiny chance of some small hail. 100% chance we're going to get rainfall. this is a cooler cloudier and wetter pattern that is finally here now that it's springtime.
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strange but true. vallejo 60 degrees. fremont tomorrow 60. rain in the morning for you in san jose. another round of rainfall for you in san rafael. san francisco only 59 and tomorrow will be wet. we catch a little bit of a break if you will on thursday. more rain moving in late friday. saturday looks like it's going to be soggy. the choice for outdoor stuff over the weekend will definitely be sunday. and then more rain moving in on monday and tuesday. it's odd, now that winter is done, mother nature finally is giving us a pattern that it should be more like winter. >> it feels like it a little bit. >> the whole country is messed up. i wouldn't feel bad about it. being called ticking time bombs how the plan to bring a volatile crude through the bay area faces fierce opposition. >> and march madness on the high school level. the bay area team headed to the state championship and how a father and son are bonded in success. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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basketball game this fridayn sacramen more remarkabl marin's drake high school is heading for the state championship game this friday in sacramento. it's remarkable to see where they are at the end of the season after they got off to an admittedly pretty mediocre start. kpix 5's don knapp reports even some team members can't believe how far they've come. >> reporter: that's right, ken. you know, drake students and families always support their basketball team but after that mediocre start, some folks didn't even realize what kind of ride they were on, that they were perhaps on the way to the championship season. >> we're going to use new balls this week in case we get new balls in the game. >> reporter: championship banners help the cinderella team focus on the big game friday. and the chance to hang up their own championship banner the first since 1982. >> we made norcal i said listen, the only way you win norcal is by thinking a little outside the box and just kind of letting go.
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and we just have had fun this last couple of weeks. >> it's $10 for tickets, $5 to help us pay for the bus if you can do that. >> reporter: it's been fun for students, too. they have been lining up for bus tickets for the trip to sacramento when school lets out early on friday. >> they care about the team so much and even people who haven't really been involved in drake sports, the line was out the door to get bus tickets. >> the saw the line out the door trying to buy the tickets. it was a testament to how, like, together we are as a school and how excited we are about this. >> reporter: you may call them a cinderella team but there's a deep winning tradition here as this wall of fame attests. >> it a school that's immersed in basketball -- it's a school that's immersed in basketball history starting in 1982 where both the boys and girls basketball team won the state championship. >> that is the state championship team here. you know? >> reporter: the assistant coach dan hunt was on that 1982 team. his son is on this year's team. >> you know, i look at him and i think, geez, i'm having so much fun, how great is this for them to come from mediocrity to
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a north cal title and now a shot at a state championship. it's a beautiful story. >> reporter: jesse hunt -- >> finish! >> reporter: -- gives coach credit. >> make sure you play loose and have fun and we can go anywhere. >> i told them to win big, you have to dream big and to dream big you have to do crazy things sometimes. we have been a little crazy. it's working. that's the best part about it. >> reporter: so friday they will know if playing loose and a little crazy can take them all the way to the top. reporting live in san anselmo, don knapp, kpix 5. >> speaking of basketball, how are your brackets doing? for me, it's more like march sadness. head to to track this week's games. good luck. a potentially explosive crude oil may be brought through berkeley soon. what protestors hope to do to stop it.
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>> god gave me a miracle. >> he did. >> the miracle this mother has waited for, for three decades. >> and still recovering from traumatic injuries why this war veteran is selecting his pedal power right here in the bay area. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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tonight - the battle heats o try to stop highly-volatile crude from rolling through e now at 6:30, hoping to prevent deadly disasters, tonight the battle heats up to stop volatile crude from rolling through the bay area. the berkeley city council is meeting tonight to talk about crude being shipped by train to east bay refineries. christin ayers joins us live from city hall. >> reporter: protestors calling it a ticking time bomb a plan to bring trains that are full of that potentially explosive fracked crude oil through cities like berkeley, oakland, richmond emeryville all along the capitol corridor line where amtrak trains currently run. the crude that we're talking about did in fact fuel the fire like this one in quebec last summer when a train there derailed, 47 people killed. berkeley's vice mayor and others who live here are worried the same type of
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accident could happen here if union pacific trains carrying that crude are allowed to travel along the capitol corridor line on the way to the phillips 66 refinery in santa maria. a union pacific rep says their plans however are still up in the air. >> until there's a vital project and we're going to be moving crude oil to these facilities, we just won't know. >> reporter: now, environmentalists and city officials believe the plans are a little bit more definitive than that and tonight the city council will vote on whether to marshall resources to actually fight this in washington, d.c. reporting live in berkeley, christin ayers, kpix 5. >> we will bring you the results of that vote tonight at 10:00 and 11:00 on kpix 5 and by the way, city officials ultimately have no say over whether the trains will travel through the bay area. it is a federal issue that will have to be battled out in washington. also tonight, a new push to protect pedestrians and bicyclists from acts of road rage. oakland city council member libby schaaf is introducing a
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new law protecting pedestrians and cyclists from intentionally aggressive acts after a new study highlighted the dangers of vehicular aggression and it found from 1992 to 2011, 184 oakland pedestrians, bicyclists were killed in auto collisions. the city of concord is cracking down on tenants who don't do anything about bedbug infestations. we told but this apartment infested with bedbugs last october. now concord has a new policy that would cite landlords for failing to keep rental units free of infestations. tenant advocates say absentee slumlords routinely ignore the problem. they have been working with the city since last summer to do something about it. other bay area headlines, newark police say they have seen a huge drop in violent crime and they are thanking the community. crime is down 21% but there's a huge drop of homes getting broken into because of a boom
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in neighborhood watch groups. and this is what the drought has come to. hundreds of thousands of salmon were trucked today to the delta in hopes they will swim to the ocean and keep the population from dying off. more than 30 million salmon are expected to be taken from california hatcheries and dumped into the water over the next couple of months. 12 planes, two ships, seven different countries all searching for any piece of that malaysia airlines jet. bad weather halted the search again today. that added to the frustration from the families waiting to hear anything about the fate of their loved ones. the search area has narrowed but it is still about the size of alaska. huge. making matters worse, the u.s. black box locating device will not reach the search area until next week leaving little time to use the device before the box stops emitting signals. a southern california woman
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is free after spending 32 years behind bars. as kara finnstrom tells us, the woman claims she was forced to commit a crime at gunpoint. >> god gave me a miracle. >> yeah, he did. >> reporter: mary virginia jones waited three decades to enjoy this again, the embraces of her daughters as a free woman. just after midnight, jones left a detention center where she was serving a life sentence for a murder her attorneys argued she was forced to take part in. >> i'm looking forward to mother's day this year so we can do it the right way. >> was that you crying in the courtroom? >> no, that was mary. [ screaming ] >> reporter: those tears of joy were shed in this courtroom yesterday when a judge ordered jones released on time served. law students main today a person sent to death row for the 1981 killing had repeatedly abused and threatened jones before the crime that night saying he forced her at gunpoint to drive a car into an alley where he killed a man. the attorneys also argued that had the jury heard evidence
6:34 pm
about the effect of his abuse on jones they would not have convicted her. >> i did not willingly participate in this crime. >> reporter: she had been a teacher's aide before her arrest with no prior criminal history. her attorney said she met willis who had been homeless months before the murder and she had taken him to her church and invited her to her home. now she says she is plans to go into ministry and write a book. her daughters say she never lost fade she would be freed. >> when she heard the kits cutting up in the background, you say wait until i get home, i'll take care of the kids. >> i'm so grateful. words can never express how i feel right now. in other news, rescue crews from northern california are ready to go to washington state in the wake of the deadly mud slide. sacramento's urban search-and- rescue team is on standby to be deployed to the disaster area. today, crews spent the day loading specialized rescue gear on the big rigs ready to roll out for a difficult search. >> the access and the footing is going to be difficult.
6:35 pm
the earlier reports back from the washington team are that even the search dogs are having difficulty getting some of the areas they are getting stuck in the mud. >> the body of a navy commander and the son of a yolo county man was recovered earlier today. his wife is still missing. 14 bodies have been pulled from the mud slide so far. many others are still missing. a firefighter led away from a crash scene in handcuffs by a chp officer has now filed a claim. the dispute happened in february in southern california right in front of the cameras. the firefighter was cuffed, put into the officer's car after refusing to move a fire engine. he was not arrested. a lawyer for the firefighter sent the claim to the chp. he says he will drop it if the officers stop delaying or blocking firefighters from responding to crashes on the freeways. not letting traumatic injuries slow him down, how a personal cross-country challenge landed this war
6:36 pm
veteran in the bay area. >> and why so many amazon customers are finding some surprise money in their accounts. ,,,, the great american novel. so you can happily let life get in the way, while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel banking for the life you have investing for the life you want
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chase. so you can
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headlines all over the w the tech money that has caused musicians -- >> at least kinds of protests have grabbed headlines all over the world leading some to talk about tech backlash here in san francisco but some new poll numbers suggest the protests and the talk may be more noise than substance. the business sponsored bay area council hired a polling firm to ask san francisco residents about the tech industry and the buses. the results, 79% of city residents say the tech boom has been good for san francisco. and 57% say they don't mind the shuttle buses. so what does this tell us about all that tech angst? >> people as far as how this interplays with the housing crisis, people i think what this poll shows is that people are concerned about housing costs, they are concerned about
6:39 pm
costs of living, but they don't feel that the shuttles are the cause of it. >> the survey also found widespread support for regulating those buses and charging for their use of muni stops. the numbers released today are similar to another tech related poll that was conducted by the university of san francisco. a decorated marine is on an incredible journey to raise money for fellow soldiers wounded at war. kpix 5 reporter john ramos tells us he is biking thousands of miles across the country with the help of prosthetic legs. >> reporter: when rob jones wheeled his bike off the ferry into san francisco, he had a goal in mind. >> to have an adventure and challenge myself and see what i'm capable of now. >> reporter: the former marine combat engineer lost both legs in afghanistan. rob learned how to ride a bike using prosthetics legs and in october set out from maine on a 5,000-mile trek across america raising money for veterans groups that helped him in his
6:40 pm
recovery. now he is in the final stages of a journey that will end in april at camp pendleton. >> usually when we do a story like this it's taking on a challenge to prove something to themselves. but rob acts like he never had any doubts he could do this. >> reporter: and despite a journey that most people with normal legs wouldn't attempt, rob seems to take the whole thing in stride. >> i haven't really learned anything new as weird as that may sound but it has reaffirmed to me allotted of things about my own capabilities. when i decide to do something, i can do it. >> reporter: his little brother steve driving the chase vehicle says he is not surprised by rob's matter of fact approach to his disability. >> he goes with what he has. he is that kind of person. i have never been worried about my brother at all because i don't know, i just know he is going to be all right, you know? >> reporter: so as we mere mortals ponder the potential of our own lives, rob continues
6:41 pm
his cross-country adventure, you know, no big deal. >> he could bike across the world if he had enough time and felt like doing it. >> reporter: don't give him any ideas. [ laughter ] >> i won't. hopefully he won't watch this. >> reporter: in san francisco, john ramos, kpix 5. >> wow. well, rob is headed to half moon bay tonight and he will follow the coast ending up at camp pendleton where he will be honored by his fellow marines. and still ahead, free money. coming up in tonight's consumerwatch, why you might find an unexpected refund in your amazon account. >> finally radar is active many of us had rainfall today most of the bay area did and another round coming up tomorrow. another after that. and another. and another. get used to the drops on our live camera lenses there. your wet forecast is next. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, are you ready for a little truth or dare? >> that could not be further from the truth. >> you can't handle the truth! >> here's the truth. stanford's coach might get a big raise. >> guys, don't pay attention to
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any of that stuff. >> and the bizarre rules at the 49er's new stadium coming up. ,, whoa, what's that? umm...a flatizza. it's new from subway. what's a flatizza? tom, i'm patching you in. the latest invention from subway, the new flatizza. crispy flatbread loaded with mozzarella. now get 2 for $5. subway eat fresh. directions to the nearest subway.
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finding some extra money in their accounts today. co watts explai a lot of amazon customers are finding some extra money in their accounts today. >> consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains that it's a result of a lawsuit over ebook price fixing. >> reporter: yeah. you know, this got a lot of attention last year when the case was settled but a lot of people forgot about it. so today's refund are coming as a nice surprise. those who bought kindle ebooks from amazon between april 2010 and may of 2012 may be getting emails notifying them of refunds. how much? well, 73 cents for each book not on the "new york times" best-seller list and $3.17 for each book that is on the list. now, amazon is the one issuing the refunds but the money is actually coming from five major publishers. those publishers along with apple were accused of conspiring to keep the price of ebooks artificially high. if you have ever taken tout
6:46 pm
a payday loan, odds are your paid more in fees than the loan itself according to consumer financial protection bureau which finds payday loans can lead a vicious cycle of back- to-back borrowing. 80% of all payday loans are rolled over or renewed within 14 days and renewed at least 10 times before that loan is paid off. the survey also finds that it takes the average borrower 196 days, more than half a year, to pay off a loan. the agency is considering more regulation of the industry. and what exactly is bitcoin? well, the irs announced today it's defining the digital currency as property which means among other things, that it can now be taxed. employers who pay workers in bitcoin will have to pay federal income tax on it and independent contractors will have to report bitcoin payments over $600. however, those taxes may be tricky to calculate because the price of bitcoin is constantly
6:47 pm
changing. but it is considered a sign that the u.s. government is taking digital currency seriously. >> and you leave a little record every time you make that transaction that you know uncle sam is going to find out about. >> reporter: they are always watching. >> easier to find the receipt if they do. >> probably. >> all right. julie, thank you. i want to check in with paul right now who has done a little rain dance for us this week and it's paid off. >> off screen. >> we all appreciate that. >> thankfully. >> the rain is going to keep coming. we get sick of rainfall quickly around here. the emails start coming in on day 2, day 3, when is the rain going to stop? forgetting we're in a 40" deficit over three years. maybe by thursday or friday you may be wondering when is sunshine coming back? we have some rain out there. i know some of you in the north bay have sunshine right now in the south bay down highway 101 toward morgan hill and gilroy it is raining rather significantly. south of downtown san jose, but that entire drive on 101 from
6:48 pm
san jose to morgan hill is soggy. san francisco you were dry a few showers up toward bodega bay and point reyes. we're looking dry in the north bay, otherwise, and inland areas have dried ou after some rainfall today. beautiful shot of san jose. another shot from the top of the pyramid looking toward the golden gate low cloud cover now enveloping san francisco where it's 56 degrees. oakland, livermore, 57. san jose 59. santa rosa 58. now, that for us feels chilly. but let's take a look at the reality of early spring in other parts of the country, say washington, d.c. it snowed again today. the winter that will not end is now spilling into spring. a couple of inches of snow at the white house today. about 6" of snow at the jersey shore. and it's going to snow all the way up to boston overnight tonight. now, here's what i want for us for the spring. i want us to finish strong. the water year we're at the tail end of things here but normal rainfall from today through the end of the water year would be three inches. if we can get that 3.08 inches
6:49 pm
of rainfall, that would be perfect. it would get us from about 40% of normal back up to 50% of normal and believe it or not, doesn't sound like much, that would be a huge dent in the drought for us. if we stay dry we'll have even bigger problems towards summer and fall. this is the reason why i'm kind of confident we may get that rainfall because low pressure is kind of kicking that big blocking ridge of high pressure out of here and now it's all about the low not the high, which means all the storms will be coming in over the next several days following this storm track. the front that we had today that gave us rainfall, that's the trailblazer. everything following falling in behind it is going to fall into the storm track. we get rain tomorrow through monday. there's a lot of rain in this extended forecast and the next wave gets here tomorrow. on average quarter to half inch. futurecast saying more than that for pleasanton. third inch for santa rosa. what to expect, wet weather returning tonight. a thunderstorm chance tomorrow, slight chance of a thunderstorm 8:00 in the morning through
6:50 pm
4:00 in the afternoon. but the wettest day that will be saturday. here it is in the extended forecast. we'll dry out after tomorrow's rain thursday and friday dry. saturday we're wet. you want to get outside sunday will be the better weekend choice and there's more rain in the forecast for next week. we are all of a sudden quite soggy. dennis dry right over there. sports is coming up. ,,
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
rs coach mark jackson dismi one of his assistants todayh less than a month to go in e season. ant coach, brian trouble in camelot? warriors coach mark jackson dismissed an assistant today with less than a month in the season. brian scalabrini has been reassigned because of philosophical differences. he was in the first season on the warriors coaching staff despite the odd timing of the move, jackson was playing spin doctor today. >> it could not be further from the truth. and if it was true, there would be more people in the choir singing it. you guys are around every, single day. so that's entertainment. and that's poor reporting. >> interesting stuff. mark jackson by the way signed through next season. no such drama in
6:54 pm
gainesville where top-ranked florida has won 28 straight gamed so head coach billy donovan gets a new deal worth $22 million over the next five years. there goes the influence science wing. johnnie dawkins' future at stanford is in better shape following the cardinal run to the sweet sixteen in his first tournament in 6 seasons. his current deal runs through 2015. but there was speculation that dawkins would be fired if the team failed to make the big dance. >> how do you feel about that? does that bother you that that's been kind of a big theme? >> you know it really hasn't because i don't follow it. you know? i'm not one of those guys that really follow what's going on. so i always kid around with my players that they know a lot more about that than i do because i don't know anything about it. so unless you come to my face and say what you just said i have no clue what they're writing about me. >> what do the kids tell you? do they tell you you're in trouble? >> no, you can just tell look a little worried about things. i'm like, guys, don't pay attention to any of that stuff. >> good for him. the tournament resumes thursday. you can see it stanford and
6:55 pm
dayton right here on kpix 5 followed by ucla and florida and stay tuned for the march madness post-game show. we'll have complete reaction and highlights from memphis. bucks guard oj mayo although you might not recognize the former usc star. he has put on a little weight this season in milwaukee. so his old grizzly teammate rudy gay had an explanation for mayo being a little out of shape. >> was i surprised to see it? uhm a little bit. i haven't seen him. but we talked a little bit. he said he was hurting, you know, i guess, when you're hurting in wisconsin you eat. [ laughter ] >> true. when i was in green pay covering the 49ers, they put butter on the top of spaghetti and hamburgers. the giants will be in arizona for opening day next monday. but they won't have to face patrick corbin. the diamondbacks' ace had tommy john surgely and are miss the see -- surgery and will miss the season. madison baumgarner making the final start of the spring. chris davis crushing a fastball
6:56 pm
under the scoreboard. it was the first run allowed all spring by bumgarner. he promptly game up two more home runs and the giants beat the bree crew 5-4. a's and reds from the crack of the bat i would say brandon moss is ready for the regular season. three-run blast off francis the fourth homer of the spring. a's beat the reds 8-4. rules for the new 49er football stadium after being voted on in tonight's santa clara city council meeting where it will be voted on tonight. 49er fans, listen up. no more stink bombs. this is unfortunate because i was planning on saving my 4th of july fireworks for opening day. no birds reptiles or animals. this means my iguana has to stay home. no kegs in the parking lot, ken. this means you're going to be cancel, your season tickets and please, fans, no throwing footballs in the parking lot with your son or you could wind up in the new stadium jail.
6:57 pm
no lie. you can read the rest of the list at now, i know that tossing around a football seems harmless but we have evidence to the contrary that will be used at the meeting tonight. do we have the tape please? >> liberty mutual insurance policy auto policies. >> footballs are now on the national security administration's list of weapons of mass destruction. >> what are you in for? threw a football hit a keg. >> you're double. >> you're in. >> thanks. before we go, quick update on the mud slide in washington state. we just learned 10 more bodies have been located. that raised the death toll to 24. we'll have the latest at 10:00 and 11:00. captions by: caption colorado
6:58 pm
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