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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  March 26, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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a a desperate search for victims of a mudslide in washington continues. as the number of deaths rises, hopes of finding some begins to fade. >> i'm waiting for someone to tell me they found my daughter. >> omg. rescued in the nick of time, a construction worker tranpp o a burning building is plucked to safety seconds before the structure collapses. >> oh, no, my god. and a third grader show of support for a friend battling cancer has unintended results. captioning funded by cbs captioning funded by cbs this is the "cbs morning news" for wednesday, march 26th, 2014. good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green.
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we begin with that massive mudslide in northern washington state. search crews have now recovered 16 bodies, but another eight bodies have been located in the debris field. dozens remain unaccounted for, and we now learn that a government scientist warned 15 years ago about the potential for a disaster at this site. bigad shaban reports. >> reporter: rescue workers with search dogs and volunteers picked through muddy debris, at times with their bare hands. what they're finding is disturbing. >> a little touch of life. i can see houses destroyed all day and go that's bad, but when i see something buried undernooeunde underneath, that's very personal. >> reporter: on tuesday evening officials confirmed two more bodies were recovered from the pile. >> we have located another eight fatalities, however, we have not recovers those at this time. >> reporter: the rain-soaked
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hillside collapsed saturday morning, burying dozens of homes in oso, washington. 13-year-old jason was with a group that became surrounded by mud and falling trees. >> i thought, oh, i'm going to die right now. it's reaching us right now. >> reporter: this science cyst said he works with the army corps of engineers who filed a report 15 years ago warning of a potential for a catastrophe, but local officials say they weren't aware of that report. in nearby arlington, people are praying for the more than 100 people still missing and they're hoping for a miracle. bigad shaban, cbs new, darrington, washington. well, the weather has improved in the southern indian ocean and the search for the missing malaysian airliner resumed this area. the search area off the australian west coast is larger than texas and oklahoma combined. 12 planes and two ships are
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looking for debris. holly williams joined us by home from perth, australia, staging point for the search efforts. good morning, holly. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. the search has resumed off the coast of western australia today after a frustrating 24 hours when all search planes were grounded because of 50-mile-an-hour gale-force winds and powering swells in the area. there are 12 planes in australia today which is 1,500 miles off the coast and an australian naval ship and chinese air breaker. they're carrying out the first of the sweeps. they're hunting out debris to help them work exactly where exactly malaysia flight 370 went down. it's still roughly the size of alaska. the u.s. has sent an advanced robotic submarine to the area as well as a ping locater which could help find the plane's black blockses or flight recorders, but neither of those pieces of equipment will be much used until a narrow underwater
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debris field can be found, and we we don't have that yet. in fact, the head of australia's air force says they're not looking for a needle in a haystack. they don't even know where the haystack is. now, when it comes to the two black boxes which may help explain why the falling 777 went down, it's now a race of time because the box's transponder may have as little as 12 days battery life left in those boxes. anne-marie? >> holly williams in perth, australia. thank you, holly. back in this country, it's supposed to be spring, but this morning a powerful mid-winter-like storm is ready to pound new england. the storm developed off the mid-atlantic coast. washington, philadelphia, and new york are expected to see flurries, but blizzard warnings are posted for cape cod, martha's vineyard, nantucket, and parts of maine. some areas could see a foot of snow and wind gusts of 70 miles an hour. another black eye for the secret service. three agents responsible for protecting president obama during his visit to amsterdam
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were sent home for disciplinary reasons. the incident allegedly involved excessive drinking. the president arrived in belgium from amsterdam last night. the agents were sent home sunday. the "washington post" reports one agent was found passed out n a hotel hallway the day before the president arrived. all three are members of the team that responds to a possible attack on the president. in 2012 ten agents lost their jobs after it was discovered they were drinking and involved with prostitutes prior to a presidential visit to colombia. well, this coming monday is the deadline to enroll in a health care plan, but the obama administration is granting some americans extra time. susan mcginnis is in washington with the details. good morning, susan. >> good morning, anne-marie. according to the white house, this extension is for people who started applying to the federal health care website but are not going to be able to finish before monday's deadline. now, the government says it does expect a surge of applications and demand leading up to the deadline and it wants to avoid
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all of those website problems that have -- where the big issue last fall. now, to get the extension, applicants will check a blue box that indicates they tried to enroll before the deadline. this decision affects the 36 states that use the federal government website, but the 14 states that have their own state exchanges are likely to grant that extension as well. more than 5 million people have actually signed up so far. the government's goal, though, is 6 million. anne-marie? >> all right. susan mcginnis in washington. thank you, susan. the supreme court is considering a challenge to the president's health care overhaul. at issue, is the plan's guarantee of birth control and whether companies have the right to say no. jan crawford reports. >> reporter: the arguments were unusually intense and divisive. the court's three female justices all liberal defended the law and dismissed arguments by business owners that the contraceptive coverage requirement violates religious freedom.
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most forceful was justice elena kagan, a former top lawyer in the obama administration who clashed repeatedly with attorney paul clement. kagan said if business owners could object to birth control coverage based on religious grounds, what about the next case? suppose an employer refuses to fund vaccinations for her employees or blood transfusions. one religious group could opt out of this and another could opt oust that and everything would be piecemeal. clement pushed back saying those cases were different. his clients provide coverage for most birth control methods and argue the government should make an exception in the law so they would not have to cover for a pill and devices to preconvenient the implant of an embryo in the wound. >> roberts suggested upholding it. today he suggested that the contraception requirement forced religious business owners to
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violate their conscience. said roberts, that i have to pay for methods of contraception that they believe provides abortions. but the wild card senator kennedy said he expressed some concern about relegislation excess trumping the national health care. jan crawford, cbs news. >> coming up on the morning new, dramatic rescue caught on tape. a man trapped on the ledge of a burning apartment building tried to escape the flames. we'll hear from the hero firefighter. this is the "cbs morning news." firefighter. this is the "cbs morning news." ♪
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we found riley at the shelter, and found everything he needed at angie's list. join today at oh, my god. oh, no, oh, no, oh, no. a five-alarm wind-driven fire engulfed an apartment building under construction in houston yesterday. a work who was trapped on a fifth floor balcony jumped to safety with just seconds to spare. that's where he was rescued by the fire department. >> we got to the fourth floor. we got up to him then. we got the ladder -- we was probably a couple feet short. he jumped to the ladder. just as the ladder pulled away, the building started to a/* collapse. amazingly no one was injured. the blade runner is likely to take the stand in south
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africa, possibly as early as this week. his attorney says there's no choice but to have oscar pistorius testify in his own defense. prosecutors rested their case tuesday against the double amputee runner accused of murdering his girlfriend. pistorius admits to shooting reeva steenkamp but says it was a mistake. new york city officials are blasting a jump bibi parachutes. as jim axelrod reports, the leap is also sparking a debate about security. >> reporter: the video recorded by the skydivers is breath taking but new york city's mayor bill de blasio doesn't find anything amusing about the stunt last september at the world trade center. >> it's obviously not an acceptable state of affairs but we think it's one together we can resolve. >> reporter: it was 3:00 in the morning. the three men say they had no trouble gaining access to the construction site of t 1,776-foot-tall building.
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marko markovich was one of the jumpers. >> we found a hole near the febs, pufebs fence, pushed it open. we climbed the entire way up saying we didn't see anyone up. >> reporter: police dispute that saying one of the men was an ironworker with access to the site. that led them to one of the suspects. last week a 16-year-old slipped through a fence and climbed to the top of the tower. >> i know that both the city hall and one please plaza are concerned about this situation and we're going to deepen our coordination with the port authority police to address it. >> reporter: hundreds of officers are assigned in and around one ground zero, a site still considered a top target. the port authority, the agency responsible for securing the site, declined our request for an interview, providing a statement instead that police will go to any length to bring
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those who defile the world trade center site to justice. a source at the nypd told me that the tower won't loom large as a terror threat until after there are people in it. quote, it's not a serious concert security concern right now. it's a construction sight. the jumpers will have a trial date in july. jim axelrod, cbs news, new york. facebook is making another multi-billion-dollar acquisition. the virtual reality company oculus is the social media j giant's latest target. it creates a virtual world. facebook is betting $2 million that it will being a new media for learning, entertainment, and communication. still to come, the show of support for a friend that got a young girl sent home from school. and in the sports, the nfl sinks a popular end zone celebration. you'll only know you're taking fiber by the way good digestive health makes you look& and feel.
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so what happens when you make a basketball play on the football field? a penalty. starting next season, the nfl is prohibits players with celebrating a touchdown by dunking the ball on the goalpost. last year jimmy graham's knocked a goalpost off delaying the game for several minutes. one of the architects known today has died. ralph wilson jr. established the afl's buffalo bills in 1959 and five years later led that league's merger with the nfl. wilson, who was selected to the pro football hall of fame in 2009 is the only owner the bills have ever had. ralph wilson jr. was 95 years old. florida and florida state share one of the most intense rivalries in college football and on tuesday, it carried over
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to the baseball diamond. the two teams brawled after a collision at first base. jameis winston, the heisman-winning trophy winner who's a quarterback also on the baseball team was in the scuffle. three players were ejected. winston was not one of them. when we return now, dress code controversy. a little girl's show of support for her friend gets her kicked out of school. ♪ ♪ higher and higher [ male announcer ] more gain scent than ever plus oxi boost cleaning power and febreze. it's our best gain ever. new gain flings! it's our best gain ever. i've quit for 75 days. 15 days, but not in a row. for the first time, you can use nicorette even if you slip up, so you can reach your goal. now, quit on your own terms with nicorette or nicoderm cq. do you know what happens when you eat activia ♪ ♪yday? activia helps regulate your digestive system.
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because when your tummy smiles, you smile too! activia. feeling good starts from the inside. in san francisco sends sevel people to the hospital -- wt witnesses saw... minutes afr the wreck. a well-known house party... went up in flames. and more than a dozen teens are in trouble. the reason police e questioning the actions of neighbors. plus -- a suspected thief... looking for love... ended up in a date with a c. join us for kpix 5 news this morning... beginning at 4:3
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here's a look at today's here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. a colorado third grader with no hair may return to class. the charter school's board voted tuesday to allow cameron renfro to come back, reversing a decision to keep her away after
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she shaved her head. amanda brandeis of our grand junction affiliate krex explained why she did it. >> reporter: friends. >> two peas in a pod. >> reporter: that word means makeover, going to the mall, making sure that your friend never feels left out. >> people sometimes call me a boy even though i was all dressed in pink. >> reporter: delaney's battled cancer for years but never did it by herself. >> i did it so she didn't have to feel left out. >> reporter: but cameron spent her day here instead of the classroom, all because she violated school policy. her mother e-mailed school officials explaining to officials why the 9-year-old shaved her head but received call saying she could not come back to school. >> because she made a decision, a very brave decision to support her friend. >> reporter: cameron's mother shared her daughter's story on facebook with hundreds sharing the photo. >> i was really excited that i would have somebody to support me and i wouldn't be alone with people always laughing at me.
4:22 am
>> what do you want to say to her? >> i just want to say thank you for being a really good friend and actually being brave enough to do it and not only caring about your hair. >> friends support each other no matter what and this is a very brave little girl and we should support her in that fact that she made that decision and it is a big deal. it's a very big deal. >> reporter: that's krex's amanda brandeis reporting. the vote to allow cameron to return to class was 3-1. the center says the school has a responsibility to enforce its rules. well, congratulations anyway. the all-time sales record for girl scout cookies crumbled this week. katie francis of oklahoma city sold 18,107 boxes during the seven-week sales period that just ended. the old record dates to the 1980s. her troop plans to donate the proceeds to breast cancer research. coming up after your local
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news on "cbs this morning," film producer jerry bruckheimer. i'm anne-marie green. this is the "cbs morning news." [ female announcer ] do it. take the nature's bounty® hair, skin & nails challenge. give us a month, if your hair, skin and nails don't look and feel more beautiful, we'll give you your money back. nature's bounty® hair, skin and nails has biotin for beautiful hair and strong nails. and vitamins c and e for vibrant skin. take the nature's bounty® hair, skin and nails challenge. visit for details. ♪ i've been claritin clear for 7 days. . woohoo! at the first sign of my allergies, my doctor recommended taking one claritin every day of my allergy season for continuous relief. 16 days! 26 days of continous relief. live claritin clear. every day. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants,
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a lawsuit was filed against general motors this week in san francisco over a defect in some gm cars. at least 12 people have died and 31 have been injured in accidents linked to a faulty ignition switch. gm recalled 1.6 million vehicles last month. jeff glor got access to data that shows early problems. >> reporter: after the chevrolet cobalt was introduced ten years ago, there were problems from the start, including a defective ignition switch that could suddenly turn the engine off, disabling power steering, power brakes, and the air bags. both gm and nhtsa said despite having numerous reports of the problems, it was difficult to see a growing trend, but we analyzed data from the
4:26 am
government's early reporting system, which car manufacturers use to report accidents when someone is injured or killed. it shows in model years 2005 and 2006, the first model years for the car, gm reporting more claims of injury and death with air bags as a contributing factor than any other car in its class. in 2006 cobalts had more than 50 times as many air bag claims as honda civilities and five times the claims of the toyota corolla and ford focus. in another accident reporting database we analyzed, '05 and '06 cobalts had the highest mortality rates in its class and the highest rate of accidents when air bags did not deploy. blumenthal co-sponsored more data that would put data into the hands of public. >> when you see these numbers, what do you see?
4:27 am
>> these graphs are a depiction of death and destruction on a scale that is staggering when full discloser could have stopped them. >> reporter: many families of people who died in cobalts had no idea there was a problem. amber would have been? >> 26 years this year. >> reporter: lauren christian's daughter amber rose died in a cobalt in 2005. >> when you lose your daughter, whether you're the first one or whether you're the last one, she's still gone and it's still their fault for not fixing the problem. >> would you let your kids drive these cars? >> i wouldn't allow my children behind the wheel of one of these cars. gm should take these cars off the road. >> gm says they're still doing an internal review, but they told us they believe the vehicles are safe to drive with just the key and ring only and nothing else. we also received a statement from nhtsa. they said they repeatedly reviewed relevant data available at the time but that data was not sufficient to warrant a formal investigation. nhtsa says based on new information provided by gm, they
4:28 am
are taking another look. jeff glor, cbs news, washington. well, coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," we'll go to washington state as the death toll rises in that massive mudslide disaster and also look at places most vulnerable to mudslides. plus, the popular car service app uber, and promises with its newest offer for ride sharing. that's the "cbs morning news" for this wednesday. thanks for watching. -- captions by vitac -- thank you for watching. -- captions by vitac --
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good morning. it's wednesday, march 26 i'm michelle griego. and i'm frank mallicoat me is 4-- here's good morning. it's wednesday, march 26. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. nearly 4:30 on your wednesday. and the mock is back. >> the mock! >> that means the weather is
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going to be wet. we have a fun morning unless you're driving in it. we have heavy rain in spots. it's getting going. more rain is on the way. we'll talk about that coming up. >> already we have an accident this time coming into los gatos. sounds like one lane is blocked northbound 17 approaching madrone. we have chain requirements for the sierra. more coming up. breaking news overnight. seven people rushed to the hospital after this crash near van ness and geary in san francisco. police tell us three of the people hurt are suspects in the wreck. witnesses say they saw three people initially run from the scene but police have not confirmed that yet. police are rounding up suspects after an unoccupied house became a teenaged house party twice this month. kpix 5's andria borba reports it was a fire that led law enforcement to the home. >> reporter: when this home on fordham way in moin


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