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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  March 26, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> that means the weather is going to be wet. we have a fun morning unless you're driving in it. we have heavy rain in spots. it's getting going. more rain is on the way. we'll talk about that coming up. >> already we have an accident this time coming into los gatos. sounds like one lane is blocked northbound 17 approaching madrone. we have chain requirements for the sierra. more coming up. breaking news overnight. seven people rushed to the hospital after this crash near van ness and geary in san francisco. police tell us three of the people hurt are suspects in the wreck. witnesses say they saw three people initially run from the scene but police have not confirmed that yet. police are rounding up suspects after an unoccupied house became a teenaged house party twice this month. kpix 5's andria borba reports it was a fire that led law enforcement to the home. >> reporter: when this home on fordham way in mountain view
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went up in flames what detectives couldn't hear over the fire was the collective, oh- oh! from teenagers all over the city. >> somebody found out that the family was gone and nobody was home at the house. a juvenile broke into the house, decided to have a party. >> reporter: party one was so successful the weekend before, teens from several high schools did it again the next weekend march 16 and that's when the home caught fire. the home is fenced off with a scorched hole in the roof and debris on the front lawn. 14 teenagers, 12 juveniles and these two 18-year-olds, gilbert gomes and brandon pack, are facing charges of burglary, arson, drug possession and even stealing the family's park. a sergeant tells kpix 5 that's just the tip of the iceberg. more arrests are coming. >> as you can imagine, though, as our detectives begin talking to kids, the web of this investigation begins to reveal itself. and it becomes a huge thing. >> reporter: mountain view police want to know why on a
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quiet tree-lined street of $2 million homes, nobody called to report the obviously rowdy party either weekend. >> police department received no loud party calls, no parking issues, in the middle of the night. >> reporter: in mountain view, andria borba, kpix 5. >> mountain view detectives suggest anyone else who was at the home surrender or expect a knock on the door from an officer with a warrant. palo alto police hope you recognize these guys. some pictures here from a house that was broken into and then ransacked on monday the owner took it from her video surveillance system. you can see two men inside. police surrounded the home on monday night after about five hours the s.w.a.t. team went in. the bad guys had slipped out. an officer-involved shooting in san francisco led to a town hall meeting to let the police chief know how the citizens felt. [ screaming ] >> the meeting last night was at a school not far from the
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bernal heights park where officers shot and killed 28- year-old alejandro nieto friday night. police went to the park after several 911 calls about a man pacing with a gun. but chief greg suhr confirmed that alejandro pointed a taser at officers not a handgun. >> they could not see from where they were that it was anything but a black weapon as demonstrated here. this is what it looked like in the holster. [ screaming ] >> court documents show a man claiming to be a former friend of nieto's had filed a restraining order against him on the day of the shooting. that man said he feared for his and his family's lives because the two had, quote, bad blood. 4:33 now. the death toll from washington state's mud slide will likely reach at least 24 today. rescuers say they found eight more bodies in the debris but they have yet to recover those
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bodies. as the process continues, bigad shaban looks into whether or not washington state knew that land was unstable. >> reporter: rescue workers with search dogs and volunteers picked through muddy debris at times with their bare hands. what they're finding is disturbing. >> i can see houses destroyed and go that's sad but when it's just something that is very personal -- >> reporter: heavy equipment cleared the wreckage in the rain. on tuesday evening officials confirmed two more bodies were recovered from the pile. >> we have located another eight fatalities, but we have not recovered those at this time. >> reporter: the rain soaked hillside collapsed saturday morning burying dozens of homes in oso, washington. 13-year-old james mead was with a group who became surrounded by mud and falling trees. >> froze and i'm like, oh, i'm going to die right now. just reaching me right now. >> reporter: a scientist said he filed a report with the u.s.
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army corps of engineers 15 years ago warning them of the potential for catastrophe but local officials say they weren't aware of that report. nearby arlington, people are praying for the more than 100 still missing. and they are hoping for a miracle. bigad shaban, cbs news, darrington, washington. 4:35. time for weather and the rain it's coming. just started, right? >> yeah, here it comes. already seeing a lot rain in the north bay starting to see it spread a little further south going to continue to see that rain picking up throughout the morning hours. could be a little rough in spots. out the door we go. the showers have already begun. look at the heavier amounts of rain showing up in the north bay already. and that beginning to move a little further to the south. in fact, you're seeing some strong storms now sliding across the bay and continuing to slide in toward the east bay in toward richmond. you're seeing some heavy downpours now. just off the coastline, we have a lot of rainfall out there. that is going to push onshore
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with the possibility of downpours and thunderstorms. throughout the morning, temperatures are mild. 40s and 50s now, mostly cloudy skies, the showers have begun. the heaviest amounts of rainfall coming through this morning and then by the afternoon, partly cloudy skies, still some scattered showers, but the rain will begin to taper off. temperatures only in the 50s and 60s. let's check the roads, going to be a busy day for you today, liz. >> it's already busy on the richmond/san rafael bridge. you can see slick conditions already this morning coming into marin county. this is a live look westbound 580 approaching the toll plaza. so again, reduce your speed. be extra careful. in fact, at the bay bridge they just issued a high wind advisory just within the last few minutes so right now traffic is light but there is still some overnight roadwork incline to yerba buena island so heads up even though there's no delay between oakland and san francisco. between the high winds and the slick conditions, you will want to be extra careful. coming into los gatos,
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northbound 17 approaching madrone drive this accident is still there blocking the number 2 lane. we are not seeing much of a delay so far coming from the santa cruz mountains. the nimitz freeway 880 in oakland, both directions look great near the oakland coliseum. and oakland airport. and we are already picking up a few delays actually through the altamont pass. can't see it in the drive time but it is pretty sluggish approaching grant line. looks like 14 minutes so far between those wind turbines and the dublin interchange. we'll get a check of mass transit on this rainy morning commute coming up. in the meantime, back to you guys. 4:37 now. the motorcyclist killed by a suspected drunk driver in fremont was a 23-year-old u.s. marine. andrew silva of union city had just returned home from afghanistan. he was hit by a mini cooper on fremont boulevard yesterday. the driver, 23-year-old alexander yohn of emeryville. police say yohn crashed into a utility pole after hitting silva. they found him hiding in a field nearby. if it wasn't for a taco bell
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employee tipping off police, yohn may have gotten away. a suspected thief looking for love ended up with a date with police officers. a 31-year-old was arrested over the weekend for a burglary in san mateo. police say he flirted with a female employee at this indian restaurant on south b street during business hours on saturday. the suspect gave the woman his number. >> he wanted to hang out, i guess? >> reporter: he wanted a date? >> i guess so. >> after closing, the employee returned to the store and said she found him robbing the place. she told police that they were able to lure him to a caltrain station through text messages and arrested him. 17-year-old man trying to save his parents at yosemite. the boy's mother went into the merced river last weekend not realizing how deep it was. her husband tried to help her but ran into trouble, as well. their son then dove in to try to get them out of the water
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but he got caught up in a whirlpool at an area known as devil's elbow and drowned. only on 5, new details on the recall of nine million pounds of beef from a sonoma county slaughterhouse. kpix 5's betty yu has been on top of this story from the beginning. she tracked down a man who was in charge of inspections at the company. >> reporter: can we talk about the rancho recall? >> why? >> reporter: his name is [ indiscernible ] dr. ernie for short. he was the usda supervisor. the recalled meat came from diseased cows not properly inspected yet the agency said the plant had a full staff of inspectors with dr. ernie in charge. on his facebook page you will find photos of awards for protecting the public health dating back to 2001. so how did all that bad beef get by him? >> the inspection process seems
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to have broken down here. >> reporter: the food and water watch group says it's not just rancho. >> leaving inspection personnel in the same facilities for lengthy periods of time they start not catching things. >> reporter: in rancho's case, this inspector, lynette thompson, did notice problems in company documents obtained by kpix 5 she is quoted saying most of the cows have cancer and should be condemned. she flagged that to her supervisor but rancho blamed her instead saying condemning cows unnecessarily slows down our production. usda officials even came by the slaughterhouse at least three times to check things out. they found nothing wrong but transferred lynette at management's request. >> she was not fired. she was not disciplined. she was just sent to a different plant. usda has a big responsibility here in terms of what happened. >> reporter: as for lynette's supervisor, dr. ernie, he retired just two days before
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the recall was first announced. he retired. what do you think of that? >> suspicious. >> reporter: why did you retire? >> too much work. >> reporter: the inspector is saying that you knowingly let these sick cows get slaughtered. did that happen? >> oh, come on. i don't like to -- inspector -- that's one type -- >> reporter: it's your job to make sure those sick cows don't make it to the kill floor. >> i did my job. >> reporter: betty yu, kpix 5. >> the u.s. d.a. isn't commenting on the investigation. neither is the company. betty did talk with the inspector who was transferred away from rancho. she says she has no comment because she loves her job. a marine veteran who lost both legs in afghanistan is now on the ride of his life. we caught up with rob jones as he biked his way through san francisco. a motorcade escorted him along the embarcadero and up near crissy field. he is crisscrossing his way through 17 states since october and has hundreds of miles to
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go. his final destination, camp pendleton near san diego. >> it's been long a lot of it's been tough. but i wouldn't change it. i'd keep it just as challenging as it was and still glad that i did it. >> jones hopes to raise a million dollars for the charities that helped him recover from his injuries. 4:42 on your wednesday. berkeley speaking out against a potentially dangerous business. but really, the city can't do anything to stop highly explosive crude oil from rolling through town. we'll have the latest. >> it's a long list of can'ts from spilling your drinks to playing football. what fans are doing at the new levi stadium. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the country test-f back now at 4:44. north korea carried out missile tests this morning for the first time since 2009. the country test-fired the two medium range ballistic missiles to protest the annual military drills by the united states and south korea.
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the north claims the two countries are preparing for an invasion. the missile test violates u.n. security council resolutions. malaysia's defense minister says a satellite has captured more than 100 objects floating in the indian ocean near the spot where flight 370 might have crashed. those objects were seen close to where three other satellites previously detected possible plane debris. not one piece of it has been retrieved or identified. an intense search is happening right now in that region. and the race is on to find the black boxes. they now have about 11 days of battery life left. hundreds of family members and friends of those on board marched to the malaysian embassy in beijing yesterday looking for answers. the financially struggling malaysia airlines announced they would pay families $5,000 for every passenger but may be forced to pay $176,000 per passenger under an international treaty. deadline to sign up for obamacare has been extended but
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it only applies if you have already started the signup process. the administration says make no mistake, open enrollment will end march 31. the extended deadline is only for people with extenuating circumstances. "covered california" has not decided if it will also give an extension. california has already exceeded its goal of signing up 1 million people. berkeley is taking a stand against a potentially dangerous business. last night the city council went on record saying it doesn't want trains carrying highly explosive crude oil rolling through town. but christin ayers explains the hard reality is, berkeley can't do anything about it. [ chanting ] >> reporter: in berkeley, the battle against big oil is on. these protestors are fighting phillips 66 and a possible plan to run railcars full of explosive fracked crude oil along the same heavily populated line that amtrak trains run from oakland to
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berkeley to richmond and emeryville and down south to its santa maria refinery. here is why it matters. [ explosion ] >> reporter: the same crude that phillips could be carrying is so volatile, that it killed 47 people after a derailment in quebec last summer. protestors worry berkeley will be next. >> it's not a question of if there's going to be an accident, it's when. >> reporter: a union pacific represent was vague when i asked about the plan. >> there certainly could be a possibility that some type of crude oil would pass on many of our lines. >> reporter: she says any plans to transport crude through east bay are not set in stone. >> until there's a viable project and we're going to be moving crude oil to these facilities, we just won't know. >> reporter: but that won't stop berkeley. the city technically has no power over whether the trains run since the railroads are federally regulated. >> we definitely need to be very active at the federal level. >> reporter: but city council members want the council to agree to lobby congress and the governors to stop phillips.
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>> we want to say no, not in our backyards. >> reporter: in berkeley, christin ayers, kpix 5. >> the city of berkeley hopes to reach out to san luis obispo next which is the only city with jurisdiction over the project because the refinery is located there. 4:48. i'm looking off in the heather here. i can see the hi-def doppler and it looks ugly. >> doesn't it look great? all those colors out there right now. >> all that green. >> rough commute this morning, i think, for a lot of folks headed out the door this morning. it hasn't rained in your neighborhood yet. a lot of rain beginning to move onshore. the heaviest amounts of rain into parts of the north bay right now and sliding into the east bay, as well. towards vallejo look at this line of storms that's moving through now in hercules. if you are traveling there along 80 and 580, be prepared for heavy rainfall and more rain continuing up into the north bay. you have some heavy downpours all the way up through petaluma, santa rosa you're seeing some heavier amounts of rainfall and there's still plenty more to come off the coastline. i think the bulk of the moisture from the system comes
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through this morning. with these storm systems there's a possibility of some embedded thunderstorms so watch out for that early on. i think as we get to the afternoon skies becoming partly cloudy with a possibility of some isolated thunderstorms and then some more wet weather ahead. we are going to see another storm move in it looks like for the weekend. right now the trough of low pressure is really opening things up, the door wide open for these storms to roll in. that's why this next band of moisture is moving today scattered around the bay area and this afternoon but still a bit wet. around the state wet conditions, as well. showers continuing lots of snow for the sierra nevada. you need chains headed in that direction. could see up to 2 feet of snow. snow level down to 5,000 feet. that means right at lake level there in tahoe you will see lots of snow. storm system moving this morning. 10:00 the heaviest band moves by, then on the back side dries out, scattered showers into early tomorrow morning. temperatures numbers run up to the 50s and the 60s. it will be cool again and showery. next couple of days, a chance
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of more showers? >> i think the rain line moves further north on friday. then for storm moves in on saturday. all right. liz, how about that? >> what's going on? >> you like that? >> it was all sunshine when i left last week. out the door we go. no rain on the peninsula but it's moving farther south. right now approaching san mateo, coming into poplar everything is still moving at the speed limit and it looks great all the way past the airport continuing toward highway 92. look at this. other parts of the bay area including across the richmond/san rafael bridge, already getting hit with some rain showers. pretty slick conditions this morning on the toll plaza it the westbound 580 approach looks like that all the way int marin county. take it slow, give yourself some extra time. mass transit is a good idea. so far bart systemwide on time. more than 25 trains all reporting no delay and ace train number one also looks great so far out of the stockton area. i mentioned a few delays.
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we're already seeing a few slowdowns this morning coming out of tracy through the altamont pass not enough to impact the drive time though still only about 14 minutes between there and the here. this is a live look at the dublin interchange. headlights moving towards 680. continues to be a nice smooth ride as you head out toward the castro valley y. bay bridge we have a high wind advisory. chp issued their own advisory right around 4:30 right around the time we got on the air. so again, two hands on the steering wheel, reduce your speeds this morning. could get slick, especially later on in the morning commute. right now, though, things look pretty good all the way into san francisco. remember kcbs when you hit the roads at 106.9 fm or 740-am. that's your latest traffic. frank and michelle, back to you guys. you'll be able to watch a lot of football at the new levi stadium this fall but you better be on your best behavior. santa clara city council approved a long list of things you can't do there. for example, cannot play football in the parking lot prior to the game, no spilling of anything, including food and
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drinks at the game. good luck with that. no kegs, no flasks, no bugles, air horns or any other musical instruments. you can't bring your fish or reptiles and no weapons, either, by the way. >> a lot of these rules are just common sense. but if we don't have rules that are listed in the municipal code then we can't enforce them. we just want the ability to be able to control behavior at the park. >> the list of don'ts is long. find them at our website, no fish or reptiles? >> no snakes. leave them at home. time now 4:52. coming up in our next hour, cracking down on bikini bars in the south bay only on kpix 5, the main weapon in the fight to shut down the worst offenders. >> but first a big brawl outside an in-n-out burger. the innocent thing police say started this fight when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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california food handlers are getting the upper hand in the fight against the state's new glove law. the assembly health committee voted yesterday to repeal and revisit the new regulation banning bare-handed contact with any kind of food before enforcement begins this summer. many chefs and bartenders say the law is wasteful and undermines existing handwashing practices. a chaotic confrontation in a parking lot of an in-n-out burger in tracy is caught on camera. [ censored ] >> hey, you guys! you guys! >> the chp says a man tried to start a fight with an innocent driver because he thought the driver was staring at him. witnesses flagged down police but that didn't help. the suspect tells the chp officer to get out of his face before getting in his car and
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nearly hitting the officer. >> this guy was -- i mean, i'm surprised he didn't kill anybody on the road the way he was acting, the way he was driving. the state of mind that he was in. >> chp did chase him until he finally surrendered. he is facing a number of charges. facebook is spending $2 billion to jump into the world of virtual reality. the menlo park company is buying oculus a virtual reality company out of irvine that makes a gaming headset that responds to your head movements. facebook says the technology can be used for more than just gaming. it can enhance communications, entertainment and education. it's 4:56. rescue workers picking through the muddy debris trying to find the more than 100 missing in the devastating washington mud slight. were residents given warnings? the conflicting messages from state officials. >> reporter: seven people were injured in an accident overnight. at this point, police are still trying to figure out who was driving. we'll tell you what we know up next. ,,,,,,,,
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get ready for a wet messy commute. >> showers have already begun. look at the heavier amounts of rain showing up in the north bay already. and they are beginning to move further south. >> it was like slipping, like sliding. >> seven people are sent to the hospital after an accident on van ness and geary in san francisco. >> we don't want businesses that masquerade themselves and are front for gogo nightclubs. >> san jose police are turning up the pressure to stop illegal businesses from setting up shop. >> somebody found out that the family was gone and that nobody was home at the house. a juvenile broke into the house and decided to have a party. >> a house party ends in disaster. bay area cops think a group of teens is to blame. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado
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your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. good morning, everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. 5:00 on the nose and lawrence said the rain would be here and, by golly, it's here. >> coming down in spots. but it looks like it will be picking up over the next couple of hours here so the commute going to be a little rough this morning. out the door we go. our hi-def doppler radar is tracking the storm system. you see the heaviest amounts of rainfall showing up in the north bay right now but a lot more on the way and to come this morning. so with that in mind, we have some pretty strong cells developing outside right now. looks like some of that will be heavy at times especially as you make your way a little bit further north this morning but all this moisture is going to start sliding to the south. look at the yellows and oranges some heavier rainfall there. also in toward fairfield, vallejo, you're seeing a strong storm system but along the coastline now we are beginning to see some showers and pockets of heavier rainfall making their way in toward half moon bay and the peninsula. so yeah, we could see some heavy rainfall even the possibility of some thunderstorms this morning. out the door we go, we have cloudy skies and temperatures now in the 40s and the 50s. that rain will be


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