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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  March 26, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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he looks absolutely like he is in despair. he is facing federal charges and if convicted, the possibility of prison time. >> are you going to say anything? >> reporter: he began the day one of the bay area's highest ranking politicians. now state senator leland yee is in federal custody. beginning early this morning, the fbi conducted a series of raids across northern california eventually arresting 19 men with crimes ranging from selling drugs and weapons to murder-for-hire. senator yee himself faces weapons charges as well as one for public corruption. >> basically, he is being accused of trading political favors in exchange for money. these keith jackson a political consultant who at one point said senator yee had a connection in the philippines for weapons. he said he would be willing to give senator yee more money once the first shipment of weapons was complete. the feds also allege senator
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yee had a conversation with an undercover agent about an arms dealer he knew with contacts in russia and ukraine. senator yee said, do i think we can make some money? i think we can make some money , do i think we can get the goods? i think we can get the goods. at one point he was grumbling about how unhappy he was with his life who he thought was a criminal but was an undercover agent. quote, there's a part of me that wants to be like you. just be a free agent out there. state senator leland yee is expected to walk out after paying a half million dollars bail. let's take a look at the scene from chopper 5. you can see a gaggle reporters and photographers around the courthouse. there are several conditions of his relief including restricted travel. he has already surrendered his passport and, by the way, he is not allowed to possess firearms. >> joe, you'll be standing by
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to see when the senator walks out. >> reporter: we will. >> thank you. as joe mentioned, federal agents fanned out all across the bay area as part of this investigation today. they spent all day at senator yee's home in san francisco's sunset district. cameras were rolling as agents carried large boxes on what looked like computers out of his home. aside from his house the fbi raided three other spots in san francisco including a social club in chinatown. they also combed what is believed to be a marijuana grow house in nature is linked to the investigation. they also swarmed state senator yee's office in sacramento. >> more now on the chinatown raid now. agents targeted the offices of chee kung tong the group is a long time chinese freemason group. at one point during the raid, officials brought in the "jaws of life" to open the safe in the organization's headquarters. the club is headed by raymond
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chow a notorious chinatown gangster. he was one of the 25 named in the fbi affidavit. now, chow, who is only 5'5", was given the nickname "shrimp boy" by his grandmother. his extensive rap sheet includes everything from extortion, armed robbery to attempted murder. more on his connection to the case and our interview with him coming up tonight at 6:30. >> reporter: his career spans more than 25 years. he worked his way up to san francisco supervisor in 1996 then climbed up to the state level in 2003 getting elected to the assembly. he then moved up the ladder becoming a nature is more in 2006 and re-elected in 2010. yee has been campaigning for secretary of state. here's the shocker. ironically, senator yee has been a major advocate for gun control and in that role allen martin got to know him very well. we did a lot of interviews with him. >> reporter: back in 2012 we were investigating what gun control advocates call a huge loophole in california's
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assault weapons ban. it had to do with what's called the bullet button a device that gun manufacturers had designed in order to legally sell rifles such as the ar-15s and the ak- 47s in california. our report prompted senator yee to introduce a bill that would have banned the bullet button. he took a lot of heat from the gun lobby because of it and opponents even put up billboards an bay area freeways, t-shirts. but in an interview told us he was not going to be intimidated because he believed so strongly in keeping guns out of the hands of the bad guys. >> this is not a easy issue, but i feel very strong about it. i'm a child psychologist by training. i'm a father. i'm an individual who really wants our communities to be safe. and god forbid if somehow one of these weapons fall into the wrong hands. >> reporter: yee's bill eventually merged with other gun control bills and in the end governor brown vetoed all
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the legislation. senator yee stayed in the gun lobby's crosshairs for more than a year because of the bill. you have to wondered how he managed to get around that and connect with international arms dealers, allegedly, as that indictment alleges, again he has been charged not convicted. but the antigun control groups are pointing to the hypocracy of it all. >> it's crazy. the interview did you that, we did it around 2012, exactly when the feds say this was all going down when he was making connections with undercover agent to provide for the movement of automatic weapons! >> and up until they allege january of this year. >> unbelievable. >> yeah. >> all right. we'll see how it plays out, allen, thank you for that. in a town where politics is a bloodsport, the arrest of a high-profile state senator has everyone buzzing. kpix 5 political analyst melissa griffin-caen is live in san francisco. thank you for joining us. yee was running for secretary of state. that's pretty much over now, right? >> reporter: well, the election may be over but his campaign
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probably isn't. remember, leland yee has been in office in one capacity or another since 1988. he is 65 years old. i doubt he will pack up his tent and go away. in fact, tomorrow the current secretary of state will be certifying the final list of candidates before sending thes to the printer the ballots to the printer. i don't think we'll see his campaign folding up. >> interesting we spoke about this just a second ago the senator a very prolific supporter of gun control and yet now, he is being accused of taking part in illegal weapons activity. what do you make of this irony? >> reporter: it's unbelievable! it's just one of a number of truly bizarre facts in this case. in fact, as the judge was reading the counts in the courtroom, we were all aghast at the exact counts involving arms. it would be like president obama being indicted for healthcare fraud or something.
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it's truly amazing. it's one of his signature projects as he has been in office. >> you read this indictment, it really does read like a bad hollywood movie. it's incredible. all right, melissa griffin- caen, thank you. well, more on the fbi raids and the arrest of senator yee coming up at 6:30. for minute-to-minute coverage, check out our website, and new at 6:00 a new police substation cost san jose nearly $100 million. all that's missing are the hundreds of police officers to staff it. kpix 5's len ramirez with why a substation has been sitting empty for years. lenny, in a town where they need more police officers. >> reporter: it has been sitting empty. in fact, there was money put into the city budget to finally open this place but this is one of those rare cases where money is not the issue. the issue is not enough people to staff the building. >> reporter: when construction workers finished building san jose's $92 million police substation in 2010, they handed the keys to the city but no one ever moved in. and it's been mostly locked up
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ever since. >> to sit idle for three years has been a little bit rough. >> reporter: lieutenant chris monahan is in charge of the building designed to be a fully functioning police station to house about 300 officers. there is a grand lobby, men's and women's locker rooms, and showers. a big airy briefing room and a dispatch center that's never taken a call and won't for the foreseeable future. the department is officially stepping away from using the building for its original purpose because so many officers have left the department. >> with the loss of staffing over the last few years, the need to move that part of our police department out here is not in place and until we regrow into that kind of population of numbers, this building is just not going to fit into the big grand scheme of things. >> the taxpayers spent $92 million to build this thing. and we don't have anyone to put in it. >> reporter: at the police union hall, the situation was blamed on the city's pension cuts which have caused officers to leave the city or retire early reducing the number of
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available officers from about 1400 in 2008 to fewer than 1,000 now. >> it goes back to the retention and the recruitment issues created by measure b. until that's fixed that building will remain empty. >> reporter: not exactly. the department says the substation will be partially used for training officers going through the academy. >> it will not use all the space but it will get the building into a capacity that makes it operational. >> reporter: having the building be operational is important, you have to have water and electricity flowing but all of that is cost the city about $10,000 a month in electricity bills alone so having people move in here and finally getting some use out of the building is going to benefit of city of san jose. live in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> how's this for irony? vandals recently broke into the new substation and caused minor damage. rain has returned to the bay area. drivers got a wet start to this wednesday and this isn't the
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end of t paul deanno is here with where the rain is now and how much we received so far. paul? >> it was widespread rain that's finished but still heavier showers out there scattered showers continue, picked up on kpix 5 high-def doppler radar. yellow is heavier showers that are lasting 20 or 30 minutes in danville and san ramon now leaving oakland and hayward new showers heading to you in petaluma and novato and a few showers just missing you to the north in livermore. the skies looking kind of ominous out there. rainfall already today approaching one inch in portions of the oakland hills and piedmont. ben lomond nearly an inch of rainfall. san francisco downtown more than half inch. petaluma more than half inch, san jose 1/10 of one inch. widespread steady rainfall gone for a while but these scattered heavier showers will continue with the wettest day in my forecast still to come. that's coming up in the seven- day forecast and right now, we actually have a tornado warning just north of the city of sacramento. details on that and when that wettest day for us is going to be coming up in a few minutes.
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thank you. a big potential change at airport checkpoints. why the tsa wants armed guards there as you pass through. >> thousands of california teachers and students among big name entertainers. how community service is bringing them together in the bay area. ,, ,,,,,, ,,
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there is a new push to beef up security at airport checkpoints during peak hours. and this comes after a nationwide review in response to the shooting at l.a.x. last fall. that incident you will remember left one tsa agent dead, three ours wounded. the tsa is now recommending to congress that armed law enforcement be present at the checkpoints. >> we had 65 firearms seized at tsa screening checkpoints. 54 of those firearms were loaded and 17 had a round in
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the chamber. so those are situations where you really doesn't want to have to call the police and wait. >> the "associated press" has reported that the two armed officers at l.a.x. last fall had left. they were on breaks and were out of the terminal. airport police decided months earlier to have officers roam the terminals instead of staffing the checkpoints. san francisco-based levi strauss is about to start restructuring its staff. 800 nonretail and nonmanufacturing jobs will be eliminated over the next 12 to 18 months. the company hopes to save up to $200 million. levi says the move will also make it more competitive. today there were big names a red carpet and some screaming teenagers but the message was different from the norm. kpix 5 reporter ryan takeo on the message of giving back at we day. >> i'm a junior at last high
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school. >> reporter: she volunteers an hour each schoolday. >> community service commissioner at the school. that's kind of cool. are you ready? billy! how are you? >> reporter: cool. we day brought big names like salina gomez, seth rogan and magic johnson to share their stories. >> you can bring about change. >> reporter: and encourage the 16,000 teens at oracle arena to keep making a difference. >> all i really want you to know is that you are changing the world. i'm not changing the world. you're changing the world and that's amazing. >> it looks like something you would see on mtv but it has the exact opposite message of everything you see on mtv. >> reporter: the students earned their tickets through doing community service. >> kind of amazing how they set up a way to incentivize kids to be charitable. >> reporter: this is the kind of event where the big ticket raffle item -- >> and the winner is -- >> reporter: -- is a service trip to ecuador.
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>> from loslomas high school, caitlin mccloud. >> caitlin won. >> i don't know what to do! >> i'm shocked and so excited to have this opportunity to do something that i love. >> reporter: with all the celebrity glitz and glamour, the message was not one you would expect. >> please stay true to yourself. >> reporter: who knew doing good could be so cool? ♪[ music ] >> reporter: in oakland, ryan takeo, kpix 5. ♪[ music ] >> thank you for having me here today! >> the group free the children organized today's event and several others around the world in recent months. the santa clara valley water district may have to stop taking water from the san luis reservoir for the first time in history. the usually massive reservoir east of gilroy is almost at a record low because of the drought. that means pumps could soon be exposed and unable to pull water from the lake. >> so to prepare for that possibility, we have been
6:17 pm
moving water pumping water from san luis reservoir into anderson reservoir one of our largest local reservoirs so it will be available locally for use in the summer. >> the district says that the san luis reservoir intake pump could be dry within the next three months. >> never fails. snow is falling in the sierra and that means slow going for drivers. sean bennett has what travelers need to know. >> reporter: what a difference a few days makes. a couple of days ago, no chain control in effect. today chain control up and down i80 eastbound into truckee or reno. a good look now at the interstate and this is just the first of a few storms that we're going to see back to back to back couple of inches of so if fell above 6,000 fees -- snow fell above 6,000 feet last night. story up here today, gusty winds southwest 15 to 25 miles an hour gusting to 45 miles per hour. we saw those strong winds at donner summit and the temperature very cold 20 degrees. here's what truckers thought driving up and over the summit today. >> kind of crazy being almost
6:18 pm
april, you know? it's not good, slippery. >> your hands freeze, your feet get cold. so it just takes a lot of your time away. >> 60 degrees we left the truck stop and get up here 25 degrees get out in freezing weather chain up. it's crazy up here. >> reporter: you can expect chain control in effect depending how bad the weather is depends where the chain control will be set in place. at cisco grove, sean bennett, kpix 5. all right. paul has more on where the rain is right now. possible snow in the sierra, and we have a tornado warning. >> this has turned into a very active day. small hail in the bay area. now just north of sacramento want to get over to our computer, kpix 5 high-def doppler radar. a funnel cloud is spotted you can see it from sacramento airport. basically this storm is due west of roseville. northeast of sacramento. a tornado warning is in effect for this general area for the next 45 minutes all the way until 7:00. tornado warning just north of sacramento the storm is not
6:19 pm
heading toward us but it's noteworthy that we have a storm this strong close to the bay area. this is video just in to kpix 5. that is nearly touching the ground but until it does, we call it a funnel cloud not a tornado. very active weather to the north and to our east. kpix 5 hi-def doppler continuing to track scattered showers for us around here. not severe weather but rain. san ramon, danville, dublin picking up some showers right now as is vallejo and american canyon. ominous looking skies continue. that's a live look outside of sfo. and from our dublin camera, you can see that shower passing just to the north blocking our view currently of mount diablo so my, how things have changed. remember it was 80 degrees away from the water on monday? two days later tornadoes, small hail, heavy rainfall this morning. the ridge is gone. the blocking ridge of high pressure nowhere to be seen, big area of lower pressure now to our north. and that is going to be stubborn and that will the know move for the next week so what that means for you and me? it means the storm track will
6:20 pm
be right into the bay area, we are simply waiting for the next round which will arrive on saturday. but between now and then scattered showers some heavy at times will continue both tomorrow and friday. then we tap into tropical moisture. didn't get rain all winter now that it's spring, it's acting like winter. keep the umbrella handy tomorrow and friday. not widespread rain but scattered showers continues. highs tomorrow with minimal sunshine. soaking rain saturday, dry sunday, then rain again on monday. after no rain in the winter this is odd that we're this stormy this long now that we're in spring. >> it's okay. we'll take it. >> in the summer, too if we get it. >> that would be news. >> that would be strange. >> very strange. >> thanks, paul. keeping their classrooms
6:21 pm
running, how a tech giant is helping some teachers get the job done. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:23 pm
have trimmed school budgetso the bone. teachers have found themsels footing the bill for basic supplies. kpix's john ramos shows us how they're getting help. tough times and tight money has trimmed school budgets to the bone. teachers have found themselves paying for basic supplies. kpix 5's john ramos shows us how they are getting some help. >> that computer will get headphones. >> reporter: at brentwood academy in east palo alto, these fourth graders have access to current technology. but when tim jones first began teaching, he was shocked by how little is actually supplied by the school district. the one box of paper he is given each quarter only lasts about two weeks. >> i was probably spending maybe $700 a month to get paper, pencils -- >> reporter: a month? >> i would have no paycheck sometimes. >> reporter: but all that's changed thanks to an organization called the website lets teachers request donations online for materials, equipment, even field trips. in jones' class alone, more
6:24 pm
than 80 requests have been funded from book shelves, books and pencils to a couple of 3d printers costing nearly $3,000. and today, he got even more good news. >> they were all funded. all the projects on here were funded. >> reporter: early this morning, google broke out its checkbook and funded every, single teacher's request in the bay area. >> altogether, they donated over $650,000 just to these bay area projects and it's over 700 projects. >> reporter: which means jones will be getting a camera and printer and more ipads and headsets for his computer lab. and his students will be writing thank you notes to google just as they do for every donation no matter how small. >> thank you for the pencils, thank you for the paper, thank you for the books and they are just a lot more appreciative. >> reporter: a lot of people say they appreciate teachers. let them put their monies where their mouths are. in east palo alto, john ramos, kpix 5. >> in just mr. jones' class alone, today's donation amounts
6:25 pm
to more than $14,000. crutch in our next half hour, more -- coming up in our next half hour, more on the corruption charges facing state senator leland yee. the political fallout and impact on the chinese-american community. ,, ,, bulldog: look at that! $300 off serta perfect sleeper, and sealy posturepedic! plus, free delivery! don't wait to save more green. mattress discounters red tag sale ends soon. ♪ mattress discounters
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your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. now at 6:30, our top story, the shocking criminal complaint today involving state senator leland yee! yee and several others were arrested this morning. official charges against him including six counts of attempting to defraud citizens of honest services and conspiracy to traffic in and illegally import firearms. if convicted on all counts, yee could get 125 years in federal prison. also accused in today's indictment notorious chinatown gangster raymond "shrimp boy" chow. he has been arrested for numerous crimes over the years but just a few years ago, he insisted he was going stra rm for gun - chow gave kpix exclusive interview where he claimed he was goi straight. something the co . raymond linda yee reports. >> reporter: raymond "shrimp boy" ciao is a notorious
6:29 pm
chinatown gangster who terrorized his community back in 1970. he said in an exclusive interview to us eight years ago that he was giving up his life of crime and going straight. but that is something the cops never believed. raymond chow claimed he was going legit. but san francisco police and the fbi had him under surveillance. they suspected chow was behind the still unsolved 2006 murder of chinatown businessman allen leung. chow told kpix 5 then he was innocent. do you know who killed allen leung? >> no. >> reporter: did you order it? >> no. >> reporter: the year before he was gunned down, leung told the fbi he feared for his life after his tong a social club that helps merchants and immigrants turned down raymond's demand for $120,000. leung's funeral was one of the biggest in chinatown history. he was the head of two tongs and chow boldly stood out
6:30 pm
wearing white. there are some who say he dressed in white to stand out in the crowd and to say see, i'm a big shot here. >> what they know about our culture and tradition? >> reporter: he admitted collecting protection money from illegal mah jong charges. he and his associates were convicted of many charges. he revels in his notoriety. soon after leung was buried chow was named the new dragon head of the chee kung tong. facebook pages show numerous photos of him sitting in emperor-like poses. sources say this is where he continued to operate his crime syndicate using new gang members he recruited but chow inches requested political leaders he was changing, especially by speaking to kids. in the past several years, assemblyman tom ammiano, fiona ma and san francisco mayor ed lee honored him with proclamations for his service to the community. and just last friday night,
6:31 pm
chow was honored at his tong's annual dinner. he was again at the place of honor sitting in the center. merchants here in chinatown who know chow reluctant to talk about him. they all refused to say anything because of fear of reprisal. my colleague da lin spent the day here in china. were they shocked to hear about these arrest? >> that was the word shocked. leland yee is a very well regarded and very well respected politician in the chinese community. with the fbi raid a lot of folks wondering how will this affect the image of chinese- americans? >> i was pretty shocked. >> reporter: not just shocked but also saddened by the arrest. just a few weeks ago, chinese community leader carl chan worked with state senator leland yee on a bill related to affirmative action. he has known yee for many
6:32 pm
years. he says the politician is pretty straightforward. >> whether he agree with us or northern there are times he would tell you what he would do or what he will vote for which we love to know. it's an honor. >> reporter: while many of yee's allies are distancing themselves from the senator, chan continues to support him. >> i above to see that his name will be cleared and -- i would love to see that his name will be cleared and hopefully he didn't do anything wrong. >> reporter: with a corruption conviction, a former san francisco supervisor, ed jew chan and other community leaders worry the latest arrest will hurt the image of chinese- americans, especially those seeking office. >> too little asian-americans politicians as it is and this was probably hopefully will not make a stereotype of our asian people and how corrupted they are. >> we have ed jew and now leland yee and then i don't know how the people kind of see the chinese politicians. >> reporter: chan knows leland yee is facing some serious charges but says people should at least keep an open mind. >> you are innocent until
6:33 pm
proven guilty. and at this point, we are all wanting to find out what's happening. >> reporter: if leland yee is found to be guilty, carl chan says it's going to be tough news for his family and his wife. that family apparently has been very involved in the chinese- american community. for now, live in san francisco's chinatown, i'm da lin, kpix 5. leland yee's arrest has sent shockwaves through san francisco and sacramento. the head of the state senate didn't mince words when discussing yee's legal troubles. >> no, he didn't. let's roll that clip of darrell steinberg and what he had to say in reaction to the indictments. >> and yet this indictment is sickening. as such, consistent with the actions we have taken in other situations, i want to on behalf of my colleagues today call on senator yee to resign. >> reporter: whether the senator is going to do that remains to be seen. after all, if you are in a
6:34 pm
situation like this a lot of times you try to hold out as many chits as you can plus he is guaranteed a paycheck no matter what the state senate president says or does. let's put this in perspective. what we have here is yet another state senator politician basically taking money and saying, i will do something for you. he is not the first. ron calderon from los angeles was just indicted by the fbi on a similar sting where they floated a fake bill through the legislature and he took money for himself and his family in return for favors. he lied about where he lived. that's a more common sort of crime. >> sure. >> what makes this so unique are two things. one is the fact that the association with something far more sinister. although yee is accused of taking money in order to further the interests of this group, there are also -- he is supposedly caught on tape or with informants talking about doing things like running guns, even murder-for-hire, narcotics, that sort of thing. whether he did it or not remains to be seen and the indictments don't get very
6:35 pm
clear on what the actions were. but the fact that he was hanging with this group and that he was doing this is bad. and let's take it a step further before we just hang leland out to dry, because there's other politicians in san francisco that signed those proclamations that put out those -- on this association as well that sort of semi legitimized it and sort of paved the way for some of this to happen. >> sure. and the democrats in the house stand to lose their supermajority in california if these three guys go down. >> reporter: they have already lost them. two have had to take paid leaves of absence. if leland yee does that as well they have lost it. it's also a dark mark on the entire party because they are in control. but it is politics, i'm afraid to say, and in america these days, as usual, sometimes -- >> got to get elect, you have to have money to get elected. >> and you want to stay there. and the other thing, you think you can do it. >> get away with it. all right. we'll see. thank you, phil. our coverage of the corruption scandal continues on
6:36 pm we have put the full 137-page criminal complaint on our website. you owe yourself to read it. parts of it, read like a spy novel. you will see what the feds have against leland yee and we have a look at other politicians in trouble. the other senate democrats facing felony charges, as well. just in your own face. >> since it's so rare to see women in the cockpit, how this bay area pilot is showing girls the sky's the limit. >> how do you feel? >> awesome. >> reporter: coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
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6:39 pm
dangerous for the rescuers. some areas are covered with 40 feet of quicksand-like mud. despite the risks, rescuers are not giving up. >> if there's a slight possibility of somebody being alive in an air pocket or wherever, it may sound totally crazy to people, but if we could find one viable person, we can bring closure to a family, that's why we keep dig,ing and searching. >> as the death toll climbs there are questions about how much was done to keep the area safe. county officials are coming under criticism for allowing new home construction on parts of that disaster site despite a 2006 landslide in the area. >> reporter: they are the biggest clues yet. 122 objects spotted in the indian ocean right where officials believe the missing malaysia jet went down. 19 days into the search and it's the most credible lead that they are calling it. the objects range in size from
6:40 pm
3 feet to 75 feet. and were spotted by satellite. planes didn't find them on wednesday. once confirmed they are from the jet, a device will be brought in to find the blacks box. president obama's popularity is falling according to an "associated press" poll released today. it shows that 59% of americans disapprove of the overall job mr. obama is doing. and that is a record high for his presidency. 40% of americans like his foreign policy but that's a new low, as well. 57% do not like how he has handled the situation in ukraine. 54% disapprove of his dealings with russia. it's a free ride that could change lives. >> how a peninsula woman is helping girls' career dreams take flight. >> it is now confirmed a tornado has touched down northeast of sacramento near the town of roseville heading now right over the town of loomis along interstate 80 outside of sacramento. tornado on the ground, our
6:41 pm
weather around here a little bit calmer but still kind of juicy. there are showers out there. the latest on hi-def doppler an your weekend forecast next. coming up in sports, we're in memphis on the eve of stanford's sweet sixteen game. we'll tell you why the dayton flyers may have an edge in that game. >> could give me the greatest game plan in the world i don't have his players. >> plus too little too late for the 49ers as the nfl i am pliments a new rule and a ruling from chicago that can change the role of student athletes in the country. we'll see you in a few minutes. ,,,,,, the great american novel.
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a peninsula woman is taking girls to new heights, hoping they will aspire to careersn aviation. and in six years of reporti the jefferso a peninsula woman is taking girls to new heights hoping they will be inspired to careers in aviation. and in six years of reporting the jefferson awards, this is the first time sharon chin has done most of the story in the air. you went up with some of these girls. how was the ride? >> it was just fun. i didn't get sick or anything. it was a lot of fun. you know, i feel like many of the girls who ride with anna ruiz want to go again. ee it."
6:45 pm
so fun.. i couldn't resist taking my own photos.. of t picturesque panorama.. from carlos.. to the coastline. (i e standup li >> reporter: when i asked anna uribe ruiz why she became a pilot she took me 2,000 feet in the air to show me. >> in your own space. the view is spectacular. then you think maybe an eagle it doing the same looking outside and looking over the same so it's a lot of fun. >> reporter: so much funny couldn't resist taking my own photos of the picturesque panorama from san carlos to the coastline. for ana being a pilot is her passion and she wants to pass that on to girls and young women. >> you guys ever been in an airplane before? >> reporter: anna organizes an alual women of aviation week -- an annual women of aviation week. it inspires girls to careers in aviation where she says only 6%
6:46 pm
of american commercial pilots are female. >> i love learning about airlines. >> reporter: and it coordinates panels featuring pioneering women pilots and offers girls free plane rides donated by local pilots. many girls experience their first time off the ground. >> it's so much fun. >> reporter: it's a thrill for east palo alto 7th grader. how did you feel? >> it was awesome. >> reporter: college student confirmed her dream to be a commercial pilot. >> wow. i want to get back up there again one more day. >> reporter: and olga the first hispanic female pilot in the u.s. air force says ana encourages girls to soar in a field they may never have considered. >> they may come back and find her and say, hey, you know, this really made a difference in my life. >> it's a little taste of something i enjoy a lot. >> reporter: so for giving girls their first snapshots of
6:47 pm
the wonder of aviation, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to ana uribe- ruiz. >> during women of aviation week girls also learn about other aviation jobs like air traffic controllers and engineers. but i think there's some future pilots there. >> you were dead sticking it in there. you flew for a little while? >> no. maybe next time. >> it looked fun. >> it was. >> thank you. you can nomination your local hero for a jefferson award online at oh, he is a hero in our minds because he brought rain and he walks on water. they are puddles but he walks on it. >> and through it often. ruining the shoes. it's a wet morning still some scattered showers out there really busy wet. the entire state of california we average 11 tornadoes for the year. that's not many for such a big state. but we are seeing a few of those today and i want to get right to kpix 5 high-def
6:48 pm
doppler radar. it is the town of loomis along interstate 80 north and east just past folsom lake north and east of sacramento. there is a tornado warning for sacramento county placer county and a few other spots as a result of this a tornadic thunderstorm multiple funnel clouds reported in and around roseville now heading north an east along interstate 80 toward loomis, with hail, lightning and heavy rainfall. active weather in the sacramento area. back here in the bay area, still seeing some showers out there. some spots wetter than others. right now it's on the northern edge of san pablo bay along highway 37 leaving novato heading towards sonoma showers. san rafael, san anselmo, mill valley we have some showers and still some showers along highway 24 near orinda. skies look pretty threatening outside. it's not the widespread rainfall anymore but we have plenty of showers out there. that's our dub land cam in the background looking toward mount diablo from the dublin cam blocked by the cloud cover. 57 now in san francisco, 58 oakland, santa rosa 57 and
6:49 pm
livermore 59 degrees. what a difference two days makes. two days ago a big ridge of high pressure 80s away from the water, nothing but sunshine. today, the ridge is gone. it's over texas. and look at all this moisture just piling in. it's basically just an onslaught of unstable air coming in from west to east and it's from seattle all the way down now almost to los angeles. it's going to continue over the next couple of days. no organized wave of low pressure moving through just a lot of moisture piling in. so scattered showers will continue despite the fact that the next round of widespread rainfall will not get here until saturday. when it does, it's going to pour once again like it did this morning. we are tapping into subtropical moisture. throughout the day on saturday we'll all get soaking rainfall and an additional half to inch of rain. between now and then scattered showers continue. you can see it on futurecast. 11:00 tonight we'll have some stuff on the radar. tomorrow morning as you drive again to work for your thursday scattered showers continue. so keep the umbrella handy even though it won't be raining all
6:50 pm
the time. showers continue tonight and that mixed bag of a weekend very soggy on saturday. but i know you want to get outside with you family. sunday the better choice with highs in the mid-60s and dry weather. for tomorrow, mid-60s, it will feel chilly but back down to normal. mountain view 65 scattered showers. scattered showers for you in pittsburg 63. and in san francisco tomorrow a high of 62 degrees a mixture of sunshine and showers. same story on friday. saturday we're soggy. sunday that's a dry day for you before more rain, yeah, more rain next week monday and tuesday scattered showers do come back. so kind of a wet pattern for us in spring. sports is next.
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
tournament... three are doue digit seeds... two of them.. stanford and of the teams left in the tournament three are double- digit seeds two stanford and dayton are in memphis and will play each other tomorrow for a berth in the elite late. the senior told us if someone is going to win this tournament, why not us? if someone is going to win this tournament, why not us? coach always says there's only a handful of teams that come into the tournament thinking they have the chance to win the rest are just happy to be here. we pride ourselves on being a team that believes we can win it.
6:54 pm
>> reporter: not many ten seeds like stanford have that kind of swagger but dawkins says the foundation of their success is based on his maturation. >> i had to readjust to the coach and i had to grow. my growth was being able to listen and look at new things and how do you devise a system who is going to maximize who these guys are? >> reporter: the flyers have never been to the sweet sixteen since the tournament expanded. it can be tough in a community that lives and breathes college hoops. >> we are just happy to have given the fans and our community what they have been waiting for. >> if you are doing well, they make you feel like you're doing better than you really are. you know? you may show up with eight cakes and 19 boxes of cookies in your locker room if you win. >> reporter: the wildcats play stanford twice a year. >> give me the greatest game plan in the world i don't have
6:55 pm
his players. my players have to execute what we do. we are going to have a hard enough time ourselves. >> you don't have to worry about that. >> everybody calls me sean. >> mixing up the brothers. the millers are the first brothers to coach separate teams in the sweet 16. the cardinal tips off at 4:15 local time tomorrow to be followed by ucla and florida at 6:45. we'll the post-game with complete reaction. let's get back to the developing news this evening. we have an update on the leland yee arrest. >> want to get to joe vazquez outside the federal courthouse in san francisco. he has the latest. joe. >> reporter: ken, long day for the state senator and let me show you the video. he just walked out of the courthouse. this after a hearing today where he learned he is facing several federal charges among them weapons charges as well as
6:56 pm
breach of public trust, essentially a bribery charge but not called bribery. it's a federal corruption charge. he is not saying anything to reporters. his attorney is right now speaking outside the courthouse but he is also saying no comment. it was a more than 130-page document they are telling us. they want to look through it. they want to be able to respond at some point but they are not saying it now. but really shocking to see, guys, as state senator leland yee who has represented this community for some 25 years who has never been shy about talking to the media, he is not saying a word as he faces some very real possibility of prison time. >> here's a guy who is a well- known state senator well known in the area and in san francisco been a political figure for decades suffers the indignity of sitting in court today with shackles? they actually had him chained up today? >> right. he had shackles on his legs. i mean, not just that, there he is having to face a judge who is reading him his rights who is laying out this absolutely
6:57 pm
intricate case this federal case that involves not just the charges he faces of corruption and weapons but there's also some folks facing drug charges, selling drugs, as well as there's another guy who is in there for a murder-for-hire plot and it's all connected. we're talking about some two dozen defendants at the end of the day and there he is among them including one of these guys who is one of the most notorious gangsters ever to walk the streets of san francisco sitting right near here. >> yeah. incredible story. joe, he was released on bail and it was a large sum of money. did he pay for it himself? >> reporter: that's not clear to me. it's a half million dollars bail. see you at 11:00. >> we'll have the latest on this coming up on the cw at 10:00 and on kpix 5 at 11:00. see you then. captions by: caption colorado i was told there would be cake. rogres.
6:58 pm
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