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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  March 28, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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about now. [ laughter ] >> it's 4:30. we're going to talk to roberta about the weather. >> it's tgi friday, right? out the door, keep the umbrella handy, light showers under mainly cloudy skies today. the weekend will be wet. details ahead. >> some overnight roadwork still out there in lanes, some of our coworkers got trapped in this, various directions northbound and southbound 85 between san jose and sunnyvale plus a check of your bridges, your drive to work, all coming . today in sacramento, leland yee's fellow state senators may vote to suspend the indicted senator. the leaders of both parties in the senate are calling for a vote today to bench the san francisco democrat if he does not leave voluntarily. it's not clear if enough senators will be in sacramento for a vote today. kpix 5 reporter joe vazquez says yee apparently will not heed the calls to step down from his senate seat but he is not running for secretary of
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state anymore. reporter: one day after the feds charged state senator leland yee with a flurry of felonies, kpix 5 has learned he is fighting to keep his job resisting calls for his resignation. according to a capital source familiar with the discussions, yee has told senate leaders he would like to take a leave of absence but he is not formally requesting paid leave. a spokesman for senate president pro tem darrell steinberg said he couldn't confirm those conversations but said senator steinberg did repeat the two choices he gave yee that he should resign or he will be removed by his fellow senators in a vote. >> leave. don't burden your colleagues and this great institution with your troubles. leave. >> reporter: meanwhile, yee is no longer a candidate for state office. his attorney read aloud a letter the senator wrote to the secretary of state. >> dear deborah, i hereby withdraw my candidacy for election of secretary of state effective immediately. >> clearly what we learned
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yesterday was amazingly disturbing, really breathtaking in its scope and completely violative of the public trust. >> reporter: politicians from the bay area and beyond are now lining up. >> i'm disappointed. i'm frustrated and i'm angry. i want justice served. >> reporter: to insist that yee step down. >> and if he does not, the president pro tem of the senate has already announced that we will be voting on the floor tomorrow to suspend him. so leland yee will not be on the floor of the senate ever again. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix 5. we got a good look inside one of the places the fbi raided. we're told that this space at chee kung tong is over 100 years old. as you can tell, agents opened it up and cleaned it out. a representative said it was originally used to store cash raised to fund the chinese revolution of 1911. the tong says it can't keep track of its members' personal lives. >> we don't have any way to just get to know the background
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of the members, you know. anything they do on the outside, you know, the association, as long as they not involved to our tong, you know, we have no way to just do anything about it. >> the chee kung tong lodge is used by the chinese freemasons. and you can find all the latest information on the corruption scandal on our website, developing news from washington state where officials expect to tell us this morning that more people are known dead from last week's mud slide. at the same time, they are not giving up hope that survivors may be found although the chance is slim. 17 bodies have been recovered, nine more located, but 90 people are still missing. the focus is shifting once again in the desperate search for the missing malaysia passenger plane. cbs news reporter susan mcginnis explains why the search is moving to a different part of the indian ocean. reporter: military planes took off in better weather conditions in search of malaysia airlines flight 370.
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but today, teams are searching a new part of the indian ocean. >> it's an area 1100 kilometers northeast of the existing search area is now the most credible lead as to where debris may be located. >> reporter: authorities refined their search after analyzing radar data that indicated the plane did not fly as far as originally thought. >> the plane was traveling faster than was previously estimated resulting in increased fuel usage and reducing the possible distance it traveled south into the indian ocean. >> reporter: these grainy images from thailand released yesterday show about 300 objects floating west of perth, australia, near the area where teams have been searching for the boeing 777. a french satellite also spotted more than 100 objects miles away from there. the japanese spotted about 10. efforts will now focus about 680 miles northeast of perth far away from where the images were scene but closer to land. >> that will increase significantly the amount of
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time they can spend out there by about 2 hours. >> reporter: while malaysian officials continue to operate under the assumption that the plane crashed, there's still no physical evidence. so some relatives of passengers are still holding out hope. susan mcginnis, cbs 2 news. >> australian officials say the search area is still very large and could be shifted even further. 4:35 right now. let's get a check on the weather. >> good morning, gorgeous. you brighten up this morning already. >> oh, well thank you. she is talking to me, not you. [ laughter ] >> very debonaire yourself, too. we have a little bit of light rain around the vicinity this morning. an isolated light scattered shower. this is our hi-def doppler radar. one particular area north of the golden gate bridge, we headway northeast towards the cordelia area into the north of cordelia heading towards vacaville. we have light rain and in fact this one particular area right here that's a cell that continues moderate rainfall
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lifting northeast. otherwise, mainly cloudy conditions for your friday. out the door, into the 50s and the winds are slight but will be increasing later today out of the south up to 20 miles per hour. the numbers are going up in comparison to yesterday. relatively mild from 61 at the seashore to 70 at the delta. 70 across the south bay, as well. the extended forecast, rain tonight, heavier rain on saturday morning tapering off leaving us with a lingering shower and sunday we'll pinpoint the timing on that. but first, good morning, elizabeth. good morning. one more workday to go and we already got a traffic headache into walnut creek. it is counter-commute going northbound 680 approaching that ygnacio valley road exit. it's a solo spinout blocking two left lanes so i wouldn't be surprised if we start to see a little bit of slowing. fire and chp are heading to the scene. in the meantime, westbound 24 leaving walnut creek to contra costa county everything looks
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good to the caldecott tunnel. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza and the approach, the left lanes are still blocked from the incline to yerba buena island until 5:00 so another 20 minutes to go. no delay out of oakland. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. pg&e now says that it expects to face federal criminal charges for the 2010 pipeline explosion in san bruno. as kpix 5's betty yu reports, many people are welcoming that news. reporter: next to new homes, construction equipment and stacks of building material, you can see physical reminders of the pipeline explosion that leveled the san bruno neighborhood 3 1/2 years ago. >> i have always said that the death of eight people because of the inept ituudt of people is criminal. >> reporter: the fireball destroyed 38 homes and injured dozens. tom's family felt the heat of
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the blast from a quarter mile away. he is constantly reminded of the tragedy. >> a little girl who died i dropped her off at her house right behind me two hours before the blast. so i am deeply affected by that. >> reporter: pg&e said that it is accountable for the accident and makes no excuses. the company declined interviews but sent this prepared response. >> regardless of what comes next, we want all the families we serve to know that we have learned the tragic lesson of san bruno, that safety must always come first. >> reporter: the company says it has since adopted new pipeline safety standards. >> we applaud pg&e for the work they're doing after the explosion. they have done an awful lot of work but that does not exempt them for paying the price for what they did. >> it was criminal, and i am thrilled that additional action is being taken. >> reporter: betty yu, kpix 5. >> pg&e says it expects this to be a long legal process. but the utility says it does not believe criminal charges are merited because it did not
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intentionally violate federal law. a petaluma slate center of a petaluma slaughterhouse will be taken over by marin sun farms. the slaughterhouse was shut down after questions were raised about the meat it processed. nearly 9 million pounds of beef was recalled. this morning questions about california's high-speed rail project. experts told the senate safety subcommittee that the trains will probably not be able to get from san francisco to los angeles in two hours and 40 minutes. that's the time listed in the ballot measure when voters approved the project. senators were also told the cost will likely be much higher than planned. public transit in san francisco could soon undergo its first major overhaul in three decades. today's the muni board of directors is expected to vote on a plan aimed at improving service that's been criticized as slow and unreliable. the proposal includes changes in frequency and hours of
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operation. it also calls for adding new routes while realigning or eliminating some current ones. still ahead, behind the wheel and texting? better put that phone down. the bay area man's plan to shame distracted drivers one billboard at a time. >> time now is 4:40. are you leading the life you want? oprah winfrey says she can help you make it better and she is coming to the bay area to share some of her secrets. mixim - from the ehrmann family.
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newwith two unique ingredients. to mix in however your heart desires. go on. spoon me. mixim - from the ehrmann family. it's love, your way. i was inside there. do they see him? >> boy, this is incredible. a texas construction worker is telling the story about his brush with death, a wind-driven fire trapping him on the ledge of a houston construction site tuesday. he managed to jump from one floor to another to get away from the flames. firefighters with a ladder truck reached him just in time. >> now just, you know, frustrated obviously and panicked and i said, i'm going
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to die right here. they were right there with the ladders set up already. and yet the flames were just growing too fast. saw that the front of the building collapsed, fall off and then a big surge of heat came from that also. and, you know, it was like let's go, go, go. >> investigators say the fire might have been sparked by a welder's torch. wreaths, food and flowers are pouring into a boston firehouse after a fire killed 2 firefighters this week. michael kennedy and edward walsh firefighters were killed in the burning brownstone on wednesday. since that day the fallen firefighters' station has been overwhelmed with an outpouring of support from the people of boston. no word on what caused that fire. it's clear that laws and heavy fines are not stopping people from sending text messages while driving. >> so maybe a campaign of shame might be the answer. couldn't hurt. kpix 5's brian webb explains how one silicon valley man is on a mission to do just that.
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reporter: a handful of baffling billboards are popping up across the bay area and getting more than a few glasses. >> i'd say it's a pretty -- getting more than a few glances. >> i'd say it's a pretty old school approach public embarrassment. >> i think it will create awareness you shouldn't do that. >> reporter: look closely. they showed distracted drivers caught in the act. the idea dreamed up and developed by graphic designer brian singer, who met us at one of the billboards up in the mission district. >> i love seeing them up. >> reporter: brian says from the passenger seat he started seeing distracted drivers everywhere and decided to do something about it. snapping shots of them, then putting the picture on a website he created. >> every person i saw picking their nose there would be like 20 people texting. >> reporter: to brian a few thousand dollars worth of billboards paid from his pocket was a natural next step. but he insists it's not a public campaign to shame people
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but to create social pressure. >> it's not so much about shaming an individual as it is about raising awareness and making people think twice. >> reporter: brian says he is getting interest from across the country from law enforcement, nonprofits and safety-conscious people and hopes others will follow his lead taking pictures from the passenger seat. >> it's better to learn this way than it is by getting in an accident. >> reporter: so distracted drivers, beware, next time you text and drive, you could end up on a billboard or worse. brian webb, kpix 5. >> well, of course, we never do that. but if he ever starts a campaign of pictures of people picking their nose, man, we are in big trouble. >> big trouble. >> if you would see the things that go on during these commercial breaks. [ laughter ] >> brian. [ laughter ] we have some dicey weather coming for the weekend. it's going to be a mixed bag but right now we have to get through our friday. right now it's dark. we have official sun-up at 6:59. the beautiful transamerica
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building in the background there. temperatures in the 50s and 60s out the door. the winds are slight out of the south but will be increasing later today at 20 towards the evening commute. okay. bottom line, this is what you need to know. mainly cloudy with a few sunny breaks. it will become breezy. we have the rain beginning in the north bay first wet saturday, dry on sunday. area of low pressure pressing up against the pacific northwest. and it will begin to descend into the northern portion of the bay area towards the late afternoon hours. it's going to be tapping into subtropical moisture. this is a wet soaking system. timing has it like this. rain far north by lunch hour descending into the north bay towards the tail end of the evening commute. and then slicing through the bay area overnight. main energy, this is 8:00 tomorrow morning. so if your kids have any little league plans, more than likely they will be rained out behind the passage of the front during the afternoon hours we'll have scattered showers. the winds will increase up to 20 and 30 so it will be kind of
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a blustery afternoon. okay, in the high sierra above 5500 feet up to a foot of snow is expected and the very highest elevations we are anticipating 2 feet of pow. numbers today, 60s and 70s. looks like the extended forecast does call for a lingering shower possible sunday and more rain is likely on monday. so over the weekend, got plans, elizabeth? >> i do. outdoor plans to look at a dog. >> oh!! >> we'll talk about that. don't want the rain to mess that up. we have a couple of different accidents outside right now including this new one. it's in san jose coming through downtown. you may find a few delays. northbound 280 approaching the 880 interchange the highway 17/880 interchange right lane is blocked right now. no delays showing up on the sensors but we may see some later. east bay northbound 680 approaching ygnacio valley road counter-commute coming into walnut creek, just a heads up, fire and chp on scene. the main lines of 24, though,
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still look good from lafayette all the way to the caldecott. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge traffic still moving at the limit leaving hayward. the westbound 92 taillights still you can see moving fine over the flat section with plenty of space in between cars at the bay bridge. give it another 15 minutes or so, those left lanes still blocked incline toward the tunnel but so far there is no delay in either direction between the oakland area and san francisco. remember kcbs when you hit the roads at 106.9 fm or 740-am. the oprah winfrey experience is coming to downtown san jose. she is bringing her 8 city tour to the s.a.p. center. oprah's the life you want weekend is a two-day event. the queen of talk is the keynote speaker followed by a full day of group activities and hand-picked speakers. oprah says the tour is on the top of her bucket list. it will be november 14 and 15. tickets start at $99 and go on sale in april. microsoft unveiled a new product for apple's ipad and there's a new warning for those
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of you who shop online. here's jericka duncan with this morning's moneywatch report. >> reporter: today we'll get a better idea of how much americans make. new numbers on personal income and consumer spending are expected to come out later. on wall street thursday, the dow fell nearly 5 points. the nasdaq was down 22. u.s. residential properties including single-family homes, condos and townhomes sold at a slightly slower pace in february from the previous month. but the annual pace is still up 7% from a year ago according to realtytrac. microsoft unveiled office for the ipad. the app includes word, excel an powerpoint. it also has features that allows users to drag photos around word documents and grab pie charts in excel. the ipad is made by apple. microsoft's long-time rival. the better business bureau has a warning for online
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shoppers. the b. bb says it received close to 50 claims about [ indiscernible ] and raided the online retailer. several customers in the u.s. and canada say the company npodz failed to ship items and shipping and tracking information could not be verified. no comment from the website. that's your moneywatch report. for the latest business news go to in new york, i'm jericka duncan. thanks, jericka. 10 minutes before 5:00 in the morning. cashing in on the drought. how the dry conditions are prompting a mini gold rush. that's coming up. new mixim, creamy greek yogurt. with two unique ingredients. to mix in however your heart desires. go on. spoon me. mixim - from the ehrmann family.
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newwith two unique ingredients. to mix in however your heart desires. go on. spoon me. mixim - from the ehrmann family. it's love, your way. good morning.
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68 degrees in daly city today. menlo park seasonal high of 67 degrees. upper 60s in sunnyvale. san jose will be average for this time of the year at 70 degrees. hey, the good guys are rolling into town at the alameda county fairgrounds and over the weekend it will be wet on saturday. but 70 degrees today. upper 60s in moraga and then american canyon and vallejo in the mid-60s. north bay numbers stacking up from the 50s to it the 60s and if you are heading off to the ballpark tonight, mostly cloudy skies at 64 degrees. here we are 166 years after james marshall discovered gold out in the gold country and still some people are cashing in this time in the gold country on the drought. >> still. ian schwartz tells us the search for gold is going into areas that haven't been explored in years. reporter: heather willis runs this auburn mining supply store and says gold mining products are in high demand. >> i'd say it's taken it up to
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about 20 to 25% increase in sales. >> reporter: in a normal winter with normal rain, where i'm standing would be covered in water even all the way up to there. but since we have had lousy rain and we're in this drought, the river has receded and it's allowed people to walk in farther and pan for gold in spots that haven't been accessible for years. willis says gold has been deposited in untouched pockets and prospectors with pans or more advanced devices are digging in. >> i have seen them bring in anywhere from 50 to 250 in a day. >> reporter: it's not just gold fanatics coming here. it's people looking for new hobbies after the drought put a damper on the old ones. >> put a temporary ban on fishing being allowed in these areas. so these are outdoor hobbyists that are looking for something new to get into. >> reporter: willis says a lot of gold diggers will stick close to the water's edge but, like many things, if you want the big reward, you might have to put in a little extra effort. >> hikers, kayakers, things like that, that tend to go two or three miles from a lot of
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these areas and they are getting good in finding great gold. >> these days, gold is selling for more than $1,300 an ounce. hundreds of san jose students marched through city streets to honor the life of cesar chavez. the alum rock elementary union school district holds the march every year. they say yesterday's march offers a unique way to teach students about the labor leader's legacy. >> it's very important to keep on the legacy of cesar. anything possible to put your mind to it, anything that can be -- it's not treated right injustices and all that can be fixed if you struggle to work hard at it. >> cesar chavez and his wife moved to san jose when their first child was born. he would go on from there to create the legendary organization, the national farm workers association. the first feature film about him opens in theaters across the country today just days
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before cesar chavez day is celebrated. >> the search for malaysia airlines flight 370 moves to a new area. coming up, why investigators now believe the plane flew much faster than originally thought. >> reporter: resign or be removed. those are the two options politicians are giving state senator leland yee. we are live in front of his house with what sources say he plans to do. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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leave, don't burden your colleagues and this great institution with your troubles. >> there's growing pressure on state senator leland yee to step aside after his federal indictment on corruption charges. yee withdrew his bid for secretary of state but he has resisted calls to leave the senate. a vote is expected today to suspend yee. >> the death of 8 people because of the ineptitude of a public utility not watching
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what they're doing is criminal. >> pg&e says it expects to face criminal charges for the 2010 pipeline explosion in san bruno. the charges would likely relate to recordkeeping and pipeline management. pg&e says it has improved its safety standards since then. >> plane was traveling faster than was previously estimated. >> the searching for the missing jet shifts to nearly 700 miles northeast of the previous search area. the new focus is based on radar data shortly before the plane lost contact. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. good morning, i'm michelle griego. >> i'm brian hackney. frank is off today. now at 5:00 let's check weather and traffic. here's roberta! >> good morning, everybody from the kpix 5 weather center. tgi friday! hey, doppler radar picked up a few scattered light rain showers very early and now, the
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slate is wiping clean but nevertheless, more rain will be moving into the picture. right now, mostly cloudy skies, number-wise 50 in oakland. 53 degrees in napa. the winds are under 10 miles per hour. later today, those winds increasing up to 20 miles per hour towards the evening commute. number-wise in the low 60s at the beaches to 70 degrees apiece. mountain view, san jose and out towards the delta, we have rain arriving by later on tonight. heaviest rain on saturday morning tapering off during the day leaving us with breezy raw conditions. i lingering shower possible on sunday. that's a look at your morning weather. here's your morning drive with liz. no major hot spots around the area. the drive is good on the nimitz. not much roadwork from hayward 238 towards the downtown oakland exits. later on this evening though you could see some traffic tie- ups in oakland. golden state warriors host memphis 7:30 over by the oracle. right now, near the coliseum though, you can see those taillights movingne


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