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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  March 28, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. in just the last hour, the state senate votes to suspend leland yee and two other senators indefinitely. now it's the entire senate under the microscope. good afternoon. i'm michelle griego. we'll have more on that in just a moment, but first let's get to some breaking news in berkeley. chopper 5 is over interstate 80 in berkeley right
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now. the chp is telling us they are dealing with a tour bus on fire. looks like the flames are out. but you can see that tour bus right there off the side of the highway. this is eastbound interstate 80 near the university avenue exit. we're told that everyone is off the bus. and we want to give you another look at what this is doing to traffic. you can see our traffic maps right here. they show plenty of red arrows on eastbound i-80 the backup now extending nearly to the bay bridge. our other breaking story, let's get to kpix 5 reporter ryan takeo at the state capital where senator leland yee has just been suspended in the wake of the corruption scandal. ryan. reporter: leland yee and two other state senators are now suspended indefinitely with pay. the vote happened within the last hour. it was almost a unanimous decision 28-1. the state senate
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pro tem admitted suspending any state senators wasn't on his radar until wednesday when police arrested yee on corruption charges. today, the senate pro tem pleaded with the embattled senators to step down. >> leave, please. we have made that request. and apparently, they will not. none of the members mentioned in the resolution can serve another day in this senate going forward unless they are exonerated. period. >> reporter: only one member voted against the proposal state senator joel anderson from san diego. he said he wanted the members expelled. he says the proposal falls woefully short. >> it's not a right to be on this floor. it's a privilege. it's a privilege to serve the people of california. >> reporter: pro tem steinberg
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said he would like to expel these three state senators. but he says that they deserve due process. now, senate leaders plan to have an office-by-office ethics review in the next couple of weeks. and they are working on a state constitutional amendment that would allow them to suspend the state senators without pay. right now they say they do not have that option because of the constitution. live in sacramento, i'm ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> senator leland yee's attorney just released a statement. he is not taking issue with the senate suspending his client. instead he says, quote, suspension is the right step for now and is appropriate in a system that presumes the innocence of the accused. it's been only 48 hours since word of leland yee's arrest, and now today he is essentially booted from the state senate. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is outside the senator's home with reaction to his stunning fall from grace. cate. >> reporter: michelle, we have
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been here over the past two days since yee left the federal courthouse on wednesday. and still no sign, no comment, no appearance from yee. we know he returned to his house after making bail. but is he still here? the only real activity we have seen from this house is when a woman who said she was a supporter stopped by yesterday to drop off muffins. is he inside? did you see the senator inside? is he in there? >> i just give him this. >> reporter: this was the last we saw of him the senator leaving the courthouse making no comments to the press about the flurry of accusations against him. now yee facing public corruption charges as well as crimes related to selling weapons. to the rest came as a shock wednesday after the fbi conducted several raids across northern california including yee's home and office in sacramento. in relation to yee, the feds also arrested more than two dozen people with crimes ranging from selling drugs and weapons to murder-for-hire. the only official word we
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received was through his attorney, who made the announcement yee would step down from the race for secretary of state. >> dear debora, i hereby with dry may candidacy for election of secretary of state effective immediately. >> reporter: so the question is, where is he? and why hasn't he said anything? politicians led the charge for his suspension and his supporters looking for answers still two days after he was indicted he has yet to give any answers behind his expected not guilty plea. now, he won't be able to be in hiding for long, michelle. his attorney says he is expected back in court on monday to revisit the terms of his release. live in san francisco, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> thank you. right now, reporters from kpix 5 and kcbs are on a live webcast and twitter chat answering your questions about the yee investigation and examining the impact of his bombshell case. use the #yeechat and watch live
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at a freak accident left a car smashed and a man feeling lucky. anne makovec with more on the close call this morning in san leandro. >> reporter: it's hard to believe a man was in the driver's seat of this honda civic when the piece of metal tore through it and the man survived and is expected to be fine. >> it almost killed one of my guys missed him by inches. >> reporter: paul tavares' coworker was taking a nap in his car outside of their workplace on dolittle drive when the chunk of metal came crashing down and he managed to get out himself. >> i looked at him and he was in shock. i said are you okay? he goes yeah. >> reporter: firefighters say it appears the metal came from this metal recycling plant across the street. they say it was a canister, possibly a propane tank that workers thought was empty. but when it was punctured by heavy machinery, it exploded. >> i heard an explosion which felt like a truck went through the building. >> reporter: people felt it throughout the neighborhood. >> it shookmy desk to the point
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where i thought it was an explosion or airplane or something. >> reporter: coworkers said the man owned this car for about a week but he still feels lucky today. >> it's incredible. he's got an angel. >> reporter: this is under investigation now by local authorities and cal/osha. so far no comment from alco iron metal. in san leandro, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> the man in that car ended up with shoulder injuries and some cuts to the face. a minivan crashed right through the front doors of a mcdonald's in sacramento injuring two people. caution tape blocked the scene at the restaurant. the back of the van sticking out of the building. police say the van was parked and the driver accidentally stepped on the gas instead of the brakes sending the car through the doors. an employee was standing right there and was injured. the driver was also injured. a suspicious death is under investigation in east san jose. a body was found in a home in the 2600 block of aborn road around 8:00 last night. police say the victim appeared
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to be an adult male. it's unclear if he lived in the home. the medical examiner is now trying to determine the cause of death. livermore police are looking for a man who they say robbed a woman at an atm while wielding a baseball bat. police released surveillance images of a white man in his 30s coming from behind the woman with a bat. he allegedly took cash and her cell phone then drove off in a red car. the victim was not hurt. anyone with information is asked to call livermore police. a you can man from emeryville is now charged with -- a young man from emeryville is now charged with murder accused of killing a motorcycle driver while driving drunk. alexander yohn was arraigned yesterday. police say early tuesday morning he hit a union city man with his mini cooper at fremont boulevard and decoto road in fremont. the victim was a marine just back from afghanistan. happening today in san francisco, muni officials have just passed a major plan that will overhaul the aging transit system. the goal is to make it faster
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and more reliable something it hasn't done in 30 years. that will include adding new routes an eliminating others. the $44 million plan has been in the works since 2008. the frantic search continues in washington for any survivors of the devastating mud slide. crews are facing new challenges in the rescue efforts today. and think twice before texting behind the wheel or you could be part of this bay area billboard campaign. >> it is a view from oakland just for you. good afternoon, everyone. it's our live kpix weather camera looking at the cloud cover tracking the raindrops and when you will experience them as the news continues on kpix 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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worse for search and rescue crews. new details on the washington mud slide. heavy rain and gusty winds are
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making matters worse for search- and-rescue crews. right now, 90 people are still unaccounted for 7 days after the landslide that destroyed the mountain community of oso. 17 deaths are confirmed by the medical examiner so far. today emergency responders are dealing with 1 00% chance of rain and 20-mile-per-hour wind gusts. >> areas that have dried out are going to become each more saturated with water. it just makes things slower and more complicated. and so we have a hard day ahead of us. >> five people injured by the mud slide including a five- month-old boy remain in a seattle hospital in critical condition. crews searching for the missing malaysia plane report spotting several objects floating in the indian ocean. officials are now analyzing photos of the items to determine if they are in fact from the missing jetliner. the search area moved nearly 700 miles to the northeast today. investigators have decided the plane was going faster than
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previously believed. that means it would have run out of fuel sooner than they thought. bay area drivers are becoming infamous overnight for texting behind the wheel. these billboards show distracted drivers caught in the act. graphic designer brian singer says he started taking pictures of drivers breaking the no texting while driving rule. then he spent thousands of his own money to start this website, >> for everybody person i saw picking their nose there would be 20 people texting. not so much about shaming an individual as it is about raising awareness and making people think twice. >> singer invited other people to catch drivers texting and post their photos on his website. the date is set for "super bowl l" at the new levi stadium in santa clara. it will be placed february 7, 2016. santa clara will host the championship at 9ers -- at the 9ers brand-new stadium which opens this season. in the week leading up to the game events will take place across the bay area including san francisco.
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a super bowl host committee is already busy planning and we are proud to tell you that kpix 5 is your home for "super bowl l." so set the date in your calendar. >> mobile weather is there. >> all right. >> "where's roberta?" is there! [ laughter ] >> we got to planned. we already have a little light rain on our live hi-def doppler radar. check it out. a little bit of green on the screen. i'll zoom in right there. do you see it? a little bit of light rain now falling to the north of the santa rosa area heading off in a northeast direction. otherwise, we have mostly cloudy skies in the city by the bay in the city of san francisco at 61 degrees. still in the upper 50s in santa rosa. brand-new area of low pressure is pressing up against the northwestern quadrant of the state of california as it goes south tapping into subtropical moisture. we have some substantial rainfall heading our way. we'll take whatever we can get. our futurecast places it obviously beginning in the north bay. slice it across the central bay
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by 7:00 tomorrow morning. there goes those little league games. and then just hanging out around the santa clara valley throughout the afternoon hours lingering showers certainly possible throughout saturday evening, as well. now, how do the numbers stack up? it looks like san jose .6", over .25" in the eastern portion of the bay area, half inch in san francisco. so this does mean snow in the high sierra with the winter storm warning in effect up to a foot of snow above 5500 feet. numbers today, a little bit warmer than yesterday a little muggy. 60s to the low 70s. sunset tonight 7:29. not really going to see it because we have increasing cloud cover, rain develops overnight tonight. rainout tomorrow morning, lingering showers throughout the day, a chance of a shower sunday all the way through wednesday. now, that is a forecast i can get excited about. >> it is. i have family in town. and they were hoping that it was sunny skies but they are
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getting rain. it's okay, though. >> cabin fever. >> yeah. we like it. we'll, we had an exciting week because usually i'm not here for "where's roberta?" because "where's roberta?" is right here right now? but earlier this week we went to a building. and what is so special about it a building? let me show you in this edition of "where's roberta?" >> reporter: you can see it in most locations in the city of san francisco. it is the third tallest building in the city right after the transamerica pyramid and 555 california street. the familiar 345 california center stands 48 stories in the financial district. it is a majestic building located in the middle of a block with historic buildings on each of its four corners and while this building claims stakes to one of the city's most luxurious hotels, it is when you look up you see the pride of tim danz, chief engineer. >> i'm going to show you the emergency generator for backup
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power. the flags are the skyline signature given with the architectural element with the twin flag towers. for years we have had a lot of fun with the flags and we bring them up around the seasonal milestones, opening week coming up, bay bridge series. >> reporter: the 50th floor of the towering skyscraper, i had the honor of hoisting my favorite team's flag. >> so tim, tell me, how high am i raising the flag? >> it's about 40 feet, roberta, from this roof level. it will fly altogether over 700 feet. >> reporter: he has called 345 california center home for nearly a decade but it is yet another tower that is close to his heart and where's the memory on his wrist. >> my little brother vincent the baby of our family was nypd, emergency squad services, and sadly vincent was lost in the north tower on 9/11. >> reporter: oh. >> he is a real hero. >> reporter: when you saw the
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world trade center towers collapse, did you know? >> the hope was that vincent had a night shift that night. it was later that morning that i found that he was one of the first responders and that he was in the north tower. >> reporter: and from the world trade center to 345 california center, tim danz prides himself on -- >> finding better ways to run this property and manage its energy consumption. >> love that man. and if you would like more information about the california center and the battle of the bay, just go to and click on "links and numbers." >> very neat. got to raise the flag. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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answers to your questions a orruption case. well, let's check in now with kpix 5's linda yee one of our reporters live tweeting answers to your questions about the leland yee corruption indicated. linda, what are people talking about? >> michelle, before i start, i'm here with holly quan and doug sovern both from kcbs all of us covering the story for the last couple of days. people are interested about leland yee, he is termed out in his district. so his position won't be there any more so there's a question whether or not they will just replace him. probably not. but he has been suspended by the state senate and he will
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not be working there anymore. what other questions? >> i think people were concerned they wanted to know how come there wasn't more attention national attention brought to this. there are a lot of things people are asking. we are trying to answer the best we can, michelle, but there's a lot of stuff going on. but, you know, join us #yeechat. >> >> use the #ey yee chat. palo alto based tesla has agreed to install shields to stop car fires. last year two model s cars caught fire after the batteries were damaged. the drivers got out. the federal government closed its investigation of the fires after the company agreed to make changes. tesla says it will add an aluminum bar and titanium plate as shields to block off debris from hitting the batteries.
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we'll be right back.
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prized possessions? avocados are phenomenal for so many different dishes. when you see avocados in the store when it comes to selection, it's extremely important. you want to make sure you have this nice slight green all the way around. give them a squeeze they should have a small yield to the
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touch. if it's too much they are overripe or rock solid not ripe yet. don't expect them to right end on the -- don't expect them to ripen on the countertop. buy them ripe. eat them within a few days. with these haas avocados, these are the ideal for guacamole. use a little lime juice to keep it fresh and not oxidizing. how far would you dig to find a prized possession in one couple out of oklahoma didn't stop at the landfill. a veterinarian took his ring off at work and it ended up in in the trash can. by the time he checked the dumpster it was empty. so gary took his search to the landfill. >> i tore this sack open and dropped it on the corridor box and the ring fell right on the corner of that cardboard boxes. yes! >> score. >> yes. got it back. >> how lucky is he?
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one of the waste management workers says this is the second lost wedding ring call he has received in 17 years. just a programming note before we go. there is no newscast at 5:00 and 6:00. tune in for march madness as tennessee and michigan at 4 p.m. play and then kentucky versus louisville at 6:30. and that's it for kpix 5. >> i need arizona to win. that's who i picked. captions by: caption colorado ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> brooke: i can't just let ridge go. >> bill: why not? >> brooke: [ chuckling ] well, if you understood our history, you wouldn't -- >> bill: oh, i understand your history. i understand your history better than you do. i can cut through the b.s. >> brooke: bill. >> bill: he treats you like garbage. i mean, is that what you think love is? a guy who floats in and out of leur life, takes what he wants, anes? that's what happened with your father, brooke. he was here and he was gone and he was here and he was gone. and that's why you're so messed up. that's why you think ridge is your destiny. >> brooke: it has nothing to do with that. >> bill: it has everything to do with it. but you don't need him anymore because you have me. and i'm not going anywhere. you know it as well as i do. i'm holding


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