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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  March 31, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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it's deadline for people to sign up for insurance under coverage under president obama's health care law. it's closed but the future of the law remain in question. >> the stock market is rigged. the united states stock market, most iconic market in global capitalism is rigged. >> a new author tells "60 minutes" that all investors great and small are being ripped off by wall street insiders. and a pair of underdogs squeak into the ncaa tournament's final 4. >> for the final 4, harrison, that shot -- oh, he made it. captioning funded by cbs captioning funded by cbs
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this is the "cbs morning news" for monday, march 31st, 2014. good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. well, today is the deadline to sign up for the affordable care act. the government said more than 2 million people visited the website over the weekend. the obama administration is making a final push, urging people to enroll and avoid a penalty. susan mcginnis is in washington. susan, good morning. >> good morning, anne-marie. now, the website did have some glitches over the weekend in a last-minute rush for people to sign up, but it was nothing like what happened during the first rollout when all those glitches became apparent. the white house said more than 6 million have signed on so far, but that reflects those who have chosen a plan on the exchanges, not those who have made the first premium, and that's the final step toward the completion of the enrollment.
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the deadline is now hours away. andrew morton of maryland has been trying to sign up on, but no luck. >> i even went to the library and filled out the paperwork. somebody was supposed to contact me. they never did. >> reporter: morton rushed to this local community center for help this weekend. and in florida where more than 400,000 have already enrolled, people lined up for hours aet a miami mall waiting to talk face to face with somebody who could help. >> a lot of these people never had insurance so they're very unfamiliar with the terms. >> reporter: president obama announced on thursday more than 6 million people have signed up so far. the white house is calling it a major accomplishment since the disastrous rollout, but opponents including republicans working to repeal the law are skeptical. >> you look at what obama care is really doing. it is going to drive up -- it is driving up costs right now. >> people who started enrolling but can't finish by tonight can ask for an extension. they must first attest they tried to sign up before the deadline.
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now, those without health insurance face a fine of $95 or 1% of their income, whichever is higher. anne-marie? >> all right. susan mcginnis in washington. thank you, susan. australia's prime minister says the search for the missing malaysian airliner will go on as long as possible. but tony abbott describes the search as extraordinarily difficult. so far no debris that can be linked to the plane can be has been found. this morning 20 ships and planes are searching an area of roughly 123,000 square miles. here the sea floor is dominated by an underwater plain known as broken ridge. it's mostly flat but at some point drops off to 19,000 feet deep. holly williams is in rockingham, australia. holly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. here in rockingham, an australia naval ship, the "own shield," is
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due to leave port in a couple of hours and on board is a towed pin locater along with an 11-support crew. black boxes or flight recorders up to 20,000 feet under the water. now, if the black boxes can be found, they could finally explain what went wrong on malaysia airline flight 370, but time is running out because the black boxes' beacons only have a few hours left. the pinger is only good for a few hours. they can't be used until some wreckage is found and investigators have a better idea about where exactly the boeing 777 went down. at this point not a single piece of missing debris has been found. of course, this is all extraordinarily frustrating and sometimes confusing for the families of the 239 people who were on board. around two-thirds of the passengers were from china, and a group of relatives have now traveled to kuala lumpur to push
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malaysian authorities to give them more and clear information about this investigation. anne-marie? >> holly williams in rockingham. thank you very much. a north korean live fire exercise escalated this morning when south korean forces fired back. in an unusual move north korea announced in advance that it was conducting the drill. when the north korean shells fell into the see in a disputed south korean island, the south returned fire. in recent years there have been several confrontations in this area. now, russian prime minister dmitry medvedev arrived in crimea this morning. the highest level of rushl officials who visited crimea earlier this month. meanwhile a meeting between secretary of state john kerry and russian foreign minister failed to de-escalate the crisis in ukraine.
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kerry and sergey lavrov met yesterday. unless ukrainian government is consulted. >> we will not accept a path forward where the legitimate government of ukraine is not at the table. this principle is clear. no decisions about ukraine without ukraine. >> kerry also said the russian troop buildup creates a climate of fear and intimidation and calls for an immediate pullback. well, the death toll from the washington state mudslide is at least 25. 30 others are missing. search cruise having to deal with treacherous conditions should get a break today with dry weather forecasts, but many of the search dogs used in the search for the victims will begin a two-day break. the dogs lose their sensing ability if overworked in the ra rain and cold.
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omar villafranca has more on the search. >> we pray to our fiancee for strength and endurance for those who are working so hard. >> reporter: residents near oso, washington, attended church services for the first time since the mountain of mud came crashing down last saturday. >> it's going to be phenomenal at any time, but especially at a time like this, it's necessary that we pray for each other. >> reporter: while the community praise and starting the healing process, rescue workers work through conditions that are cold and fatigued. tops of mailboxes show recovery teams where homes used to be so they can focus their search. sectionings marked with p.v. in pink indicate where possible victims may be buried. chain saws were used to clear the area. these professionals, both professional and volunteers are performing herculon task right now. >> reporter: so far officials say 623 people have been involved in the effort.
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searches of mementos are bringing back personal items. >> we all know what memories, wonderful things like photos can bring for your a person, and so to reunite family members with that is a really important piece of this effort. >> reporter: with a break in the rain expected rescue crews hope to make more progress in the coming days. omar villafranca, cbs news, washington. coming up on the "morning news," details in the "moneywatch."protest the police department in albuquerque. this is the "cbs morning news." so that was our first task, was getting him to wellness. without angie's list, i don't know if we could have found all the services we needed for our riley. from contractors and doctors to dog sitters and landscapers, you can find it all on angie's list. we found riley at the shelter, and found everything he needed at angie's list.
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the justice department is investigating. on the "cbs moneywatch" now, new details in gm's recall investigation, and allegations that wall street is rigged. jill wagner's at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, jill. >> good morning, anne-marie. a new memo released by a house subcommittee investigating the massive general motors recall is raising new and troubling questions for gm and federal regulators. the memo said gm twice considered fixing an ignition switch problem nearly ten years ago but then did nothing about it. the defect is linked to 13 deaths. more than 2.5 million cars have been recalled. gm ceo mary barra testifies before congress tomorrow. asian stocks were mostly higher ahead of a possible stimulus action by china. tokyo's nikkei gain 1%. hong kong's hang seng added a quarter percent.
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wall street investors will keep an eye on a flurry of economic reports due to be released this week. the dow ended up 20 points last week. the nasdaq was down 121 points. >> well, this week is the fifth anniversary of the current bull market on wall street, but stock ownership is at a record low. flash boys, a new book by michael lewis, suggests the u.s. stock market is rigged to benefit a few insiders, so-called flash trader. he shoek with steve kroft on contract 60 minutes" last night. >> they're able to see your order and play it against orders you don't under. they're able to front run your order. >> what do you mean front order. >> means they're able to identify your desire to buy shares in microsoft and buy them in front of you and sell them back you do at a higher price. it all happens in infinitesimally small periods of time. the speed at which traders have
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is milliseconds, some is fractions of milliseconds, but it's enough for them to identify what you're going to do and do it before you do it at your expense. >> you can see steve kroft's entire "60 minutes" interview with michael lewis at jurs selection begins today in california in a new major court battle between apple and samsung. apple accuses samsung of infringing on five patents on the design of its galaxy smartphones and tablets. the trial comes less than two years after a federal jury found samsung guilty of infringing on apple patents. anne-marie? >> all right. jill wagner at the new york stock exchange. thank you very much, jill. straight ahead, a pair of underdogs score a pair of upsets on the way to the final four. and the first major league baseball game in the states, an unlikely hero makes the play of the night. hero makes the play of the night. you eat activia everyday?
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. and time now for a check of the national forecast. blizzard conditions are likely across the northern plains with as much as two feet of snow expected in some places. high winds are likely across the midwest and northeast.
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much of the west will be very windy with rain or snow showers over the northern and central rockies. well, what's been an ncaa tournament marked by upsets, it's only fitting that two underdogs are crashing the final four. kentucky and michigan play a classic in the midwest regional final. after missing three straight shots michigan ties up the game at 72-72 with 27 seconds left in the game, and kentucky gets another shot at the league. >> for the final four, harrison, that shot's -- oh, he made it. oh, he was right in the space. >> aaron harrison's three-pointer with less than three seconds to play gives kentucky the lead. michigan's desperation shot at the buzzer comes up short and the eight seeded wildcats return with a final score of 75-72 win. another one comes up. seven seeded upset behind
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michigan. the huskys winner 60-54. they're the first ever seed to ever make it to the final four. from 68 teams down to just a quartet, final coverage starts right here on saturday night, 6:00 eastern when uconn takes on florida. that's following by versus kentucky. well, most of major league baseball opens today but the l.a. dodgers have already played three games. last night the dodgers played their first game in the state after sweeping a two-game series against arizona in australia. their winning streak would end in san diego. the dodger they rally past l.a. in the eighth. while the late inning highlights save the day for san diego, the ball girl has the most heroic play of the game. in the eight inning she reaches
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healing that lasts for 3 weeks. that's the healing power of vaseline. his defense team is up against... the deadline is here. it's the last day to sign ur health insurance. the penalties you could face if don't enroll in time... a big miracle for this litt girl. how she enlisted the and president obama for hel be reunited with her dad... good morning. it's monday, march 31st. i'm michelle griego. ,,,,
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. a new report out this morning by some of the world's leading environmentalists warns that greenhouse emissions must be cut significantly or risk global ecological damage. the u.n. panel says it's increasing a number of wildfires. it's responsible for massive flooding, intense heat waves, and other intensive things.
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seismologists are warning that other known faults could be more catastrophic than the dreaded so-called big one on the san andreas fault. friday's quake had a magnitude 5.1. there have been more than 100 aftershocks. as art barron of our los angeles station kcbs reports, assessments are still being assessed. >> reporter: the images show how violent the quake was near the epicenter. >> there's no probably pot, pan, dish, cup left in my kitchen. everything is out of my cupboards. >> reporter: family of four lives here. it's the latest in fullerton. it's the latest to be red tagged, the seventh in the city. you can see why. it sustained. in fact, the family returned from a wedding and the mother said her son could have been crushed by a bookshelf.
4:22 am
both of them fell to the floor. >> if he would have been playing in his room, it would have been not a good ending. battalion chief john stokes says his crews are still checking homes. >> right now what our units are really doing is looking for secondary hazards. we've had a lot of fireplaces that have fallen over and bricks on top of the roof. >> you can see the crack. you can see where it's separated in the wall. >> reporter: vicki called the fire department to see if her house was safe. her biggest concern, the chimney, it separated from the wall. >> so this has completely separated. you can stick your hand completely down in there. >> she worries that another aftershock will topple the chimney and take out her wall. >> i just can't sleep at night knowing that this situation is here. >> that was kcbs's art barron reporting. there were no serious injuries from the quake. now, coming up after your local news on "cbs this
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it's a it's a little known fact the u.s. government owns tens of thousands of buildings that sit empty, and they are maintained at the expense of taxpayers. jeff pegues shows us some of them. >> reporter: no one has been coming to work in the usda cotton annex building for some time. just blocks away from the whougs, it's been vacant for six years. it's one of 77,000 empty buildings the government continues to own and maintain, costing taxpayers $1.5 billion a year in electric bills, roof repairs, and other monthly costs. what's more, a recent audit found part of the reason the costs are so high is the government can't keep track of what buildings it owns or what shape they're in. the general services administration manages the
4:26 am
government's real estate, dan tanglorini. >> we run into issues where people will say a billing is in good condition and you go out and take a look at it, and there's no common sense definition that would say that that's in good condition. >> reporter: tanglorini admits there are problems, but empty buildings, he says, still need attention. >> one dollar of deferred maintenance turns generally into four dollars of capital you have to make. it's definitely now or pay me a lot later. >> reporter: there's a bigger cost to factor in. by not selling these buildings off, the government is missing out on the housing rebound. condominiums in this area have been appreciating for more than 30 years. this is prime real estate and yet it's been vacant for over 20 years? >> wi. well, actually it's been vacant for longer than that. it's been vacant since the 1980s. >> reporter: david wise is with the government accountability office. how much do you think this building could fetch?
4:27 am
>> that i couldn't tell you. >> probably a million dollars. >> i think that's fair assessment, yeah. >> reporter: they've been using online auctions for long-time swaps and building leases. take a look at this. this has been leased to the tru trumps as a luxury hotel. since 2010 the gsa has generated $200 million by disposing of over 550 properties but there are thousands of billings like this one to go. jeff pegues, cbs news, washington. well, coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," more on the latest report on gm's recalled cars. jeff glor has details. plus, we'll meet the teenager who could save the government millions through a simple change in printing. we'll take you on a rare tour of the mars factory which makes some of our most popular chocolate bars. and we'll have the cast of "how i met your mother ahead of tonight's series finale.
4:28 am
that's the "cbs morning news" for this monday morning. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. -- captions by vitac --
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griego live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. good morning, everyone.
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it's monday, march 31st. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm frank. it's 4:30. we know it's going to rain. >> when you know it's going to rain, you get in the garden ahead of time. >> i was in the garden yesterday, getting everything ready to roll. we do have more rain coming in the bay area. we're going to get the timing for you next. >> your overnight drive time still good. we still have road work out there. we'll tell you about that as well as any accidents. happening today, it's back to federal court for state senator leland yee. >>reporter: this was leland yee leaving federal court on wednesday, where he will be returning monday morning. his lawyers said he will plead not guilty to charges against him, sex


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