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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  March 31, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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it's monday, march 31st. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm frank. it's 4:30. we know it's going to rain. >> when you know it's going to rain, you get in the garden ahead of time. >> i was in the garden yesterday, getting everything ready to roll. we do have more rain coming in the bay area. we're going to get the timing for you next. >> your overnight drive time still good. we still have road work out there. we'll tell you about that as well as any accidents. happening today, it's back to federal court for state senator leland yee. >>reporter: this was leland yee leaving federal court on wednesday, where he will be returning monday morning. his lawyers said he will plead not guilty to charges against him, sex federal counts related
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to an alleged construction conspiracy, involving armed trafficking and fraud to fund his campaign, the product of a long undercover fbi sting operation. >> this is a hard defense to make out. >>reporter: lawyer process for -- law professor says it will deped on what they come up up. the allegations against one of the bay area's most prominent politicians continues to create you shock waves from sacramento to capitol hill. democrat congressman eric spoke on kpix 5 sunday morning. >> this obsession in our system right now of campaign contributions, and you see all this outside money being spent on campaigns. there's this mad dash to raise
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money that i think it raises the issue of should we have a publically finances system. >>reporter: when it comes to yee's defense, the culture of corruption in politics will play a role. >> you have to show he wasn't predisposed to do this, this and you have to show that the government encouraged someone, who would have otherwise never done it. >>reporter: senator yee and some of his co-dependents are set to appear 9:30 monday morning. >> yee has dropped his campaign for california secretary of state. developing new, searchers at the sight -- site of the washington mudslidew problems. they're now dealing with
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household chemicals and sewage as they search for victims. the wet weather is expected to let uses this week. it's been nine days since the mud loud wiped out the town. four more bodies were found yesterday. relatives of passengers on board the missing malaysian flight visited air buddhist temple to pray for those missing. today's search involving more than 100 people in the air, 1,000 at sea. they're working in the indian ocean, more than 1100 miles west of australia. some debris has been pulled out of the water, but it's trash so far. the prime minister says they will not scale back the search. >> the intensity of our search and magnitude of operations is
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increasing. >> a device that detect the black box is on the way to the search area. happening today, deadline to americans to sign up for healthcare under the obama administration. visits to surged over the weekend. >>reporter: the deadline to enroll in the affordable healthcare act is hours of way. aaron has been trying to sign up but no luck. >> i went to the library and filled out the paperwork. somebody was supposed to contact me. >>reporter: martin rushed to this local community center for help. and in florida, where 400,000 have enrolled, people lined up for hours at a miami mall, waiting to talk face-to-face for someone to help.
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>> a lot of these people have never have insurance before. >>reporter: president obama announced thursday more than 6 million people have signed up so far. the white house is calling it a major opponent sstep. people, who have already started enrolling but can't finish by tonight can't get an extension. they must attest they tried to sign up before the deadline. >> there are penalties for individuals without insurance. they face a $95 fee or 1% of their income, whichever is greater. >> have it 4:35 our second check of the weather. we have the season opener. it may rain. >> it will rain at one point or another, scattered showers behind the passage of the front. they should be able to get the game in. good morning, everybody. heading on out the door, grab
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that umbrella. no rain expected for the morning commute, albeit a little rainy offshore, could see the santa cruz mountains being brushed with shower. the bulk of the activity will be in the bay area between 1:00 and 3:00. right now, mostly clear skies, a bit on the breezy dies. 42? santa rosa. later today, we're talking about numbers, 50s and 60s across the board. the bulk of the rain this afternoon, scattered showers for the evening commute. there's a potential for a thunderstorm. it will be dicy again on tuesday but dry wednesday through the thursday. that's an early look at weather. good morning, elizabeth. >> good morning, . traffic wise, we're doing good. no big incidents that could slow you down. we still have the overnight road work, which often times picks up
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around 5:00. you will find the left lanes blocked. so far, more to delay between the oakland area and san francisco. looking at your other bridges, san mateo still moving at the speed limit. that's traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you, liz. 4:37. people in southern california still feeling aftershocks in the wake of the earthquake over the weekend. these messy scene are from a grocery store. while the damage can be cleaned up, the same cannot be said for some of the homes in that same region. as kpix brian remember report s -- web reports many people are nowr home. >>reporter: fire crews spend sunday regular tagging about a
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dozen battered buildings deemed unsafe. >> no probably pot, pan, dish, cut, left in my kitchen. >>reporter: liquor store cameras captured the quake, one of the biggest jolts since the '94 quake. the liquor store worker felt lucky to escape. >> i didn't want to tweet see what happened. i just left the store immediately. i believe that was a good move. >>reporter: what about the big one? quake that experts say california has a 46% of a 7.5 magnitude quake over the next 30 years and southern, not northern california, is more likely to be the epicenter. >> a get a little bit nervous. when there's activity like we've seen in the last few days in los
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angeles, that does increase the probability of having a larger earthquake. >> u.s. geological survey estimates the 7.5 magnitude quake could kill up to 18,000 people. that would be much worse a quake along the san andreas fault. prayers are answered for a 10-year-old out of southern california. she was with a group that went to the vatican to meet the pope, pope francis. she wanted the pope to talk to president obama about immigration reform. three days later, pope and president actually met and jersey's undocumented father was released from custody. the two were reewe unite-- reunited at lax over the weekend. >> it's the best thing ever. >> her dad was waiting for jersey. his immigration status is still up in the air. for now, the he's free to spend time with his young daughter.
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today is caesar chavez day in california. all state government offices are closed. later this morning, chavez's grandson will speak at an event at john f. kennedy university. it starts at 11:00 a.m. it is 4:40. we're used to hearing fast cares at this bay area raceway. the ceo wants to bring a new sound to the track. playing the lottery could get easier in california. the state's bug plan to let you try your luck while filling up at the pump. go on. spoon me. mixim - from the ehrmann family.
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newwith two unique ingredients. to mix in however your heart desires. go on. spoon me. mixim - from the ehrmann family. it's love, your way. disperse protesters... angry about a deadly shooting. some of the demonstrators we arrested. this was the second protest in a week against the fatal police in albuquerque, new mexico fired tear gas last night to protestors. some carries werey -- demonstrators were arrested. video shows a man turning away
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before being shot. the sound of music could air to the roar of music. >> sonoma raceway wants to shift gears into the music scene. >>reporter: for more than decades, sonoma raceway has provided heart pumping speed to racing fans. no you the raceway says it's time to change direction. >> we think what we can offer here in a fast central environment will be unique. >>reporter: raceway ceo steve page envisions a multi-day music festival surrounding the sprawling racetrack. the mechanics would work. from parking to stadium seating, the infrastructure is already there. there's just one obstacle. >> the use permit currently defines this very specifically as a racetrack, and it doesn't allow for activities others than motor racing. >>reporter: but if page can convince sonoma county to brett
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broaden its permit from racing to an event center, sonoma raceway could host music festivals. more events could mean more noise and traffic congestion in an otherwise is at the convene sonoma county and federal businesses and locals living near the raceway admit to me off camera they are not on board. the raceway says it's always looking at ways to ease traffic and congestion, but they're keeping an eye on the finish line. >> we think there's a much broader opportunity to do things the over the coming decades that will make this a better community resource. >>reporter: mark kelly, kpix 5. >> the raceway has not yet filed a permit to make the change. the stanford women's basketball team has reached the round of eight in the ncaa tournament. they beat penn state yesterday 82-57. a senior finished with a game-high 29 points. sanford will take on north
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carolina on the farm tomorrow evening eat. >> is the 4:44. michigan state, my final four team, out. arizona, your final four team, out. >> yes. >> how did you do? >> i have three out of the four still in there. >> good for you. >> i do. kentucky, i messed up on that one. >> who do you have winning overall? >> florida. i think. i have to go back and check. i'm pretty sure it's florida. i'm very excited about tonight. nevertheless, we will have light rain showers. it's opening day for oakland a's, as they play host to cleveland. we will have scattered showers and wind. i bet there will be baseball tonight. the overall, the heaviest rainfall will be later on this afternoon, so don't forget your umbrella heading out the door, even though it will be a dry morning commute. more rain on tuesday. this is an area of low pressure.
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you can see the leading feeder bands already brushing up against the northwestern quadrant of the state of california. we'll have the line of activity in the form of moderate to heavy rain drop into the bay area. because of the unsettled air mass, we'll keep the potential for thunderstorm risk from monday to through. futurecast, there's the very impressive line to moderate to heavy rain. when you see that yellow and orange shade, there's a pretty heavy downpour. that is the frontal boundary. as it begins to descend, here's your oakland a's abty ty -- activity . a scattered shower. n settled the rain is through wednesday morning, then we'll dry out. we're going to total up the
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numbers. we could see an inch of rain throughout many locations, a couple inches north of sonoma county. numbers today in the 50s and 60s, otherwise your extended forecast calls for a drying out period on thursday and on friday before a chance of rain early friday morning. that's about it. elizabeth with traffic. >> enjoy this dry weather while we have it. on the roads no major hot spots. opening nights for the a's. we could see tie-ups. 7:05 game time. they're expecting traffic to be delayed. take bart. everything is on time for now. can't predict later on tonight, but they should have everything good to go. if here's a live look up and down the nimits freeway. here's a live look at our sensors so far, coming through
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the altamont pass, everything is looking great. if you're heading to the dublin, still in the clear. high wind advisories, now all winds are open. that's your latest. michelle, frank, back to you guys. you may soon be able to put gas in your car and gamble while doing it. california lottery is looking into the ideas of being able to purchase lottery tickets at the gas pumps. >> i think the lottery is a great idea. it's not a bad idea. it's one extra way to make money. >> i think the lottery is well aware that the predictions are out there. this, for them, seems like a win. >> california lottery officials have to approve the pilot program.
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the test runs would likely be in sacramento and the la area. wall street features points to more gains when trading begin. g.m. stock will bear watching this week. a new memo released by the house committee investigating a g.m. recall is highly critical of g.m. and federal regulators. the dell de-- defect is lined to 13 deaths. >>reporter: investigators are waiting for a lot of economic data this week, first, new numbers if on march auto sales, but the focus is on friday when the monthly unemployment report comes up. stocks, last week, ended on a
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high note. the apple/samsung rivaldsry rea to court today. both tech companies are accusing each other of ripping off designs and features. apple accuses samsung of infringing on five patents, including designs of its galaxy smartphones and tablets. the trial comes two years after a federal jury found samsung guilty of infringing on apple patents. at the new york stock exchange, jill wagner. time now 4:50 it's one of san jose's beloved theaters and now shut its doors. more coming up. if you see the red and blue flashing lights in your rear-view mirror, chances are you're in hot water. don't worry. there's an app for that. how it helps you when you get pulled over.
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newwith two unique ingredients. to mix in however your heart desires. go on. spoon me. mixim - from the ehrmann family. it's love, your way.
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newwith two unique ingredients. to mix in however your heart desires. go on. spoon me. mixim - from the ehrmann family. it's love, your way.
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theaters this weekend... foe film in particular. "noah" was the it is the last monday of the month of march. good morning, everybody. heading out the door, grab that umbrella. even though it's not raining as of yet, we will have a wet days with highs in the low 50s and upper 50s, mountain view at 60 degrees. let's go around to the eastern portion of the bay area with mostly clear skies. heaviest rainfall there about 2:00 to 3:00 in the afternoon, 60s pretty common around walnut creek. venecia at 60 degrees. santa rosa seeing over an inch of rain in the next 24 hours. a bridge check on this monday morning. there are no break lights across
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the san mateo bridge. we'll have more coming up. moving goers flooded the theaters this weekend for one film in particular. noah was the big winner. the biblical epic opened with 44 million dollars in box office receipts. divergent came in second, followed by muppets most wanted, mr. peabody and sherman and god's not dead. some theaters are now out of business. >> they are. crowds waited outside. some moviegoers paused to take a final photo. others held out hope for a ticket for a sold-out showing of raiders of the last ark. >> it's like an end zone.
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you want to safe a historical artifact. this theater is a historical artifact. >> sad to see it go. it's sad to see the neighborhood inundated by more development. century 21 dome, the original, opened back in '64, and became one of santa clara's go-to theaters. centuries 21 and 22 are sitting on land. state officials are considering weather to declare one of the domes a landmark. a new smartphone app is designed to help people, who are pulled over on suspicious of driving drunk. it's called the oh crap app. never said that on air. it has a list of basic legal rights and blood alcohol calculator. there's also an emergency button, offering advice like the less you say the better. it also turns then to phone's
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voice recorder to document any conversation with an officer. >> that initial interaction is documented and is recorded, so it's not a matter of what somebody remembers or he said, she said. >> the creators from a law firm in the midwest estimate the app has been downloaded 4,000 times in the year it's been out. they want to help people stay informed in difficult situations, rather than enabling them to get away with driving under the influence. it is 4:56. daredevils managed to break in one world trade center. coming up, new moves in security. >> i'm mark kelly life at the federal courthouse in san francisco, from leland yee is expected to make an appearance. coming up, what could be the senator's defense. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this obsession in our system right now of campaign contributions.
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>> state senator legal will appear at a bond hearing later this morning. the democrat is charged with trading political favors for cash. yee dropped out of the race for secretary of state and suspended by the senate from we don't want people to miss the opportunity. >> the deadline is tonight to sign up for health insurance under cover california. the application process must be started by midnight. anyone, who misses the deadline will end up paying a tex penalty. >> the mystery is solvable. we will solve it. i don't want to under estimate how difficult it is. >> it's a race against time to find the missing malaysian flight. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. >> look at that.
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that's outstanding. good morning, i'm michelle griego. >> i'm frank mallicoat. nearly 5:00. time for weather. a wee bit of rain, too, right? >> we will have not just a wee bit of rain, but we're going to have downpours this afternoon. good morning, everybody. right now we have a wee bit of rain just offshore. we'll brush up against the santa cruz mountains and san mateo coastline. that's still upstream and will impact your afternoon, between 1:00 and 3:00. right now, mostly clear skies, mid-40s. a lot of cooler air in place with the passage of the cold front. we are in the 40s and 50s. we have a chance of a thunderstorm each day through tuesday. dry skies midweek. that's an early look at weather. good morning, elizabeth. >> good m


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