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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 1, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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the world, the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. >> this baby is out of here! good morning everyone, i'm michelle griego. >> hi everyone, i'm frank mallicoat. 6:00. out the door. traffic and weather. we begin with a commute and some issues here in the city. >> that's right. and san francisco, the great highway remains shut down for flooding. in fact we're getting some ponding and some puddling in some roadways. but it's the great highway that remains closed in both directions between lincoln and vote until further notice. you can see some of the slick roadways out the door if you are leaving oakland heading into san francisco. behind the pay gates at the bay bridge teleplay is a the millions mrs.-- toll plaza the metering lights have not been turned on yet. in the meantime the middle ones the fast track lanes still get by with no problems. also leaving san francisco, southbound 280 at san jose avenue, we had a crash blocking several of the middle lanes.
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all lanes are now cleared and there's no longer any delay on 280 or 101 along the peninsula. different story in morgan hill. this crash was an overturn northbound 101 approaching cochran. long since cleared but look at the backups big ones from at least dun. that's your latest kcbs traffic. another check of the rainy commute with roberta. no joke. we do have more rain in the forecast on this first day of april. april the 1st. good morning everyone. and there will be more thunderstorms later this afternoon. this is our live hi-def doppler radar hit and miss scattered showers for the morning commute. zero in on that activity right there. we see a cluster of activity around vallejo in the form of moderate to heavy don pours and also near discovery bay seeing those showers lift out of the tri-valley and heading towards stockton. bottom line is you will need that up blame today. right now we are in the 40s and 50s and a little bit of a chill in the air with the passage of yesterday's cold front. now later today, the winds kick up out of the south 10 to 20.
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our highs only 50s and few low 60s. but numerous showers, there will be a thunderstorm containing small hail and our snow level is down to 3,000 feet. a bit of a break by tomorrow afternoon. frank, michelle? all right thanks. some people in the bay area are cleaning up a kind of storm damage we don't see very often. lightning strikes in sausalito and 80-foot redwood tree was hit. the electrical charge left the house below an entire mess but nobody was home. good news. another lightning streak damaged a home in berkeley. kpix 5 either cate caugurian is -- reporter cate caugurian at the scene of that home and joins us with more. cate? >> reporter: frank there's going to be a lot of work to do a lot of clean-up here at this home in berkeley because of those thunder and lightning strikes from yesterday. you can take a look here. now this used to be an 80-foot redwood tree and now certainly mother nature took care of that. the damage doesn't stop there. if you go down here looking at the car parked in front of the home. the windshield is completely
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smashed in and glass is shattered here. now we have more damage from yesterday. other trees that once stood tall overpowering everything below were no match for mother nature. yesterday's lunchtime lightning and thunder combo made a mess of different bay area neighborhoods. tall trees crumbled into pieces as bolts of lightning tore them apart sending pieces of it flying through backyards. >> i saw a flash. it was very dramatic. >> like armageddon. amazing destruction. actually no one was hurt. >> reporter: one home suffered major damage after those lightning strikes and has since been red tagged. in addition to workers coming up here and cleaning up the rest of the debris, we will have building inspectors here as well to assess the damage. reporting live in berkeley, cate caugurian, station station. this morning here's what it looks like at the gold run rest area. you can see the snow is coming down. it's snowing as low as about
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2,000 feet. that means long stretches of chain controls on interstate 80. highway 50 and state route 88 and other sierra highways. and if you get a great photo of the weather, tag it #kpix on instagram or upload it an the man the fbi describes as the central figure in the political corruption case back in court again today. the detention hearing for keith jackson will be to determine if he will get bail and be set free. the former president of the san francisco school board faces a list of charges involving guns and drugs and a murder-for-hire plot. an indictment describes jackson as the crucial link between a chinatown crime syndicate and state senator leland yee. as for yee himself he was back in federal court yesterday on a bail matter. feds busted him last week for allegedly taking money for political favors and conspiring to traffic in firearms. yee's lawyers question why the investigation took so long before they finally arrested
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him. >> so a very good question is what took three years that raises the question of fairness to leland yee. >> yee is due back in court next tuesday whenever yee has to enter a plea, the attorney says he will plead not guilty. people trying to sign up for health care insurance will get a little more time to enroll. the state is extended the deadline to april 15th. and you will not have to prove that you tried to apply. the state estimates 150,000 californians signed up for health insurance over the past week. if you decide to go without coverage you will face a tax penalty. the new ceo from general motors testifies before congress today. cbs reporter susan mcginnis says the big question now is why it took so long to recall millions of those cars. >> reporter: family members of victims killed in crashes linked to an ignition switch defect in some general motors'
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vehicles will be on capitol hill today. >> this was my daughter kelly erin ruddy. she was killed in a chevy cobalt. >> reporter: gm has recalled 2.6 million small cars this year, including the chevy cobalt. because their ignition switches could suddenly move to off or the accessory position while the cars are in motion. today, ceo mary barra testifies before a house committee about the defect which the company has linked to 13 deaths. >> there's nothing that she can truly say that's going to make up for any of this. >> reporter: in prepared testimony, bar apologizes to the families and says quote -- i cannot tell you why it took years for a safety defect to be announced but i can tell you that we will find out. lawmakers will focus on a background report that among other things shows issues with the ignition switches dating back to 2001. they'll also ask the acting head of the national traffic highway safety administration why it device declined -- twice
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declined to investigate. >> you don't need dead bodies in order to show it's a safety defect. the agency has the authority to research and investigate. >> reporter: in its prepared testimony gm didn't share information that may have led the agency to launch an investigation sooner. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> a separate senate hearing is scheduled for tomorrow. asiana airlines admits the plane that crashed at sfo last july was flying too slowly. it says the autothrottle misled the pilots which led to the plane slamming into is seawall. asiana also says test pilots had trouble landing under the same conditions in a simulator but boeing says everything on plane was working fine. it's placing the blame on the flight crew. a freeway shooting and the search for a gunman created a tense moment at a benicia school. the gunfire happened on interstate 780 around 2:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon. the principal at the robert simple elementary ordered a lockdown for about an hour at the school while police went looking for the suspect. the s.w.a.t. team joining the man hunt and
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at apartment complex but the shooter got away apparently. happening today richmond city council will vote for a minimum wage hike. it gave tentative approval two weeks ago. plan is to increase the minimum wage to $12.30 an hour by 2017. it's currently $8 an hour. the first increase would be this spring to $9. also today, plans to add a kill switch to smart phones is moving ahead in sacramento. despite the fact that cell phone carriers don't like the idea. a bill to add the feature will be taking up app the state capitol. more than 75% of all robberies in oakland alone are cell fen they felts. a woman in -- phone thefts. a woman in st. louis was killed over her phone. it will make a smart phone useless replacing stolen devices is a $40 billion business for carriers. :08 or -- 6:08 on your tuesday. one of the world's most popular dating sites lashing out at a tech company in san francisco. what's at the center of the
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dispute. >> and apple and samsung back in court once again suing each other in downtown san jose in just a couple of hours. i'm kiet do and we've got a live report coming up. >> from the kpix 5 weather center. good morning everybody. still more scattered showers for your morning commute. heavier rain and thunderstorms in the afternoon forecast. we'll track the storms together. >> and the wet roads are still causing some problems out there including this new one. it is a spinout again we've been seeing a lot of these. these solo spinouts. this one coming into grant layne road. all of the --line road. pall of the travel times after the break. but first ask a question or share a gripe by e-mailing or tweet me @ewengerkpix and watch to see if your question gets answered on air. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ well i love a rainy night.♪ ♪ i love a rainy night ♪ i love to hear the thunder, watch the lightning ♪ ♪ when it lights up the sky. ♪ ♪ you know it makes me feel good. ♪ ♪ 'cause i love a rainy night.♪ yoplait with flavors the whole family will love. you get out of it, what you put into it. always use gas that cleans. chevron with techron. care for your car. opening statements will begn courtroom battle
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back now at 6:12. happening today, opening statements will begin at a new courtroom battle between apple and samsung over patents and the scout come of the choice -- outcome of the case could bring changes to very popular mobile devices, kpix 5 reporter kiet do is live in san jose with what's at stake for all of us consumers out there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. apple's lawyers had some choice words for samsung. saying that they had flooded markets with stolen technology. and so apple wants about $40 per samsung device. that comes out to a hefty price tag the sappable wins -- if apple wins of $2 billion. the most popular features like slide to unlock and siri -- >> the capital of california is sacramento. >> reporter: hasn'ted two tech giants in court for a second time. and the jury's verdict could impact how your phone functions. in a second patent infringement trial, they are accusing each other of copying features using their popular smart phones and tablets. including the iphone 5 and ipad mini as well as samsung's
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galaxy s 3 and galaxy note. >> on the samsung side they have accused of apple copying video calls,. >> reporter: both tens aring -- companies are asking for damages. samsung wants about $7 million in royalties. >> i don't think it was ever really about the money. i think it's this battle to dominate the mobile industry. >> reporter: for consumers the verdict could force changes to your phone. >> it's really the mobile operating systems you know kind of battling here. one thing that we could see would be google changing some of the android features if these are found to infringe. and that could make its way through you know all of the android devices on market. >> reporter: previous trial in 2012 favored apple and samsung was ordered to pay apple nearly $1 billion in damages for infringing on patents. and so they've seated the jury. the trial begins at 9:00 this morning here at federal court. right in downtown san jose. frank? >> hey we all know apple and i think most have a clue who
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samsung is. so did they have trouble getting a jury to sit for this case? >> reporter: yeah you know when you consider that apple is just 15 minutes up the road on 280, they managed to find six women and four men that it is on the jury who did not know a lot about either company and didn't have a strong opinion about either company. >> see what they have to say at the end of all this. okay kiet do. thanks. an online dating website is asking etc. users to switch web browsers because of what one ceo did. a message to ok cupid users seen here urges them to stop using firefox as a form of protest. its newly hired ceo brendan ike made a $1,000 donation to support an anti-gay campaign in 2008. and it became public in 2012. he has since apologized and promises mozilla will remain a place of equality. trending on twitter this morning and also trending, himym. "how i met your mother" finale.
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there we go. it was last night frit good too. today is april 1st. you know what that means, don baylor the angels coach broke his femur catching the ceremonial first pitch yesterday. gm the automaker recalling 1.5 million vehicles for a power steering defect. remember you can follow us on at this timer @cbssf. >> best april fools joke liz what did you do? >> i haven't done anything yet. i keep getting the jokes played on yes. every day is april fools day to prank. he's a prankster that prankster. let's go outside -- oh. no joke right now. it's a slick roadways we've got a lot of different spinouts going on out there. so again please be extra careful if you're starting your morning commute. reduce your speeds. it would help. nothing creating a major hot shot but definitely slowing you down? some spots -- in some sots. bay bridge no accidents and we have the metering lights, you
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are stacked up. so this is the spinout and this one is actually involving a big rig too. we just got word all lanes cleared westbound 580 at grant line road but unfortunately the drive time is still busy this morning. overall the volume of traffic is actually down. still half hour though between the alt monday pass and the dub len -- altamont pass and the dublin interchange. this was another spinout. that we were watching. northbound 101 approaching cock rein road and look at all the delays. that's where we see the delays begin and continue up to cochran where 2010 all lanes are -- again all lanes are back open through the area. but a big backup there. near the interchange, everything improves it looks like actually past vasoco we see quite a bit of improvement on our sensors. but again that drive time as we said a little earlier about a half hour between the wind turbines and dublin interchange. mass transit is great on this wet morning commute. b.a.r.t. system wide no delays.
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ferry,, caltrain and ace also looks good. so anything in traffic can change at a moment's notice. if you have any questions about your morning drive once you hit the road. tune to the radio partiers can be -- partners kcbs on 7:40 a.m. or 106.9 fm. more on your forecast. the hi-def doppler radar is back. here's roberta. go to the kpix 5 facebook page and see the picture i posted of frankster the prankster. this is live it's hi-def doppler radar and i want you to take a good look at this just coming in. look right underneath vallejo. that's a lightning strike being detected at this moment. that red cell you see right there. ooh another lightning strike as well. right outside of the crockett area. highway 80 back into hercules into el sobrante. we will continue to see that throughout morning commute and throughout the afternoon hours and it intensifies. we'll have that forecast for you right now mostly cloudy
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skies. veering out from san francisco in an easterly direction to the the bay bridge. same story in san francisco but colder in the inland areas for san jose and also in concord. this is what you need to know on this first day of the brand new month. the rain will increase again today. we will see those isolated scattered thunderstorms containing small hail and we still have the snow levels dropping down to 3,000 feet as you venture out the door this morning, take a little gander a little peek at mount diablo in hamilton. a dusting of snow there. futurecast here's your mid- morning hours and look upstream to the northwest we have another area of low pressure taking a nosedive in a southerly direction. heaviest rainfall will be towards your evening commute. heavy downpours at that particular time and also that potential for more isolated thunderstorm activity. the scattered showers will continue tonight then begin to taper off very early tomorrow. so we're looking at yet another three quarters of an inch of rain or near that in throughout the tri-valley by the time this next wave passes through the
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bay area. .4 in san jose. that's pretty copious. winter weather alert into 11:00 this morning. an additional 3 inches of snow on top of the foot that's already fallen in the highest elevations of it will high sere -- the high sierra. into the 50s and 60s today as south wind 10 to 20 miles per hour. showed dicey weather will continue again today. and into the evening hours, we begin to dry out midday on wednesday. a slight chance of rain showers on thursday night into friday morning. so what does that mean for today's baseball action? you know, i kept saying yesterday, they will play ball. and they did. i was a little worried about the -- ooh what do you say it? the plumbing situation there? but it was a low tide. it was a low tide and that makes a huge difference. >> clean dugout. >> today some scattered showers. the possibility of a rain delay does exist. but they will play ball. >> cool. >> okay you delivered roberta. so -- >> i do my best. >> he's been delivering the
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pranks. coming up they became a symbol of inequality in the bay area. today a last ditch effort to put the brakes on the tech company buses coming your way. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell, coming up quite a ride for the giants last night as they opened their season in arizona. and a major base running blunder in the a's' opener in oakland. grab a cold one everybody. it's opening day. coming up. >> and what is cool about your school? we want to know. you can e-mail your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the day- opening day >> good morning everyone. with all the success the a's have had recently, they were facing a major league record tenth straight loss on opening day. scoreless in the 8th against the indians with runners on first and second, josh donaldson almost had a home
6:25 am
run. the ball hit the wall. but the runner at second base daric barton went back and never scored. and the a's end up losing 2-0. you cannot make that mistake. giants and d-backs down two in the 7th. san francisco and pablo a little check swing texas leaguer ties the game. in the 9th. buster posey breaks the tie and a deep two run shot to left and the giants win it 9-8. barry bonds was at the pirates' opening day against the cubs to give andrew mccutchen his national league mvp award. mix of cheers and boos, pittsburgh won it in the 10th inning. mike montgomery retires yesterday from coaching. he spent 26 combined years with stanford, warriors and cal. he had 677 wins in college. and made the trip to the final four with the cardinal in 1998. how about the corner back carlos rogers signing a one year deal with the raiders yesterday? rogers is the second san francisco corner back to make the jump across the bay. terrell brown did it last month.
6:26 am
so now conceivably you could have terrell brown on one side of the field and rogers on the other. if you can't afford the tickets, 49er fans feel at home with the silver and black. i'm dennis o'donnell, see you tonight. thank you den nit. back to -- dennis, back to play, play of the day. it's tied bottom 10th it's not tied anymore. neil walker says -- neil walker says see you later. how about that? opening day. and it's a walkoff home run for the pirates it's your play of day and don't forget stanford plays north carolina for a shot at final four, the women do tonight. >> the women do. >> women do. 6:26 right now. coming up, after a 13 deaths the ceo of general motors appears on capitol hill today. the tough questions she's expected to face. >> and neighbors here in berkeley say it sounded like a bomb went off. yesterday's thunderstorms, today's big mess. we'll show you the worst of the
6:27 am
damage coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i'm mark kelly live in bernal heights where one man is helping police solve a vicious armed robbery, we're going to show you how he did it coming up. and more frustration for people buying for health insurance under covered california. what's next for those who missed the deadline yesterday to sign up. more rain, more thunderstorms in your forecast. we'll track all the activity together with our live hi-def doppler radar. and with the slick roads, chp is working more than a dozen different incidents including some spinouts, we'll tell you where they are coming up. good morning everyone, it's
6:31 am
tuesday, april 1st, i'm michelle griego. >> hi everyone, i'm frank mallicoat. it is 6:30. lightning strikes are rare in the bay area. but we did have some yesterday. one strike hit a redwood tree in sausalito. the electrical charge ran down the tree and it damaged the deck and shattered windows in the house. no one was hurt since the homeowner wasn't there at the time. we have complete storm coverage this morning. roberta gonzales will have the forecast in just a moment. first, we go to berkeley where cate caugurian is checking the damage from another lightning strike. cate? >> reporter: michelle, and the rain starting to come down here in berkeley as well i'm sure that's not going to make the clean-up a little easier but we'll tell you there's one berkeley family not waking up in their home this morning: you can take a look why. you can see this tree once 80 feet tall now reduced to this. and the rest of the tree, well, it landed all over this home onto the yard and on to this car. you can see smashing that windshield and shattering the windows and neighbors nearby said the strike was so close it sounded like an explosion.
6:32 am
>> i've never been so close to lightning. it was just -- really really -- it felt like a bomb went off. >> reporter: the time burned into her memory. >> 1:14:12 by my watch. >> reporter: the sound unforgettable. >> i saw a flash. very -- it was unmistakable. it was very dramatic. >> reporter: its destructive force evident across the bay area. >> i expect armageddon amazing destruction. and it's actually no one was hurt. >> reporter: the redwooder andmy could see out his witchen window -- kitchen window once food 80 feet -- stood 80 feet tall. >> what's amazing is we have more light in the house. >> what happened do you think? >> little girl holds a piece of history. debris went flying throughout the neighborhood. >> these are pieces of the tree we found over in one of the guy's yards. >> what are you going to do with the piece now? >> i think take it to school and maybe use it for show and tell. >> this is like real wed road because it's -- redwood because
6:33 am
it's red. >> reporter: the notion lightning never strikes twice might be true here. >> we don't have a tall tree here anymore. >> reporter: if you see this home behind me is actually taped off meaning no one is allowed inside. we know that building inspectors will be back here in the morning to assess the damage. now for more on whether this thunderstorm, lightning storms we're going to expect more in the bay area. roberta. rain, snow and more thunderstorms in the forecast again today. good morning everybody. in fact, this is live. it's hi-def doppler radar which means it's instantaneous. data being reported to you. and i want you to look very carefully underneath vallejo. you see a bright white flash, that's a couple of lightning bolts that occurred just about ten minutes ago. that is now dissipated but nevertheless we still have a lot of instability in the atmosphere. so lot of thunderstorms activity will develop again today. this is the cluster of activity. this is the cell that just produced that thunderstorm right over the vallejo area. right in-between crockett and
6:34 am
benicia as well. pretty moderate to heavy rain at this moment. now what you can expect again today is numerous scattered showers. and in fact they will increase during the afternoon hours. we will see an isolated thunderstorm and some of these storms will produce small hail. and we continue to see this snow level down to 2,000 feet. heading out the door this morning, you may even see a little bit of a dusting around mount diablo and mount hamilton. right now the numbers in the 40s and 50s a cool start with a cool pool of air that is now into our area with the passage of yesterday's cold front. today's highs 50s and 60s, that's as good as it gets. south winds 10 to 20. elizabeth we have a lot of ponding on the roadways out there still. we do. actually kcbs mobile 2 drove along the peninsula and a lot of pending specifically along 101 if you're going to the airport and highway 92. we've got ponding here and we've got snow out here in the sierra. put on the chains they're needed on 50 and interstate 80. both freeways this morning. all right, a little closer to
6:35 am
home if you're coming actually through the santa cruz mountains northbound 17 this was the scene of an earlier spinout. there may have been a couple of accidents approaching the summit. it is still very slow going in those northbound lanes. heading up to los gatos. and you can see this slick roads out there right now -- the door right now. this is the richmond san rafael bridge toll plaza. slight delay this is morning leaving richmond heading into marin county. update on the san francisco road closure, the great highway flooded and it's just the southbound lanes that are closed now between lincoln and sloat. the northbound direction of great highway remains open it sounds like. the bay bridge the meet egg lights turned up around 6:00. that's your latest kcbs thereafter. back to you guys -- traffic, back to you guys. if you were not able to finish your health insurance application, you don't have to worry. you still got a little more time. two more weeks. the deadline has been extent today april the 15th. more than -- extended to april 1 t 15th. the number is expected to go up
6:36 am
national and covered california websites were overwhelmed as mel rushes to -- millions rushed to meet yesterday's midnight deadline. another robbery caught by a home surveillance camera. it happened in the bernal heights neighborhood in san francisco. mark kelly is there this morning and mark, those cameras were just installed. >> reporter: they were just put in michelle and we're here in bernal heights just off of mission street. the cameras were installed two weeks ago and take a look at what they captured in broad daylight on camera. this is one of the men behind a vicious armed robbery. a high definition profile shot of one of the suspects. it happened march 25th. you can see the two suspects here headed down the hill until they crossed the street. pull a gun on a guy walking up the hill, taking his laptop. cell phone and wallet. punching him in the face and running off to a waiting getaway car. >> unfortunately leaving in the face shot. >> reporter: jarrod jacobi installed the cameras just two weeks ago. >> you never wish to see that
6:37 am
happen bathes we caught it. >> reporter: now police have a clear picture of the suspects they're looking for. so police had the surveillance video and also posted online. so take a good look. maybe you can help police catch the suspects. michelle? >> mark we're seeing and are many more people install these surveillance cameras. >> reporter: we sure are and you can see there michelle how they're handy. we talked to the folks over at surveillance store and they were telling us that just in the past with years, they've been -- two years they've been installing the surveillance cameras more and more in the bay area. >> narc kelly live in san francisco, thank you. some developing news from washington where general motors' ceo mary barra is set to testify about last month's massive recall. gm is accused of taking too long to pull more than 2.5 million cars off the road because of a faulty ignition switch. house committee will ask the acting head of the national highway traffic safety administration why it took so much time to investigate.
6:38 am
>> you don't need dead bodies lying all over the ground in order to show it's a safety defect. the agency has the authority to research and investigate. >> in prepared testimony the ntsb says it might have launched an investigation a little sooner but gm didn't share the information, 13 deaths have been linked to that faultings anything switch problem. happening today, the fight over tech shuttle bases takes center age at the -- stage at the san francisco board of supervisors meeting. there's a hearing scheduled to appeal a shuttle pilot program. that plan which rolls into effect july 1st will let the buses use muni stops for a fee. cities largest employee union is spearheading the appeal recalling for an environmental study before the buses roll. 6:38 now. three marines are viciously attacked. what started the wild brawl. >> and soon all cars in the united states will be required to have backup cameras.
6:39 am
psychology up what you need to know if you're -- coming up what you need to know if your current car doesn't have one. >> the market just opened up about ten minutes ago. you can see the dow is up about 47 points. >> and another great thing about the rain showers is we need the rain. but also it lowers the polln't count. so today -- pollen count. so today no suffering or sneezing or wheezing but check out thursday when drying occurs. boy the pollen report is off the charts. we've got the details as the news continues right after this. ,,,,,,
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cbs this morning. norah o'donnell joins us now from it is snow joke on this april fools we have a light dusting of snow at mount hamilton. to the upper 50s and palo alto with the forecast high today of
6:43 am
59 degrees. and a south wind 10 to 20 in campbell. meanwhile let's go ahead and swing around to the eastern portion of the bay area where again anticipate rain showers. numerous during the afternoon hours especially towards the evening commute. we will have isolated thunderstorms containing small hail with highs only in the mid and high 50s. north bay numbers stacking up from the low 50s in yucaipa to 58-degrees in sonoma. and yes more rain and even the potential of a thunderstorm in downtown san francisco. all right, roberta thank you. time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." >> norah o'donnell joins us live in new york. >> good morning to you frank and michelle. big news ahead today as general motors' ceo mary barra addressed safety concerns on capitol hill. you're going to hear from some family members who were actually receiving a personal apology from her late last night for the deadly ignition defect. plus dramatic video of a race against time to rescue a
6:44 am
sailor swept overboard. hear from that sailor about the terrifying experience. and we sit down with bette midler as her memoir is rereleased to the activities she tried for the first time ever in preparation for her oscar performance. this is very funny. it's a great interview. the news is back in the morning and we'll see you guys at 7:00. >> she is great. i love her too. okay well sounds like a great show. enjoy it. we'll see you at 7:00. >> a late night street fight turned into an all-out brawl that left some marines seriously hurt in orange county. video captures the chaotic scene. police say a woman in a jersey got into an argument with dodger fans on sunday. three marines tried to help her out and part of the video we are not showing you this morning shows a man in a gray shirt stabbing a marine in the face with a broken beer bottle. two other marines were also hurt. >> the jagged edge of a broken beer bottle. their injuries were significant. they were both hospitalized and
6:45 am
admitted and will require surgery. >> all three marines are expected to survive. the man in the gray shirt was arrested along with several other people. witnesses to the crime, police officers themselves. new this morning, a tesla drivers beware. hackers can apparently unlock the electronic car doors using the same techniques they used to crack open computers. that's according to a security researcher and tesla owners must create a password which lets them use a smart phone app to access the car lots. but it's easy pickings for many hackers. so far tesla is no commenting publicly. >> i just bought a tesla yesterday liz. >> i know you're april fools. not that gullible. out the door right now we have some slick roads on this morning. so again be a little extra careful. in fact chp the issue in oakland. flooding on the right side of the on ramp northbound highway 13 coming to park boulevard. doesn't afear to be affecting
6:46 am
the main lines of the freeway. also traveling westbound 580 we have a solo spinout also involving a big rig as well. all lanes now back open but it was acongratulating grantline and some heavy delays actually in that area coming out of the alt manhattan process. -- altamont pass. actually better than what we saw a little early. but still sluggish as you approach cast sew road. here's the live look at the sensors coming up into morgan hill. unusually half delays right now and it's because of the earlier crash at cochran. long since cleared but the backup is heavy from at least dun. near the dublin interchange. right now the drive time looks okay. but as you can see, traffic is heavy in the commute direction in those westbound lanes. use mass transit. everything is on time. b.a.r.t. right now 55 trains all on schedule. no delay, a.c.e. train one and three also good. ferries and caltrain problem fee. if you're about to hit the road
6:47 am
and have any questions about the morning commute. tune to the radio partners kcbs at 106.9 fm. they've got traffic and weather every ten minutes. and speaking of weather, over to roberta. check of the forecast and more rain on the way. and snow. elizabeth the snow joke on this april fools, i just look a look at the cameras and we have snow on the camera lens there. can't wait for official sunup at 6:55 to take good peek at mount hamilton and possibly mount diablo. it's been very activity this morning. this is the live hi-def doppler radar. you see a little bit of activity between half-moon bay and right there more activity offshore. right over here in the past 30 minutes we've picked up a couple of lightning strikes. just outside of hercules and crockett. this is some pretty moderate to heavy rainfall at this time. mostly cloudy skies in the city by the way. the by -- bay. thesy of san francisco looking -- city of san francisco looking due east also equally as cloudy in oakland.
6:48 am
number wise we're in the 40s this morning. due to the pool of cool air mass that has just surrounded the bay area with the passage of yesterday's cold front. and this is the next wave of energy. up shore right now. it's going to take a nosedive into northwesterly direction out of the north i should say and you see the comma formation here. this is the frontal boundary. a lot of unstable air mass is associated with it. that means we will continue to see a hit and miss scattered shower in front of this initial boundary line. as this fuels down in a southerly direction. notice just in time for the evening commute, copious amounts of rain expected. thunderstorm activity as well. albeit isolated. and some of these storms could contain some small hail. and in advancement of the storms, southerly winds 10 to 20 miles per hour. all right we're looking at the tri-valley. and another three quarters of an inch of rain in the next 24 hours. nearly .4 in san jose and over a half inch in san francisco. we do it until 11:00 this morning anticipate an additional up to 3-inches of
6:49 am
snow in the high sierra. 50s and 60s as highs today and meanwhile your extended forecast, dry out by midday wednesday and a shot after a next system -- of a next system working its way in here by thursday knight into friday morning. with the snow theme chain are required on parts of highway 50 where snow is falling right now. >> to reporter from the sister station kovr in el dorado county. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, yes, very exciting to see this low snow this morning. here in camino as you mentioned right around 3,000 feet. take a look around. it's a gorgeous shot. you can see the blanket of fresh snow that started just overnight. i'm telling you, very nice all morning long. it was really heavy. i would say about 45 minutes ago it really started to pick up and now we're seeing a little lull here, as the cars make their way on to highway 50 you can kind of see the dusting that we had through the
6:50 am
overnight. you can see all the snow there on the rooftops. as we take a look to the roadways here on highway 50. you'll notice nice and clear. the snow plows are already busy this morning. we actually see them heading up highway 50 this morning weekend. making sure the roadways are nice and safe. we did talk a little bit about chain controls, they are required right around twin bridges. but again, you can take a look we're at the chevron here and you can see the snow that has layered right along these bushes here and also that car. nice blanket of snow right on that vehicle there. i did talk with the woman inside here and she shade she got a nice helping of snow at her home this horn on her way in too. -- morning on her way in too. expected a little bit more but a nice start to the morning. we expect to deal with this through most of the morning here. as far as temperature-wise, i've got one layer and so far i'm okay. i did not come prepared though. i had to buy these here at the gas station. these mittens. [ laughter ] >> well, we're glad you're
6:51 am
covered up and can't -- >> very very beautiful start to the morning. >> all right, stay warm. bundle up. great job. well, all new vehicles will have to come equipped with backup cameras. >> cnet editor at large brian cooley is here with numbers behind the decision. >> that's right. two paths here, first of all the new law requires all new cars to have a camera by may of 2018. for that car maker it's going to add $45 to $135 to the price of a new car. that's about what it's going to ballpark at. by the way this was the reason that didn't get passed sooner is because car makers said hey it's going to add a lot of overall cost. preventing they estimate 58 to 69 back of deaths every year and that's not all of them. there are 210 back over fatalities in the u.s. every year. this is going to prevent a portion of themment runaway cars and unintended acceleration will not be cured
6:52 am
by this. the car makers say it's a small benefit for what will be hundreds of millions of dollars of added consumer cost across the fleet. so it's difficult calculus. i mean who wants to put a value on a human life but the car makers of course from the business of every little penny is part of the margin is how they can price their car competitively. >> you think it's worth it to save one life. >> i test a lot of cars at my work at cnet and the idea of using a backup camera in just about any car is a good idea. a lot of folks say i don't have an suv. i don't need that. but every car has a blind spot down to the street and around the bumper and rear trunk lid. especially where children and pets can be lost. maybe not an adult but someone who's smaller. >> it's a new car, what if you have the older car? >> of course most cars out there are not going to be turned over in the next few years, for about $300 or so, you can add a mirror like this that has a little lcd screen on the left side that only shows
6:53 am
when you put the car in reverse. so it creates an lcd image like you see there and a little camera clips onto the top of your license plate like this one here is a sony you can add to the back of the car. that's about less than an inch square. then you need to have it installed which is going to cost you a little bit of money because this is not something you necessarily do yourself. >> how expensive? >> 5 money dollars. it's much more than the car makers are going to be spending because they do it at the plant and in huge volume. on the pricey side for the average consumer but this kind of thing is not going to be a technology that ends up going stale later. so once you do it, it's good for the life of the car. it's a good investment. >> all right, brian cooley always good information. thanks. >> thanks guys. time now is 6:5 #. malaysian officials are changing their account of the final moments before a passenger plane disappeared. the details coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, [ grunting ]
6:54 am
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chevron with techron. care for your car. authorities released the fu transcript of communications before the five things to know at the¢ 55. authorities released the full transcript of the communication before the disappearance of the malaysian airliner. the last words were good night malaysian 370. a standard sign-off. unclear why the official account changed. the washington state landslide now caused more than $10 million in damage. the governor is now asking for federal disaster assistance and 24 people are now confirmed dead. nine days after the disaster, more than two dozen are still missing. general motors' new ceo mary barra will testify before congress today about the deadly ignition switch issues in many of the cars. now linked to 13 deaths. people trying to sign up for health insurance through covered california will have
6:58 am
even more time to complete the process. the deadline was supposed to be at midnight. but those trying to register online couldn't get onto the website because of heavy traffic. the deadline is now april 15th. and baseball is back in the bay area. ricky henderson throw hut the first pitch -- out the first pitch against the indians, but a's lose 2-0. the giants started the season with a big 9- 8 comebacker in arizona. i'm cate caugurian live in berkeley where yesterday's thunder and lightning storms is today's big mess. you can look at the aftermath right here. that used to be an 80-foot tall redwood tree. we have more video from the damage yesterday and tall trees crumbled into pieces as bolts of lightning tore them apart sending pieces of it flying through yards and homes. nonegos injured and one home -- was injured and one home suffered major damage and has since been red tagged. no one can go inside. inspectors are expected to be back here this morning to assess the damage. reporting live in berkeley,
6:59 am
cate caugurian, kpix 5. and we go the off ramp is shut down. a car hit a pole southbound 880 at marina boulevard east. traffic is heavy into heyward and also expect big delays because of an earlier crash in morgan hill and the bay bridge is backed up to the maze. if you go to the kpix 5 facebook page, you'll see some snow on the mount hamilton camera lens there. we are seeing now this snow level down to 3,000 feet. locally throughout the day today, numerous scattered showers for the morning commute. it will intensify during the evening commute. right now that's a cell containing moderate to heavy downpours along the peninsula. what you can expect today is additional rainfall. additional thunderstorms containing small hail and that snow level down to 3,000 feet which includes the mount hammelton area. going to feel a little chill in the area in the 50s and 40s. >> no kidding. >> thanks for watching kpix 5 news this morning. remember your next local update is at 7:26. >> no kid something. >> "cbs this morning" is coming
7:00 am
up next. it's april fools' day come on. >> yeah april fools. >> enjoy your day folks. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ] good morning to our viewers in the west. it is tuesday, april 1st, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." gm at the crossroads of a crisis. the ceo meets with families and prepares to face congress today after deadly crashes and millions of recalled rs. the pilot's final words from malaysian flight 370, the new account revealed overnight. a sailor lost in a pacific ocean, dramatic video shows how crew members battled rough seas to save him. we begin with a look at today's eye opener. we begin with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. captioning funded by cbs it's just horrific that


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