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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 2, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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they are undefeated. they will play uconn on sunday for a national title game. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." >> armageddon has not arrived. >> and the sharks take the lead. >> good morning, everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 5:00. yesterday's storm really did a number on folks here in the bay area. >> yeah. check out this tree in walnut creek. it came crashing down landing on a car and two-story building. the 40-foot tree is being removed this morning. then crews can assess the damage to the building check this video from the north bay up in napa. look at the hail coming down. you can hear it. it almost looked like snow on the ground there. let's get a check of weather now and find out when the sunshine is going to reappear. >> i was standing out inhale yesterday for two, three hours. it hurts. it really hurts. good morning, everybody. let's head outside. we have leftover lingering back side precipitation. when i say back side it's on the back side of the area of
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low pressure that's taken a nosedive to the south. light rain on either side of the richmond/san rafael and moderate downpours from sfo to millbrae. keep the umbrella handy. 40s and cool this morning. later 50s and 60s, cloudy. the drying trend begins. the roads are still a little wet. we had earlier high wind advisories. they have been canceled. on the san mateo bridge they have the cms signs activated but the roads are still slick. just be careful and reduce speeds again for this morning's drive. here's a live look at the nimitz freeway. we had an earlier accident on oak street another fatal accident on high street. everything is free and clear and no longer seeing any delays between hayward and the downtown oakland exits. that's traffic. back to you guys.
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developing news in san francisco. investigators search for what caused a deadly explosion and fire in a home half dozen family members injured as well. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec has details now from the sunny daily neighborhood and joins us with the latest. reporter: castillo road is open but the devastation is done in the sunnydale neighborhood. >> reporter: an 86-year-old woman was killed around 5:00 last night. this was the scene right after the fire. that is the second story window from which a man jumped for his life. the fire broke out again around 5:00 and moved very quickly through one building and then into another. >> we have heavy smoke and fire showing from the top floor and also the rear of the building. >> none of us could go to the top floor. it was too smoky, too much fire. >> reporter: the six people injured are all family members ages ranging from their 30s to
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their 60s. and then again, the woman who has been identified by family members as jane thompson 84, killed in this fire. at last word of the six people injured, two were in critical condition. live in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> san francisco arson investigators are trying to find the cause of the explosion and the fire. happening today, a mother and her boyfriend accused of killing her 3-year-old daughter are back in court. the napa county d.a. says kayleigh slusher died from trauma to the head and body. according to police, her mother sarah krueger and boyfriend ryan warner put kayleigh's body in a suitcase in a freezer for three days before later placing the body on a bed and running away. both have entered not guilty pleas. pg&e is looking at criminal charges because of the san bruno pipeline explosion that killed eight people back in 2010. in all there are 12 charges. pg&e could be fined a half million dollars for each one.
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that means a company could be fined $6 million. prosecutors allege pg&e knowingly relied on false incomplete data when assessing the safety of its pipeline. the company will be arraigned before a federal magistrate. is that statement, pg&e says san bruno was a tragic accident. we have taken accountability and are deeply sorry. a san francisco man lost in the sierra for two days has been found alive. kpix 5's cate caugiran is live in the newsroom. cate, the man is very lucky. he actually walked out of the woods all on his own. >> reporter: yes, he did, michelle. that san francisco man had to build himself a shelter and he actually broke his snowboard into two pieces to use as snowshoes for his hike. 25-year-old abraham finkelstein disappeared monday near castle peak. nevada county sheriff's say he walked until he managed to find a home in soda springs and call for help. crews spent a lot of time in backcountry trying to find him with a snowcat. the 25-year-old built a shelter
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to survive the frigid weather. >> he is doing okay. he has some issues he has to be assessed for, for treatment and things like that. i believe them to be minor. >> he was headed back to the car with his father when they got separated. his son wanted one more run. that was the second incredible rescue in the sierra. earlier, a runner was also found alive 55-year-old robert root of modesto disappeared in the mountains near foresthill on placer county on sunday. he spent two days in the snow and rain wearing shorts and a light shirt. he says he slept on a cliff and stayed warm by curling up in the bushes. he stumbled across the search crews looking for him. cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> as far as the san francisco man, the snowboarder was taken to the hospital with minor injuries and is expected to be okay. new this morning, the mystery behind missing malaysian airlines flight 370 has point out the need for tracking jets and now a global aviation group is creating a task force. the group will make
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recommendations on how to continuously track commercial airliners. the investigation could drag on for a long time. rain and choppy seas are delaying the search. the search in oso, washington, is becoming a little easier as floodwaters recede and it's allowing crews to expand the search in the landslide. more homes and cars are emerging in the trouble. 28 people are dead, 20 still listed as missing. there is an arrest for a home invasion robbery in pleasant hill. 40-year-old david allen vancil from antioch is in the contra costa county jail. his bail is more than $4 million. police say they found him with some of the items stolen during the armed robbery sunday night. palo alto cab drivers sounding off over a plan to allow another taxi company to pick up fares in the city. today the city will consider a plan to add a fifth company to
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city streets. drivers say the move would hurt business in an already crowded market. they are asking for tougher regulations on "rideshare" companies, as well. the city will consider the plan later today. the biggest 4th of july fireworks show at lake tahoe will go on as scheduled this summer. tourism leaders settled a lawsuit accusing the show of polluting the lake in violation of the clean water act. the lake tahoe visitors authority says it reached an agreement and the show will go on. time now 5:07. people in the states are desperately trying to reach family in chile where an 8.2 earthquake shook. coming up a warning from experts why they say this quake isn't the biggest worry and more devastation is on the way. >> there's no way i'm going to say no. >> good thing he was wrong. meet the kid who just got into every, single ivy league school. ♪[ music ] >> and the "lion king" goes
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airborne. the stars behind this impromptu in-flight entertainment and it's straight out of a disney movie. pretty cool. >> we're no longer dancing in the rain here in the weather center. i'm going big. we're going to track temperatures in the 80s with your forecast. >> like the sound of that. we also like the sound of road conditions now through contra costa county. no big delays from walnut creek to the caldecott tunnel. we'll have all your travel times after the break. first we want to know what drives you crazy during your commute. ask a question or share a gripe by emailing or tweet me at #ewengerkpix and watch to see if your question gets answered on air. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the northern coast of chile. at least five people are dead after a powerful earthquake jolts the northern coast of chile. officials hope to get a better idea of the damage at sun-up. marlie hall is covering the developing story. reporter: a massive 8.2 magnitude earthquake shook chile's northern coast tuesday night. panic set in when the quake hit damaging buildings and sending people into the street. thousands walked to higher ground and packed roadways trying to evacuate low-lying coastal communities after the earthquake triggered a tsunami warning. scientists say there could be
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more to come in this earthquake-prone region. >> we expect another 8.8 or 8.9 earthquake sometime in the future. it could be tomorrow, it could be in 50 years. we don't know when it's going to occur but the key point here is this magnitude 8.2 is not the large earthquake that we were expecting. >> reporter: chile's president declared a state of emergency and deployed 100 anti-riot police and 300 soldiers to prevent looting. after the earthquake hit, chileans here in the u.s. tried desperately to reach loved ones back home. >> i can't believe, i have a friend over there hope nothing happened, you know? >> reporter: the earthquake was so strong the shaking could be felt in bolivia's capital nearly 300 miles away. marlie hall, cbs news. >> national tsunami warning center says any waves that reach the west coast will be too small to be a problem. while there's no threat of a tsunami along the california coast, swimmers, boaters, other people at the shores of hawaii are warned they might see some
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strong currents and sea levels change a bit. people on a flight in australia got a front row seat to a live performance. ♪[ music ] >> that is the circle of life from the "lion king." the people singing it are the australian cast members of the show. the actors were heading back to sydney after announcing the show was coming to the city of brisbane and they decided to serenade other passengers because they were so happy, the launch went so well. >> it puts you in a good mood. >> i can listen to that all day. >> they sound great. >> that's one of my favorite plays. have you seen it? >> i have seen it, yeah. it's amazing. i saw that online yesterday. pretty cool stuff. i just get turbulence and cranky flight attendants on my flights. >> we feel your pain. the toll plaza at the bay
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bridge looks good. a lot of things have quieted down. roberta will have the forecast if you will have a stray shower or two during the morning commute but so far no delays from oakland to san francisco. the overnight roadwork in the left lanes, everything is now gone so you're looking pretty good all across the bay area. we're not seeing too many big delays. here's a live look at some of the slick conditions this morning heading towards the golden gate bridge in sausalito approaching spencer. everything looks good from the golden gate bridge to doyle drive. oakland a's play at 12:35 so lunchtime we could see some extra traffic tie-ups on the nimitz. right now no problems between hayward towards the downtown oakland exits and the macarthur maze. there were a couple of accidents overnight. everything is now gone so that drive time actually looks great, 16 minutes between 238 and the maze and southbound 880 also still moving at the speed limit. chains, you won't need them this morning surprisingly still
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on highway 50 or interstate 80. no chains required. but we checked and it sounds like you will need them still on highway 88. here's a live look like promised at some of your drive times. no problems all the way to vasco. the nimitz we showed you and the eastshore freeway still clear as well through berkeley. mass transit might be a good idea today if these slick roads still cause more problems on the roads and right now bart systemwide on time no delay and ace train number one left the central valley no problems, as well. if anything changes on your morning drive, remember kcbs when you hit the roads at 106.9 fm or 740-am. that is your latest "kcbs traffic." for more on your forecast now, do we have the hi-def doppler out? >> we do. good morning, everybody. it is live, it's our hi-def doppler still picking up some residual moisture. these are rain cells on the back side of the area of low pressure that's exiting the bay area. interestingly enough, see how the rotation of the cells are
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counterclockwise? again, that's because the low is now moving to the south and to the east in the bay area. as we zoom on in, moderate to heavy downpours right now at the san mateo bridge up to sfo. so far no reports of any airport delays. mostly cloudy at the shark tank where currently the air temperature is 45 degrees. livermore also in the low 40s. it's cooler this morning because a lot of cool air mass is in place with the passage of that cold front. still, a scattered light shower for the morning commute. and snow in the higher elevations of our local mountains. then we begin to dry out today, clouds through friday with just a light smattering of rain showers on friday morning. here it is. that monster core of area of low pressure digging to the south ejecting to the east taking with it all the adversity as far as weather is concerned so we are beginning to calm down now. no more thunderstorms or hail in our forecast as high pressure begins to build in. here's your futurecast. you can play along at home. you see mostly cloudy conditions. that scattered shower near morgan hill also during the afternoon hours in the santa
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rosa area. thursday, dry albeit cloudy. today 50s and 60s. west-southwest winds breezy late day 10 to 20. chance of light rain thursday night into friday morning. then sunny skies and unseasonably warm conditions. did you see that, in the 80s, today not play ball today baseball at 12:35. the rolling stones are going back on tour. the rock group postponed several tour dates after mick jagger's l'wren scott committed suicide. the show will kick off in norway. if your kid got into yale would you want them to go, right? but what if they got into harvard too and princeton and every other ivy league school?
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>> dartmouth, cornell, the works. an incredible high school senior has a very big decision to make. reporter: as you begin to open the envelopes, did it begin to occur to you, i'm going to go for a full flush here? >> i wasn't thinking full flush. i was looking through the list and i was like, there is no way. someone has to say no. >> reporter: what did you do when you got accepted to all of them? >> took it in for a second and realized a little dream of getting into one became eight. >> reporter: the eight ivy league schools on average will accept less than 9% of applicants for the class of 2018. the 17-year-old senior scored 2250 out of 2400 on the s.a.t.s. he was also a standout for a range of extracurricular activities from second chair viola to starring in school musicals. he says his biggest challenge now is choosing which school to attend. how are you going to do that,
5:19 am
how are you going to decide? >> i'm going to visit them all again, pick the one i feel like i would like to have to my name. >> reporter: a son of immigrants from ghana, his parents inspired him. did your mom keep the letters? >> she is hoarding them, yes, yes, yes! [ laughter ] >> yes. yes. yes. what a great story. he is leaning towards yale and wants to be a cardiologist. good for him. >> he is amazing. ivy league is trending this morning. also trending, pray for chile. an 8.2 earthquake hit there yesterday. world autism awareness day is trending. golden state warriors steph curry hit the game winning shot to beat the mavs. charles keating the man behind the savings and loan scandal has died. follow us on twitter at #cbssf. >> what tiger woods is doing for the first time ever in his golfing career that might
5:20 am
disappoint fans. >> i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, the stanford women would need a comeback to get to the final four. and the warriors had a chance to win at the buzzer last night in big d. the finish straight ahead. >> they froze t okay. what's cool about your school? you can email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. we'll be at mount tam high tomorrow. join us. our ,, ,,,,,,
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good morning. checking your kcbs road conditions now in the south bay, we're not seeing any major hot spots and you can see 101, guadalupe parkway and even 880 at 101, this is a live look. everything is still moving at the speed limit. but the roads are still wet. you will want to take it a little extra slow. a full look at your morning drive to work is coming up. good morning, everyone. when ogwumikejim harbaugh showing off his new duds. stanford looked like they were in trouble. alisha gray starts the game six for six shooting but the cardinal regrouped. mikaela finds ogwumike. she scored 16 in the second
5:24 am
half. stanford wins 74-65. they will face uconn in the final four in nashville. warriors and mavs tied at 120 in overtime. steph curry for the win. he did it again. the warriors beat dallas. it's on to san antonio. giants and diamondbacks, brandon belt nearly put it into the pool. that's a three-run home run the second in as many nights but the giants would squander the lead. they lose 5-4. sharks and islanders, san jose chasing anaheim for the first in the division tied at 4. brett burn shot bounce through the slots found patrick marleau who scores and the sharks are now just a point behind the ducks. baseball notes for you. the a's rained out last night. they will have a doubleheader today. first game at 12:30. second game at 6:00. desean jackson is not coming to meet with the 49ers. he signed or agreed to a three-
5:25 am
year contract last night with the redskins. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. play of the day nhl, sabres playing the devils. new jersey on the rush, nathan lewin makes the initial save and spreads out right there and saves another. that save would earn buffalo the big win. watch the stretch out with the stick. that is our play of the day. a tough break for tiger woods. the 38-year-old golfer had back surgery yesterday to repair a pinched nerve. that means he will miss the masters for the first time in his professional career. woods hasn't won a major since 2008. the first round of the masters is one week from tomorrow. you can see the final two rounds right here on kpix 5. 5:25. one bay area guy has his stomach to thank for a $425 million windfall. we'll explain. >> reporter: a woman is killed in a fire and police are still trying to figure out how it happened. after the break, neighbors
5:26 am
describe the chaotic scene. >> aa snowboarder lost for 24 hours. the details of conditions and why rescuers were worried he wouldn't make it out alive. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[ male announcer ] it's like any relationship. you get out of it, what you put into it. always use gas that cleans. chevron with techron. care for your car. your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. 3 1/2 weeks and no sign of the missing malaysia jet but this morning, new details on who investigators are looking at to press charges. >> from puddle jumping to fun in the sun, i'm going big with high temperatures in the 80s. we'll pinpoint those days in your seven-day forecast. >> and checking the road conditions right now, we
5:30 am
finally found a slow spot. it's coming through the altamont pass and the livermore valley. all your travel times plus a check of mass transit just minutes away. good morning, it's wednesday, april 2. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 5:30. missing for two days in the sierra a san francisco snowboarder walks out alive and finds help on his own. kpix 5's cate caugiran is following this story from our newsroom. he got creative out there which is what probably kept him alive. >> reporter: yes. this is significant considering the circumstances. heavy snow and wind at the 8,000-foot elevation mark and this man spent the night in these conditions using a makeshift shelter. a 24-hour search with a happy ending. san francisco snowboarder abraham finkelstein found his own way to a home in soda springs where he called for help. >> he is doing okay. he has some issues to be assessed for, for treatment and things like that but i believe them to be minor so hopefully
5:31 am
he will recover just fine. >> reporter: 25-year-old finkelstein and his dad were hiking in the castle peak area monday night when they got separated in heavy snowfall. backcountry experts from as far as l.a. got involved in the search requiring special equipment using snowcats. >> you can't drive or walk there. it's snowmobile trails off other trails into more fingers of trails. >> reporter: rescuers say snow is chest deep in some places. they called it some of the most difficult conditions they have searched all winter. and the odds of surviving were extremely low but finkelstein was no backcountry novice. he had a snowboard that comes apart into two pieces making snowshoes. he was able to devise a makeshift shelter warm enough to survive the night in bitter weather and conserve enough energy to make it out on his own two feet. he suffered minor injuries, a little frostbite but is expected to be okay. live in the newsroom, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> a runner also missing in the
5:32 am
sierra was found alive. 55-year-old robert root of modesto disappeared in the mountains near foresthill in placer county on sunday. he spent two days in the snow and rain wearing shorts and a light shirt. he says he left is on a cliff and stayed warm by curling up in the bushes. he stumbled across the search crews that were looking for him. at least five people are dead from a powerful earthquake off the northern coast of chile with an 8.2 and triggered landslides, tsunami warning and state of emergency declaration. this is inside an office building. the shaking started slowly and quickly intensifies. it lasted 19 seconds. thousands moving to higher ground because of threat of tsunami. some on foot, some in cars. chile's president deployed ain't riot police and soldiers
5:33 am
-- anti-riot police and soldiers to prevent looting. 300 women escaped from a prison during the quake. no threat of tsunamis on the california coast. any waves would be too small to be a problem but hawaii is warned they might see strong currents and sea levels change. >> a couple of facebook friends comment on it, they are in hawaii and said the warnings are going off right now. >> surf's up. >> i have heard from some of the locals who live there as well and they are already taking t higher ground. they take it seriously. yesterday we had powerful strong thunderstorms, dozens reported around the bay area. everything is calming down now. we have scattered showers off the coast. we even have some light rain showers around the golden gate bridge right now and that's backing all the way through sausalito and that will be heading towards the bay. otherwise a moderate cell of activity. no thunderstorms but a nice down poured toward the san
5:34 am
mateo bridge looking toward sfo. a cool start to your day into the mid-40s. it is 55 however in oakland and in san francisco. later today 50s and 60s under mostly cloudy skies. we'll get rid of the morning scattered light rain showers and the drying trend begins and it will last through thursday. then we do have some light rain developing thursday night into friday morning. dry skies friday afternoon and, yes, aha, look at that, yes! 80s, 80s, elizabeth. get out your sunblock. >> i know. i'm excited. let's go outside and show you one of our problem spots right now actually problem may be a little bit extreme, it's definitely one of our slowest drive times. it's just the usual congestion. there were no accidents but the delays are picking up. even for this time of it the morning it's a little sluggish. they begin out of tracy on 205 and speeds pick up past vasco road. you may hit a pocket or two of rain for this morning commute. the roads are slick all across
5:35 am
the bay area. so drivers are taking it a little extra slow. we could see it a little bit at the toll plaza where things are beginning to back up some of the cash lanes. this morning is actually the left lanes. no metering lights and silicon valley commute still off to a great start leaving milpitas. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." frank, michelle, back to you guys. >> thank you. 5:35 now. we have some developing news here in san francisco where investigators are trying to find out what caused a deadly explosion. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is in the sunnydale neighborhood where a family is mourning the death of a beloved relative. anne, good morning. >> reporter: castillo street behind me is reopened right now but the investigation continues as to what exactly started this fire. in the end one person was killed in this fire. six others injured. reporter: a neighbor's home video shows the thick, black smoke pouring out of the second story window. inside, six adults and an 84-
5:36 am
year-old woman who died. christian rizos' uncle jumped from the second floor to escape. >> he broke the window and he dangled off the window and just let himself go to the concrete. >> reporter: his two aunts, uncles and cousins have lived in the unit since 1964. neighbors did everything they could to help rescue them but -- >> none of us couldn't go to that top floor. it was too smoky, too much fire. >> reporter: the man who jumped out of the window was unable to walk. >> he just laying down on the floor trying to survive, screaming. >> we dragged him to the car. he's a older man. >> reporter: christian says his aunt to died was unlikely to be able to move quickly enough to escape. >> really couldn't move. she wasn't fast enough and you know -- >> reporter: that woman is identified as jane thompson. the six people who were injured in this fire, at last word two were still listed in critical condition. anne makovec, kpix 5. >> 65 firefighters from san
5:37 am
francisco and daly city helped put out the fire. happening today the murder trial continues for one of two men accused of killing a san jose teen. 15-year-old michael russell was stabbed to death in his backyard in 2009. prosecutors say 20-year-old jay williams and randy thompson befriended the teen just to kill him. both suspects are being tried separately as adults. williams reportedly confessed to the murder. he said he did it because he worshipped satan. the napa county d.a. says kayleigh slusher died from trauma to the head and body. according to police, her mother sarah krueger and boyfriend ryan warner put kayleigh's body in a suitcase in a freezer for three days before later placing the body on a bed and running away. both pled not guilty. fbi back in sacramento on tuesday. agents searched this building in connection to the corruption scandal involving state senator leland yee. some of the offices in the building cross across from the
5:38 am
state capital are used buys his staff. agents went through computers and boxes but didn't appear to remove anything. it was senate officials who tipped them to the building. more fallout from the scandal. state democrats have canceled a golf fundraiser this weekend. they had plan to hold the annual pro tem cup in san diego but with easiest and two other democratic, -- but with yee and two other democratic senators in trouble, they canceled the investigation. the "wall street journal" reports the malaysian police chief says more than 170 people have been questioned and investigators are waiting on an expert's report on that flight simulator found in one of the pilot's homes. as for the search, crews are looking in an area about $85,000 square miles in the southern indian ocean. happening later today, general motors' ceo facing more questioning up on capitol hill. the car company is being accused of waiting too long to warn people about a defect. >> if we know there is a defect
5:39 am
on our vehicles, we do not look at the costs associated with it. we look at the speed with which we can fix the issue. >> during yesterday's hearing, mary barra also admitted it would have cost 57 cents apiece to fix the faulty ignition switches, now linked to at least 13 deaths. documents show gm knew about the problem as early as 2001 but the company didn't issue a recall until this year. amazon is set to announce its newest gadget in new york that will let users stream video to the tv sets from amazon's video library and other sources. the price is expected to be fairly low because amazon would make money through media sales. you could be paying a pretty big penalty if you write a check that the bank has to cover. jill wagner of joins us with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank and michelle. banks are once again raking in big bucks from overdraft fees. it's been four years since
5:40 am
regulators tried to put the brakes on those fees but according to the wall street journal the fees are at record levels. the median fee from overdrawing is $30 up from $26 in 2009. signs of life in u.s. manufacturing gave stocks on wall street a boost yesterday. the dow was up 75. the nasdaq up 69. s&p up 13, finishing at an all- time high yesterday. the nfl wants to get you off of your couch and into the stadiums to watch football so the league has launched a new app that gives you things you can't get at home like cheer leaders visiting you at your seat in the stadium. the app also lets fans upgrade their seat and earn perks like pre-game field passes. according to sports business journal the buccaneers, falcons and seahawks were the only three teams to use that app in 2013. but the number is expected to
5:41 am
jump to at least 16 teams for the 2014 season. frank and michelle, i have a feeling it's going to be a hit. >> i think so. especially the cheerleaders coming to your seat to say hi. april fool's day yesterday and some retailers and some brands got into the thick of things. tell us about that. >> reporter: there were definitely some good pranks out there. we picked some of our favorite april fool's day jokes so check it out. this is domino's eddie box an edible pizza box in case you're still hungry. cheetos advertised a new perfume called she-tow. you can get a bottle of this if you live in new york city. then "lululemon's" spray-on yoga pants advertised for $1,200 and were already sold out on their web page. it all made for plenty of free advertising as news spread across the internet and social
5:42 am
media and frank and michelle, i think i get up way too early but i think the edible pizza box is kind of a good idea. >> you're not too far from wrong i think. >> i like the chee-toe. jill wagner,, thank you. we now know the name but not much else about a mystery bay area powerball winner. turns out he has a subway sandwich to thank. raymond buxton hid his face when he claim forward to claim his prize. he hit the jackpot a month and a half ago $425 million. can you imagine? the largest jackpot ever won in california. buxton took the lump sum payout $242 million before taxes. >> he was eating lunch at a subway inside the dixon landing convenience store in milpitas. he already had a powerball ticket but decided to get another. he is retired. he says he plans to use his money to travel, have fun and start a charity for pediatric
5:43 am
health. wow. >> i know. good for him. 5:42. first we told you with a big recall. now we have learned something else is making beef harder for all of us to buy. >> reporter: the stanford women are going to the final four. oh, yeah. i have a live report coming up. ,,,,,,
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and now the lady cardinal is showing the guys how it's d. stanford is buzzin the stanford men got bounced in the sweet sixteen and played well but they're done now the lady cardinal showing the guys how to get it
5:46 am
down. stanford is buzzing with excitement after the lady cardinal took down the fourth seeded lady tar heels last night. kiet do is on campus. you put it best, oh, yeah, bring on the final four. >> reporter: yeah. they are heading to the final four for the sixth time in seven years. check out the action last night. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: the lady cardinal are looking for a different outcome this time around. they haven't won the title since '92. jim harbaugh was there last night to show his support. vern glenn spoke to the 49ers coach and the victorious stanford players. >> reporter: one last memorable win to cap a perfect season on this floor. two words stanford can say over and over again now, final four. boy, how about the effort of this team tonight? >> great effort. never lost their composure. tara made the coaching job and
5:47 am
the gals played a great game. >> we're all nervous but chiney new we were going to do it. >> let the game come to you and that's what we did. i'm so proud every everyone for their resilience tonight. >> we were not going to lose this game. we were going to put it all on the floor and leave it all on the floor and play for each other! >> reporter: now the team heads off to nashville to face off with their old nemesis connecticut for a spot in the national championship game. >> uconn have men and women both in the final four so hopefully stanford can upset them. >> we'll be cheering them on, elizabeth. >> yes. frank, this is a trivia quiz. do you remember who was in the final four last year? >> for the men or the women? >> for the women? >> good question. [ laughter ] >> cal. >> they were in the final four. >> they were. >> our team. >> good point by you.
5:48 am
>> i got some help by our director. >> you did. >> well done. let's go out live and show you the roads. we have some slick roads this morning so it might slow you down in some parts of the bay area but for the most part no major accidents so that's the good news with it no huge hot spots. but again you may want to reduce your speed. we have a doubleheader this afternoon by the oakland a's 12:35 game time right around that oakland coliseum exit. in the meantime we'll go flying over the altamont pass. traffic is heavy from tracy on 205 and continuing past vasco now. we are seeing some delays all the way to isabel and then speeds improve a bit past 680 and the dublin interchange. out to the bay bridge and no metering lights yet. but we are seeing these delays really building it looks like mainly in the cash lanes. the left lanes began to fill in first. if you are a fast track user no problems so far coming into san
5:49 am
francisco. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." roberta is going big today, huge. i'm going big with my seven- day forecast. but elizabeth i want to play along. i want to stump frank, too. >> you need help from mike, our director. >> okay, frank. >> no basketball help from me. >> what did you have for breakfast yesterday. >> reporter: granola, blueberries and coffee. >> i thought you had a burrito. [ laughter ] >> that was on your wish list. [ laughter ] >> okay. so he does have a good memory. just can't remember back to our cal days. all right, good morning, everybody. we all remember yesterday one of the most active weather days in recent memory. you have to go back 10 or more years to have so much activity as far as thunderstorms are concerned. moderate to heavy rainfall off the santa cruz coast, also some heavy downpours at the san mateo bridge and along 101 making treks towards sfo. mostly cloudy skies currently in the city by the bay. the city of san francisco at 48
5:50 am
degrees. to the south 60 miles, 40s in san jose. cooler start in this morning. you will notice kiet do had his little mittens on this morning because it's cool. a couple of scattered showers, drying out this afternoon. low now digging to the south ejecting to the east. high pressure briefly builds in. so it will be a dry afternoon under mostly cloudy skies. statewide mid-60s with the drying beginning there, as well. still a few snow showers in lake tahoe. 50s and 60s today, west wind 10 to 15 late. sun-up 6:53. no rain until early friday morning very light. i'm going big! as elizabeth said, big, mid-80s in los gatos and saratoga by tuesday. we're going to be [ coughing ] on tuesday. [ laughter ] the drought is taking a big bite out of the beef supply and that's sending prices soaring.
5:51 am
lack of rain and increasing demand has cut the number of u.s. cattle to its lowest since the 1950s. prices for some cuts of beef have gone up as much as 20% since last year. at lb steak in san jose, they are trying to offset the high cost by introducing more affordable items. >> figured if we varied our menu a little more it would give people an option to have a steak dish share it between themselves. >> the executive chef says this is the highest he has seen beef prices in his 20 year career. restaurants are passing the costs on to consumers. time now 5:51. a teen survived a real close call with a chainsaw and coming up, he has the incredible x- rays to prove it. >> wake up and smell the bacon? without the grease and fat. a technology that is digitizing aromas and how it could revolutionize how we use our smartphones when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:52 am
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5:54 am
[ male announcer ] the outside of your car is going to get dirty. but the right gasoline can help keep the inside clean. chevron with techron. care for your car. thank goodness for rain because the pollen count is down but as high pressure builds in and we dry out by the weekend, we're going to be sneezing and wheezing as the juniper county is out of control. -- juniper count is out of control. a tree trimmer is lucky after surviving a very freak accident. james valentine was in a tree harnessed when he was struck by a chainsaw. and that chainsaw lodged into his neck. as soon as the accident happened valentine did not lose consciousness, in fact he was able to turn off the saw, climb down the tree. surgeons had to remove the saw piece by piece while it was
5:55 am
still stuck in his neck. >> it was a freak accident. it could happen to anybody climbing a tree, the chainsaw just come out and chip right back at me got stuck in my neck. >> incredible. look at the x-ray. valentine has stitches in his neck. should make a full recovery and, yes, he says he will go back to trimming trees. there is a new device that can turn your smartphone into a smellphone. british researchers have developed the device that attaches to your phone and works with various apps to spray out a variety of scents. doctors think the technology could help alzheimer's patients. >> because memory is such a powerful trigger of emotion it can be used as a way to remind them to do things, for example take medicine or even eat. >> researchers say they are working to improve the smells and the size of the device to make it easier to sniff on the go. there's an app for everything. >> what's next? 5:55.
5:56 am
what's coming up next, a deadly 8.2 magnitude earthquake rattled chile overnight and now concerns that the worst may be yet to come. >> reporter: a snowboarder lost in some of the worst conditions rescuers have seen. how the san francisco man got creative enough to save his life. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
it's . i m frank mallicoat. an 84-year-old woman was killed and 6 people were injured after an explosion at a home in san francisco's sunnydale neighborhood. one man was forced to jump out of a second-story window to escape the fire. >> about another 8.8, 8.9 earthquake sometime in the future. >> at least five people were killed when an 8.2 magnitude earthquake shook chile last night. the quake damaged buildings and sent people running into the streets. chile's president has declared a state of emergency. >> there's no words to describe it, this is what i have worked for my whole life. >> stanford lady cardinal are
6:00 am
headed back to the final four after beating north carolina last night to cap off an undefeated season at maples pavilion. stanford will play uconn on sunday for a spot in the national titl game. >> from across the bay to around the world -- >> armageddon has not arrived. >> -- the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. good morning. it's "hump day." i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:00. let's get a check on the roads with elizabeth. >> thanks, guys. just minutes ago they activated the metering lights at the bay bridge. no weather-related advisories as opposed to yesterday but the backups are extensive for this time of the morning already. you can see it backing up beyond the first overcrossing at least in the busiest lanes. like i said, they just switched those metering lights on so you may start to see some delays on the approaches. so far things look grade on the east shore freeway through richmond. the drive time is between


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