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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 3, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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with traffic and weather. i can see the top of mount diablo. >> did you see any dusting of snow? >> no. it was dark. >> oh. [ laughter ] >> good call there. i'm sorry, you have to work with me here. it's pre-friday. >> there you go. >> let's take a look at the current temperatures in and around the vicinity. yes, it's a cool start. 40 in napa, 50 san francisco, later today increasing cloud cover 50s and 60s, light rain moving back into the forecast. we'll track it coming up. >> we have some overnight roadwork this morning near the dublin interchange. it is in a commute direction westbound 580 from hacienda to san ramon. they have three left lanes blocked until 5:00 but we're also seeing some slowing eastbound through the dublin grade. more on your morning commute coming up. >> thank you. for a second time in five years, a military base is the scene of a mass shooting. a gunman shot and killed three people and killed himself at fort hood yesterday. 16 others were seriously injured some remain in critical condition. the shooter has been identified
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as one of the military's own, specialist ivan lopez. we know now he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder. omar villafranca has the latest on this developing story out of texas. >> reporter: fort hood is back open this morning after a soldier killed at least three people before killing himself. sources tell cbs news the suspect is 34-year-old ivan lopez, army officials say the suspected shooter was an iraq war veteran and doctors were assessing whether he had post- traumatic stress disorder. >> we do know this this soldier had mental health issues and was being treated for that. >> we have an active shooter on fort hood. >> reporter: the texas army post was thrown into lockdown yesterday after he allegedly old fire from two buildings and a vehicle with a semi-automatic pistol he recently purchased. the injured were rushed to local hospitals. >> they have had a variety of injuries that we have been treating ranging from gunshot
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wounds that involved extremities, abdomen, chest and neck. >> reporter: yesterday's shooting is bringing back painful memories of a similar incident in 2009 when army psychiatrist nidal hasan killed 13 people here on post. some are questioning whether security improvements put in place since then are enough. >> when we have these kinds of tragedies on our bases, something is not working. >> reporter: president obama said he is heartbroken that fort hood is going through this again and pledged the government will get to the bottom of what happened. omar villafranca, cbs news, fort hood, texas. >> lopez was being evaluated for post-traumatic stress disorder. it's estimated that up to 20% of veterans who served in iraq and afghanistan suffer from ptsd. chile was hit by another huge earthquake. the 7.6 temblor struck last night in the same area as tuesday's 8.2 quake. there are no reports of any new
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casualties. both quakes happened along a subduction zone where one plate is sliding under another. there's a similar setup here in northern california. >> we're here living in earthquake country in the bay area and in southern california. and it's a reminder that we need to be ready. we need to be prepared. we need to do what we can to make it show the structures we spend time in are safer. >> with different seismic plates in the state the big one could be bigger especially in the bay area. seismologists say the largest quake likely to strike southern california would be in the 7s but northern california could experience an 8 or 9 magnitude earthquake. some new developments about that malaysia airliner that vanished last month. cbs reporter marlie hall says the search will go on although officials admit they may never learn what happened to that plane. >> as i said, it is a very difficult search, the most difficult in human history. >> reporter: australia's prime minister met with his malaysian counterpart thursday at an air
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force base in perth that serves as the hub for the multinational search effort for flight 370. >> we cannot be certain of ultimate success in the search for mh370. but we can be certain that we will spare no effort. >> reporter: there has been no trace of the boeing 777 since it vanished in the early hours of march 8 on a flight from kuala lumpur to beijing. as each day passes, with no sign of wreckage, the chances of finding the plane grow slimmer. about 20 planes and ships are searching an area of the indian ocean west of perth. >> the search area is vast. and the conditions are not easy. but a new refined area of search has given us new hope. >> reporter: once crews locate debris from the malaysia airlines jet, they can use special equipment to find the plane's data recorders. those may reveal what happened to the plane and 239 people on
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board. marlie hall, cbs news. >> the data recorders only have about a week's worth of battery life yet. all the passengers have been cleared of any involvement in the plane's disappearance. the criminal investigation is now focused on the cabin crew and the pilots. happening today, a central figure in the leland yee corruption case could be out on bail. former san francisco school board president keith jackson has a bond hearing this morning in federal court. a magistrate agreed to release jackson if he can post bail. jackson was one of 26 people arrested last week in a sweep that included yee and raymond "shrimp boy" chow. state senator leland yee's sacramento office is back open. his staff members are actually employees of the senate. so while yee is suspended, the staff can keep working. it's a different story at yee's office at the state building in san francisco. we saw a worker cleaning the sign outside the office. yee's name has been removed.
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>> ultimately, everyone in this office and our district offices was hired to serve the people of the 8th senate district and that's what they are going to continue to do as long as this office is open. >> any bills yee proposed have been sent back to a rules committee. another member can pick them up. yee has decided to switch lawyers. he is now represented by james lassarh, a former district attorney and specialist in white collar crime defense. i was checking the weekend forecast. >> you cheated! i revised the temperatures in the seven-day forecast. you will be tested on that t you remember how i showed it at 85 degrees on tuesday? i changed that. >> to? >> you'll see! good morning. out the door this morning, we have a combination of clarity and some clouds. take a look at the current numbers. it's a chilly start in napa at 40 degrees. again a lot of cool air mass in place with the passage of those
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couple of fronts earlier this week. 45 in downtown san jose, 40s mountains view and los altos. today we'll see increasing cloud cover. that will lead to the potential of a chance of rain showers overnight into early friday. any rain we see will be less than .10". it will be sunny and warmer through tuesday. today's numbers a couple of degrees warmer than yesterday. mid-50s coastside to 60s inland. 65 san jose. 67 los gatos. check this out. that is your weekend. 10 degrees warmer on sunday than saturday but yes, i changed the temperature on tuesday from 85 to 86 degrees, liz. >> nice. inland is the place to go obviously on wednesday? >> that will be on tuesday. >> tuesday. all right. out the door, we're not seeing as many slick roads today as we saw past couple of days so the accident count is down. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. no delay now coming into san
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francisco. they do have the left lanes blocked though with the dry roads, the roadwork is back. so you will find it to about midspan. san mateo bridge everything looks great on the flat section and on the high-rise if you are leaving hayward, up and down the nimitz looks fine. westbound 580 hacienda to san ramon, caltrans has three left lanes blocked for 20 minutes. bart is on time. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. >> thank you. san jose has the money to hire new officers but kpix 5 reporter len ramirez says there's just one problem. reporter: in san jose, the need for new police officers is high. but the number of recruits who qualify is low and shrinking. there's room for 60 recruits in each police academy class this one graduating in a few days has 46 and the newest class
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just starting up will have more empty seats. >> just yesterday we hired 29 officers. that's quite a bit lower than we're used to. >> reporter: it's the smallest recruiting class in decades but didn't start out that way. 754 qualified basic physicals, but background checks and interview boards wiped out the vast majority of applicants. >> we just can't attract quality recruits anymore. >> reporter: neighboring departments pay more. but union president jim unland says san jose's retirement benefits recently slashed under measure b is the biggest reason. >> we offer the worst pension plan for police in the state. >> reporter: mayor reed who championed measure b says the number of recruits will bounce back later this year. >> cautiously optimistic that this is a one-time drop in the pool. >> reporter: len ramirez, kpix 5. >> san jose is authorized for 1100 officers but there are only 906 who are ready to patrol the streets. happening around the bay now you may have heard the roar of low-flying jets in the east
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bay last night. they couldn't use the main runway at oakland airport because the lights weren't on. the planes flew over san leandro and hayward while waiting for clearance to land. a stolen atm turned up in a creek in lafayette minus the cash. a woman spotted it as she walked along the road. no word on where it came from. there have been several atm thefts in the past few weeks in the bay area. the u.s. government created a cuban twitter. created the network to undermine the communist government in cubic zirconia built with secret shell companies andrew tens of thousands of subscribers there. unclear whether the scheme was legal or not. yahoo is taking new steps to keep the government others from snooping. and we'll have the very latest coming up. made from ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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as consumerwatch reporter j
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there's been a san francisco landlords are starting to get tough on tenants who rent out spaces or "airbnb." as kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains, there's been a sharp rise in eviction notices. >> reporter: it's no four star hotel but jeff's living room is a hit on "airbnb." >> it's great in a great neighborhood. >> reporter: he makes about $3,500 letting tourists sleep on an air mattress while he slept in the next room. >> did i get rich? no. but it was a pleasant experience. >> reporter: and now he is paying for it. >> this was on the door when i got home. >> reporter: last week the special ed. teacher got an eviction notice from his landlord saying he had three days to pack up and get out because he was illegally using the premises as a tourist or transient unit. >> made may nauseous a little bit. >> this is an epidemic. >> reporter: the tenants lawyer says hundreds of similar notices have gone out over the past year to renters who may have knowingly or unknowingly violated city ordinance by renting on "airbnb." and he contends landlords are using the opportunity to pad
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their pockets. >> generally what we're seeing is that landlords are interested in increasing the rent, the market's hot, they would like to get long-term tenants out. >> reporter: but a lawyer who represents landlords in san francisco says building owners feel it's unfair that renters in rent controlled apartments are profiting when they can't. >> they are limited in the rent they can collect from the tenant but yet the tenant can then go out and use the owner's property to obtain big profits and that's not fair. >> reporter: most leases do outlaw sublets but is an air mattress on the floor really subletting? depends on who you ask. renters like katz say landlords are going too far, searching for and evicting renters on a technicality. >> i think it's just drastic. i don't think the punishment meets the crime. >> and that was julie watts reporting. "airbnb" says people who occasionally share the home they live in are not hurting anyone and landlords who seek any excuse to evict tenants so they can raise the rents are
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only helping themselves. it is 4:44 now. sections of yosemite national park scorched in the massive "rim" fire last year are now finally open again. more than 70,000 acres burned last august on the park's western edge. firefighters battled to save the historic tuolumne sequoia grove and some of the oldest trees in california in that grove. the burned forest area around hetch hetchy reservoir has also reopened now to the public. 4:45. let's get another check on weather. you changed the forecast a bit. >> on the seven-day forecast instead of going with 85 degrees on tuesday i went with 86. >> we like that. >> it's a good 20 degrees above normal in some neighborhoods by tuesday but today we're just going up a degree or two warmer than yesterday which was unseasonably cool. hi, everybody. good morning. take a look outside. this is the scene from san francisco looking out towards the bay bridge where we have some partly cloudy skies. air temperature from 41 degrees at livermore to 54 degrees in
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oakland and in san francisco. a lot of cool air in place with the passage of a couple of cold fronts that passed through the bay area earlier this week. this is the latest area of low pressure that's now ejected east. we'll see increasing cloud cover throughout the day today. this area of low pressure that's going to take a nosedive south, as it does so the northwestern quadrant of the state of california only getting a glancing blow, which means cloud cover in ukiah later today. we'll see full-on sunshine in monterey bay. 67 degrees at the state capital. and mid-40s in the greater lake tahoe area. no delays at sfo so far. low 60s as a high there today. but meanwhile check out denver, snow in the forecast. cool in chicago, houston 81 thunderstorms. our highs 50s and 60s across the board southwest wind 10 to 15. here's your extended forecast. we do call for just .10" of rain at best by early friday. then the bulk of the day dry.
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10 degrees warmer on sunday than on saturday. and check out your tuesday forecast. but notice the coastal areas elizabeth also in the 70s. >> yes. still a warming trend looks great. i can finally get my car washed. i have been waiting weeks. let's go outside live and show you what's going on. we have a camera this morning in the south bay. we can show you what it looks like if you are traveling northbound 280 trying to get out of downtown san jose, this is what it looks like very light right now near highway 17, 880 interchange. it's moving at the speed limit all the way out towards highway 85 and cupertino. thank you for that live traffic look there on 280. if you are using mass transit so far everything is still rolling along with no delays. bart got a great start with no problems there. ferries, caltrain and ace train number one have also moved out of stockton. no problems there. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge. the right side of your screen, that's the commute direction traffic leaving hayward on westbound 92. so far problem-free all along out to the peninsula and if you
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are a silicon valley driver this is what it looks like on westbound 237 all green on those sensors out toward 101 and sunnyvale. we are not seeing much roadwork this morning up and down the nimitz freeway so this is a nice little break for folks if you are traveling northbound 880 taillights moving northbound past the oakland coliseum, oakland airport actually 16 minutes between 238 and the maze. there should be still some overnight roadwork maybe in the clearing stages now westbound 580 approaching the dublin interchange. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. >> and we thank you, liz. if you get caught texting while driving today don't say we didn't warn you. the chp and other agencies all across the state are cracking down on distracted driving this month. and there's a special effort today. more than 426,000 california drivers were convicted last year for texting on using hand- held phones. gm's ceo says it's okay to keep driving the recalled cars plus with obamacare behind him the president now focusing in on raising the federal minimum
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wage. jill wagner has that and a whole bunch more on your moneywatch. >> reporter: day 2 of general motors' ceo mary barra's testimony on capitol hill got a bit more testy. senators accused gm of a possible cover-up over its defective ignition switches. senators also called on gm to tell owners of the 2.6 million recalled cars to stop driving them until the ignition switch is fixed. barra says the cars are still safe to drive as long as drivers use the key only. well, here on wall street investors are waiting for tomorrow's all important monthly government jobs report. stocks are edging into record territory. the dow gained 40 points yesterday. the nasdaq rose 8 points. president obama continues to push for a hike in the federal minimum wage. he visited a deli in an arbor, michigan, yesterday where workers make $9 an hour, that's $1.75 more than the current minimum wage. the president said raising the
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federal minimum wage is good for the economy. amazon introduced a new video streaming device called amazon fire tv a set-top box that streams video music and games similar to apple tv and google's "chromecast." users can watch amazon content as well as netflix and hulu plus. it costs $99. the same price as apple tv. and that's your cbsmoneywatch report. for more follow me on twitter at #jillwagnercbs. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jill wagner. time now is 4:50. tough love for a messy teen. the extreme way one dad taught his daughter to clean her room. >> and hospital horror. why a california family claims her mother was frozen alive. ,, ,,,,
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rise and shine. it's thursday, april 3. high today close to typical for this time of the year from 62 in palo alto to the mid-60s as we swing around from sunnyvale into downtown san jose. a pair of sixes in morgan hill. east of the bay average high this time of the year is flirting with 70 in livermore but instead 64 degrees. low 60s in san ramon through blackhawk into the danville area. no 60s also common with the southwest -- low 60s also common with a southwest wind in pleasant hill. cooler further north in clearlake average high in san francisco is the mid-60s but today only 60 degrees. checking the roads right now, the roads are finally dry. so we're actually not seeing too many spinouts out there. it's quiet. a live look at our sensors through the santa cruz mountains on highway 17. we'll have "kcbs traffic" coming up.
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parents if you are losing the battle when it comes to getting your child to clean his room, we have something you can try. move all his stuff to the driveway. that's what this dad did in georgia. bed, desk, computer, all of his daughter's clothes, all hauled outside. even left a sign that said, haley, room moved to driveway, clean it next time. i may have to try that with my 14-year-old. >> i think that defeats the purpose though because you have to put it all back. >> she does. >> there you go. >> yeah. this little boy is thinking rescuers after he got his head stuck between two concrete posts. the 9-year-old's head got stuck while playing with some friends at a school in china. there he is. witnesses called firefighters to get a little help to get him out. they used hydraulic spreaders to free the boy. took about 30 minutes. the boy was a little shook up but should be just fine. a little embarrassed, too. a crazy story an l.a. hospital is being sued in a case that sounds like the script from a really bad horror movie. as stacey butler reports, a
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woman apparently woke up in the morgue and then froze to death. >> this is one of the most egregious cases you will ever see. >> reporter: placed in a body bag while still alive. >> this case keeps me awake at night. >> reporter: maria's family is suing white memorial medical center in boyle heights claiming she was prematurely declared dead and put in the morgue alive. >> the mortuary found her upside-down in the body bag which told the expert that she was fighting her way out. >> reporter: the family's attorney says the court documents paint a haunting picture of the 80-year-old grandmother's final moments. an expert hired by the family told a judge arroyo was actually alive in the hospital's freezer eventually woke up due to extreme cold and damaged her face and turned herself face down as she struggled. in other words, she ultimately froze to death. the lawyer says when the mortuary employees found her, makeup couldn't cover her broken nose and self-inflicted
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facial injuries. in a 27 page statement an expert witness said arroyo was found with a body bag approximately halfway open consistent with her struggling in the body bag to get out. arroyo's family initially sued for mishandling her deceased body but when their expert testified that the injuries could not have occurred after death, and that she died not of a heart attack but of asphyxiation and hypothermia the family filed a new lawsuit for medical negligence and wrongful death. a judge dismissed it. it went to the court of appeals. late today, a judge reversed the case back to court for a jury trial. >> this case deserves a jury verdict and a jury will rule on it. >> reporter: in orange county, stacey butler, kpix 5. >> the hospital says it's not commenting because of the pending lawsuit. 4:56 right now. a college student falls to his death. why colorado's legalization of marijuana is being blamed for the tragedy. >> reporter: investigators are trying to put together the pieces of what caused another
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mass shooting in fort hood. up next the mental health issues that plagued the soldier behind it.
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the soldier had behavior and mental health issues and was being treated for that. >> four people are dead after a mass shooting at fort hood. among them the suspected shooter an iraq war veteran being assessed for ptsd. at least 16 others were hurt when the gunman opened fire in several buildings on the base. >> nearly everyone in this office and our district offices is hired to serve the people of the 8th senate district. >> reporter: state senator leland yee's sacramento office is back open even while he remains on suspension. later today, a key figure in yee's corruption case appears once again in federal court in san francisco. >> chile is rattled by another
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huge earthquake. the 7.6 magnitude quake hit last night in the same area as tuesday's 8.2 quake. this time the damage was minimal also and no deaths have been reported. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. good morning, it's thursday april 3, i'm michelle griego. >> the weekend is approaching. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. get you out the door with a little traffic and weather. >> slight chance of rain. computer models are arguing on the timing and intensity of an area of low pressure that wants to move this way overnight tonight through friday morning. partly to mostly cloudy right now. notice the wide range in temperatures from 43 degrees in livermore to now 50 degrees in san francisco. today what you need to know is that we will see increasing cloud cover during the day. a chance of light


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