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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 7, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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and traffic and what a spectacular sunday. >> it was a gorgeous weekend. the temperatures though today even more spectacular. temperatures will be heating upside well above the average we've got offshore winds could see 70s even out near the coastline. we'll have more come up. no major accidents out the door right now but it becomes 5:00 and we still have the overnight road work including both directions on the east shore freeway, you'll also find it on the bay bridge, we'll show you what's next coming up. a family rescued at sea is on their way home now. now parents are defending their choice to sail around the world with a baby and a three year old. their statement says, "we remain confident we've prepared as well as any sailing crew could. the ocean is one of the greatest forces of nature and it always has the potential to overcome those who live on or near it": kpix 5 brian web has more on the rescue on the waters off cabo. >> reporter: this is video from thursdays operation that went
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off without a hitch. rescue men from moffet field, equal parts, paratrooper, scuba driver and paramedic 100% heros. just ask the family of the little girl they saved. >> between crying and jumping up and down, i'm really excited for that moment. >> the coffman family of four on the latest leg of their around the world trip when their 36-foot sail boat lost steering and communications capabilities. at the same time, one year old lira developed an infection with a fever and rash and not responding to medication. the nearest doctor? 900 miles of water away. >> the pararescueamericans are are the most skill individuals. >> california's air national guard got the call for help thursday morning and by days end four team members located the plane by emergency beacon, jumped out of a c130 airplane, deployed a rubber z odiac,
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reached the bit and stabilized the girl. >> i'm sure she's bouncing around and keeping them on their toes so we're very excited that she has responded so well to the treatment they've given her. >> the family is on the way home on board a navy warship, lira's condition improving her family by her side. another mission accomplished, no thanks necessary and no charge. >> what would you value as a human life and to us it's priceless. >> brian web, kpix5. >> the statement also said they lived on their boat for seven years and are still proud of their choices and preparation. they are expected to arrive in san diego by mid week. palo alto police arrested a man accused of wandering around naked and attacking people. the 18-year-old faces charges of felony battery and misdemeanor trespassing. police say he entered a home on colorado avenue friday, punched a teenager and ran off and tackled and punched and kicked
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a woman walking her dog by fear. he then tried to attack main who yield at him to stop. officers later arrested him on otterson court. police believe he was on drugs at the time and all the attacks were random. novado police are arresting a homicide after a body was found. the hike turpitude discovered the victim saturday evening. police have not released any information about the victim. one neighbor told the marin independent journal that police said he was a man. searchers looking for the missing malaysia passenger jet are cautiously optimistic this morning after detecting sounds from very deep in the indian ocean. no link has been verified between the sounds of the missing plane but as cbs susan mcginnis reports there is hope the signals came from the flight data recorders. >> reporter: australian officials say u.s. navy equipment attached ton australian ship in the indian ocean picked up two separate under water signals consistent with black box pings.
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>> this would be consistent with transmissions from both the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder. >> australia's ocean shield carrying sophisticated u.s. listening technology heard one transmission for about two and a half hours and another on its return trip to the same area for about 13 minutes. >> probably so far, it's probably the best information that we've had. >> but officials say it could take days to determine if the signals are actually from flight 370. >> in very deep oceanic water, nothing happens fast. >> hundreds of miles away a british navy ship the hms echo searched an area where a chinese crew detected two audio signals friday and saturday. the new clues comma mid analysis of the flights path. malaysian officials say they've determined the boeing 777 flew around indonesian air space on the way to the indian ocean which may have been a
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deliberate effort to avoid radar detection. as for todays leads officials say once the position of the pings is refined an under water vehicle can be sent into find wreckage. cbs news. >> plane vanished without a trace on march 8. the battery powered pingers only last about a month after activated but experts believe the batteries could last several days longer if they were full strength so it can only help. let's get a check on our weather. >> guys got great weather coming our way. what a nice couple days. the offshore winds are kicking in and we'll see clear skies all the way to the coastline, tell you what, what a beautiful beach day it's going to be all around the bay area you'll find sunny skies. out the door it's nice and clear, high pressure building in overhead and we're seeing more of the northeast early winds kicking in so clear skies out over the bay if you're headed out grab the sun glasses and sun screen. you'll need it. temperatures in the 50s by the
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afternoon, these numbers running well above the average, plan on about 83 in san jose, 78 in oakland, 74 degrees in san francisco, and about 72 degrees right on the beach in pacifica. check out the roads now with elizabeth. >> it's the days we've been waiting for. out the door like i said no major accidents to slow you down but for next 20 minutes or so this is when we see a lot of the overnight road work. hasn't quite picked up in the left lanes as you cross the bay bridge into san francisco. you'll find it just past the metering lights but obviously there's no delay yet at the toll plaza. also there's some road work on one of your approaches on the east shore freeway actually both directions westbound and eastbound 80 between palo alto and buchanan. here is a live look at one of the other bridges right side of your screen traffic still moving well towards the peninsula. that's the latest kcbs traffic. back to you guys. happening today labor activists plan to file papers for a measure that would raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour for anyone who works in san francisco. right now san francisco's
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minimum wage is $10.74 and that's higher than the statewide minimum. workers would certainly welcome a pay hike but some business owners warn it could force them to cut jobs. >> small businesses are freaking out about this. they're saying this could cause a small business like books, inc, coal hardware, four or $500,000 in wages, because not only would the minimum wage folks want money, everybody else would want to bump up. >> in san jose the minimum wage ordinance requires an annual increase based on the cost of living and it's currently $10.15 an hour. it is 4:37. searchers from all around the state are looking for a missing midlow park woman on mount fam pines. rangers released this photo of her who went to the state park for a hike a week ago. police are looking into an unconfirmed report that glennkowski updated a social
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media site but as kpix5 reports the search remains focused on the mountain trails of mount tam. >> reporter: hikers using the boot jam p camp parking lot rxed if they seen anyone matching this photo. it's believed she drove her rental car here about a week ago after telling a friend she was going hiking. the cars still in the lot but glennkowski hasn't been seen since. >> we began a search yesterday that you're seeing similar right now of about 100 trained search and rescue personnel from all counties all over the bay area. >> brian fox and his dog vela came from tracy. >> what area do you have today? >> going to be west peak, in this area. it's covering looks like about 40-acres i'll be searching. >> an apprentice drove all night from los angeles to help in the search. >> the whole goal is to find the person and that's what we really want, so everybody is always aiming at the same goal. >> crews scoured remote parts
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of mount tam's 30,000 acres climbing up to the 2500-foot level. they found magnificent views of the bay area but nothing of the missing woman. surveillance area shows glennkowski walking past the boot jack parking lot last sunday afternoon. with 10-20,000 visitors on a weekend like this it was hoped someone might have seen something. by mid afternoon, no one returned to the ranger camp had seen or heard anything promising from other hike turpitudes. >> the fact the weather wasn't the greatest with a lot of rain storm and it was cold for someone to be out in the elements might not be a good scenario. >> marin county sheriffs office is asking anyone with information to give them a call. kpix5. happening today a petaluma slaughterhouse reopens under new management. the rancho feeding corporation facility was closed in february after the recall of millions of
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pounds of beef. marin sons farms bought the plant and it expects to slaughter half as many cows as the previous owner. a protest against the reopening is planned at the plant. state senator leeland yee is back in court tomorrow and now we're getting new insight into his possible defense. kpix5 says there is a chance one of the defendants might turn on the others. >> reporter: when you go from prominent politician to federally indicted accused criminal who knows what's next especially when one of your alleged partners in crime is raymond "shrimp boy" chow, and the former middle man, keith jackson who could turn snitch. >> we can pull the whole thing together and it's in his interest to do it to make a light deal for himself. >> legal expert peter king spoke on kpix5 sunday morning and he's also a former public defender who knows a lot about the criminal history of shrimp
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boy chow. >> well we always had sort of a suspicion that shrimp boy actually may have been in bed with the federal authorities in some way. >> because shrimp boy walked free and was given a visa to stay in the u.s. despite violent criminal convictions. kevin baker is a retired fbi agent. >> the governments in the process right now of trying to accumulate all of the evidence and provide it to the defense. >> the indictment handed down friday alleges public corruption and gun running charges, including evidence from an undercover fbi agent. it says as recently as march 11 the defendants met to discuss purchasing weapons from the philippines to import into the u.s.. baker says that's the best type of evidence there is. >> generally, with corruption cases it's about the one on one interaction with the official subject, whether it be a recording or audio or video. >> keen expects more indictments to come. >> does the fact they're been dribbling in, the characters
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being caught in the net, they now are given information, some of them are trying to buy their way out so i would think there's probably quite a number of other people still to come. >> in the end the legal maneuvers expected to be filed could take months or even years. in the news room, kpix5. go that scandall has prompted a flurry of political reform bills in the state legislature. one would amend the state constitution to allow unpaid suspension for lawmakers accused of corruption and there's also a proposal to limit gas capped travel expenses and increase campaign financing reporting. time is 4:42. an off campus party gets out of hand at uc santa barbara. what's being blamed for the mayhem. getting new businesses off the ground. the weekend that attracted fake crowds on the peninsula when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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wedding was ta a fiery scene in foxboro, massachusetts, a century old
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building went up in flames just as a wedding was taking place inside. fortunately, everyone was able to make it out safely including about 150 guests. >> as i pronounced them husband and wife and they proceeded to go down the aisle one more time, all of a sudden we noticed there was some smoke. >> the building dating back to 1906 is considered a total loss. investigators say a cigarette may have started the fire. half dozen police officers were injured when a spring break party got out of control at awe uc santa barbara campus. cell phone video captured a chaotic scene saturday night. fights broke out, car windshields were smashed and tier gas was thrown during an annual spring bake party there and it turned violent after someone hit a police officer in the face with a backpack full
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of alcohol bottles. >> i was terrified. i mean my parents are calling me and she's like what is happening? >> we have a huge problem with people coming from out of the town to the area for deltopia. they aren't invested in this community so they don't have a problem with vandalizing. >> more than 100 people were arrested. dozens more were injured during the ruckus. starting your own small business can be intimidating, overwhelming and expensive but as kpix5 mark kelly reports there is a less risky option. >> reporter: step inside the san mateo county event center this weekend and it's wall to wall franchises. >> we have massage, green spa, minute man press, we have a variety. >> judy moreland got all these franchises under one roof. her job? a matchmaker of sorts. the hope is people interested buying their own franchise can learn a little about the
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business and see which franchise suits them. >> some people come here thinking oh, i have to have a certain thing and then they find there's so much here, you know i may want to do something else as well. >> what option firehouse sub which is started in florida in hopes to expand more here in the bay area. chris eby believes in the franchise business model. >> franchising gives people a great opportunity to be their own boss and really control their own destiny. >> the franchises say you don't have to be wildly wealthy to get started, less than $100,000 plus finances can land you your own place and with a franchise, you're promised a shoulder to lien on. a nice perk considering the bureau of labor statistics reports only half of small businesses survive their first five years. >> if you're starting a business on your own in some cases you're learning on the fly and with franchising we're just a phone call away to assist you with any issues that you have or any questions that you have. >> that sounds like the kind of career jade sanders wants a business student and franchise
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employee she's a believer in the business and has big franchise dreams of her own. >> maybe 30 mcdonald's, yeah. so that would be my dream. >> in san mateo, mark kelly, kpix5. okay, you get a round of applause in the weather. the weekend was fabulous. >> it was a nice weekend. hard to believe it could be even nicer around the bay area. some of the temperatures may be sneaking into the 70s. out the door we go with nice clear skies and the temperatures on average usually in the 60s, today we're up in the 70s and even the 80s so some of these numbers running a good 11-15 degrees above the average so with that in mind looking at a great day ahead, plan on some very warm weather, clear skies and that offshore wind, as that wind approaches the coastline and starts to heat up so sunny nights all the way to the beaches today and maybe a little bit warmer as we look toward tomorrow. high pressure in control bringing us that offshore wind that will crank up the
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temperatures for today and as we get into the middle of the week things begin to change a little bit. temperatures in the central valley should be up in the 80s, 64 degrees in lake tahoe staying nice and clear all day long and it looks like it will stay that way through thomas well and then we may begin to see a couple of patches of fog shift back toward the coastline into wednesday and that will help cool down the temperatures. numbers looking like 70s and 80s into the south bay, 70s into half moon bay and pacifica, 84 in livermore, inside the bay about 74 degrees in san francisco and 78 in oakland. next couple days plenty of sunshine coming our way, nice and toasty too. little keel as we head in toward wednesday, cooler temperatures expected through friday. let's check out the roads with elizabeth. >> 87 now on tuesday, the number keeps jumping up. okay so out the door we've got the golden gate bridge toll increase starting this morning so it kind of depends if you're a pay by plate or fast track
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user whether you'll pay six or $7 to head from marin county into san francisco and that toll increase begins this morning. here is a live look at other bridges, the san mateo bridge, so far things look good on westbound eastbound 92 and if you're coming from the altamonte pass, give it some time, we will likely see delays but now it looks good at tracy and 205 and the altamonte pass is closer to the dublin interchange only about 13 or 14 minutes to 680, a live look at 880 in oakland, didn't see the usual overnight road work heading into downtown oakland, south side still looks clear into san jose and 280 and 87, there maybe road work near that 280/880 interchange. that's traffic, back to you guys. >> thank you, liz. legendary actor mickey ranker passed away. he was still a toddler when he first appeared on stage. he was best known for his role in the andy hardy movies, spent most of his life in show
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business, married eight times, had eight kiddings, family members were with limb when he passed away in his north hollywood yesterday. mickey rooney passing away at the age of 93. country music honored its biggest stars in las vegas. >> 49th annual academy of country music awards happened last night so who was the entertainer of the year? >> george straight! >> [applause] >> yeah, george straight. he last won the prize 25 years ago and here he is again. his farewell tour the band perry kicked off the party under a big shower of confetti. >> there's $20 million in hair dos down here that all has confetti in it. this is not a head & shoulders commercial, everybody. >> it looked like a lot of fun. miranda lambert took home her fifth straight female vocal it's award and top song honors and jason aldean repeated as favorite male artist.
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country legend merle haggard celebrated his 77th birthday with a special honor for his five decade career. golden gate commuters grab extra change as you head out the door this morning, the toll hike kicking in and it starts today. a century old tradition on display on the peninsula. what's behind the practice of grave sweeping? ,,,,,,,, @@
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today there is only one park for every 14,000 americans.@@ connection to nature is a righú that the trust for public land is fighting to preserve. from boulevards to ball fields
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and ponds to playgrounds,p together we have saved over 3 million acres of land.@ a park is a gift that is worth protecting.@ help support the trust for public land@ and the gift of0parks today. okay, let's fly around the bay area on a gorgeous day today about 72 degrees in pacifica, 76 in burling game, plenty of sunshine as you work your way down the peninsula and temperatures heating up into the 80s in many spots, 83 in campbell, 85 degrees in gilroy. into the eastbay we'll find plenty of sunshine all day long those offshore winds will heat
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things up. mid 80s into livermore and pleasanton, 82 in danville, 83 at walnut creek, 82 fairfield, about 83 degrees in napa valley, 80 clear lake today and sunshine in the bottom, 81 degrees and san francisco downtown looking at about 74 degrees. on this monday morning, a lot of folks are still on spring break so either this week or last week, so we may see a lighter volume of traffic, so far the drive times are still all-in the clear, including that one coming from the altamonte pass into the livermore valley. we'll have a full look at your kcbs drive to work. thank you, liz. it's 4:55. happening today, a toll increase going into effect right over the golden gate bridge. a $1 increase means most fast track users will pay $6. drivers who don't use fast track will get a bill for $7 in the mail. the bridge district is trying to chip away at a very large budget shortfall. thousands of people gathered at a san mateo cemetary to celebrate a chinese
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tradition. skylawn memorial park hosted the annual grave sweeping festival. the 2500 year old tradition is about much more than just sprucing up the burial sites. >> it's a day pretty much a memorial day where the chinese families will come and pay their respects to their ancestors and they have a deep believe the manner in which they honor the memory of their loved ones will bestow good fortune upon them and their future generation. >> another sweep was done in an effort to scare away bad spirits. 4:56 right now. a california family rescued at sea is returning home. now, the parents are under fire for their choice to sail around the world. and getting a handle on a two alarm blaze in an industrial part of san jose. we've got a live report coming
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up. ,,,,,,,,
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the rancho feeding corporation facility in petaluma was closed after the recall of millions pounds of beef. today the slaughterhouse reopens under new manage am. >> the whole goal is to find the person and that's what we really want, so everybody is always looking at the same goal. search continues on mount tam for a woman who went to the park for a hike and hasn't returned. in the search so far, it's probably the best information that we have had. >> nearly a month into the search for malaysia airlines flight 370 officials say distinct sounds picked up over the weekend could finally unravel the mystery of that missing jet. small businesses are freaking out about this. >> activist will file the papers today to raise the minimum wage in san francisco to $15. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on kpix5 news this
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morning. good morning everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm frank mallicoat. 5:00, it's your monday and if you like sundays weather, you're going to love today, right? >> gorgeous weather all the way to the coastline. probably warmer temperatures today tax maybe not record breaking temperatures but it will be warm enough outside. clear skies if you're heading out the door looking toward the bay bridge we've got fairly mild temperatures mainly into the 50s right now. 58 san francisco, 54 degrees in concord, check out these numbers by the afternoon. 74 degrees in san francisco about 72 and clear and sunny and bright on coastline in pacifica, 81 degrees in redwood city, 83 san jose could be warmer for tomorrow. let's check out the roads with elizabeth. >> we don't have any hotspots on the roadways and even actually at 5:00 right now so the overnight road work is cleared or in the clearing stages including most parts of e


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