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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 7, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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morning. good morning everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm frank mallicoat. 5:00, it's your monday and if you like sundays weather, you're going to love today, right? >> gorgeous weather all the way to the coastline. probably warmer temperatures today tax maybe not record breaking temperatures but it will be warm enough outside. clear skies if you're heading out the door looking toward the bay bridge we've got fairly mild temperatures mainly into the 50s right now. 58 san francisco, 54 degrees in concord, check out these numbers by the afternoon. 74 degrees in san francisco about 72 and clear and sunny and bright on coastline in pacifica, 81 degrees in redwood city, 83 san jose could be warmer for tomorrow. let's check out the roads with elizabeth. >> we don't have any hotspots on the roadways and even actually at 5:00 right now so the overnight road work is cleared or in the clearing stages including most parts of the eastbay.
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so right now we're talking to marin county into san francisco, the golden gate bridge hike goes up today, $1 toll increases six or $7 whether you have a fast track or you're a pay by plate, just another reason to get a fast track and it will cost you $1 less. here is a live look outside, the northbound traffic on 880 still flows great near the oakland colosseum looks nice up towards your downtown oakland exit, san mateo bridge the drive time 13 or 14 minutes to get you out of hayward, looks like traffic is moving okay near the dublin interchange. we are beginning to see the delays building through the altamonte pass, and mass transit off to a great start, bart system wide on time and ace train number one left stockton as well with no delays. that's your latest kcbs traffic. 5:01. breaking news down in san jose where crews were called to a major fire on the cities north side. kpix5 is live there now along bay shore highway joining us
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with the latest. kit? >> reporter: good morning. quite a sizeable response here from san jose fire, still they are in the investigation and mop up phase now on the 1500 block of old bay shore. this began at 3:19 this morning when a passer-by saw smoke pouring out of the building. the fire department showed up and because of all of the attach businesses it quickly went to two alarms, they brought in the ladder truck, had to spray in water and then hunt around for the heat and smoke. here is the captain to talk about how they to breakthrough one of the walls to find the source of fire. >> it was really unusual, sort of appeared to be between the wall in the rear unit. we actually got access through behind us through the wall. we breached the wall to make access to the initial unit. what was actually burning at this point i couldn't tell you. again this is an industrial building and area, so that was the investigation. >> and so the call initially came in from an auto repair shop but they tracked it down
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to magnolia landscaping and they have now put the flames out trying to figure out exactly what started it but right now it does not look like it's a suspicious start to this fire. live in north san jose, kpix5. >> kiet, a question, how much damage? >> they're saying one room was burned, it was a concrete and a lot of the devises inside there, lawn mowers and what not had gas in there so all that was burned up. they're thinking moderate damage at this point. >> okay live for us in san jose, thanks. new this morning, a pedestrian died after being hit by a car in san francisco's civic center neighborhood. it happened at about 11 last night, at van next ss and golden gate avenues. the car was heading north on van ness. police say the pedestrian was not in a crosswalk. and some developing news in marin county a search will pick up again for a missing woman on mount tam. she was last seen on a trail head a week ago. kpix5 has more on the disappearance and ongoing search she joins us live in the
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news room. ann? >> reporter: she left her home on menlow park on sunday march 30th telling a friend she was going on a day hike but didn't say exactly where she was headed. here is her picture, 33 year old magdalena glenns kowski. she paid for a parking permit at the boot jack trail head near the top of mount tam. her rental car was still in the parking lot a week later. sheriffs offices tried to find her but couldn't and nobody filed a missing persons report. authorities launched a full scale search including dozens of volunteers, dogs and helicopters that went on all weekend long. >> the fact the weather wasn't the greatest with a lot of rain storms and it was cold for someone to be out a week in the elements might not be a good scenario. >> she described as a white woman, blonde hair blue eyes five foot seven and weighing about 120 pounds with a slim build. she recently moved to menlow
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park from seattle and authorities are now looking into an unconfirmed report that somebody may have updated her linked in account after she went missing. that's one of very few clues coming in on this case. live in the news room, kpix5. >> ann humidity. student fees are going up at some of california's public universities, nearly half of the california state university schools will charge a student success fee this fall. fees at san jose state will go up to about $2000 in the fall. contra costa times reports nearly 40% of the success fee at san jose state will go to their athletic program. hillary clinton will make some appearances in the bay area this week. tomorrow the former secretary of state will give a keynote address at a marketing summit in san francisco and thursday she will deliver a speech. clinton has not been taking questions from reporters on her most recent stops, her press rep says it's because she's a private citizen right now. san diego is the next stop for a family rescued off the
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baja california coast. the coast guard and nave went to their aid after the parents reported their one year old child was sick on a stranded sail boat. the family defends its decision to sail with two small children on board saying, "we remain confident we're prepared as well as any sailing crew could. the ocean is one of the greatest forces of nature and it always has the potential to overcome those who live on or near it. " kpix5 ryan web has more on the rescue in the waters off cabo. >> reporter: this is video from thursday's operation that went off without a hitch. pararescue men from moffet field, equal parts, paratrooper, scuba driver and paramedic 100% heros. just ask the family of the little girl they saved. >> between crying and jumping up and down i'm really excited for that moment. >> the family of four on the latest leg of their around the world trip when their 36-foot
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sail boat lost steering and communications capabilities. at the same time, one year old lira developed an infection with a fever and rash and not responding to medication. the nearest doctor? 900 miles of water away. >> the pararescue men are some of the most skilled individuals whether it's scuba diving or jumping out of a plane. >> california's air national guard got the call for help thursday mourn and by days end four team members located the plane by emergency beacon, jumped out of a c130 airplane, deployed a rubber zodiac, reached the boat and stabilized the girl. >> so i'm sure she's bouncing around and keeping them on their toes so we're very excited that she has responded so well to the treatment they've given her. >> if the family is on the way home on board a navy warship, lira's condition improving her family by her side. another mission accomplished, no thanks necessary and no
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charge. >> what would you value as a human life and to us it's priceless. >> brian web, kpix5. in their statement they said they've lived on the boat for seven years and are still proud of their choices and preparation. they are expected to arrive in san diego by mid week. 5:08 on your monday. promising developments in the search for the missing malaysian airliner. the discovery the search teams are calling a very promising lead. some wedding guests in massachusetts receive an unexpected surprise when the venue goes up in flames. high pressure offshore winds, these temperatures today are going to be something else. we'll tell you all about that coming up next. you're cruising right along along the south bay and 101, 85, you name it, we'll show you drive times in that area but first we want to know what drives you crazy during your commute. ask a question or share a gripe. by e-mailing or tweet me and watch to see if your question gets answered on
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air we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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to dinner.t impossible to get them to sit down that's why we have... kfc dip'ems! a kfc dip'ems bucket, 20 extra crispy tenders. 6 awesome sauces. i mean he's sitting still, this is kind of miraculous. ♪ slaughterhouse linked to a a century old building went u flames... ju king place insid a fiery scene in foxboro, massachusetts, a century old building went up in flames just as a wedding was taking place inside. fortunately everyone was able to make it out safely including
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about 150 guests. >> as i pronounced them husband and wife and they proceeded to go down the aisle one more time, all of a sudden we noticed there was some smoke. >> the building dating back to 1906 is considered a total loss. ingest it gatorrings say a careless smoker may have started the fire. a wedding no one will forget. beginning today general motors will start repairs on millions of vehicles recalled for that faulty ignition switch. the first repairs are available for the chevy cobalt and hhr pontiac solstice and saturn ion and sky model nears 03-07, other models will be added to the list later. fault it ignition switches are linked to at least 13 deaths. some potentially big developments in the search for a malaysian passenger jet that's been missing for almost a month. signals detected in a southern indian ocean may be coming from flight 370, experts say it may take days to confirm whether those actually came from the
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missing plane. >> probably in the search so far, it's probably the best information that we have had. >> u.s. navy equipment has twice picked up signals consistent with pings from flight data recorders. time for traffic on this monday, liz how we doing? >> we're doing okay. we've got a couple slow spot which is i'll show you in just a second. it's still spring break week for some folks so just overall traffic is still lighter. we noticed it last week and it's a similar case this week as well but i want to show you a slowdown coming out of tracy at 205 looks like this, all the way out towards the 580 interchange, this is juror usual stuff unfortuntely right now traveling westbound, once you get past the winterbine, things look good through the livermore valley, as you head towards the dublin interchange, all those headlights is the commute direction and drive time here from the altamonte pass to 680 is still only about 14 or 15 minutes in those westbound lanes and eastbound
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traffic there's no delay at all. very light as well at the bay bridge toll plaza obviously you're cruising right along approaching the pay gates and it looks great from the incline now because they did clear the overnight road work that had been blocking the left lanes approaching the tunnel and eastbay northbound traffic 880 flowing nicely near the oakland colosseum, no delay from hayward and southbound traffic both directions should be holding steady around 15 minutes between 238 and the maze or between the maze and 238 depending on where you're going. if traveling farther south silicon valley commuters coming around the bend at westbound 237 still looks great as well. like i said still no big hotspots out there. a few accidents but everything is on the right hand shoulder so it's not much to mention because it won't slow you down. if you're traveling the eastbay coming out of the caldecot tunnel heading into oakland we can show you this live look at telegraph. we saw a couple bart trains pass by a little earlier, those are on time and westbound 24 as you pass that bart station
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still looks great all the way into the mcarthur maze. speaking of bart they should have more than 39 trains all on time system wide no delay. golden gate, caltrain and ac train number one moving like clock work and heading out of the central valley. we'll check on train number three come up shortly. remember kcbs, once you hit the road any questions about your morning commute find our radio partners at 7:40:00 a.m. or 106.9 fm. that's your latest kcbs traffic. >> boy this is going to be a gorgeous day ahead. temperatures running well above the average today mostly core skies, the offshore winds kicking in overnight so if you thought yesterday was warm have temperature up here as we'll see a very warm day all the way to the coastline. normally looking at 60s across- the-board. today these numbers are running well above the average 78 in oakland, 83 san jose and 79 degrees in santa rosa, san francisco check in at 74 degrees so these numbers
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running 11-15 degrees above the average. plenty of sunshine all day long with those offshore winds so beautiful all the way to the coastline and then i think even a little bit warmer as we head in toward tomorrow and after that things beginning to cool off at the sea breeze still high pressure in control of that offshore wind and eventually this ridge breaks down into wednesday and the sea breeze kicks in returning low clouds and fog but we aren't going to see that the next couple days. around the state heating things up too. 82 sacramento, 76 degrees in the monterey bay, staying cloud free all day today, maybe a few high clouds coming our way for tomorrow afternoon but other than that we stay nice and clear with that offshore breeze continuing and then on wednesday everything begins to change so enjoy the sunshine and very warm temperatures, 83 degrees in san jose, 81 mountain view, 79 freemont, 72 pacifica, eastbay temperatures up into the 70s and also 80s inside the bay a beautiful day to enjoy, 78 oakland, 74 san francisco and 79 degrees in santa rosa.
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next couple of days plenty of sunshine, maybe even a tad warmer by tomorrow afternoon and then we'll start slowly cooling things down on wednesday returning to low clouds and fog and then cooler temperatures expected as we head in toward the weekend but still a very very pleasant next five to seven days. >> i guess that's sun across- the-board right? >> yeah, just about. >> looks pretty nice, thanks. well the rising temperatures ain't bay area mean an increase in fire danger too. >> kpix5 over to gonzalez is in dublin with more especially concerning mount diablo. >> reporter: good morning everybody. this is the first time this year at this hour i'm not even wearing a jacket that's how mild it is here. currently in dublin it is 53 degrees, winds are non-existent and take a look at the view this morning. we have nothing but unlimited visability because high pressure is building in and produce an offshore component and that's when we see the potential for high fire danger so we're bringing in this
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morning battalion chief bob hopkins thank you so much for waking up early with us. first of all when we have the warm temperatures what are your concerns? >> we have a few concerns. first of all the fields are starting to dry and turn to golden brown facing the south and where we're concerned about is fire starting to ignite in the very near future so we're preparing ourselves in alameda county and region wide for perhaps that very dangerous fire season. >> last september we had the amazing mount diablo fire so it's a reminder isn't it? >> it really is and we're hoping our homeowners can help us out by removing any of the dead leaves and debris in their gutters, also clearing around the area at least 100 feet if possible and you look right below us here there's grass they've trimmed down and it's a help to prevent ignition. >> you have not had ray break in the fire season at all have you? >> no, we sure haven't. we've been busy throughout the year, even the calfire resources have not been reduced and they've upped their staffing. >> very quick linx one more
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reminder about kids and animals. >> be careful everybody. being these temperature will be 10 degrees above, if you keep people inside or your pets inside these vehicles, they could get over 100 degrees and very very dangerous for them to do, not keep them inside their vehicles. >> you want more information abdomen the current warm weather pattern visit us online at reporting from mobile weather and dublin, roberta gonzalez, kpix5. country music honored its biggest stars. >> 49th annual academy of country music awards in las vegas so who was the enter taper of the year? >> george straight. >> [applause] >> yeah that would be george straight, the king. last time he won it 25 years ago and the final months of a farewell tour and miranda lambert took home her fifth straight female vocal it's award, jason aldean repeated as favorite male artist. silicon valley is training
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on twitter the new hbo show premiered last night, game of thrones, it also premier and royal family britain's prince william and the dutchess kate arrived in new zealand with their baby prince george. the eight month old future king is on his first trip abroad. fdny, a huge bench clearing brawl broke out in the second period of a charity hockey game of all things between the new york pd and the fire departments of new york. how about that? of course mickey rooney passed away at the age of 193 this weekend. 5:20 right now. police saw a man terrorizing a south bay neighborhood while completely naked. coming up at 5:30 what lead us to the unusual arrest. coming up, did the stanford women take down undefeated utah and tickets in the championship game and two more home runs for the gains but were they enough to beat la? i'll tell you about it coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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monday morning, back to work and we are watching as accidents already on the right hand shoulder at southbound 242 approaching highway 4 right now it is in concord, so no lanes are blocked. we'll have a full look at the drive to work. traffic is coming up. good morning everyone. the stanford women have made nine final fours in the past
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two decades, but have no titles to show for it. their opponent yukon in that same span have eight. today the final game as a cardinal shutdown for the most part against undefeated yukon only four points in the first half, 15 on the ninth and a lady cardinal lead by six in the first half when yukon defense shut them down the rest of the way, stanford lost 75-66 and a rough night format kane who gave up four home runs to the dodgers, matt kemp had two, the giants lose 6-2 opening night tomorrow night in san francisco their home opener. >> brandon moss hit a three run for the a's and that man jimmie johnson nailed down the first one as the athletic and mariners 6-3 so they are 3 in 3 after the first week of the season and next combined for 66 points and clay thompson has 33 and warriors blew out the utah
5:25 am
jazz 130-102 and golden state currently sitting in sixth place in the western conference. if the playoff were to begin this morning they would be playing the la clippers so don't forget folks something abdomen the national championship tonight right here on channel 5 and afterwards myself will wrap up march madness right here on channel 5. have a great day, everyone. thank you, dennis. play of the day from a guy whose create mode than his share of shots, remember michael jordan? of course you do. here he is in vegas with a 50- foot putt from a rough, actually it's a chip and yes! 17th hole and it goes down and he is in his own golf tournament, that's impressive. >> basketball and golf. >> everything. >> everything. 5:25 right now, two young children are among those rescued from a boat stranded off the california coast. now, their parents are catching heat for their decision-making.
5:26 am
we'll explain why. san jose fire getting a handle on a two alarm industrial fire in north san jose. i have a live report coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at a new discovery the most promising lead y four weeks after the disappearance of that malaysian plane search teams are calling a new discovery the most promising lead yet. i'm mark kelly live in petaluma, where protesters are expected at this beef plant later on this morning. coming up we'll explain what has them so fired up. if you thought this weekend was nice just wait until you see todays temperature forecast. we'll have that coming up. and we're already seeing
5:30 am
some delays at the bay bridge toll plaza, plus the price to cross one bridge in the bay area is going up. more on your drive to work . we'll have it coming up. good morning. it's monday april 7. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm frank mallicoat. it's 5:30. developing news in san jose, where firefighters made quick work of an industrial building fire on the cities north side. kpix5 joins us live from the scene along old bay shore highway. kiet? >> reporter: yeah, quick work is right. they got this thing knocked down in about 41 minutes or so. the fire department now in the investigation mop up phase of this fire that happened on the 1500 block of old bay shore . this came down at about 3:19 this morning when a passer-by saw smoke shooting out of the building and they called 1911 and the fire department had to cut their way into the building and chase down a lot of the heat, smoke and flames and that brought them to the back of the building to a landscaping business where they believe the fire started this morning. now they had to cut through walls to get to that point so a
5:31 am
challenging situation in that regard. they do not believe this fire is suspicious. >> it's too early to say what the cause is any time there's a fire in the middle of the night, it peaks our interest. we'll have to go in and take a good look at it but i wouldn't say there's anything suspicious other than the fact its fired an industrial building in middle of the night. >> there was one large charred and it had concrete walls but there was a complete loss of the items inside there, talking about lawn mowers and such, they say that these were gas powered devises and that likely was the cause of the fire, probably hot lawn mower or something like that. live in north san jose, kpix5 back to you. >> you touched on it but what is the extent of the damage? >> they think that roughly moderate damage, again there were concrete walls so there wasn't any damage to the structure so they say it's about moderate damage or so. >> okay live in san jose, thank you. it is 5:31. happening today livestock once
5:32 am
again heading to slaughter at a facility that was recently shutdown up in the north bay. kpix reporter mark kelly joins us live at the slaughterhouse that has a new name this morning, and new ownership too, mark? >> reporter: and frank, protesters are not happy even about these new owners, they don't want this new plant to open and their plan is to show up this morning wearing bloody april rones to prove that point, and that point is the marin sun farms in their words so no more humane or sustainable than the old plant here rancho feeding corporation. a little background, it closed its doors, that plant is now under criminal investigation because of charges from the fed's it processed diseased animals possibly as long as a year. well the usda alleges rancho was slaughtering sick cows sneaking them in behind the backs of inspectors so for the cattle farmers who make a living off selling this beef rancho's alleged wrong doing is
5:33 am
putting their farm in jeopardy and they can't get any answers. >> unfortuntely, even if you call the usda or you want to talk to the secretary, he will say he can't talk about it so it's really difficult to come up with a solution. >> so that single farmer there, he expects to be out $300,000. as far the new plant which hopes to open today marin son farms have to get past frank all these protesters expected here at 9:00. >> mark how about rancho? have they responded to the allegations? >> well of course rancho feeding corporation is closed now but they are denying anything that they pulled a fast one on the usda even telling a few weeks back the press democrat newspaper up here that they "did nothing wrong" fortunately no one has gotten sick from this tainted beef. >> should be an interesting day up there. mark kelly live for us in petaluma. 5:33. let's check in with lawrence
5:34 am
once again on this beautiful weather. >> we've had great weather over the weekend. nice and dry and temperatures heat up. we've got offshore winds blowing now and starting to warm up and we'll see gorgeous weather all the way to the beaches today, in fact nice and clear skies outside right now, the temperatures not too bad if you're stepping out the door mainly in the 50s, 54 in concord, 56 oakland and 58 degrees in san francisco, 54 in san jose. by the afternoon though what a day it's going to be as high as 83 in san jose, 83 also in the napa valley, 74 degrees in san francisco but check out the beach, not a bad day to get out there if you can, as high as 72 degrees in pacifica, maybe 74 in half moon bay. that's a look at weather. let's check on traffic now. >> outside we go and overall we're actually doing pretty good big picture but traffic is down to a very slow crawl if you're coming out of the tracy area and we can show you what it looks like at mountain house parkway, there's nothing
5:35 am
unusual, no accidents, just very slow and even past the 580 interchange we're starting to pick up delays let's go to our map and i'll show you what i'm talking about so from the altamonte pass to 680 the drive time is up to 20 minutes. once you get past fasco road things do improve and maybe a few slowdowns once you get closer to the dublin inter change. if you're cross the bold en gate bridge unfortuntely there is a toll hike this morning so there's a $1 toll increase costing just $6 if you're a fast track user more if you're not, more if you're pay by plate that jumps up to $7. again that starts today. and here is a live look, bay bridge toll plaza so far no metering lights just the delays in the cash lanes backed up to about the middle of the parking lot. that's your latest kcbs traffic. new this morning a pedestrian died after being hit by a car in san francisco's civic seconder neighborhood. it happened at about 11 last night at van ness and golden gate avenues. the car was heading north on van ness. it appears the pedestrian was
5:36 am
not in a crosswalk. the driver is cooperating with police. palo alto police arrested a man suspected of wandering around naked and attacking people, the 18-year-old faces charges of felony battery and misdemeanor trespassing and police say he entered a home on colorado avenue friday night, punched a teenager and then he ran off, tackled, punched and kicked a woman walking her dog nearby and investigators believe the man then tried to attack a man who had yelled at him to stop. police believe drugs may have been involved and the attacks were random. a sick baby and her family are expected to be in san diego mid week after a daring rescue operation hundreds of miles out to sea. the california air national guard, the coast guard and the u.s. navy all helped with the rescue. the first step was to put drivers and paramedics in the water and they got on board the families disabled sail boat and stabilized the one year old girl. >> i'm sure she's bouncing
5:37 am
around and keeping them on their toes so we're very excited she has responded so well to the treatment they've given her. >> now the family is on board a navy warship heading toward medical help in san diego. authorities decided to sink the families sail boat because it was taking on water. looking for the missing malaysian passenger jet are cautiously optimistic now after detecting sounds very deep in the indian ocean. no link has been verified just yet between the sounds of the missing plane but as susan mcginnis says there's hope now the signal came from the flight data recorders. >> reporter: australian officials say u.s. navy equipment attached to an australian ship in the indian ocean picked up two separate under water signals consistent with black box pings. >> this would be consistent with transmissions from both the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder. >> australia's ocean shield carrying sophisticated u.s.
5:38 am
listening technology heard one transmission for about two and a half hours and another on its return trip to the same area for about 13 minutes. >> probably in the search so far, it's probably the best information that we have had. >> but officials say it could take days to determine if the signals are actually from flight 370. >> in very deep oceanic water, nothing happens fast. >> hundreds of miles away a british navy ship the hms echo searched an area where a chinese crew de teched two audio signals friday and saturday. as for todays leads once the posting of the pings is found an under water vehicle can be sent into try to find wreckage. >> a plane vanished without a trace on march 8. the battery powered pingers only last for about a month after the devises are activated but experts believe the batteries could last several case longer if they were at full strength at the time.
5:39 am
mickey rooney has passed away. he was still a toddler when he first appeared on stage. he was best known for his role in the andy hardy movies in the 1940s. he spent most of his life in show business and was married eight times. family members were with limb when he died at his north hollywood home yesterday. mickey roonext y was 93. stock futures point to a lower open when a new week of trading gets ready on wall street here shortly. >> we get the details from jill wagner of cbs money good morning. >> good morning frank and michelle. we'll see if stocks can rebound after tech companies like netflix and google took a beating on wall street on friday. the dow finished down nearly 160 points, the tech heavy nasdac plunged 110 points. starting today, general motors will begin making repairs to those faulty ignition switches at the heart of its controversial recall. owners of six recalled models can make point ams at dealers to get the ignition switch
5:40 am
replaced and in the meantime gm says the cars are safe to drive as long as the driver doesn't put anything heavy on the key ring. mazda is issuing a recall nothing uncommon about that but the reason certainly is insects, yellow sack spiders. they tend to build webs invents coming out of fuel tanks and on the mazda 6 that apparently increases the risk of a fire. the recall effects sedans from model years 2010-2012. well, how do you like to refill your pantry with the wave of a wand? amazon is looking to revolutionize the way that your groceries with amazon dash, for people who use amazon fresh, the companies same day grocery delivery service. the dash is an led scanner that captures a bar code from whatever items you're about to run out of and you can also add something to your grocery list just by speaking into the microphone. right now amazon dash is invitation only in california
5:41 am
and seattle, so frank and michelle if you know anyone using it you'll have to let us know how it is. >> [laughter] no, i do not but sounds like a good idea. >> the price is right celebrating a big milestone today. they've been coming on down for a long time i guess, right? >> [laughter] well that's right. they're celebrating this milestone on cbs, 8,000 episodes, now this is the longest running game show in television history, about 70,000 people have come on down during the 42 seasons and the price is right in that time has given away about a quarter of a billion dollars in cash and prizes, frank and michelle, not too bad. >> i know. pretty good. >> still fun to watch the people. they get so jacked up. >> cbs money on monday, have a great week jill, thanks. it is 5:41. police in san -oma county received an unusual call over the weekend.
5:42 am
the harry situation come up next. the search continues for a woman missing after going on a hike on mount tam. up next the few clues searchers have to go on in this case. the great american novel. so you can happily let life get in the way, while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel banking for the life you have investing for the life you want chase. so you can i want you to know stuff i want you to be kind. i want you to be smart.
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super smart. i want one thing in a doctor. i want you to be handsome. i want you to be awesome. i don't want you to look at the chart before you say hi...david. i want you to return my emails. i want you to keep me doing this for another sixty years. at kaiser permanente, we want you to choose the doctor that's right for you. find your perfect match at and thrive.
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[sis when i said i weren't ready to have a baby, we're actually eight-weeks pregnant. [women] shut up! [brother-in-law off camera] we're pregnant! [woman] you're kidding me! [man] shut up! [woman] shut up! [screams] take the kid,take the kid,take the kid! [woman] oh my god! [everyone laughter,crying] the minimum wage to for anyone who work today, labor activists plan to file papers for a ballot measure raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour for anyone working in san francisco. right now, san francisco's minimum wage is $10.74. that's higher than the
5:45 am
statewide minimum, workers would certainly welcome a pay hike but some business owners warn it could force them to cut jobs. today a search picks up again after daybreak for missing woman on top of mount tam. an image from a security camera shows 33 year old magdalena at a boot jack trail head, this picture taken a week ago yesterday. kpix5 is in our news room with more on the disappearance and the ongoing search for this woman. ann good morning. >> reporter: she had recently moved here from seattle at menlo park so she didn't know a lot of people around the area. nobody reported her missing and the first clue she disappeared, her rental car left in a lot. >> for a missing person? >> hikers using the boot jack parking lot this weekend were asked if they've seen anyone matching this photo of menlo park. its believed she drove her rental car here a week ago yesterday after telling a friend she was going hiking.
5:46 am
she hasn't been seen since. the search began this weekend with dozens of volunteers organized by california state park rangers and the marin county sheriffs department. >> the whole goal is to find the person and that's what we really want, so everybody is always aiming at the same goal. >> crews scoured remote parts of mount tam's 30,000-acres climbing up to the 2500-foot level but haven't found any sign of glennkowski yet. surveillance video shows her walking across the boot jack parking lot last sunday afternoon. >> this last weeks the weather wasn't the greatest, it was cold for someone to be out a week in the elements might not be a good scenario. >> now i was just checking out his linked in profile. it says she's employed as a software developer for mit, as well as purple encoding here in the bay area. authorities are looking into an unconfirmed report her account may have been updated since her
5:47 am
disappearance. live in the news room, kpix5. having a horse might have helped the chp deal with an unusual traffic problem in the north bay. >> officers had to round up some livestock a little north of petaluma. chp tweeted out this photo from stone it point and robler road. the caption read they didn't teach this at the academy. those are buffalo loss by the way. >> pretty cool. i don't see that happening on the highways though. >> you never know. well maybe not on the highways but we do have a cow tab on our traffic map just in case we see a cow walking in the roadway and we have seen them before. okay outside we go, nothing like that outside in fact it's very quiet and received few reports you can barely find anything out the door as far as accidents go or even incidents, so we are seeing the delays maybe beginning to build in those cash lanes, but for the most part since the metering lights aren't on we aren't seeing huge delays yet at 5:47 so once again this is spring
5:48 am
break week and we can really tell on the roads because overall it's quieter. here is a live look at westbound 92 if leaving hayward, the right side of the screen all those taillights are heading toward the peninsula. drive time is still around 13- 14 minutes to take you to the other side. and here is a live look in the south bay. coming up 101 from morgan hill, 280 through downtown, and even the parkway northbound not seeing delays all green all around the south bay and all the overnight road work has been checked out as well but if you want to ride bart on this monday morning kickback for your morning ride bart so far everything is on time, they have more than 40 trains. that's your latest kcbs traffic. another check of our forecast heating up with lawrence. >> we sure are. what a weekend it was. lots of sunshine about everywhere you went and now today the offshore flow is kicking in, these temperatures really will start to climb, in fact running well above the average by this afternoon, these numbers usually in the 60s this tomb of year, today we're going to bump those up
5:49 am
into the 80s so about 11-15 degrees above the average. no probably not setting any records but still plenty warm all around the bay area. temperatures this afternoon going to be nice all the way to the coastline, we'll see sunshine even out at the beach, maybe slightly warmer for tomorrow before we start to cool things down as we get into wednesday. huge dome of high pressure sitting overhead bringing with it that offshore wind today, by wednesday all that ridge will start to slide further to the east and then begin to pick up a sea breeze, fog and you know how that goes, cooling things down in through friday so enjoy the sunshine around the state, 82 degrees in sacramento, 88 fresno, 76 in monterey bay around our bay looking at those numbers in the 80s and south bay 70s in toward half moon bay and also pacifica, lots of 80s into the eastbay and inside the bay you'll see those temperatures as high as 74 degrees in san francisco, 78 oakland and 68 in daley city. sunrise is 6:46, sunsets at 7:38 and we are enjoying lots
5:50 am
of sunshine in the next few days maybe slightly warmer tomorrow, and then we begin to cool things down with the return of fog along the coastline on wednesday, more fog and low clouds and cooler temperatures through about friday but staying dry guys, the next five to seven days. >> beautiful. >> i know. okay, champion will be round in the ncaa tournament tonight but we have already crowned our champion in our bracket challenge. >> that's right. florida in the final weekend, wisconsin both lost so our standings have not changed since last week. >> and whose on top? >> oh, come on. >> look at that. >> frank edges out lawrence for the vick think. okay frank. we'll give you props for that. don't forget, yeah, i know. >> actually someone told you florida won. >> my mother-in-law called me over the weekend and sheas like guess what, florida won and she calls back 15 minutes later, oops i made a mistake. >> oh, bummer. well remember you can see the kentucky wildcats take on the yukon huskies for the national
5:51 am
title at 6:00 tonight right here on kpix5. >> yukon has the women and the men in the final game now. so they can double dip. it's 5:51 on your monday, chaos near the campus at uc santa barbara. how a college party quickly turned into this big mess. oscar pistorius takes the witness stand in his own defense as the former olympic star tries to avoid jail time. ,,,,,,
5:52 am
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5:54 am
official chp confirmation but it looks like the metering lights were turned on at the bay bridge so the fast track lanes get a look at your morning drive to work. kcps traffic is minutes away. olympic track star oscar pistorius took the stand in south africa as a witness for the defense. he apologized to the family of the girlfriend he killed last year in his home. >> i wake up every morning and the people i pray for, i can't mention the pain and sorrow that i've caused you and your family. >> the double amputee athlete says he wanted to protect her and thought he was firing at an intruder. prosecutors say he shot her on purpose after an argument. half dozen police officers injured when a spring break party got out of control near the uc santa barbara campus.
5:55 am
cell phone video captured the chaotic scene saturday night. fights broke out, car windshields smashed. tier gas thrown during an annual spring bake party turned violent after someone hit a police officer in a face with a backpack full of alcohol bottles. >> i was terrified. i mean my parents were calling me, my older sister went here also so she was like what is happening. >> we have a huge problem with people coming from out of the town to the area for deltopia. they aren't invested in this community so they don't have a problem with ripping up ton signs and vandalizing. >> more than 100 people were arrested at the party, dozens more including some police officers were also injured. well here is some amazing images from the folks at nasa showing what's described as a modest n class solar flare. it actually happened wednesday, experts say will interact with the earth's atmosphere but probably won't do too much. stronger flares in the past have shutdown power grids and even knocked out communication
5:56 am
to air force 1. and we've got new video of a two alarm industrial fire in north san jose, we've got a live report coming up. i'm mark kelly live in petaluma, this new beef plant expected to open today but not if protesters get their way, we'll tell you their concerns coming up. ,, ,,,,,,
5:57 am
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5:59 am
the facility up in petaluma was closed after the recall of millions of pounds of beef. today the slaughterhouse reopens under new management. >> the whole goal is to find the person and that's what we really want. so everybody is always looking at the same goal. search continues on mount tam for a woman who went to the park for a hike and still hasn't returned. probably in the search so far, its probably the best information that we have had. >> nearly a month into the search for malaysia airlines
6:00 am
flight 370 officials say distinct sounds picked up over the weekend could finally unravel the mystery of that missing jet. small businesses are freaking out about this. >> activists will file the paper today to raise the minimum wage in san francisco to $15. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on kpix5 news this morning. >> [applause] good monday morning everyone. april 7, already i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:00. let's get a check on the roads with elizabeth. >> thanks guys. flashing the warning signs for awhile and finally today that toll hike goes into effect at the golden gate bridge so ill witness cost you more for this mornings commute to get into san francisco from marin county a $1 toll increase, $6 if you have the fast track and even more if you don't. out to the bay bridge they just switched on the metering lights a couple minutes ago and already backed up to the 880 overcross about 15 minutes in all lanes now that get you out of the pay gates and


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