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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 8, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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beautiful day, lawrence. >> yes. good news/bad news. today as good as it's going to get. you know what that means? >> going downhill tomorrow? [ laughter ] >> looking nice today. patchy fog along the coastline. a few high clouds but that giants game, hey, that should be something else. we'll talk about that coming up. >> good morning, everyone. here's a live look at some of our sensors in the east bay and through hercules, you will find lanes blocked all along 80, 4 in willow. if you are heading to the bay bridge toll plaza, things look quiet. so we'll break down your morning commute coming up. >> thank you. it took hours for san jose firefighters to stop the flames that burned three homes. kpix 5 reporter betty yu says a gas meter came between the fire crews and the fire near westgate mall. >> reporter: all they could do was watch as firefighters put out hot spots hours after a three-alarm fire gutted this home torched the cars out front and quickly spread to two more
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houses next door. >> it was thick and everything was engulfed. it was so bad you could smell it blocks away. >> reporter: at its height, flames shot 50 feet into the air. a broken gas line made it tougher to put out. pg&e says the fire damaged a meter so firefighters had to wait until crews fixed the leak to safely beat back the flames. there was no time to save anything from this eichler home. it was built in the early '60s. >> these are the kind like four or five-minute houses. if you don't start putting them out, they're all paneling and glass houses and it's unfortunate, they're nice houses. >> because it is so open it allows for more air to flow through which gives a lot more -- helps with the fuel. >> reporter: about a dozen neighbors evacuated many running out after people banged on their doors. tyler didn't have a time to make it out of the home that was a total loss but neighbors
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eventually spotted him running down the street. >> no lives were lost. that's the best part about this whole thing. nobody got hurt. >> reporter: in san jose, betty yu, kpix 5. >> fire crews are at the scene making sure there are no flare- ups still trying to find the cause. state senator leland yee is expected to be arraigned today on federal grand jury indictment. charges include public corruption, gun trafficking and other charges. he and others were arrested last month in an fbi raid. he was suspended from the senate. he was one of three democrats suspended from the nature is senate. the others rod wright of los angeles and ron calderon out of montebello both facing federal corruption charges in separate cases. now the names and photos of all three have been removed from the roster on the state senate website. video clips and records of the three have also been removed.
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an officer was wounded in a gun battle inside a police station in los angeles. a man walked in and said he had a complaint then opened fire. a desk officer was shot seven times. fellow officers say his bulletproof vest saved his life. he was wounded in the shoulder. other officers shot the gunman. >> i heard five shots and police cars zooming down the street. >> nobody recognizes him. but again it's very early and only a few people got a look at him before he was transported. >> the officer is expected to be okay. the gunman is in critical condition. it's unclear the motive. novato police are looking for a person of interest in connection with a body found over the weekend. police say the man wanted for questioning may be from central america. there was a $1,000 reward for information leading to the positive identification of the man in the sketch.
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a hiker found a body saturday afternoon in an open space near loma verde preserve. he was a victim of homicide. but at this point police have no details. police are investigating a bizarre rash of crimes in san francisco. vandals pushing over tiny smart cars. joe vazquez reports. reporter: this was andria smith's smart car after it was turned upside-down. >> we heard the crashing sound and laughing and speeding off of the car. >> reporter: she wasn't the only victim. the vandals tipped over three other mini vehicles overnight all within 10 blocks of each other. brandon says all he could see was a group of men perhaps eight of them wearing hoodies. >> i thought they looked like they were up to no good and then sure enough, they walk up to this smart car right here
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all huddled around it and then just lift it up and set it on it side. >> reporter: hard to believe? canadians wouldn't be surprised. they have had their own smar car vandalism sprees over the years. this shows how six guys to easily handle this 1600-pound car. >> i said we should put it back. don't put it back because the owner won't know what happened. i am the owner. >> i don't know. i want to say i feel violated but i don't really care. having lived in san francisco for as long as i have, i have come to expect random acts of violence and mayhem. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix 5. time for weather now. and i guess today is the day of the week, huh? >> yeah. this is it. after this things begin to change. things won't be bad but temperatures will cool down. today probably the peak of the heat. out the door we have nice temperatures. a few clouds though floating across our skies early on but looks like by the afternoon we'll see a lot of sunshine and
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in fact mostly sunny skies all the way to the coast. we are starting out with patchy, dense fog at the coast so watch out for that but inside the bay not bad. we have some sunshine coming your way there and temperatures now running mainly in the 50s and very mild this morning. by the afternoon, as high as 85 degrees in livermore, 83 in san jose, and about 74 degrees in san francisco. more on your weather in a few minutes. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thank you, lawrence and right now the focus is on overnight roadwork and getting it all wrapped up before 5 a.m. so far we're not seeing any huge delays because of it. we want to let you know if you are traveling through marin county this morning, caltrans is scheduled to have three right lanes blocked until 5 a.m. through san rafael from north san pedro to lincoln. no slowing on our sensors but you may find construction crews out there. nimitz freeway in oakland looks great. westbound 580 through dublin, everything moving at the speed limit. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. >> thank you, liz.
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the search has been suspended for a menlo park woman who may be lost on mount tam in marin county. 33-year-old woman hasn't been seen in 10 days. a security camera captured this image of her walking across the parking lot on the 30th. her car was later found in that area. search crews scoured the area all weekend but didn't find any trace of her. glen could you ski's mother is refusing to give up hope that her daughter will be found safe. [ inaudible ] >> she would fight. >> crews say it's like searching for a needle in a haystack on mount tam. the associated students at uc-santa barbara are requesting a civil grand jury investigation after a weekend
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street party turned violent. >> thousands of students filled the streets for the deltopia event. it was ugly as revelers lit fires, jumped on cars and tore down stop signs. >> it's a bummer. people fly in and feel entitled to the whole thing and just trash the place. >> dozens of people were injured including some police officers. more than 100 people were arrested. petaluma slaughterhouse was at the center of that nationwide beef recall now back open under new ownership and management. marin sun farms took over the embattled rancho feeding corporation. it was closed after it was accused of processing sick cows. the company denies any wrongdoing. 30 animal rights protestors held signs saying meat a dying
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business and looked like blood- stained aprons. members of a san diego family heading home aboard a u.s. navy ship after they were rescued from the pacific ocean. the kaufman family sailboat lost steering and a 1-year-old baby got sick two weeks into a planned trip around the world. the national guard team from moffett field assisted the coast guard in the rescue. the little girl was last reported in stable condition. the coast guard will not charge the family for the rescue. here's an explanation of who will pay for it. >> reporter: centuries of maritime tradition and international law liar the u.s. government and u.s. flagged ship to help vessels in distress no matter who is at fault or the cost as long as rescuers aren't put at extreme risk. >> it's an expensive business. it's a dangerous business. but it's a business that we're obligated to keep the american people safe and we are going to continue to do that. >> reporter: the lieutenant commander is a rescue pilot in miami. the busiest sector of the nation for the coast guard.
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it can cost about $11,000 an hour to fly their choppers. $20,000 to operate the largest aircraft the c-130 but the four federal agencies involved in search and rescues will only bill someone if a hoax is involved. >> the last thing we want to you do if you are in distress is to weigh whether or not you can afford it because you're afraid we're going to come after you for reimbursement. >> california is among 8 states that allow local authorities to recoup money spent on rescue efforts. but again, the coast guard is not charging the family in this case. >> reporter: san francisco already has the highest minimum wage in the country but it could go even higher now. labor activists just submitted a proposed ballot measure to raise the minimum wage up to $15 an hour. this is just the first step though. they will need to get thousands of signatures before it finally goes on to the ballot. >> we know that san francisco is the most unaffordable city in the country and has the fastest growing inequality gap.
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minimum wage won't solve the problem but it is fast and easy to do today that most san franciscans agree with to start to turn the tide for working people. >> opponents include the chamber of commerce. right now san francisco minimum wage is $10.74 an hour. 4:41. more misery in washington state. the mud slide that's causing new headaches in an already devastated area. >> and closing in on new clues. the race in the ocean off australia to find the source of those two distinct pings coming from under water. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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same hillside that gave wayt month. a camera on a heli happ there's been another mud slide in washington state on the same hillside that gave way last month. a camera on a helicopter caught it as it happened. look on the right side of your screen. you can see it there. you can see the dirt and also a tree come tumble down. geologists were just a few feed away at the time checking the stability of the remaining hillside. a rockslide forced the shutdown of a trail at yosemite
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national park. an estimated 16,000 tons of rock came crashing down much of it on the rancheria falls trail. the national park service says no one was injured. the rock fell 50 feet from a cliff. the rock broke into boulders and crushed trees. this picture shows dust rising right after the slide. rancheria falls will be closed for now but hijackers can still get to wapama falls starting at -- can you say that? >> shaughnessy dam? >> o'shaughnessy dam. susan mcginnis updates efforts to hear from the black box of flight 370 that disappeared a month ago. >> reporter: australia's ocean shield equipped with a high- tech listening device is searching deep in the southern indian ocean trying to relocate
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pings that could be from flight 370 data recorders. >> there have been no further contacts with any transmission. we need to continue that for several days. >> reporter: the signals one lasting more than two hours the other 13 minutes were first picked up over the weekend off the coast of australia. if crews can narrow the search zone an unmanned under water vehicle is ready to map the ocean floor for debris. >> we will not deploy it unless we get another transmission. >> reporter: batteries in the data recorders have likely reached the end of their 30-day expected life but investigators remain hopeful calling the pings their most promising lead yet. >> these pings are very distinctive so to the trained ear, they know if it's -- these pings are coming from one of the locators. >> reporter: one month after
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the boeing 777 disappeared, the 239 people on board are still in the hearts of many in malaysia. condolence messages are plastered on billboards through the kuala lumpur the city from which the doomed flight took off. susan mcginnis, cbs news. >> right now more than 2 dozen countries have helped with the search offering planes, ships, subs and satellites. it is now on track to become the most expensive search in aviation history. residents in parts of the south are picking up the pieces this morning after a series of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. a twister leveled houses and knocked over trees yesterday in beaufort county, north carolina. in mississippi, emergency workers found the body of a 9- year-old girl after flash floods swept her away. in atlanta, a rainstorm overloaded creeks and rivers. we are very lucky to live in the bay area because today is the pick of the week. >> yes, it is. a lot of sunshine and warm temperatures and warm numbers
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all the way to the coastline. looks like high pressure and offshore winds continuing although we have seen patchy fog along the coastline and high clouds cruising overhead. by the end of the day a lot of sunshine coming our way and temperatures looking nice into the afternoon and then a cooling trend is going to begin tomorrow. first along the coastline, then everybody is going to start to cool down the next couple of days. high pressure in control, it should be a gorgeous day temperatures well above average maybe 11 to 15 degrees above the average for this time of year. you will find some 80s and 90s even into the central valley. 72 degrees into monterey bay, and lots of sunshine in the afternoon. our afternoon looking good maybe just a few high clouds. otherwise looks like more clouds on the way tomorrow morning. and that will begin the cooling trend around the bay area. for today enjoy that sunshine. how about this? 83 in san jose. 84 in sunnyvale. 81 degrees in redwood city. and about 71 in half moon bay. east bay temperatures up in the
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mid-80s into pleasanton, 85 in brentwood. 84 in fairfield. and 80 in vallejo. inside the bay 74 in san francisco. and about 78 degrees in oakland. next couple of days, we'll cool down the temperatures just ever so slowly. in fact, the weekend is looking good. should see a lot of sunshine after patchy morning fog. let's check the roads with elizabeth. the overnight roadwork is the only thing that could slow you down for the most part. we have been searching for what's been picked up and what hasn't. you may still find some. it is counter-commute, that's the good news. it is eastbound 580 through the altamont pass. that is still out there according to our chp reports. westbound still looks great all the by through the livermore valley and they should have picked up that roadwork between livermore and pleasanton even a little bit ahead of schedule. so here is a live look right now at traffic heading to the bay bridge toll plaza. it is very quiet so far on this tuesday morning commute. once again, this spring break week so you may see a lighter flow of traffic. if you are on the eastshore
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freeway, carquinez bridge to the maze, still looks good at 18 to 19 minutes. if you want to travel the nimitz freeway no problems getting where you're going. taillights are moving northbound past the oakland coliseum. it's about a 15-minute drive time in both directions right now between hayward and the macarthur maze. you can see a lot of green out there right now. that's because traffic for the most part is still flowing nicely wherever you're going. westbound 580 still looks great on the richmond/san rafael bridge. maybe you have an early-morning flight to catch, you want to know what it looks like along 101. you may hit some patches of fog. southbound 101 though looks good as far as traffic flow near lagoon into san bruno. mass transit no delay. we checked in with bart and systemwide, they have more than 25 trains all on schedule. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. >> thank you, liz. u.s. postal service investigating this surveillance video. it shows a package being thrown over the fence from a moving mail truck. it happened in the highland park area of l.a.
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the box slightly damaged. the usps calls the incident unacceptable. the atm at your bank may be more vulnerable to hackers starting today. kpix 5 reporter andria borba explains why. >> reporter: the windows xp could be an express lane for hackers into your bank account. microsoft will stop supporting the operating system or offering security updates. >> every time there's a security flaw that bubbles up or somebody finds a way to take advantage of holes in windows xp, there will be no one to fix it. >> reporter: the operating system is a virtual dinosaur in the tech world debuting in 2001. >> there really is an xp perfect storm. >> reporter: more than 25% of pc users are still on xp but more troubling 95% of banks run xp on their atms. the editor-in-chief of cnet says the potential for theft is high. >> we saw what happened with target, hackers are wylie bunch, a lot of them out there in the world. >> reporter: the biggies of the
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banking world, chase, bank of america and wells fargo, have made deals with microsoft to continue to receive security support for xp. but smaller banks and credit unions don't have such deals putting both you and them in a potential financial lurch. >> we see a lot of banks scrambling to find an alternative. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix 5. >> if your bank hasn't made a deal with microsoft yet, you can avoid the problem by avoiding the atm. you can go inside and use the teller or try online banking. time now 4:51. caught on camera. a laptop theft in a coffee shop. the video san francisco police want you to see. >> and a girl scout on a mission. the incredible record she set in cookie sales and what this young lady wants to do next, when we come back.
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what a day it's going to be! lots of sunshine coming our way after a few clouds this morning. should get to about 70 degrees in pacifica. and then you get inside the peninsula, you're looking at a lot of 70s and some 80s into the afternoon. about 84 degrees in campbell, 83 in san jose. and 85 degrees in morgan hill. sunny and bright this afternoon into the east bay mid-80s into pleasanton and livermore. 84 in dublin. about 84 degrees in danville. 83 in moraga and 77 degrees in alameda. our friends in the north bay enjoying lots of sunshine as well and these temperatures well above the average. plenty of 80s to be found there. you will see some 70s right into downtown san francisco. and we'll take a quick look outside as you head out the door. this is a live look for silicon valley drivers. westbound 37 six minutes between milpitas and sunnyvale. a full look at your tuesday drive to work coming up. thank you, liz. it is 4:54. take a look at this very bold theft. it's surveillance video of a
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coffee shop in san francisco. watch the woman in the striped shirt buys her coffee, eventually sits down, hangs out a little while and then gets up casually walks up to a nearby table and steals a laptop and a phone that are just sitting there and then just walks right out the door. police are still looking for this woman. new this morning, a bill that could end killer whale shows in california has its first committee hearing today. the bill would require san diego seaworld to stop performances by the whales. the park would also have to move its 10 orcas to a larger pen and the bill would ban the import or export of orcas. an oklahoma girl keeps adding to her all-time record sales of girl scout cookies. >> 12-year-old katie francis sold more than 21,000 boxes of cookies over 59 days. last month she broke the previous record of 18,000 setback in the 1980s. >> i feel really happy about it. it's just helped me to know
4:56 am
that i have accomplished a lot and it's really, really cool to see me on tv. >> someone is going to hire her. her lifetime goal to sell 100,000 boxes. that's 355 boxes a day. >> oh, my goodness. i think she can make that goal. >> i think she will. 4:56. a bizarre sight or bear streets. a smart car owner finds vehicles tipped over. the unusual crime spree coming up. >> i'm mark kelly. former state senator leland yee expected in federal court this morning for his arraignment but he is not the only defendant. we'll tell you who else, coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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oh, just so special. the weather is awesome, amazing, kicks off the season and it's fun. >> it's the homeowner for the san francisco giants. they take on the arizona diamondbacks this afternoon. >> students celebrated early into the morning at the university of connecticut campus. the huskies defeated the kentucky wildcats to win the ncaa national championship. >> happening today, state senator leland yee of san
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francisco expected to be arraigned on federal grand jury indictment. charges include public corruption and gun and drug trafficking. >> saw what happened with [ indiscernible ] packers are a wylie bunch. >> a big change at atms across the country could create an express lane for hackers into your bank account. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." good morning, i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. a little traffic and weather. good day for baseball. >> great day all around the bay area for baseball and anything else. lots of sunshine coming our way. these temperatures probably the warmest of the week. out the door we go, yeah, it's a little cool in spots but by the afternoon, see some mid-80s in the warmest spots inland, 70s inside the bay and upper 60s some low 70s toward the coastline. patchy, dense fog at the coastline and high clouds. temperatures mild into san jose at 58 degrees.


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