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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 10, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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here's meteorologist lawrence karnow with a check of our forecast. >> this week is just screaming by, guys. here we are on thursday already. the fog outside and well, it is screaming onshore right now, too. a lot of clouds out there. some drizzle near the coastline. we have some cooler temperatures on the way. we'll talk about that coming up. >> okay. do want to let you know all lanes are back open on the bay bridge. it was gridlock late last night after some emergency pothole repair on the westbound span. so right now again all lanes open. the latest tweet from 511 bay area everything is back to normal as of 2:30. looks good. >> thank you. traffic came to a standstill for hours because of a big pothole on the upper deck of the bay bridge. the hole opened up during the afternoon commute. crews closed two westbound lanes to fix the hole and then eastbound lanes because of debris falling on to the lower deck. giants fans were caught in the mess after the game. >> this traffic is horrendous. i have been stuck in traffic every time i have gone to a
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game and every time, i've had to use the restroom within 10 minutes of being in the traffic. >> the pothole was about two feet long and half food wide. it was after midnight before traffic cleared. developing news this morning. no sign of a teenager missing off ocean beach in san francisco. kpix 5's andria borba spoke with the youngster who saved the teen's cousin and father from the rough waters. >> reporter: this is the aftermath of a day at choppy ocean beach. >> daniel! >> reporter: around 3:45, two boys were playing in the strong rip current near lincoln way when they got pulled out to the ocean. the father of one of the boys who was also in the freezing water flagged down 17-year-old surfer tony barbero. >> i saw him playing in the water with his dad. then the dad ends up pointing to me and to the son.
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>> reporter: the st. ignatius student and son of the san francisco fire captain towed in one boy and then -- >> i turned back around. i see the dad still out there but he is bobbing in the water not breathing -- well, i don't know if he was breathing but he was definitely unconscious and so i asked him if [ indiscernible ] no. >> reporter: tony hauled the grown man in and paramedics began c pr barely reviving him. his 14-year-old son marco was still in the water. coast guard boats, helicopters and even san francisco firefighters on extended ladders searched for him in the dark surf. >> they didn't have wet suits. as time goes by, he is in trouble. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix 5. >> the missing teen's father and cousin were rushed to the hospital. no word on their conditions. two daly city firefighters were injured when their fire trucks collided en route to an emergency call about 9:0 yesterday morning on brunswick street at 9:30.
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a truck and engine were damaged as was a parked car. investigators are looking into the cause of the crash. also under investigation, an officer-involved shooting in vallejo. police fatally shot a man they say tried to ram their patrol cars. the chain of events began yesterday afternoon on sonoma boulevard when they tried to pull the driver over for expired tags. in pennsylvania, heroes are being praised for stopping a knife attack that wounded 22 people. he susan mcginnis is in murrysville where police are investigating. >> reporter: members of calvary lutheran church in murrysville pennsylvania lit candles for the victims of the latest incident of school violence. >> we carry the love of all the kids in the families and even for the person that did this. >> reporter: alex hribal seen here being led into a police car in cuffs has been charged with multiple counts of attempted homicide and aggravated assault. >> we need ambulances as soon as possible. >> reporter: police say the 16- year-old sophomore moved through the hallways of
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franklin regional senior high school just before classes began yesterday. he allegedly used two knives with blades up to 10" long to slash and stab 21 students and a security guard. many here at franklin regional are being called heroes including the assistant principal and a student who helped tackle the suspect. >> mr. king immobilized him. he pinned him down. i jump on top of him as well and just held down his wrists and arms. >> reporter: gracie evans whose friend was stabbed during the five-minute attack tried to help a classmate from bleeding to death. >> i got a bunch of paper towels that a friend gave me and i just kept pressure on it for about maybe 10 minutes. >> reporter: investigators are analyzing hribal's computer for clues and are looking into reports of a threatening phone call between the suspect and another student the night before the rampage. in murrysville, pennsylvania, susan mcginnis kpix 5. >> hribal is held without bail and authorities plan to prosecute him as an adult. there is word that after his arrest, he made comments suggesting he wanted to die.
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developing news just a short time ago. search crews detected another under water signal during their hunt for that missing malaysian passenger plane. it's the latest in a series of audio signals detected deep in the indian ocean. there's a type of signal that would come from a flight data recorder. crews have narrowed down the search zone but are running out of time. the plane disappeared more than a month ago so the black box batteries will soon expire. >> let's get a look at traffic and weather. here's lawrence. a lot of fog moving onshore this morning. we are seeing plenty of drizzle. that cooling trend continuing outside today as the fog is pushing further and further onshore. looks like we are going to be in for some cooler weather the next couple of days. how about that? the fog returning to the coastline and sweeping onshore almost like a summer type pattern. out over the bay bridge you see some of those clouds in the distance there. the temperatures running in the 40s and the 50s. by the afternoon, we are going to squeeze in some sunshine again but the numbers will be cooler. you will see 60s and cloudy skies toward the coastline maybe only upper 50s in some
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spots a few sites inside the bay and 70s and maybe a couple of low 80s in the valleys. let's check the roads with elizabeth. okay, thanks lawrence. our own roberta gonzales is driving around the bay area spotted some fog right here near the dublin interchange. so just a heads up near the 580/680 corridor, may hit some fog could slow you down. drive time looks great, though, 14 minutes between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. much better news for commuters between the east bay and san francisco. between the peninsula and san francisco, emergency pothole repair closed several lanes both directions of the bridge last night. it caused gridlock for the late evening commute. right now things look great coming into the bay bridge. the repairs are done. westbound lanes re-opened about 2:30 a.m. this is the last tweet from 511 bay area. so far everything appears to be going great. we haven't seen any delays, nothing unusual out there. and right now the drive time is about 19 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. other bridges this is a live look at the san mateo bridge which also is moving fine right
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now out of hayward. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. silicon valley commuters may have an option to bumper to bumper traffic on highway 101. toll lanes. transportation planners are moving forward on the installation of toll lanes from morgan hill to san mateo county. the price would depend on the time of day. >> the people stuck in the lanes and can't afford it? >> what we've found and these are located all the way through the country, what we've actually found is by doing this, actually even the speeds in the general purpose lanes actually increase too. >> on the peninsula a toll lane could extend from redwood city to highway 380. a new al qaeda publication features a tram that connects terminals at the san francisco airport. kpix 5's joe vazquez looked into whether it's a sign of a bay area terror threat. >> please stand clear of the doors. >> reporter: the air train
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connects the various terminals of sfo. now a photo of the train features prominently in the spring issue of a terrorist magazine published by al qaeda, "inspire" magazine. it says, stand up, pack your tools of destruction, assemble your bomb ready for detonation. >> the san francisco area is depicted in this al qaeda publication. >> reporter: congressman eric swalwell who represents the east bay raised the issue in a homeland security committee hearing. >> what we believe from what senior law enforcement officials have told us is that this is airtrain from san francisco's airport and that the translation from the arabic message encourages al qaeda members to detonate explosive devices. >> scares the heck out of me. you just don't know when it could happen. it could happen anyplace. >> it's not a direct threat. >> i know. i believe 'em, though. >> i think there should be some concern. i don't know if i would change
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any travel plains. >> reporter: a former fbi agent says it appears to be a call to action. >> they're not appealing to al qaeda members so much as wannabes or local talent or amateurs. >> reporter: which we have found can be dangerous. >> if you look at the boston marathon. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> people say the -- or police say the tsarnaev brothers used instructions from the same magazine to build homemade pressure cooker bombs for the boston marathon attack. an emotional day at fort hood, texas as the military community paused to remember three soldiers killed in last week's shooting rampage. president obama and the first lady were among the 2,000 people at the memorial service. the memorial took place at the same spot where mr. obama eulogized victims of another mass shooting in 2009. >> they were taken from us much too soon. like the 13 americans we lost five years ago. their passing shakes our soul. >> prior to the service the president met with relatives of
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the victims. investigators say an army specialist opened fire at fort hood after an argument with fellow soldiers about taking time off. he later killed himself. happening today, former san francisco supervisor ed jew is scheduled to surrender this afternoon to serve more time in jail. he has already been behind bars for more than five years on federal charges of bribery and extortion but he has been ordered to jail for state perjury charges for lying abouter with lived when he ran for office. hillary clinton will speak at san jose state university tonight and as she is finding out on her west coast tour, sometimes kids can say it best. the moderator in portland read a question from a 6-year-old. >> in 2016, would you prefer to be called madam president or mr. president? >> put her on the spot there. the question drew of course a huge round of applause and mrs.
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clinton was speechless. 4:40. they jumped out of a plane in the middle of the ocean to save a family. we asked them what that's like coming up. >> a bay area baskins and robbins is busted for offering more than original 32 flavors. the drugs found inside some extra scoops. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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ship took eric and charlotte kaufman to san diego alo the california family stranded in the pacific with a sick child is back on dry land. a navy ship took the kaufmans to san diego along with their 1- and 3-year-old daughters. the kaufmans didn't say much to reporters when they reached port. >> we're on our way to a medical appointment and once we're done with those things, then we'll have more information for the press. >> in a written statement later, the family said they are confident they prepared as well as they sailing crew could. officials sank the boat because it was disabled and taking on water. >> there's a lot of talk about whether they should have been sailing around the world with
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two infants. >> kpix 5's betty yu talked to the east guardsman based in moffett who rescued the family. >> reporter: they are often compared to super men, ninjas, real-life "x-men." they are the elite 129th rescue wing of the air national guard. only 10% of the tryouts make the cut. >> you put them through up to eight weeks of just completely trashing these guys. >> reporter: two rescuers spoke at moffett field after a seven- day mission to rescue a baby and her family 900 miles off the coast of mexico. this is video from the trip. here are the men jumping out of the plane. >> at the end of the day for us, it's like a training jump that we do. we go through all the same procedures. >> reporter: pararescue leaders showed us what it took to save the kaufman family. first they shoved this giant package with an inflatable boat inside like this one out into the pacific ocean. that's what the men used to get to the sailboat. and just to give you an idea of how much this stuff weighs, i
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had to try on their gear. this parachute i'm told weighs at least 50 pounds. believe me, it does. and then the pararescue men strap on a waterproof bag with medical supplies and other equipment they put it on their chest before they make that jump. >> basically we're taking our own ambulance to it the patient. >> reporter: training takes about two years. there are 44 pararescue men who work out of moffett field. it's the only unit in the state. >> i'm glad i was chosen. it's always good to bring them back safely. >> the sea was so rough, even the parajumpers got sea sick as 5 to 8-foot waves crashed into the boat. more people have gotten sick on a princess cruise ship that was in san francisco this week. 66 passengers and 17 crew members are now sick and isolated in their cabins. they are believed to be infected by norovirus. the ship is now at the cruise's
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final destination of santa barbara. passengers were screened to make sure they are healthy before they were allowed off the ship. a worker at the baskin- robbins in belmont was apparently doing more than scooping ice cream, also selling pot behind the counter. investigators say he sold pot 280 undercover detectives on two occasions. he is under arrest. police say prospective customers used a catch phrase when ordering a signal they wanted more than just a single scoop. he worked at the store since 2008 but investigators aren't sure when he added pot to the ice cream list. >> you just say you want more than a single scoop? usually that's a double scoop. >> you want your mint ice cream, extra on the green? >> i guess so. >> i don't know. very, very strange. foggy for the next five to
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seven days in a summer-like pattern now. . instead of offshore winds, you are getting an onshore breeze with low clouds and fog. throughout the day by the afternoon mostly sunny skies. foggy at the coast. more clouds on the way and looks like a cooler friday in fact partly cloudy skies around the rest of the bay area, too. high pressure weakening somewhat. we have this low off the coastline. that's going to be moving into southern california. as it does it will deepen our marine layer for tomorrow. probably going to crank up the drizzle and the clouds around the bay area, too. temperatures in the central valley, 80s and 90s. clouds continue toward the coastline throughout the day today trying to pull off here but never getting away. it looks like most of that will surge back onshore and then tomorrow here come those clouds from that system off the coastline. temperatures will look like this, this afternoon. not bad but numbers really coming down. 77 in san jose. 73 in fremont. about 62 degrees in pacifica
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and foggy. 81 in livermore. 78 in concord. 75 in vallejo. inside the bay becoming mostly sunny this afternoon. but a much cooler 65 degrees into san francisco. next couple of days we'll watch those temperatures dropping off keeping them down in the first part of the weekend. looks like all holding steady almost normal temperatures through sunday and monday. then cooling off more clouds on the way toward the middle of next week. all right. let's check the roads with elizabeth. everything looks good now traveling up and down the nimitz freeway, from hayward straight on into the macarthur maze this evening could be tricky oracle, a game being played there. 15 minutes between 238 and the maze. altamont pass and 680, there was some overnight roadwork approaching hacienda as you got closer to the dublin interchange. should all be picked up by now and as you can see, it is all green on our sensors even on 205 so far coming from tracy. so i'm sure that commute will start to pick up any minute. in the meantime, the bay bridge
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looks great all the emergency repairs were made in the middle of the night. they finally reopened the westbound lanes at 2:30 this morning. eastbound opened earlier. all the repairs have been made. gridlock that happened last night is now over. everything is quiet in both directions and the san mateo bridge same thing really only see those taillights that's the commute traffic heading out of hayward. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. it was a bizarre day at a shopping mall in placer county. some shoppers had a close encounter with a crocodile in roseville. >> reporter: this reptile shop says they get dropoffs all the time but usually lizards and snakes but this was the first time they have ever had a crocodile at their door. >> we have seen bears and panthers but never a crocodile. >> reporter: a suburban surprise for roseville police and animal control officers who had to wrangle a feisty croc on the loose. >> they surrounded it, kept their distance and used a catch pull that we commonly use on dogs to get the crocodile secured and put in the cage.
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>> reporter: this four-foot crocodile was found wandering a shopping center off douglas boulevard around 8 a.m. after it got out of its plastic box and under the skin of some shocked shoppers. >> i can't even imagine a person's surprise. >> duct tape. >> reporter: the croc was abandoned in front of the reptile shop in a gray plastic box. it's a wild tale even for shop employees. >> we are a safe surrender site but we usually get different types it. a crocodile is unusual. >> it's probably a domestic animal that was too big and they couldn't handle it. >> reporter: the sean worries what could have happened if it wasn't caught. >> if some kid takes the tape off to see what happens, now you have a loose crocodile that's probably annoyed and can either attack someone playing with it or someone walking by. >> reporter: luckily no one including the crocodile was hurt but many won't forget the day they saw this roaming represent type in roseville.
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>> if you can't keep it contained especially something like this, you shouldn't have it. >> reporter: in roseville, angelie hemphill, kpix 5. >> in case were you thinking about it, for the record it is illegal to keep a croc as a pet in california. >> i wasn't thinking about it. crocodile? no way. [ laughter ] 4:51. when your house catches fire you don't care who shows up just as long as someone does. the plan to get firefighters to the scene faster starting at 5:00. a car plows into a daycare full of children in florida. now the search is on for the suspected driver. plus, the events investigators pieced together leading up to the crash. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a lot of fog this afternoon. sunshine in redwood city. 75 degrees. 75 also in mountain view. warmer temperatures in the parts of the south bay. 77 in san jose. about 80 in morgan hill and 81 in gilroy. east bay areas you will see some cooler temperatures today but still pleasant warm by the afternoon. plenty of 70s and some low 80s showing up in the latter part of the day. warmer spots about 79 degrees in pleasant hill, 75 in vallejo, and in the north bay you will see some warm temperatures into clearlake and 81 degrees. 79 in sonoma becoming mostly sunny but cool at the beach. 65 in san francisco. everything is on time. we looked in with bart so far systemwide no delays. same thing with caltrain and your ace train number one out of the central valley. more on "kcbs traffic" just minutes away. all right. thanks, elizabeth. developing news in florida. this morning authorities issued an arrest warrant for a man accused of causing a crash that killed a child at a daycare
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center. investigators say he was driving an suv that hit another vehicle which in turn plowed into a daycare center in winter park. his vehicle was found abandoned after yesterday's crash. the search for him continues. a girl died at a hospital. 14 others kids were injured in florida. >> the ones that i did see seeing blood coming out of their mouths, mouths hit something or whatever. they were bleeding out of their mouths and there was other ones not moving. >> there were about 50 kids in the daycare center at the time of the crash. a battle may be brewing over mickey rooney's estate. he disinherited his eight children, wife and all but one of his step-children. the total of rooney's estate is just $18,000. he ended up leaving everything to his stepson. rooney had eight wives, just weeks before his death he omitted his 8th wife and all eight biological children from his will. he died sunday at age 93. new this morning, the odor
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from a hot sauce plant in southern california has to stop. the city council in irwindale says it's a public nuisance. that declaration gives the factory 90 days to stop putting out the odors that have drawn complaints. the company has been trying to stop the smells and air quality experts say it had been making progress. 4:56 right now. the bay area has one of the worst commutes in the country but a plan to allow some drivers to skip the traffic is moving forward. details coming up. >> reporter: the effort to find a 14-year-old boy lost in the ocean continues this morning at first light after the break we'll tell you about the rescue effort that saved two other people from the surf.
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wireless networks are awesome. they let us use our phones to do amazing things. but why sign a 2-year phone contract just to use them? at net10 wireless, you can use the phone you already have and keep your network and number, too. but for half the cost. the bring your own phone plan. that's wireless your way. unlimited* talk, text, and data on the best 4g lte networks starts at just $40 a month. net10 wireless. two teen aged boys are swept away by the ocean beach waves. this morning, one of them is still missing. >> this traffic is horrendous. >> a pothole shuts down three
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lanes on the bay bridge causing major delays. this morning, all lanes are back open. >> please stand clear of the doors. >> the air train connects the various terminals of sfo. now a photo of the train issues prominently in a terrorist magazine published by al qaeda. >> new possible underwater signals picked up by a plane searching for the missing malaysia jet. the search area is narrowed to about 2200 square miles. >> a 15-year-old pennsylvania student is charged with four counts of attempted homicide after stabbing spree inside his suburb pittsburgh high school. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning" your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. good morning, everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm mark kelly filling in for frank this morning. let's first check in with lawrence and a check. forecast this morning. >> yeah, guys. a lot of fog around there and i think the next few days, the low clouds and fog surging well
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onshore even some drizzle toward the coastline. so a cloudy start to the day in many spots although it is clear in livermore and concord but by the afternoon we are going to see a lot of sunshine showing up in spots away from the immediate coastline. the temperatures will be cooler though. 60s and 70s inside the bay. 70s some low 80s the warmest spots inland and 50s and 60s toward the coastline. plenty of clouds out there now out over the bay bridge we have that drizzle out toward the beaches. 40s and 50s right now for temperatures. then by the afternoon, not a bad day. getting back to formal though. 73 in fremont. 65 and breezy into san francisco in the afternoon. about 77 degrees in san jose. let's check the roads with elizabeth. a little like summer with the fog in the morning. out the door we go. checking the east bay ride. it's westbound 80 approaching ashby. sounds like one lane may be blocked. not enough to slow down our sensors. speaking of fog that lawrence just mentioned our own roberta gonzales drove through a little while ago and she hit fog on westbound 580 approach to 680. heads up


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