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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 11, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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days. i'm back. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. nearly 4:30 on your friday. you guys are glad its friday, aren't you? >> you know, it's always nice to be on those hawaiian beaches. that always makes you feel better, doesn't it? >> you look tanned. >> i slept for about 26 hours in two days. so there you go. >> glad you're feeling better. got a lot of clouds around the bay area this morning. you see some low clouds and fog onshore but look at all the mid- to high-level clouds moving across our skies. what does that mean for friday and the weekend? we'll talk about that coming up. >> and the friday morning commute is under way. at the bay bridge we have left lanes blocked heading into san francisco. plus a stretch of i-5 near orland. more on the accident coming up. we will follow that breaking news about that freeway disaster in the sacramento valley. kpix 5 reporter andria borba is on the scene in glenn county.
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>> reporter: a charred fedex tractor-trailer and bus remain on i-5 in orland, california, following a deadly accident thursday afternoon. authorities say the truck was headed southbound when it crossed over the median, hit a car and head on into a tour bus full of high school studentses. >> i see black but there's fire at the front of the bus. it's crushed in the front pretty much. so we all started jumping up to run away. >> reporter: some students escaped through windows before both vehicles burst into flames. >> a neighbor on his roof, saw a lot of black smoke pouring into the sky. >> reporter: officials say the bus was carrying los angeles county high school students on the way to humboldt state university for a college visit. police aren't sure why the fedex truck crossed over into oncoming traffic. >> the physical evidence as far as the tire friction marks on
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the roadway, all the things are pieces of a puzzle they will have to put together. >> reporter: police say this is the worst accident they have seen in this county. andria borba, kpix 5. >> fedex said, our thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved in the tragic accident on i-5 in california. we are cooperating fully with authorities as they investigate. it is 4:32 now. a 3-year-old boy hospitalized with critical injuries after he was struck by a pickup in san francisco. investigators say the toddler was on a bicycle yesterday in a crosswalk at fulton and 43rd. his family was just feet behind. >> the vehicle continued a short way and realized they may have struck something made a u- turn and discovered they had struck this child. the driver is cooperating with investigation. that intersection is not among those in a new report just released by san francisco's metropolitan
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transportation agency. the report is an effort to make the streets of san francisco less dangerous for pedestrians and bicyclists. they include the list of 24 areas that need safety improvements. let's get a check on our weather with lawrence. you know, all-important weekend. >> i think big changes for the weekend and big changes in the seven-day forecast. may see a return of rain around the bay area. today a lot of clouds, low clouds and fog surged onshore. we are seeing some drizzle along the coastline. mid- to high-level clouds we'll see those on and off throughout the day today to knock down the temperatures. still going to be pleasant this afternoon a mixture of sun and clouds in the valleys, probably low to mid-70s there. inside the bay, partly cloudy and temperatures in the 60s and low 70s, only 50s toward the coastline. you have a lot of clouds rolling on in right now. temperatures in the 40s and 50s now. by the afternoon, maybe about 73 degrees, partly cloudy skies into san jose, 63 san francisco, 71 concord.
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we'll check out your weekend forecast in a moment. right now let's check the roads with elizabeth. and it is the last day of the official workweek so friday off to a nice start on the bay bridge. westbound lanes of 80 this is approaching the pay gates, once you reach the incline to yerba buena, they have two left lanes blocked for 25 minutes. san mateo bridge leaving hayward still looks good at this hour, as well. not as foggy as from what we can tell on our traffic camera traveling near the dublin interchange. westbound 580 you can barely see cars at some point in the morning yesterday through the altamont pass. still looks clear and just another reminder, i-5 fear there orland near chico and highway 32, the southbound lanes reopened around 3:20 but the northbound lanes remain closed for that deadly accident investigation. that's the latest from the "kcbs traffic" center. back to you. >> thank you.
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4:34. search crews have hopes of finding a malaysia passenger plane that's been missing for more than a month now. they are confident that some recent audio signals detected in the indian ocean are from the plane's flight data recorder. but as cbs moneywatch reporter wendy gillette reports, there is a race against time now to find it. >> reporter: australia's -- we are confident that the signals are from the jet. >> reporter: prime minister tony abbott spoke to reporters while visiting shanghai, china. he also brought up the sobering
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reminder that time is running out. the batteries which emit the signals only last about 30 days and the plane disappeared more than a month ago. >> we are hoping to get as much information as we can before the signal finally expires. >> reporter: investigators announced that the first signal detected by an aircraft is not related to the missing flight. abbott stressed that even if teams are able to find the plane's cockpit voice and flight data recorders, the recovery would be a lengthy process. the area where search teams are focusing is about 15,000 feet deep. >> investigators hope the flight data recorders will explain what happened to the plane. the legal team of the man known as "shrimp boy" is trying to paint a different picture of the man caught up in the leland yee corruption scandal. >> the education and betterment of the conditions, not the
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words of a gangster, not the beautiful smile of the gangster. not the cherub smile that our client has. >> raymond "shrimp boy" chow returns to federal court tuesday to plead not guilty. his supporters say he used to be a gangster but he has since gone straight. hillary clinton spoke in an event center in san jose state university last night. the session included a speech in a q & a session. but as kpix 5's betty yu reports there's still one big question still unanswered. >> if there's a major announcement that you would like to make regarding your future. >> reporter: hillary clinton had tiptoed and danced around the question but tonight she laughed off talk about a possible run altogether. >> i'm delighted to be with you. i am also very honored to be an honorary spartan. >> reporter: speaking to a full house at san jose state, she focused on empowering women and breaking barriers at the unique
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[ indiscernible ] , north america's foremost lecture series. >> all most women need is a fighting chance to prove themselves but they need in order to do that -- [ applause ] >> -- the support of societies to knock down the barriers that too often stand in the way. >> reporter: the former secretary of state encouraged the crowd to help the next generation of women leaders dare to compete. she wasn't shy about giving her opinion on the supreme court's campaign finance decision that allows big-time spenders to give money to as many candidates as they want to. >> i disagree with a lot of the recent supreme court decisions because they are -- [ applause and cheers ] >> -- they are transferring an enormous amount of decision- making within our political system to people with, you know, very significant amounts
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of money. >> reporter: betty yu, kpix 5. >> that san jose event went smoothly unlike an earlier appearance in las vegas. she had to dodge a shoe thrown at her by a female protestor in the audience. clinton quickly joked about the incident. the alleged shoe thrower was taken into custody. the woman who will be the next secretary of health and human services has support on capitol hill. sylvia burwell is the director of omb. president obama will announce her nomination for the hhs post later today. he has chosen burwell to replace kathleen sebelius, who has weathered criticism for problems with the website. pg&e is offering a new quarter million-dollar reward for information about an attack on a tower facility in south san jose. pg&e's metcalf substation was hit by sniper fire about a year ago. snipers fired nearly 100 rounds knocking out 17 giant
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transformers. they also consultant fiberoptic phone lines at the substation. damage was more than $15 million. top bart officials are getting a raise. the board of directors voted unanimously on thursday for a 3.7% pay hike. the increase in compensation and benefits for the top executives is the same rate employees got in a new contract approved earlier this year. bart's general managers' pay was more than $323,000 last year. stock futures point to a recovery beginning today after storks were clobbered yesterday. the dow was down 266 points. nasdaq had its worst day since 2011. biotech stocks were among the biggest losers, too, including a big bay area company that's trying to sell a $1,000 pill. kpix 5's elizabeth cook has more. >> reporter: the applause hides a growing anxiety as investors dump shares of biotech caught in the tumble, gilead
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pharmaceuticals of foster city. gilead makes a treatment for hepatitis "c." it promises to cure 90% of patients infected with the most common strain of the liver- destroying virus. >> we are able to cure more people with short durations of therapy. >> reporter: but the 12-week treatment costs $84,000. that's $1,000 a pill angering patient advocates. >> it's entirely too much. >> reporter: now express scripps has created a coalition that essentially threatens a boy cod of the drug when a rival drug comes to market. not everyone is paying full price. the u.s. department of veteran affairs and kaiser hospital both told kpix 5 they are getting a break. patient advocates credit growing public pressure as well as news stories like the one recently seen on kpix 5. >> the reason we're seeing lowering of price is things like the channel 5 story.
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>> i believe it's a step in the right direction. more work needs to be done. >> reporter: gilead believes the price is fair as does the pharmaceutical industry trade group. sovaldi may reduce the need for transplants saving money in the long run. elizabeth cook, kpix 5. >> gilead says it also offers financial assistance for those in need. time now 4:42. florida police investigating an incident involving 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick. what a woman says happened inside a miami hotel room. >> and david letterman's replacement is named. why the president of cbs says stephen colbert was an easy choice to take over the chair of late night. coming up.
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saying they got sick.. an official with princess cruis says 104 passengers and 25 members have n more passengers on this cruise ship say they got sick. an official with princess cruises says 124 passengers and 25 crew members have the norovirus. the cruise ship did stop in san francisco earlier in the week
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and has since gone down the coast to san diego. about 50 people still quarantined in their cabins because they could be contagious. san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick isn't saying anything about a police investigation under way in florida. a woman says she woke up in a hospital after a night of partying with kaepernick and two other men. as kpix 5's joe vazquez reports, miami police are calling it a suspicious incident but so far, no one has been charged with any crime. >> reporter: so far, 49ers star quarterback colin kaepernick has had no comment on the fact that his name is mentioned in a miami police report. his coach jim harbaugh was in florida at a charity event in palm beach county. he acknowledges there is a police investigation. >> i'm aware. and i don't know anything else that i know anything about so no further comment. >> reporter: the woman who filed the police report says she was with kaepernick and two other football players quinton patton also of the 9ers and
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ricardo lockette. she said she went to a room with kaepernick who kissed her and took her clothes off. according to the police report she got naked, mr. kaepernick told her that he was going to be right back and left the bedroom. they did not have sex. the woman then remembers the other two football players peeking into the room and then that's the last thing sheers are before she woke up at a hospital. she has no idea how she got there. so what happened to her? cbs miami reporter says the police aren't saying much. >> miami police are saying at this point this is not considered a sexual assault investigation. they are simply investigating an informational report in fact they are not calling this a crime at all at this point. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> you can the police report on kpix 5 on court hearings are scheduled for two other 49ers
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players in unrelated criminal cases. linebacker aldon smith faces dui and weapons possession charges. chris culliver is accused of hitting a bicyclist with a car and leaving the scene. both cases are in santa clara county. let's switch gears now. the all-important weekend is upon us. it's friday. yeah. >> changes? >> yeah, changes in the works. we are seeing a lot of clouds out there now. not just low clouds and fog but mid- to high-level clouds. we'll see more of those clouds on and off lot to the day. i think it will be enough to bring down the temperatures. out the door we go. yup, those clouds continue to sweep in across your skies you can see coming up from the south as low pressure begins to make its way toward the california coastline. so throughout the day today we are going to see some fog early on, even some drizzle near the coast. then partly cloudy skies this afternoon with cooler temperatures and morning clouds and afternoon sunshine on and off throughout the weekend almost a summer pattern. there it is that low pressure system off the coast not strong enough to bring us rain but it is sweeping up those clouds into california. so we are going to see those on and off throughout the day
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today and then it looks like nice weather around the state although these temperatures coming down a little bit, too. 82 degrees, pleasant in sacramento. partly cloudy skies. 65 degrees in lake tahoe. and 75 in yosemite. a lot of those clouds continuing to rotate through according to our computer models and you can see a lot of low clouds and fog in fact very good surge of low clouds into the central valley overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. going to keep the temperatures down through saturday, as well. numbers today 73 degrees in san jose, 62 pacifica and cloudy skies. east bay numbers up into the 70s in many spots maybe just 69 into vallejo. inside the bay it will take longer for the clouds to clear out so plan on 60s for highs. next couple of days we'll see those temperatures cooling down but not a bad weekend. but things change by next wednesday and thursday. there's at least a slight chance of some showers. let's check the roads with elizabeth. and let's get a check of the altamont pass. it's usually one of our first spots to slow down. you can beat the rush and everything looks good. first to emeryville heading to the bay bridge toll plaza, this is what it looks like now
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approaching the powell street exit or if you are catching a ride on to 580 or 880. things are flowing nicely right now down the eastshore freeway. we looked at the drive time a few minutes ago and right now it's about 18 or 19 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. and here's a look at that altamont pass ride if you are coming off of 205 out of tracy. as you can see all the sensors are green even up to vasco road. right now is the time to go if you want to leave this early for work. everything is moving at the speed limit. same thing on 580 heading to the richmond/san rafael bridge. no huge incidents out there. the only thing we can find was a dense fog advisory issued by chp for the golden gate bridge. so they issued this one for 101. they issued it around midnight so we'll call and make sure it's still there but again just a heads up. some dense fog may slow you down if you are coming into san francisco from marin. san mateo bridge still looks pretty good about 13 minutes right now to take you between hayward and foster city. that's the latest from here "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. >> thank you, liz. a week after david
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letterman announced he will retire next year, cbs has named his replacement. and stephen colbert. alison harmelin has reaction from his soon-to-be competition. >> reporter: stephen colbert says thursday just being a guest on david letterman's show has been a highlight of his career. but next year, he is filling letterman's chair on the late show. >> this man has influenced every host who came after him and even a few who came before him, he's that good. [ laughter ] >> i got to tell you, i do not envy whoever they try to put in that chair! >> reporter: cbs made the announcement one week after letterman said he was calling it a career. >> taking a hike. >> reporter: colbert has won emmys and a grammy jokingly portraying an out-of-touch conservative talk show host on his hit show for comedy central. fellow late night hosts reacted to the news. >> i no longer need a cable subscription for the privilege of watching stephen colbert. >> there's not going to be any
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war. [ laughter ] >> it will be a dance-off. [ laughter ] >> reporter: cbs president and ceo leslie moonves was quick to announce colbert will not be playing the character that made him famous. he will just be himself. >> the persona of stephen colbert is going to work so well on late night, it's going to be original, smart and different than what anybody else has. >> reporter: colbert turns 50 next month. he is married with three children. his salary at comedy central is reported to be about $6 million a year. less than half of what letterman gets for hosting "the late show." >> keep up the good work. >> reporter: alison harmelin for cbs news, new york. >> it is 4:51. a heartbreaking mistake by the lapd. what happened at the scene of a hostage taking? >> and google glass about to become less exclusive. what the company will do soon to get everyone a shot at owning them. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we are looking at a lot of clouds around the bay area today both high and low. so it's going to be cool toward the coastline. 50s and some low 60s there. as you head to the south bay, quite a mixture of sun and clouds this afternoon. temperatures going to be comfortable up into the mid-70s in campbell and morgan hill and also into gilroy. as you look toward the east bay, starting out with a lot of clouds this morning. by the afternoon we'll finish with a mixture of sun and clouds. temperatures up generally in the 70s. so a comfortable day. but these temperatures definitely cooler. north bay cloudy, but by the afternoon warming up to the 70s into sonoma, 69 san rafael, into san francisco lots of clouds and sea breeze 60 in the sunset. we continue to follow that breaking fuse out of glenn county. the deadly bus crash.
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if you are heading out of town northbound i-5 remains closed at highway 32. this is in orland. the southbound lanes reopened overnight. but you will need to use the detour heading northbound. we'll have more on this plus the rest of your drive to work. it's all coming up. the man convicted in that mass shooting that wounded congresswoman gabrielle giffords has become more troubled in the weeks before the rampage according to the fbi files obtained by the arizona daily star. the files include paranoid online rants in which he expressed anger toward the government. he was sentenced to life in prison for the 2001 shooting that killed six and injured 13 in tucson. authorities in los angeles admit they shot and killed the wrong man. john winkler went into a neighbor's apartment in hollywood to save friends being held hostage at knifepoint when l.a. county deputies arrived, they saw winkler running out behind a stabbing victim covered in blood. winkler was helping the victim but deputy thought he was the
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suspect and opened fire. >> i want to personally express my heartfelt sympathy to the families of mr. winkler. taking the life of an innocent person is a police officer's greatest nightmare. >> he moved from seattle six months ago hoping to become a television producer. at the time of his death he had just landed a job as a production assistant at comedy central. next week you can get google glass for the first time the mountain view based google glass will make it available to consumers without special access. google will start selling the explorer version online tuesday morning for $1,500. and any u.s. resident can buy it. but google says supplies will be limited. accusations of sexual assault against 49ers star colin kaepernick. coming up, his coach responds. >> reporter: 10 people dead
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after a fedex tractor-trailer crashes head on into a tour bus full of high school students. i'm cate caugiran live on the scene in orland. we'll have the latest coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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griego. and i'm frank mallicoat i just kind of see black but there's fire at the front of the bus. it's crushed in the front pretty much. so we all started jumping up to run away. >> a fedex truck crashes into a charter bus loaded with high school students causing a deadly disaster on i-5 near orland. >> the tour bus was completely sideways on the freeway and in a mangled mess with a fedex truck and one other car. helicopters joined emergency workers. >> 49ers star quarterback colin kaepernick at the center of a police investigation. >> i'm aware and no further comment. >> a woman says she woke up in a hospital after a night of partying with kaepernick and two other nfl players. from across the bay to around
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the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado good morning, i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. 5:00. get you out the door on this friday with a look at the weather. >> you like clouds? you'll love today. we have plenty of them outside right now. we are seeing some drizzle near the coastline. but the temperatures will be cooling down. so mid- to high-level clouds also sweeping up from the south. look at that as low pressure spins off the coastline towards southern california and sending clouds in our direction. so as we head throughout the day today, we are going to see cloudy skies all day along the coastline, 50s and 60s there. 70s and 60s inside the bay. 70s in the valleys. outside you can see low clouds sweeping onshore over san francisco right now and around the rest of the bay area. temperatures in the 40s and the 50s. by the afternoon, a mixture of sun and clouds in the bay and the valleys,


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