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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 15, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> i don't think so. >> we know it's not for you. >> that's because we're all feeling so good today. >> alive and well and awake. >> you know what we got some clouds out there right now. a lot of low clouds and fog and some high clouds up above too. a controller day and that is coming up. in the clearing stages. westbound 80 at powell. we also have will the of overnight -- a lot of overnight roadwork in the south bay and tell you all about it coming up. >> did you watch the moon last night? >> no i didn't see it at all. in fact a spectacular sight in the night sigh overnight. the moon was glowing reddish orange this morning. >> if you're away from the fog you can see a total eclipse of the moon. kpix 5's brian hackney joins hundreds of people for that eclipse. >> reporter: it's an exciting thing. even bill nigh the science guy jets gush gets -- gets jazzed. >> you have a shadow of a planet. it's a big deal.
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you may not see it ever again in your life. >> reporter: at this moment the earth's shadow is taking a bigger and bigger bite out of the surface of the full moon until total eclipse which begins at 12:07 a.m. it is worth taking your kids out to watch? >> oh yes people this is an exciting thing. this is part of how the ancient greeks realized the earth was round. whenever the earth cast a shadow on the moon, it's always a curve. they use that to figure out the earth was a sphere and you can do it yourself, just astonishing,. >> if you think it's a nice view from earth? >> hippity hoppity. >> reporter: imagine if you were on the moon right now. the mass i disc of the earth covering up the sun but something weird happens. instead of going totally dark the earth is surrounded by a brilliant red highwayly. actually the reflection -- halo. actually the reflection of every sunrise and sunset on the face of the earth now shining onto the moon and that's why
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the moon burns blood red at totality. pretty cool. that's brian hackney from the science went. >> if you took some photos upload them to a new police report sheds light on the suspicious incident incident involving san francisco 49ers' quarterback colin capper nick and a woman in a miami hotel room. he along with patton and locket were named in a police report after the woman ended up in the hospital after a night after partying. but the new police report indicates she called 911 on april #nd to say a woman was refusing to leave his apartment. a team was dispatched can the woman was taken to a hospital. no one has been charged with a crime. and the incident remains under investigation. the chief financial officer of transit now on paid leave amid allegations he stole money from his church. kpix 5's don knapp explains how
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the alleged embezzlement all came the light. >> reporter: there was just one piece of business for the ac transit board's special session. a closed meeting to decide what to do about the bus company's chief financial officer louis clinton. he was charged with stealing more than a half million dollars not from ac transit, but from the charities of allen temple baptist church where he served as charity's president. >> in terms of ac transit, if it comes out that he's done anything untoward it will be a surprise. >> reporter: between 2007 and 2013. clinton used his access to the church's financial corporate accounts to divert an excess of $500,000 to his own account. the prosecutor said clinton used the money for personal expenses inclouding mortgage payments for his home. private school tuition for his children and golf memberships and a luxury car. the sex ended after about -- session ended after about 15
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minutes. mr. harper no comment on the fact that your cfo is involved -- or being charged with four counts of felonies in alameda county? >> no we know that. what you've got in this particular instance is the board is not -- does not supervise our cfo. only supervises the general manager,. >> reporter: the general information officer did talk to us directly. >> it has been decided he will be on admit straitive leave for an indefinite period of time at this point. >> will it be answer read. >> yes. >> reporter: it is cooperating with the investigation and will do everything to ensure that funds that come into the church will be used appropriately for its charitable efforts. in oakland, don knapp, kpix 5. all right, 4:34. lawrence that's not too soon to think about the weekend so there you go. >> never too soon and only just a few days away. >> only a few days away. >> yesterday was monday right? >> we still got a ways to go guys. you know we've got some changes outside today and we've seen
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some mid to high level clouds ming in overhead and also low clouds and fog down below. a lot of clouds outside early on today but i think we're getting the backside of the mid to high level clouds. we should begin to see a lot of sunshine as wed throughout the day. the temperatures will be down a little bit today. still 70s and low 80s well inland. inside the bay 60s and 70s and breezy and breezy with some patchy fog out to the coastline. mostly cloudy skies right now the temperatures now running generally in the 50s. i think by the afternoon the high is 76 degrees in san jose. 70 oakland and 66 degrees and breezy in san francisco. all right let's check out the roads now with elizabeth. emeryville. this accident has been cleared from the frontage road a few minutes ago. so this is westbound 80 at powell. there was an overturn accident. obviously everything is really good right now and all the approaches to the bridge and at the to -- bay bridge and at the toll plaza. very light coming into san francisco. two left lanes still blocked from the incline to the island
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like they often are at this time of the morning. should all wrap up by 5:00. also various connector ramps in the south bay remain closed right now including northbound 280 to northbound 880. all lanes closed until approximately 5:00 through the altamont pass and the livermore valley though, everything still very quiet. that's your latest kcbs traffic. back to you guy. a crowd of commuters waited for an hour for a train after b.a.r.t.'s montgomery street station was shut down because a woman was under a train. rescue crews managed to pull two rail cars apart and get the woman out. she was rushed to the hospital with head injuries. witnesses say the woman jumped onto the tracks. a student who died is being described as a hero for what he did. evelyn jimenez now trying to deal with the pain of losing her brother his male. but --ish male. but his high school in l. a. says witnesses saw him busting open a window in that bus and lifting kids out to safety.
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>> it's been very hard because we go the sleep thinking -- to sleep thinking when we wake up you'll see him and i haven't seen him. so it's -- it's very difficult. >> evelyn says her brother was a talented artist and wanted to go to college to financially support his family. at the evidence cleared from the interstate, investigators are looking at other sources for clues to thursday's crash. andria borba has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: to understand how this happened, the feds are looking back. 72 hours back to the cell phone records and surveillance video of fedex truck driver tim evans. evans, among the ten people killed when the big rig and a tour bus carrying southern california high schoolers on a college tour crashed thursday on i-5 in rural clinton county. investigators say before the crash, evans drove from sacramento to tweed make a delivery. there he picked up two new trailers and headed backseat.
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ntsb investigators say evidence doesn't appear evans hit the brakes before crossing the median, sideswiping a sedan and slamming into the bus. skid marks on i-5 suggest the tour bus driver did brake and swerve. like airplanes, both the big rig and bus had black box-like devices called electronic control modules. >> the one on the truck was destroyed in the postimpact fire. however, we can look at aspects of steering and other pieces that did survive to possibly get a sense of the speed range. and the revolutions of the wheels to maybe even know the direction they were in. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix 5. >> and investigators plan to download information from the tour bus' black box it may have data about the bus' braking, acceleration, and speed. happening later today raymond shrimp boy chow is expected to plead knot no all charges in -- not guilty to all charges in a court appearance. he's accused of money laundering in a corruption case
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that also ensnared state senator leland yee a lawyer for chow tony serra alleges entrapment by the fbi. a woman could face a fine after she tried to board a plane with plate of enchiladas with a knife inside. tsa agents at sonoma county airport detected the knife while x-raying the woman's carry-on. this is a look at the knife. it's covered with -- the woman says she made the enchiladas but had no idea thousand knife got there. she was eventually cleared to travel but the tsa could fine her up to $10,000. it is 4:39,000. today marks one year since the deadly bomb attack at the boston marathon. a special ceremony is planned this afternoon to honor those that died and the survivors who were injured. cbs news' jericka duncan has more on today's events and the status of the surviving system. >> reporter: crowds cheered under a sunny sky as runners streamed across the finish line of last year's boston marathon.
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then everything changed in an instant. 12 seconds later, a second explosion rocked boylston street. . the celebration turned to chaos. three people were killed and more than 200 injured. the brothers each lost a leg. >> i saw him, as weird as it sound i saw him from the side and i knew his leg was off but he looked fine otherwise. i couldn't see that he had burns up here or on his back or anything. >> reporter: they still have more questions than answers as to why the suspects, brothers 26-year-old tamerlan and 25- year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev set the bomb that changed the race's course through willistry. the -- history. the younger brother has pleaded not guilty to al 30 count federal indictment that carries a possible death sentence. his lawyers appear to be building a defense that points to tamerlan as the driving force using his influence on his younger brother. [ people chanting ]
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but the people of boston are ready to move forward. on saturday, they mobbed the finish line during a photo shoot for the cover of "sports illustrated." >> powerful day. >> in yeah. it means a lot for all the people supporting us. you know. and it's -- it's a good day. >> reporter: a day to remind the world, boston is strong and looking only ahead to this year's race. jericka duncan, cbs news, boston. >> and today's events will include a moment of silence marking the very exact time the bombs exploded. today is tax deadline day. and if you're planning to mail in your return, take some note. only two post offices in the bay area will be open later than usual. they're the oakland main post office on 7th street and the san jose main post office on lindy avenue. they'll stay open until 8:30 tonight and collect mail from their outside boxes after 10:00 p.m. today is also the deadline to finish signing up for health insurance through covered california. the original deadline was march
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31st but the website crashed. so anyone who had started the process was given until today to finish. those who don't get coverage can expect to pay a penalty next year with their taxes. a mother talks about her teenaged son killed in what's being called a hate crime. >> i had to see him one more time. and i got to kiss him and tell him i loved him. >> what authorities are revealing about the suspect's past connection to the kkk. >> and get them while you can or if you dare. why you might think twice about acting on the offer to buy google glass when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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search for the missing malan airlines plane... today search crews will again us developing news on the search for the missing malaysian airlines plane. today search crews will again use an undersea robot. crews lowered the blue fin 21 into the indian ocean for the first time yesterday. but six hours into its 16 hour mission, the underwater robot reached its 15,000-foot limit and had to turn back.
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investigators say they've now analyzed the data the sub collected but there was nothing of interest. 4:45 now. the dead lichting outside those two jewish community centers in kansas has been declared a hate crime now but none of the victims were jewish. all three of the victims were christians outside the centers. investigators have not released a motive for the attack but the suspected gunman was a kkk leader in the 19 80s. and at the time frazier glen miller openly preached a message of white supremacy. >> when god -- one race, one nation for god almighty. white power. >> i think blacks in the united states and jewish people are the most racist people on earth. >> among the victims were a 134- year-old boy and his -- 14-year- old boy and his grandfather. the boy's mother says he was at the center to audition for a musical. >> i was lucky enough to get to hear both of those songs before he left the house. i waited for my dad to pick him
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up and make sure everything was okay. and i had him sing them one more time. and i got to kiss him and tell him i loved him. >> that idiot -- that idiot absolutely knocked the family to its knees for no reason. my dad should be singing patience today at his work. >> that suspect faces first degree murder charges. today, for the first time, google glass will be sold to the general public but as kpix 5's joe vasquez reports, wearing the high-tech device may not be safe in san francisco. >> reporter: he had just finished writing a story about this google protest last friday. kyle russell a reporter for business insider put on his google glass and started walking back to b.a.r.t.. he was at valencia and 16th around 7:30 when the attacker came out of nowhere. >> a person approaches me and puts their hand on my face and yells glass and then before i realized what's going on they
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run in the opposite direction of where we were walking. >> reporter: she later spiked his glasses on the sidewalk and shattering them. he says it was random. no conversation ahead of time. >> hands were completely off and i didn't have my phone out or anything. >> there were no words exchanged. >> the first interaction was hand to face. >> reporter: it's the second high-profile google glass attack this year. back in february sarah slow couple says her glasses were ripped off her face after an argument. for the first time they'll be available to the public for $1,500 per google glass. going to get another one? >> i -- ability still undecided. >> reporter: really you're thinking about it? >> you know what i really liked google glass. >> reporter: the suspect is an asian female with black leather pants and boots. and a faux hawk, her share heavied on both -- hair shaved on both sides. in san francisco, joe vasquez, kpix 5. >> sold only online and only for today beginning at 6:00
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this morning. it is 4:47 and lawrence feels fantastic today. >> i really do guys, gosh i got a lot of energy today ready to go on the a tuesday. i can't believe we're only a few days away from the weekend. >> do you believe it? >> not even a word. a lot of coffee to drink today guys. you know what we've got some changes coming our way. a lot of clouds overhead this morning, just getting up. got some mid clouds and some patchy fog down below. so little bit of everything. but think the mid to high level clouds are going to clear out into the early morning hours and that means a lot of sunshine in the afternoon. sunny and cooler than that afternoon breeze will be kicking up fairly strong near the coastline into the golden gate. that will keep temperatures down and then some changes over the next couple of days. weak system sliding on through. high pressure will begin to build in behind that and that will bring more sunshine our way but really a transitional week ahead here as we're going to see the temperatures warm into the central valley. 891 in fresno and 78 yosemite and the clouds filtering on through along the coastline. some low clouds and fog on and
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off throughout the day today. maybe some brief clearing but then those clouds begin to roll back on shore once again. so with that in mind, the temperatures today still nice. you're looking at some 70s n south bay and 60s to the coastline. east bay numbers up in the 70s and maybe a couple of low 80s. inside the bay you're looking at 60s and breezy in the san francisco. next couple of day, those temperatures not much change. and a few more clouds come our way on friday and saturday and looking dry and nice for easter sunday. all right let's check on the roads now with liz. all right, thank you lawrence. and tout door you may hit a little trouble spot right now and traveling through livermore. just near the north greenville exit. there has been an accident. and one lane is blocked you can see those speed sensors there already showing speeds about 36 miles per hour. so again those are live drive time sensors. backed up for about an exit right now. coming through the pass it looks okay until you reach that north greenville area and then once you get past there traffic is nice. this is a live look near the dublin interchange. again a little bit of fog may slow you down in that area.
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all right in the south bay now we have the connector ramps closed still especially northbound 280 to northbound 880 as well as to the main lines to the freeway southbound 880 from stevens creek down to the 2830 interchange. lanes blocked until -- blocked until approximately 5:00 this morning. here's once again a live look. this is the bridge right side of the screen is the commute direction. traffic leaving hayward and still is great out to the peninsula and at the the bay bridge still hit that road work from the incline out to the island but at the toll plaza no theys. that's your latest kcbs traffic. and u.s. airways deeply regrets a tweet the airline sent out apparently by mistake. >> the tweet was deleted as soon as the airline realized the error, they were replying to a customer complaining about service on twitter. they say a sexually explicit image of a naked woman and a model plane was inadvertently tweeted after an unknown user posted it. 4:# on your -- 50 on your tuesday, a van gets hijacked
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but it's what the suspect did next that has police shaking their heads. >> and a close call with an unruly passenger on a sacramento bound flight. what the people on board did to prevent disaster. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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startings out with a lot will have clouds around the bay area. it is going to be a cool and brie seay day along the coastline. high there is generally in the low 60s and little warmer in the santa cruz area. inside the bay and peninsula you will find a warm sunshine into the afternoon. about 76 degrees in san jose. as high as 80 in gilroy. east bay temperatures should be nice and latter part of the day starting out plenty of clouds now but still some upper 70s in the pleasanton about 77 in danville. about 75 degrees in ma raga. 73 in hail. in the north bay some nice sunshine the latter part of the
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day and 74-degrees in santa rosa. 75 nova doe. san francisco, a little breezy. 76 downtown. riding b.a.r.t. this morning right now they have 24 trains and they are all on time. also a.c.e. train number one left stockton from the ferry caltrain looking good. kcbs traffic just minutes away. what do police call -- who when they need a little help? one possible idea is now to call the sheriff. san jose police force has been dwindling and crime has been going up. so now county supervisor dave cortez wants the city to bring in the santa clara sheriff's deputies to help place patrol the -- police patrol the streets and respond to emergencies. sjpd says yes it would definitely help. >> they're dog tired. they are -- when you get to a point where you can't fill paid overtime positions you know you've reached a crisis point. and then even if the sheriff's deputies do come and start working overtime to help supplement our patrol, in some
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capacity, it's only a short- term solution, at some point they are going to get burnt out as well. >> the details are still being worked out such as how many deputies the sheriff's department can spare. the plan will be introduced at the board of supervisors' meeting on tomorrow. police are looking for a man who hijacked an airport shuttle van in san francisco. the man talked his way onto the supershuttle about 4:00 sunday morning in the union square area. investigators say a few blocks later, he jumped into the driver's seat and pushing the driver out. he got into an altercation with passengers who managed to get out of the van with their belongings. the van was later found abandoned in alameda county. well, we have pictures from a border plane that had to make an emergency landing in nebraska. >> it was a southwest flight on its way to sacramento. passengers ended up actually tackling a man who could have quadded a disaster in-flight. the man was trying to pry a door open and apparently planned on jumping out.
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>> we basically tackled the -- the -- i don't want the say gentleman but the guy who was back there and pinned him down. he was going to do bad things to the plane. so it was pretty scary. >> tied his hands together and put him in a chair and i think one of the mar shalls sat him -- marshals sat with him for the rest of the trip. >> i'm glad there was some burly men on the plane because they really did what was great. >> when they landed in omaha, air marshals escorted the man off the plane and the passengers cheered. it is 4:56 flight. a iraqing official is accused of taking money from his church. how police say he stole more than half a million dollars. >> and a rare treat for sky watchers overnight. coming up a look at the blood moon. stay with us. ,,,,,,,,
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i want you to know stuff i want you to be kind.
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i want you to be smart. super smart. i want one thing in a doctor. i want you to be handsome. i want you to be awesome. i don't want you to look at the chart before you say hi...david. i want you to return my emails. i want you to keep me doing this for another sixty years. at kaiser permanente, we want you to choose the doctor that's right for you. find your perfect match at and thrive. it's been one year since a pair of blasts exploded at the end of the iconic boston marathon. >> something just blew up at -- >> a special ceremony will get
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underway this afternoon to honor the victims. >> person approach he is and puts their hand -- approaches me and puts their hand on my face and yells glass and they run in the opposite direction of where we were talking. >> google glass goes on sale this morning to the public for the first time just days after another attack on a google glass wearer. it's exciting. an exciting thing. >> a rare event in the sky made the moon appear red. it will happen three more times between now and september of 2015. today is tax day. the official deadline to submit your federal income taxes but really a hard deadline? penalties for filing tax returns late. only apply to people who owe the government money. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. >> a career night from three point land. good morning everyone, i'm michelle griego. >> hi everyone, i'm frank mallicoat. 3:00 a good day to failure --
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5:00 a good day to file your taxes, right lawrence? >> is ate good day? a -- it a good day? you know what the good news is you can enjoy some sunshine as we head toward the afternoon. lot of clouds out there right now. boat high and low passing on by. but as we head the latter part of the day i think a lot of sunshine outside. temperatures into the 60s and 70s inside the bay. little breezy. mostly sunny. as you head to the valleys with some 70s and some low 80s and some cool 60s patchy fog toward the coast. lot of clouds out there right now. and that temperature is generally in the 50s. i think by the afternoon, we will see some sun and about 77 degrees in concord. 74 in santa rosa. 76 in san jose. breezy 66 degrees in san francisco. all right, let's check on the roads now with elizabeth. thank you lawrence. cars are stilling right along right now up and down the anymore etc. freeway. we wanted -- anymore etc. freeway. we want -- nimitz freeway. we wanted to show you some nice traffic. continues to look good into the downtown oakland. in livermore


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