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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 17, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> let's hope these two ar how are you doing? >> very good. fog you go at the coastline but looking like another gorgeous day ahead. plenty of sunshine, temperatures will be cooling down. we'll talk about that next. >> and our golden gate bridge camera is back. it was out for a while. very exciting in traffic circles. [ laughter ] >> southbound 101 is moving okay through marin county through sausalito. we have an accident on the almaden expressway in the south bay. more on that comiup. it is 4:30. we're following some developing news from the south korean coast where strong currents, rain and bad visibility are hampering the rescue efforts there. 287 passengers are missing, chances of finding more survivors are slim. linda yee talked with bay area korean families keeping a close eye on the rescue effort. reporter: divers combed the dark water for any survivors.
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while the ferry sank, a high school student sent a heartbreaking text message. mom, it said, this might be my last chance to tell you i love you. the mother messaged back, there was no response. korean families in the bay area followed the rescue attempts on asian newscasts. they worry about the hundreds still missing. [ non-english language ] >> like very sad. i think everybody with same feeling, too, is hurt. >> reporter: earlier, helicopters plucked frantic passengers to safety. others waiting for rescue clung to the ship's railings as it listed. some jumped into the ocean and swam to nearby rescue ships. 325 high school students were on board. survivors said it was chaotic as passengers tripped over each other to escape. "i almost got trapped," this girl said. "i was told to go outside but could not." there were a lot of students who didn't get out of the ship,
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he said. wet and stunned survivors were treated for hypothermia and broken bones. parents of the dead students sobbed as ambulances brought their bodies to a hospital. bay area korean-americans say they wish they could help the devastated families. >> what i can do, i can't do anything right now here, just pry for them and their families, too, -- just pray for them and their families, too,. >> reporter: linda yee, kpix 5. >> coast guard officials were interviewing the captain and crew for the cause of the accident. a person is dead after a boating accident on san francisco bay yesterday evening during a sailboat race in the waters off redwood city. the coast guard says the 42- foot boat named bella struck a buoy. that caused the mast to collapse on one of the passengers. it appears that person suffered a fatal head injury. four other people were on the boat. two of them were injured and treated by paramedics onshore. a bay area teenager robbed, raped and kidnapped.
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police say she may also be a victim of sex trafficking. neighbors on piedmont avenue in berkeley heard her screaming before dawn yesterday. she was in the street hysterical and naked. >> she yelled someone raped her, then she collapsed to the ground and was totally like, you know, in shock and just yelling and crying. >> that girl told police she had been robbed and snatched off the streets of oakland but police think she might have been kidnapped elsewhere and taken to oakland. oakland pd now says it may be a case of human trafficking. 15 people are being treated for injuries after two fire trucks collided in los angeles county. the impact sent one of the trucks careening into a restaurant in monterey park. five firefighters are among the injured. they are all expected to recover. investigators say the two crews one from monterey park and one from alhambra were on the way to a house fire yesterday. it is still unclear why they
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collided. let's switch gears. let's check traffic and weather. >> it's going to be gorgeous around the bay area but i put some rain back in the forecast. not today though. today is going to be a great day. a little hazy now and patchy coastal fog. but otherwise temperatures going to start to come down a little as high pressure beginning to weaken now and you can see some high clouds encroaching toward the bay area. the weak system going to slide on through but probably not until tomorrow. so right now it's just hazy out over the bay. otherwise, mostly clear inland. the temperatures now in the 40s and the 50s. by this afternoon we'll notice some cooler weather outside. it will still be pleasant but about the mid-70s into san jose. 76 in concord. 77 one of the warmer spots in napa and about 65 breezy into san francisco by the afternoon. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thank you, lawrence. and outside we go. i mentioned almaden expressway being a problem spot right now. there's a serious injury accident so the extent of the injuries we're not sure but they have a stretch of the expressway northbound closed. right now almaden is shut down
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between coleman and mac abee. coleman closed from almaden to winfield because those injuries are considered severe, an investigation is going on out there. so avoid the area. in the meantime the main lines of the freeways including 85, guadalupe parkway, 280 and 101 are still all in the clear. so you can use those as alternates. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge once again and some hazy conditions lawrence says, but otherwise southbound 101 looking good into san francisco and doyle drive. westbound bay bridge you have the usual roadwork for this time of the morning from the incline to yerba buena island, very light though from oakland as you can see from that approach. bart all on time. they should have more than 20 trains all reporting no delay. that is your latest "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. developing news out of san jose now. investigators will be back at it searching the rubble of a burned-out former tv station this morning. the building was destroyed in a five-alarm fire on sunday.
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the 20 to 40 squatters inside at the time, 3 are unaccounted for. cadaver dogs searched the debris yesterday and may have found something. this man 55-year-old stillman pfeffer has been charged with setting the fire. a san francisco community is in mourning after a mother and her little boy were killed in an apartment fire. joe vazquez with more on the mother's courageous fight to save her son's life. reporter: the fire broke out about 10:00 this morning. officials say five adults escaped the flames. but then esther realized her 3- year-old son santana was inside. family members say the mother put the boy in a bathtub and then ran water on him to try and shield him from the flames. but that wasn't enough. >> she hovered over him to protect him. >> reporter: when you hear about it, what was your reaction? >> uhm, i broke down crying again. it's sad. >> reporter: ther who was dead on the scene. her son -- the mother was dead on the scene.
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her son died at the hospital. >> gorgeous, lovely little kid, perfect manners. i mean, this is sad. this is sad. this was a beautiful, beautiful little boy. >> reporter: santana's great aunt was sleeping on the second floor when the flames awoke her. the fire was too powerful for her to go downstairs. while family members and neighbors mourn the loss of a mother and son, investigators continue to look for answers as to what caused this deadly fire. in visitacion valley, joe vazquez, kpix 5. happening today, the chp plans to give us an update on last week's deadly collision between a fedex truck and tour bus in the sacramento valley. they will release the recordings of 911 calls made about the crash in orland. three of the victims have not yet been positively identified. students at dorset high school down in l.a. held a memorial for one of the victims. 17-year-old senior jennifer bonilla was one of the students killed in last week's tour bus
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crash. she was on the way visit humboldt state where she had been accepted to college. >> that's the worst part. all her work was going to mean something and now she is gone. >> jennifer was among 10 people killed in the crash. half of them were students. time now is 4:38. some professional dog walkers in san francisco are steamed at the federal government upset about new regulations in the golden gate national recreation area. they will soon be required to buy a $300 permit and show proof of insurance. they will also be limited to walking no more than six dogs at a time. they are calling for a public hearing. >> they really need to respect the process and they're not at this point. by pulling it out, they're saying we can do whatever we want regardless of what the public wants. >> the new restrictions will cover all federally controlled areas. californians think farmers can do a better job conserving
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water. a new field poll found 54% think the ag industry can reduce the amount of water it uses. allen martin al shows us how much water growers really need. >> what's going to happen during the winter. >> reporter: dave baker has been farming his san joaquin walnut orchard since 1978 and differently than his father-in- law in 1944. >> when you look at this field, you have to understand that this field is laser level. it's what we call tabletop. >> reporter: so perfectly flat, he irrigates it much more efficiently using inches of water not feet. >> we put on the same amount of water they do in a drip system or a microdrip system. the difference is you get more ground water recharge out of flood irrigation. >> reporter: as efficient as it is, next month thanks in part to the drought, baker's converting to an even more water-stingy sprinkler system. but every year, drought or no drought, the trees still need 32 inches of water to survive. this year, baker's only getting 24" of his normal allotment.
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so he will have to buy the rest from other farmers willing to give up their share. >> you know, most people don't realize how much water it takes to grow their food. for example, to grow one single almond, it takes one gallon of water. to grow a single head of lettuce, it takes 3.5 gallons of water. and to grow one walnut, it takes 5 gallons of water. >> nobody's a bad guy in this. >> reporter: professor dan sumner teaches at uc-davis. how much water just to grow that one nut or that one tomato or -- >> and that's just the fact. and that's here in california where we are incredibly efficient about it. agriculture takes water no question about it. >> reporter: he says farmers are definitely more efficient with their water use and they have changed what they grow. cotton has been cut by two- thirds. and it's mostly been replaced by trees which, over time, have been replaced by more trees. and sumner says those new trees produce more nuts, more profit and use less water.
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>> that water goes into nuts. that's what we do with that water. we're not growing big trees. we're not growing leaves. we're growing nuts. >> reporter: because of the drought this year, dave baker says growers in california will be forced to let 500 to 600,000 acres sit idle sending food prices skyrocketing. both men agree the ultimate answer is more storage of the rain and snow we get. >> the problem with it is it's a long-term solution which we have to work on. there's no overnight solution to a drought except more rainfall right now. >> reporter: but for now, about the best we can do is hope next year's el nino prediction bears fruit. allen martin, kpix 5. happening today, let the play-off excitement begin! >> yeah. a few hockey fans especially in downtown san jose where this evening the sharks begin another post-season run hosting the rivals from southern california. the l.a. kings. game one and first round of the stanley cup play-offs the best of 7, puck drops at 7:30
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tonight. traditional kickoff rally begins at 5:00 this afternoon on autumn street outside the s.a.p. center. and i think ken meissner one of our writers will be there. cleaner and quieter but bart passengers say there's one problem with the car of the future. >> also coming up, a first look. he is just a regular kid buy this 2-year-old just beat a scary life-threatening condition that came all of a sudden. his amazing story of survival when we come back. ,, ,,
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meeting about the crisis in ukraine. u-s secretary of state john developing news from geneva, switzerland this morning where diplomats from several countries are meeting about the ukraine. secretary of state john kerry is there along with representatives from ukraine, russia and european union. in eastern ukraine tensions turned deadly this morning. three pro-russian separatists were killed. president obama says the white house is prepared to put more pressure on russia if the
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violence continues. there is a possible new clue in the search for the missing malaysia airlines plane. an oil slick has been found near underwater sounds were heard that could have come from an aircraft black box. that oil is being analyzed and officials say they will continue searching for possible debris on the ocean floor at least through the weekend. after a much closer look at bart's future new cars, some disabled people are not happy about it. kpix 5's andria borba on what they say is the problem and how they plan to handle it. reporter: with the tug of a sheet, the bart cars of the future were revealed at justin herman plaza, free of upholstery, the collective stink of thousands of daily commuters can be hosed away, allot with other improvements, too,. >> i like the fact that you're able to park three bikes in one location. >> reporter: but reviews aren't all raves. >> this is small for someone
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like me. >> reporter: offender number one for the disabled community this pole meant to ease the burden for standing riders, right in the doorway. the executive director of the independent living resource center says the pole's placement reduces accessibility. she says riding bart with her service dog phoenix is already a challenge. and no easier for folks in wheelchairs. >> there was a lot of conversation from the bart board today about, oh, well we have to balance the rights of everyone, to which i say, balancing the rights, uhm, of everyone does not -- it doesn't seem right that my community has to take a giant step backwards. >> reporter: there's already pending litigation from disabled advocates about a similar public transit design on washington, d.c.'s metro and the new bart design already on the radar of national advocates. >> bart seems to need a little bit of a schooling in what
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civil rights means. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix 5. >> 1,000 new train cars will go into service in the year 2017. 4:47. here's lawrence with a check on our lovely weather, right? >> not a bad drive in today, right? a little hazy outside right now. very early very dark still but looking like a nice day ahead. a whole lot of sunshine today but the temperatures are going to start to come down a few degrees and, well, more of that in the near future, as well. out the door we go. we have clouds beginning to move in closer to the coastline. in fact, i think we'll begin to see a little more fog at the beaches. mostly clear but hazy right now away from the coast. mostly sunny, temperatures cooler into the afternoon. that cooling trend going to continue at least into the first part of the weekend. high pressure beginning to break down. we have one low off the coastline, most of the clouds from that will head into southern california. this will move closer to the bay area for tomorrow bringing more high clouds and deepening the marine layer bringing in cooler air tomorrow and into
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the first part of the weekend. temperatures warm to hot in spots. 91 fresno today. 85 in sacramento. about 64 degrees partly cloudy skies in lake tahoe. cloudy at the coastline throughout the day, more of that and then mid- to high- level clouds working their way on through tomorrow, so some cooler air coming in our direction bringing the temperatures down at least into friday and saturday. numbers looking like this today, 75 in san jose and sunny. 69 and breezy into union city. east bay temperatures in the 70s. 61 daly city. 65 san francisco. 69 alameda. over the next couple of days we'll cool down those temperatures but warming up just in time for easter and next week, some unsettled weather clouds roll in maybe some rain returns late monday night into tuesday. >> oh, no! all right. i'm a sunshine girl. [ laughter ] all right. thanks, lawrence. and out the door we go. so what do we have?
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we actually have a couple of different incidents out there. this one though sounds like it's in the clearing stages already. we just put up a map but it's already clearing. so the road is clear eastbound 780. heads up westbound 780 looks slow. there may be some activity there still off to the right- hand shoulder. again the lanes are blocked. where lanes are blocked, almaden expressway, closed in fact. the northbound lanes at coleman. there's a serious injury accident. and chp isn't sure how much longer they are going to be out there. 101 from morgan hill looks great two thumbs up for 280 through downtown san jose all the way out into cupertino. silicon valley drivers everything is very quiet as well in milpitas. that is the 880/237 interchange. you're looking good all the way past that zanker road exit. and this is what it looks like at the richmond/san rafael bridge toll plaza. at this time of the morning, just a few lonely headlights heading into marin county. that's your latest "kcbs
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traffic" check. back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. 4:49 now. a 2-year-old campbell boy went down for a nap and nearly died. >> five months and several surgeries later, kpix 5 reporter len ramirez shows us doctors have finally saved him. reporter: his preschoolteachers nicknamed 2- year-old jailem the bulldozer. >> he was the strongest little kid and always playing with his big brother and, you know, wrestling with him and just typical boy stuff. >> reporter: but one day last fall, he began screaming in pain, a rare and life- threatening blood clot suddenly forming in the back of his brain. he was airlifted to packard children's hospital where doctors first relieved the pressure building up inside of his head. >> he was very sick. he was in a deep coma. he required life-saving measures just to keep him alive. and it wasn't clear whether he would survive in the very beginning. where he hemorrhaged in the cerebellum -- >> reporter: this brain scan shows how big the clot was. dr. edwards knew he would need brain surgery but had to wait 30 days to give the child a chance to regain strength needed to survive the operating
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room. last friday, the six-hour surgery was a success. >> there is about as complex a surgery as we do in neurosurgery. it's a difficult surgery in a difficult area of the brain with very high risks. but once the avm is out, then he is cured. so he can't bleed again. >> reporter: there was a chance he could have been partially paralyzed but he regained full strength. the bulldozer was back. >> unbelievable. i mean, he is doing so well. he just had the surgery on friday. he is sitting up. he is able to move all limbs. it was just a huge burden off our shoulders, huge sense of relief and, you know, able to let go of that anxiety a bit. >> reporter: len ramirez, kpix 5. >> the bulldozer is back! he gets to go home today. >> his parents are going to crackdown or the horse play between him and his 4-year-old brother in the meantime. california is in the midst of a drought but portland is about to drain its entire reservoir. the teenaged antics prompting a
4:52 am
drastic move coming up. 4:51. injured and malnourished. the horrific journey of one sea lion in distress and his miracle recovery. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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around the bay area today, 61 degrees in daly city cool and breezy. but should see some sunshine early on. you will see a lot of sun along the peninsula in the south bay, lots of 70s, 75 san jose, 79 in gilroy. east bay temperatures under mostly sunny skies this afternoon. as high as 76 in pleasanton. 78 in antioch jock and 76 in danville. toward the north bay, those temperatures still looking very nice. you will see mostly sunny skies, about 71 degrees in
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petaluma. 74 in ukraine. into san francisco, a little cooler breezy today about 650 degrees downtown. >> commute out of tracy yellow sensors to north flynn slower, conditions improve into pleasanton. full look at your travel times, "kcbs traffic" minutes away. 4:55. new this morning, hundreds of people in the tiny town of solvang in santa barbara county are back loam this morning. 700 homes were evacuated late yesterday at a potentially explosive military weapon was found. that weapon which appeared to be some sort of artillery shell was found on a road near homes. the bomb squad cleared the explosive. no word on how it got there. an injured sea lion pup recovering at the marine mammal center in sausalito. the sea lion nicknamed hoppie was found in the san joaquin river malnourished with deep scars on his back and was unable to get back into the
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pacific ocean. >> hoppie was found 100 miles from the coastline in los banos. >> long way from home. once he is fattened up, hoppie should be released back into the ocean in six weeks. has a ways to go. in portland they are flushing 38 million gallons of drinking water all because of a teenager who urinated in the reservoir. a surveillance camera caught the 19-year-old in the act. he is seen relieving himself through a fence as his friends waited behind him. now, all three were cited. the reservoir is now offline for water quality tests but the plan is still to dump it all just in case. it is 4:56. and hope is fading off the coast of south korea as the chances of finding survivors on a sinking ferry get smaller. coming up, the difficulty rescuers are facing this morning. >> reporter: we're live in redwood city, one person dead another injured after a boating accident. we'll tell you what the coast guard is saying. ,,
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developing news. one person is dead after a boating accident on san francisco bay. it happened yesterday evening during an informal sailboat race in the waters off redwood city. >> two cadaver dogs searching the rubble of an old tv studio in san jose may have found something. investigators aren't sure if anyone was found in the fire. they will be back out searching this morning. >> she hovered over him to protect him. >> a mother escapes a san francisco apartment fire only to head back into the flames to save her son. >> hundreds of people are still missing after a ferry capsized off the coast of south korea. and the hope of finding survivors is fading, as well. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. captions by: caption colorado good morning, i'm juliette goodrich in for michelle
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griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is nearly 5:00. out the door a little traffic and weather and some good news from mr. lawrence karnow, ladies and gentlemen. >> yeah. got a lot of sunshine coming our way again today starting out a little bit hazy in spots. we have seen a couple of patches of fog along the coastline although as we head throughout the day, it will be mostly sunny around the bay area. but some cooler temperatures on tap as we have our approaching cold front. still we're looking at 70s inside the bay. mid- to upper 70s as you head to the valleys today mostly sunny skies, patchy fog at the coastline throughout the day and temperatures there in the low 60s. over the bay hazy conditions right now. the temperatures are in the 40s and the 50s. by the afternoon, plenty of sunshine in most spots but cooler, 75 degrees in san jose. should be 71 in oakland. a little breezy into san francisco at 65 degrees. all right. let's check the roads with elizabeth. that dry weather always helps us out for the morning commute. so far we problem-free. if you are coming out of walnut creek leaving on southbound 680 or westbound 24 it's all gree


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