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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 18, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> the high school vice principal rescued from a sunken south korean ferry is found dead. over 200 people remain missing. >> developing news out of nepal where an avalanche has killed at least a dozen people on mount everest. the victims are all sherpa guides. >> reporter: today marks the 108th anniversary of the great 1906 earthquake in san francisco. it is considered one of the most significant quakes of all time. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. good morning, i'm juliette goodrich. michelle is off this morning. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. happy friday. it's good friday. time now 6:00. let's check in with liz for the morning commute. >> no metering lights and barely any delays at the bay bridge toll plaza.
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this is with an accident still in the clearing stages westbound 80 near the tunnel. it is good friday as we just mentioned so a lot of folks off, lighter volume of traffic. through the altamont pass not even the usual backups on tracy on 205. we see sluggish conditions on westbound 580 at livermore valley. a few yellow sensors by the vasco road exit. overall much better than a normal drive time. mass transit systemwide no delays, bart, muni, caltrain and ace no delays. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." here's brian with the forecast. >> weather is also looking good this early friday morning with mostly clear skies around the bay area. the promise for a nice mild friday ahead. here's forecast highs for later in the afternoon. we are looking for things to be mostly sunny around the bay and temperatures about low 70s there, inland upper 70s along the coast, low 60s will do it. right now we are starting out the day with readings mostly in the 50sit is 5:00. get you out the door with a .
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-- a nice easter weekend in the bay area with numbers approaching 80 degrees by sunday. then we are guilty to cool it down big time ton tuesday. transof rain tuesday. we'll have the complete weather forecast coming up. first the latest, here's frank and juliette. thank you. happening today, commemorations to mark 108 years since a massive earthquake devastated much of the bay area. anne makovec joins us live from san francisco where events are continuing.>> reporter: good morning. i'm going to do a live painting of the hydrant at the top of dolores park right now all part of the commemoration of the 1906 earthquake. this is something that they have been doing every year. each spray is in commemoration of one of the people who survived the earthquake. i'm doing this in honor of all of them.
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i'm not very good at this. this is a first, everybody. >> all right! [ applause ] >> reporter: very glad to be part of this, part of history here in san francisco. because it is a day that people will not forget and that we can't forget. it comes to earthquake preparedness. take a look at some of the footage from that date. 1906. the earthquake occurred at 5:12 a.m. since water mains were broken during the quake, the hydrants here that i just sprayed was one of the few working hydrants in the city credited with saving many buildings in the massive fires that broke out following the quake. over 80% of the city was destroyed around 3,000 people were killed. it's remembered as one of the worst natural disasters in history of the united states. >> we need to remember this. we need to be prepared. and this is all about remembering our great history and singing our beautiful songs and just keeping it alive.
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>> reporter: the day's ceremony started at lotta's fountain. this is footage from this morning where sirens wailed at exactly 5:12 a.m. the fountain itself served as a meeting point during the chaos of the day. after the ceremony here near dolores park, the celebration is going to move to geary street to lefty o'doul's where they will do the traditional breakfast. >> nice job marking that part of history there with that hydrant. i'm just curious if any of the survivors are there today. >> reporter: they usually come to the ceremonies. thank you! an official certificate that i helped paint the fire hydrant here. [ laughter ] >> reporter: television first right here. the survivors though, normally they show up at the ceremony. there are only two left as far as we know. and they are getting pretty old as you might imagine, 112 and 108 years old. so they just didn't feel up to
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getting up at this hour of the morning to be here. >> all right. put a frame on that there. that's special stuff there. all right. anne, thank you. >> live tv first. nice stuff. developing news out of marin county where another woman has been found dead on top of mount tamalpais. it was found near the mountain home inn parking lot where authorities found the body of a woman missing yesterday. more now from sharon chin. reporter: it took searchers about an hour to find the body of a woman that authorities say appears to match the description and clothes of missing 50-year-old marie sanner of mill valley. >> there is no obvious sign of the cause of death. >> reporter: marie is an avid hiker. he wanted to go home and she wanted to keep hiking. deputies say only the dog made it back to the car. her father reported her missing. a body was found in a drainage ditch off trail. >> she may have possibly fallen 40 or 50 feet down into the drainage which sadly is covered with large rocks and boulders.
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>> reporter: deputies say the woman's body was found less than a mile from where searchers recovered a menlo park woman's body last weekend. both found in drainage ditches with no obvious signs of trauma. >> we haven't identified anything criminal in either of these cases. >> reporter: they seem so similar. why do you believe there is no link? >> i'm basing it based on my experience having been with the sheriff's office here for 30 years, eight years with the search-and-rescue unit. we come up here frequently to assist people who have fallen or become injured here. >> reporter: the mystery is making frequent hikers think twice. >> two people right here? i'd be a little nervous around here. don't go hiking by yourself. >> that's just a cardinal rule, you don't go off the trail. >> reporter: the coroner still needs to identify the body and determine the cause of death. in mill valley, sharon chin, kpix 5.
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developing news in san jose. the police department is accused of protecting officers caught lying while on the job. kiet do live in san jose joins us now.kiet, an independent auditor says some officers had sex while on duty lied about it and really didn't get in much trouble, either. >> reporter: yeah, it's a scathing report indeed. likely to prompt swift reaction from city hall. we were there when judge ladoris cordell hand-delivered the report to the san jose police department yesterday. it highlights two cases where officers lied to cover up sexual misconduct while on duty. those officers were punished but cordell recommends the department fire officers who lie. >> really important, we believe, that this department have a zero tolerance policy if people --if officers are absolutely found to have lied. and that's true for at least two cases that we profiled in chapter 6 on sustained cases. >> reporter: that was one of 15 recommendations. more details coming up in the next half hour.
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we'll have more on the surprising findings when it comes to allegations of excessive use of force. the auditor now recommends that city council get involved. for now, live in downtown san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> and you can find the entire 115-page report at it is 6:08. and developing news on the ferry that sank in south korea. today prosecutors are seeking arrest warrants for three crew members including the captain. investigators are focusing on the sharp turn the boat took just before it start listing. and also, on whether an evacuation should have happened sooner. 28 people are confirmed dead after the ferry sank on wednesday. 270 others are missing. many of the passengers were high school students and teachers on a school trip. and new this morning, concord police are investigating the city's first homicide of the year. a man was found dead in the area of adelaide and laguna
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streets shortly before 9:00 last night. officers say he had been shot. there's no suspect information and the victim's name hasn't been released. crews spent half the night getting a derailed train back on the tracks. it was headed to a train yard in concord. no injuries. the derailment did not impact the evening commute. this happened before near that concord station. in february, a train jumped the tracks and was hanging over the edge tying up service for days. cal/osha has fined bart $210,000 for the death of two workers last year. the men were working on the tracks near walnut creek and pleasant hill when they were hit and killed by a bart train. it is 6:09 on this friday. an avalanche sweeps the popular climbing slopes of mount everest. coming up the search for survivors. >> reporter: here's another clue for you today. we have some of the best views of the bay. "where's roberta?" as the news continues on kpix 5.
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>> finding that out in a few minutes. first let's find out about weather today. mostly sunny. we are starting out with numbers in the low 50s but from there we get to near 80 degrees inland. the forecast coming up. first here's liz. >> if you are coming into palo alto right now, traffic is backed up for nearly a mile. it's because of an accident that's already on the shoulder by oregon expressway. we'll have all your drive times before you head to work after this.
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[ male announcer ] troubleshoot, manage appointments, and bill pay from your phone. introducing the xfinity my account app. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at it happened this morning ne nd coalinga. we just some breaking news out of richmond right now where police are investigating the shooting of a homeowner near 13th and calinga. the victim was shot several times in serious condition right now at the john muir trauma center. police are investigating whether there's a connection to another person who died from gunshot wounds at a different hospital this morning. and we have developing news
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out in nepal where an avalanche killed a dozen people on mount everest, all sherpa guides who set out this morning to fix ropes for other climbers. workers are searching for three other guides still missing. two survivors are being treated for injuries. officials there are calling this the worst disaster who hit climbers on the world's highest mountain. mount everest is trenning. also trending good friday. the religious holiday comes two days before easter in commemoration of the death of jesus christ. and a new planet found 500 light-years away and miley cyrus the singer in the hospital since tuesday after having a severe allergic reaction. cyrus has canceled all of her tour dates for the next week. also chelsea clinton the daughter of president clinton. she is pregnant with her first
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child. follow us on twitter, at #cbssf. is traffic lighter? >> it is. a lot of schools are out today. hopefully you're watching us lounging in bed, don't have to head to work today. because easter is a few days away. if you have to hit the roads, though, you will find a bit of a backup. this is the latest tweet from "kcbs traffic" letting us know it's stopped for a good mile or so trying to get into palo alto and the accident is not even blocking lanes. it's northbound 101 approaching oregon expressway. so you can see the yellow sensors out there. chp is on scene. we haven't heard about any serious injuries but again 280 is a better option in that area. checking some bridges right now, golden gate bridge looking golden. no issue at all, all across the span. four southbound lanes open in the commute direction getting all those drivers into san francisco. and this is how you can tell it's a nice day on the roads so far. bay bridge no metering lights. there was even an earlier stall and an accident on westbound 80. none of those have impacted the
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commute behind the pay gates. the metering lights remain off. so especially in the fastrak lanes, there's no delay at all trying to get into san francisco from oakland. speaking of oakland, here's a live look at the nimitz near the oakland coliseum. all those taillights you see there that is the commute direction traffic heading into downtown oakland. there was an earlier traffic alert didn't impact the commute for very long. everything is free-flowing into downtown. that is your latest "kcbs traffic." will it be a wet easter? let's check in with brian with the forecast. >> did you say a wet easter? >> i said will it be a wet easter? >> no, it's going to be a nice easter. let's have a look at the forecast for easter sunday. temperatures in the low 60s along the shoreline and as warm as almost 80 degrees inland with plenty of sunshine around and as we look this morning toward the bridge that opened on november 12th, 1936, the bay bridge, still standing proudly boldly out there, concord 53 degrees, oakland right now 54.
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livermore at 51. and san jose at 53 degrees. santa rosa right now is at 48 degrees. here's how we look for the game tonight. oakland taking on the astros 7:05 p.m., fair skies heading out there. and 62 degrees. should be mighty nice. in fact, it's going to be nice all weekend with high pressure off the pacific coastline. we look for sunny skies, sunny weekend, then things change. tuesday it looks like it's going to be really cold and really kind of wet. sunny through the weekend though. temperatures remain warm and wild -- and wild. rain chance by tuesday with numbers coming all the way down into the low 60s inland. and the snow levels coming down to 3500 feet! boy, talk about a cold spring storm. not going to be a lot of moisture but it will get distinctly cooler. that's tuesday. for today looks nice down in the south bay 70s will do it. in berkeley today, 68 degrees. 74 at concord. 76 for fairfield. and 70 up in santa rosa. extended forecast is going to be looking for sunshine through monday. temperatures warm on sunday to the low 80s. for easter sunday boy, it's looking mighty fine! tuesday cooling off and maybe
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some rain coming down on tuesday. >> we'll take it. we need a little rain. >> we don't have a choice. >> it's coming. >> it's coming. >> all right, thank you, brian. well, it's time to find out where roberta is. earlier in the newscast we got a couple of clues. we had no clue. kpix 5's roberta gonzales live to tell us exactly where she is. where are you? good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jules. hi there, frank. hi, brian. i know you're back there, too, and elizabeth. earlier i was telling you i was at one of my favorite places in the bay area. it's filled with so much great emotion where people come and say, hello! and sometimes good-bye. and when i come here, i end up taking off my shoes and sometimes i even stay a while. welcome to oakland international airport in this week's edition of "where's roberta?." reporter: oakland international airport is a public airport five miles south of downtown oakland. there are three international airports in the san francisco bay area. deborah flint is oakland
6:19 am
airport aviation director. she is in charge of all planes as they come and go. airport employees and making sure people travel safely and comfortably within her airport. >> right now, we are really focused on being the airport of choice for not just the travelers in the bay area, but for travelers across the world. >> reporter: this is an airport with history. it is the oldest airport in the bay area with its first air traffic controller tower operational in 1927. it's second tower was constructed in 1967 and its third unveiled in 2013. >> oakland has a rich history and people think about oakland today but they might not know the deep history that we have that dates back to pre-world war ii eras, 1927, where so many of the historic aviation flights took place from oakland. >> reporter: deborah ale-flint has vision. >> for flights from europe, from -- more flights from europe, from hawaii, from across the domestic united states for people to come in and enjoy the great bay area. >> reporter: bart is coming to oakland international airport.
6:20 am
tell me about that. >> in the fall of this year, we are going to unveil our new rail connection to the bart system. we're connected today by bus. but the future is going to be astounding. >> reporter: an airport with bay area history moves forward while honoring its past. >> there are a number of challenges. but a number of great opportunities. >> reporter: honestly, i love to travel. i love everything about airports. i know this airport like the back of my hand. i could even tell you my favorite restaurant here is undule. if you go on to oakland or just visit us online at, you can get a discount coupon for parking and save you anywhere from $4 to $8. that's one of my inside tips. but when bart comes here you don't even need to worry about parking anymore and i'm really excited about bart coming to the oakland international airport. >> you know my favorite part? they actually have a fenton's ice cream creamery at the oakland airport. when i come in from the east
6:21 am
coast, i go straight there. >> reporter: you know one thing i like, i like getting my shoes shined here. i do. i come early just to get that done. >> it's the little things. >> reporter: jules, you can tell them about our experience at the airport. >> can you say that on tv? >> to be tend. >> i like the burritos there. >> to be continued. a new production a shiny spotlight on the inner workings of the silicon valley. going to take you behind the scenes of this great play coming up next. >> giants bring out the brooms to try to sweep the dodgers but forget to bring their bats and the sharks try to send a big statement to the kings in game one of the play-offs. we'll take you out to the tank next in sports. what's cool about your school? you can email your nominations to, we may come and feature your school on the show. ,,
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for the third time in four years, the sharks faced l.a. in the play-offs with these two teams a game is never over until the final buzzer. patrick marleau and the sharks ready for game one just a little over 3 minutes into the game, joe thornton tips in the pass from joe pavelski right past jonathan quick to give san jose a 1-0 lead. less than a minute to play in the first period, rookie tomas hertl scores to make it 2-0. hertl injured in this knee in a collision in december versus the kings and just recently returned. it's 2-0 sharks. san jose scored again in the first to make it 3-0 and in the second, raffi torres playing in just his sixth game all year, scores to make it 4-0. kings 4- 3 in the third but win, sharks win 6-3. a clean-shaven madison baumgarner looking to beat l.a. top of the 2nd l.a. singles with two out off madison baumgarner to score a
6:26 am
run to give the dodgers a 1-0 lead. brian wilson pitched the ace with the dodgers up 2-0 and the beard got bus. posey to fly out with two on to end the inning. out with two on to end the inning. giants scored in the ninth but l.a. would hang on for the 2-1 win. and the warriors will look to beat l.a. also. their play-off series begins tomorrow against the clippers. i'm andrea nakano and that's sports this morning. play of the day time. major league baseball something you don't see very often. we have the yankees, we have tampa bay, the rays on offense. watch. >> nobody out here in the second. bouncing ball to third. he steps on -- >> it's a triple play! [ applause and cheers ] >> cc sabathia on the mound for that, too. the kid out of vallejo. the yankees won 10-2 on the triple play. it is 6:26. and coming up, searchers find a woman's body on mount tamalpais for the second time in weeks. the similar circumstances
6:27 am
surrounding the body's discovery. >> reporter: and commemoration ceremonies are under way in san francisco to mark the anniversary of the 1906 earthquake. we'll remember next. ,,
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your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. a garage in petaluma goes up in flames overnight. the lucky break that allowed people and pets inside to escape. >> and silicon valley takes center stage. the play that hits home in the south bay. >> and meanwhile, here we have a nice day on tap for the bay area with temperatures starting out in the low to mid-50s.
6:31 am
but then it gets warm from there. details coming up. >> and a problem spot still brewing in palo alto along the peninsula. waiting for tow crews northbound 101, how bad are the delays is this we'll let you know coming up. thank you, liz. good morning, happy good friday, everyone. it's april 18. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm juliette goodrich in for michelle griego. we have developing news out of marin county where another woman has been found dead on mount tamalpais. it was found near a missing car. it took searchers an hour to find the body which authorities say matches the description of 50-year-old marie christine sanner of mill valley. she was with her dog and a friend hiking wednesday night. end to keep hiking in the dark and she wanted to go home. she turned around but deputies say only her dog made it back to the car. he wanted to keep hiking in the dark and she wanted to go home. >> she may have possibly fallen
6:32 am
40 or 50 feet down into the drainage. sadly, it's covered with large rocks and boulders. >> deputies say the woman's body was found less than a mile from where searchers recovered a menlo park woman's body last weekend. both found in drainage ditches with no obvious signs of trauma. it is 6:32. time for a little weather. we have a big holiday weekend, brian. looks good. >> it does look very nice. near 80 by easter sunday and that's not so bad. then things really turn around by tuesday. but in the meantime, there is sunshine. we are starting out that way with much of the bay area with clear skies around and temperatures into the low to mid-70s. forecast for highs, we'll have a few low clouds along the shoreline. other than that, it looks like clear sailing as we look toward the bay bridge, we have sunny mild conditions today. warm temperatures through monday. then it will really cool down on tuesday. we'll only be in the low 60s on tuesday. plenty of sunshine between now and then. today in the low 70s in the south bay. 71 for san jose.
6:33 am
and 70 at mountain view. 74 livermore. we'll have more coming up. here's liz with the traffic. it is a holiday so,al we are doing great on the roads. we have a one problem spot today continuing to be palo alto. we are waiting for tow crews. for a while one lane was blocked. not sure now, there's kind of a little confusion, it may be clearing. it's northbound 101 oregon expressway and our sensors begin to pick up the delays around rangesdorf in mountain view. so everywhere else you can see all green on the sensors, so it's good friday, schools out for a lot of folks, maybe you're not going to work today. the richmond/san rafael bridge toll plaza slight delays typical for this time of the morning. bay bridge it's extra "friday light." no delay barely at all maybe a few cars deep in the cash lane but they have not switched on the metering lights yet which is great news if you are a fast track user. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." back to you guys >> thank you. new this morning, a quick- thinking witness got people and
6:34 am
their dogs out of the burning home near petaluma overnight. the home on lakeville highway near cannon lane caught fire around 2 a.m. it started in the garage. take a look. the entire structure went up quickly. matthew connolly was driving by at the time and woke up all three people inside and got them out safely. >> i just ran towards the house. i knocked on the windows and doors and luckily, people came out, heard me. >> nobody was hurt. the garage and two cars completely destroyed. and there was some damage to the main house. but everyone is safe. happening today, people are commemorating the deadly earthquake that devastated much of the bay area on this day back in 1906. kpix 5's anne makovec has been talking to those attending the morning event in san francisco. and i might say, participating in the celebrations, as well. good morning, anne. >> reporter: good morning. i got a chance to do a little
6:35 am
painting on this fire hydrant myself just part of the commemoration of the earthquake that hit on this day in 1906. take a look at this fire hydrant because it is still a working fire hydrant and it is credited for helping save the city in a massive fire that erupted after that earthquake. here's some footage that we took early of people helping to spray-paint. this is an annual tradition and each spray was made in honor of one of the survivors of that quake that struck at precisely 5:12 a.m. here's some of the footage from that day. this is -- about 80% of the city was destroyed. around 3,000 people were killed. we don't even have a solid number on that because the city was so devastated they weren't able to get an accurate count when it comes to the actual quake and then the fires that followed. it is remembered as one of the worst natural disasters in the history of the united states. >> well, i think we're much
6:36 am
better prepared. we're working together collectively under mayor lee department by department shoulder to shoulder. but weave a lot of vulnerability. but we have invested in our infrastructure. we are continuing to do that. we redundancy built into our water supply system. many tools in the toolbox so to speak. the day's ceremony started at lotta's market where sirens were wailing at 5:12 a.m. the fountain was a meeting point for the chaos of the day. 20th and church street at the top of dolores park back here live now. normally survivors of the earthquake come to the ceremonies every year but as you can imagine on the 108th anniversary there are not a lot survivors left. there two we know of, 112 and 108 years old. at this point, they just felt like sleeping in rather than
6:37 am
making it to this ceremony this morning. can't blame 'em. >> i think we can understand why. i hope we all get that far. how about the celebration? i guess it's not over yet? they spray-painted the hydrant and now they are off to somewhere else, right? >> reporter: yeah. now they are off to lefty o'doul's another san francisco institution. what's left to do but have a drink? there's a breakfast going on there starting in a few minutes. >> that place will be packed. okay, anne makovec, live for us here in the city. thank you. a big play in the silicon valley tries to capture the high drama involved in the world of technological innovation. kpix 5's keit do shows us the production that tackles some timely issues. reporter: what's the next big thing in tech? after all the protests against the commuter buses and protests against skyrocketing rents to attacks on google glass wearers, maybe the next big thinking is self-examination. >> like a mad man. [ laughter ] >> oh.... [ laughter ]
6:38 am
>> reporter: a new play called "game on" at the san jose repertory theater is a mashup of humor, passion, greed, environmental and capitalism the first production about silicon valley in silicon valley in 13 years. it could not have come at a better time. >> how do we marry, uhm, our desire for success and our desire for fortune with our responsibility to the planet and our fellow man? these are big questions in the play. [ yelling ] [ cursing ] >> reporter: the play focuses on the final tense moments leading up to the meeting of a venture capitalist with millions on the lane. alvin has the job of pitching insects as the next big food source. he is a failed wall street hedge fund manager. [ laughter ] >> reporter: after months of research and coaching about what goes on in these high pressure confrontations, it's a convincing performance. >> enter the insect.
6:39 am
it's the next frontier and it's wide open. >> you're predicting the demise of the beef market in the u.s.? fat chance. >> reporter: this is not meant to skewer silicon valley in any way? >> no, more than anything it's a celebration. >> reporter: the play the couple that heads up a foundation. they say it captures the passion of the wannabe do gooders who want to make a lot of money. >> rather than saying it's evil, it's not evil, it's human. [ screaming ] >> you want to blow up the whole deal? right there on the table. >> reporter: it's a silicon valley paradox. hating the wealthy and working hard to be just like 'em. in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> still got time. "game on" three more performances at the san jose rep. one tonight and two on saturday. all right. an environmental report is raising sensor every concerns about chevron's plan to upgrade technology and expand its
6:40 am
richmond refinery. the up grade chevron proposes would allow the refinery to process dirtier crude than now. and that would double sulfur emissions. sulfur is what corroded the piping in the crude units at the refinery in 2012 causing a massive explosion. environmentalists are fighting the plan. >> this community and any -- all the other communities along the refinery corridor have already been suffering disproportionate amounts of cancers, asthma and other respiratory illness. >> it's going to give opportunity for training for our community for our youth to work to bring crime down creating jobs and opportunities. >> a coalition of union workers is support, the plan because it creates new jobs. chevron admits sulphur emissions would increase but plans to reduce other toxins and greenhouse gases to compensate. and arts and crafts chain michaels is the latest to report a possible security breach. the company says it began last year. now, michaels says about 2.6 million cards may have been
6:41 am
affected. that's about 7% of all debit and credit cards used at the company's stores. about 400,000 cards were potentially affected at aaron brothers, a michaels subsidiary. the company says it has contained the breach. happening today, a san jose state panel is expected to release its final recommendations on how to improve racial issues on the campus there. the task force was created after allegations that an african-american student was bullied and racially targeted by his caucasian roommates last year. that criminal case still going on. the panel will recommend the create a new diversity office and course for new students. developing news on the ferry accident in south korea. today prosecutors are asking a court for arrest warrants for the captain and two crew members. 28 people now confirmed dead, 270 others still missing. today a high school vice principal who had been rescued was found dead hanging from a tree.
6:42 am
he left a suicide note saying he felt guilty for being alive while so many students on the field trip were dead or missing. time now 6:42. police reconstruct the deadly crash between a fedex truck and a bus full of high school students. what investigators are hoping to learn. >> reporter: a new report shows san jose police officers were having sex while on duty caught lying about it and did not get fired. we have a live report coming up. ,,,, [doorbell rings]
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person is dead and another s injured by gunfire..... and police are investigating wh connected. one person is dead in richmond another injured by gunfire. police are investigating whether the shootings are connected. it happened around 1 a.m. near 13th and coalinga. the victim was shot several times in serious condition in
6:46 am
the hospital. the second person died at a different hospital. developing news down at san jose. the city's police department is accused of protecting officers caught behaving badly. kiet do joins us live now in san jose. kidd, an independent auditor says some officers had sex while on duty, lied about it and still kept their jobs. >> reporter: yeah. officers have been dealing with a lot in the past couple of years. they have had budget cuts, low morale, understaffing, officers leaving for other departments. they are having a hard time hiring officers on the department. and now this. the annual independent police auditor's report is out and it is not good. independent police auditor and former judge ladoris cordell hand-delivered her year end report to the san jose city clerk's office. the 115-page document raises concerns and recommends the department start firing officers caught lying to internal affairs investigators. >> it's really important, we believe, that this department have a zero tolerance policy. >> reporter: the report notes two sustained cases where
6:47 am
officers had sex while on duty and later falsified reports or lied about the incidents. they were both disciplined but not fired. one case found a uniformed officer and a female school employee had sex in a room at the school. she claims sexual assault. internal affairs determined the officer provided false information in his police report. cordell says most departments would have terminated him. but not san jose. >> did an informal survey of other police departments around the country, and most of them told us that basically they have a rule, you lie, you die. meaning you lie to internal affairs, you --you --you can no longer be in the department because that's the integrity of the department that's on --on the line there. >> reporter: the report also found something surprising when it looked at allegations of excessive use of force by officers. >> there were 93 force allegations, people complaining about excessive force, that we audited in 2013.
6:48 am
not one of them was sustained. since 2007, there's only been one sustained force allegation. >> reporter: cordell says it's up to the city council to find out why so few allegations of force are upheld against officers. >> it's worthy of discussion to ask, well, what's going on? >> reporter: so this report has only been out about a half day, so no response from the police department or the city. we're live in downtown san jose. kiet do, kpix 5. >> and you can find the entire 115 page report at time now is 6:48. authorities have released 911 reportings from that deadly crash involving a fedex truck and a charter bus on interstate 5 wrap
6:49 am
trying to re the crash scene similar truck and bus. the crash kil students, three chaperon th ers of both vehicles. >> yesterday chp investigators were at the scene in glenn county trying to recreate the crash scene using a similar truck and bus. the crash killed 5 students, 3 chaperones and the drivers of both vehicles. 6:49. a check of traffic and weather on this good friday. >> it's good friday light in a lot of places except palo alto. it continues to be our problem spot. it's taken a while for crews to clear it. we're not sure why but northbound 101 by oregon expressway one lane still possibly blocked and unfortunately the traffic jam in that area continues to get worse. it's backed up to shoreline right now in mountain view so 280 is a much better option for you if you are about to head out the door. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. so they switched the metering lights on just a short time ago about 10 or 15 minutes ago and you can see there is no wait in the cash or the fastrak lanes. this is a great morning to be heading into san francisco.
6:50 am
no wait there. even in the livermore valley we put up one of the drive time sensors, 64 miles per hour. as you get closer to vasco, on the usual commute this would slow down. you know it if you commute every day from tracy. not seeing usual delays even from 205. here's one more live look out the door. the nimitz freeway 880 in oakland. looking good all the way to your downtown oakland exits. it is friday, so on fridays we want to know what drives you crazy? we got an email from helen in petaluma. she wrote in to say, you know, her commute is only about three miles or so but she hates the drivers who stop at those roundabouts when no cars are coming. she says when there's no stop sign, don't stop. all right, helen. when someone mentions roundabouts i'm always reminded of this hilarious scene in national lampoon's european vacation. he gets stuck going around and around in a circle in london and can't ever catch the exit lane. roundabouts can be confusing so here's a few tips for you. number one, yield to cars to the left. number two, reduce your speed. and number 3, if you are
6:51 am
already in the roundabout, don't ever stop unless of course to avoid a crash. we want to know what drives you crazy during your morning commute. ask a question or share a gripe by emailing or tweet me at #ewengerkpix and watch to see if your question gets answered on ai these a check of your latest "kcbs traffic." here's brian with the weather. thank you, miss w. we are starting out with a beautiful day and the sunrise about as good as it gets as we head out and look over the bay bridge. the old twin back-to-back suspension structure you can see the sun rising above the towers, a gorgeous start to monday morning. oh, i'm sorry, friday morning! what a terrible thing to say on friday morning! [ laughter ] >> boo! >> feels like monday to me. 54 at livermore. [ laughter ] >> 55 degrees and in san francisco 53. one day becomes a lot like the other. when you say fog and low clouds in the morning and clearing in
6:52 am
the afternoon. high temperatures around warm temperatures for the bay area. up to 80 by easter sunday. but it's going to be cooler and wed by tuesday as this system works its way down from the pacific northwest. it will spread rain down to about the north bay. but that's on tuesday. in the meantime, sunshine and plenty of it. so here's what's next. we look for sunny warm weather for the next few days, mild along the shoreline and then a chance of rain coming in by tuesday. in the meantime, temperatures remain nice warm and mild. today san jose is up to 71. 101 at morgan hill 74. 74 at sunnyvale and 67 degrees at hayward. out in the east bay mid-70s to upper 70s should do it. 76 at brentwood. 76 fairfield. up in the north bay, a lot of sunshine and 70 at santa rosa. 73 for kentfield. and way up north 77 at ukraine. extended forecast we are going to be looking for the numbers to be in the low 80s on easter sunday. that is plenty warm. and then chance of rain coming into the bay area on tuesday.
6:53 am
so the sun is shining. >> the chamber of commerce called, they want their friday back. >> they can have it. >> monday, come on. >> they're online one! [ laughter ] coming up, the international community reaching and agreement that could end violence in ukraine. more on the breakthrough with the latest coming up. >> reporter: it is the 108th anniversary of the great earthquake of 1906. coming up next, we'll show you how the city of san francisco remembers. thank you! thank you! dedicated bankers born to go the extra mile. you've been such a big help. it's what i like to do. so you can choose a bank where helping people comes first.
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[monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. community is calling for an immediate five things to know at the :55. the international community challenge for an immediate end now to the violence in ukraine following agreement in geneva. the deal calls for a cease-fire between ukraine and russia. a quick-thinking witness got people and pets out of a
6:57 am
burning home near petaluma overnight. the fire started in a garage in a home on lakeville highway. a man woke up three people inside. another woman found dent in mount tamalpais found in a parking lot less than a mile from where another dead woman was found two weeks ago. a man was found dead in adelaide and laguna around 9:00. no suspect information. no victim information. good news truckloads of turf rolling into the new santa clara 49ers stadium today. it's a special blend designed for the local climate. i'm anne makovec live in san francisco where the city is remembering the anniversary of the 1906 earthquake. part of the ceremony is this hydrant which was spray-painted an annual event since water mains were broken during the quake. this was one of the few working
6:58 am
hydrants in the city credited with saving many buildings in the massive fires that broke out following the quake. here's some footage. devastation around the city, 3,000 people killed. it is remembered as one of the worst natural disasters in the history of the united states. >> we need to remember this. we need to be prepared. and this is all about remembering our great history and singing our beautiful songs and, uhm, just keeping it alive. >> reporter: the day's ceremony started at lotta's fountain where sirens wailed at 5:12 a.m. the fountain was a meeting point on that day. the commemoration this year ends up at lefty o'doul's's on geary street where they are having a breakfast. live in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. one mother "kcbs traffic" check. it's starting to get slow --
6:59 am
one more "kcbs traffic" traffic check. slow milpitas, 880/237. there was a crash at oregon expressway in palo alto. good sized delays, 22 miles per hour around mountain view when it starts to slow down. at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's a great ride even though the metering lights are on there's barely a delay at all into san francisco. and on this good friday, all mass transit is on a regular schedule. we're starring out with a beautiful friday. high pressure in full command of the eastern pacific meaning a sunny weekend. changes coming in on tuesday but in the meantime, today looks nice. 73 degrees in pleasanton. 74 in livermore. here in the city, 63 degrees. 71 in vallejo. 70 in santa rosa. the extended forecast warm weekend right through easter sunday and then tuesday turns cold and wet. after that it will be sunny. in the meantime frank and juliette will remind us, what day is this again? >> friday. a special birthday, lawrence's
7:00 am
birthday. your traffic producer's birthday. my daughter's birthday today. let go to lefty o'doul's! [ laughter ] good morning to our views in the west. it is friday, april 18, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." the captain in the south korea ferry tragedy could face arrest this morning, with angry parents desperate for words on hundreds of teen-agers. >> an historic disaster on mount everest. a race to found survivors after a deadly avalanche. >> and keeping the faith in a changing world. >> we begin with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> it'sa court iss


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