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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 22, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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say. >> we are! we are closer to the weekend than we were yesterday! no getting around that. >> just a little bit. [ laughter ] >> some showers out there today. a couple of scattered light showers now. we could see a few more showers but the winds are going to whip today. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and chp issued a high wind advisory for the dumbarton bridge. there were also some trees, branches down along parts of 280 in san jose. so we'll have a full breakdown of your wet windy morning commute coming up. a santa clara teenager remains in protective custody in him him. this morning after stowing away -- in hawaii this morning after stowing away in the belly of a plane. he was taken away by ambulance on sunday in maui. investigators say the 15-year- old scaled a fence in mineta international airport in san jose and got into the wheel well of a hawaiian airliner from flew from san jose to maui to the airport. the adventure was allegedly triggered by a family argument.
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kpix 5 reporter linda yee reports experts are amazed that the kid survived the flight. >> reporter: this is what take- off looks like from inside a wheel well of a plane similar to the hawaiian airlines 767 where the stowaway hid. he survived a 5.5 flight in freezing temperatures. ground crews discovered him when the plane landed in maui. >> he was week, hanging from the wheel well and fell to the ground. >> reporter: medical experts say it's improbable but not impossible to survive the extreme conditions. warm hydraulic lines and tires after take-off provide the heat in the wheel well but after the plane climbs the stowaway is deprived of oxygen and becomes unconscious. >> he passed out. >> reporter: in a perfect storm of circumstances, the subzero temperatures as much as 70
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degrees below zero hypothermia sets in lowering oxygen demand preserving his nervous system. >> you go into a sense of hibernation so what could have potentially happen is with the slowdown of the metabolism in the brain and body the systems are reserved for the essentials to keep him alive. >> reporter: the wheel well is a small compartment. my colleague brian webb demonstrates. >> so i'm in the wheel well of a smaller plane but you get the idea. not much room in here for anything more than the wheels themselves. >> reporter: enough room, say airline mechanics, but barely. >> there's plenty of room in there you about you would kind of have to know where to be, because when that gear comes up, it comes up fast and hard. and the first thing would you have to worry about is being crushed if you are in the wrong place. >> reporter: linda yee, kpix 5. >> now, kpix 5's betty yu is in hawaii where surveillance video caught the teen crawling out of the plane. reporter: here i hawaii we
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are learning more details about the boy who stowed away. he was disoriented and tired. he was found with a pocket comb on him when he landed and nothing else. authorities say when they began questioning him, he had a hard time hearing. he eventually was able to hear a little bit better but he was also hungry. they tell us that they bought him lunch. they served him some hawaiian cookies and water. and he did gain some strength after that. but they expected him to be in worse condition. >> now, according to the federal aviation administration, 105 people have stowed away inside a wheel well since 1947. the santa clara teen is one of only 25 survivors. san jose police and federal investigators are still trying to determine how this kid got on the tarmac in the first place in mineta international airport. airport's open areas are surrounded by razor wire fence. the boy got over it and through
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it. sjc's spokesman says its security program meets all federal standards. >> despite this, no system is 100%. and it is possible to scale an airport's perimeter fence line especially undercover of darkness. >> so far, there's no timeline from when the teen hopped the fence and when he got on that plane. but i got to tell you, everyone is talking about this story. >> absolutely. >> a head shaker. 4:34. we're also talking about the rain. >> a couple of scattered showers nothing too heavy. a chance of a few more showers out there this morning but then things going to quickly wind down. the skies will begin to part. those winds probably the major weather story for today. out the door we go. we have our hi-def doppler checking out your skies and a weak system sliding through the bay area just bringing some scattered light showers early on today. but even those are starting to dissipate already. the winds though they are beginning to kick up. 16 miles per hour in san jose,
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21 sfo, 20 into san francisco. and some gusty winds making their way in through the delta will likely intensify into the afternoon, maybe gusts over 30 miles per hour. temperatures cooler. highs only in the 50s at the coastline, 60s inside the bay and the valleys. let's check the roads with elizabeth. and out to the bay bridge where they have already cleared the overnight roadwork a little bit ahead of schedule so now it is a breeze getting into san francisco from the oakland area. all the approaches are nice and quiet, as well. if you are traveling through pleasanton, we have some overnight roadwork westbound 580 hacienda to san ramon. three left lanes closed until about 5:00 this morning. so not too much longer, another 25 minutes. chp issued their own separate high wind advisories different from the one issued by the national weather service just one for the dumbarton bridge highway 84. and a quick look at oakland where things are looking good on 880.
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a san francisco neighborhood is in the clear this morning after officers detonated an explosive device found during a traffic stop. it happened in the presidio around 10:00 last night on old mason street near yacht road. the driver told the officers suspicious device was a firework. the bomb squad was called in to investigate. the area shut down for hours as crews worked to detonate it. the driver was arrested. the marin county coroner says there was no foul play in the death of a missing hiker on mount tam. 50-year-old marie christine sanner's body was found thursday. she is the second female hiker to die on the same trail within a week. but investigators say there is no connection. former san jose mayor janet gray hayes pioneer for american women in politics died. hayes had been the first woman to be mayor of a major u.s. city. leading san jose from 1975 to 1983. one of her favorite stories was her first time at a meeting
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when another mayor asked her, whose secretary are you, sweetie? she died yesterday from a stroke. she was 87 years old. news from south korea now, more bodies are expected to be pulled out of the sunken ferry this morning. 108 people have been confirmed dead nearly 200 more still missing. as marlie hall reports, investigators now say the ferry did not make a sharp turn before it sank. reporter: as one victim after another is laid to rest, divers continue to search the sea for bodies. but they still don't know what caused the south korean ferry to sink nearly a week ago. authorities say their earlier conclusion that the vessel made a sharp turn shortly before it started to tilt was incorrect. officials now say the ship made a gradual j-shaped turn before it sank leaving more than 300 people dead or missing, most of them high school students on a
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class trip. the death toll is quickly rising now that divers have found a way to enter the submerged ferry. investigators say people were trapped inside after the ship's captain initially told passengers to stay in their rooms and waited more than a half hour to issue an evacuation order. relatives of the passengers are overcome by emotion as they wait to hear about the fate of their loved ones. marlie hall for cbs news. >> the captain of the ferry and two crew members have been arrested on suspicion of negligence and abandoning people in need and prosecutors say four other crew members have been detained, as well. happening today, the vice president joe biden is meeting with political leaders in ukraine. he talked in kiev with several people as well as the acting president there. he says the united states stands with them against what he called humiliating threats from russia and its supporters. biden plans to announce new technical support for energy
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and economic reforms for that country. an american has won the boston marathon for the first time in 31 years. meb keflezhighi has lived in san diego since he was 12. the 38-year-old man is the oldest boston marathon winner in more than 80 years. he tells jeff glor how he ran with the memory of the three people killed in last year's marathon bombing. >> reporter: more than 30,000 runners with more than a million watching. last year keflezighi was one of those spectatedders. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: he told us he took motivation from the attacks. >> that night i just said how wonderful it would be to win for boston. >> reporter: for one year your focus was on the marathon. >> 365 days. >> reporter: many survivors were on the course.
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patrick and his wife th lost legs. and leanne yani, whose lower leg was shredded by shrapnel. what do you think when you look down at that scar? >> i have definitely become more proud of it than i used to. there was a quote that i saw that said never be ashamed of the scar. it simply means that you are stronger than what tried to hurt you. >> reporter: she earned her first boston marathon medal late yesterday afternoon. >> we got our finis line back. >> it was one man's 16th time running the marathon. >> but this year's race is one he is never going to race. >> i love you, will you marry me? >> oh, my! [ screaming ] >> she said yes! >> of course she said yes. [ laughter ] >> that looks like heartbrea hill. he proposed to his girlfriend as he crossed the finish line. 4:40. the warriors zero in on a new
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site fo a new arena. where they are going now. >> the kennel conditions that had animal officers worried coming your way. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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crash that shut down part oa major silicon valley freewa it no, about a young girl is dead after a crash that shut down part of a major silicon valley freeway in cupertino about 3:30 yesterday afternoon. northbound highway 85 near de anza boulevard. a jeep wrangler veered on to the shoulder and smashed into a mazda minivan that was stopped there. the young girl did died at the scene. her younger brother and two adults were taken to the hospital. the crash closed all northbound lanes for much of the evening commute. the golden state warriors are bowing to opposition focusing on a different location for a new arena in san francisco. joe vazquez shows us where the time now hopes to build instead. >> i love it, dude. reporter: as they continue to do battle in the play-offs,
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the golden state warriors have made a change in game plain for their proposed new arena. the mayor says they have found a new home in san francisco. >> it will be awesome good for the area. >> reporter: instead of building this spaceship like stadium at piers 30 and 32 the team decided to move from the waterfront near the bay bridge at the top right of the map to a landlocked location in mission bay on 3rd street about 8/10ths of a miles south of at&t park. the warriors bought this property from just this past weekend. >> it means that the warriors project might now get built. >> reporter: a group called no wall on the waterfront was opposed the arena. not anymore. >> they have moved it away from the waterfront, dropped the luxury condos. it's much more positive than it has been. >> i'm as happy as if it was on pier 32. i'm happy that they are here, part of our future. i also have to say it takes a little sting out of the 49ers'
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moving to another site in the bay area. >> it helps put a band-aid on it but it doesn't completely cover the wound. >> reporter: the new proposed arena will be right across 3rd street near ucsf. the new configuration calls for no taxpayer money. it will be privately funded. in mission bay, joe vazquez, kpix 5. new this morning, more than a dozen dogs are safe after being rescued from a vehicle in monterey county. the 14 pomeranians and chihauhaus were found stuffed in dirty crates yesterday. some of the crates had four dogs and were so crowded, they couldn't stand up straight. the dogs' owner reportedly told the spca she planned to sell the puppies. they are being checked out by local vets. we have a dilemma to talk about here. you're on a safari in your car with your family and having a great time. >> well, then poof, your car catches fire. and you are surrounded by lions. this is true. >> in the lion enclosure and
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there's a car on fire. >> well, a witness caught it on camera phone of course. helen clements and her two children stuck inside the burning car in the uk over the weekend. they have to get out. the lions kept their distance and a park ranger rescued the family. the car was a complete inferno so they had to do something, so -- >> leave the car, be safe. luckily there were no roast beef sandwiches in the car. >> no real hungry lions. >> we can't be bothered. >> right. [ laughter ] showers out there this morning. looks like we could see a few more scattered showers early on today. then it's all about the winds that would be kicking up into the afternoon. hi-def doppler showing things quiet now. we have had some scattered showers overnight but things settling down. throughout the day, the skies are going to begin to part. and it looks like the winds will be kicking up especially in the afternoon. it will be much cooler today.
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and then there's more possible rain on the way especially into late thursday night into friday. here's your weather system diving into the bay area. it is coming in and out of the gulf of alaska so it's ushering in cooler air. the winds today whipping 20, 30- mile-an-hour gusts plus, especially along the coastline. temperatures in the central valley 70s here. high country a mixture of some rain and some snow across the higher peaks near lake tahoe. scattered showers moving through this morning then skies clear out and those winds will whip into the afternoon. so yeah, it will be a blustery day outside highs today cooler only 50s toward the beaches 60s inside the bay and the valleys. next couple of days we are going to watch the winds begin to calm down. our temperatures should start to warm up as early as tomorrow. a chance of rain again on friday and at least another slight chance on sunday. all right. let's check the roads with elizabeth. we will also check out mass transit. thank you, lawrence. right now, we are looking at transit conditions for bart. they have 26 trains and they are all on time.
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and ace train number 1 also left stockton. so far we are good to go. ferries, caltrain, everything also reporting no delay. we have an accident involving a big rig hercules eastbound willow. no delays. it's still out there causing maybe a touch of brake lights there just as you pass the scene. bay bridge they picked up the overnight roadwork ahead of schedule. as you can see here approaching the toll plaza everything is good. no metering lights. traffic coming toward the dublin interchange, westbound 580 hacienda to san ramon, once again three left lanes are belonged for the next 10 or 15 minutes. lawrence will talk about the winds. chp issued a high wind advisory for one bridge the dumbarton highway 84 both directions. san mateo bridge on the other hand still looks great leaving hayward. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." juliette, frank, back to you
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guys. >> thank you, liz. we're learning more about an alleged conspiracy between silicon valley tech heavyweights. >> a class action lawsuit accuses google, apple, intel and adobe of agreeing not to poach each other's employees and alleges the companies restricted recruiting and hiring for years to suppress wages. court documents reveal that in 2005 when google allegedly tried to recruit apple employees, steve jobs sent this letter to google saying, quote, if you hire a single one of these people, that means war. >> and those court documents also reveal one company that refused to go along with the deal was facebook. when the social media giant started poaching talent from its neighbors, an adviser to google allegedly wrote this email to company executives, who should contact shell or mark to get a cease-fire? we'll have to get a truce. 64,000 employees are seeking $3 billion in damages. the trial begins next month. 4:49. a new real estate report says
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the bay area market is hot. as don knapp reports, things are looking like prerecession. >> reporter: homes will keep climbing,-zilla says. a climbing,zillow says. >> we are seeing multiple offers happening. even in the 2 million involved we are seeing cash offers. >> reporter: the price of cities, no surprise. some of the biggest increases to well past $3 million next year in various areas. atherton the median price already $4.5 million will hit 4.7 million next year. these homes are 7% off their prerecession peak. this house got eight offers on the first day on the market. some other cities, san jose will top $700,000, pleasanton
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$861,000, san francisco closer to a million, while the median price in sunnyvale will indeed top the 7-figure mark this time next year. a broker says, houses are going fast. >> that's what i mean. the typical days on market is definitely two weeks or below. >> reporter: with prices climbing, agents say what you might expect. now is the time to buy. in contra costa county, don knapp, kpix 5. today people looking to celebrate earth day in the bay area have several options. on pier 33 in san francisco, kids can do arts and crafts while parents learn how to make homes more sustainable. at the california academy of sciences, a dance group from usf called dance generator will present an interactive performance called oceans move and at san jose state activities include a petting zoo and composting workshop. sounds like fun. >> absolutely. 4:51 on your tuesday now. giving new meaning to mixed drinks. the controversial new way to enjoy your alcohol. >> and the boy scouts holding the line of gay leaders. why some parents say the policy
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doesn't make sense.
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around the bay area today, cooler temperatures and gusty. 60s inside the bay, mid-60s into the warmest spots for morgan hill and gilroy. east bay temperatures more sunshine by the afternoon but again some breezy conditions, about 65 in livermore, 66 in antioch, and about 65 degrees in walnut creek. in the north bay, expect much cooler temperatures today going to be a brisk day outside no getting around that. about 63 degrees in santa rosa. 64 in novato. and in san francisco, expect
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windy conditions, 60 degrees. checking some bay area bridges all is quiet exceptionally quiet really empty right now heading to westbound 580 going on the richmond/san rafael bridge. we have a high wind advisory in effect for one bridge this morning. we'll tell you which one in just minutes. 4:55. a 26-year-old rock climber out of palo alto is expected to recover after falling some 30 feet at yosemite national park. he fell from a vertical rock formation called higher cathedral spire. you see it here. on sunday, after landing on a ledge below. rescuers got him and airlifted him to a modesto hospital the feds approved a new powdered alcohol product then reversed course on the same day. the alcohol and tobacco tax and trade bureau said today it mistakenly approved the new product called [ indiscernible ] the discrepancy is probably
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in the amount in each pact. the boy scout still forbids gay scout masters. one charter was revoked because their scout master is a homosexual. the leader opened up about his sexuality in a tv news story and shortly after that, the troop was informed they can no longer use the boy scout name or trademarks. all 16 children were offered other troops to join. >> it's up to my son. he's very frustrated and he's in this troop because of his relationship with the security leader. jeff has been an excellent leader. >> i don't know what to say, i'm shocked! >> mcgrath is out of the country celebrating his 20th anniversary with his partner. no word if the troop will challenge the decision. the troop was hosted by a church which supports mcgrath. the time now 4:56. the boston marathon took on a special meaning for one small group of runners. hear from bombing survivors as they crossed the finish line one year later.
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>> a santa clara teen survived soing away to hawaii in a wheel well. it's a medical miracle. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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what happened was that he sort of went into a coma, comatose state, essentially passed out. >> a bay area stowaway survives the impossible in the wheel well of a wide bodied jet. the teen is now in protective custody at hawaii this morning. >> the golden state warriors have made a major change in game plans. >> the warriors are moving to mission bay san francisco. >> i'm as happy as if it was on pier 32. i'm happy that they're here. they are part of our future. >> there's only so much that the city can do. so if people get the chance to get out and help, more power to them. >> reporter: fed up with the mountains of trash, people in san jose are taking matters
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into their own hands. >> more than a dozen dogs are being rescued from a vehicle. the 14 dogs were found stuffed in dirty crates yesterday. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. good morning, i'm juliette goodrich in for michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. 5:00 on your tuesday. get you out the door with a little traffic and weather. and we begin with mr. lawrence karnow. >> yes. a couple of scattered showers around the bay area to start out your day just some light showers moving through overnight but a cold front is going to bring some much different weather outside for today. in fact, out there now we have a lot of clouds still some widely scattered showers. those beginning to taper off. the winds already starting to kick up and that will be the big story. our hi-def doppler radar showing you a weak system sliding on by most of that energy now going to work its way out of the bay area but the winds, they will be kicking up to 20 miles per hour now in fremont, 20 also in half moon bay, 21 miles per hour into san franci


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