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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  May 3, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. bay area freeway...shuttingt down for hours. a flipped over suv the result of a shooting on a bay area freeway shutting it down for hours. good evening, i'm brian hackney. >> i'm ann notarangelo. the shooting happened just before 1:00 near regatta boulevard on eastbound 580 in richmond. brian webb is in richmond and brian, what are witnesses telling you? >> reporter: well, we did talk to a few witnesses. first of all, i can tell you traffic is finally flowing again all lanes of 580 back open after about a five-hour delay. now this investigation gets moving. a high-speed homicide with no suspect in sight. reporter: what seems like a straightforward car crash had a much more sinister start. >> i heard a shot. >> reporter: what did that sound like? >> it was just like five or
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six shots, pop, pop, pop, yeah. >> reporter: walker was driving along 580 toward berkeley when he heard several shots and came back a couple hours later to see the crash. >> it's too much! it's too much. too many guns out here. >> reporter: authorities say the man driving was shot and killed before crashing into the median and 1:00 this afternoon. officers immediately closed the highway looking for clues. a tow truck driver cleaned up the mess and traffic was backed up for miles and several hours. >> it's sick. >> reporter: todd lives in the area and says this is the third shooting along this stretch of road in the past year. to him it looks like another case of deadly road rage. >> normally up in this area the last few shootings a homicide of road rage. >> reporter: so richmond police will be taking over this investigation. no word who they are looking for or what car they might be in. live in richmond, brian webb, kpix 5. not far from the freeway shooting a man was killed by an
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amtrak train. it happened shortly before 2:00 this afternoon near cutting and carlson boulevards in richmond. witnesses told police the man was walking with a cane crossing the tracks with a woman. police believe the man's cane may have gotten stuck in the tracks and in the path of the train. the teenager who stowed away in the wheel well of that jet is now out of hawaii and said to be back in the bay area. betty yu is live outside the family's home in santa clara. betty, what's the latest? >> reporter: brian, i can tell you that the family of yahya abdi has not come to the door today because of the overwhelming media attention. i did speak with the 15-year- old's brother off camera and he said that yahya is not at home with them tonight and that their dad is returning from hawaii soon. what happens with the teen next is unclear. reporter: yahya abdi has made another trip after surviving the dangerous flight to maui hidden in the wheel well of a plane 13 days ago.
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a hawaii state official did not say how the boy left, whom he traveled with or where he went. his family said this afternoon that he hasn't come back to their santa clara house. his brother told me that he hasn't seen yahya since he ran away about two weeks ago. the "mercury news" reports that the 15-year-old has been sent back to california and is now in the custody of santa clara county social services. the agency did not return our calls today. the council on american-islamic relations is helping the family with the media and today said that it is doing its best to protect the family's privacy. the boy hasn't talked about the trip but his birth mother says he wants to reunite with her because he was unhappy in california. hisster and brother told me though that she was lying and yahya had no desire to see their mother who they say left them when they were young. yahya's dad said that his son had been struggling to adjust
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to life in america. this really has become a very complex story that many people can relate to dealing with a new country and family drama. again, we understand that yahya's dad is returning back home from hawaii soon. it's unclear when he will be able to see his son. live in santa clara, betty yu, kpix 5. >> by the way, the boy moved to california with his siblings about five years ago from ethiopia. his brother and sister and stepmother say he has run away before but he has never done anything like this. san jose state has expelled three white students accused of bullying their black roommate. police say the students put a bike lock on the neck of donald williams repeatedly taunting him with racial slurs, and barricaded him in his dorm room. news of the abuse sparked protests on the campus last november. the expelled students are banned from enrolling in any california state university. a fourth student linked to the
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abuse is on probation for the rest of the college career. the warriors and the clippers are set to play 7th game of the play-off series in a couple of hours but overshadowing the game is the woman at the center of the donald sterling scandal. v stiviano told barbara walters the clippers owner is not racist. wendy gillette with how stiviano is defending sterling's remarks. reporter: v stiviano says l.a. clippers owner donald sterling is confused and traumatized. earlier this week, the nba banned him for life over racist statements he allegedly made during a private conversation with her. she granted an exclusive interview with abc's barbara walters. >> i think the things he says are not what he feels. anyone can say anything in the heat of the moment. >> reporter: stiviano's attorney says a third party leaked the conversation last weekend. >> don't come to my games. don't bring black people and don't come. >> reporter: public outcry was swift and so was the action taken by the nba and numerous
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sponsors. on tuesday, the nba banned sterling for life. two days later a subcommittee of nba team owners agreed to move forward to get three- quarters of the 30 owner votes required to force sterling to sell the clippers. >> i think it's going to go pretty quickly. the nba has some rules and bureaucracy but they have to move quick. >> reporter: sterling is also speaking out allegedly telling a magazine, i wish i had just paid her off referring to stiviano who recorded the leaked conversation. >> you do not consider him a racist? >> no. >> do you think he should apologize? >> absolutely. >> do you think he will? only god knows. >> reporter: sterling will have five days to respond once he receives the nba's written copy of the charges against him. then team owners will meet within 10 days to discuss the next step. wendy gillette for cbs news, new york. >> stiviano describes herself as sterling's personal assistant, right hand and wing
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man. that's her description. she thinks sterling is being tested right now by a higher power. the warriors are playing in their first game 7 since 1977. vern glenn joins us with a preview. >> 1977? that's before you were born? >> it was. >> long time ago. [ laughter ] you can make an argument that this really is the biggest elimination game for the warriors in quite some time. after all the scratching and clawing, they are in a game 7 play-off game that can define an organization and coaching future maybe. mark jackson. all they have to do is beat the clippers in los angeles! the task won't be easy but the warriors with a game one win there. they were sharp two weeks ago today. they are the underdog. clippers are favored by 7.5 tonight. the warriors are going to see though if l.a. can handle it. >> the pressure is on them. they earn the right to have home court and they have some
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stars some in uniforms and one in a suit and tie. the pressure is on them. >> reporter: why will the warriors prevail saturday night? >> we're going to be the more aggressive team. i think at the end of the day that's what's important, you know, we haven't been as aggressive on the road as we have been at home and that's typical but, you know, we have to approach the game just like it's a home game, come out more -- be the more aggressive physical team and we can shrink the floor on blake and those guys, i think we'll be fine. >> reporter: go get 'em, 23. >> thank you. >> that game is in a little less than a couple of hours away. i just cannot wait to see how the warriors are going to respond under this -- this -- this huge spotlight that they're in. and the clippers, too. >> no kidding. it will be fun to watch. >> huge. >> see you later. meantime a 3-year-old colt from northern california proved many predictions right and raced to an easy victory at the 140th kentucky derby.
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but california chrome shines bright in the kentucky derby! commanding curve was second and them came danza in third. the final time, 2:3.66 seconds. >> he sprinted to the finish line. it's the first california-bred horse to win the derby since 1962. there are predictions that california california chrome could win the triple crown. vern will have more on the race coming up in sports. a speeding motorcyclist on a bay area freeway doing wheelies and has no idea he is being watched. his surprise though when police showed up at his door. >> former secretary of state condoleezza rice backs out of a highly paid commencement speech. why she changed her mind. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a guy on a motorcycle speedg down an east bay freeway - dodging in and out of traff at 120 miles an hour. now he is going to pay the e for his joyride. christin a guy speeding down a motorcycle on an east bay speedway at 120 miles an hour weaving in and out of traffic and will pay the price. christin ayers shows us how he got busted. reporter: the motorcycle comes streaking down 580 so fast it catches the eye of authorities flying high in a chp plane. >> we have a motorcycle just now heading towards the 80-580 split. i'll let you know where he is
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going. he is riding wheelies high speed. >> reporter: standing up on the motorcycle as his front wheel lifts off the pavement. >> wheelie at 100-plus. >> reporter: zigzagging dangerous from lane to lane all at up to 120 miles an hour. we found out the man on the bike is 23-year-old cory mcdonough. he was followed to his house and officers told him he was being watched the entire time. he was arrested. >> i didn't even know they called me on it and asked me if they knew why they were here and then i said no and they point to the plane. >> reporter: the chp camera was still rolling from above when he was arrested. today mcdonough was fined $500 put on three years' probation and sentenced to 20 days in jail. he will also have to do community service and as a condition of his probation, he may have to sell the bike. in oakland, christin ayers, kpix 5. a horrific scene in afghanistan as a giant wall of mud buries a village. the reason authorities are
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stopping rescuers from digging for bodies. >> our weather has a few changes in store as we head into the latter half of the weekend. stay tuned for the forecast. the forecast next. lide in northeastern afghanis ,,,,,, ♪
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fear of another mudslide prompted local official hundreds of people buried in a massive mud slide in northeastern afghanistan will not be recovered. fear of another mud slide prompted local officials to declare the site a mass grave. an estimated 2700 people from several hundred homes were buried when a mountainside gave way yesterday. aid groups are rushing to the
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scene to help survivors. former secretary of state condoleezza rice has backed out of giving a commencement speech at rutgers university. her decision comes after protests by some faculty and students over her role in the iraq war. the board of governors had voted to pay rice $35,000 for her appearance at the may 18 ceremony. rice defended her record and said she was honored to serve her country but she said she didn't want to detract from the spirit of the commencement ceremony. president obama will visit arkansas communities hit by a tornado surveying the damage on wednesday. it's not clear which communities he will visit but he has already declared one county a major disaster area. it was the hardest hit area sunday night. 15 people were killed. and on monday, cal fire will increase its staffing in northern california to get ready for fire season. it's been hiring and training seasonal firefighters well ahead of schedule in order to augment its full time for a
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fighting force. the moves are in response to the recent hot spell and the dry conditions related to the drought. cal fire has already responded to more than twice as many fires than average for this time of year. it doesn't look like there will be much to alleviate fire concerns in california because even though there's a small chance of rain it's in the north bay monday night. all of that not boding well. san bruno mountain an old ancient sea floor that got smashed up against the continental crust and now sits proudly and boldly with south san francisco printed on its little face out there. you have some fog and low clouds out there building in along the shoreline. numbers around the bay area, concord 6 9. oakland 65. livermore 67, san francisco 64 and in santa rosa 70 degrees. mild today and windy, too. wherever you see the brighter
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colors that's pretty gusty winds. so we have the colors in yellow. we have wind gusts from 20 to 30 miles an hour. it's still blowing out there coming right out of the west as the big warming trend that we had over the past couple of days has evaporated into the face of that strong onshore sea breeze. and as a result, if you are heading out tonight the numbers will only be in the mid-50s with a few clouds by the shoreline and some high clouds inland. and for tomorrow afternoon we are going to warm up only into the low 70s inland and the upper 60s around the bay with high clouds from time to time. still, not bad for the sunday streets block party happening in bayview and temperature there about 61 tomorrow with partly cloudy and cool conditions same for the beach forecast. small craft advisory posted now through the early hours of tomorrow morning. winds there out of the west at 25 knots. all right. low pressure is off the pacific northwest. and that's kind of carve a notch out of the high pressure over the west coast so we get mild readings and temperatures cooling off through monday.
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then another warming trend. tomorrow morning sunrise fog and low clouds filling the bay. after that high clouds from time to time. so it will be a day of filtered sunshine on monday and the numbers will come down a little bit more so to sum it up, cooling trend continues, slight chance of showers late monday, mostly in the north bay. and then a warming trend tuesday into the weekend. so after a few cool days we'll warm it up again. tomorrow we'll look at numbers mostly in the low 70s in the south bay, 70 at mountain view, 72 degrees in santa clara. and 73 degrees in morgan hill. 69 in brentwood and 72 at fairfield 70 for san ramon. up in the north bay tomorrow we'll start out with a few low clouds and then high clouds in the afternoon. 71 at san rafael and 61 in santa rosa. and way up north in ukiah, 68 degrees if you are headed that direction. so we get a bit of a cooling trend for the next few days. and fog and low clouds along the shoreline, just to get you prepared, you know, for the drizzle we put in some rain on late monday night but not much. tuesday through thursday a warming trend next week will be
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back into the mid-80s inland by friday and almost 90 by saturday. so bear with this frigid spell of the bay area and it we'll thaw you out later in the week. >> thank you. okay. the whole newsroom stood silently for two minutes watching the kentucky derby. i don't think that's ever happened! >> they say it's the most exciting two minutes in sports. and it really is! the kentucky derby. they open the gates, boom then two minutes later it's over. you're on the edge of your seat the entire time. the final look at the nba game seven with the warriors and a local boy does in his former team. we'll show you how in a moment. ,,
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gonna show up tonight... or ones nba play-offs up top it's all or nothing or the are the warriors from game 4 going to show up or the ones from game 3 when they were run out of the building? it's a game 7 got to beat the clippers or it's vacation. here's a look a while ago overhead staples center in l.a. clippers 7.5 favorites to beat the warriors. coach mark jackson as usual is confident his team will be ready. >> sellout crowd going crazy, chanting, supporting their team, no secret. we know how we can win the ballgame. now the question is going out and doing it for 48 minutes.
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it's going to take a 48 minute effort. unfortunate part is somebody's going home. a very good team with a bright future. somebody's going home tomorrow. and that's the unfortunate part. and they will have done everything that they can possibly do to advance. but just ran into another good team. unbelievably enough, it could be jackson's final game behind the bench for the ws. rumors continue to swirl. even jackson himself knows his time in oakland could be up after tonight. that adds some extra motivation to tonight's game for his players. >> i mean, you know, just like everybody else has heard it we've heard it as well, coach jackson is a guy who we all love, you know, so he's put everything into this. for us, we have to make sure that we give it all we got, you know, leave no stones unturned. you know, that's the way we look at it. you got to give everything you got. we got 48 minutes for all the
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work that we've put in to give it everything we got. larry bird and the pacers you can relax now. okay, they finally staved off elimination on the bid by the atlanta hawks. lance stevenson george hill with the finish. indiana they win two straight. they win it 92-80. they will face the wizards in round 2. all right. baseball, we have the giants business coming up on the late show but after retaking the title of the best record in the american league, man, the red sox have shown the a's how to play baseball! second road game at fenway, and look what jonny gomes did to his old team today. bases juiced in the first and the petaluma casa grande high school alum crushed it over the fabled green monster a grand slam! 4-0. tommy milone roughed up in the 3rd inning, job bay david ortiz. milone gave up 6 runs in four
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innings. but the a's made noise on the night. they were down 6-0. jed lowrie off the monster here, he will be a throwing error by gomes. it would allow a couple of runners to score to make it 6- 2. the tying run at the plate with a couple of out. and brandon moss hit it right at jackie bradley, jr., and that is it. second straight day red sox win. today it's 6-3. let's stay in boston, shall we? pksuba in. the undercover brother for the montreal canadiens the deflected shot in, they led 3- 1. yeah. over boston, the bruins scored four unanswered goals capped by a smith game winner and boston evens up the series at a game apiece with a 5-3 victory. not since 1962 has a
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california-bred horse pulled off horseracing as signature event the kentucky derby. ♪[ music ] >> 140th renewal 19 horse field in front of 162,000. second largest crowd ever. and down the final stretch it was california chrome the 5:2 odds-on favorite winning by one and three-quarters lengths. owners bought this cold for a reported $10,000. and now they have a triple crown contender. the preakness is in two weeks. 1978, affirm was the last triple crown winner. >> that would be great for that to happen and happen with a california horse. >> hollywood can't write a script that good. >> thank you so much, vern. >> that's it for us at 5:30. see you back here in half hour. the "cbs evening news" is next. and news updates are always on >> good night. captions by: caption colorado ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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>> axelrod: tonight, crunch time for the clippers. with the organization in disarray, the team gets ready for a do-or-die play-off game. bigad shaban reports on what the team owner's girlfriend had to say in her first interview. >> is donald sterling a racist? >> no. >> axelrod: a huge mudslide sweeps through a remote afghan village. kelly cobiella reports hundreds may be dead while rescuers dig frantically. the eye in the sky-- private drones see storm damage from above. mark strassmann tells us they soon may be predicting storms as well. and a white house trailblazer. mark albert remembers the first african american reporter ever to attend a presidential news conference. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news."


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