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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  May 4, 2014 8:30am-9:01am PDT

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from cbs news in washington, "face the nation" with bob schieffer. >> schieffer: today on "face the nation." we'll look at race in america. as the clippers move a big step toward getting a new owner. what impact has the donald sterling controversy had on race relations. we'll talk with los angeles mayor eric garcetti. richard williams, father of nu a serena. cbs sports james brown and distinguished panel. ukraine launches a major new assault to regain territory seized by pro-russian forces. we'll get the latest from cbs news correspondent clarissa ward. the attack in benghazi that left four americans dead is back in the news. we'll check in with south carolina senator lindsey graham.
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plus, hollywood comes to washington. the latest addition of the capital tradition. 60 years of news because this is "face the nation." captioning sponsored by cbs good morning again, there are new developments in the donald sterling controversy and they are positive ones for a team that is trying to put this scandal behind them. last night the nba announced they were starting the search for a new c.e.o. and sterling's wife, shelly, issued a statement expressing her support for the nba's punishment and the take over of the clippers. sterling is coowner of the team. there is no comment so far from sterling who has remained out of sight except to tell the magazine, i wish i had just paid her off. he is of course referring to his
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associate, who he made the racist remarks to. miss sat down with an interview that aired friday. >> is donald sterling a racist? >> no. i don't believe it in my heart. >> you heard him say derogatory things about minorities in general, blacks in particular? >> absolutely. >> you've heard him say derogatory things. >> yes. >> don't they sound racist to you? >> >> not what he said. >> schieffer: clippers defeated golden state warriors last night and is on to the next round of the nba playoffs. and wiebe again with the mayor of los angeles eric garcetti guess i'd ask you first, your reaction to shelly sterling's statement. >> very proud of this league
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i'm proud of the clippers after a great victory. very proud of this country and certainly support what that statement represents. i think all of us recognize that the kind of wildfire racism in america has been put out. but smoldering embers, this was an example of it. to speak out one voice forcefully to move toward transition and take over of this team is all about restoring los angeles to what the city represents, diversity, tolerance, the fight against racism. >> schieffer: do you have any idea what sterling is going to do, do you think he's go tg try to fight this? >> my sense is that he will. i don't believe that he thinks the league will impose the sort ever penalty that they said that they will. i spoke with him a few days ago, urged him to apologize to my city and our city which he says he loves and to move towards transitioning a team and restoring the luster of a team that has los angeles on its jerseys. >> schieffer: what if he does fight this thing. what will you as the mayor do? >> i'll continue to the pressure
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to look at the fans, the sponsors, the players to try to help done sterling move forward, i think he needs to recognize what he said, but los angeles is not represented by those statements. the jackie robinson, magic johnson, always pushed for ward civil rights and tolerance and don sterling doesn't represent my city. >> when you talk to him what did he tell you can you share that with us? >> i think that he thinks that he's going to be the owner for a long time. he said he wants to stay the owner. i said this will be a long, protracted fight and painful thing for a city that is a great city, great american city. america stood up against the racist remarks that we heard. it was a brave step forward. he needs to be a part of that healing, to fight this for a long time only means value of the team goes down but more importantly the debate rages on forever i think we need to put an end to it. >> schieffer: did you get any
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sense that he knows he fouled up here, he have any sense of remorse? what was his attitude? >> i think he believes in his heart that he's a very good person. and as i said to him, nobody so simple that we only do good things for bad things. clearlily there is good organizations to that he's given to, things that he's done of civic nature. but these statements are what they are. to say that you don't want somebody's black friends coming to a basketball game, believe that 07% african american most diverse city on the face of the berth, most welcoming place in human history is incongrew just. >> schieffer: do you think he understands how that all came off is he living in some world that nobody else knows about? >> it's a very good description. i think he is very proud of his journey, kind of part of american dream to come from nothing to suddenly be a billionaire. i don't believe he realizes what the sting of those remarks are. that for folks who have over come so much to be african
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american in this country and face some of the racism, to recognize in 2014 that somebody might try to keep somebody away from a basketball arena based on the color of his skin, i don't think he gets that. >> schieffer: let's say somehow, some way he manages to keep this team. what do you think the players will do? you think anybody will play for this team? >> i think it's going to be very tough for them to stay there. they have been -- doc rivers has become a good friend and kevin johnson who fellow mayor had press conference in los angeles. i think the players really are the ones that have the burden of this. and they aren't going to wouldn't to play for somebody knowing that the money that they're generating for that individual goes in to the sorts of attitude. >> schieffer: would you tell people to boycott the games if in fact he winds up with this team? >> i would certainly keep that arrow in my quiver. i want to see a los angeles, we're a great sports town two, basketball team but we're feeling like one team all want e representation of-city in its best light.
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not one individual. >> schieffer: gist a little while ago i spoke to cbs news special correspondent and host of the nfl today james brown, mr. mayor, i want to thank you, i asked him if the nba does have the power to take this team from sterling. >> the big question is whether or not there's a legal league to stand on. there's a code of conduct and agreement among those private owners if you will. they have, they being the subcommittee of ten and adam silver the commissioner they have the number of votes to try to make it happen. my question is, is there a legal leg to stand on. >> schieffer: let's just say, what if they can't force him out? what would the players do? >> they made it perfectly clear inasmuch as -- the boycott, that adam silver has been the commissioner of the nba that no free agent would go sign to play with the los angeles clippers. that is still very much on the
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table. >> schieffer: what do you think the impact would be on the city of los angeles? >> you know in los angeles has dealt with an awful lot, i think it would be very hurtful to the city if in fact the resolution isn't put in place that is an effective tonight what the nba is attempting to do. i'm more concerned from a big picture standpoint, bob, hoping this will force meaningful conversation not in homogeneous groups but inclusive and diverse gripes to get the core of this. this continues to be the third rail of american politics from my humble perspective. it's sickening that this is going on this long and prudent folks, intelligent notion, mature folks, can't have a meaningful dialogue objectively. >> schieffer: how deep doesoes racism run? nor one thing, there are i guess 75% of the players or nearly that many, three-quarters in the nba are african american. yet there's only one black majority owner. do you see -- we have now a lot of celebrities including oprah
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who says maybe she m buy this ball club if it becomes for sale. how important would it be to basketball to have a minority ownership of this? >> it would be pretty significant. you like to see it across the major sports, period. across three major sports for sure where there's a large population. many people i think, i use this word advisedly are colored by the fact that there are so many african american players who are making humongous salaries. people use income as maybe the most weighty knack for to determine whether or not racism exists, that's not the case. it's in the heart. it's also justified by the numbers that you just quoted. until we see more representation across the board at the decision-making levels, own are shin levels we truly haven't made the kind of progress that we'd like to make because i firmly believe out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. what mr. sterling spoke really
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colored and influenced the decisions that he's made with his organization and certainly reflective across a number of sports organizations. >> you mentioned this briefly taking about serious dialogue, what would you like to see happen now? where does all this go? >> it would be nice if in the public square you can have more discussions like you're everything today, with the august panel that you're putting together to discuss this not just discussion but to see something meaningful result from it. to the degree that you talk heed about the derth of minority ownership at the professional sports league level, you'll know that there's been progress when those numbers have been improved substantially. don't be fooled by the numbers, which reflect progress in terms of number of african american players in the nba, two-thirds in the nfl but real progress is in the front office and at the ownership level. until you see that take place we're going to continue to see these kinds of situations percolate whether at one end of
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the spectrum with mr. bundy in nevada or donald sterling at the nba ownership level. >> schieffer: thank you so much. and we are going to turn now to perhaps the best known sports dad in the country, richard williams, he is the father of the tennis superstars, venus ander is radio. that he's got a new booked called "black and white: the way i see it" mr. williams thank you very much for coming. i now you're a proud father. you've been involved in sports for a long, long time. do you feel that there is racism in the world of sports? >> yes, i do. certainly. >> schieffer: how did that affect your daughters as they were coming up? >> they had been -- i had -- played music, called all kinds ever names, prepared them for it. and sports is going to be this
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way. always be prejudice. subject that we don't talk about, to linger on. but i think the talk about have open discussion like you're doing we were concerned with that problem. >> schieffer: what is your take on this whole thing with the clippers, the nba acted pretty quickly. i take it you would agree with what they have done here? >> he definite lie would agree. let me tell you why. first and foremost i look at my background i think that the owner of the clippers, he might have been disgusted doesn't matter how disgusted you become you have to be careful how you speak and do things. how did he get that way, that's what we have to find out. how he became that way when we can solve the problem. usually starts in the home. >> schieffer: the country reacted pretty much the same way, i'm not sure i heard anyone say anything positive about sterling. do you think america is changing for the better?
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it's clear we've come a long way. but i guess we still got a ways to go. >> well actually in my lifetime. oftentime, america has come a long way. but we hope that we can go a long way. >> schieffer: i want to ask you just a personal question because i've got couple of grand daughters they play tennis. and they don't like it when their parents come to see them play against each other. how did you handle that when your daughters would wind up playing against each other? >> i never watched them play. i was always afraid to see them play. and fear i might go in tears. every time i see them practice against each other, it reminds me of the prejudice i had seen as a child. it was like someone was -- they would be fighting against each other so i wouldn't watch. >> schieffer: you never would. >> i never would. >> schieffer: mr. williams, thank you very much.
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you have some great kids there. i now you're proud of them. we're going to take a break now and get to some of the other news this morning. but we'll come back to the topic of race in america with our panel later in the broadcast. don't go away. tall the building is, or how ornate the halls are. it doesn't matter if there are granite statues, or big mahogany desks. when working with an investment firm, what's really important is whether the people behind the desks actually stand behind what they say. introducing the schwab accountability guarantee. if you're not happy with one of our participating investment advisory services, we'll refund your program fee from the previous quarter. it's no guarantee against loss and other fees and expenses may still apply. chuck vo: standing by your word, that's what matters the most.
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>> schieffer: want to go to clemson, south carolina, where lindsey graham is standing by and senator, i want to take talk to you about the story that won't seem to go away that is this controversy over benghazi. the e-mail that came to light this week that touched off the new fury on republican side of benghazi. it was written by ben rhodes a key national security advisor to the president. also full disclosure mode we have to say he is the brother of david rhodes the president of cbs news. but anyway, this e-mail involves
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talking points that mr. rhodes put together for you and ambassador susan rice who famously went on sunday shows right after the benghazi attack that filled four americans she said it was the result of a spontaneous demonstration and not a terrorist attack but the quote from the talking points that republicans have seized on is, those talking points advised rice to, quote, underscore that these protests are rooted in an internet video and not a broader failure of policy. this e-mail only came to light this week following a lawsuit, it was not sent to congress as part of the continuing investigations up there. and you called it a smoking gun. senator, a smoking gun of what? >> well, i think a couple of things. 20 months after the attack the most important thing really is that it required an independent judiciary to present this e-mail
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to the american people. if it were up to the white house you would have never known about this e-mail. congress subpoenaed all documents related to benghazi in august so 20 months later they're hiding things. when they say this e-mail doesn't matter these are the same people that tried to hide it. what does it matter. well, this is a message in the e-mail. they're trying to prepare susan rice for a sunday tv appearance, this e-mail was on friday the 14th of september, three days after the attack. she was going on all five shows on sunday. and what was the purpose of this e-mail. to protect the white house politically from the damage that could have been done with the truth coming out about benghazi six, seven weeks before the election. to underscore that it wasn't a foreign policy failure but provide test caused by video and the conflict was strongly substantially and significantly secured. they were trying to create an impression to the american people that this wasn't a
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broader foreign policy failure and totally disconnected from reality on the ground. they were trying to protect the president's re-election. they saw benghazi, i think, bob, as threat to the re-election. it was in a -- created a political smoke screen. >> schieffer: you actually said at one point that they were lying to the american people. what specifically -- what was the lie? >> that congress was strongly, significantly secured. a couple of thing i'd like somebody to explain to me. who told susan rice that this conflict before the attack was strongly, significantly and substantially secured? it was a death trap on 16 august there memo coming from libya to washington saying we can't withstand coordinated terrorist attack as the benghazi conflict because they are al qaeda. additional -- request for security for denied in washington to the point that the head of security in libya said,
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believed that taliban were working in washington. who fold her the level of security? that's a lie. >> schieffer: you're saying that's just a lie. >> that's a lie. everybody knew that. it's a lie that the video caused a protest. the cia said they never associated the video with the demonstration. who told the white house that the video was the causal event here. what told susan rice that the video 1/5 caused the provide test when the cia said they never said that. where did the white house get this from? >> schieffer: as you well know critics on the other side are saying that republicans are just using this for political politics, that this is just all politics. it's been investigated and investigated now speaker boehner will have yet another investigation. what do you say in response to that? >> i would say that if it
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weren't for independent judiciary we'd never know about this e-mail that clearly demonstrates the white house tried to shift the story away from coordinated terrorist attack of an unsecured facility to a video that caused a protest of strongly secured facility that they really couldn't be held responsible to. i would say to anybody who believes that this is just about politics tell that to the family members. go explain to the family members how it's okay for the white house to withhold information from the congress and the american people and thank god for independent judiciary. go tell the family members that it's okay for susan rice to get on national tv five days after the attack and claim that the facility where their people died where loved ones died was strongly secured within it was a death trap. explain to the families that the video internet story that help the president's re-election that so far from the truth. anybody that plays politics with benghazi will get burned.
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if our democratic friends are shielding administration trying to protect them in administration tried to protect themselves for their re-election because they couldn't stand the truth about general doozy they will get burned. >> let me shift the subject a little bit i want to ask you about ukraine, we'll be there later toe talk to clarissa ward for latest. to say the least things are very dicey there it seems to be even more dangerous. should we be doing something that we're not doing now? what is your advice to the administration right now? >> number one, the ukraine has been dismembered. the election may 25 could not go forward. putin has successfully dismembered the ukraine using special forces and tell generals agents to disrupt the ukraine. i fear now that there will be a civil war. what the administration should do is punish putin for what he has done in an effective way. last round of sanctions the
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russian stock market surged it could have been called russian economic recovery act. what i would do, i would sanction the energy economy of russia, the banking system of russia and try to drive the russian economy in to the ground and i would help arm ukrainian people, no american troops on the ground so they could defend themselves. i would change the cost benefit analysis, pilot tin's economy the russian people are happy with putin make them pay a price. >> schieffer: all right. >> president obama is delusional about what is going on in ukraine. affects our national security all over the world. >> schieffer: all right. is in for graham we thank you for getting your take this morning. and we'll be back in a minute. i'll have some thoughts on last night's white house correspondents' dinner. their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar, but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza. he said victoza works differently than pills,
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of itself. out of town celebrities showed up in force. washington gawked in a city that has been marked by a lot of meanness lately, actually had a lot of laughs. no one seemed to enjoy it more than the president. >> also year was rough. sheesh. [ laughter ] at one point things got so bad the 47% called mitt romney to apologize. [laughter] of course we rolled out that could have gone better. in 2008 my slogan was "yes we can" in 2013 my slogan was "control-alt-delete." i am happy to be here even though i am a little jetlagged from my trip to malaysia.
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the lengths we have to go to get cnn coverage these days. i think they are still searching for their table. [ laughter ] let's face it fox you'll miss me when i'm gone. it will be harder to convince the american people that hilary was born in kenya. [ laughter ] and i'm feeling sorry believe it or not for the speaker of the house as well. these days the house republicans actually give john boehner a harder time than they give me. which means orange really is the new black. [ laughter ] one issue, for example, we haven't been able to agree on is unemployment insurance.
8:57 am
republicans continue to refuse to extend it. you know what, i am beginning to think they got a point. if you want to get paid while not working, you should have to run for congress just like everybody else. [ laughter ] >> schieffer: i can't top that. we'll be right back.
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>> schieffer: some stations are leaving us now, most of you we'll be back with a lieutenant nor "face the nation" including discussion on race in america. ,,,,,,,,
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