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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  May 5, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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thousands of acres, destroying several homes in oklahoma, and it all started when a controlled burn got out of hand. and air show stunt goes terribly wrong. spectators look on in terror when a vintage biplane comes crashing down, killing the pilot. nine circus performers are seriously hurt during a performance. the acrobats come crashing down when a support frame collapses. after my stellar 2013, what could i possibly talk about? >> and president obama looks for laughs at the annual white house correspondents' dinner. >> these days the house republicans actually give john boehner a harder time than they give me, which means orange really is the new black.
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captioning funded by cbs this is the "cbs morning news" for monday, may 5th, 2014. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm marlie hall in for anne-marie green. this morning firefighters are battling a fast-moving wildfire in central oklahoma that's destroyed alt least six homes and several other buildings. the fire has burned through at least foursquare miles near guthrie northeast of oklahoma city. the wind-driven fire broke out yesterday afternoon. a man who refused to be evacuated has been found dead in his home. officials say the fire started when someone lost control of what was supposed to be a controlled burn. >> we're not under a burn ban, and out in the county unless there's a county or statewide burn ban, there's really no regulations we have to enforce it. >> fire crews from around the state have been called in to fight the fire. heather hope of our oklahoma
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city affiliate kwtv is on the fire line where temperatures are expected to reach 97 degrees today. >> reporter: it was a frantic scene for so many residents as they watched their homes go up in flames and with the winds moving the fires so quickly, there was nothing they could co'do to stop it. >> this sucks. our whole property is on fire. it sucks. >> reporter: many are waiting for word from officials to see when they could return back to their homes and see what may be spared super the fire. federal aviation officials are investigating a deadly crash at a california air show. the 77-year-old pilot was flying his plane upside down sunday but he crashed, slid to a stop, and the plane caught fire. witnesses say there were strong winds at the time. no spectators were hurt and the show was canceled. this morning road island authorities are trying to determine what caused a circus
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accident that left nine people seriously injured. the injured are performers with wringling brothers and barnum & bailey circus. no spectators were hurt. >> reporter: a dramatic circus act ended in horer sunday morning in rhode island in front of a stunned audience. what looked like a chandelier, the structure that was holding them fell by 40 feet. >> all the girls were hang big their hair and then it falls to the ground and the big metal thing hilts all of them. >> at first many in the audience thought the fall was part of the act. >> i screamed and thought that's not right. sometimes it's part of the show, but it clearly wasn't. >> the eight aerial performers as well as several others on the ground were taken to the
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hospital. >> they're critical but expec d ed with life threatening injuries. >> reporter: the parent company says its workers adhere to a variety of regulations and that all of its equipment is inspected before the show goes on. >> we will do whatever it takes to come to the bottom of this. >> wring ling brothers canceled two shows. wendy gillette for cbs news, prosh rough air and forced to turn back. four passengers and two crew members were injured. this morning tensions remain
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high in ukraine as violence between russian separatists and government supporters spreads. ukrainian troops are carrying out operations to try and regain control of government build beings taken over by pro-russian militia. this weekend's flashpoint was ukraine's third largest city, odessa, where police stormed headquarters. susan mcginnis is in washington with details. susan, good morning. >> marlie, good morning. a mob of protesters stormed into the police headquarters on sunday. they were pro-russian militants. they were able to win free doom for 67 of their fell low activists. hundreds of demonstrators stormed the police building breaking windows and breaking through doors they were outraged following friday's clashes that left more than 40 dead, most of them russian separatists killed in a building fire. they demanded yesterday that those arrested friday be
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released. the police came in quickly. the prime minister blamed police for failing to maintain order and said russia was part of the violence. >> this is part of russia. it triggered the conflict and quickly disappeared. >> now that russia has annexed crimea, concerns are growing that russia plans to grab a large part of ukraine. there is a growing sentiment for more immediate action. >> i would sanction the energy economy of russia, the banking system of russia and try to drive the russian economy into the ground. >> the challenge is not getting administration to go with stronger sanctions. the challenge has been getting the european allies do exactly that. >> well, last night vladimir putin, russia president, talked with angela merkel, the
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chancellor of germany, and the two of them agreed, marlie, on the importance of further dialogue. >> susan mcginnis in washington. thanks so much. in south africa, the murder trial of olympic runner oscar pistorius resume this morning following a two-week recess. he's charged with murdering his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. he admits shooting her but said it was an accident. police say he shot her as they argued. pistorius is the first amputee to run in the olympics. >> indiana health officials who say a patient has been diagnosed with middle east respiratory or mers is improving. on april 24th he flew from reodd, lauchb, to chicago and took a bus to indiana. three days later fever, cough, and shortness of breath
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developed. the next day he was admitted. the travel led the state's health department to test for mers. >> we're working with partners in england and othering around the world to make sure that the people who were on the airplanes are contacted and notified to be on the lookout for signs or symptoms. >> reporter: the mers virus was first located in 2001. all the cases can be traced back to the arabian peninsula. those six countries have 88 of the deaths. >> the treatment for these patients is symptomatic and physiolog physiologic. take care of them, watch their breathing, we may assist their breathing, we watch their urine, may give them fluids but at the moment we have no antibiotic. it's not highly transmittable, however, there is concern that
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when the patient is receiving health care, there is risk to the health care workers. >> reporter: the hospital is taking precautions to protect staff. the patient is listed in stable condition but requires oxygen support. the cdc says at this time there's no significant risk for the virus to spread to the general public. dr. jon lapook, cbs news, new york. coming up on the "morning news," a party gone wild. thousands crash promoted on social media. this is the "cbs morning news." cut!
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in canada a party got so big it had its own hash tag. it happened friday night in a suburb of toronto. an estimated 1,500 teens packed the mansion, and witnesses say trashed the house. people found out about it social media under #mansionparty. police eventually arrived in force and shut it down. ed on the cbs "moneywatch" a sports drink drops a controversial ingredient and a web slinger shoots to the top of the box office. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, jill. >> good morning, anne-marie. asian markets were mixed after lower than expected manufacturing number out of china. hong kong's hang seng lost more than 1%. the shanghai composite gained a fraction. tokyo's nikkei was closed for a holiday. here on wall street all eyes will be on fed chair janet yellen. she has washington on wednesday
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to answer questions about the economy. last week the dow had great week, finished up 151 points. the nasdaq added 48 points. some good and bad with the new job numbers. the government says employers add 288,000 jobs in april. and the unemployment rate dropped to 6.3%. that's its lowest level since september 2008. but the reason it sank is because more than 800,000 people stopped looking for work. >> coca-cola says power aid is now pvo-free. it's been linked to a flame retardant and is not approved in japan or the european union. pepsi dropped the controversial ingredient from gatorade last year. and hollywood kicked off its summer blockbuster season with bank. the "amazing spider-man 2" swung to the top of the box office. the marvel superhero brought in $92 million this weekend. cameron diaz's comedy "the other
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woman" came in a distant second with $14 million, and the faith-based drama "heaven is for real" held on for third. marlie? >> jill wagner at the new york stock exchange. thanks, jill. here's a medical breakthrough that sounds like a sci-fi flick. vampire therapy. when older mice are given the blood of younger rodents, they get stronger and smarter. human trials are expected to begin in about three years. >> straight ahead, your monday morning weather. and in sports, a seven-game series comes down to a single shot. sports, a seven-game series comes down to a slingshot. hi. i just finished an energy audit of this building and started my own dog walking business. what did you do to deserve that thin mints flavor coffee-mate? it's only one of the most delicious girl scout cookie flavors ever. i changed the printer ink. really? it's actually tricky.
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even reaching the back teeth. they taste like a treat, but they clean like a toothbrush. nothing says you care like a milk-bone brushing chew. here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. in the nba playoffs, a
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weekend of do-or-die games ends with two more game sevens. in san antonio the spurs take the drama out of a tense matchup with dallas. tony parker scores 32 points, and san antonio blows out the mavs, 119-96. the spurs will take on portland in the second round. in toronto thousands of fans packed a public square to watch game seven between the raptors and nets. brooklyn seized a ten-point lead and the fourth quarter vanished and with the raptors trailing by a point, the seven-game series coming down to one play. >> here's lowery. on the deck, through two. lowery puts it up. the nets win the series. >> brooklyn's paul pierce denies kyle lowry's attempt at a game-winning buzzer beater. the nets win 104-103 and will face miami in the next round.
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denver broncos quarterback peyton manning is saying good-bye to some fellow superstars in new york this week. tonight manning is scheduled to appear on "the late show with david letterman." david letterman plans to step down next year, he didn't get to see the yankees win. tampa bay's wil myers hit an inside-the-park home run, and the rays win, 5-1. when we return, white house one-liners. we'll take you inside the annual correspondents' donor where president obama delivered some of the funniest one-liners. the annual correspondents correspondents' donor where president obama delivered some of the funniest one-liners. look for this logo. only on big g cereals. you can make a difference. every cereal box counts. and these little angels youbuild in strength.ence. and that little angel says, "weeeeeeeee!" 60% more sheets than charmin. everything you want and the value you love. angel soft.
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good morning. it's monday,,, what will you do when you hear your calling? will you ignore it? or will you listen? peace corps. life is calling. how far will you go? here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. hollywood goes to washington. the annual white house
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correspondents' dinner was saturday night. a-list celebrities as well as noted journalists attended the black tie convenient and as mark albert told us, the joke was on everyone. >> last year was rough, sheesh. >> reporter: he may be the leader of the free world, but saturday night, president obama was comedian in chief. >> my fellow democrats don't really want me campaigning with them, and i don't think that's true, although i did notice the other day that sasha needed a speaker at career day and she invited bill clinton. >> reporter: some of the jokes were at his own expense but in keeping with tradition, he did take a few shots across the aisle, aiming one at the famously tanned speaker of the house. >> the house of republicans actually give john boehner a harder time than they give me, which means orange really is the
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new black. >> reporter: the annual white house correspondents association dinner is normally a tribute to journalism and the city's best political reporters, but mostly it's a party. there was a fake president and a fake vice president, a real nfl star and genuine oscar winners. cbs news chief correspondent bob schieffer has been attended the event for four decades. how did this evolve from a dinner celebrating journalism to a celebrity soiree. >> washington is such a mean place of late and it's place where people take themselves so seriously. i think it's kind of a relief and probably good for everybody involved to kind of every once in a while just take a break, make fun of yourself, and actually have fun. >> reporter: bob schieffer says all that bipartisan comradery and good will usually expires at the end of the night.
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>> the government is in just a total gridlock and i guess it's going to stay that way through the rest of this year. washington. >> i'm marlie hall. this is the "cbs morning news."
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. >> panic in las vegas after may floyd mayweather's big fight. a big noise thought to be a gunshot forced thousands to stampede out. 24 people were rushed to the hospital. investigators say the bang happened after a wall in the food court fell. a nonprofit organization in harlem has introduced a sport to young people in the area that most didn't know exhibited but quickly it has changed their lives. anne-marie green has the story. >> reporter: it's game day for the sojourner truth tigers. the team from ps-149 is giving their all to lacrosse, a sport you don't normally see on the fields of harlem.
4:26 am
>> i think the team really trusts me to lead them in games. >> he's the team captain and when he brought his lacrosse stick home, his family didn't know what it was. >> they thought it was a fishing net, but when they saw lacrosse got me into boarding school, they started taking lacrosse pretty seriously. >> reporter: wyatt meltzer is the tigers' coach. >> we give them a stick and say this is a sport you've just heard of, never played but may or may not open up doors to change your lives for the better. >> reporter: it's changing the lives of 23 players who have been awarded scholarships to the top boarding schools in the country. harlem lacrosse and leadership was started three years ago by simon cataldo, a special education teacher who was searching for ways to reach hard and to reach kids.
4:27 am
>> i threw up my hands and said i'm taking my 11 worst boys out to the handball court and teaching them lacrosse. >> reporter: why lacrosse? it's a game kids can excel at regardless of their size or strength. >> for kids who aren't good at basketball, if they work hard at lacrosse from day one, they can become stars in lacrosse, there's a position for everybody. >> reporter: the program was so successful he extended it out. you seek out the troublemakers. you seek out the hard kids. why? >> they're not only our best players but best leaders on and off the field. >> reporter: off the field they're also contributing to their community. here they're making sandwiches for the homeless. >> i just want to be an entrepreneur and i want to create my own la croce program like this. i really want to give back. >> reporter: harlem's lacrosse and leadership is going wide. in august an all-girls team takes to the field if baltimore. anne-marie green, cbs news, new
4:28 am
york. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," an update on the deadly wildfire near guthrie, oklahoma. anna werner will be live from the scene. plus, dick costolo, the ceo of the mike row blogging site twitter joins us in the studio. and actor john flaherty from the hit series "mad men" tells us about his new meesh. that's the news for this monday. thanks for watching. i'm marlie hall. have a great day. -- captions by vitac --
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and i'm frank mallicoat time is 4-- here's meteorologist lawrence with check of weather.
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tens of thousand were stunn when a stunt pilot crashed and died at travis r force stunt pilot crashed and die ever. >> lesson, thank you. >> thank you, liz. we begin at 4:30wi tens of thousands stunned when a stunt pilot crashed abdied at travis air force base over the weekend. noticed the timing was off. >> down early this time. >> the pilot went upside could be earlier than expected. moments later, you can


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