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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  May 5, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> remember t latest news and weather on our website the justices rule on whether government meetings can start with an invocation. jan crawford reports. a fire started deliberately explodes, forcing a thousand from their homes. anna werner is on the scene. the head of a rebel group claims he has the 200 girls kidnapped in nigeria. deborah patta reports. researchers say they have reversed aging in lab animals. elaine quijano has details. and bill whitaker with freddie roach, one of boxing's greatest coaches, sparring with the consequences of a life in the ring. >> sounds like this is the biggest fight of your life. >> it is the biggest fight of my life. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news"
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with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. this is our western edition. in a close decision, the u.s. supreme court ruled that a small town in upstate new york can open its council meetings with a prayer. conservative justices backed the 5-4 decision ruling that the opening prayer in the town of greece is constitutional. jan crawford tells us why. >> reporter: the justices emphasize the long history and tradition of prayer before legislative sessions going back 200 years to the nation's founding and compared it to the pledge of allegiance or inaugural prayer designed to lend gravity to public proceedings, not to afford government an opportunity to proselytize. they sued the town of greece was sued for having invitations not always by sometimes by christian ministers at the beginning of council meetings. linda stephens.
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>> you shouldn't be required to stand up, bow your head and pray to jesus. >> reporter: in an opinion by justice kennedy, he said prayers evoked universal themes and local officials made reasonable effort to include ministers of other faiths. that nearly all of the congregations in town turned out to be christian, that does not reflect an aversion or bias on the part of town leaders against minority faiths. justice elena kagan writing for the courts four liberal justices disagreed saying the court was allowing the town of greece to allowing theñú%9to a forum for n prayer. kagan said the town could have asked christian ministers for a wider array of beliefs. a clergy member refers to jesus and next to allah or jehovah, kagan wrote, the government does
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not identify with one religion. despite the language in the dissent, the decisions is quite narrow. it won't affect holiday displays on government property or the words "in god we trust" on the money. it's solely focused on the tradition of prayer before government meetings. >> pelley: will this reopen the debate on prayer in schools? >> reporter: it really shouldn't, scott. the justices went out of their way to specifically say this would not affect school prayer, prayer before graduation ceremonies, which the court has ruled is unconstitutional. if you think about it, children are different, much more susceptible to, say, government indoctrination or peer pressure than adults at a government meeting. >> pelley: jan crawford at the supreme court. thank you, jan. tonight firefighters are making progress battling a wildfire north of oklahoma city.
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at least six homes have burned, one man killed and a thousand people are under evacuation orders. anna werner is in guthrie, oklahoma. >> reporter: plumes of smoke are over guthrie, oklahoma. helicopters dropped water by ebut embers sparked new fires. michael and kimberly had shovels to put out fires themselves. >> we pull together and do what we can during disasters. >> reporter: as they worked, a new fire started in a tree. >> if everybody does this, we can stop it. everybody comes together. >> reporter: officials say a small fire described as a controlled burn quickly spread sunday afternoon, helped by high winds and dry brush created by the worst drought conditions in oklahoma since the dust bowl. within hours, it covered six square miles.
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six homes burned including the mobile home butch martin and wife gloria lived in for nearly 15 years. >> almost don't want to think about it. it's devastating. you never think you're going to see this or be in this. >> reporter: they have no insurance. a daughter and granddaughters were living with them. >> the memory is still there. so i guess all in all, all ain't lost. >> reporter: what's left of a house on their property is here behind me and, scott, the bad news for people here in oklahoma is the weather service's prediction for tomorrow. more high winds and hot temperatures that, once again, are likely to result in critical wildfire danger. >> pelley: the driest since the dust bowl. anna, thanks very much. today, the leader of nigeria's boko haram terrorist group boasted his militants had kidnapped more than 200 teenage girls. in a new video, he explained
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what they intend to do with them. the girls were abducted from their school in a remote village nearly three weeks ago. deborah patta is in south africa following this. >> reporter: the failure of the nigerian military to find the kidnapped girls sparked anger against government and protests grow larger and louder. today one of the leaders said she was arrested briefly on orders of nigeria's first lady patience jonathan and that the president's wife expressed doubts the abductions even happened. a spokesman for the first lady denied the comments. three weeks after more than 200 girls were taken, the exact number is in dispute. the islamic extremist group boko haram released a video taking responsibility for the kidnappings. the group's name means western education is forbidden. the group's leader threatened to sell the girls into forced marriages. "there is a market for selling
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humans," he said. "allah says i should sell, i will sell women." the news made parents to have the stolen school children even more frantic as they continue to search for their daughters. >> reporter: while the nigerian government insists its forces are looking everywhere. the kidnappings are a major source of embarrassment for the nigerian government particularly as world leaders plan to descend on the capital for the world economic forum and outrage over the stolen girls eclipse nigeria's shine on this political stage. >> pelley: thank you. later today nato's top military commanders says he does not think russian troops will invade ukraine, russia accused of stirring up trouble in the east. the fighting spread to other regions and clarissa ward is in ukraine.
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>> reporter: in odessa today, mourners wept for the latest victims of ukraine's conflict. more than 40 people were killed in street clashes friday. most of them, pro-russian activists who died in the blaze that consumed the building where they had retreated. we won't forget, these people chanted, we won't forgive. some fear the violence in odessa is a sign that the government in kiev is losing control of the country. pro-russian separatists seized government buildings in at least a dozen towns across the east. we visited the city of lugansk 20 miles from the russian border. militants last week stormed town hall and security services headquarters. pro-russian rebels have taken over a large chunk of this city center and they're now building up barricades all around this camp in anticipation of a
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possible ukrainian military offensive. armed guards patrol the camps. we met andrei who wore a crisp uniform and carried a new ak-74. can i ask where you got your gun from? it's a trophy, he said. the power in the country belongs to the people so the weapons belong to us, too. andrei told us he is ukrainian, like many people in this region he has family across the border and favors closer ties with russia. we have the same history, the same culture, he said, the same religion, the same future. do you think there's a war here? the civil war, he said, has already started. >> pelley: and clarissa is joining us now from donetsk. on sunday pro-russian separatists decided to hold a referendum on independence.
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is that serious? >> reporter: it's difficult to know, scott. the people we spoke to today like andrei is adamant this vote will take place to determine whether donetsk and lugansk become independent republics. given the security situation, it's very hard to fathom whether such a vote could take place or whether this should be seen as a gesture, a symbolic act of defiance in the face of scheduled ukrainian presidential elections due to take place later this month. >> pelley: clarissa ward in eastern ukraine. today, a law enforcement group released an extensive report on last year's manhunt for christopher dormer, the fellow l.a. cop who targeted officers in a string of shootings. our prioritier was on the scene when the hunt came to a violent end and tells us what the investigation turned up. >> reporter: the man hunt for
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christopher dormer ended in this shootout. t the heavily armed former l.a. cop killed four people. >> for the first time somebody decided to hunt and kill not only police officers but their family members. >> reporter: jim is president of the police foundation, the law enforcement group that released today's report on the response to the rampage. the goal was to identify what police did well and what they could do better. what did you find as the biggest problem that occurred with the incident with police in it? >> communication, not only radio, but communication on mobilizing forces across multiple county lines, coordinating the massive numbers of police officers that responded. >> reporter: it's estimated as many as 800 officers raced to the shootout, some off duty. the lapd flew in a s.w.a.t. team without asking if it was needed and were ordered to leave. >> the emotions were running
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high. this suspect was actually hunting down and killing police officers. that's part of the reason that all of these law enforcement officers chose to self-deploy. they felt they had an obligation to do whatever they could because that's the business we're in. >> reporter: 28 different agencies involved, incompatible radio systems made it nearly impossible for commanders to coordinate movements. the report says many officers were out of their cars with rifles pointed downhill toward the action even though it was more than a mile away. who were they pointed it at? >> the reality is they could have been pointing at their own officers. >> reporter: the san bernardino sheriff's office is implementing some of the suggestions in the report and the lapd will evaluate the response. exemplary work was highlighted from police under fire.
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>> reporter: eight circus performers are in the hospital this evening, two in critical condition after an accident in rhode island. the ringling brothers acrobats fell sunday while performing a stunt while hanging by their hair. investigators say a steel clip that helps suspend the performers snapped, but they can't say fo that's the only cae of the accident. a mistake 13 years ago kept this man out of prison. now a judge has decided whether he should serve his term. and a veteran stunt pilot crashed at an air show, when the western edition of the "cbs evening news" continues. the was a truly amazing day. without angie's list, i don't know if we could have found all the services we needed for our riley.
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>> pelley: today, a judge ordered the release of an inmate in one of the strangest prison stories that we've heard. mike anderson was scheduled to start serving a 13-year sentence in a missouri prison back in the year 2000 but a bizarre mixup left him free till nine months ago. dean reynolds now on what persuaded the judge to have mercy. >> reporter: mike anderson had the look of a free man with a second chance. he shared his thoughts with cbs news. >> i thank everybody for their support, everybody that signed the petition. everybody thank god and thank you. >> reporter: the judge said anderson's behavior over the last 13 years has been exemplary and that's important since it was during those 13 years that anderson was supposed to be
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serving a sentence for armed robbery but because the missouri bureaucracy lost track of him, he was never told to show up, so he didn't. during that time, he was hardly hiding. he built a family, a business and a home in st. louis. he coached football and paid his taxes, all under his real name, and he waited for the call that never came. but last summer, embarrassed missouri officials realized he'd never gone to prison in the first place. >> hi, i'm mike anderson. >> reporter: that's where he caught up with him when he was told to serve his sentence all of it. >> they said a clerical error. >> reporter: a clerical error? that's what they said. >> reporter: what did you think would happen as the days and weeks and month and years went by? >> i had this sense that everything was okay. no matter what was going to happen that everything was going to be okay and today i still have that.
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>> reporter: today judge terri lynn brown said anderson had been a good husband, father and citizen. that leads me to believe, he said, that you are a good and a changed man. now, picking up on that point, scott, anderson's attorney said his rehabilitation outside of prison was more complete and effective than anything he might have experienced inside. >> pelley: so he served a total of nine months. dean, thank you very much. have researchers found a way to reverse the effects of aging? that story is next. it helps fill nutritional gaps in your diet. each delicious serving provides 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle, and 26 vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support bone health. plus, boost® original is doctor recommended and has a guaranteed great taste. help get the nutrition you need
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call now to get a u-verse bundle for the same great price for 2 years. guaranteed. >> pelley: tonight, there's progress in the etern >> pelley: tonight, there's progress in the eternal search for youth. three new studies have found that blood from young mice can reverse symptoms of aging in older mice. scientists say a particular protein found in young blood appears to rally stem cells to repair worn-out tissues. elaine quijano has the details. >> reporter: researchers at harvard stem cell institute may have unlocked a secret to reversing aging in the muscles and brains of old mice. it's a protein called g.d.f.11, abundant in young mice but lacking in older ones. >> the aged animals provided with additional g.d.f.-11 could recover from muscle injury more quickly. they could pull harder on a metal bar so it's like a pull-
5:52 pm
up, and they could run for longer time period, closer to what younger mice can do. >> reporter: the protein also lead to changes in the mice's brains, the colored areas show the formation of new blood vessels in the brain of an older mouse, increasing the amount of blood flow to more closely resemble the brain of a younger mouse. lee ruben led the brain research. >> this suggests it will be possible under certain conditions to improve cognition in people with senile dementia or alzheimer's. >> reporter: researchers say they will need to examine that possibility more closely. tests on humans could happen in five years. >> pelley: elaine, thanks. tonight, federal investigators are trying to find out why a vintage plane crashed at an air show in california. a stunt pilot was flying upside down when he got too low and hit the tarmac. 77-year-old eddie andreni was killed. he had been flying more than six
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5:56 pm
boxing is easy, life is much harder. that's something bill whitaker confirmed in our final story tonight. >> reporter: there on the second floor of a modest strip mall in hollywood sits freddie roach's wildcard gym. at $5 a day, it draws boxers. there's a reason they come here. always busy? >> yeah. >> reporter: freddie roach is a six-time trainer of the year, who worked with champions like mike tyson, oscar de la hoya, and manny pacquiao. a notorious brawler from a dead- end boston neighborhood, roach admits he overstayed his welcome inside the ropes.
5:57 pm
>> i had to retire because of parkinson's. >> reporter: so the sport you loved may have triggered your parkinson's? >> yes. >> reporter: roach's diagnosis, trauma-induced parkinson's, left the 54-year-old with mild hand tremors and slurring speech, but so far he's avoided more serious symptoms. he takes medication and botox injections to control spasms. but doctors also credit roach's rigorous workout routine, heavy on hand-eye coordination drills. >> when i get in the rings, i have no symptoms whatsoever. >> reporter: still in the methodical mayhem that's boxing, a question shadows freddie roach. do you have any concerns that the young boxers you're training now may one day suffer your fate? >> yes, i do. that's why i'm watching closely. i know my fighters well. that's the hardest thing in the world to do for me.
5:58 pm
it's very difficult to tell a fighter it's over. >> reporter: roach realizes that the sport that gave him so much fame and fortune may ultimately take his life. sounds like this is the biggest fight of your life. >> it is the biggest fight of my life for sure. i think i'm ahead on the card. >> reporter: the walls of the wildcard gym are plastered with posters of the sport's greatest fighters. look hard enough and you might spot one of its greatest battlers. bill whitaker, cbs news, hollywood. >> pelley: that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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losing the lucas museum: tonight: the bay area now at 6 can, facing the possibility of losing the lucas museum. tonight, the bay area spots opportunity where many ideas have crumbles. >> phil matier reports the city is now possibly looking to bring the project to piers 30 and 32. how about that, phil? >> reporter: how about that, cbs evening news. this is where the america's cup didn't happen and where the warriors didn't wind unbuilding their arena because of public controversy. baa it may just be the hail mary pass san francisco is looking for to try to keep star wars here in the city. here's the story. >> in a universe right next door, san francisco is in an all-out fight in chicago over george lucas' dream project.
6:00 pm
the star wars creator has spent years without any luck trying to build an art and digital museum. >> you have george lieu the castillas who wants to spend 700 million of his own money to build a world class museum. chicago is putting on a full court press. >> lucas' wife lives in the windy city can which he now considers a second home. >> is lucas seriously considering chicago? >> you bet. >> or is this just a battle to get a better dealership out of the prisidio. >> this would have been going on during the whole competition here in san francisco. >> but it is not at the prisidio, then where. one possible location, piers 30 and 32, 2 same piers at the golden state warriors were going to build their arena on until they ran into a buzz saw of opposition over its size. >> it is a great option. i think the size of the museum could fit very well. >> even the former mayor sa


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