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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  May 6, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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why would you do a controlled burn in 95 degrees, hasn't rained in a month? outrage in oklahoma when a controlled burn sparks a deadly wildfire that destroys dozens of buildings. the kidnapping crisis in nigeria weakens. the group is holding hundreds of young girlagnstheir will and is ready to sell them into slavery. roadside rescue. a mother cheats death of being trapped in her wrecked car for nearly a week. and the stars shine here in new york. the metropolitan museum of art rolls out the red carpet for the annual fashion extravaganza. this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, may 6, 2014.
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good morning, good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. this morning, a fast moving wildfire in oklahoma is about 75% contained. but the fire is expected to burn for another few days. officials warn the area is not out of the woods yet. the fire burned 3500 acres north of oklahoma city. at least 30 buildings, including six homes were destroyed. one person has died. this morning, an elevated fire risk in nine states in the southwest and great plains. the weather remains hot, dry and windy. the oklahoma fire began with a controlled burn that got out of hand. steve shaw of our oklahoma city station, kwtv, reports, some residents have returned home to survey the damage. >> reporter: they ran oklahoma city rescue mission for 20 years. sunday night, they needed to rescue themselves from their home.
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>> the smoke is getting worse now. >> reporter: their son, steve, and other family members rescued his parents rv monday, which may turn out to be their new home. >> why would you do a controlled burn, 95 degrees, hasn't rained in a month or two? i mean, why would you do that? i mean, just doesn't make sense. >> it's pretty freaky. >> reporter: emily's father spent all sunday night, all of it on his roof, hosing it down. he says these three blackhawk helicopters had been scooping water from the lakes are the only reason his house and most of the others are not charred ruins. >> they helped a lot. i believe they saved this area. they were literally 200 yards to the west of us dumping water most of the day. >> reporter: at a news conference, officials made it clear, nobody is officially out of the woods. >> it is not over, won't be over
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for at least a couple more days, probably longer than that. >> reporter: people should do what? >> be aware. be ready to move if something happens. by wednesday, we'll get moisture in here, cooler temperatures. the fire conditions will decrease rapidly. >> reporter: this is steve shaw in guthrie, oklahoma for cbs news. the leader of the islamic extremist group that kidnapped hundreds of nigerian schoolgirls, threatening to sell them as slaves. the students were abducted from their school in northeastern nigeria more than three weeks ago. the group that abducted them says it plans to attack more schools. susan mcginnis has our report. >> reporter: in a video that surfaced monday, the leader of the nigerian group acknowledged kidnapping girls from their dorm in northern nigeria. the man called the young students slaves and said he would sell them and threaten to attack more schools.
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this is the first time the group, which means western education is simple was claimed responsibility for the kidnapping. some girls managed to escape. nearly 300 are still missing. amid the bleak outlook, people in nigeria and abroad put pressure on nigeria's government to find the girls. >> you promised us these girls would be found. nothing has been done. >> reporter: the white house said it's offering investigators counterterrorism and logistics support. >> we are doing what we can to assist the nigerian government to support its efforts to find and free the young women who were abducted. >> reporter: it may be too late. local leaders say some of the girls may have been sold as sex slaves in neighboring countries. now they have reportedly committed dozens of acts of this kind over several years. the ultimate goal of
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overthrowing the nigerian government. >> that's terrible. susan mcgincginnis in washingto. separatists in an effort to regain control in key areas in a rebel stronghold in the east, ukraine's minister says 30 insurgents were killed. four government troops also died. pro-russian forces ambushed ukrainian forces earlier in the day. a civilian diver searching for victims of the ferry disaster died. a memorial service was held yesterday for the more than 260 people who died when the ferry capsized last month. 40 are still missing. the diver died at a hospital after becoming unconscious. investigators in rhode island believe a faulty clip was to blame for a circus accident. eight performers plunged to the ground.
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four remain in serious condition. it's unclear what caused the clip to fail. this morning, critics of a supreme court ruling on public prayer say the court disregarded the interests of religious minorities and religious believers. a town council can open meetings with prayers, even if the prayers are from one faith. we have the report. >> reporter: the supreme court says pries before a council meeting do not violate the constitution, even if the prayers are mostly from the christian faith. the purpose and affect are to acknowledge religious leaders and the institutions they represent, rather than coerce non-believers. susan galloway and linda stevens sued the town of greece, new york, saying the prayers violated their first amendment rights. >> i thought what we were doing was as common as the pledge of
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allegiance. >> reporter: the court called the prayers ceremonial and in keeping with tit. >> reporter: four justice's disagreed. they expressed concern about the court favoring one religion. >> i think they are given their blessing to majority rules prayer. i think it's unfortunate. >> justice kennedy did say -- some prayers may be unacceptable if they denigrate nonbelievers or threaten conversion. advocates for the separation of church and state says that opens the door for legal challenges. >> the court may have dodged the bullet today, but they can't forever. >> reporter: you think it will be back? >> i think so. craig boswell. coming up on the morning news, survival story, a colorado mother is found alive in her car after missing for a week following a roadside accident. this is the "cbs morning news." ing a roadside accident.
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a story of survival out of colorado. a 43-year-old mother of four is in critical condition this morning. kristin hopkins had been missing for five days. her car went off the road 80 miles southwest of denver. karen morfitt spoke with the first responders who helped rescue kristin. >> reporter: for nearly a week, 43-year-old, kristin hopkins was alone, trapped in her wrecked car and struggling to stay alive. now, with her family and friends by her side, the fight continues. >> we are hopeful for her prognosis, she was seriously injured with multiple internal and external injuries. >> reporter: she was first reported missing april 29th, two days after she was last seen leaving work. at some time, she crashed her car over the side of red hill on highway 285 just outside of fair play. firefighter jim cramer responded to the scene, but couldn't say
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how long it had been there, only hopkins could and she did. a red and write umbrella was found at the scene with her handwritten message on it. >> there was also bleeding, please help, see a doctor. the last one she wrote was six days without food and water. >> reporter: more than 140 feet from the roadway, it was likely she was hearing the traffic from this busy roadway passing her by during those six days. >> for her to have that will to survive is amazing. >> reporter: on sunday, hikers finally spotted the wreckage and reported it to the park county sheriff's office. she was air lifted to a nearby hospital where she remains in critical condition fighting to survive. >> that was karen morfitt reporting. during the week that hopkins was
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missing, there was no active search for her because she was an adult and there was no indication of foul play. now on "cbs moneywatch," airlines rack up baggage fees and tweeting amazon buys. jill wagner has that and more. good morning, jill. >> good morning, ann marie. the government is expected to report on the trade deficit and earnings reports from disney and whole foods. yesterday, the dow rose 17 points, nasdaq added 14. passengers may hate all the fees, but airlines love them. they raised more than $3 billion in baggage fees last year. that is down 4% from 2012 but the airlines also collected $2.8 billion in reservation changes. that is a 10% increase from 2012. pretty soon, coke and pepsi drinks will be bbo free. it's a controversial ingredient that is a flame retardant banned
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round nba playoff series tip off monday night. the los angeles clippers travel to oklahoma city to take on the thunder. clippers guard, chris paul gets red hot from behind the arc. he hits eight three-pointers in l.a. east win, 122-105. after surviving a seven game series in round one, the top seed in the east is in trouble once again. the indiana pacers dropped game one of their series to the wizards, 102-96. the first win for washington since 1982. now, a street in front of yankee's stadium here in new york is named after one of the greatest players to ever don a pinstripe. river avenue in the bronx only changed one letter, it's now rivera avenue who unveiled the sign. the city council voted to rename the street in december after rivera retired. peyton manning isn't ready to retire yet.
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the nfl mvp joined david letterman on "the late show." he said it was hard to sit out due to injury in 2011. he said he's not ready to hang it up. >> i still think i can help the team. if the broncos say hey, we don't need you anymore, that will be the end of it. as soon as i don't feel like i can do the same things, that's when i stop playing. >> he's coming off a record setting season in denver. after the interview, he proved he can still throw it tossing three footballs into moving new york city taxi cabs outside the ed sullivan theater. still got the arm. when we return, hollywood and fashion. one of the mst glamorous nights of the year at the met gala. one of the most glamorous nights of the year at the met gala.
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neighbors of a popular restaurant -- sound off to r city leaders. why they say the business is making r home lives miserable. and those eco- friendly car drying up tax funding for rd repairs. how the state wants to force all drivers pay their share. join us for kpix 5 news this morning... beginning at 4:3 ,,,, here is a look at today's forecast in cities around the country.
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the stars of hollywood and fashion aligned here in new york last night. they all turned out for the annual met costume gala. alexis christoforous tells us the fund-raiser was one of the hottest and most expensive tickets around. >> reporter: modern day celebrities embrace white tie couture at the gala for the metropolitan museum of art. >> i relish the idea of the dress up. >> reporter: this year, couples were on the carpet. sean penn and charlize theron. the spider man star andrew garfield stopped by with emma stone and kanye west with kim kardashian. rihanna was there. >> she's great, she knows the
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fabric and we collaborated on this. >> reporter: the newly renovated costume center was renamed for anna. michelle obama cut the ribbon. she said the mission is to show fashion is not an exclusive club for the ultra wealthy. >> this center is for anyone who is curious about fashion and how it impacts our culture and our history. >> reporter: fashion's biggest night comes with a huge price tag, $25,000 a ticket. that buys dinner with lobster, caviar and champaign and the chance to rub elbows with the biggest names in pop culture. for some, like a ferry tail. >> you feel like a little girl playing dress up. except with more people screaming. >> reporter: the millions raised for the costume center is no child's play. alexis christoforous, cbs news, new york. coming up after your local news, lynne cheney, wife of former vice president dick cheney joins us. i'm anne-marie green this is "cbs morning news." t dick
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bad news for commuters in southern california. this bridge fire shut down interstate 15. the main route to las vegas for the next couple days. the blaze started yesterday afternoon when a worker's blow torch ignited a wooden support. more than 60 firefighters battled high winds to get the fire under control. here is another look at this morning's top stories. a deadly wildfire burning north of oklahoma city is mostly contained this morning. fire officials say the blaze could flair again. 3500 acres have burned including six homes and one killed. a leader of an islamist group opposed to educating girls says his group is responsible for kidnapping hundreds of
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nigerian schoolgirls. he called them slaves and threatened to sell them. a bizarre story. mike anderson was supposed to serve jail time, but a mix up let him remain free for more than a decade. yesterday, a judge took mercy on him. >> reporter: mike anderson had the look of a free man with a second chance. her shared his thoughts. >> i thank everybody for their support and who signed the petition, thank god and thank you. >> reporter: the judge who released him said anderson's behavior over the last 13 years has been exemplary. that's important because anderson was supposed to be serving a sentence for armed robbery. because the missouri beaurocracy lost track of him, he was never told to show up, so he didn't. during that time, he was hardly hiding. he built a family, a business and a home in st. louis. he coached football and paid his taxes.
4:27 am
all under his real name and he waited for the call that never came. but last summer, embarrassed missouri officials realized he'd never gone to prison in the first place. >> hi, i'm dean. >> mike anderson. >> nice to meet you. >> reporter: that's where we caught up with him after he was told to start serving all of his sentence, all of it. >> they said it was a clerical error. >> caller: clerical error? that's the whole thing, a clerical error? >> that's what they say. >> reporter: what did you think would happen? >> as the days, weeks, months and years went by, i had a sense that everything was going to be okay. no matter what happens, everything is going to be okay. to this day, i still have that. >> reporter: judge terry lynn brown said he had been a good father, husband, citizen. that leads me to believe you are a good man, a changed man. picking up on that point, the lawyer argues rehabilitation outside of prison was more
4:28 am
complete and effective than anything that could have happened inside. dean rernld reynolds, cbs news, chicago. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," the latest on the schoolgirl abductions in nigeria. we'll get reactions and the controversy over smart guns. we will tell you why some groups are opposed to them. that's the "cbs morning news" for this tuesday. i'm anne-marie green. have a good day. y. i'm anne-marie green. have a good day. ,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, may 6. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. nearly 4:30 on your tuesday. how about a little weather and traffic? how are we doing?
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>> all right. a little windy, a couple of clouds out there right now. by the afternoon going to see some sunshine. still going to be blustery near the coastline. low pressure headed over the sierra nevada, they are seeing snow up there, elizabeth. >> wow, look at that. all right. we have wind advisories here closer to home. chp-issued wind advisories, one for the benicia bridge, one for the bay bridge this morning. so two hands on the steering wheel once again. >> good advice. thank you. it is 4:30. we begin with this story. a teenager killed by a dublin officer was nostranger to the police. dublin police say the 18-year- old had an extensive criminal history. police say they were called when oscar herrera attacked his mother and they shot him when they went after someone with a baseball bat. herrera had another run-in with the law saturday after he allegedly used methamphetamine and attacked a friend in livermore. >> he says something like i'm going to


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