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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  May 8, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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captions by: caption colorado >> glor: tonig ecedented investigation. a nationwide review is ordered at veterans medical centers after reports dozens died waiting for care. wyatt andrews is in washington. severe weather sweeps across the plains. eric fisher on the new threat of hail, high winds, and tornadoes. inside the village where islamic militants kidnapped hundreds of girls. debora patta is in nigeria. when american teams are about to arrive. scientists for the first time ever create artificial d.n.a. dr. jon lapook on what it means for new medicines and new ethical debates. and elaine quijano introduces us to a lacrosse brotherhood. the incredible thompson trio. >> lacrosse is definitely more than just a game. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news."
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>> glor: good evening, everyone. scott's off tonight. this is our western edition. i'm jeff glor. there are more than 1,700 veterans medical centers across the country. they care for nearly nine million people. tonight, the secretary of veterans affairs says everyone of those centers will be visited and reviewed. that's after claims up to 40 veterans died waiting for care at a clinic in phoenix. critics say backlogs are spread across the country, and the v.a. has been covering up the problem. we begin with wyatt andrews. >> reporter: troy burmesch is a veteran of iraq and a former v.a. hospital worker in phoenix. he told cbs affiliate kpho, that thousands of veterans have waited more than a year for care but that hospital superiors have used a system of secret lists to hide those delays. >> and now because they want to look good for d.c. or their supervisors or whatever the case may be, now we've lost the lives
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of 40 veterans because somebody wanted to have a good report. >> reporter: and it's not just phoenix. whistleblowers and investigators at three other v.a. hospitals and clinics have also charged that officials kept off the books secret lists of veterans who were made to wait longer than the goal of 14 days. secretary of veterans affairs eric shinseki told us, because of those claims, the national audit will study how every v.a. clinic schedules its patients and handles delays. >> i have directed the undersecretary for health to do a system-wide survey of scheduling practices to ensure we understand what's going on here. >> reporter: does this suggest a pattern to you, that these secret wait lists seem to have surfaced in four different places? >> well, it's a large health care system. 1,700 points of care. and just about every one of them does scheduling, so we're going to take a good, hard look here.
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>> reporter: the house committee on veterans affairs plans to subpoena all of shinseki's documents and e-mails related to phoenix. the issue there is whether local v.a. officials may have deleted versions of the secret list before the arrival of the investigators. jeff, shinseki has also been called to testify before the senate next thursday. >> glor: wyatt andrews, thank you very much. another round of severe storms is tearing across the nation tonight from texas to the northern plains. late today, a tornado was confirmed in st. james, minnesota. that system brought thunderstorms to dallas and three inches of rain. five children had to be rescued from a creek. in colorado, the storms triggered tornadoes and hail two inches deep. eric fisher is chief meteorologist at our boston station wbz. he is tracking these storms tonight. eric. >> jeff, good evening. quite a few storms on the map. farther north than we've been dealing with so far this spring, from minnesota reaching down to kansas, the most pressing right now, a confirmed tornado moving to the minneapolis area.
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certainly dealing with the threat of tornadoes, very large hail in all of these storms and also some very damaging gusty winds. we have tornado watches in yellow here, a whole line of watches from minnesota down into kansas. and in the dallas area, we had significant flooding, flash flooding, gusty wind, even unconfirmed reports of a tornado that moved through the dallas- fort worth area. a big line of storms about 1,000 miles long. we're talking around the twin cities into des moines, the gusty winds, and isolated tornadoes, plus a big pattern shift as we head towards the holiday weekend. on mother's day, cold air pouring into the rockies. in fact, big mountain snow coming down this weekend sunday into monday. meanwhile, summer air surging up to the east coast. >> glor: in nigeria tonight, an american team is about to arrive on the ground to help in the search for more than 200 teenaged girls kidnapped from their schools in a remote village.
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the islamic terrorist group boko haram has threatened to sell them into slavery. debora patta is in nigeria's capital, abuja. debora. >> reporter: the kidnap investigation completely overshadowed the world economic forum which is taking place here in abuja, and even president good luck jonathan is feeling the heat. he used his opening address to say that the kidnappings mark the beginning of the end of terror in this country. but for the families of those missing girls in chibok, there is no end in sight. the classrooms are empty, looted. these charred remains of the school in chibok are a stark reminder of the kidnapped school girls missing now for 25 days. villagers wait for any word from their daughters' kidnappers, anything is better than silence. al jazeera english interviewed this mother who said she'd give up her life to have her daughter freed. >> they should go into my house, burn my house, break everything
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inside of my house, give my daughter. that would be better for me. >> reporter: well-armed islamic militants from boko haram herded more than 200 girls into trucks and drove off. the group has terrorized villages like chibok for over a decade, and their attacks have become increasingly violent. twice, the government has attempted to broker a peace deal. twice, they have failed. activist shehu sani was part of the negotiations both times. he warns that any military operation to rescue the girls is risky. >> these people do not reason like normal human beings. any attempt to use force to free these girls will end up in a very tragic way. >> reporter: sani told us he thinks the girls may be held hostage in a forest northeast of chibok. he fears the group's growing extremism against nigeria's government. >> they have a mission to turn
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nigeria into an islamic state. >> glor: debora, i want to ask you about something sani just said. why does he believe the girls are still being held together? >> reporter: shehu sani seems to think the girls are still being held in one large group, possibly to be used as a potential prison swap with boko haram militants being held in nigerian jails. but u.s. intelligence sources seem to think the girls have already been split up into smaller groups and possibly even taken across the borders into neighboring countries. >> glor: all right, debora, thank you very much. tonight on capitol hill, the house voted to set up a special committee to investigate the deadly attacks in benghazi, libya, in september 2012. four americans, including ambassador christopher stevens, were killed. republicans accuse the obama administration of stonewalling the investigation. democrats claim republicans are just trying to keep the issue alive before the midterm elections. nancy cordes is on capitol hill. >> reporter: even before the
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vote to create it, democrats were threatening to boycott the new benghazi committee. virginia democrat gerry connolly: >> i urge all members to oppose the cynical, exploitative, partisan ploy that is not worthy of this house. >> reporter: republicans insist they are only trying to obtain information they believe is being withheld by the white house. texas republican pete sessions: >> this is not political. this is public policy at its most important level. >> reporter: that argument is being complicated by a fund- raising plea on the web site of the national republican congressional committee. "you can become a benghazi watchdog right now," it says, for a minimum suggested donation of $25. at a press conference today, house speaker john boehner sidestepped a trio of questions about the fund-raising effort. >> our focus is on getting the answers to those families who
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lost their loved ones, period. >> reporter: republicans say they want to examine why the obama white house initially described the benghazi terror attack as a spontaneous reaction to an anti-muslim video. democrats say that's what early intelligence suggested and that it's already been explored in half a dozen congressional reports. missouri democrat william clay: >> the majority have alleged multiple conspiracy theories, each of which has been dispelled by the facts. >> reporter: the committee is designed to be made up of seven republicans and five democrats and, jeff, while democrats debate whether to even be part of the panel, we're told dozens of republicans are clamoring for a spot on it. >> glor: nancy cordes, thank you. today, the families of some 9/11 victims vowed to protest a plan to move unidentified remains of those killed to a new museum opening next week. more than 1,100 people who died were never identified.
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vinita nair has more on this. >> reporter: the unidentified remains from the 9/11 attacks have been in the medical examiner's office for 13 years. they will be moved to a room 70 feet below the national september 11 memorial and museum. a large wall will separate the storage area from the public. >> to me, it's disrespectful. it's not anything that i would ever choose to do to my beloved son, absolutely not. >> reporter: we met rosemary cain at a restaurant close to ground zero. she never got all of the remains of george, her 35-year-old son who was a firefighter. cain says she learned of the city's plan by e-mail. >> why did they have to do this on mother's day weekend is beyond me, really. it's so cruel. >> we always said they would go there. >> reporter: monika iken is on the museum's board. her husband died in the attacks. his remains were never recovered. why are they angry? >> i-- that's a good question. i don't understand. i think we're losing sight of what's really happening here.
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we created this memorial as a museum out of nothing. i'm here to bring michael and all those who are not here and really to honor them and give them a sense of peace now, that they're finally back where they belong. >> reporter: victims' families will have access to a reflecting room, which will be adjacent to the area where those remains are stored, but, jeff, many of them would have rather had a tomb adjacent to the museum. >> glor: vinita nair near ground zero tonight. thank you very much. today in philadelphia, five educators were charged in a cheating scandal. they're accused of getting students involved in a plot to boost test scores. michelle miller is following. >> reporter: investigators say the cheating on standardized tests went on for five years. today, four teachers and the principal at cayuga elementary were charged. state attorney general kathleen kane. >> they would take the children out, put them in a library or isolated area and have them change the answers.
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>> reporter: the grand jury report says the defendants systematically cheated and directed students to place their answers on scrap paper first until the teacher could check their work. the state alleges principal evelyn cortez gave cheating instructions over the school's p.a. system. >> the arrogance and the brazen actions taken, even going so far as to announce over the loudspeaker of the school that this is the way it will be, i thought was astonishing. >> reporter: a test cheating scandal in atlanta last year resulted in indictments against 35 teachers. attorney leno thomas represents jennifer hughes, one of the teachers named in the philadelphia scandal. >> she's never changed any answers. she's never encouraged anyone to change any answers. she never participated in anything of sort, and i'm telling you, she is 100% not guilty of the charges. >> reporter: so those 13 other people who testified before a grand jury that cheating did
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take place, are they lying to the grand jury? >> i would have to say yes. >> reporter: the lawyer for principal cortez said he needed to review the allegations before commenting on the case, and, jeff, state investigators say the motive behind these alleged crimes was to avoid demotions or firings due to bad test performance. >> glor: michelle miller in philadelphia tonight. thank you. nato said today there is still no evidence russian president vladimir putin has made good on his promise to pull back his troops from the ukraine border. today, putin oversaw military exercises involving russia's nuclear forces. he says they were planned back in november. in what appears to be an attempt to defuse tensions, putin has called for a postponement of sunday's vote on self-rule in eastern ukraine. clarissa ward is in donetsk. clarissa, you have been talking to organizers of this referendum, what are they saying tonight? >> reporter: well, jeff, they say that the vote will go ahead as planned, regardless of the
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security situation, and regardless of the wishes of president putin, whose request yesterday they told us they chose to interpret as friendly advice rather than as an order. now, we spent some time today with the head of the electoral commission. he's operating out of an abandoned building that has been taken over by pro-russian separatists. while we were there, we didn't see any team or any operation, even, but he was adamant that more than 3 million ballots have been printed. of course, realistically, there are many people who don't support the separatists and those people, jeff, are not even expected to vote. >> glor: clarissa ward, thank you very much. what happens when private snapshots aren't so private? in a medical breakthrough, scientists create artificial d.n.a., the building blocks of life. and there's nowhere to hide when a wall of sand sweeps through when the cbs evening news continues.
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unitedhealthcare's innovative, simple program helps moms stay on track with their doctors to get the right care and guidance. (anncr vo) that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. >> glor: tonight we >> glor: tonight, we are hearing about a medical breakthrough. for the first time, scientists have created artificial d.n.a. dr. jon lapook tells us about the hopes and fears that come with this. >> reporter: scientists at the scripps research institute in san diego, california, created an organism not found in nature. they did it by adding artificial genetic building blocks. d.n.a. is the genetic material the body uses to store the unique blueprint for each human being.
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the information exists as a code based on four chemicals nicknamed a, t, c. and g.. they pair up with each other in different combinations to create 20 amino acids, the building blocks of proteins. the scripps team created two artificial chemicals called x and y. they inserted them inside the cells of simple bacteria, creating the potential for 172 amino acids and proteins that do not currently exist. those proteins can be used to create a new generation of drugs and vaccines. adriana heguy is the director of the genome technology center at n.y.u. lagone medical center. >> what i think is fantastic about this technology is we basically are able to cheat evolution and to trick this organism into accepting molecules that do not exist in nature. >> reporter: this is a true technological tour de force, but the idea of tinkering with genetic material does make some people nervous.
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it all underscores the importance of careful thought as we increasingly are able to alter the basic genetic building blocks of our body. >> glor: jon, thank you very much. america's housing market is changing in a big way, realty track which watches home sales says 43 percent of buyers are now paying all cash. that is up from 19 percent last year. one reason is tougher lending standards, for those looking to finance the interest rate on 30 years mortgage fell to 4.21 percent. >> the mda wants to force donald sterling to sell the clippers. does his wife have a say? that story ahead. i always say be the man with the plan
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then i got my number, which matched the custom fit orthotic inserts with the right support. find a walmart with a foot mapping center at i'm a believer. >> glor: today, a lawyer for the estranged wife of l.a. clippers owner donald sterling said she will fight to retain her ownership of the team. shelley sterling says she owns 50% of the clippers. the n.b.a. is trying to force donald sterling to sell. last week, the league banned him for life for making racist comments. today, the mobile messaging service snapchat agreed to settle with the federal trade commission over charges it deceived consumers. snapchat promised users their private messages and pictures would disappear within seconds. turns out many did not. under the settlement, snapchat, which has 4.6 million users, will implement a new privacy program but admit no wrongdoing. in egypt today, a severe sandstorm swept over the city of aswan. cell phone video captured the
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>> glor: finally tonight, the national football league holds the first round of its annual college draft tonight but the fastest growing college sport in the country is lacrosse. three of the best players on the planet all attend one school and all are members of the same family. elaine quijano tonight on the thompson trio. >> reporter: the first thing you notice about the young men known as the thompson trio is their superior skills on the lacrosse field. ( cheers ). >> there's a really good chemistry between us. >> reporter: brothers lyle and miles thompson and their cousin ty are all starters at the university of albany. but that's not what makes them most proud. >> my name is dayodagonay. it means he carries the fire. >> my name is guyagoyah. it means he strikes the sun. >> dayhausinonday, and it means he flies over us. >> they grew up on indian reservations in upstate new york, and like generations of
5:57 pm
native americans before them were first taught how to play lacrosse as toddlers. >> lacrosse is definitely more than just a game for our people. i mean, when i was growing up, me and my friends, that's all we did. >> reporter: their ancestors invented the sport. even now, lacrosse is deeply symbolic for native americans who believe the game's purpose is to entertain the creator and to heal the sick. what is it that you think about when you play? >> i remind myself why it's supposed to be played. so i just go out there, you know, and no matter win or lose, how many goals, how many assists i score, i'm playing hard and playing with my heart every time. >> reporter: that philosophy has delivered unprecedented results. the three thompsons scored more goals last season than the entire teams of 40 division one schools. how talented are these three? >> as good as i've ever seen. >> reporter: scott marr is head coach. >> they really are, in a sense,
5:58 pm
on a different level. they are just so creative and they're just so much fun to watch. >> reporter: the thompsons say albany feels like home because their team has embraced their culture. >> it feels like i'm in the right place because we go and get water and we call it oneganos, and we have the whole team call it let's get oneganos. >> reporter: that means water? >> yes. >> it shows they respect us and we respect them. and it's-- you know, it is a family here. >> reporter: a family that recognizes and honors its rich history. elaine quijano, cbs news, albany, new york. >> glor: that is the cbs evening news tonight. for scott pelley, i'm jeff glor. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh captioned by media access group at wgbh
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your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. tonight. 's set to arrive at this hotel any minute no and he's president obama in the bay area tonight is set to arrive at this hotel any minute now. and he has money on his mind. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. president obama touched down in the bay area a couple of hours ago with a wave, mr. obama stepping off air force one at moffett field. he was greeted by the mayors of mountain view and sunnyvale also on hand the director of nasa ames. the president greeted dozens of people including two babies. we have team coverage on president obama's bay area visit. len reports from downtown san jose where the president is
6:00 pm
headed. len ramirez reports. >> reporter: much of downtown has been blocked off. market street is one of the major routes off of town with a roadblock on it. it will be this way throughout the rest of the evening as president obama ends his visit here at the fairmont by sleeping over for the night in downtown san jose. mr. obama will be attending an event for the democratic national committee at a private residence in los altos. it's an intimate tech roundtable where 25 donors paid $32,400 apiece for time sp with the president and a public fundraiser hosted by two businesspeople held at the fairmont in san jose. tickets for that event started at $1,000 and also up to $32,000. $5,000 for a photo op. there are there are protestors who want the president to aggressively oppose the keystone tar standards pipeline which would go


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